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Oregano Oil Cures

Last Modified on Apr 20, 2016

Oregano Oil Reader Feedback  
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Posted by Deanna (Cincinnati, OH) on 02/25/2007

[YEA]  I have chronic itching. I have tried the "very expensive" prescription that my MD gave me, but my mother told me to try:
1 part tea tree oil,
2 parts olive oil
and dried oregano.

I spray it on and not only does it calm the burning and itching but it moisturizes my skin. I haven't had to use my expensive skin cream or take Benedryl in a long time.

Posted by Marie (Dallas, TX) on 02/14/2007

[YEA]  Oil of Oregano for Sinus Infection: Wanted to first say that I haven't had ice cream in years, and I'd never had a sinus infection until....I ate ice cream at a dinner party last Dec (to avoid insulting the hosts) & 3 days later had a nasty sinus infection. I will never touch the stuff again. . (Thanks!) I started seriously looking for natural cures when I lost sense of smell & taste due to clogged sinuses. The inhaled salt water & ACV steams helped with that, but it was the oil of oregano that finally got rid of the infection for good. A big thanks to the person who posted this remedy. I took four drops every 2 hours for about 4 days, then tapered down for the next 10 days. I started feeling better on day 2, but had it completely kicked by day 11. Thanks for this wonderful site.

Replied by Breanna
Los Angeles
[YEA]   I had the same experience and same exact dosage. Cleared it right up! Just make sure to take probiotics after :)

I was originally here looking for validation that this dosage wasn't too much! Glad I found this review.

Replied by Chika
Michigan, US
[YEA]   I took very high doses to clear the fluid out of my lungs. I had pneumonia and was scheduled to have a procedure to drain the fluid in about three days and I didn't want to do it. I prayed to God and he sent me the answer that very day-Oregano. I bought some after work and over the course of three days I was alternating between taking 2 of the gel caps with the oil in it and the dried herbs every 2 hours that I was awake. When they did an ultrasound on my chest to try to locate the fluid to see where they would go in at they found NOTHING!

The oregano was the only thing I did for this problem (I didn't even change my terrible diet at the time because I didn't know any better-please eat healthy if you don't :)). I still had some pain and that's why I went in but one of the nurses told me it's common for the chest pain to stick around for a bit but the important thing was the fluid was gone. That made a believer out of me and I have been recommending it to everyone. I used P73 OregaResp. I can't speak on other brands because that one works so I haven't bothered to try another.

So some of these issues you have to treat very aggressively. As the poster above says please do take it with a probiotic if you are taking high doses. Normally it doesn't wipe out good bacteria but if you take potent forms and high doses of it it will mess with the good bacteria. Hope this encourages someone.

Posted by Harold (Virginia Beach, VA) on 01/22/2007

[YEA]  I don't know if you consider this a natural remedy or not, but oil of oregano has stopped strep-like sore throats very quickly for me and my wife. If it appears to be full-blown strep, I soak a cotton swab in oil of oregano and dab it directly on the inflamed area. If it's milder I can often place about 6 drops under my tongue and hold them until the mouth fills with saliva. I then gargle a bit to coat the back of the throat and swallow. The oil has a powerful burning taste but it has come through for us many times.

Posted by Julianna (Columbus, OH) on 01/10/2007

[YEA]  I knew about taking cranberry juice for UTIs as I've had one or two in the past which is why I try to take the AZO cranberry pills & yeast pills daily (along with eating yogurt daily). I was surprised when I got this latest UTI a few days ago. Since I no longer have health insurance, I was freaked & I knew that the OTC urinary pain medicine was just a temp fix (which I gladly used b/c my UTIs come with PAIN!) Sure enough the OTC pills and the extra AZO cran pills began to have no effect yesterday even though I was constantly poppin em. I read through the site about oil of oregano (which I never heard of), vitamin C & others & decided to load up. I got the sea salt, oil of oregano, unsweetened cran juice, etc. I put 2 Tblsps of Sea Salt in a cup of H2O and tried to drink it (GAWD!) Well I drank maybe a little less than half the cup.... maybe. Maybe I put in too much salt, but DAMN! I took 1000mgs of Vitamin C. I put a drop of oil of oregano under my tongue (not good) & put another drop in a cup of H2O (this I could somewhat tolerate). I also sipped on a cup of the unsweetened cran juice (ick!). Anyway about an hour later it became less painful to pee & today I have no pain when I PEEEE & NO frequency. I have no idea which remedy did it & how long I need to keep taking these concoctions. I also took some probiotic pill the woman at the whole foods store put in my basket (she claimed the pill has millions of the good bacteria I need & way more than yogurt). Anyway I will be taking this pill in the AM & PM. I think the little bit of sea salt H2O I took had an effect although I won't be doing that again unless absolutely necessary & I believe the oil of oregano did something too. I will continue the oil of oregano, the vitamin C &, the probiotic pill for 6 more days & then maybe just continue the probiotic pill in place of the AZO cran & yeast pills I used to take. I know the feedback on this site really helped me. It seems these UTIs are such a Catch-22. They say that holding your pee in (or resisting the urge) can possibly bring them on but when I know its gonna be painful to go then I'd rather hold it than feel that pain. Maybe its just me.... Well, anyway hope this helps someone.

Posted by Nikki (Vernal, Utah) on 01/09/2007

[YEA]  Oregano Oil. We bought the stuff from North American Herb and Spice that has cumin and sage in it called Oregacyn. Also have recently started taking Apple Cider Vinegar. Oregacyn completely cures sinus infections and completely reversed my son's asthma. ACV helps eradicate sinus stuffiness and itchy patches on the skin. I wanted to recommend a couple of other books that are definitely worth reading in your "Worth Reading" section: 1. The Cure is in the Cupboard by Cass Ingram. I love this book it is about oregano and it helped my son so much with his asthma. 2. The Fungus Link by Doug Kaufmann, I love his show-I am a faithful watcher every week day. I truly believe fungus is among us! 3. Beating Cancer with Nutrition by Patrick Quillin. This book was a wonderful guide to help my mother when she was battling lung cancer. The book outlines which foods can help our body heal from cancer during chemotherapy and radiation treatments, as well as which foods can help stave off chemo sickness during treatment. I love the nutritional aspect of improving the immune system. Thanks for your time. Love the website-I think I could become an addict to it!

Posted by Emily (Chandler, AZ) on 12/20/2006

[YEA]  organic oregano oil ( capsules size 00 ) 4 drops in capsule every 2 hours the first day and every 4 hours and then every 6 and then every 8 for a period of 10 days cures sinus infections. I have a friend that uses essential oils. I didn't have insurance at the time so i called her at my wits end. I normally am prescribed Zithromax and Prednisode ( a steroid) that's how severe my sinus infections normally are. You take it for 10 days and it fights off the infection. Also peppermint oil rubbed around your sinus area ( use a 1 to 1 ratio with cold pressed extra virgin olive oil) it gets your nose running right away. You do have to take it for 10 days or it can come back. Using this in combination to the other remedies on here will take care of the bacterial and viral sinus infections. (i get both!) Hope it helps. I've been doing this for the last 2 times i got a sinus infection.

Posted by Alexa (GA) on 12/08/2006

[YEA]  An Alkaline diet and Oil of oregano will cure Chronic sinusitis and urinary tract infection. I would recommend that you consult your doctor for diagnosis of urinary tract infection in order to rule out more serious conditions and then take oil of oregano with concentrated cranberry juice. The best way to take oil of oregano is under the tongue but if you don't like the taste you can take capsules. You will feel it working. Oil of oregano is an antifungal, antiviral and antibiotic which makes it very effective against sinusitis etc.

Replied by Imwoman
Atlanta, Ga/usa
this is off topic a bit b/c it's in reply to the person who gets frequent uti's. Look up d-mannose. It's EXCELLENT for that!

Posted by Jennifer (Albuquerque, NM) on 12/03/2006

[YEA]  I tried ACV, the spicy tomato tea, the onion halves with brown sugar, and the garlic soup. Especially the tomato tea and ACV brought some temporary relief from a month-long cough and sinus congestion that I'd had almost as long. As far as I'm concerned, though, the #1 choice and remedy should be Oil of Oregano. I bought a jar last Tues. and began taking three per day with meals. I am so encouraged and feel at least 95% well again. After doing some research on it I now know that this is an amazing product! Perhaps it doesn't work the same for everyone but it has done so much for me in six days. I've also been using a good quality colloidal silver in a nasal spray bottle. This has probably worked alongside the Oil of Oregano for the sinus congestion. It cured a month-long cough/bronchitis and sinus congestion. I'm wondering now if I could have increased the dosage of Oil of Oregano to say four a day. I've stayed at 3/day since I couldn't find any info. to let me know if more would be too much of a good thing. Any thoughts on that?

Posted by Caroline (Honolulu, HI) on 10/04/2006

[YEA]  This will work--no exceptions! Run hot shower over body for a couple minutes to open pores; turn off shower; add 5 drops pure oregano oil to some liquid soap like Dr. Bronner's Eucalyptus Soap. Mix in hands and apply to one major limb--left arm, e.g. Do the same again for the right arm. Again for the torso, and again for both legs respectively. It will burn. Tolerate it for as long as you can--between 3 to 5 minutes at the most. Rinse.

For me it cures these no-see-ums that I presume to be some kind of mite. I frequently get infested after handling papers or books that have previously been infected. Why I just don't throw out all these things so that I'll never be exposed again, I don't know. Actually, it's because I'm an information junkie and hope that freezing or cooking in the oven will rid these papers/books of these parasites. Not necessarily! I just got a new infestation which brings me here to this website. I did "the treatment" just now and it works. It burns the little critters to death. Just accept that your skin will burn also for the 3-5 minutes before you rinse it, and somewhat after. But you will definitely feel an immediate sense of relief because your nerve endings won't be agitated any longer

Posted by Lina (Felton, CA) on 09/29/2006

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I haven't been completely cured yet, but Oregano Oil and Mineral Oil have greatly helped a case of scabies and I feel I am on my way to recovering. I actually had this case of scabies for several years, but it never got very bad as I had tried various over the counter remedies because I thought at first it was just dry skin or a skin irritation. When I finally realized what I had, I was upset because I did not want to take a neurotoxin. An herbalist recommended the oregano oil and almost instantly I began to see results. I've been taking it orally and also applying it topically. I have also been using mineral oil on my hands as well.

Posted by Shelley (Nova Scotia) on 06/04/2006

[YEA]  I tried almost everything, conventional and alternative. Finally found my cure-dandellion tea and Oil of Oregano at first sign of infection and as a preventative I take acidophillus supplements try to keep the bacteria balanced. If I stick to these three products I can keep my bladder under control. Basically cures my bladder infections and the infections are occuring less often as times goes by. I hope this helps someone else because I was very discouraged when I finally found this "cure", I had spent a lot of money and time trying to find relief. When I went into my health store and said I think I have tried everything here, do you have any suggestions, they offered me the oil of oregano and said they had never heard any bad results. Great stuff!!

Skin Infections  
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Posted by K. (Huntersville Nc) on 10/22/2013

[YEA]  My daughter had a callus or something on the bottom of her foot that she didn't tell me about. Not sure why she decided to pick at it. She said she thought there was something in it. Anyway, it got sore and there was a hole in the middle of it. That's when she decided to show it to me.*Sigh*

For two nights (a few days apart) I put a drop of oregano oil on it. She said it feels fine now. Just to be sure I'm gonna put another drop on tonight.

I have also used oregano oil on scratches and pimples. It works really well in helping both disappear almost overnight!

Posted by Aubergine (Washington, Dc, Usa) on 05/27/2013

[YEA]  Oregano oil for skin infection/possible cellulitis:

I have fingernails that split easily and I sometimes get nail fungus. This happened to one of my thumbnails recently, and I had been treating the fungus by soaking it in apple cider vinegar daily (as I normally do to get rid of the fungus). So, last night I woke up during the night and noticed that my thumb hurt - enough to keep me from going right back to sleep like I usually do. Still, I was asleep again within a few minutes, but when I woke up for real in the morning, my thumb was so painful that I couldn't even use my toothbrush with my right hand - the pressure of my thumb on the toothbrush hurt too much. My thumb was swollen down to the first joint. The first thing did was pour hydrogen peroxide on it. Then I went downstairs to the computer to consult Earth Clinic. I saw tea tree oil mentioned as a helpful remedy. I have tea tree oil, but it was upstairs. I remembered that oregano oil is a powerful antibiotic, and I had some nearby in the kitchen (it came pre-mixed in olive oil), so I put a drop on the thumbnail crack. Within an hour, both the pain and swelling had subsided significantly. I do not know if it was cellulitis or some lesser skin infection, but since cellulitis is very fast-moving, I'm glad the oregano oil helped the infection/inflammation before it got worse.

Sore Throat, Tonsillitis  
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Posted by Sharon (Baxter Springs, Ks) on 10/28/2009

[YEA]  I have been using oil of oregano for years to cure tonsillitis. I am 63 years old and haven't had a sore throat for several years now. Oil of oregano is a natural antibacterial and anti fungal. 2 to 3 drops of pure oil in a small glass of water works perfect. the taste is awful and it stings for a short time ( no burning of skin) If it hits the lips it stings for a couple of minutes, but it subsides. I have found that oil and water doesn't mix very well so I mix it with a small amount of honey mustard (mustard imulsifies oil) It tastes better and easier to swallow. Gargle twice and swallow. I guarantee this will cure a sore throat over night.

Swine Flu, Sinus Issues  
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Posted by Janis (Sacramento, Ca.) on 11/03/2009

[YEA]  I had been dealing with sinus issues for years and regularly used a neti pot with salt water to manage it. One of my yoga students is a master herbalist and I asked her for recommendations for building up the immune system of my asthmatic daughter. I had been concerned about her catching the swine flu as it was going through the school. She told me about Wild Oregano Oil being anti-viral,bacterial and anti-fungal. I also did some research online and found a ton of information on the benefits. Make sure it's wild and the high potency.

Not only do I believe it kept my daughter from getting full blown swine flu (she started to come down with the symptoms) but she no longer needs her inhaler. So we all started taking it and normally we all get sick by this time of year but we have managed to keep the funkies at bay with this amazing stuff.

I decided to try one drop in my neti pot against many posts that warned not to because of the heat of the oil. However, I came accross one that said they tried it and it burned no worse than getting a little chlorine in the nose. I decided to try it too and instantly felt relief after the initial slight burning ceased. I have not had an issue with my sinuses since.

FREEDOM for the first time in years! Which is a huge relief as a yoga instructor. It is liquid gold in our house! I truely can't say enough about it.We take one drop under the tounge in the the morning and at night. My kids and I just chase it with water but my husband has to mix it with juice even though he's the only one who can eat wasabi and hot peppers!