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Posted by HD (Bothell, WA) on 12/25/2007

I noticed many people are looking for a cure for their acid reflux. I used to have acid reflux, and my doctor gave me some kind of medication that I need to take before bed time. Since I do not like taking too much medication, I was very fortunate when a nurse, who was working with me as a coach in helping me improve me health and lifestyle, told me to ask my doctor to test my acid reflux for h. pilori. To make the story short, I had the h. pilori tested, and the result was positive. The test involved taking a breath test, take some medication to kill the h. pilori bateria. On the second trial, my doctor gave me a different kind of medication. After the second treatment, the result came out negative. I was very glad that I no longer need to take the medication every night. I no longer have acid reflux. With this in mind, and before starting to take ACV with baking soda, you might take the same route I did.

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Posted by Elissa (Asheville, North Carolina) on 07/02/2007

My remedy is spring water for acid reflux. I am new to this site, but so far it looks like I am the only one writing about water in connection with reflux. I was experiencing extreme heartburn and acid reflux at the end of my year at college. For about 6-8 weeks I had extreme pain in my upper abdomen (sternum) area, belching, sleeplessness, and other problems! I read on another website that chlorine-containing tap water alone can cause reflux. The best water to drink that is chlorine-free is spring water. I went out and bought some and in the store after sipping it for 10 minutes I had relief! Within 24 hours, all of my symptomns were gone! Spring water is wonderful.

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Posted by Mike (Chicago, IL) on 02/02/2008

Hi there, Wanted to thank you TREMENDOUSLY for this wonderful website! I've been a purple pill victim for about a year now. Until this past year, I used to get reflux on occasion, then I moved to Chicago last January and ever since, I've suffered from terrible reflux. Last November, I couldn't even enjoy Thanksgiving because the reflux was so bad. I would only consume water, soups and yogurt. After months of my own research and the pathetic research of quite a few western physicians, my problem seems to be going away. Granted, I'm still supposed to take 2 purple pills/day, but I only take 1 as of last week when I first encountered your site. After reading articles on your website last week, I decided to change 2 things:

--I stopped drinking the chlorinated tap water from the City of Chicago (which some claim is the cleanest/healthiest water in the US. Well, I can almost guarantee this water has been the main culprit of my reflux. I remember purchasing a water purifier that removes chlorine around March of last year. Then I used the water filter until about August, when it needed a new filter. During this time, my reflux was not too bad (but it was still present) and I was only taking 1 purple pill per day. Then after needing a new filter, time lapsed and I just went back to drinking city water. What do you know, I started suffering really bad around the end of October. At this time I went back to the doctor and they upped my purple pills to 2/day. I started to feel better, but never really recovered. After reading your articles, I bought a new water filter and a week's worth of spring water. All of a sudden, I'm feeling really really good -- Hmmmmm??

--The other change that I made just one week ago was the addition of Apple Cider Vinegar to my diet.

Because I made these changes at the same time, I'm not sure who should get the credit, but I really don't want to stop either one of them as I never want that feeling again! I cannot begin to express my gratitude but this site is awesome! Thank you!"