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Effective Natural Remedies for Asthma

Antifungal Supplements and Diet
Posted by Debbie (Canada) on 06/23/2020
5 out of 5 stars

I have asthma and have tried every natural remedy over the years. I cut out dairy and processed foods and then went to a plant based diet. This did help some but then I found a product called Mimosa Pudica Seed. This is a gut scrubber and Eliminates parasites. This was a game changer for me and I was able to get off my inhaler. Your health is in your gut. 80-90 of your immune system is in your gut. So gut health is the key! So if you work on you on your gut health you can reverse chronic disease. Most people eat the standard American diet (processed foods, wheat sprayed with glyphosate, fast food, fried foods etc.)and heart disease, cancer, and autoimmunity are epidemic.

Another excellent product is Well of life, they have a bundle which includes Digestive enzymes, Probiotic and Fulvic Acid. When taken for 3-6 months can heal your leaky gut and improve or eliminate autoimmunity and get your health back.

Antifungal Supplements and Diet
Posted by Valarie (Las Vegas ) on 08/25/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I was born with asthma even died a couple of times as a child, my mother had to give adrenaline shots till I was 19 years old. We moved out of the San Francisco house into a brand new house in Pacifica. My asthma improved immensely. I believe the San Francisco house was filled with mold and the new house wasn't. Then when I was about 19 years old I got it and supplements and herbs and improve my diet.

Over the years it would get better with diet and then get worse with diet. This past spring was one of the most intense experiences. I was on too many medications and I was not on the right foods in my diet, my asthma really bad.

In the early morning hours searching on I found a comment that asthma was fungus based. The recommendation was to take oil of oregano 2 to 4 dropper full‘s per day! I had some in the cabinet so I started taking it and sure enough, I started getting better and getting relief with my asthma.

I went down the rabbit hole Searching for anti-fungal diet and supplements. I found Doug Kaufman wrote a bunch of books on it has a TV show podcast Facebook podcast community for support.

Then I took a prescription drug called NyStaten to kill the fungus even stronger along with herbal remedies and diet But the detox was too strong and I ended up with extremely itchy scalp so I stopped taking the NyStaten and I am back onto the antifungal diet with oil of oregano and olive leaf.

I am posting that asthma and allergies can be illuminated, reduced and healed. All from oil of oregano and olive leaf with an antifungal diet which means no carbs no sugar's no alcohol. Asthma and allergies are fungal yeast or mold based.

Many diseases are fungus yeast mold parasites causing diabetes cancer and a whole other list of conditions. It is upsetting that our medical system has us on all these drugs that were making me angry depressed crazy and not healing my condition or educating me that my foods were feeding the fungus.

I could barely walk up a flight of stairs over this past winter and spring. Once getting on the antifungal diet and taking the oil of oregano I was able to almost run up a flight of steps for the first time in years easily. Now I'm starting all over again to regain that and improve it more and more.

I hope this post of information will help you as well.