Home Remedies for Children with Chicken Pox

Epsom Salts, Table Salt
Posted by Natasha (George Town, Grand Cayman) on 03/22/2009
4 out of 5 stars

My son broke out with the chicken pox. My mom gave me an old remedy of baking soda, cersie and regular table salt. I needed something more and knowing that epsom salt works for everything including mosquito bites, sprained ankles and dog bites I decided to put him in a warm bath with cersie, epsom salt and a little bit of regular table salt. He is not itching now. I am also trying Neosporin on the bumps on his face for the Vitamin E capabilities. I'll definately do the epsom salt soak again later tonight. Hopefully the concoction works in a matter of days instead of the predicted 21 days.