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Side Effects from Common Home Remedies

Last Modified on Nov 05, 2015

Coconut Oil
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Posted by Lori (Delta, Colorado) on 10/20/2008

[SIDE EFFECTS]  I started all my remdies a year ago this month. I don't think that the coconut oil is working for me any longer. I find everytime I cook with it I break out in hot flashes all morning. If I don't eat the coconut oil then I'm fine.The coconut oil is N_____ virgin oil. Has this happened to anyone else? I went to my doc last week and i had not been doing my remedies like I used to and my blood pressure is up I've never had high blood pressure, but I had started using estrogen cream and shortly after started having bloody noses. I stopped the estrogen and started back on my ac vinegar regiment and no more bloody noses and bp dropped some, but now I think I still can't use the coconut oil. Any body else have this happen to them? My thyroid test is high normal meaning almost to hyperthyroid.

Posted by Christine (Tokyo, Japan) on 10/08/2008

[SIDE EFFECTS]  I have been using organic virgin coconut oil on my face and body for 2 weeks now. It has improved the texture of my skin however I seem to always looked flushed on my face and neck, almost looks like I am sunburnt. I have very fair skin and have been using only a medium coverage amount on my face and neck so that it absorbs almost completly. Has anyone else experienced this and does it calm down? Is it removing the dead skin layers as it seems to look like the effects of a light chemical peel?

Thank you

Posted by Lithloren (Omaha, Ne) on 06/28/2008

[SIDE EFFECTS]  VCO - I had heard that coconut oil was very good for your hair. So, I came online to do a bit of research when I came across this great website. After reading about the benefits of VCO, I purchased VCO and began putting it on my hair as well as taking it internally. The next day I started experiencing body aches, sore throat and fatigue. I really thought I was coming down with something! After reading that other people with Blood Type O were not doing well with VCO I went to the bookstore and purchased a book about blood type diets. In the the book it listed coconut as a food to avoid for people with Blood Type O. That is acts as a toxin in my body. I sure believe it because I started using Olve Oil and Flaxseed Oil, which are listed as a benefit to Type O's, instead and have not experienced the same symptoms.

Posted by B Cole (Nixa, MO) on 06/19/2008

[SIDE EFFECTS]  When I take a certain brand of VCO (one of the most popular brands) I get moody and cranky. It does not matter how much I take Tbl. or teaspoon. I would like to know if anyone else has experienced anything like this. Some of the other brands do not cause this, but I gain weight with other brands.

Posted by Olivia (Brooklyn, New York) on 04/16/2008

[SIDE EFFECTS]  I have tried using coconut oil several times and one thing has been consistent: when I take it by the spoon, even a teaspoon full, I immediately feel my heart racing. This does not happen if I cook with it. Sometimes rubbing it on my neck or face induces a reaction in my pulse but not as severe as drinking. Cooking is ok for me. If anyone can think of a reason I'd be happy to hear of it.

Posted by Peter on 04/16/2008

Coconut oil side effects:

1.In the first few days of using coconut oil as a massage oil, it is often the case that the body develops a "sand type overlay " noticeable around the abdomen.

2.When this first happened the reaction was, "how did that sand get into the clothes?".

3. But when it happened to another person, we wised up and realised that it was a salt extrusion from the body and not sand even if it felt like sand.

4. So its a cleansing side effect that occurs in the first few days. After that period it is not longer noticeable.

5. If somebody is experiencing an itching side effect, I would say that that is a side effect of salt extrusion which will disappear as the amount of the salt extruded becomes less.

Posted by Dawn (Mapleton, MN) on 04/14/2008

[SIDE EFFECTS]  I have been taking 1 to 2 tbsp of coconut oil daily in my tea, as well as using it as a moisturizer for 5 days. after the 3rd day i started to and continue itch in various spots all over my body. I don't want to stop using CO because of all the benefits but its becoming a pain. literally! :) Has this happened to anyone else? Is this normal, could it be the toxins that are fleeing my body? or am i possibly allergic? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Posted by Gislain (Phoenix, AZ) on 03/08/2008

[SIDE EFFECTS]  I recently posted a comment about Coconut Oil and how eating a tablespoon each day helped my Depression. After two days of taking Coconut Oil internally, I developed a terrible case of Heartburn. I felt better emotionally but physically, my chest was painful and the heartburn lasted all day and night. I thought eating too fast was the culprit initially. I was suffering with this Heartburn for an entire week. I wondered if the heavy saturated fat content of the Coconut Oil was making my body react this way.

Today, I didn't eat any Coconut Oil and my symptoms reduced by over 50%. I love the Oil Pulling, Apple Cider Vinegar, and everything else listed on this site. Unfortunately, eating Coconut Oil didn't work out for me apparently. I do plan on using Coconut Oil externally on my skin.

Posted by Kelly (Brooklyn, NY) on 03/01/2008

[SIDE EFFECTS]  i found out i was hypo in Sept 07. have never been overweight about VCO so i tried it for a month but have gained weightI went from size 4 to 6 in a short time. i exercise alot and have not changed my eating habits with the exception of adding VCO to my diet. I would have 1lbs on my toast in the morning and then cook with another tbls at night. i started taking it for additional energy and softer skin...but the only thing i got was thicker thighs and stomach. i just had my endo appt this week and still had to increase my meds as the THS levels were still not close to normal. I guess I was the exception!

Posted by Melissa (Miami, USA) on 02/27/2008

[SIDE EFFECTS]  Hello, just wanted to give some feedback in regards to my experience with coconut oil usage. I took about 1 tbsp. of coconut oil and in less than 1 hour I had intense pain in my stomach along with heartburn ( I never get this). After that I developed diarrea and vomited. Those reactions lasted well through the night and for two days after taking the coconut oil the intense stomach pains persisted. If you are going to try cocunut oil it might be a great idea to use it as a cooking agent as suggested by another reader rather than ingesting it.

Posted by Becky (Bellefonte, PA) on 12/26/2007

[SIDE EFFECTS]  I've started taking Coconut oil, and for the 1st time in my life I get terrible heartburn. What can I do to rectify this? I really want to try coconut oil for a number of benefits to my health, but what to do???

Replied by Dean
Ncr, Philippines
When you take VCO also eat a piece of soda cracker & a glass of water. I have been orally taking this for the past 4 years at 5-7ml per day and have not encountered side-effects. I'm not sure if shipping has some effect on the product once it gets to your area.

Posted by Beverly Anne (Miami, FL) on 12/19/2007

[SIDE EFFECTS]  Up to two weeks of v.c.o. usage I've got great looking/feeling skin but my face has broken out and experienced dryness. I've also got diarrhea and nausea with usage but am almost certain it is because of candida die-off symptoms as I understand vco has caprylic acid qualities used in fighting candida infection. Otherwise, I've lost weight, thyroid pulsating has subsided quite a bite and no vaginal discharge. Will up the dosage from 1 TBS. to 1.5 gradually during next week.

Posted by Linda (Concord, CA) on 12/14/2007

[SIDE EFFECTS]  I began using VCO on doctor's orders to help combat hypothyroid. My skin, hair, energy levels were all positive results. I also used VCO as a deodorant. However, after a few days I began gaining weight, got dizzy spells and some diarrhea. My blood pressure soared! After continued trials for a couple of weeks, my doctor advised me to stop using it. This was disappointment as I got good results in other areas; however, every attempt made to try it again caused my BP to go higher. I do full body cleanses once or twice a year. Possibly it might help if I did just liver cleanse? I'm 60 years old, exercise daily, eat healthy foods, do drink 1.5 cups coffee in morning and am Blood Type A. Disappointed as not being able to use coconut oil due to HBP. Would appreciate any comments on my HBP problem to be answered on this site. Any insight would be beneficial. Thanks, a CA gal

Replied by Dean
Ncr, Philippines
1-1.5 liters of natural tea (single bag/4-5 pcs fresh leaves) might help. I've been taking VCO for 4 years now with no side effect. I take 5-7.5ml each day and has given me healthy hair, skin & digestive system. My BP has been steady at 130/80 and I'm 42yo. However, I am not limiting myself with VCO. I still stick to my high fiber diet mostly from legumes which is plentiful in my location and my daily 1.5 liter dose of natural green tea in the evening (blumea balsamifera leaves-fresh or bagged), also, I still take my multi-vitamins every day. I suggest you explore other natural products that may counter the side effects of VCO in your body and enjoy its good effects.

Posted by Shane (McManus) (Sunbury, Victoria/Australia) on 11/07/2007

[SIDE EFFECTS]  I've had mixed results taking coconut oil. It cleared my eczema and improved my skin but have been light headed and dizzy after 2 weeks of taking it. Also my hayfever has come back where i was fine before. A herxheimer reaction should have settled after 2 weeks. I'm wondering if others who have had reactions are Blood group O, as according to the blood group diet coconut oil does not agree with type O blood.

Posted by Jess (London, England) on 09/27/2007

[SIDE EFFECTS]  the many times I tried massaging my head with coconut oil, if I leave it on for too long on my head, I end up with a fever. After many years of not using it, I used it a few days ago. Left it on for many hrs and the next day, I had the worst flu and still am feeling very lethargic, weak.