Cold Shower Therapy for Improved Health: Q&A

Last Modified on Dec 24, 2007

Almond Oil

12/24/2007: Chris : Hi Ted. I'm really interested in cold shower therapy. Is the Almond Oil one uses the same that aromatherapists use? I imagine it doesn't adhere to the body well though - any techniques? Does one use this for hair cleaning too?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Actually the aromatherapist uses the same almond oil that we normally use, but they can also use a number of other oils besides almond oil, which are often used as carrier oil. In my own practice, I don't use carrier oils as often since it dilutes the effectiveness of healing found in the lavender oil and other oils. Oils are not generally used in hair but used in the body instead. The reason maybe because its generally messy to apply to the head with oils and generally difficult to remove them afterwards.

Getting Out of a Shower and Into a Warm Room

11/07/2007: Robert from London, UK: when reading your writers comments on cold water therapy he/she said "Never get out of a cold shower into a cold room." - why??? i come to this site for answers. just making a statement without backing it up is pointless. how can i make an informed decision myself without hearing "why" i shouldn't get out of a cold shower into a cold room. might i keel over and die, would it cause paralysis... i think your editor needs to check all the content before it gets published so that your writers give us answers and reasons. back to the cold shower. peace badrab

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: The practice of cold showers is to give the body its electrical effect and wake up the languishing body with sudden cold shower in hot or warm weather or taking a cold shower and going into a warm room.

The reason this is done is that if the body is in hypothermia for too long of a period, the body's immune system remains suppressed and the body's temperature is not operating in an optimum condition. This is how we catch cold.

This begs the question why a cold shower help in the first place if there is a fear of hypothermia and suppressed immune system.

The reason is simple: the body needs some sort of short term stimulation such as a sudden cold shower from a languishing body. It is the same why if we get too sleepy, someone throws cold water on our face.

It would defeat the purpose of the cold shower and would invariably make you sick, if not from hypothermia, perhaps catch a cold.

The point is NOT to lower the body temperature, BUT give the body sufficient stimulation with cold shower quickly enough, without changing the body temperature. And to do this successfully, is to go to a warm room AFTER the cold shower so that the body remains in homeostasis.

It is the same with massages. The purpose in a massage is to give some muscle the circulation it needs to get rid of toxins and help circulation, but a 24 hours a day, 7 day a week massage would invariably lead to a badly bruised body just the same.

'The key is to do just enough, without hurting yourself.



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