Anal Fissure Remedies

St John's Wort
Posted by Chris (Cyprus) on 12/05/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Anal Fissures: Hi all, I've been through this terrible disease couple of times.

First one was 4 years ago, I visited the doctor, after examination he gave me some medicine to take, cicattritina cream, and also xylocaine cream. I took some sitz baths also, after some time and day by day the pain was eliminating.It took few days though, maybe 2 weeks.

Last month it appeared again the problem, because of constipation.I had the same treatment but did not work this time.I was not so much in pain like the firs time, I could stand it.But it was really annoying, especially after BM.I used few other creams, including natural aloe vera.I read many articles and comments with reagrds to this problem.I started getting really worry, because I could not find a cure to the probleM.Finally my Pharmacist suggest to try an oil that some othe people with same problem used and worked on them.I thought to give a try, I had nothing to loose, I was desperate and the oil was totaly natural.I found my health.I used it few times, and the pain gone.THANK GOD!!! The oil is called ST JOHNS WORT and is made from a plant called Hypericum perforatum.This plant has yellow leaves, although the oil is red.

I hope some people will be helped from this. Good luck.