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Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Therapy for COVID-19

| Modified on Aug 03, 2021
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Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation remedy on Earth Clinic.

Learn how Earth Clinic readers used hydrogen peroxide inhalation therapy to treat symptoms of COVID-19.

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation was first introduced to the world on Earth Clinic over 15 years ago by Bill Munro of Michigan. Mr. Munro, who died at the rip age of 90, used his delivery method for over 30 years to treat virus symptoms, prostate issues, lung issues, and more.

We had the great honor of speaking with Bill Munro a few times over the years after we published his remedy on Earth Clinic in 2004.  He was very passionate about this remedy and literally spoke to hundreds of people on the phone about his remedy before his death in 2012.

Learn more about Bill and how to do his H2O2 Inhalation Method here.

Keep reading below to learn how Earth Clinic readers used peroxide either in a nasal spray, a nebulizer, or drops in distilled water, to treat coronavirus symptoms.

Please let us know if you've used the hydrogen peroxide inhalation method for COVID-19 symptoms and if it helped or not!

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29 User Reviews

Posted by Robin (Pinckney, Mich) on 06/27/2021 2 posts
5 out of 5 stars

I was in the hospital for two weeks because I could not breathe. 14 days later I was sent home on oxygen. I could not take three steps without being extremely hypoxic. I thought I was sent home to die. I asked my friend who I have a share purchased for raw cow's milk if she heard what I might do...she said " look into nebulizing hydrogen peroxide with iodine in saline solution." Lugol's is better but could not buy it in time so I used 2 drops nascent iodine in a saline solution made from pink Himalayan salt and distilled water..

My husband diluted food grade hydrogen down to the correct protocol. I cannot give correct dosages at this point because I was very ill and my husband provided for me my care in this. All I can say is that after three weeks out of hospital nothing worked until this. I could breathe immediately and have been getting better ever since.

Replied by Roxie
(Grand Rapids Michigan)

Can you find out what his protocol was and share it please. I know it's not medical advice, but would still like to know.

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation
Posted by Brian (California) on 06/04/2021 1 posts
5 out of 5 stars

Dr. Mercola Recommends Nebulized Peroxide Basics:

I've embraced nebulized peroxide since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out and have received many anecdotal reports from people who have successfully used it, even at more advanced stages.

Based on Brownstein's experience, I now also recommend adding iodine when nebulizing, as it appears to make it even more effective. Keep in mind that the peroxide needs to be diluted with saline. I recommend diluting it down to 0.1%. Brownstein recommends diluting it to 0.04%. Tom Levy recommends 3% and higher. Ideally, use food grade hydrogen peroxide, as it does not have any harmful stabilizers.

If you pre-dilute to 0.04%, it will stay potent for about three months when kept refrigerated. If you do a 0.1% dilution, it may stay potent a bit longer. If you don't have access to saline, you could make your own by mixing one teaspoon of unprocessed salt (such as Himalayan salt, Celtic salt or Redmond's real salt) into a pint of water. This will give you a 0.9% saline solution, which is about the concentration found in body fluids. Using that saline, you will then dilute the hydrogen peroxide as described in this chart.

Do not mix the peroxide with straight distilled water, as this could potentially cause physiological damage. You need the salt in there. You can, however, make your saline using distilled water. Using small amounts of peroxide, either IV or nebulizer, only has a good clinical effect. I do not see negative effects with it. ~ Dr. David Brownstein

Also, to optimize your benefits, be sure to buy an electric tabletop jet nebulizer. The battery-driven handheld versions simply aren't as effective. As Brownstein points out, in nearly all cases where patients were not getting better, they were using a handheld nebulizer. Once they got a more powerful version that can drive the peroxide deep into the lungs, the treatment started working as it should.

I strongly recommend buying everything you need beforehand so that you can treat yourself or your family at a moment's notice. You don't want to wait days for your order to arrive before starting treatment.

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation
Posted by Mike D. (Naples, FL) on 05/06/2021
5 out of 5 stars

I developed a fever of 102, at the height of the Covid period. Having sleep apnea and a Cpap machine, I added a few ounces of 3% hydrogen peroxide to my distilled water. The fever went away and a subsequent test for Covid was negative. No way to know if I had Covid at the time, but had something....this was my first fever in well over twenty years.

Replied by Savannah
(Matching Tye)
5 out of 5 stars

Thanks for this information. Searching high & low, for a glass cup (medicine receptacle), for a regular nebulizer. It seems impossible to find. Everything's plastic these days! Did find food-grade hydrogen peroxide at 12% in glass bottles.

Can anyone suggest a glass cup & mouthpiece? Plastic (and latex) causes my skin to break out in itchy, red patches with small blisters. Can't even use vaseline or other petroleum-based products; same rash problems. Despite, taking Septilin, vegan D3&K2, china-free, non-synthetic Vit C & sitopaladi churna, daily and having corona kits on standby, I want to have the peroxide option also. Scared to use plastic products, tho. Sure hope someone can advise me!

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation
Posted by qquv (USA) on 04/30/2021
5 out of 5 stars

I have nebulized hydrogen peroxide at the start of flu symptoms, which quickly resolved. I found that a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution worked well and was easily tolerated.

For decades physicians have seen patients benefit from nebulization of hydrogen peroxide for short-term use during viral infection.

Replied by Susan J.
(Phoenix, AZ)

Do you just add 3 cc's of the 3% HP solution into the nebulizer or do you dilute it with saline?

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation
Posted by Prakash (Sunnyvale, Ca) on 04/30/2021
5 out of 5 stars

3% Food Grade H202 Nebulizer inhalation works for Covid infection.

Mild Chest CT Scan infection with 100.8 fever was gone with 4 ten min nebulizer sessions of 3% H202 without any dilution.

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation
Posted by Marsh (Colorado) on 04/05/2021
5 out of 5 stars

I keep 2 nasal spray bottles filled with Bill Munro's HP Therapy. One is always in my travel bag along with a small container to refill. Haven't had a cold, flu, cold sore for 2 years since having pneumonia.

I truly believe the virus was covid as the ER docs said they didn't recognize the virus. I was so sick I couldn't remember what to take or do for myself. By the time the doctor (if you want to call him that) relented to my husband's concern, sepsis had set in. After that, I began keeping a notebook of natural treatments so my family will know what to do for me, and to continue caring for them naturally when I'm not around.

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation
Posted by MissM (New York) on 12/21/2020
5 out of 5 stars

I tried dilutions of hydrogen peroxide, but found the dilution was not effective. Straight 3% FOOD GRADE is what you need.

Here is what you need to do.

Go to drugstore and purchase a nasal salt spray like Ayr.

Remove cap and dump out all the contents.

Rinse the emptied bottle several times with DISTILLED water. This is clean water!

Next add 3% FOOD GRADE hydrogen peroxide.

Get the food grade at the health food store.

Do not use 35% - this will burn you, nor use the hydrogen peroxide from drugstore as it is meant for wounds only, it also has stabilizers in it you don't need in lungs.

For use as inhaler squeeze bottle into mouth while breathing in big breaths. I use three and that helps clear up my chest from remaining Covid.

Replied by Love
5 out of 5 stars

I couldn't breathe one night... I got up and doused my hand with peroxide from the store under my nose, in my ear, and gargled with water... I could breathe instantly. I also bent over and coughed up the mucus, and drink lemon, water, and cayenne pepper. If it was the flu, 5G, or corona (CV19 has never been identified in a lab)... I knocked it out in 10 minutes. It's like an asthma attack. Please don't panic.

I had no physical issues until 5G moved into my neighborhood. Never been sick in 20 years. So...


While I find many case studies here very useful, I don't understand how 5G and Covid19 are connected. We don't have 5G in India, so what's everyone catching and dying of? And if don't call it COVID 19, we call it corona, the fact that it's spreading from person to person cannot be denied. Nor can we ignore the fact that it's affecting the lungs in the same manner and that people are, because of it, dying. Having said that, I'm very happy to try hydrogen peroxide and melatonin, to see if it works better than the mainstream protocols for everyone.


The COVID is hidden in the spiked vaccines and swab stick tests that they rub on the cribriform plate inside the skull underneath the brain to inoculate people with the synthetic bioweapon, hence the sudden outbreak since the mass distribution of these 'vaccines' due to the Communist Party of India General Secretary Sitaram Yechury who wrote to PM Narendra Modi urging him to distribute vaccines, when before, India had one of the lowest death rates from COVID in the world in any case.

In India, surprisingly, Vitamin D3 deficiency is highly prevalent. To remedy this take 4,000 IU Vitamin D3 a day (combined with 250 mcg or so Vitamin K2 just to make the Vitamin D3 utilize calcium more appropriately) will prevent cytokine attacks which are the sole cause oof COVID deaths, at least with the present strain of the weapon.

Ivermectin for 6 days is also good to wipe out various flu-type respiratory viruses in the body. Vitamin C, Vitamin B complex and Zinc (be extremely careful to balance this with copper as zinc pushes copper out of the body and copper is what keeps your veins elastic and stops them rupturing) are also very useful, and there are other things you can consider also.


Sincerest prayers for the rapid healing of Bharat & her people. Using many of India's traditional remedies and have Baba Ramdev's Coronil Kits on hand. I was advised by an allopath this was a good idea. Impressed by, the effectiveness of, Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani, remedies. I also want to try, the food-grade, hydrogen peroxide. Seems another wise item to keep on hand. Take good care of yourself, dear. My prayers are with you and yours there in India.


Try taking Vitamin C (2g) with your nebulized HP. I use the passive type of nebulizer where I just fill the cup with 3% and breathe normally with the mask that came with the device. You don't need to use saline with it or dilute it unless you find yourself sneezing while you do it (sign that its too strong for you). I have severe asthma, and this helps enormously, as well as when I believed I had the covid. The vitamin C meant that I was sick one day and recovering within 36 hrs of going home sick.

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation
Posted by MissM (NY) on 12/08/2020
5 out of 5 stars

I had Covid in March. Symptoms for 7 months. My lungs were filled with fluid that I could t get rid of, and I coughed for 7 months. I did not start to get better until I started 3 per cent food grade hydrogen peroxide in mister. I started with 1% as I was scared of this treatment. The 3% loosened up the fluid and gunk enough where I was able to start getting rid of it.

I also used Ayr nasal salt spray with a couple drops of lugols iodine. This helped as well. I also used glutamine capsules as a steam, NAC, elecampane. After I used the hydrogen peroxide, I used mucinex twice and brought up the remaining fluids.

Warning: this is very uncomfortable. Each time I used mucinex, I had 45 minute sessions of coughing bringing up stuff out of lungs! My doctor was clueless about Covid.

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation
Posted by Koy (Sofia, Bulgaria) on 11/02/2020
5 out of 5 stars

H2O2 is extremely helpful for treating coronavirus, especially in the early stage (stopping the virus entering the lungs), but Never use 3% H2O2 - you have to dilute that to 0.5-1 % max and use it in saline water to nebulize it, please. (if not using saline, it is corrosive for the lungs)

Replied by Koy

P.S. To prepare home made saline water, I'm using a cup of distilled water, just heat the water and put a pinch of Celtic salt to dissolve inside. Then wait to cool out, before placing 35% H2O2 food grade, diluted to 1% (34 drops of the saline water to 1 drop of H2O2). Then place this 1% in the nebulizer and in the last moment, before nebulizing, I add a drop of 5% Lugol iodine. Hope this helps.

Replied by Victoria
5 out of 5 stars

I use straight 3% - the cheap non food grade type from the drug store in a nebulizer full strength or occasionally diluted with distilled water when starting. I have done so for many years. I have administered the same with my teens since they were little and have had no problems. Cured the respiratory problems in my home...started it when I had bronchitis for 4 months and was about to get a COPD diagnosis (I have never smoked.) That bronchitis strain put my mom in the ICU and almost killed her. The nebulized H2O2 killed my bronchitis in 3 days after starting! Since then I use it for all respiratory and viral infections. I've read the nebulizing is a systemic mode of action so it may be beneficial for issues beyond the respiratory system. Since my remarkable recovery, my whole extended family uses nebulizers with H2O2 when they get respiratory bugs.

Replied by Yogita

Have 3% hydrogen peroxide
I want it to convert to 1%. And pls detail how many drops and minutes I need to inhale from covid. I'm also under treatment) but no good result.

Replied by Cherie


you seem to know a bit so I'm hoping you can advise.

I had terrible breathing issues that came on suddenly and a month of noises coming from my chest, weird clicks and rales.

I had an appointment at the hospital and they said it's bizarre but my breathing seems fine. ( I recorded my chest as it was waking me out of my sleep and then keeping me awake from worry) This was also continuous and not intermitant.

I started nebulising with HP mixed with saline twice a day and the symptoms disappeared that night and I slept like a baby.

I use it twice a day and tried to cut it down to once a day after 3 weeks but after 2 days, I started to hear my chest again.

I went back to neblising twice a day and the symptoms disappeared again.

I want to know if its safe to do it so often?


Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation
Posted by J. Park (La, Ca) on 07/13/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Sorry for late response to the person who asked me about nebulizing with peroxide. I REGULARLY use nebulizer with hydrogen peroxide as follows:

it is commonly recommended that one use 1% HP food grade, which I also follow. The dilution is very simple. You put 1 part of HP3% into a container, and add 2 parts of pure water. Then you get 1% HP! If you have 35% of HP food grade, just 1 part of HP35% to 34 parts of pure water(total 35 parts) to make 1% food grade. Please be careful only to use pure/distilled water. The nebulizer & ultrasonic humidifier shoot tiny water particle as as a fog these are nothing but small water particles, never steam, therefore they carry all the contents of water. The unpure water do carry all the impurities including those metallic contents. I never recommend RO, "purified" water.

  • Put some into your nebulizer.
  • Breath the steam into your lung thru NOSE(if you do into mouth, it may irritate you until you are well used to it, esp. with 1%, lower % is more pleasant. But you will get use to it). I do this for any minutes up to 5. I don't count # of breaths, I use regular/natural breath, no particular tricks. If I feel like I could easily hold it for a while. All I care about is time.
  • I do this whenever I feel slight sign of cold/flu/COVID-19?? :) :) ... in my chest/lung. Whatever disease that was bugging me simply disappears. This does not mean I use one single session of nebulizing. I do it multiple session until I feel very good. These singlet oxygen atoms generated from HP are powerful enemies to these germs.
  • I always have this nebulizer next to my bed and do it regularly just to kill any infections including COVID-19. I do not believe they have any chance against me. Killing bugs in my lung, breathing channel is the most directly way of killing these shits.

I always maintain bottle of MMS, CDH, CDS to back up. With these 2 soldiers, I could defeat any lung disease at all. All I need is "persistence".

Replied by Patsy

What is mms, cdh, & cds? pls share thks.

(Meridian, MS)

J. Park mentions 2 soldiers... so there must be just 2 remedies and the other could be an ailment. MMS = Master Mineral Solution CDS = Chlorine Dioxide Solution This link shows where these two remedies could be purchased: But Paul from Meridian, MS listed a website from Jim Humble... and that website shows how to make MMS. I wonder if CDH is an ailment noted as Chronic Daily Headache... I found a link but it offers drugs as a solution for pain management.

Replied by Paracelsus
(Orlando, Fl)
45 posts

Simple and cheap solutions are my favorite.

Dr. Thomas Levy (Vitamin C expert) suggests using regular water from the faucet. I do agree that distilled or purified water is better if you have it. I would think that would also prolong the life of the nebulizer.

(Wash DC)

Never use tap water. there have been cases of parasitic infection and death. even municipal sources (cases in mississippi, texas, and washington states) can have contaminants that won't affect you through ingestion, but if given the chance to lodge in the dark damp nasal passages by inhalation or irrigation can develop into something dangerous. incredibly rare, but why risk it to save some money or time instead of using the right things

Replied by Ellen

Thank you for your input - I was worried about distilled water as I think I read somewhere in an article by Joseph Mercola that distilled water could have some kind of detrimental effect on the lungs but can't find anything else to support that. I am doing saline (homemade) and H2O2 (food grade). So far, so good.


How much salt, water, and 3% h202 do you use? Thanks!

Replied by Brendan
(Dallas, Tx)


I am a DJ and before COVID-19 I would constantly be at events with hundreds of people. I was reading this and got the thought of making the hydrogen peroxide solution and inserting it in an oxidizer that's can spread the gas throughout the environment providing a clean environment so people would not be required to wear masks. I was wondering if this is a far fetched idea and there are other variables such as how big does the oxidizer have to be so ever person can breathe in the peroxide solution, also it gets hot when all those people get together, will that effect the effectiveness of the oxidized peroxide, also how long will it need to be on because it is not directly being inhaled through the nebulizer?

(North Carolina)

I have followed Dr. Mercola for over 10 years, and find his info reliable and news worthy. He suggested Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy months ago, (Google, Dr. Mercola and HP Therapy) In fact there is a lot of info on the subject that the media ignored, and others failed to bring it to the attention of the general public. It cost svery little to purchase the items needed for this home treatment, please spread the word to your friends and family. Have not needed to test it out, but I'm ready if necessary.


I watched Dr. Mercola's video demo. He used 3/4 teaspoon food grade 12% hydrogen peroxide and 1 teaspoon sea salt and one pint of H20 (one pint is 16 ounces which is 2 cups). I live in a place that has clean water that is fluoride free. I boil the water for 12 minutes to sterilize it. I let it cool and then add the salt and HP then nebulize the sinuses and lungs.

Replied by M.pittet
(Oliver Bc)

What are CDS, CDH and MMS? Googled all three, unfortunately, only found a medically relevant application of MMS....


Chlorine Dioxide Solution and Master Mineral Solution, same thing by Jim Humble.

New Reader

Please use the DuckDuckGo search engine. Google is actively trying to suppress health information.

Replied by Dave

So many nebulizers on the market, what are recommendations, if any?

I having been using homemade colloidal silver for 20 years, I think I know the answer to this, but can it be used in a nebulizer/

EC: Yes, Here are the posts on the subject:


Which, if any, brand name nebulizer that are not made in China would be recommended?

Lisa Wawrzyniak

We use a nebulizer daily with our Colloidal Silver. We purchased one from Vitality Medical Supply and also a face mask to use with it. My husband prefers the mask to the mouth piece.


Pari Trek S Portable Compressor Nebulizer Aerosol System & Pari Adult Aerosol Mask for a total of $75.12

Replied by Lynn


Earth clinic has an informative and instructional video on their website regarding hydrogen peroxide inhalation. I suggest you watch it more than once. It should answer all your questions. It is based on the original post by Bill who uses the hydrogen peroxide from the drugstore and puts it in a nasal spray bottle. Best to you!

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation
Posted by Conrad LeBeau (Wisconson - United States) on 05/16/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Hello everyone. I have used hydrogen peroxide since 1989 in several different ways.

They are:

1. Oral - low dose - diluted with plenty of water.

2. Skin absorption in bath water.

3. Absorption through the bottom of your feet.

4. By adding some to a humidifier.

Around 1990, I recall 3 people with Emphysema telling me at the time that they applied a hydrogen peroxide gel to their feet each day and it healed and reversed their Emphysema.

Recently, I had a chronic low level sinus and lung infection that has lasted for over 6 months that I blame on my addiction to ice cream. I decided to apply regular 3% H2O2 solution to a large wash cloth and stand on it with my bare feet for 5 minutes.

Specifically, I used a 10 or 12 inch square piece of aluminum foil and set it on the floor (a cookie sheet would also work). I then take a large wash cloth - about 10 inches square and rise it out with warm tap water. I place the warm wet cloth on top of the metal foil or pan and pour about 1/4 cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide over the wash cloth. Then, I either sit on a chair and place both my bare feet on the wash cloth or I stand it. I look at my watch and wait 5 minutes. When done, I lift my feet away and let them air dry. The result is that the hydrogen peroxide that is absorbed through my feet travels up to my lungs and throughout my body.

It breaks up the mucus in the lungs and it is easily spit out. The benefits last for 12 to 24 hours or more. I believe this method is not only safe but reduces the need to use the H2O2 in a nebulizer or even taking it orally. My breathing improves very quickly. Chest tightness goes away and you are able to take deep breaths without straining.

I think this method of using hydrogen peroxide topically by absorption through the bottom of the feet would benefit anyone with pneumonia, Covid 19, chest colds, TB, sinus infections, and COPD. I would like to hear what other think after trying this simple method. I find normal breathing and clear lungs after treatment once a day for 5 days.

Disclaimer Note- I am not a doctor, but I would like to hear from others who try this method of absorbing H2O2.

Conrad LeBeau

Replied by Diane
5 out of 5 stars

Thank you Conrad for this method of using H2O2 by soaking your feet for 5 minutes.

I have sinus issues and a chest congestion and they bother me a lot. I have tried different nasal sprays both natural and prescription but they work only temporarily. I did soak my feet today and I truly feel a difference. Will keep at it for at least a week and more if necessary, and hopefully I will be healed. Such a great site and such nice people here. Thank you all for sharing and God bless us all. Diane

Replied by NANCY

Conrad, thanks so much for your informative info.

I've used HP for years in a small sprayer with a bit of distilled water and spray my mouth a few times a day, some days more some less. I use the drugstore kind and haven't had any bad side effects. I'm going to try your method as my lungs are a bit congested presently. I appreciate your sharing! Blessings to you!

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation
Posted by Joeann (Delaware) on 04/19/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Ok folks. As a nurse, I'm currently on the front lines of this virus and how I keep myself from getting it is as follows:

A) 1/2 teaspoon of 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide added to 1 teaspoon of filtered water.

B) Add the above to a nebulizer cup chamber. Be sure to use a face mask that covers your mouth and nose

C) Nebulize for five minutes every time you get exposed.

My routine involves once before work and once right when I get home. At lunch I take the same mixture above (4x the amount) and place into a nasal bottle. I squirt my nose and mouth once at lunch time. The corona virus breaks down at less than 0.5% h202 strength so the above recipe works well. At the first sign of cold, flu, bronchitis, pneumonia the above 4X a day for several days.

Share this with others. It works - turn off the tv....juice, exercise, laugh. - don't get stressed - be empowered.


Replied by Tracy
(United States)
5 out of 5 stars

Hi Joanne, Thank you for sharing this. I have been using this treatment with success as well every time I have a sore throat or seem to be developing a cough. Question- are there any doctors using this treatment that you know of and are there any peer-reviewed studies citing the use of this treatment for any type of infection whether bacterial or viral? Thank you!

(San Carlos)

Hi Tracy,

Here is an excellent presentation by Dr. Thomas Levy, MD of the Riordan Clinic (IV Vitamin C and other functional treatments). He presents many research studies, plus clinical outcomes, on nebulizing 3% Hydrogen Peroxide for any virus including Covid. Its a bit long (2 hours) but well worth it. The presentation is from June 2020 at the Silicon Valley Health Institute.

In addition to Nebulized Hydrogen Peroxide, he also discusses other virus treatments such as:
- IV Vitamin C
- Far Infrared Sauna
- Ozone (blood treatments or ultraviolet blood eradiation)
- Low-Dose Radiotherapy

Nebulized HP for Covid is a game changer and needs to be shared widely. Check it out and decide for yourself.


Replied by Marsh
5 out of 5 stars

I agree. I carry a bottle at all times. Purchased a 2 pack of a popular 24 hr nasal spray that comes in a blue & white bottle. Empty the ingredients as these bottles provide a very fine mist. Easier than packing a nebulizer. Use after being in public, on planes as a precaution, or anyone who is sneezing or coughing. I've followed Bill Munro's protocol for over 4 years. (The nasal spray isn't cheap but it's difficult finding a spray bottle that delivers the fine mist.)

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation
Posted by Terry (Missouri) on 04/10/2020
5 out of 5 stars

I used to nebulize hydrogen peroxide, but I discovered a much better way.

I use an ultrasonic diffuser. I put in a half ounce of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide to 8 ounces of distilled water. I put it in the bedroom to reduce size of room. Breathed for 20 minutes. Checked oxygen level on oximeter - 99%. Never been so high. Energy levels went way up. Did 3 days in row. All mucous cleared from lungs. 2 weeks later, lungs still clear and oxygen levels still high.

Replied by Kelly
5 out of 5 stars

Thanks for the idea. I'm always sitting next to a diffuser I don't even use, so I cleaned it, threw in a capful of 3% FG h2o2 and filled to line with distilled water and poof! Within minutes my labored breathing began subsiding, my sinuses started clearing and running down back of my throat! Fast! In fact my heart or respiratory system (not sure) began feeling overstimulated pretty quickly so I shut it off and will do in short intervals. You just saved me $45 on a nebulizer🙏

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation
Posted by Gracie Gray (Dallas, Texas) on 04/09/2020
5 out of 5 stars

I believe I had this virus in late January but not realize what it was until weeks later, when I began reading about coronavirus symptoms.

Several days after flying home from SFO (complete with non-stop coughing coming from the seat behind me), I experienced sore throat, chills, dry cough, body aches/fatigue and a low-grade temperature. What was unusual (for me) is that my sinuses never seemed affected.

Again, not initially suspecting anything more than a regular cold or flu, here is what I did: I gargled with warm salt water several times a day. Ingested ascorbic acid (Vit C) plus oregano oil capsules several times a day. Greased chest, back and throat with Ben-gay and/or tiger balm. and “huffed” drug store hydrogen peroxide several times a day. [I followed the H2o2 inhalation instructions listed elsewhere on the EC site.]

My symptoms began on a Monday and 3-days later on Thursday, I experienced massive sweats during the night and began feeling better with a full recovery within a week.

However, it was unlike any virus or flu I had previously experienced in my long life. Although my age puts me in the higher-risk group, I am fully recovered, feeling fine, but observing all the recommended precautions.

Hopefully, at some point, I can be tested for antibodies to confirm whether or not it was a coronavirus. Meanwhile, I wanted to share what worked for me in case it may be helpful for someone else.

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation
Posted by Cheryl H. (Rochester) on 04/08/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Greetings, My husband and I being seniors have been on an anti viral protocol for the last 6 weeks. 1 tablespoon of colloidal silver, oregano oil or caps, zinc, vit c, vit d, lysine. For mucus and congestion - Jack's emphysema tea recipe from this site -mullein and lobelia. I also run the vaporizer with distilled water and food grade h2o2 every other day. Do not use store bought h2o2 with tap water as the minerals and chemicals might cause harm!!!! Astalgus, cherry bark, and dry brushing lymph gland are always a good idea. Please keep your ph at 7 or more. by alkalizing with lemon or lime and 1/4 tsp of baking soda. Chanca Piedra will help keep virus from replicating.

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation
Posted by Judy (U.S.) on 04/05/2020
5 out of 5 stars

I'd go with this hydrogen peroxide protocol:

And I'd augment the above with black-cherry products, such as black-cherry-concentrate, and cherry-yogurt.


I would avoid extreme acids or anything pungent, such as garlic, ginger and even "C", since cherry is superior for reasons stated in above link, and extreme foods can cause allergic reactions which people might confuse with coronavirus. I'd try to stick to lysine foods (which boost immunity) such as eggs, yogurts, veggies & so forth. I'd minimize arginine foods such as citrus, dark-chocolate etc.

After all, if high-arginine can trigger cold-sore viruses, why wouldn't they also replicate other viruses such as CV? Better to be on the safe side.

Replied by Volker
(Berlin (Germany))

@Judy, who wrote "if high-arginine can trigger cold-sore viruses, why wouldn't they also replicate other viruses such as CV (coronavirus)?"

Yes! It seems that the same mechanisms work for CV as for the herpes virus.

=> L-Lysine vs. L-Arginine.

Please watch the videos of Bo K. and also read the discussions in the forum Drugtargetreview:

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation
Posted by T. Moore (Louisiana) on 04/04/2020
5 out of 5 stars

I inhale vapors of highly diluted non-toxic Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide to prevent or stop the exponential replication of Covid 19 or any other microscopic pathogen. I dilute it with a lot of distilled water. I will do this as a precaution when I return home from shopping.

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation
Posted by Jason (Illinois) on 04/02/2020
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The best way to get oxygen into your blood stream outside the lungs would be through the skin the biggest organ we have. Bathe in 3% Hydrogen Peroxide for 20 minutes will raise blood /oxygen levels.

Replied by Judy

How much do you add to a bath?

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation
Posted by Anonymouse (Travelling still but difficult now) on 03/21/2020
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National Center for Biotechnology Information
8600 Rockville Pike Bethesda, MD 20894 USA

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation
Posted by Kru T (Usa) on 03/18/2020
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I've been reading earthclinic comments and recommendations for years, but I've never commented on anything. I just read a study on hydrogen peroxide 3% on multiple viruses including Coronavirus. In 1-30 min, the h2o2 had inactivated all of the viruses. The tests were done in vitro, but that didn't stop me from using the hydrogen peroxide inhalation on my flu/ virus.

I did not get tested to see what I had, but all of a sudden I could not breathe. I couldn't walk to my kitchen or bathroom without gasping for air. I did not go to get tested because I immediately tried the h2o2 inhalation.

I used 3% food grade in a cleaned out sinus mister and sprayed in the back of my throat when I inhaled. Be careful not to swallow if you try this; spit out what you don't inhale.

In minutes I was spitting out white gunk.

Within two days, I was breathing almost 100%. Because I used this right away, I'm not exactly sure what virus I had.

The study showed that Coronavirus and influenza were the most sensitive to the h2o2. Even if I did NOT have Coronavirus, this method should be used or attempted on those who do test positive unless they have other issues that would cause further harm with this attempt. For those who are dying from Coronavirus who are elderly or have weakened immune systems, what is the harm? This may save lives. I want to know why others haven't tried this already.

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation
Posted by Tom (Illinois) on 03/05/2020
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I have a nebulizer and use 3% FG hydrogen peroxide, it's done wonders for my ailments in under a week's time..

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation
Posted by Craig (EC Facebook) on 02/27/2020
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3% Hydrogen peroxide... 4x teaspoons in 8oz water.