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Detoxification Diet
Posted by Lynn (Cape Town, South Africa) on 11/06/2009
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Acid Reflux - I have put on a considerable amount of weight since I turned 40 (I am not 45). I have found it hard to lose the weight and have excrutiating acid reflux, flatulence, strong urine and constant bouts of low blood pressure. I decided that I was not well and needed to do something and researched the internet and found the Hallejah diet. However, I just wanted to detox as a starting point and wasn't completely happy with the diet as I understood from reputable sources that a vegetarian diet only is not healthy. However, the detoxing itself .. eating only veggies and fruit for at least 5 days resulted in all of my problems disappearing.. and this was because my PH balance was too acidic. So my advice is DETOX to achieve at least a 7.0 PH balance.