Sea Salt for Health!: Q&A

Last Modified on Jul 28, 2008

Sea Salt Questions

07/28/2008: Scott from Sun Prairie, USA: Ted, thank you so much for your contributions here. I too am aware of the global plan for population control. It sadly seems to be working. However, with the input from this site and others like it. The world may sooner awaken.

I have a few questions and some additional information if I may.

Is it true that the type of sea salt ingested in a diet can help reestablish a "base" in regards to a body's requirement of trace minerals? Along with adding other life important factors such as "life force" and Iodine/Iodide as well? Isn't this true of water also? Like Artesian spring water over most bottled waters or tap water? The life force, trace minerals and purity of which are so important? Does the body itself when ingesting these combination's create the perfect "saline" or "PH" solution within the body of which is so important? Like the saline content within an egg of which a human embryo develops? In your opinion is it this "unbalance of saline" which may very well contribute to birth defects of new born babies? Is it also safe to say that most psychological disorders also stem from simple nutritional deficiencies which contribute to "chemical Imbalances"?

Some Sea Salts I'm aware of contain up to 84 trace minerals. The ancients claimed salt was worth its weight in gold. How were the Pharaohs to live a long life without it? Doesn't salt preserve the body and also kill fungi? Isn't Cancer just a Fungi? A Candida Yeast over growth, and by balancing the body's PH level...A person eliminates the odds of getting Cancer or the other diseases that live in a state of acidosis? Isn't formaldehyde used to preserve the dead a type of antifungal and is even produced by our own bodies in very small amounts similarly like Hydrogen Peroxide but only in very small amounts. Does this formaldehyde naturally produced by the body help in defending the body against fungi?

08/04/2008: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: You have many questions, but basically most of the health benefits of sea salt comes from a couple of issues, we drink so much water we may loose salinity. On the other hand, if we eat so much processed food, we have a lot more salinity, but can result in trace mineral deficiencies. The "life force" may have to do with certain monoatomic elements found in sea salt that may not be found in tap water. A tap water is now often polluted with fluorine and chlorine. Now we find many pharma drugs in trace amount in our tap water. The life force of any water can easily be tested with a bean sprout germination comparing between tap water and a natural water source. The differences is quite often large and this may explain why farmer have trouble growing plants without rain water, even though there is plenty of irrigated water. As to the Pharoahs, some may live a long life from consuming monoatomic elements the source is presently not known, but what is known is you can get it from sea salt. Monoatomic elements were created also from precious metals. So the assumption of their no consuming may have been lost in history.

As to the health benefits of salt and preservation, in excess it does that, but it's not necessarily healthy to take too much sea salt either. It causes headaches. On the other extreme, not consuming at all added to the food can create trace mineral deficiencies. The issue of something in water may always be a mystery. For instance, I have noted that if a small amount of battery is applied to water, even over a week after which is applied, the health benefits of water is still seen through my own series of germination plant experiment. Water may have a "memory effect". It it didn't the plant would have grown at an equally rate with other water, which it didn't. A plant growing near a metal rod or a t.v. antenna, will cause the plants treated with that water to grow faster. But strangely enough. If another tray water is treated with magnet nearby the tray with an antenna, even within 1-3 feet, the surrounding energy fields will concentrated to the water treated with magnetic source, causing the t.v. antenna treated water (electromagnetic radiation), to have a stunting effect. Even more strange is that even a trace hydrogen gas in the parts per billion range in a water has an effect in increasing plant growth much more and is found in very high amounts in sacred healing water throughout the world. So it may be not just the sea salt, there is a lot of hidden element in the water itself. Maybe people cannot explain why the current popularity occurs in drinking mineral water half way around the world, but one cynical view is tap water now contains fluorine, chlorine, free heavy metals (in a majority homes I tested!) and now I hear there is presence of trace amount of drugs from pharma industry found in a local tap water.

A simple nutritional imbalance very often contribute to psychological problems. One example I had of a case of a severe depression by one reader. Although this one had tried other vitamins before, such as vitamin C, folic acid, or even sun gazing, nothing seemed to work. However, she missed selenium and when selenium supplements were given the depression was controlled. There was no need for prozac. In many studies now conducted, many violent crime are now found to be one of nutritional issues, which resulted in hypoglycemia. Inducing hypoglycemia is easy just eat junk food to cause blood sugar spikes. When this happens excess insulin is produced resulting in very low blood sugar. A majority of criminals of violent behavior were the result of consuming junk foods, cokes, cookies, candies, etc. When the diet was change to be a more healthy diets, in which blood sugar no longer spiked, hypoglycemia disappeared and the person's violent behavior disappeared. Many couldn't believe he was a changed person. I have a lot of experience in noticing behavioral changes, before things get out of hand and people were hurt. In one cases the argument was so severe that a niacinamide 500 mg was given before it becomes violent. Within 30 minutes the argument calmed down. This has happened not just niacinamide, but also amino acid supplements. I remember there was a high correlation between violent behavior (suicide and homicide) in places where lithium was very low, such as the middle east, while in other places, very peaceful, such as in many mineral springs in Europe, which had high lithium content. The lithium drinking water can be added at only 1 -5 parts per million will get results in reducing reported violent, but it is not done, with the exception of a more toxic addition to drinking water as fluorine which is not an essential mineral as in lithium or even selenium. The easiest way to resolve a lot of problems of trace mineral deficiency is simply adding a small amount of sea salt in a drinking water.

As to the question of formaldehyde, I once took them, in the form of artificial sugar, these breakdown in the body into methanol and formaldehyde, which I once was tested positive for methanol in the blood after ingestion a long time back from eating aspartame. That destroys the neural system, and then the body becomes metabolic acidosis, and that can induce a chain of events such as lowered immune system, brain damage (you see from a brain scan, such as SPECT scan after ingestion of aspartame by about 6 hours that the damage was done). Those are some of the examples of consuming artificial sugars and diet products. So metabolic acidosis lead to candida issues, when combined with high sugar intakes.


07/31/2011: Barbara from Denver, Co replies: Ted, I have been asking this question of all the so called "health" food sources and sites, with no answer yet that I can trust. Then I thought of you, and I am hoping you can ease my concerns.

I was using Himalayan Pink salt for a couple months, happy to have discovered it and finding it very affordable compared to Celtic sea salts. Then I read on one of the more popular health advisor sites that they did not recommend the Himalayan salt, as it was naturally very high in fluoride and heavy metal contamination. I am no scientist, but started researching as best I could, looking for some answers. There is so much conflicting information out there! I got as far as finding a chemical analysis of it, and it is extremely high in fluoride, but then read from another site that since it is naturally occuring calcium fluoride rather than mfg. Sodium fluoride that the body could handle much higher amounts without danger. But then the next guy says fluoride in either form is toxic.

What is the real deal? And what about the presence of lead, mercury and cadmium and aluminum? What, if any, are safe levels?

Like I said, it is the most affordable priced salt out there, but I don't want to save a few bucks a month and lose my health. Thank you for this site. It is amazing.

Weakness and Dizziness Without Cause

03/10/2008: L : Hi Ted, I'm writing to you for some real suggestions. I've had this major problem thats been happening over the last 5 to 6 months and its getting worse.I've been getting really faint and dizzy, like i'm going to pass out,it's a feeling like I'm going to die almost. I can't feel my legs, parts of my body and I get very weak and I have to grab onto something. This is horrible. This happens at times throughout the day. I've had to take time off work because of this. I went to a doctor and he gave me full blood tests,all came back with good results. I also had a ct scan and nothing showed up. This weakness,dizziness still keeps happening and I'm really getting worried about this. Do you know of anyone thats in the same situation.Please try to find out what it could be and what solutions are available. Please.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Lee: Most tests performed by doctors may leave out important elements that was not considered. A spinal fluids or brain fluids if it is low can lead to problems so this might have by passed the test. Weak form of septicemia such as low grade fever are virtually undetectable, where source of bacteria comes from the tooth cavities but causes extreme dizziness and fainting spells in my friend. An virus usually virtually undetectable by most conventional methods, lies active in the brain causing not just dizziness, and other conditions too. I can list many other things that might be causing it that is virtually undetectable, such as a drinking water, where toxins are found and many pharmaceutical drugs are found in combination with chlorines are virtually toxic to the brain. That interesting story from two sources where the use of Reverse Osmosis, plus hydrogen peroxide or ozone will remove many of those toxins that are now widespread throughout the world. Since I do not know much any person's particular dietary health and past history I can however start with something simple, by adding 1/8 teaspoon of sea salt in one glass of water and drink that only one dose for the entire day. A weak form of septicemia would show improvement in the dizziness and some other fainting spells since bacteria are often sensitive to a small amount of salt. If the condition doesn't improve a second day test requires then the next step is to get a DISTILLED water, add baking soda such as 1/16 teaspoon and a very small amount of sea salt in a glass of water and try this over for a day to see if the conditions will improve. This test checks for the presence of contaminated tap water where an unknown toxins or pharma drugs that exists in many water supplies. If there might be some improvement, than a larger test might be considered. Which means a' distilled water is to add 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/8 teaspoon of sea salt to a one liter of drinking water drank throughout the day. If this is working then we have a contaminated water supply system. If that doesn't work then there is the possibility of a virus or a hormonal imbalance causing the problem. I will start simple and just get peppermint oil. This peppermint oil is unique in several respects, it has some antiviral properties, it is hormonal in that it is cortisone like causing reduced inflammation of various body organs which might have lead to dizziness spells. So taking drop or two of peppermint oil a couple of times a day whenever there is that feeling, if it works might be those causes. Cayenne pepper remedies such as 1/8 teaspoon of cayenne peppers mixed in drinking water can also be tested to rid of certain viruses too by improving the circulation. If the drinking source is contaminated a water with added drops of hydrogen peroxide such as 10 - 30 drops of 3% H2O2 added to drinking water will usually neutralize most of the toxins, or a simpler reverse osmosis with ozonation treatment and some added sea salt and baking soda is added to make it a normal water, or reconstituted water that is relatively free of unknown toxins. A viral brain condition or presence of fungus and mycoplasma or moldy house, especially if the house has carpets, rugs migha also be the cause. An easy way to test this is to stay in another place relatively free of this such as a clean hotels or other places where there is no moldy environments. If this is the cause, then I think I will likely add between 1/8 teaspoon to 1/4 teaspoon of borax plus 10 drops of 3% H2O2 in a drinking water to kill off the fungus and mycoplasma in by drinking water. An unlikely scenario is the Morgellons or Lupus that I witness, but this is virtually connected with extreme weakness and joint pain, plus people sneeze or allergic to your presence (the tiny fibers from Morgellon's is what is causing the problem). Then usually 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water taken twice a day, plus some drinking water with borax will neutralize most of this problem. Still I don't think it is this, but will at least mention them in passing and its known remedies. BHT is one of the frew remedies I know where it can kill a virus that lurks in the brain since it goes through the blood brain barrier and might be useful whenever such viruses are lodged in that area such as bird's flu virus, and other viruses that lives there but causes a person to be very weak whenever the immune systems are down causing a brain fog. A brain fog, or a sudden blank, then we might even get a petite mal (instead of grand mal), which is a weak form of epileptic seizures. Usually in my books anyway these are high heavy metals problem and chlorella and spirulina supplements are taken for 5 days out of a week, and some one tablespoons of granulated lecithin. A yeast problem can initiate this problem or even eating too much bakery products can too, or the lack of some essential fatty acids by supplementing with Evening Primose oil and flaxseed migh also help some improvements too. Finally and the most obvious of all but I think the doctors should already know this, that's why it's not mentioned is the stability of blood sugar throughout the day. If that is unstable, this could cause fainting spells too. Interesting viruses and certain other pathogens can also take a lot of sugar way from the body and can also initiated that fainting thing just the same since the brains' metabolism is extremely high and needs oxygen and glucose all the time. To maintain stable blood sugar are usually through sugar control supplements such as aspirin, chromium, vanadium and manganese supplements. However assuming this is NOT the problem then I am left with blood circulatory problems and a simple alkalization should help this since alkalization increases capillary blood flow more since it is the acid that leads to blood vessel constrictions. Since information is lacking those are some possibilities to explain the condition or problem but doctor's should have known the cause unless their diagnostic was not complete enough.
10/11/2012: Anonymous from Boise, Idaho replies: I had weakness, dizziness and felt like I was going to fall down. Doctors couldn't figure it out. I went home did some research found that dizziness, shortness of breath, weakness, headache, fatique, can be causes by a sinus infection or inner or outer ear infection. I had no symptoms, except I felt dizzy and little short of breath, Ran to ENT dr had a nasal smear and xray of sinuses. I had a sinus infection as well an an outer ear infection. For the ear infection I took garlic mullein oil in my ear for a couple weeks. And I skipped the antibiotics. And took 4000 mg vitamin C, twice a day for one month and 4 drops Grapefruit seed extract in orange juice and virgin coconut oil 3 x a day. And a sinus wash and ointment NO more dizziness, weakness or that weriod feeling like i'm going to fall down.
01/08/2013: Angela C from Cranesville, Pa. replies: I've been through all of the same things for years. Its called Candida go to any candida web site. Its from breeding the candida by eating too much sugar or lots of carbs for a long time. Then when you don't eat sugar for a day or so, the candida dies off and you go through what they call die off symtoms where you feel like you have the flu or you feel like your going to fall down from the inside. I promise you if you clean up your diet, go back to God's original plan which was vegetables and fruit and grains you will not be like that but you' wont be able to eat fruit for a while untill you get your beneficial bacteria back in balence. Unfortunately you'll probably go through some die off symtoms for awhile.

Too Much Salt?

12/31/2007: Kim from Indiana: Today as part of a cleanse diet, I took two teaspoons of sea salt in a quart of water. This completely cleaned me out but left me with no energy and a pounding headache. I was also taking lemonade made with maple syrup and cayenne pepper. After a headache that lasted for hours I decided to take an Excedrin Migraine and eat an orange. Can you tell me if I had too much sea salt or where this headache came from? What do I do if I have taken too much sea salt?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: You took 4 times the normal dose of sea salt remedy. The normal dose is 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt per one liter of water. In event that sea salt was taken too much drinking more water such as 1/2 glass of water without any sea salt would drive the sea salt. In event that didn't work, an addition 1/8 teaspoon of potassium citrate (never potassium chloride) in 1/2 glass of water, would displace or drive out the sodium too. However, it is the excess chloride in the sea salt which caused the pounding headaches for me, and some baking soda may 1/8 or 1/4 teaspoon may reduced the chloride buildup which caused the sodium retention, and may lead to a laxative effect if that is added. It should be noted that in a normal cellular fluids the sodium is more than the chloride by about 20%, so when taking too much sea salt, the chloride levels in the body is increased, causing a pounding headache and so called sodium retention. Apparently, if the above two remedy is not working as well as expected a 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water would displace the chloride and reduce the so called sodium retention. Actually the problem about today's sodium retention is more like excess intakes of chlorides, rather than sodium, which is found in the component of salt (sodium chloride). The addition of sodium, would increase the sodium, and lower the chloride, leading to a more normal cellular fluids. This concept has helped me in the past whenever I used 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/2 sea salt in 1 glass of water to resolved my constipation, and sometimes I used more, such as 1 teaspoon of each if the constipation was bad. In summary, I might at least try to drink some more water, such as 1/2 glass to help. If that doesn't work and potassium isn't immediately available, I might take a small amount of baking soda of 1/4 teaspoon in 1/2 glass.

Symptoms of Salt Overdose?

07/19/2007: Marc from Star City, IN: I have two questions: What are the symptoms or signs of salt overdose? I use Himalayan salt and love it, but recently got severe aches and heaviness in my legs and some joint pain. I hope it wasn't the salt, but I'd like to know what things would indicate that I'm taking too much salt and/or salt water [sole].

My other question body temp is always low, usually averages 96. I take iodine internal and apply it externally too. Sometimes my temp will spike up to 97, but it goes down again. I eat very health and exercise too. Anything else I can do to get my temp up to normal? Thanks!

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: If sea salt was taken too much such as over 1 teaspoon of liter of water, that I think is too much. The remedy often requires only 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt to water. So this depends on the dose, if small than it is not likely if too much than it may cause heaviness. Drinking enough water or diluting the water with sufficient sea salt would not cause much harm.

Yes, Iodine may cause temporary spikes in body temperature if the dose is small but a more frequent dose may cause longer increase. Other supplements may also raise the metabolism such as small dose of lithium citrate 10 mg before bedtime, where some metabolic should increase over the course of a day.

While coffee sounds interesting from metabolism due to the caffeine content, it might lower the metabolism from the theobromine content, which tends to be antagonistic with the iodine as bromine competes iodine in the thyroid.

Vitamin A is synergistic with thyroid whenever iodine is taken so I would problably add vitamin A slso. The other thing is fluoride and other halogens such as chlorinated and fluoridated water and toothpaste should be avoided as they also block iodine function. While on the other hand taken bath in borax (boron) or a small pinch of borax in a glass of water now and then removes the body of fluoride, where fluoride might block the glandular functions as they tend to accumulate in the pineal glands which governs the circadium rhythm and hence, metabolism also.

Certain amino supplements may also raise the metabolism so maybe amino supplements may also be helpful, at least eating more fish and reducing the portion of meats in place of fish might help too. Oily foods and high calcium foods may block normal hormonal functions which may lower the body's metabolism. Therefore, taking some lime plus sodium bicarbonate remedy may remove excess serum calcium so that glandular functions don't get block increase oxygen into the blood, and hence, increase in metabolism.

Kosher Salt?

06/18/2007: Tina from Dumont, NJ: What about Kosher Salt? I've recently replaced all table salt with Kosher because I read it's the least processed? Is kosher salt better/worse/the same?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: There is no kosher salt where i live. However, the best way to tell is from the color. Usually not bleached white and is light gray, and moist. The pH for a good quality sea salt stays in the alkaline region between pH 7.5 to 8.5. If the manufacturer bothers to breakdown the sea salt minerals, that would be most helpful. In general kosher salt is NOT sea salt and the companies still do the processing. The key is does Kosher salt come directly from the sea, which usually is not the case. The answer therefore is to get sea salt. It is the minerals found in the sea that is so valuable in a sea salt. Because of this, it is unlikely that Kosher salts come from sea, since it components is mostly sodium chloride and no magnesium, potassium, bicarbonates in many trace minerals.

How Much Water, Salt?

12/28/2006: Mark from Chihuahua, Mexico: Ted, I have just a quick question since you seem to know the most about all this on this site. No one has mentioned "HOW MUCH" water you should take with the teaspoon of salt to the liter of water; and if the amount you take is dependent upon the purpose for taking it in the first place. Could you shade some light on this? That is how much, and for what purpose. Personally I have a really bad sore throat and cough boarding on bronchitis. For example: might it be a good idea to sip on the liter of water through out the day or drink it all at once or drink just half a liter per day or what? Thanks a lot Mark

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Mark: The exact amounts averages around 2 liter per 12 hours. So in a given 24 hour period, this comes out to about 4 liter per day. Since we sleep 8 hours, the minimum dose is closer to 3 liter per day. You can drink more than 2 liter per day and how much depends on how much water you would like to drink. You should not force how much you should drink, just drink enough.

If the drink is salty, as a warning, if you add 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt and it taste salty, or even adding just 1/8 STILL taste salty, this means that your drinking water is contaminated, even if YOU DO HAVE A WATER filter. I found the major source of heavy metal contamination is water filter where the connections are old and they release copper, and other heavy metals.

Personally I have a really bad sore throat and cough boarding on bronchitis.

A sea salt water you can sip every 10 minutes and it does help. This won't stop the sore throat. A sore throat can best be stopped with 2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water and this is sipped every 10 minutes instead.

The sea salt will ALLOW you to recover from your condition FASTER, but the sore throat pain is best done doing the baking soda sipping and mouthwash regimen.

Bacteria, Does It Kill Good and Bad?

12/15/2006: Usman from Islamabad, Pakistan: I have a question for Ted about sea salt. You said that sea salt is an antibiotic. As for antibiotics, they kill both the good germs & the bad ones. Does sea salt performs the same actions i.e. kill all kind of bacteria bad for health & good for health?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: There are two kinds of bacteria, those that thrive under acid conditions and those that thrive under alkaline conditions. Those that thrive under acid conditions are considered generally "bad bacteria" and "funguses". For example candida, yeast infection, hiatal hernia, etc. Then there is the "good bacteria" that thrives under alkaline conditions and those tend to coexist with humans since beginning of time, being one of symbiotic relationship.

Sea salt has very alkaline forming elements while our society of food we eat from fast food and supermarkets are acid forming due to excessive use of halogens, in particular, bromine process (in making bread displaces iodine), chlorinated water, etc.

Therefore, sea salt only kills acid forming bacteria. Just check out all the cures with Rene Quinton found just using sea salt, or Dr. Batmanhelidj Your Body Cries For Water.

For more information go here:

One doesn't need elaborate antibiotics when often a simple sea salt would do. I once suffered a terrible urinary tract infection along with several other people here in Bangkok. This has cured over 100 people of urinary tract infections and counting, but I don't receive any feedback at earthclinic from this remedy for some strange reason or another!

One teaspoon - two teaspoon of sea salt in 1 glass of water, ONE SINGLE dose stopped the urinary tract infection. People thinks it hurt taking this. It didn't. There might be exception, but those who say were exceptions, didn't even give it a chance and continue to experience the pain to today. It had no effects on friendly bacteria and the digestion and other things still remain normal.

It is no coincidence, I tried every antibiotics there is in the drug store. None worked as well as the amazing sea salt. And to think, I had to suffer this pain for about a month!

In fact a simpler form of cure for acid reflux, and other complicated disease, people should just first try a 1-2 teaspoon of sea salt ONE single dose and see if it works. It is a miracle this sea salt and it does kill off unfriendly bacteria. If improvement is seen, but not completely cured, then take it on the SECOND week, one single dose too! On empty stomach of course.

Sea salt is still a miracle in my book and people should just give it a chance!

Mix with Water, Anything Else?

09/23/2006: Wilma from Charleston, SC: Do you mix the sea salt with anything or is it taken straight and if mixed with water, how much water to the 2 tablespoon of sea salt?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: You mix sea salt with water and then you drink it like a water.

How much water to the 2 tablespoon of sea salt?

Usually 1/4 teaspoon per liter of water. So 1 teaspoon will make 4 liter of water. Three teaspoons equals one tablespoon or 4 x 3 = 12 liters. So with two tablespoon you need 24 liters of water (12 x 2).

Mineral Additives Okay?

08/28/2006: Ron from FL: I have a question. Would iodized sea salt with calcium silicate and sodiumbicarbonate work? thanks for your time.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Ron: No calcium silicate, and an ordinary sea salt should better than iodized them since it must go through processing. If you just on iodine kelp would be better. Iodized sea salt if it go through processing will loose some minerals and acquire things we don't want. Usually minimized processing is better to protect against unnecessary heavy metals from machinery and other contaminants often found in factories.

Other Salts Effective?

08/11/2006: Mark from Staffs, England: Would like to ask Ted on the effectivness of Himalyan crystal salts to balance ph levels and clean acid wastes out of the body.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Mark: Most natural salts, wherever the salts come from are generally acceptable. The pink color of salts have to do with different mineral makeup of the salts. Generally mineral rich salts are preferable, but not a requirement as this can be added from fulvic acid, but sea salts often come from Dead Sea, Himalayan, Celtic etc. The secret is really is to buy many varieties of salts is best used rather from any specific area so you will get a broad spectrum of various minerals from various places. I tend to favor buying sea salts from all over the world, if you can find it!

For me I buy my sea salts from Thailand sources only because they are cheap and easy to obtain. Since sea salts here can be purchased directly from the supermarket. I will then add the fulvic/humic acid separately to get the required minerals.

Most of the pH balancing will come from the bicarbonates or the citrates which is often the case. There is still a gray area which works the best, but in practice for me it is the bicarbonates and the citrates together that seemed to work the best. A sea salt will often have varying quantities of magnesium being the most important elements, and dead sea salts often have the most. For me I simply will add the magnesium chloride separately and buy the sea salt locally as being a more practical means of getting the nutrients I need.

The detoxification is often due to the chlorides in the salts and the required added magnesium, borax and sodium thiosulfate which is really responsible most of your body's needs to detoxify by way of detoxifying the chlorine, fluorides and other poisons. Magnesium is generally important in the detoxification process as well as the bicarbonates and especially the citrate being mostly responsible for reduce inflammation and chelation of toxic free radicals out of your body.

I am currently experimenting whether reducing the surface tension of water will have biological effects, through the adding of sulfurated castor oil at the moment is just one of my many ways of doing it.

My experiments have shown that reduced surface water tension and reduced water molecular cluster is important, but finding the best means to do this I am currently looking into. Reduced surface tension of water will allow it to enter easily into the cells and remove the toxins.

The secret is really to imitate rain water and certain healing spring's water being the best ways to start. One additional element that you might consider of course is the ORP readings of you water, which should ideally be less then negative -200. Your drinking water is currently positive +400 generally which means it is a free radical drinking water, and is stealing your precious electrons. Only biologically active water is what your body needs, not dead ones.



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