How to Use Coconut Oil for Mono

Coconut Oil
Posted by leigh (WA) on 02/08/2022
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I tried this for my 17 yr old daughter who had battled with full blown Mono already for a week. She had a severely constricted throat and white patches for a week. We had seen her primary care physician twice at the start and been to the ER twice and Urgent care once.

I would urge you to go SLOW and ask more about which coconut oil etc. Start with a half teaspoon.

We went full throttle 2 tablespoons and I tried one teaspoon myself just to taste it. What occurred was we both ended up having allergic reactions. We tried Organic Virgin unrefined Coconut Oil, as it didn't state what to try in the actual article Extra virgin - virgin refined -unrefined.

Now we both have an allergy to anything with coconut oil in it, including lip gloss etc. which we NEVER had before!

What I will say it did for her after just the one dose was it took her egg shaped glands in her neck from being huge to nothing in literally 2 hours. Which decreased the ear pain from the swelling of those glands. That was amazing!

Again she nor I had any coconut allergy prior to this in fact we had natural coconut popsicles in our freezer we buy regularly and eat. I eat a meal when we go out for Thai food about once a month that is literally served in a coconut with the chunks of coconut cooked into the curry meal. We also both drank coconut water on occasion and had the coconut milk in coffee on occasion.

Advice: Have Children's liquid Benadryl on hand, (for my 110 lb 17 yr old I gave her 15 ML because she couldn't take any pills due to her already swollen throat) to diffuse any reaction your teen/child may have, and definitely take this SLOW!

My daughter's and my esophagus felt like it burned and our mouth's itched it took a half hour to feel this. I felt terrible and scared for her, had she not been on a little Prednisone already and some liquid Benedryl in a Lidocaine/Benedryl/Mylanta 1:1:1 gargle we were using per an ER doctor her throat could have closed.