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Posted by Joyce (Nashville, TN) on 09/27/2007

Acid reflux/PUD (peptic ulcer disease)

As far back as I can remember, my entire family played the eat and race to the baking soda to counteract the acid problem. I finally stumbled upon the cause of my constant heartburn, indigestion, and nausea, and flatulence (gas) in my thirty's. Elimination of all bleached flour from my diet worked wonders for my stomach problems. My PUD has only hit me once since I discovered this. I devoured a bunch of raw broccoli with dip over 2 days. I finally had to realize that the dip probably contained bleached flour. which caused the problem, since I have eaten raw broccoli since then with no problem. I now have what some call a cast iron stomach. I can eat hot salsa, black coffee, have my occaasional liquor on the rocks with no problem.

About 15 years later, I was researching PUD for a term paper. I learned that PUD became a problem in the uppersocioeconomic group about 11 years after someone came up with bleaching flour. It was so expensive only the wealthy could afford it. Some years later it became cheap enough that the middle socioeconomic group could afford it. Yep, PUD moved into this group about the same num of years later. Then somebody in (Minnesoto, I think) came with a process of bleaching it that made it so everyone could afford it. You guessed it-after approximately the same number of years later, PUD moved into this group also. My AHA! conclusion -SOMETHING IN BLEACHING PROCESS CAUSES UPSET STOMACH WHICH PROGRESSES TO PUD.

Now I still have a question. Can anyone explain why drinking,eating acid foods (tomatos, citrus juices, etc) from metal cans causes upset stomach or why eating bananas be they ripen enough to get brown speckles on peeling does the same.

Whatever, my advice to everyone is to eat your food as close to the way God grows it, if you want to be healthier.

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Posted by HD (Bothell, WA) on 12/25/2007

I noticed many people are looking for a cure for their acid reflux. I used to have acid reflux, and my doctor gave me some kind of medication that I need to take before bed time. Since I do not like taking too much medication, I was very fortunate when a nurse, who was working with me as a coach in helping me improve me health and lifestyle, told me to ask my doctor to test my acid reflux for h. pilori. To make the story short, I had the h. pilori tested, and the result was positive. The test involved taking a breath test, take some medication to kill the h. pilori bateria. On the second trial, my doctor gave me a different kind of medication. After the second treatment, the result came out negative. I was very glad that I no longer need to take the medication every night. I no longer have acid reflux. With this in mind, and before starting to take ACV with baking soda, you might take the same route I did.

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Posted by Elissa (Asheville, North Carolina) on 07/02/2007

My remedy is spring water for acid reflux. I am new to this site, but so far it looks like I am the only one writing about water in connection with reflux. I was experiencing extreme heartburn and acid reflux at the end of my year at college. For about 6-8 weeks I had extreme pain in my upper abdomen (sternum) area, belching, sleeplessness, and other problems! I read on another website that chlorine-containing tap water alone can cause reflux. The best water to drink that is chlorine-free is spring water. I went out and bought some and in the store after sipping it for 10 minutes I had relief! Within 24 hours, all of my symptomns were gone! Spring water is wonderful.

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Posted by Mike (Chicago, IL) on 02/02/2008

Hi there, Wanted to thank you TREMENDOUSLY for this wonderful website! I've been a purple pill victim for about a year now. Until this past year, I used to get reflux on occasion, then I moved to Chicago last January and ever since, I've suffered from terrible reflux. Last November, I couldn't even enjoy Thanksgiving because the reflux was so bad. I would only consume water, soups and yogurt. After months of my own research and the pathetic research of quite a few western physicians, my problem seems to be going away. Granted, I'm still supposed to take 2 purple pills/day, but I only take 1 as of last week when I first encountered your site. After reading articles on your website last week, I decided to change 2 things:

--I stopped drinking the chlorinated tap water from the City of Chicago (which some claim is the cleanest/healthiest water in the US. Well, I can almost guarantee this water has been the main culprit of my reflux. I remember purchasing a water purifier that removes chlorine around March of last year. Then I used the water filter until about August, when it needed a new filter. During this time, my reflux was not too bad (but it was still present) and I was only taking 1 purple pill per day. Then after needing a new filter, time lapsed and I just went back to drinking city water. What do you know, I started suffering really bad around the end of October. At this time I went back to the doctor and they upped my purple pills to 2/day. I started to feel better, but never really recovered. After reading your articles, I bought a new water filter and a week's worth of spring water. All of a sudden, I'm feeling really really good -- Hmmmmm??

--The other change that I made just one week ago was the addition of Apple Cider Vinegar to my diet.

Because I made these changes at the same time, I'm not sure who should get the credit, but I really don't want to stop either one of them as I never want that feeling again! I cannot begin to express my gratitude but this site is awesome! Thank you!"