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Last Modified on Nov 04, 2009

Would MMS Help a Pituitary Tumor?

11/04/2009: Tiffany from Moongan, Qld, Australia: Hi Ted,

I have been reading alot of information about MMS and how it has helped numerous people but was wondering if it would help a Pituitary Tumour!!

I have just recently been told that I have a Pituitary Tumour and was wondering if you think MMS would help??

Thanks so much!!


11/04/2009: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: I am not part of the MMS fan. For one thing, I have seen too many cases of cancer becoming metastasis. MMS results are quick in some cases of flu, but most people's condition gets worsen. The reason is really simple. Regardless of whether one uses MMS1 or MMS2, which is calcium hypochlorite, it's used in chlorinated water. For short term emergency kits, it might be ok, but in the long run, it's causes iodine deficiency. Since chlorine, iodine, fluorine, bromine are all halogens, the only safe halogens that is required by the body is actually iodine. Some people make claims why MMS is so good on the account of it's used in curing malaria. But if we look at the turn of the century, during Edgar Cayce's time, iodine was used to treat malaria also. It was Dr. Bisey who found that he cured malaria from eating burned seaweed and then later to advise Cayce on newer ways to produce nascent iodine. In fact, lugol's solution is presently being used to stop cancer. It does it two ways, iodine uptake is required by certain organs in the body, iodide is uptake mostly in the thyroid. It raises the immune system, when it is down, some have iodine deficiency. A survey shows 96% deficiency of iodine based on iodine uptake by the body. So iodine makes more sense since taking more chlorine MMS, or MMS2 will result in chlorine driving out iodine. It also lowers the body's antioxidant level, while temporary is good, one day or two, a long term iodine makes even more sense to use lugol's solution. The dose of lugols' for one case of cancer, along with the other remedies is 3-5 drops of lugol's three times a day with 1000 mg of vitamin C, 3 times a day. The vitamin C goes to the brain faster in presence of iodine.
09/20/2012: Winnie from Hong Kong replies: i totally agree with what Ted is saying here. one thing is, take iodine and vitamin c or any other food with anti-oxidant separately. thyroid gland needs iodide, the breast... Uterus... Prostate glands need iodine. in presense of anti-oxidant, iodine will change to iodide, only the thyroid gland can make use of it.

Wanting to Know Ted's Opinion About MMS2

10/01/2009: Jeremiah : Ted,

First off, I want to say thank you to all of your contributions to Earthclinic! I love the site and have shared it with many people.

I recently came across something called MMS, and have found some of your comments on this supplement, enough to make me feel comfortable trying it out.

In doing more research on Jim Humbles sites, I came across this link:

Apparently he calls MMS, MMS1 and now has MMS2. Unlike the MMS1 where you need to find stabilized oxygen, use activators and find a juice, this MMS2 can be purchased, capsuled and consumed much easier as the entire ingredient can be found at pool stores across the globe. It's used to "shock" the water, called: CALCIUM HYPOCHLORITE.

I wanted to get your take about this in general and if you feel it would be generally safe to use as described in the link?

Thanks for your help!

- Jeremiah

10/01/2009: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Generally Calcium hypochlorite is a close cousin of sodium hypochlorite, but are generally used in certain applications of chlorination of water. In general I don't use MMS1 or MMS2, unless certain emergencies required it. In field tests they don't generally work compared to those remedy I got against the swine flu, dengue fever, and other things. It's consistency is spotted. Although MMS works well against malaria, I don't use it either. I used methylene blue against malaria (along with digestive enzyme and hydrochloric acid and clove oil) which is generally safer and more effective and it does not reduce antioxidants in the body as much. Again malaria is not a big issue in U.S. as it is in the third world countries. Given it's problems in use, such as causing vomiting and we have too much water chlorination as it is I never use it for the long term or several days. Also, MMS1 or MMS2 doesn't work at all against the chikungunya, whose source comes from the mosquitoes too. There ARE certain common colds that MMS works well against, but not for major fever. There is a parasitic fever, whose symptoms appear like a cold flu, but is born from parasites (mites, ticks, fleas) that MMS does work well. But it is not nearly as consistent as the lysine or aspirin, which has a near 100% cure rate, on most flu fever, etc. I have too many complaints privately from MMS use, but I have no complaints at all regarding lysine use against swine flu, dengue fever, and most other flu. The whole area of virus flu requires a very different approach altogether. I would consider these: alkalization, digestive enzyme, lysine, potassium iodide, vitamin C as being the most effective for most general condition. The only thing that MMS works best hands down is parasites and parasitic flu and certain kinds of colds, but not a major flu outbreak.


02/17/2010: Virginia from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada replies: Hello,

would like to know if MMS1 after activated then adding water, can be taken sprayed directly under the tongue. I have heard this method goes directly to the bloodstream. It was also a easy method for me on the go. I have used a 10drop ratio with citrus acid in a small 2oz spray bottle. I waited the 3minutes, filled rest of the bottle with bottled water not tap water. I sprayed this concentrated solution under my tongue spraying in intervels throughout the day. Seemed to get sinus clogging and clearing and then severe headanches down the back of head and neck that stayed for several days. After stopping the intake symptoms disappeared. Is this a side effect that something is being killed or side effect of the method too quick into blood stream. Thks for your help.

Is MMS a Miracle Cure All?

03/31/2008: Anonymous : Hi Ted, someone who believe MMS is miracle cure all is querying below ... because i told them MMS is not a miracle and is old stuff. please tell me your thoughts.Thanks

As for the , I would like to tell you that I believe, no matter how old this cheap material is, and if it works, that is all that matters. There is really no monetary incentive to multimarket this product since anyone can make it.

Just for educating the public, let the public use it for what it is worth. So if you have anything good to say about Sodium chlorite and proper use, please let the public know now.

Question: would this substance kill anthrax, MRSA (methicillin resistant staph aureus) or the VRE (Vancomycin resistant enterococcus), or the new VRSA (Vancomycin resistant staph aureus).

How about other biologic materials like bird flu and the SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) or anything the antibiotics cannot handle?

If you say yes...let's do a clinical study. I need a well thought of answer to all my questions and I would like a discussion in a true scientific way. No pseudoscience please

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: MMS is NOT a miracle cure. I wish it were. However, MMS is effective against many sickness, mostly bacteria. And the mixture is one drops of sodium chlorite 25% with 6 drops of 10% citric acid solution, allowing a 2 minute reaction (not 3 for me) then I will mixed in the water and take it. The limitations of MMS is the norovirus, which do not respond to sodium chlorite but are somewhat more responsive with hydrogen peroxide since the norovirus is a nonlipid form of viruses and requires considerably larger doses for the sodium chlorite. The biggest problems I have about 25% sodium chlorite is that it's not found in nature or that the body doesn't utilize when compared against hydrogen peroxide, which is carried by the blood. There are some other non-lipid virus that doesn't work and some required much larger dose, such as fungus infection, which tends to cause lethargy more on the people who use it just to get the same results when using plain simple hydrogen peroxide mixed with citric acid or even sodium carbonate, for external application. The sodium chlorite behaves in many ways, much like chlorinated water and healthy cells have difficulty tolerating that, even small quantities. I do like sodium chlorite 25% on certain conditions when other remedies don't work and I may use it as a last resort. It works the same way as bleaching, but sodium chlorite is more safer under normal use than chlorine bleach, but that doesn't mean I will use it. In general, MMS or sodium chlorite 25% works generally better than bacteria and certain viruses than traditional hydrogen peroxide remedies. Therefore MMS or 25% (MMS use 28%) sodium chllorite doesn't work well across the board, it is I think good for some serious sickness, but if I end up with a non enveloped viruses such as noroviruses, the sodium chlorite isn't going to work well as hydrogen peroxide in an alkaline solution of sodium carbonate, as compared to sodium chlorite in an acid medium such as citric acid. Most viruses generally are less resistant in an alkaline medium of 9 or above than acid medium that the pH is less 6 than 6. One reason why the ocean's water is so sterile is mostly two things, alkalinity and salinity. Oxygen helps too. So I got the World's ocean water on my side. Part of the reason why fungus, viruses, bacteria are more numerous on land than ocean is it is more acid (pH of dirt averages 6.5 or below) and less salinity more than anything else. Oxygen on water and oxygen on land cancels out each other, so we are left with salinity and alkalinity as the main differences in this broad antibiotic effects.
03/21/2012: Philip from Port Orange, Florida replies: I am about to start taking mms for 2 week program. I also take acid reflux pill each day for acid reflux. Can the two work ok together? or will there be any harmful outcomes of mms and the acid reflux pill?
11/29/2012: Kiwiolive from Tallahassee, Florida replies: I am beginning the mms protocol 1000 to cleanse candidas and parasites do I have to give up using my homemade peroxide toothpaste and mouthwash. Is it safe if these to get in contact with each other?
11/29/2012: Flora from Calgary, Alberta, Canada replies: Hi: I am not a chemist but both are strong oxidizing agents. I dont think they will react. (please any chemists out there chime in).

I have been using diluted MMS for a toothpaste. I am astounded that I have NO plaque at all. It is amazing. I stop every so often as I am worried I will damage my enamel. I have read conflicting views on this. I really like the results however. Best of luck with the protocol.



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