Natural Remedies for Ascites

Posted by sheereen (new jersey) on 05/29/2022
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I'm sorry to hear about your friend's demise and long term suffering :( Thank you for sharing so much information for us to learn from...Ascites is a pain condition and I'm glad that there are natural, safe remedies that can help provide relief and address the underlying causes..Please be careful of supplementing with serraptase because it's a proteolytic enzyme that can make cancer grow and metastasize. I used to take alot of enzymes and eventually got very sick. I used to think it was a bloated stomach that looked pregnant, but now I realize it was probably ascites since it was accompanied by severe chronic coughing/lung inflammation.

Integrative cancer treatments and live support/lymph detoxification and drainage formulas by the homeopathic Pekana brand would probably help keep this painful condition from getting worse/causing debilitating discomfort.

Thank you for posting this information..I think my dog may have this since her belly looks bloated on the days her cough is severe( Thankfully not that often). We do give her a liver support formula and she is also administered Intravenous vitamin C treatments by her holistic vet and regenerative treatments.