Side Effects from Common Home Remedies

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Cayenne   0  0   

Posted by Gulay Ersoz (Los Angeles, CA) on 11/11/2007

[SIDE EFFECTS]  I have been taking one cayenne pepper pill a day with warm lemonade in the mornings for the last 2 weeks or so. I experience slight heartburn like feeling but it was not a big problem. Two days ago, I took two pills instead of one, and it was no more than 3 minutes after I swallowed the pills, I had the extreme cramping in my stomach, became very dizzy, my left arm was hurting and I felt tingling on my fingers and legs... Not only the pain was extremely bad, my head was spinning, I was having hard time walking in my kitchen. I was hot, I just wanted to stop the cramping and managed to throw up. Took two Tums... With the hyper ventilation and dizziness, I laid in the bath tub and turned the cold water on, (I was so out of it and unable to control my reflexes, I couldn't even take my clothes off) it took about another 10-15 minutes before the pain went away, and I actually managed to get up and walk around... I called my doctor friend and she asked me if I experienced chest pain, I said no. Other than that I had all the symptoms of a heart attack. Went to see a doctor, and after the EKG, I was told that I had a bad reaction to cayenne pepper. It was not a joking matter for me, as I was home alone with my 3 year old sleeping in her bed, I had to have a reality check. How healthy is it to be trying to be healthy???

Replied by Perry
San Antonio, TX
As a counter to your expose on Cayanne and after effects, I have consumed three 100,000 units per capsule (cool) cayenne daily for three years with no adverse effects (for high blood pressure). So... works for me!

Chromium and Vanadium   0  0   

Posted by Pre-diabetic (Uk) on 07/15/2011

[SIDE EFFECTS]  I took some chromium and vanadium since I eat a lot of sweets. A side effect was I had to keep waking up in the night to urinate and was very thirsty. I just didn't feel right either. After I ate somethign and got moving around I was ok. Needless to say, I stopped the chromium and vanadium and the side effect stopped. I know diabetics can get increased urination and thirst. Why did taking these substances seem to bring on a diabetic symptom? Did I not drink enough water to flsuh toxins? Is this just a cleaning or better to stop?

Replied by Djh
Austin, Tx
perhaps it was because you are not deficient in these minerals and when you added them it was too much. it is also possible that they lowered your blood sugar (in addition to the spiking and lowering going on from eating sugar) and that after the sugar wore off (higher BG) the minerals kicked in and made your blood sugar too low - so your body made more glucose which raised your BG and so you were thirsty and had to pee a lot.

i would stop taking them. I am a type 1 diabetic and also tried taking these (mostly chromium) and had increased hair fall and it did not help my blood sugar.


Replied by Candy
Ny, Ny
[SIDE EFFECTS]   omg this just happened to me too but I was taking a low dose of chromium only. In fact, each time I take the chromium I repeatedly wake up in the middle of the night and have to urinate and I feel so thirsty, weak, faintish, lethargy, clammy but once I eat something I feel much better. Interesting to read the responses here and see some of us sweet tooths may not need chromium and it might have lowered our blood sugar too much. I thought since some of the symptoms were similar to diabetes that maybe it was flushing me out and I was having a healing crisis but I felt soooooooo bad until I ate. DgH could call, I think you nailed it! If anyone has any other info, please post. Thank you all!

Co Q10   0  0   

Posted by Christine (Nottingham, England) on 06/30/2012

My husband has many heart heath issues icluding high blood pressure. Very high cholesterol and an irregular heart beat. He cannot take statins. We also know the dangers of these drugs. I started him on 150 mg of Q10. He was up all night urinating. He also had a bad headache from dehydration. I lowered the dose to 30 mg. I have tried to increase the dose to 60mg but he gets the same problems. Can anyone shed any light as to why this should be. Many thanks Christine

Replied by Sara
The Beach, Canada
Co q10 is something the body makes by itself the only reason to supplement is if he has a deficiency of it. It is recommended that a person take a coq10 sup with a statin because statins deplete q10. If he is not taking statins I would check to make sure if he has enough already and stop the pills.
Replied by Timh
Louisville, Ky, USA
"up all night urinating" sounds like a prayer come true for heart & hypertension issues, because the kidneys take the brunt of sodium & water retention. This looks like the detox power of CoQ10 or what is commonly referred to as "healing crisis". If one is over the age of 50, it is advised to switch from CoQ10 to Ubiquinol (that active form of CoQ10). Also, Ubiquinol should be combined w/ Selenium and Vit-E (mixed tocopherols). The amino acid Taurine is recommended for heart disease and hypertension so is definately worth consideration. L-Carnitine will help lower cholesterol and strengthen the heart muscle. Trace minerals will help the dehydration issue, among other benefits.

Posted by Christine (Nottingham, England) on 06/30/2012

Thank you for your response. The reason I wanted use q10 was to lower his blood pressure. Apple cider is not helping with this. I dont want the doctors to try and make him take meds. It is a worry because he has to stents in his arteries due to narrowing. At that time his cholesterol was 10.5. It is now around 7. I keep trying different things to help. I may look into hawthorn berry , niacin etc.

Coconut Oil   0  0   

Posted by Roni (Jersey City, Nj) on 12/07/2012

[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]  I had some digestion problems and I was taking coconut oil in empty stomach and one more spoon at night. In the beginning it really helped me to ruduce stomach pressure and pain. Now whenever I take coconut oil I feel burn in my stomach area and its is very uncomfortable. I tried to take coconut oil with apple cider and baking soda but did not help me. Coconut oil helped me to lose little weight. Please advise me how I can take coconut oil safely.

Posted by Lmazz (Chicago, Il, Usa) on 10/30/2012

[SIDE EFFECTS]  28 years old, female. After using organic virgin coconut oil on my face for acne for 5 days, my skin was so inflamed and broken out that I had to stop. After the first day, dozens of little whiteheads popped up all over my face, even around my eyes where I've never had any problems. At first, I thought it was a healing crisis, as many people have written about, but my skin was so painful to the touch that I couldn't continue. Every subsequent day got worse and worse. I used a very gentle cleanser, and nothing but the coconut oil. This is NOT a cure all and should be used with EXTRA CAUTION... this is the worst my skin has ever looked in my life.

Posted by Sharon (Salt Lake City, Utah) on 08/02/2011

I have been on a health path for years and then I go off it and then I suffer and go back. I don't have a gall bladder and I think it has caused a multitude of problems, but we move on. I have chronic fatigue and I am told it basically a severe case of candida. I know it is a combination of immune response issues and I am determined to learn from it and get healthy.

I make my own kefir and love it so much. It is so healing and I love coconut oil, but I find my body immediately reacts, with heart palpitations, dizziness and my thyroid area feeling strange. I really want to be able to use it but the heart stuff scares me. Maybe I should just use it to cook with and on my skin. Because I don't have a gall bladder I have a hard time digesting fat. I hope someone can guide me with the best approach and or tell me of their similar experience.

Posted by Xania (Wichita, Ks) on 05/26/2011

[WORKED TEMPORARILY]  I love coconut oil, but it does not love me - I was fine using it for about a month, frying my eggs in it, eating it straight off the spoon, making desserts and enjoying every minute of it. Then, all of a sudden, I started getting nausea and had to quit any and all consumption of the oil. I have not figured out the "Why" yet... Any ideas?

My skin was clear, the most clear it had ever been - and my eyes were bright - although, I am kinda curious about parasite die-off as I did spend time in a third-world country and ate street food, bought weekly groceries from an open market, this included meat, veggies and eggs - got montezuma's revenge more than several times during my stay - could it have been parasite die-off and if it was, how could I tell?

Posted by Sjw (Falmouth , Uk) on 05/19/2011

[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]  Hi, ive been suffering with m.e. for 7 years and have altred diet and lifestyle but still not much better, I came across the healing vco. Have been having 1 to 2 tbsp a day for about a week and on my skin. I love how my skin is feeling so soft and silky and I seem to have increased energy shortly afetr taking it but my stomach is so bloated and im gaining weight rapidly. Is that normal? thank you for this site so much help

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe
take less.

Posted by Guzi (Austin, Tx) on 04/25/2011

[SIDE EFFECTS]  I've been having some heart pains since like a month ago. Electro was fine and they just told me it was reflux even though I told them I didn't think so. (female, 32yo)

It was feeling better until today. I took 1 TBSP of coconut olive oil in my coffee, and boy, I almost fainted an hour later. My blood pressure went down that almost couldn't move. it was around 60. (normal 90).

Going back to the doctor, just don't know if this episode was related to taking coconut oil. Or if it is something else.

Thank you for your advice

Replied by Summer
Auckland, New Zealand
I had exactly the same problem till I noticed if I take coconut oil with some food I don't have this problem.

Posted by Susan (Richmond, Va) on 03/25/2011

[SIDE EFFECTS]  I took 1/2 teaspoon of extra virgin coconut oil daily for a few days and got severe chest pains for 2 whole days along with feeling light headed and dizzy. I then stopped taking it and I was back to normal.

Posted by Dreedesoto (Houston, Tx, Usa) on 03/03/2011

[SIDE EFFECTS]  I purchased the VCO and started using it 5 days ago. I thought it was working awesome, more energy, less hunger etc. , etc. However, my blood pressure is spiking to 144/100. My dose yesterday was 1 TBSP in the morning with oatmeal and 1 1/2 TSP with lunch. My blood pressure this morning is 139/101. My pressure has always been under 120/80. My doctor has said I have a sluggish thyroid but it doesn't warrant medication. I was told this at 18 and now I'm 52. I have been overweight my whole life and have been on every diet/lifestyle change known to the human population. I've been on 1200 calories a day for over 8 weeks now and have only lost 6 pounds. I've been drinking ACV with mother for 6 weeks. This has helped how I feel but not my weight loss. I was really hoping that the coconut oil would be the help I've always needed. I'm very disappointed :( I've read that blood pressure spikes can happen when there is thyroid activity but I don't want to take the chance of continuing and then having a heart attack or do damage to my heart. If anyone knows if this is common and will pass, please let me know.

Posted by Francisca (Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France) on 02/28/2011

Dear Bill, as you know so much about VCO I would like to know what you think about this posting..... I got bad back ache after starting taking a bit of coconut oil in my molasses drink every morning. I only did it for about 10 days and only 1 tspoon.... Could it be the reason of all my pain? I was starting to get pain all over my body. I am a bit better now but the doctor gave me Vit. D so I don't know whether it was lack of vit. D or the fact that I stopped with the VCO. Have you ever heard of this problem? I haven't read anything about this in any of my VCO books......

"02/22/2011: Harmonious1 from Alamogordo, Nm writes: "Caution: if you start using a lot of coconut products and you get new symptoms (I got aching and swelling in joints) then it's possible you are sensitive to salicylates. (Or unable to break it down and use it or get rid of it like normal. ) Coconut is very high in it. I love coconut oil, but have to avoid it. I'm just grateful I was able to figure out what was making me hurt all over. As soon as I quit the oil, the pain started going away. So just be observant."

Posted by Francisca (Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France) on 02/25/2011

This question is for Bill or for someone else who might give me some information! A while ago the lower back pain I usually have in the morning got far worse. First I thought that it might come from the fact that I stopped with the pill and was suddenly in the menopause. Then someone posted here about the fact that some people can't eat coconut oil because the body doesn't metabolize it (if I am not wrong) and that could leave them in pain. It is true that while ago, around the time the pain started to get worse I was taking 1 tspoon a day in my molasses drink and some more in the cooking.

I went to the doctor, he tested my blood and today he told me that my hormones are a bit high but that isn't a problem and that my liver enzymes are high. He doesn't seem to think that it is too serious but asked me to have an ultrasound. Could this all have been caused by the coconut oil? I e-mailed the author from a book about coconut oil which I read a while ago and he said that there aren't problems with pain if you take coconut oil.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines
Hi Francisca... The key indicator to your problems seems to be your raised liver enzyme condition of the blood. Normally, the liver enzymes work inside the liver cells doing their job. But if there is anti-oxidant or pathogen damage to the liver cells then these liver enzymes will be released into the blood in excess which is why this blood test is used to assess liver damage. For an extensive but understandable explanation of this, check this link here:

Excess Liver Enzymes in Blood as an Indicator of Liver Damage

Liver damage is usually caused by toxins and free radicals in the blood where the liver is simply unable to cope. This can be due to a lack of anti-oxidants in the liver. Or liver damage can also be due to viral problems in the liver.

Dr Berkson's triple anti-oxidant therapy (given in my link above) is perhaps one of the best all round revivers and repairers of the liver. This basically consists of taking Alpha Lipoic Acid(300 mgs twice daily), Selenium(200 micrograms/day) and Milk Thistle (1000 mgs twice daily) at mealtimes. This is known Dr Berkson's Triple Antioxidant Liver Therapy.

For any viral liver problems, taking 1000 mgs Chanca Piedra twice daily at mealtimes will also work to help prevent viral damage and also works to eradicate candida as well. Chanca Piedra revives and supports both the liver and kidneys and greatly helps to remove stones -- kidney stones and gallstones -- and is wonderful for removing any excess calcium deposits from the body which usually tends to cause pain and acidity in the body tissues as well.

Replied by Michelle
Cambridge, Cambs. Uk
Dear Francisca, I personally don't have any problems with coconut oil. I use it for cooking, and take Ted's recommended 1tbspn Lecithin with a fatty meal, which helps remove excess fats/oils. This may be a way to be able to tolerate it. Also I am in the menopause and not allowed to take any replacement hormones, not even natural ones, due to health issues. I have managed to lessen the ferocity and duration of the burning, by taking Ted's alkalising remedies regularly, eating as infrequently as possible, as a meal always sets one off, and keeping out of the heat! The smallest rise in Temperature is seized upon by my body as an excuse to ignite me!
Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France
Thanks Bill, you put my mind a bit at rest because the doctor didn't really want to explain what the consequences could be of the elevated liver enzymes and left me thinking that I might have something really nasty. I have to have a liver scan on Thursday but then we will be traveling so I won't see the doctor for a while. I will have a look at the site you advised.
Replied by Northerncrystal
Manitoba, Canada
Is this procedure for the liver damage safe while breastfeeding a 6 month old baby? Doctor wants to send me for brain MRI & abdomen MRI since I had elevate levels for 2 liver enzymes. (The brain one is for elevated prolactin levels, also had elevated pancreas level.) Was going to wait for MRIs to see exact problems, but just got letter in mail saying first opening is April 5, 2014! Praying about best way to take matters into my own hands. This is not the first time I've had to do it (God guided in that)! Not scared, just worried for my young family (Husband -a walking miracle- recovering from Emergency brain surgery, 4 yr old, & 6 month old). Any ideas to deal with the elevated prolactin level & pancreas level is also appreciated.

Posted by Harmonious1 (Alamogordo, Nm) on 02/22/2011

[SIDE EFFECTS]  Caution: if you start using a lot of coconut products and you get new symptoms (I got aching and swelling in joints) then it's possible you are sensitive to salicylates. (Or unable to break it down and use it or get rid of it like normal. ) Coconut is very high in it. I love coconut oil, but have to avoid it. I'm just grateful I was able to figure out what was making me hurt all over. As soon as I quit the oil, the pain started going away. So just be observant.

Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France
Is that true? I have been battling a lot of lower back pain all of a sudden (used to have a little bit but nothing like I have now! ) and little pains all over, like all of a sudden I have reumathism or something. I thought that it was related to having stopped taking the pill but could it indeed be connected to the coconut oil? I started putting a tspoon in my molasses drink a while ago. I will stop right now and see how I feel! I used it on my skin all summer without side effects....... Funny that I had never read anything about that although I do have a book on coconut oil but no warnings there!
Replied by Hope
Sacramento, California
Hi Harmonius1-
Thanks so much for your comment. It has certainly given me food for thought! Since starting coconut oil 3 months ago, my skin actually looks worse, my body aches more, and I have been getting hives on my shoulders for awhile and my face, just recently. I am going to forgo the coconut in any form and see what transpires - thanks again for this information.
Replied by Mesem
Toulon, France
[SIDE EFFECTS]   I was alternating the use of coconut oil and jojoba oil on my face (v. Dry). My skin became very dry and flakey across the bridge of my nose. I will stop using these for awhile. Why? I'm thinking that these oils need to be applied with something else to balance ph or something. Says something for prepared creams of which I have found some good natural ones not too expensive. Coconut oil can help or aggravate it seems.
Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France
Hi Mesem, I stopped using VCO on my hands as it made them very dry, no idea why..... I think that a good natural cream, maybe with essential oils will probably be the best choice but be careful because I returned a shampoo I bought last week in a health food store because when I got home I read the ingredients and it contain a few nasty ones. The lady was of the opinion that there are worse... But come on, it is a health food store so the products should be as natural as possible!

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