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Last Modified on Dec 28, 2008

Quick Smoking Months Ago, Now Using DMSO in Humidifier

12/28/2008: Betsy : Hi Ted,

I will be using 50/50 dmso and water.

1. Is it best to use carbon filtered tap water, spring water, distilled water?
2. Do I sit 12" or so away from humidifier opening and inhale through my mouth or nose or is it best to let it fill the room?
3. Approximately how long do I inhale DMSO for?
4. How many times a week should I do this
5. For how long (a week, month, year)

I was a smoker had my first cigarettes at 10 and became a smoker at 14 I quite about 3 months ago and have no more cravings. Since I started alkalizing and my body is getting healthier my lungs have started to produce a small amount of thick phlegm that makes me clear my throat a lot non stop. It is worse in the morning and before bed. It is sometimes hard to get cleared out of my throat. It feels like this phlegm is at the base of my throat (the part of the throat that is close to the collar bone verses close to the chin)

I have been alleviating always feeling fatigued (cfs), foggy, PMS very painful cramps (now not so bad), anxiety atacks, heart palpatations, sore joints, TMJ, itchy ear canal with lots of runny wax, lots and lots of boils usually had to get them injected with cortisone. Your remedies have really been amazing. N Acetyl Cysteine, Alkalizing, magnesium, zinc and niacinamide, borax, clove oil, sodium thiosulfate have all really been amazing to me. Everything works together synergisticly. My energy and mind has significantly cleared up, PMS is almost cleared up, my joint pain is almost non existent, boils are under control after all that then my lungs started to act up and this is why I want to do dmso in a humidifier I bet my lungs are filled with black tar. As my body gets healthy different parts of my body seem to go through detox and right now it is my lungs.

These are the supplements I am taking:

1. 600 mg of N Acetyl Cysteine 3 times a day

2. unflavored protein shake powder one scoop in 8oz of chocolate almond milk 2 times per day (no preservatives, vitamins or artificial sweeteners in this protein powder. chocolate almond milk has organic evaporated cane juice) I add the following loose/powdered supplements to it

Xylitol (1/2 tsp 3x per day)
lecithin 10g/tblsp 1 tbl 2x per day
magnesium 250 mg 1/4 tsp 3x per day
L glutamine 1 tsp=5g 3x per day
niconamide 300 mg 1/8 tsp 3x per day

5. l theanine 100 mg

6. oregano oil capsules 3x per day

8. vit d 2000mg 5 per day split up into 3 doses

9. vit a 10,000 iu 1 1x per day

10. l carnosine 500 mg 2x per day

12. 1/4 tsp baking soda and 1/2 tsp Ascorbic acid (has some bioflavinoids 3000 mg of ascorbic and 1000mg bioflavanoids in 1 tsp) 3x per day

13. 800 mg Folic Acid 2 x per day

14. zinc acetate 50 mg 1 time per day

15. Aspirin in water (wash of coating then put in water) 2-3 times per week

2-3 times per week I drink 1 litter of water with 1 drop of clove oil, 1/8 tsp borax and, 2 drops of sodium thiosulfate (is this combination ok?) or 1 litter of water with 1/4 tsp sea salt.

2-3 times per week I will start to each cilantro

I also purchased colloidal silver and eucalyptus oil and white vinegar to put into the humidifier and try them all all as separate therapies on different days.

Thank you so much for being such a wonderful humanitarian. I will like to make a donation very soon after I recover from the holidays.


12/29/2008: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Betsy: I am happy to hear of your improvement!

As to your condition, the constant phlegm is the body is obviously detoxing itself trying to get rid of the tar and smoke. This can be noticed by spitting it onto a white sink. A healthy phlegm is colorless, but a body trying to rid of the smoke or sooth (tar is more difficult) the colors will be noted. An N Acetyl Cysteine (non-effervescent kind as the effervescent contains toxic aspartame will definitely worsen the condition) will liquefy tne phlegm, but the tar requires a separate treatment. A colloidal silver, one tablespoon a day (it helps if drops of H2O2 3% is added in per bottle) so that the silver is broken down smaller still. The colloidal silver for some reason or another helps the lungs to regenerate tissues in the air sacs, as the body slowly removes tar from the system using a 50/50 DMSO solution humidifier, slowly, but surely. An MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), in some cases 1/4 teaspoon, plenty of water may further rid of tar in the bloodstream (with lecithin) as tar is slowly dissolved into the blood stream from the clog lungs. Some regenerative capacity of the lungs (stem cells) are created with colloidal silver, but I have also found aloe vera oil, to be very helpful for such regeneration. That dose, is taken 1 tablespoon every week, is a good dose, without taking too much. While aloe vera oil, may not be easily be found, certain products may have aloe vera in them. Those have a lower aloe vera oil content, in which case it's taken daily, in available food forms.

What I can confirm my recent findings on Chronic fatigue syndrome is it doesn't even have to be a virus, I have found one case was initiated by aspartame (found in Clorets, xylitol chewing gums, sugarless candies, as well as chewable supplements). Hence for CFS, it really helps that these aspartame, artificial sweeteners is eliminated giving a chance for CFS recovery. Furthermore, avoiding chlorine and fluorine is very helpful in lessening CFS issues. This CFS and sometimes chest pain often occurs after a shower, in which case the fatigue sets in as chlorine displaces iodine from the body, causing some weakness. A sodium thiosulfate, taken before shower, and perhaps a solution of thiosulfate is applied to the body before shower helps lessen the chlorine toxicity and reduce CFS associated with the chlorinated water, and borax against the negative effects of fluoridated water.

As to your questions:

1. Is it best to use carbon filtered tap water, spring water, distilled water?

Spring water is preferred. Carbon filtered tap water won't remove fluoride or heavy metals. Heavy metals exposure from tap water is a common feature of people with CFS also. A distilled water is fine, but sea salt must be added, or reconstituted to work best, so when this happens, it works like spring water. A distilled water with 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt is one way of creating a reconstituted spring water, if spring water isn't found.

2. Do I sit 12" or so away from humidifier opening and inhale through my mouth or nose or is it best to let it fill the room?

It's best to sit about a foot away from humidifier and inhale directly. Letting the room filled up won't reach that much into the lungs.

3. Approximately how long do I inhale DMSO for?

This depends on the amount of tar that is accumulated (and hence empheysema), the more it is the shorter is the time since the body can handle only so much of the tar in the bloodstream to removed via the intestines as it is removed from the lungs. As a rough guide, it's usually best to start with 30 minutes twice a day. And depending on how well this improves breathing the next day, adjustment for longer times or less time will depend on how much DMSO we can handle. However 30 minutes is the time I used that seems to cause the least problems. If it does cause some irritation, the time is reduced by 1/2 to 15 minutes. In general 30 minutes is the best starting point at twice a day, then tweaking them accordingly. Usually done every other day or two days. This gives a chance for the body to detox. Ideally, I think once every two or three days would not put too much unnecessary stress to the body's limited capacity to detox.

4. How many times a week should I do this

This depends on how serious is the breathing, from the effects of tar. If it's minor, then it's just once a week. If it is quite bad, such as a respiratory on oxygen, or difficulty breathing is noticed if DMSO was not used, then it maybe used as frequently as necessary depending on DMSO's own result. In which case it's done once every two or three days.

5. For how long (a week, month, year)

Until the conditions of tar in the lungs (black lungs are no longer apparent) or breathing is no longer a problem. If the condition is not serious then usually between 1-3 months. A person with a full fledge emphysema however may require more than a year. It depends on the tar buildup in the lungs. Usually a normal breathing pattern is indication that the body has already healed itself and it may be discontinued.

Other supplements that may help is tyrosine, and sometimes kelp or iodine. Xylitol must be pure and in powdered form. Read the labels to make sure NO ASPARTAME is added, or a packaged labeled "Aspartame Free" products. U.S. market today is not likely to have this label, so just read the fine print of ingredients instead. PMS pain cramps are often cured simply with magnesium. most will go away in minutes. If condition persists then blood sugar spikes is a problem, and 1500 mcg of chromium chloride, or chromium polynicotinate is taken. It also reduces appetite. One addition to carnosine that's synergistic is the taurine, but it has an effect on controlling weight loss and reduction in appetite, not to mention reduced toxicity to high blood sugar. In effect it also improves the immune system. A whey or protein supplements is best taken during morning, and if aspirin need to be taken is taken during the same time as the whey supplements.

Interestingly anxiety attack often comes from the use of sugarless chewing gums that contains aspartame and if that's eliminated, and taking vitamin B complex with some amino acid supplements, the anxiety attacks, if they were caused from aspartame, will usually disappear.


09/11/2012: Megg from North Vernon, Indiana replies: I was reading on here as far back as 2007 about DMSO and vaporizing to reach the lungs but lost where I seen it at. Can you advise of how to use DMSO? I am 57 yrs old and have severe COPD and emphasema. I would like to try DMSO. My weight is 83 lbs and very sensitive stomach to things so need to know if it makes you ill at any time or have to use the bathroom alot... Those types of things. Thanks so much for time and patience.


03/11/2014: Ronald from Lima, Peru replies: For lung cancer patients and COPD, MMS has been used effectively in a humidifier. Can DMSO also be added? MMS and DMSO are combined for oral dosage and transdermal application with good results.

DMSO Leach Out Chemicals From Plastic True or False

04/15/2007: Paula from Denver, Colorado: I had read that you should only buy DMSO that is bottled in glass containers because it will leach out chemicals from plastic. Is this a real concern?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: There is no real concern since most chemists used DMSO from plastic containers. The purity of DMSO is pretty standard whether they come from plastic containers or glass.
12/21/2012: Ray from Calgary, Alberta replies: The DMSO I can get is as a gel that contains Carbopol (as gelatinization agent) Is it alright to use this? Do we want this chemical going into the body?

Miracle Drug of the Nw

04/02/2007: Jim from Stillwater, USA: Due to many years experience with that "Miracle Drug of the NW", DMSO, and recent use of Peroxide, why can't the cayenne be mixed with either one. The DMSO carries "what ever", immediately into the bloodstream, body and brain. It seems that with the wonderful carrying ability of DMSO, it would work well with the pepper. After all, rub it on your big toe and in less than a minute, you will taste it in your mouth. Sorta fishy or garlic like. Also, DMSO is a great anti-inflamation fighter plus a wonderful anti biotic and great pain killer. It is very good for stomach ulcers, or any open wound, immediately starting a healing process. I am going to use it with the pepper, orally and by mixing it and applying it to skin when there is pain, or poor veins. Comments would be appreciated.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Usually a cayenne pepper and hydrogen peroxide combination seems to do a better job, or a DMSO and cayenne works in similar ways. Both a hydrogen peroxide and DMSO is often used as carriers, but they can't be used both together. They tend to neutralize one another. My experience is hydrogen peroxide seems to have an upper hands on infections over the DMSO.

Heart Attack Patient Burning Feeling on Face

06/03/2006: Ted from Oceanside, CA: My brother in law suffered a heart attack awhile back and now he has this burning feeling on his face. He has been to all kinds of doctors and they can find nothing --help !!!!

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: The best remedy for a possible circulation problem after a heart attack is that the certain cells in the body is deprived of oxygen and must begin repair after a heart attack. The issue is that once the body is in after a heart attack and some cells die and needs to repair is that the nutrients and oxygen do not reach fast enough.

The common approach is to give DMSO (dimethylsulfoxide) -- about 1 teaspoon every couple of hours. The usual dose of DMSO is about 1 teaspoon mixed with 1 full glass of water. DMSO has a downside however -- some people can get skin irritations and smell pretty bad like a garlic.

Aspirin is also quite useful in dissolving the clots to these -- it doesn't block the blood vessels so the cells can receive the vital nutrients. Twice a day of aspirin is preferable.

Usually MSM is used and it is relatively free of both side effects and garlic smell.

[EARTH CLINIC WARNING: We've noticed that MSM does have side effects that may affect the heart or lungs. Click here to read more.***]

If for any reason you CAN'T get MSM and you have DMSO that you have ISSUES about, then an easy way to convert DMSO into MSM is to add 3 drops of 3% H2O2 (preferably food grade - but for emergencies - drug store grade might be acceptable). Wait for the reaction to subside about 10 minutes as DMSO will heat up as it converts to MSM. However, DMSO scientifically speaking is superior in that it attacks free radicals damage in the cells and is a proven treatment in case people are in stroke or accidents. In case you have nerve damage, MSM and DMSO are protective too and allows recovery. Taking some 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda + 1/4 teaspoon citric acid helps optimized your blood to begin healing. Take plenty of vitamin C to allow recovery and cellular rebuilding. As to those twitches, there is circulation problem take any amino acid supplements that allows the brain and nerves to recover. Whey protein might be useful in this instances, but it is important to avoid sugar as they tend to prevent neural repairs, therefore stay away from any sweet drinks and sugar. While it is a great energy booster, it is not great for nerve repair. The worse kinds are artificial sweeteners such as aspartame which breaks down to methanol alcohol or formaldehyde that have a tendency to damage the nerves even more.

06/27/2009: Sarah from Los Angeles, CA replies: So I am getting confused about DMSO- in many of the EC postings, it says to mix DMSO with Hydrogen peroxide...but here Ted, you say that when combined they convert to MSM and in another posting you state that they cancel each other out when used together.... Also- I want to learn more about precautions of taking DMSO internally or externally when there are other substances in the body, like if Some one has taken Advil or a prescription drug around the same time if it is safe to use DMSO... or should I be careful if I have had a lot of coffee, cigarettes, etc...? thanks- would love to learn how to use DMSO but am afraid of poisoning myself or my friends who are my guinea pigs :-)

Eliminate Bone Spur Growth

Allen : Hello, I am looking for herbs, etc, that I can use topically, and/or internally with DMSO, to reduce, or eliminate bone spur growth in my cervical spinal chord channel. I have been using DMSO mixed with natural ingredients since the mid 70's and have seen many miraculous results, both in and on my own body and the bodies of friends. Thanks for you time and efforts.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Bone spurs are caused by ineffective calcium metabolism or excess calcium. What you need to do is find some food rich with silica, such as horsetail, or get some chemical alternative such sodium metasilicate. Secondly, you need boron supplements to allow proper calcium bone metabolism. Thirdly, proper bone metabolism also depends on proper levels of potassium which is found in bananas and electrolyte drinks. Magnesium is abundant in leafy dark green vegetables that is taken or eaten in raw. Take also sunflower seeds (salted or unsalted) as they are rich in magnesium. DMSO helps with absorption, but don't forget that a 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt per liter of water will also be helpful with the bone conditions. Dosages of magnesium in form of magnesium chloride is about 500-1000 mg/day. Boron is best at about 5-10 mg/day. Silica supplements is about 100 mg/day. Most people in U.S. are actually silica and boron deficiency. Israel's drinking water is high in boron which is why they have relatively low in bone spurs compared with U.S. I suspect that excess calcium and excess fluoride is a major culprit in bone spurs - everyone with bone spurs seems to use fluoride toothpaste and seems to interfere with calcium metabolism. This happens in plants also, which is why pesticides must be low in fluoride for it stunts plant growth as well.



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