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Top 10 Natural Remedies for Acid Reflux

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Posted by Del (Sunshine Coast, Australia) on 07/28/2011

Ted's Remedies. Please be very careful if you suffer from acid reflux. I suffered for over ten years and used many remedies including conventional medicine only to find out after a routine stress test that I required a triple bypass. During the stress test the reflux became worse and I was pulled off the treadmill and given oxygen and nitrolingual spray which helped to lessen the burning. I was amazed by this as I had no other symptoms other than a little breathlessness which is also common with reflux. It was explained to me that women often have different symptoms than men and it was actually the reflux that made my cardiologist take notice. Just be aware that reflux can be caused by more than one reason. I do not have reflux now since the surgery.