Oil Pulling: Safe, Simple and Effective!: Q&A

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08/26/2012: Y from Florida: Hi Ted, Do you do oil pulling? Are there any side effects?

08/26/2012: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Yes, I sometimes do oil pulling. Yes, there are few side effects reported, but not that many. Viruses seem to be at issue if you use the sunflower oil and maybe the sesame seed oil. The problem of side effects is the least with coconut oil and olive oil. The reason is simple, both the coconut oil and to some extent extra virgin oil is anti-viral, especially the coconut oil.


09/06/2012: Lauren from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia replies: Hi Ted, You mentioned re the oil pulling that viruses can be an issue if you use sunflower or sesame oil and I am wondering what issues you mean? I have the shingles virus and am trying to get rid of it (it is now improving quite a bit with a naturopathic tonic which includes st johns wort and olive leaf extract) but am planning to start oil pulling for my teeth and gum health and am hoping it will also help rid me of this virus which I have had for 5 months. What are your concerns about viruses and oil pulling? Thanks

Oil Pulling and Brushing Teeth

08/14/2011: Anonymous from Anonymous: Ted-

I finally got to op this morning. I forgot to brush my teeth first! What difference would that make? What are best foods, herbs, etc. remedies so a person's blood is not good tasting to fleas? I have not been eating raw garlic much lately.

08/14/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: If oil pulling and you forgot to brush your teeth first, it wouldn't work as well as if you brush your teeth. Since teeth is covered with plaque and food particles, the oil pulling is too busy attacking these first instead of targeting to parts that needs to oil pull such as teeth crevices, cavities, and unreachable areas. The same is true that if you brush the teeth afterwards, the debris left is not cleaned out properly. I have seen a woman who does not observe this rule of brushing your teeth first and complain why it has not worked, in removal of heavy metals. Well for one thing the teeth is too much covered in plaque it doesn't work. And there was the one that didn't brush after oil pulling and complained to me about a cold or flu that comes up after oil pulling. The reason is simple oil pulling uptakes the virus, and if you don't brush it, the virus spread by taking advantage of the oil pulling. By brushing it out, at the end it takes away the virus when oil pulling uptakes it, but if it is not brush, and oil pulling is swallowed, the oil properties protect the virus to pass through the stomach acid, and enters the intestines where they are more friendly of viral infection environment.



Anonymous replies: "Thanks Ted. It has been so long since I oped, I forgot! I always have brushed before and after. Here's one for David-how does Enagic Kangen water help out with sodium? Let me paste info-'Dr. Berthold Kern: "The major etiologic[causative] factor causing myocardial infarction [heart attack] is a primary chemical destructive
process caused by underlying unchecked acidosis [accumulated acid] in the left ventricle tissue."

Acidosis results from low sodium & corresponding low calcium. These two minerals are always in balance. When the level of one drops or raises,
so does other. When the left ventricle becomes too acidic, or low in sodium, it will shut down causing a heart attack. Stress, whether physical or emotional stimulates the cardiovascular system, adrenals & lungs; mental or physical overexertion when in a state of acidosis (low
sodium) can be dangerous. Because the heart has priority, when the sodium supply gets low the body will take sodium from the stomach,
causing indigestion, in order to keep the heart beating while under stress. (See Dynamic Health by Dr. Ted Mortor). Stress depletes the body's sodium supply"



Ted responds to Anonymous: "The cause of myocardial infarction is coronary blockages caused by fats (mainly cholesterol) of the lipids, in which made up most of artheriosclerotic plaques, but there are calcification (calcium) and white blood cells too, which causes the disruption of blood supply, so you have a sudden sharp pain, which brings together this heart attack. I have one case sometime ago who has this, he was in his mid 30s, who has calcified heart that they run out of space for any bypasses, in other words doctors have given up on him to die. Calcium are 20 times more soluble if their blood sugar is high then in water solution, so reducing the blood sugar was obvious. So this makes the calcium in the blood very high with the high blood sugar. But also there is also a 20 year old research which says that nanobacteria accumulates in artheriosclerosis, and causes accumulation of calcium as well, but they also cause other conditions such as kidney stones in others, and cysts in others, it all depends where the circulation is most vulnerable, usually high flowing blood will accumulates this, that.s why the kidneys and the heart, but cysts I found occurs (usually) from an injury, where the blood flows are initially high (accident) and leaving the area makes it somewhat more difficult. There is a nanobacteria kits they sell to detect whether you have it or not. I had no time to do such and the man wasn't interested, so the standard treatment is tetracycline Hydrochloride 1000 mg, in night time, and tetra sodium EDTA (approx  30-40% solution) drops taken 20 drops twice a day. Within one month the calcium buildup  disappeared (means he has for now clean bill of health), of course, if you know tetrasodium EDTA, it is a very good calcium chelator, but not calcium EDTA or magnesium EDTA, that is popularly used. Disodium EDTA was weak chelator of calcium also. You can prove yourself in bathroom experiments on calcium buildup and remove it with various solutions of EDTA. Even if you don't believe in nanobacteria, unless they are printed in "mainstream media" there is no doubt the effectiveness of EDTA, and even if you doubt that, there is cholesterol low density is caused by vegetable oils. I got more people with cholesterol problems from vegetarians then none from pure meat eaters. That's doesn't mean I side with vegetarians. but it comes from vegetable oils. Now I don't know what they do in the States, but most vegetable oils are rancid (oxidized) even before they are cooked, and they add some "fragrance" which makes they virtually odorless, and to make the matters worse, have you noticed eating french fries left in the cold for 30 minutes, there is hardness in them? That's the oxidized vegetable oils (rancid) gets worse after they are heated as they are low melting point and low heat point vegetable oil easily subjected to oxidation because they are polyUNsaturated oils. So saturated vegetable oils is superior on the oxidation aspect, not easily subjected to heat, but nevertheless too much of any consumption is not safe, and if I must consume them it goes unheated, salmon fish oils 500 mg. to 1000 mg if high blood pressure of risk of heart attack is one.

I usually give magnesium supplements in form of magnesium chloride or trimagnesium citrate or magnesium citrate, since it requires more magnesium to utilized the calcium. There's plenty of calcium even in vegetable diets, since adult cows eat nothing but grass, and still gives milk.

So lower the blood sugar (no carbs, especially ribose, fructose, glucose and sucrose, but especially artificial sugar in that order, if the blood sugar is still high, the complex carbohydrates. Magnesium and EDTA, and at least salmon fish oil. There's one problem to salmon fish oils in terms of weight gain for people overweight, but is good for underweight. Gaining and loosing weight is basically the fats and oils, but is not heated. These are the main remedy (tetracycline HCl the person is serious and cannot take time or don't want to risk a hear attack. That's my main remedy. Now if we look at alkaline, then that helps reduces calcium in the blood and keep the calcium in the bones. If there is any supplement to keep them where they are, and not calcium flying around in your blood, i might take 1/8 teaspoon one a week of boron too.

Heart attack occurs if you have too much chlorides, which raises the blood pressure, this can happen in cases of Sodium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, and Magnesium Chloride, but the sodium chloride and potassium chlorides are most common because we are consuming more of it.

As to Kangen water, for most people they are very expensive, even the replacement parts or at least it is totally unaffordable for me. What the Kangen is basically a kind of electrostatic charged alkaline water, as best description I can make it. If you set the pH to say 9 pH or 10 pH, and you leave it out,  24 hours, somewhat more in a closed container 48 hours, the final pH is 7. So what you are drinking ultimately is not ultimately alkaline water. There is a water of another name, using similar technology with addition of a little salt (sodium chloride) called Sterilox they are of similar properties with Kangen water. So if I have acid blood, I would not drink these, as they do little for my say acidic pH. I prefer tot take baking soda, potassium citrate and maybe magnesium citrate, is my alkaline drinks. But not all people can afford that, so the most convenient is at least a sodium bicarbonate, after meals 30 minutes, only.


Oil Pulling Questions for Ted

08/27/2010: Kal : Hi Ted,

1) I have one big and few small white composite filling on my teeth. And also have some tiny amount of cavities on top (surface) of few teeth.

Is oil pulling ok for me?

2) What kind people with diseases/sickness cannot do Oil Pulling?


08/28/2010: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Kal:

1. Oil pulling with small composite filling is not affected by oil pulling.

2. If people with diseases/sickness, such as virus or flu, I might switched to coconut oil instead. For most conditions I tend to favor olive oil since I have the least negative feedback, which is unlike oil pulling other people used, such as sunflower oil, sesame oil for example. I have some cases of people getting flus or colds after oil pulling. This can prevented by doing oil pulling between brushing with toothpaste.

Finally I don't believe in doing doing oil pulling too long in one session. It seems doing it for a few minutes does the job in reducing heavy metals that is recirculating in the body.

It is a matter of techniques and what kind of oils that is used that matters. The techniques is doing short oil pulling, but done frequently usually works best in removing toxins, especially heavy metals and toxic oils that is recirculated in the system.


08/28/2010: Kal replies: Hi Ted,

Thanks for your reply.

1) I read on earthclinic site that other fillings (mercury, metal) have came out of people's mouth. So, composite does not come out?
I have one big composite filling.

2) So oil pulling with surface cavities on teeth is ok?

3) Can people with veneer on their teeth do oil pulling?

4) How short? Is it less than 20 minutes?

5) It looks like there is no restrictions for sickness for oil pulling.


08/28/2010: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Kal:

1) Oil pulling seems to remove metals, but not composite, as oil dissolves metal easier. It would be nice if I can remove all mercury fillings using oil pulling, and then replace them with composites! No more mercury poisoning! So even if I do have mercury fillings, I might continue to do oil pulling in hopes of removing them as mercury is a neurotoxins. My main problem is oil pulling isn't very efficient enough in removing the mercury fillings. Some dentists change the name to Silver fillings, which is comprised of 50% mercury, to avoid using the words. So the fact that people cannot do oil pulling if they have mercury fillings, is a disinformation. The more you have it the more you should do it to remove the mercury toxicity AND in hopes of removing the mercury fillings!

2) Oil pulling on surface of the teeth tends to kill bacteria in the area. But remember, I am assuming it is done between tooth brushing. This means there is no food particles in the teeth, and the remaining bacteria is killed with the oil pulling. We then brush the teeth on top of that again.

3) The risk of veneers getting removed from oil pulling and eating food is about the same. The problem appears to be drinking hot drinks followed quickly by cold drinks. This may cause them to be removed by expansion/contraction that occurs from hot and cold food.

4) Generally the oil pulling is fine in between 1- 5 minutes. The idea of the 20 minutes oil pulling is established to kill most of the bacteria. The problem about that idea, was that they didn't consider toothbrushing with toothpaste to do any removal or reduction of bacteria. So yes, without the toothbrush and toothpaste, an oil pulling requires 20 minutes to do the job. However, a more realistic is to do oil pulling between toothbrushing. So you have a synergistic effect in less time. A good toothbrush formula that kills bacteria is a paste like consistency of baking soda, xylitol powder, and perhaps an optional soap powder., made from unscented soap. Baking soda is say 70%,xylitol is 25%, and optional 5% soap powder. The xylitol will kill the bacteria, that leaves oil pulling to remove the heavy metals and do some additional killing of viruses (with coconut oil) and other oils to handle killing of other bacteria.

5) Sickness from oil pulling is more associated not doing it between brushing of teeth. It's more from incorrect use. Also some people tend to like certain kinds of oils, that they are not allergic too. I don't tend to like canola oil from that point of view, or oils that use trans fatty acid, which doesn't exist in nature.


08/28/2010: Kal replies: Hi Ted,

Thank you so much for your detailed answer. Can I ask just one more question?

I read on your post that you don't use doctor's antibiotic as it is useless for you. You use alternative antibiotic. May I ask what that is?
Hope you have a good weekend.

Kind regards,

08/28/2010: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Depending on conditions, sea salt for urinary infections. Magnesium for skin rashes. Iodine topical for herpes skin outbreak. Sea salt lozenges or baking soda taken in small sips for sore throat. Clove oil drops for stomach upsets. Lysine hourly dose for any colds and flu. Vitamin b5 and zinc for acne. Magnesium eyedrops for eye viral infections. Ozone for tuberculosis. My favorite is no fruits for any of the above especially cancer! Today we just basically use antibiotic and eat all you want for everything mentioned here and it just doesn't work anymore.


08/28/2010: Kal replies: Hi Ted,

You are amazing. You are really a true guru in healing.
Why no fruit? Isn't it supposed to be good in illness?
However I just read on the net that nightshade fruits & vegetables actually are the root of all illnesses.


08/28/2010: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Kal:

Our body system was actually not designed to handle the metabolism of fructose. Biochemically speaking, both alcohol and fructose uses the same biochemical pathways, competing for each other. This is why alcoholics don't get drunk if they take fruits along with alcohol. Fructose is linked to much of the modern day's disease, uric acid, cholesterol, triglycerides, cancer, diabetes and aging, for one. Just google fructose and cancer, fructose and diabetes, fructose and cholesterol, fructose and triglyercide, fructose and diabetes, as an example. The whole industry makes money on corn syrup, or so called High Fructose Corn Syrup, found in most product because it is both more sweeter and cost a lot less. In fact plain old sugar sucrose, compared to fructose is a lot safer. I have people with liver cancer going to metastatic cancer in a matter of 2 hours, liver cancer 2 hours after consuming just plain fruits, such as 3 bananas in one case, 2 glasses of coconut juice in another case, and a half kilo of rambutan in another. Fructose is the only sugar that is known to cause cancer to proliferate and grow, unlike other sugar, which helps cancer maintain its status. The difference between cancer and healthy cells is simple: sugar is needed by cancer only. The body will store fructose as fat, so just taking tten days of fructose, three times a day guarantees that you can get a larger belly. The liver simply is efficient in converting fructose to fat more so then just plain sugar. To become permanently diabetic is really simple, drink a coke three times a day for about two years. This will cause lifetime obesity and especially diabetes, or you can go the other way around drinking fruit juices. They both contain fructose. The easiest way to reduce cholesterol, triglyceride, blood glucose, but raise HDL, reduce LDL, and vLDL, is simply to reduce the fructose intake.


10/15/2010: Summerhaunt from Licking, Mo, United States replies: For some of the people who have gotten tooth sensitivity after oil pulling, I have gotten relief by allowing a calcium/magnesium/zinc caplet to dissolve in my mouth (I just put it between the gum by my sensitive teeth and the cheek and let the saliva dissolve it). I allow the saliva with the calcium mixture to just wash over my teeth for a good while, then swallow when I have to. I usually would just do it at bed time because it was easy to just let the mixture sit in my mouth. You will be left with some small crunchy bits, but I just gently chew on those, figuring they'll work on the chewing surfaces of my molars. It feels a little chalky, but otherwise doesn't taste too bad. I think the sensitivity is happening because the oil pulling removes some of the buildup of plaque and such on the teeth, revealing porous parts of the teeth that were damaged in the past or due to weak enamel. The calcium wash gets to those parts of the teeth and helps to begin remineralizing. For me only 2 or 3 days of letting a calcium/magnesium/zinc caplet to dissolve in my mouth was enough to totally get rid of tooth sensitivity.
10/12/2011: Michael from Calca, Cusco, Peru replies: Dear Ted,

You have indicated that eating fruit is not healthful which is contrary to most nutritional advice.

Can you explain why "Our body system was actually not designed to handle the metabolism of fructose."? What research has been done to prove this?

What do you consider to be a healthy diet?

Thank you, Michael.

03/06/2014: Klh31508 from Cincinnati, Oh replies: I have heard that OP has some detox effects, such as heavy metals and other good health benefits. My question is I take medications, for many things, however of most concern is Coumadin. When I hear the word detox I fear that it will pull the coumadin from my system as well. I have done some fad diet detox, and this seems to happen, I just wondered if anyone could speak to this subject. Will it lower the circulating dose of medications?

Thanks, KLH31508


07/06/2009: Sarah from Hackensack, NJ: Hi Ted,

I have a question. My husband and I have been oil pulling for about ten days, I feel great, active and fresh but my hubby's uveitis has been triggered by Oil Pulling. Do you think he should stop OP? My teeth initially became very white but now I notice that they are turning yellow, same for my husband too, please help.

Kind Regards,

07/08/2009: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: As in all the remedies I have used, i always used them when it is needed. Once it has treated the conditions, I quite often discontinue them as too much of anything creates an imbalance. That goes true for even drinking too much water. For example, there was one case of a man who drank too much water because of the "heat" he feels, so he drank so much water that one day he fell down. Upopn checking the blood tests, it was revealed that both his sodium ahd chloride to be low. That's why I try to add some sea salt to a drinking water just in case I drank too much water, so that the body's salinity is not sacrificed. Drinking too littler also occurs too often during eating.

As to the oil pulling, they do kill certain bacteria, but it may also support other bacteria if excess were used. Therefore, in the long run, I tend to use hydrogen peroxide mouthwashes more often,and from tiem to time, I might use oil pulling.

It should be noted that most remedies are there to treat certain problems. There are some exceptions such as alkalinity, in which if I HAVE a pH paper to measure the saliva pH or the urine pH, I do know how much it's needed, when it is needed, rather than doing them routinely, I do it on an as needed basis.


07/08/2009: Sarah replies: "Hi Ted,

Thanks so much for the quick response. I completely agree with you on whatever you just said but I am not sure whether my hubby should be continuing the oil pulling or not. He has certain other ailments too which I though OP would help.

Please let me know about it.

Warm regards,

07/08/2009: Ted replies: "Dear Sarah:

Depending on his ailments maybe other supplements maybe of help. One common remedy that seems to do a good detox is one capful of hydrogen peroxide 3% in one liter of drinking water. About 1/4 teaspoon is added of sea salt. It works quite well in most general detox in clearing the blood also and helps with general ailments and condition. The other one is the lemon juice with baking soda, such as 2 tablespoon of lime or lemon juice plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in a 1/2 to 1 glass of drinking water.


07/08/2009: Sarah replies: "Thank you Ted,

I really appreciate your kind support. How long does he need to take baking soda and lemon juice for? Shall I ask him to stop OP or can he continue with it?

Warm Regards,

07/08/2009: Ted replies: "A baking soda with lemon is taken for only 4 or 5 days out of a week. It helps to alkalize and it may help some people. The decision to take or not simply rests on whether the urine and saliva pH is within normal range. In this case a saliva pH should be about 7- 7.3, because anywhere below 7 is acid and enamels do get worn off because of acid saliva, as well as promoting bacterial growth in an acid medium. A good urine pH is often between 6.5 - 7. So if the pH is acid, it's taken, if it's normal then it's not needed.

The OP depends really on whether benefits from OP outweigh the problems associated with OP use, in this case yellowing of the teeth, which is cosmetic.


08/12/2011: Claudia from Portland, Oregon replies: hello, I would just like to know after two years how is your husband with the uveitis? I have this problem and trust me... This sucks

After 2 Months of Oil Pulling, No Results

03/31/2009: Jacqueline : Hello Ted,

I've been oil pulling for over two months now and I haven't seen any whitening of the teeth, improved energy or skin like glass.  I suffer from fatique, rosacea, and depression and was hoping to see some benefits from oil pulling, but so far nothing.  I am using 1 tsp cold pressed sunflower oil and swish for about ten minutes each morning.  I am unable to swish for 15-20 because my mouth becomes full.  Therefore, I use fresh oil for the next 10 minutes for about a total of 20 minutes.

Is oil pulling a therapy that works on some and not others?  or should I hang in there awhile longer?

Also, is it safe to use undiluted borax (Mule 20) on your face?  I've done this a couple times and rinsed with water and haven't had any bad reactions.  I've also applied it directly to my toenail which as a fungus.  Please let me know if applying undiluted borax to the body is dangerous.

I'm looking forward to hearing your response.



04/01/2009: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Jackie:

Certain fungus like organism, not all are killed with oil, but some do not. Certain vitiligo thrives in hydrogen peroxide because these bacteria or fungus has its waste product creates hydrogen peroxide which leads to whitening of the skin patches. Hence a hydrogen peroxide won't work for certain vitiligo, while a copper solution might. My approach has been to specifically look at the disease, find the cause, and then look at appropriate remedies. Some other people might look from another angle, look at one remedy to solve many of their conditions. Which is more like putting the cart before a horse. Either that, or I am old fashion. LOL.

In any event a depression is a condition that seems to work best if a selenium supplements are taken rather than oil pulling per se. That's because selenium has more to do with brain function, which was were found to be helpful towards depression. The dosage for that appears to be closer to 1000 mcg of selenium supplements per day, being the optimum dose, with a minimum dose around 200 mcg.

Some organisms are killed by oil pulling, some are not. I have seen organisms to thrive in hydrogen peroxide and some to thrive in sulfuric acid. They can also survive in extreme heat and extreme cold and NASA is looking on life on Mars, even though human survival there are still inhospitable, certain organism do be able to thrive their or even in Antarctica. I have seen them to thrive in hot springs for example. Cancer is an organism in itself be able to survive too and be able to become resistant to chemotherapy, as equally as a cancer becoming resistant to even clove oil, a common remedy I used against both cancer and chronic fatigue. Later on because of this "resistant" I had to switched to cinnamon, oil, which these cancer organism, did learn to become resistant again, to my surprise. In any event, there was a happy ending to that cancer case anyway. it wasn't able to become resistant to alkaline and hydrochloric acid therapy. Sounds like a paradox, but it's not. The body needs the hydrochloric acid to help digestion and drops of this were added to drinking water along with eating while after hours of eating, I then switched to baking soda to alkalized the blood and drive off carbon dioxide, to kill the cancer cells that way. it's an anaerobic so are killed if higher level of oxygen is present, but at the same time, a weak Hydrochloric acid would also digest them, but can a cancer tumor may also be injected with very weak solutions of milk of magnesia and get killed that way also. Every disease will have a characteristic footprint in which it responds to.

A chronic fatigue syndrome mostly quickly with 10 drops of 3% H2O2, because of the known cause to be Esptein Barr virus, which generally don't like high oxygen environment or hydrogen peroxide drops is added in drinking water. 30-40 drops of H2O2 3% may also be added into drinking water and drank throughout the day to keep the CFS controlled. However, I have also resorted to magnesium and malic acid with baking soda to neutralize the acidity as being a necessity to resolving that one.

As to the yellowing of the teeth, the best remedy I can come up with is a combination of a weak solution of zinc chloride between 0.1% to 3%, where the average concentration is around 0.5% to 1%, mixed with xylitol powder 30%, some sea salt and equal mixtures of baking soda and potassium bicarbonate, used as a tooth paste, if added with appropriate detergent powder or soap powder.

A borax is in powder form, so I can't say much about "undiluted". A borax solution is always in a water solution, but they generally have low solubility which prevents them from attaining higher concentration. My concentration is to find a level of borax where it can no longer dissolve itself is a saturated level of borax and used that as a borax solution to rid of rosacea. Requires the addition of hydrogen peroxide 1% plus near saturated levels of borax. That seems to be most helpful as it is a demodex mites. Some people don't like it because it is drying to the skin and hence coconut oil or a better one, neem oil is applied. Lavender oil can also be use as it does also have some insectical properties. Oregano oil is sometimes taken internally to kill them is one other possibility. It seems to be that a hydrogen peroxide with borax is the simplest remedy for the rosacea, but it will initially cause them to be restless but frequency of applications seems to have killed them. They generally live under the hair roots of the face, so frequency of application is needed to go deep there, then after the peroxide and borax rinse is applied, then a neem oil perhaps is then applied or coconut oil to prevent drying of the skin. However, a borax, such as 1/4 teaspoon or 1/8 teaspoon of borax is dissolved in one liter of drinking water is often taken for about 2 or more weeks to see result, with perhaps 2 days a week of not taking any borax remedies.  This is at least what's being done with rosacea, but certain nanobugs, seems to cause weakness and fatigue also in some individuals. So the oil pulling may have nothing to do with rosacea and oil pulling won't kill all bacteria and fungus pathogens out there either. It's the same with alcohol hand wash used in hospital. It will kill most bacteria, but not fungus or bacteria. A potassium permanganate 1:5000 might be a better way to use an antiseptic because it kills more than the alcohol handwash, but not all again either. Organisms are generally there because they can survive and adapt and we also have adapt the remedy to get rid of them, but no single remedy will be able to resolve all the disease. It's not likely, but i do use a combination of remedies against one single conditions shows a bettter focus in finding a possible cure may make more sense.

Therefore I don't think oil pulling is helping and other remedies may be considered for a specific conditions.


08/03/2010: Joyce from Lowell, Arkansas replies: Ted, in response to your comment on vitiligo... I am a vitiligo sufferer and trying hard to correct it. I appreciate your time helping others. You said "Certain vitiligo thrives in hydrogen peroxide because these bacteria or fungus has its waste product creates hydrogen peroxide which leads to whitening of the skin patches. Hence a hydrogen peroxide won't work for certain vitiligo"

I have studied that vitiligo patients tend to be low in catalase. From what I understood from reading... Catalase is used to break down H202. When it is not there to break it down, we get the bleaching effect in grey hair or vitilego, etc. Could it be that they are NOT responding to the H202 treatments because their lack of catalase?

And to carry the thought on. I have read that catalase does not absorb well through the digestive tract, so it is recommended we take the supplements that help it. Copper, manganese, zinc, selenium. I am beginning to use your recommendations and will post results, just wanted to make a comment and look forward to your response. Joyce.

07/29/2012: Mainde from Rotorua, New Zealand replies: For Vitaligo = Bioptron Light or 15 minutes per area of skin (using polarised light to penatrate through the skin and stimulate the pigment) has worked for my child who has lovely tanned skin and patches of vitaligo, after the first light it takes a few minutes and I could see shades start blotting underneath the white skin, then a few weeks later his natural tan colour would slowly start spotting through the white skin and then would spread into bigger patches. We have managed to completely reverse some big patch areas in his skin. We dont use it often as he is now a teenager and isn't really bothered with sititng through it. It does not hurt, its just like holding a torch of light on our skin for 15 minutes quite boring really but effective.

Is Toasted Sesame Oil Okay for Op?

03/30/2009: Janelle : Hi Ted! I have been doing much research on the earth clinic website and am abt to start oil pulling. the only sesame oil i could find is organic and cold-pressed but it is also toasted sesame oil. Do you know is this would be fine to use or should I just go to sunflower oil instead? Thanks for all your help on the site-keep up the great work!


04/12/2009: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Most sesame seed can be used for oil pulling. Toasted means it's been heated. I generally don't like heated or toasted because oils become oxidized and rancid. So the fact that it's toasted and cold pressed doesn't sound like they are in agreement either.


06/09/2013: Benjamin from Elkton, Va replies: For sesame seed oil, toasted means that the seeds were toasted prior to extracting the oil. So the oil can still be cold pressed.

Question About Oil Pulling for 8 Year Old

06/24/2008: R. : Dear Ted, I'm curious about oil pulling for my 8 year old. She has literally suffered for months with very little relief from excessive nasal mucous. We tried the saline nasal rinse, which was too extreme for her. She gagged and threw up,which I understand adults can handle realizing the outcome. Maybe swishing for 15 minutes is too much to ask for a child. I am more comfortable with homeopathic and natural methods but I know children are impatient, especially when ill. I thank you for feedback.

06/24/2008: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: It's not likely a child will tolerate a nasal rinse. It's too extreme. However sometimes most nasal rinse is too strong. The concentration for nasal rinse that is least irritating that are used are actually 0.75% sea salt and if possible, 10% xylitol. A nasal swab with a 25% solution of xylitol seems more feasible, using perhaps a cotton bud or some other similar devices. The use of a mist with xylitol spraying into the air and allowing breathing seems a more gentle approach. In a mist solution, however, I prefer a 2% sea salt with 25% xylitol as a mist inhalant is one possibilities.

A gentler method I believe is alkalizing the nasal and mouth area using 1/16 or 1/8 teaspoon of potassium bicarbonate and 1/16-1/8 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate in 1/4 glass of water. Taken usually once or twice a day. This will cause the alkalizing effect on the mouth/nasal/esophagus area followed by adding 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt in the one liter of drinking water. The added sea salt usually have a drying effect and kills off the bacteria and viruses that way reducing allergies. Also some fish oil omega 3 may reduce some allergies and is taken once every other day for about a week or two. Vitamin C sodium ascorbate is also helpful as it reduces sinus problem by repairing damage sinus and also an antioxidant.

As to the oil pulling, for me 15 minutes is too long for many people. A reasonable time is 1-5 minutes is more than sufficient to remove toxins, especially heavy metals. I don't follow other people's oil pulling of 30 minutes since I have found shorter times to work sufficiently well anyway, especially heavy metals.

05/07/2010: Ej from Sugar Hill, Ga replies: My 7 year old son suffered from eczema for years and I now have him oil pulling 10 minutes a day with virgin coconut oil. Within 2 weeks his rash is completely gone and it has also whiten his new teeth coming in at the bottom. He continues to do it because he sees the results.
12/12/2012: Vitaminqueen from Lake St Louis, Mo replies: Regarding 8 yr old with excessive mucous, our entire family of eight has either Gluten intolerance/Celiac and Dairy intolerance (casein). I have correctly guessed that others also have it and I am suspecting your daughter could have both of these. Most likely, she is dairy intolerant. Even if you cant stand that thought, please temporarily have her abstain from all dairy with this mucous problem. Casein is the predominant protein in milk and also what glue is made of. A "friend" who knows of my situation gave me food with butter in it. I definitely have GLUE in my sinuses right now and it is miserable.

Oil Pulling Inflamed Root Canal

03/14/2008: Ed : Dear Ted,' I have read every Q and A but still have a question regarding one spot that is still getting worse after six weeks of oil pulling.  All areas of my mouth have improved except the lower left incisor where I have a root canal.  Initially a lot of areas flared up dramatically but I persisted and they are improving.  The gum around the root canal tooth is receding exposing the root and the tooth is getting looser instead of tighter. I want to continue, what do you recommend?  Sincerely

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Oil pulling does not kill all the bacteria that causes receding gums, but they are excellent in killing certain fungus that causes black teeth and heavy metals that get recirculated inside the body system. There are two remedies that I will try to prevent receding gums and I will use both of them: 1. Using a 1 - 1.5% hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash. Some people likes 3%, but I think it is too strong for some people. I prefer the food grade kind, no stabilizers and additive. Thats' the best kind. 2. I will take vitamin C sodium ascorbate 100 mg and some vitamin B complex three times a week. The B complex is helpful with gum problems especially the niacinamide B3 and the B2, which helps capillary circulation. A zinc chloride mouthwash can also be used to kill certain bacteria, I think there is one brand that uses that and it's called Lavoris. Receding gums is often caused by bacteria on plaque which pushes the gums to receded and it's worse if the saliva's pH is acid. Therefore 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/8 teaspoon of potassium bicarbonate (if possible!) to 1/2 glass of water taken twice a day will cause the saliva pH to recede. If this is all too complicated for someone, than I think a nice one tablespoon of sea salt to 1/2 glass of water used as a mouthwash is also possible. The salinity and the alkalinity usually kills most of the bacteria. As a warning, an ordinary common table salt won't work because it's pH is usually 5, at least the brands I buy here locally, while the sea salt's pH is quite often 7.5 to 8.5, which has more alkalinity and kills more bacteria and other pathogens. Some iodine added to the sea salt for example now and then can also help the healing and killing off some more bacteria too. The number of drops is often between 5-15 drops per 1/2 glass of water and sea salt can be added or not depending on whether the gums are sensitive to salt or not. As a footnote, hydrogen peroxide works deeper into the root canal, but sometimes I apply xylitol or d-mannose or mannitol, to help kill them too. They cause the bacteria to unglue and kills them by preventing formation of colonies as this removes the glue in which the bacteria colonies are attached to healthy cells. It also helped my friend's deep cavities from pain in many ocassions from further infection.
06/04/2008: Kevin from Montreal, Canada replies: I have a root canal. I have noticed that it only flares up if I use sesame oil. That doesn't happen with any other oil (sunflower, olive, ...).
01/09/2012: Linda from San Francisco, Ca, Usa replies: Hi Carolyn, You might do a websearch to look up a device named the "Godzilla", I am hearing that those who use it get good results with tooth and mouth infections.

The Godzilla uses a 6-volt lantern battery and sponges for electrodes, might be worth investigating. It's certainly simple enough..

PS: Pure Clove Bud essential oil is also great.

Stay well,


01/09/2012: Carolyn from Bowie, Maryland, Usa replies: My dentist wants to pull my root canal-ed molar, because he believes nearly all teeth with root canals have non-treatable infections (no blood flow to those dead teeth, he says). The crown just came off that tooth, so rather than replace the crown, pull the tooth, claims dentist.

Might oil pulling with coconut oil have some beneficial result if indeed there IS an infection?

Autoimmune Disease Treatment

02/22/2008: Jennifer from Lake Village, Indiana: I actually have a question about oil pulling, I have a autoimmune system, (my immune system attacks my body) I'm very sick & tired of being sick & tired, are there ANY SIDE AFFECTS to oil pulling and how safe is it. I don't like taking medicine,(almost died from an allergic reaction, some help science is) I do try to treat things with home remedies, this is the first time I heard of it. Also my bf suffers from crohns disease,rheumatoid arthritis, and had a brain stem stroke, she is only 32 & has 4 kids could this benefit her & could there be any bad effects from meds she is on? Any replies will be GREATLY APPRECIATED! Thank You & God Bless! P.S. Sorry if I posted this wrong!

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: For my experience, an autoimmunity is due to a fungus like organism and heavy metals. That two is the major cause I have found and treating these two cause I have found to work the best. In event of an autoimmunity, I prefer much more to alkalize first, preferably 2 tablespoons of lemon juice plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water taken twice times a day. The alkalization tend to reduce the autoimmunity if done for at least two weeks. Therefore on the second or third week will I start oil pulling. To minimize the problems from oil pulling from detox effect as minimum and problem free, I will add a drop or two of peppermint oil into the oil, preferably olive oil to enable the reduction of heavy metals which tends to cause autoimmunity, by pulling heavy metals out of the saliva, which are circulated and recirculated constantly in the body. I will keep the oil pulling to do only 5 minutes or less would be sufficient enough to remove heavy metals. This can be once a day or preferably every other day. Finally the most important remedy against autoimmunity is the borax remedy which a minimum of 1/4 teaspoon of borax dissolved in one liter of water, plus perhaps 30 drops of 3% H2O2. The only reason why H2O2 is added to help increase energy in case the autoimmunity caused a weakness to the system. If there is too much H2O2 and causes some headache, I may take 1000 mg of sodium ascorbate vitamin C, which goes away relatively quick within a couple of hours. These are just the bare basic remedy that I have found most important for me. In addition the adding of d-mannose 500 mg taken three times a day is also helpful too. It prevents pathogens from attaching to healthy cells, however, I have found xylitol and even mannitol to have similar effects also. I have noticed that the above remedy were also helpful to Crohn disease, and rheumatoid arthritis. But in case of arthritis, the borax remedy needs to be taken 4 or 5 days out of a week, and 1/2 teaspoon of xylitol were at least added to help. The d-mannose 1/2 teaspoon can also be substituted or added also. Finally in emphasis of rheumatoid arthritis 20,000 i.u. of vitamin D2 and vitamin K2 250 mcg taken once a day further helps in emphasis of that condition. Glucosamine sulfate were only moderately helpful on the joint, at least in the short run.

Op Before or After Brushing Teeth?

01/22/2008: KAT from Peachtree City, GA: I have been doing oil pulling for 2 weeks a question and comment: why brush first? I undersand the need to brush after but why first. I have noticed a decrease in the white stuff on my lips in am which I have alsways thought was yeast. That is it so far. It is hard to swish and chomp for 15 to 20 min. 10 to 15 has been the most I can do. I am using Sunflower oil."

1/19/2008: Chris from Toronto, Canada writes: "question for oilpulling. I brush my teeth before I go to bed. I do oil pulling with sesame oil when I wake up in the morning, then I brush my teeth and have breakfast afterwards.Now you are recommending oilpull between brshing teeths.What is the rational of brushing teeth before oil pulling?"

10/22/2007: Rainbow from San Carlos, CA writes: "Found some discrepanices in the instructions. This website suggested "before brushing the teeth" while oilpulling. com says "after brushing teeth". Which one is correct?

Earth Clinic replies: All of the instructions from India report to oil pull before brushing teeth.
Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: My preferred way is to do oil pulling between brushing of teeth. However, the second best that was done is to do the brushing of teeth first than oil pulling. The reason why that is done is I did encounter some health issues with such use in a many cases.

The bacterial and virus loads is extremely high whenever the teeth are NOT brushed. When the oil pulling is done WITHOUT brushing of the teeth, during the swishing, the bacteria gets removed from their usual places and expands to other areas in large amounts, such as throat, tonsils, esophagus, etc. which lead to severe inflammation AFTER the oil pulling, despite the fact that a brushing of teeth was performed.

The fact is the loosened or free bacteria (freed by oil pulling) has expanded to other areas before brushing during the swishing of the mouth.

This has happened in a number of cases so when bacteria loads were removed after brushing, then doing oil pulling the problems were reduced. However, the issue about stray oil in the mouth needs to be removed completely therefore, an optional brushing of teeth may be needed.

The rationale for that is heavy metals are oil soluble and may be found in the stray oil left in the mouth. If not all oils were remove from the mouth, heavy metals are not removed.

Therefore, I prefer that it is done between brushing, but if that is not possible, doing the oil pulling after the brushing is preferred as it reduces the bacteria and viruses load which increases if they were not removed first by brushing of the teeth.

It should be noted that thick plaques can best be removed by brushing of teeth, and not by oil pulling. If it were that easy, we won't need the brushes to clean the thick plaque, but they do require mechanical force to remove these.

Assuming on the other hand, that oil pulling was done first, then brushing of teeth, it is quite possible some of these thick plaque, and I have seem some large ones the size of a peanut (they hide in the way back of the teeth) can be dislodged with the oil pulling by a simple swishing of the mouth, but the interesting part is some parts of these thick plaque do accidentally get into the throat if the brushing of teeth were not performed and these can be toxic to the stomach or may cause inflammation of the throat or even the esophagus. There are other reasons besides this, but these are the common problem I have encountered.

03/20/2014: Sherri from Idaho replies: I guess I'm still nervous due to the fact I have implants. It's quite amazing that the oil could be that potent, but I have had health issues, so want to understand. I have controlled infections in my mouth effectively with grapefruit seed extract. Since I started oil pulling I put three drops on tooth brush and sprinkle a little pure salt on it as well before brushing. This is after I oil pull. Any problems with that? My mouth feels really clean. Also, several have said they're using olive oil. Before I found this site, I read that's not helpful. The Ayurveda sites say sesame or sun flower oil. Others say coconut oil. I've been using that because I have it and it has been helping me with other things. Which oil is really best?

Should I Repeat the Process?

01/19/2008: ANNALEE from LISBURN, N. IRELAND: Hi I have been oilpulling for over a week now, and can feel the benefits of this, clearer head and sleeping better. My question is, even tho you recommend pulling for 10 - 20 mins, I have noticed that the oil in my mouth turns white really quickly, sometimes after just a few mins. Does this mean i have high levels of toxins?? I was wondering if I should spit it out after 5 mins and start again and repeating the process to reap the full benefits, as I seem just to be swishing the toxic substance around in my mouth!! I use unrefined sesame oil, do you think repaeting the process within the 20 mins would be of more benefit to me??

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Annalee: When I first used oil pulling it becomes white within a minute or two. Therefore there is really no need to continue to all the way to 20 minutes and just spit it out when it does become white. I noticed, and it might be just me, that continued oil pulling took longer and longer time of swishing to get the white liquid. Hence, it may be that there is less toxins with continued oil pulling. Of course the only way to really know for certain is to actually analyze that. What I do know for sure, is that there is free heavy metals that the oil pulling does pull out from the saliva of the mouth and prevents it from recirculating, poisoning the system. Therefore with continued use, the oil soluble heavy metals get removed with continued use. And I have noted that it doesn't take 20 minutes to remove most of that, however it is the frequency of use such as two times a day or three times a day, which are more critical, given of course that the person in question does have high heavy metal toxins (at the very least) may required to do it more often.

Sunflower Oil

10/17/2007: David from Venice, Florida: To Whom It May Concern: RE: "Protocol" for Sunflower Oil. My question: "Are there different potencies of sunflower oil? Is so what potency should I use for this Protocol? And, this Protocol is referring to the Sunflower Essential Oil and not the oil used for cooking?" What kind of sunflower oil should be used to do the job for this protocol? Please advise...

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: My own protocol for sunflower oil are somewhat different from the standard protocol itself as the desired objective to achieve is different, which is to remove heavy metals. The antiviral and especially noted is the antibacterial properties of it which kills the bacteria or fungal substances that cause black teeth is noted). The generally studied sunflower oil for oil pulling involves using the refined sunflower oil, as it is more efficient in pulling out especially the heavy metals. Hence the different potencies of sunflower oil in regards to effectiveness in oil pulling, technically a refined oil would work better. The reason why I know this is based on experience that a sesame seed oil is commonly cold press using a giant metal roller drums, whereby oils have a general affinity to heavy metals since metals are hydrophobic just like the oil and becomes soluble. I get many more complaints from sesame seed oil then I do from sunflower oil. The scientific study recommended the use of refined oil. The potencies of sunflower oil in that regard is more geared to being refined. If the use for nutritional purposes, the best potencies are the sunflower that are not refined, but taken as a whole. The objective is different and potencies in that regard are different. In regard to antiviral potencies, because of the extra virgin olive oil seems to gave the minimum of the problems and do have some antiviral since the olive leaf plant in itself is antiviral, mostly from the oleuropein. In that regard the potencies, at least in my opinion is best served here. Hence if essential sunflower oil is considered in regards to oil pulling, it is more limited in that ability because of its lack of being refined and its ability for cleansing, removal of heavy metals effect is somewhat more limited. But if it is used as a nutritional supplement,an non-refined sunflower oil, is more ideal, having many potential nutritional qualities.
12/11/2008: Jan from Harper Wds, MI replies: I read the comment posted from Ted in Bangkokt regarding using Sunflower vs Seaeme oil. I'm still confused at your reply. I've been OP for a few months now, trying to combat teeth bacteria, receding gums and removal of heavy metals from old amalgam fillings. Did you suggest refined Sunflower oil is better?
02/02/2009: Bilja from Toronto, On replies: Hi, I agree with Jan. Which oil is the best for sinus infection, sunflower, sesame, olive? is it better refined or not, cold press? Thanks

Oil Never Turns White, Problem?

10/13/2007: Joy : Dear Ted, I have been oil pulling with sesame oil for a few days now. I do it in the morning when I first get up with no food or drink on my stomach. Then I do it in the afternoon before supper, again on an empty stomach. I have followed the instructions to the letter and have pulled for 20 minutes. However, every time I spit,it is very think and liquified; but it is still a pale yellow and never white. Am I doing something incorrectly? I have swished continually during the whole pulling time. I have not seen any significant changes in my sinus troubles--good or bad (which is what prompted this procedure after trying every other holistic method out there). Should I try OP with sunflower oil? Please respond. Thanks! Joy

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: My personal experience is I don't like sesame seed oil that much despite other website claims on the contrary. I also get the most negative feedback from sesame seed too.

Thus most of the benefits I do note came from either sunflower oil or the virgin olive oil. For sinus problem, that's a different ball game altogether and would dictate what oils I would use. Hence, extra virgin olive oil used as oil pulling (the color of the extra virgin oilve should be green) and its antiviral component is an important factor here. I would also try some olive leaf extract or if I have an olive tree, I will wash it and eat them fresh. The olive leaves are high in oleuropein, and this might be found also in trace amounts in the extra virgin olive oil too.

A standard sinus problem require also 1000 mg of vitamin C (rose hips) taken two or three times a day for at least a month to note a decrease, although zinc acetate are also important in its own right because of that being antiviral.

If a sinus is indeed chronic, I would consider adding BHT 500 mg taken only a couple of days and usually that helped me. Certain species of virus causing the sinus are sensitive to peppermint oil, so perhaps eating peppermint leaves, or adding peppermint oil a couple of drops a couple of times a day help. The reason why I know this was I also once had a chronic sinus problem decades ago, of course.

It is still always a foundation of good health that before I do anything, I simply have to alkalize myself otherwise most remedies simply won't work. A bare minimum remedy required me to take between 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water taken twice a day, for at about 5 days out of a week. Once the body is properly alkalized does the other remedy responds. I can't stress how important this is. It is the same if you try to raise fish aquarium where monitoring the pH of the aquarium fish tanks are critical to the health of the fishes too.

We humans, don't take care of our own species as well as other animals. Perhaps human are somewhat predatory for our own species. Hence the best way out of this paradox is to do what we do to fishes!


10/09/2007: Peggy from FORT STEWART, Georgia: I have been doing oil pulling for three months now. Morning and bedtime. I am not sure how I feel about it. But I know that it moves heavy metal. I use the extra virgin olive oil for 20 minutes each time and it is white foam. My question is difficult to me and requires Ted to answer.

How do you know that this is working and how should I feel after three months of use? How often should I be doing this? My mouth feels great afterward. I'm just not sure. So I bought a 7 day total body detox cleans which I am on my third day. After this I have bought the Humic Fulvic Acid That Ted mentions about. I will do this daily for life after I complete the detox program. Ted is this too much to be doing. I so want to be healthy. I have the BSM, ACV, VCO, 3% Hydogen P. and started the Lecithin Granules ( apple cinnamon flavor) I love this with Rasberry juice three times a day. I hope to see improvement in my cholesterol. Which I will update on the site after doc visit. Ted please help! I am overwhelmed and need all these. But is it wise to do all this daily? Thank you and I thank God every night for this site and its members. God Bless!

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Peggy:

'Ted is this too much to be doing. I so want to be healthy.

 For me, I don't believe in doing it every day. The body always needs a break, such as a 2 day break once every week at least. My intention of oil pulling is to do it once a day. So the fact that you are doing it twice a day seems a bit too much. For example, people who do chelation therapy typically feel better (more energy) getting less colds, but the effect should be felt on the THIRD month, assuming it's heavy metal toxicity.

 A good scheduling of oil pulling is to make sure it does not cause you to be sick too much where the oils overwhelms the body. To prevent that, it is why I added the extra peppermint oil to the oil pulling, as well as doing this between brushing of teeth. There ARE certain people who do oil pulling to feel worse during the oil pulling. So if it feels worse, than the body is rejecting the oils, or the quality of the oils is not good. I get the least effects with the olive oil. As to the reason why, it might be that the component of olive oil might have the some active antiviral which are also found in olive leaf extract that is also found in extra virgin olive oil. Typically most of the problems experience seems to be other oils and the olive oil extra virgin, or virgin has the least of the problems, to such an extent that oil pulling with olive oil sometimes need not be added the peppermint oil. While other oil pulling people use the traditional non-olive oil, such as sesame seed and sunflower, my own experience shows it is the olive oil that people usually don't get sick from. A feeling of a clean mouth is one indicator that the mouth is in good shape and the fact that it is free from noticeable side effect is the other that I might look at. However, a positive oil pulling energy levels is something that is important.

 As to the cholesterol issue, taking granulated lecithin at leat for me, weight loss and lower cholesterol is seen on the first month and that I think is quite good.

 It should be noted that I take supplements whenever I feel I need to take it, with possible exceptions of alkalizing which has to be taken whenever the pH is off, which in my case, can happen quite often. I am somewhat conservative in my approach and take them whenever I feel the need for it from such symptoms lack of energy, toxicity, and dark circle under the eyes.

 While it is true that I do not take them everyday, those that I do take everyday, the body also needs a rest. If a sickness is felt when oil pulling it might mean that the body's level of toxins are high and some "space" is required. Such as instead of doing it everyday, it might mean doing it every other day. If people don't feel side effect and feels better with more frequent use, than, the body is probably telling what is happening to the body. However, even a positive sign, in my instance, still requires we stop two days a week, so that the body can have a time to relax and detoxify itself also. Assuming it was done non-stop, as in some supplements I noted, a pull back is noted on usually 8th day of continuous taking of detoxing supplements, such as chlorella, EDTA, chinese parsley and the like.

 My approach is to do it in somewhat extreme moderation and not do too much. The reason why I find this the best is that people sometimes get too enthusiastic and overdo it. Whenever side effects from overdoing things is felt, people than abandon them prematurely. So the best approach is to start slowly, give it a rest such as two days out of a week, as a general rule of thumb.

 Yes, it is best to have everything, but at the same time we need not take them everyday, and some we can take it when I feel there is the need. Some exceptions occur with lecithin, getting urine pH to alkaline, and perhaps, oil pulling to some extent, especially if the mouth feels great, and I don't get sore throat from such use.

 Technically it is quite possible to do all, if some people feel the need, but even if that is considered, a two day break is still needed. Oil pulling twice a day may seem too much at least for me, but certain people with mouth problems do in fact do that twice a day.

Metal Fillings

09/28/2007: M : So if you have metal fillings it may or may not effect them. My husband is worried his fillings will come out and then he will have the expense of new ones. I told him that could be a good thing.What has the spitting in water things? I am using coconut oil, *Should it be olive or sesame?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: The oil pulling won't remove the fillings, generally speaking, but if it does, getting a resin composite fillings doesn't have a heavy metals and looks great cosmetically. Aside from the mercury safety issues from metal fillings, the metals tend to expand and causes the teeth to crack and in my case, the entire teeth disintegrated. While a resin does the opposite, it tends to shrink overtime, creating a leak. The advantage of the resin is it tends to preserve the structure of the teeth without pushing out to crack the teeth. When doing a composite filling make sure the component of the mix is not an estrogen disruptor but a brocolli or cabbage, which have indole 3 carbinol, will eventually neutralize the estrogen disruptor.

When using it as oil pulling the oil absorbs the heavy metals and reduce some whenever it is spit out. If removal of heavy metals is the goal, I actually make no real preference for coconut oil, olive oil or sesame oil. However, I do get a negative feedback from sesame oil as the process of oil extraction uses a metal drums and the coconut oil tends to harden in cold temperatures. If there's no problem on those, then it is generally quite find. Coconut oil is antiviral, a sunflower is somewhat antibacterial, while the olive oil I get the least complaints from use.

Website Debunking Oil Pulling

09/23/2007: John from Wurzburg, Germany: Hello I am fascinated by all I have read on the practice of oil pulling. I am considering beginning a daily regimen. I did come across the site of one skeptic who raised some valid points about the science behind the treatment. The link to the site is: http://www.lisabarger.com/oil_pulling_debunked.html">http://www.lisabarger.com/oil_pulling_debunked.html

As I am sure many others come across this site and may be dissuaded from trying OP as a result. I was hoping Ted could address the points raised in the article. Thanks so much and I look forward to your response!

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Oil pulling works because heavy metals are simply oilsoluble, hydrophobic. If you have studied a way totest for heavy metals using the dithizone tests, thenyou know it works.

Basically all you just have to do the oil pulling andusing a dithizone to confirm that it pulls heavy metaltoxins. The experiment consists of doing oil pullingby swishing of the mouth, after which, a dithizone(chemical formula C13H12N4S) is added to the resultantsolution in a glass. The changes in the color showsthat the color have been changed. Basically adithizone tests is a way to confirm heavy metals inthe mouth. Different colors will show different metalsand the longer it is performed the stronger thecolors. Various colors will show different metalstested positive. For instance, copper is purple, zincis pink, cadmium is yellow, mercury is beige, lead isred etc.) This is an imperfect description, but youget the idea.

One principle used in dithizone tests using thechemical reagent is to mix the dithizone with aresultant oils free of heavy metals and mixed with atiny amount, only a couple of milligrams (such as 5mg) of dithizone per 100 cc of an oil (which can be avegetable oil, aromatic oils, etc.) We then use asimple target item we wish to test. So let's assume itis tap water. The solution say 5 cc of dithizone mixedreagent is added plus 15 cc of tap water is thenadded. It is THEN SHAKEN in a test tube, the color ofthe test tube will test whether heavy metals arepresent and what kinds of heavy metals, depending onthe color. This simple test was known since World WarII and it is nothing new with me either. When it isthen shaken, the heavy metals, since it is oil solublewill transfer directly to the oil target solution andthe metals get concentrated. Hence the situation isthe same if you put a saliva samples in the oil andshake. The oil will concentrate the intended freeheavy metals in the oil solution. Hence the water willloose its heavy metals as the metals (molecular metalsize) is concentrated in the oil solution. It takesonly a couple of minutes shaking to remove most ofthem, something like a minute or two. Now, if the oilis decant off, leaving the original water, afterwaiting for the oil and the water to separate. You adda new oil reagent dithizone again. When this isperformed the second time, the resultant tests ofheavy metals are much fainter, and sometimes hardlydetectable.

Now given this observation, it can be noted, that ourbody which has fat and oils, the more there is themore our body will accumulate.

Now let's say we pretend the test tube is our mouth,and the oil is where the metals in our saliva or bodyfluids accumulate the heavy metals. When we swish ourmouth for 5 minutes vigorously, the free heavy metalstoxns will concentrate into the oil solution where wespit it out. Hence, it is possible to do this test,since I have done this 35 years ago when studying forhigh school chemistry as a way to test heavy metals.Hence if the metal are concentrated in the oilsolution from the swish of our mouth, or the shake ofthe test tube, the free heavy metals get concentratedin the resultant oil solution, and the metals isremoved from the saliva. The heavy metals toxinstherefore gets removed from the body. This is why someoil pulling helps people. The one that interests methe most are those people who have titanium metalsinside their body, or metals that are surgicallyimplanted, or the most common of all is the heavymetals contaminant present (the worse are the freeheavy metals) in the tap and drinking water. When aheavy metals is present in high amount, and I noticedhere where I live about more than half of theresidence have heavy metal contamination such as leadand copper being the most common here, although inCanada, I have seen mercury or cadmium now and then.

When free heavy metals are in high amounts, the redblood cells die quickly resulting in a black feces.This is one observation if the heavy metals are high.Upon oil pulling, the feces goes to brown color. Theblack color occurs because of large amount of heavymetals are present, causing free radicals, damaginghealthy red blood cells. As a result, the red bloodcells die and if it is large amounts, the feces becomeblack. I once had a terrible nose bleed whilebreathing, and a lot of those goes into my stomach andthe feces can also become black that way too in caseyou might wonder other causes of black feces, it wouldhave to be bleeding, or even internal bleeding asbeing the other cause. However this occurence is notas frequent as heavy metals which we are exposed. Themost exposed besides the problem of metals from tapwater is the use of kitchen utensils utilizingvegetable oils as it soaks up the nickel, iron, lead,cadmium from the scratches, wear and tear fromcooking. Then we eat it. It is not suprising that Ihave found in the past that certain kitchen utensils,spoons, forks, knives that we learn to trust in thepast sometimes have high cadmium, lead, mercury as acontaminant. And remember, those contaminants doesn'thave to be in high amounts to damage you. A cadmium istoxic by environmental protection standards of onlyparts per billion for camdium, and lead can be bad forchildren's development by only parts per million. Soit therefore makes sense to reduce them.

Additionallly, bacterial toxins are removed from the bodywhenever heavy metals are present in lower amounts.For example I remember one frien of mine who had atitanium metals, with impurities (ppm or ppb)obviously implant on his arms from a simple accident.The metals get dissolved in the blood and accumulatesin the body, which stayed in his blood for the nextthree years. Then for some reason he gets sick,fainting, coma, dizziness, blackouts, unexplainedblood poisoning. Metals, even if they are deemed safe,is hardly safe since even certain titanium metals thatare known to be neutral on bacteria do flourish withcertain wild species of e.coli bacteria. Now imaginethe body has lots of circulating titanium metals, withppb levels of cadmium and ppm levels of lead, and hostof free metal iron from red blood cells or even fromfree metal iron that exists (more like iron oxide)from over cooked meets, and free metal iron and nickelfrom stainless steel cookware. Those tend to promotebacterial growth in the blood. Upon reduction of heavymetals through oil pulling (removes free metals ingeneral), unsugared no milk green tea (usually removesor binds tightly free metal iron as does tannins frompomegranate). He recovered to normal, within a weekand reported no fainting spells, etc. Hence septicemiacan be in an extreme form such as bacteria beingintroduced through I.V. used in hospitals (too many tolist from this kind of death), or through naturalmeans, such as a terrible cavities, leaky gut, or theintroduction of heavy metals which supports bacterialand microbial growth. Hence, oil pulling and anyremedies that removes heavy metals, such as coriander(mercury and lead removal), artemisia (iron), canhence be removed too, in case someone do not like oilpulling can be performed too.

So it is much an individual preference, as opposed forme to put an ultimatum as to what is good for you orwhat is bad for you. Only you know that, not me. I canonly tell you how it works, why it works, but allthose ultimately rests with your own health, whetherit improves or not.

p.s. Free heavy metals is the major toxins that arebeing removed from oil pulling that I do. The other isits ability to kill certain microorganism, especiallycertain oil soluble toxins produced by them. There aremore than enough literature to show lauric (from coconut oil), and other oils to kill microorganisms.

Why Bright Yellow Mucus?

08/29/2007: Tricia from San Francisco, California: Oil Pulling: starting out. I've had a cold that wasn't going away, and seemed to be getting worse, if anything. My congestion, and the amount of mucus that was coming out when I blow my nose has been alot. I started wondering if I might have a sinus infection, so I thought I'd try oil pulling. Did it once in the afternoon yesterday, and once in the evening, and suddenly realized that, for the first time in a week, I could breathe clearly. Have done it twice today, and have just experienced a strange thing: I blew my nose and the mucus came out bright yellow, like egg yolk. I have never seen anything like this, and was wondering if Ted or any readers could comment?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Usually sinus problem in early or middle stage, I would get a continuing nasal discharge plus difficulty of breathing. Before the sinus infection stops, the mucus will not have a continuuing nasal discharge, but will come out in one big blob only a few times, while breathing clears up. The bright yellow color are the pus like discharge by the body in an attempt to rid of it so whatever microbes loosens its grip from the healthy cells.

It must be noted that sinus infection can be cleared by reducing the toxin buildup of the body through various means such as oil pulling (only between brushing of teeth, please), the use of laxative, the use of large dose vitamin C to get a laxative effect, the use of alkalinity (which increases the bowel movements). The key to reduction in sinus problem, at least the basics is to detoxify the body. Most of the toxins if reduced, especially in the bowel area or the mouth area (from oil pulling), the body immune system will increased thus reducing or perhaps stopping long term sinus problems.

Oil pulling is most effective in at least removing heavy metals, but increasing the body's alkalinity and vitamin C should also be considred to further help the body's recovery. It appears therefore that the bright yellow mucus along with better breathing is the final stages of sinus problems and often will go away within at least a couple of days. The cycle has always been like this. There is another way of stopping sinus infection which could result in quite liquid mucus, that doesn't grow through the phase mentioned. This involves the use of N Acetyl Cysteine 500 mg/day, which causes the mucus to liquify instead of forming a large blob and becomes clear. This can also clear it. It is used, in case that the mucus gets too hard or large that it blocks the breathing passages of the throat, that might cause some suffocation during sleep. In that instances, N Acetyl Cysteine, at least taken a couple of hours before sleep might be a better way to deal with that.

Will Op Help My Tooth Abscess?

08/24/2007: Jodi from Elizabethtown, US: I had an abscessed tooth that had been dormant for many years. I started oil pulling three weeks ago and my abscess really got bad. Could this possibly be due to the Oil Pulling since it brings all the bacteria to the surface? Should I have kept oil pulling or did I do the right thing by stopping?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: If that is a problem, then adding several drops of peppermint oil should stop the problem. Also, oil pulling is done between brushing of teeth so any residual oil pulling that may lead to bacterial buildup because it was improperly cleaned may lead to this problem as a result of not brushing the teeth properly AFTER oil pulling. If it is a real problem, I would consider using 1% hydrogen peroxide after everything is finished just be be certain.
03/07/2011: Derangedkai from Mullum, Nsw replies: Hi Ted, I desperately need your opinion on this!

I too have had an infection that was dormant for many years, but a month or 2 of oil pulling surfaced it in full force! It is a severe abscess at the root of my tooth attacking my dental pulp, the dentist say I need a root canal... But I have read so much about them lately and truly believe that it is not a good option for my long term health. I am only 22! I have also developed a fistula on the roof of my mouth.

Will oil pulling make this worse, or do you recommend I keep pulling? Or any other advice, I'm desperate to get rid of this naturally!

05/12/2011: Cindy from Paradise, Ca replies: I have been very impressed with Oil of Oregano for oral issues. It has stopped several toothaches. One of them I had for over a year, dentist twice for it - no help. I put 2 drops of 50% solution of O of O on my toothbrush after brushing with toothpaste and leave it on for a minute or two. ~
11/30/2011: Rebecca from Scranton, Pa replies: So glad to come across this thread on my favorite website. Very informative! I have had a root abscess for over 2 years and it has not bothered me. Until the other day. Ugh. The dentist of course wanted to root canal the tooth right away but again I waited because the tooth was not bother me. So now with the pain, pressure, and sensitivity on the tooth.. I had to do something. Oil pulling! Worked almost instantly. I started with coconut oil and now switch to olive oil after reading the benefit of different oils. I am currently oil pulling 3 times a day and this is day 2 and my tooth is much better. What I am wondering is how long should I keep the oil pulling up? I am going to oil pull for the rest of my life but was thinking more on a once a week basis or so. I don't want this abscess to come back. Any ideas?? I have also incorporated oil of oregano when I oil pull and put it on the tooth directly. All help appreciated. Thanks again for all the great info.
02/21/2012: Eve from Ny replies: I had an abcess that started hurting days after I started oil pulling. I guess it had been dormant all along, I hadn't known it was there. I was not able to cure it with months oil pulling, peppermint oil, clove oil etc. , but appreciate how powerful a detox op is. My lungs always cough up some phlegm immediately after oil pulling. I consider it essential to the healing my lungs have experienced. I got multiple chemical sensitivity which gave me 2 asthma attacks a few years ago. I love this site and mention it in two of my videos and blog posts. It's a detox blog and for MCS. I just made about oil pulling, most of the info I got from here. Thanks!

Help for Cramping, Pain, and Gas?

08/18/2007: S : Ted, I have been OP for about a week and also started ACV and drink Aloe Vera (6oz) every morning. I have had TERRIBLE cramping and lower abdomin pain and gas. What is the case of this is OP or AVC? I have GERD and I'm 45 weight 288lbs. Thank you.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Quite often oil pulling is improperly done, the newer remedy requires that oil pulling is done between brushing of teeth. That means brushing teeth, oil pulling, then brush teeth again to remove the remaining oils. Quite often the peppermint oil is ADDED to the oil pulling to reduce the toxins as peppermint oil neutralizes them.

However in the condition of GERD, it would make more sense to use just baking soda alone, or baking soda with apple cider vinegar.

The remedy for baking soda alone, considering the average above weight would likely be more like 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water taken twice a day on an empty stomach.

Or 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water taken twice a day on an empty stomach, once in the morning and once in the evening.

As to the condition of the cramps, this would indicate the body's inability to cope with excess oils or oily food so it really helps to reduce dietary oily foods especially during dinner, and if oil pulling is suspected to at least do the alkalizing remedy for a couple of weeks.

It is might be suspected somewhat that trace oil pulling toxins is what causing it. However, a more LIKELY scenario appears to be that ONLY apple cider vinegar were used, and whenever the body is already acidosis (most people do acidosis problem due to common western diet), the body's bicarbonate is lacking and bicarbonate is an alkaline substance.

With sufficient alkalinity is what protects dangerous pathogenic bacteria from forming since they tend to grow better in acidic medium, such as between pH of 5 to 6.0, while baking soda is about 8, and the intestinal tract is actually generally alkaline in nature. It has to be that way to neutralize the acid coming from digested food done by the stomach. In event the body cannot neutralize the acid from digested food from the stomach due to insufficient alkalinity, the acid will burn the intestinal tract causing an abdominal cramps. In this case a simple baking soda would have resolve this problem.

However a quick remedy but not necessarily a long term solution is a small dose of milk of magnesia, to neutralize the excess acidity too. However the amount I used always are less than what the bottles recommend such as one teaspoon of milk of magnesia (without the aluminum please!) in one half glass of water and drink that. However, I always will need to take the baking soda nevertheless, for a long term solution and take them (ideally) 5 days out of a week. Some magnesium citrate or magnesium supplements (I don't like epsom salt that much) is the one I think has the least problems and the dose appears to be about 250 mg/day. I prefer to dissolve it with 1/4 teaspoon (approx 250 mg) of magnesium citrate in 1/2 glass of water instead of using the capsules or tablets since it is less destructive to the intestinal tract using a diluted formula instead of a concentrated tablet along the intestinal tract. In some cases these tablet forms don't even dissolve in a glass of water after 15 minutes, which is why I make a habit to chew, grind, or anything so that I get the substance such as dissolving them in a glass of water completely.

Finally most Aloe vera drinks have a problem in itself because of the sugar that was added. The sugar tends to fuel GERD bacterium which makes it worse also. So to get the body more acid, more sugar, oily food, are some of the things which fuels GERD problem therefore doing the opposite would be helpful in relieving such a problem.

08/11/2008: Catlover from San Antonio, TX replies: I would ditch the Aloe Vera juice. The first time I tried it, I got horrible, cramping stomach pain. If this does not work, you need to rule out or change another item you are using. In other words, isolate each item till you discover what is causing the problem.
02/02/2011: Violet_1 from Austin, Tx replies: Sounds like the aloe is too much for you. Aloe is great but when you take too much for "your body"/ or if your body is sensitive to it, it can produce serious cramping. Aloe's nature is cold as it is a bitter herb. Also, I used to use ACV all the time, and never had a problem. At one point in my life I was having strange problems w/ my digestion so I tried it again. This time it didn't work for me. It felt like it burned me, I suddenly became sensitive to garlic as well and had to stop eating that for a while. I had a health practitioner muscle test me and indeed I had become allergic!! The oil seems the most benign of the three unless your liver can't handle it for some reason. Swishing isn't as overwhelming as eating it, however.
02/02/2011: Violet_1 from Austin, Tx replies: Sounds like the aloe is too much for you. Aloe is great but when you take too much for "your body" or, if your body is sensitive to it, it can produce serious cramping. Aloe's nature is cold as it is a bitter herb. Also, I use to use ACV all the time, and never had a problem. At one point in my life I was having strange problems w/ my digestion so I tried it again. This time it didn't work for me. It felt like it burned me, I suddenly became sensitive to garlic as well and had to stop eating that for a while. I had a health practitioner muscle test me and indeed I had become allergic!! The oil seems the most benine of the three unless your liver can't handle it for some reason. Swishing isn't as overwhelming as eating it, however.

Will It Help My Pms Symptoms?

08/09/2007: Josie : I've been reading about oil pulling and I am really considering trying it, but I am still a little skeptical. I am a 22 yr old female. I have terrible dark circles under my eyes that will not go away. I suffer from asthma, which only used to bother me once every 3 or 4 months, now I have more asthma attacks than ever and wake up in the middle of the night gasping for air. My skin, which always used to look so nice and healthy, starting breaking out really bad about a yr ago and won't clear up no matter what I try. I get really bad PMS and the cramps I get leave me unable to move because they hurt so bad and nothing seems to help. I have these spots on my scalp of a buildup, they're not flaky, it seems as if it were just skin, but they go away after I do an ACV rinse, but are back by the end of the day. And I've also noticed that where those spots are, my hair isn't growing that much, there's hair there, but it's super short and thin, which is not like the rest of my hair. Most of the time I am tired no matter how much sleep I get and I have no energy. I want so bad to go back to how things used to be, but I'm sick of trying things and getting the same results: none at all. Do you think oil pulling will help or just bring me full circle, back here trying to find cures?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Josie:

really bad PMS and the cramps I get leave me unable to move because they hurt so bad and nothing seems to help.

Most PMS cramps, migraines, lack of energy in this case seems to be excess serum calcium, lack of magnesium and lack of antioxidants, in particular vitamin C and vitamin E. Those at least from my experience the PMS cramps and migraines.

The usual dose of magnesium is 250 mg of magnesium citrate a day for 5 days out of a week. Vitamin C sodium ascorbate or rose hips about 1000 mg x 3 times a day for 5 days out of a week is what I think I will take and vitamin E 200 or 400 i.u. taken for every other day for a couple of weeks.

The issue of excess calcium which might also brings on headaches are helped quite often, at least with me is the one whole lime (8 teaspoon) plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water taken twice a day for usually 5 days out of a week. I have as yet to determine the optimum number of days, but it seems to be between 4 or 5 days that is the optimum figure. The body works in cycles and for some reason the supplements or alkalizing also has to go in a certain cycles or phases which the body goes through also.

Most PMS cramps are usually helped therefore with vitamin E, magnesium and vitamin C. However, aspirin also helps reduce menstruation pain by preventing clots from occuring too quickly preventing the body from ridding of toxic blood clots during menstruation.

The headaches is usually relieved with vitamin C and magnesium. However, the lack of energy a vitamin B complex I would add to my remedy to help with that, but it is also synergistic with the magnesium, but I will usually take them once every three days for the lack of energy.

As to another remedy to deal with lack of energy is the 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda, that can be taken on alternate days with the lime and baking soda a well. In some cases acetate contents reduce the lactic acid builup, especially whenever acidosis or urinary pH is well below 7 (such as 6 or below) can bring about excess tiredness and PMS cramps just the same. Lactic acid buildup often leads to muscle pains if the urine have difficulty ridding of those, or that the liver does not detoxify them as quickly enough. Also malic acid content of the apple can also helps more energy as it is on of nutrients the cells need for energy just the same.

Finally deep breathing exercise quite often helps, especially if some people can change the bad shallow breathing habits by breathing using the lower stomach area to help with the breathing.

As to the oil pulling question those can help detoxify the body of excess heavy metals which might relieve the dark circles under the eyes, but I think those are done later once the migraines, lack of energy, PMS cramps are taken care of first, at least for a couple of weeks.

Should I Remove Dentures Before Pulling?

08/09/2007: Karen : I keep checking the site but have not seen a response to this question. I would really appreciate your input. Question: Should dentures be removed to do oil pulling? I have a full plate on the top and a partial plate on the bottom (only four natural teeth on the bottom). Thank You, Karen

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: It is best to be remove, however, oil works the same way as eating food and can be done even if they are not removed. However, they should still be rinsed with a good mouthwash, with or without the dentures.
11/23/2009: Bonnie from Puyallup, Wa, USA replies: I just recently asked the same question. Should I remove dentures while OP.

Please consider. Dentures have a lot of places for bacteria to hide. I have tried OP with and without. The dentures hold the oil on the surface of your gums while killing bacteria on your dentures.


07/18/2007: Joanne from Cole City, USA: This site is a blessing! I love it! I tried the oil pulling a few months ago. I started seeing a black streak on my tongue so I stopped. The streak went away. I've recently started again because it really whitens my teeth and I have more energy, but the black streak on my tongue has returned. Has anyone else experienced this? could you please tell me what is causing this?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: It's possible that the black streak came from a fungus (sometimes a bacteria but not often) that is actually black and hides in the cavities or crevices of the teeth that toothbrushes can't reach.

One way to remove the blackness, is to oxidized them using a 1% Hydrogen Peroxide as a mouthwash several times, then do the oil pulling. The black streaks should no longer exist.

Weight Loss for O Blood Type

06/24/2007: HH : I have been using virgin coconut oil, unrefined, organic. I have felt sluggish, have not felt particularly better in terms of weight loss. It has helped to eliminate internal haemmorhoids though! I am of Type O blood, and it is on its avoid list. I'm wondering if this has anything to do with it being ineffective for weight loss. Any Type O's who have had positive results using Virgin Coconut Oil for their weight?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Assuming I eat type O diet (I am type O myself), and follow them, it won't help my health, as the list of foods high protein diets tend to cause higher LDL cholesterol and weight gain. The issue is not the blood type, and this is supported in some scientific study that there is little basis for that. What I can say is the reason why coconut oil stops hemorrhoids is that it is poorly absorbed and cause lubricant to the intestinal colons allowing easier passages of bowel movements. With little resistance, the hemorrhoids are stopped. But that doesn't resolve the acidosis responsible for constipation. Most of the O diet recommended actually caused acid urine, or acidosis, which results in constipation. A constipation results in weight gain from fluid retention, and technically it is a chloride retention as opposed to sodium retention. If I were to decide what is the best type of diets to follow, I would rather follow the biochemical basis rather than the blood type, since the science behind the diets makes more sense. Apple cider vinegar for example makes more sense biochemically as a weight loss because of the malates found in the apple cider vinegar which accelerates the metabolism used in the Kreb's cycle. The acetate portion of vinegar the body allows the cells to rid of lactic acidosis so the cells can function more efficiently without damaging the cells. If the O type diet would work some weight loss would be expected, but this is not the case. The issue is that the body should achieve normal blood, urine parameters more than deciding on the basis of diet by blood type. If my cholesterol is already high and I continue to eat type O diet, that wouldn't make much improvement. The reason for high cholesterol is the body's inability to convert cholesterol into steroids, or hormones, which in turn causes weight loss and lowered blood sugar for example. One simple way to get some weight loss is actually not through coconut oil, as most oils block normal hormone functions anyway, whereby most weight gain and loss is actually controlled by hormone functions first, and controlling or normalizing alkalinity within normal parameters being second. At the moment the ones that I have seen good weight loss for men dose is 25 mg of DHEA per day, plus 200 mg of alpha lipoic acid, magnesium 250 mg and 1 tablespoon at least of granulated powdered lecithin, and 5 grams a day at least for amino acid glutamine. There may be other amino acid that resulted in weight loss, but I haven't had the time and the budget to do those sorts of experiments. However, some chromium polynicotinate also helps reduce weight loss too, which is a vitamin B3 form of chromium actually. So vitamin b complex, taken once a week, or twice a week, maybe I would take 500 mg of B5 and B8 together also will help.

The most effective weight loss supplements out there is actually the human growth hormone, but I wouldn't try them because the costs are prohibitive, and stoppage would accelerate the aging process further. Assuming that I am rich enough to afford it, I would probably reduce the free radicals first since these hormones relentlessly increase them, as such I would probably concentrate more on reducing free heavy metals, excess blood calcium (from lemon and baking soda remedy), vitamin C, magnesium and vitamin E. For a long period of time before actually starting them. So that if a discontinuance of human growth hormone won't put unnecessary stress to the body. Usually most hormones results in significant weight loss, from DHEA, testosterone, and human growth hormone especially. While it is true that high protein diets do cause the body to go into thermogenesis and fat burning, certain people have stickiness of blood platelets and higher cholesterol level, and hence, a simpler form of protein, such as amino acid may be more effective towards weight loss, especially certain amino acids known as secretogogues, such as l-glutamine, l-glycine, l-ornithine, l-citrulline, and l-arginine. For me if I want weight loss it is going to be the L-glutamine in the day time, plus niacinamde B3, and B5, and B9. While the night time, it is l-glycine, 5 grams at least I will take. Those I think might be more effective than protein supplements. I need to find further what amino acid are doing that, but at the present, the research is still not interested in looking further which ones those are.

It should also be noted that many of the newer fad diet of weight loss have their origins with the Stillman diets popular in the 1960s which stresses high protein foods making up 80% of the diet. So much of the newer fads in my opinion is the repackaging of the old discovery (Dr. Stillman achieved 10,000 patients weight loss), by calling for higher meats, as in Atkins diet, or Type O diet, which coincidently stresses the food lists that match most of Dr. Stillman's diet, and then some. However, they all miss the point in that protein is made up of amino acid, and it is the amino acid that the body actually needs after breaking them down to cause weight loss. If the body's ability to break down the protein is impaired for example, than the cholesterol levels go sky high. I know that from first hand, and therefore, amino acid doesn't require the complexities of breaking down the protein, especially if the stomach or the digestive processes are impaired. There are some other weight loss plan that have worked well for Asians for thousands of years, basically it is the rice porridge, or the more popular western analogue called "The Rice Diet", which is basically eating complex carbohydrates, with little meats so that the cholesterol don't go overboard. You might argue that Asians don't have type O blood, but many do. People in India, Middle East can be found of type O blood. I am an Asian, and I have type O blood. If I eat those type O diet, I can be very sick in about a week. What I do know is that L-Phenylalanine can be used as as a fat burner and appetite suppressant. Of course, there is also a question of availability. Also other people who are on weight loss do take more than I do usually between 5-15 grams of glutamine per day, and B complex, especially the B5 and B8 will reduce the blood cholesterol to normal.

06/27/2009: Sarah from Hackensack, NJ,USA replies: Have you noticed that Coconut Oil is in avoid list of A.B,O as well as AB? I am an AB type and I use ____ Coconut Oil in my cooking, baking, Skin Care and Oil Pulling. People have a misconception that all coconut oil are made from Copra (dried coconut meat), copra oil is definitely a big NO-NO. ____ Coconut Oil is made from fresh coconut meat and is probably the best oil which can be used internally as well as topically.

Oral Care Questions

06/17/2007: F : i heard about oil pulling on earthclinic.com and am immensely interested in it. however i have a few questions on the subject : i'm trying desperately to improve my oral health especially my receding gums so would like to know the following : 1) how effective is organic sunflower oil compared to other oils as i read that it's the best tasting oil but is it effective enough? 2) i should be using the organic version of the oil and not the cooking oil variant, right ? ( i saw both organic sunflower oil and also the cooking sunflower oil so i'm confused........) 3) should i brush my teeth before or after oil pulling ? hope to hear from you soonest, thanks.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: 1) how effective is organic sunflower oil compared to other oils as i read that it's the best tasting oil but is it effective enough?

Usually the refined ones are best in pulling out toxins. Generally the refined sunflower oil are used.

2) i should be using the organic version of the oil and not the cooking oil variant, right ? ( i saw both organic sunflower oil and also the cooking sunflower oil so i'm confused........)

A cooking oil variant would be preferable to swishing, while an organic one is preferable for eating. The reason is a refined oil is better in pulling out toxins than an organic one. While an organic ones are more healthy if you eat it.

3) should i brush my teeth before or after oil pulling ?

Brush teeth. Oil pulling. Brush teeth again. This minimizes the toxins that are created because of the oil pulling. In some cases, adding the peppermint oil to the sunflower oils helps by neutralizing them during the oil pull.

Colon Cleansing Added Benefit

06/12/2007: Fran from Montreal, Canada: Question re oil swishing I mentionned your site to a friend who was very enthusiastic and tred the sunflower swishing oil. She did this treatment religiously morning and night. after a few days she had diarrhea for a couple of days and abdomen pain which after a day or two was almost gone but after another 2 days she had something come out from her bowels a dark jelly fish-like come out from her bowel movement. I wished she would have kept it for analysis but she didn't. So I'm wondering what could this be.Hope you can help me understand. She is almost scared to keep on the treatment. Fran

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: The conditions you mentioned is often called colon cleansing. The stringy jelly black brown substances are what causes the disease.

It was actually first popularized Dr. Bernard Jensen (he is most well known for iridology, but colon cleansing is a more valuable contributions, I believe) who first popularized the use of colon cleansing, but it might happen to some people doing oil pulling with a very unhealthy colon full of food and protein, and gelatin like substance that is toxic for the body.

In fact I have seen people who are cured of dark circles under they eyes whenever these substances that exist in your body are removed. Some gross out pictures are available for you to peruse here:


There are actually thousands of picture from other places if you use proper keywords to find them. What I used was simply Bernard Jensen, was more than sufficient to find a couple of them using google image search.

The colon cleansing effect don't happen for people who have healthy colon and it is possible that people who do oil pulling can have colon cleansing effect, provided they have an unhealthy colon.

So the fact that the body clears out the substance is good news. To keep that toxic substance causes autointoxication of the body that can lead to all kinds of sickness.

It is therefore something not to be feared of but something I would like to get rid of myself. Unfortunately, I believe my colons are already healthy and clean due to life long alkalization I do. Therefore it often occurs on people who have a lifelong or frequent constipation or bad dietary habits if those stringy jelly substance should exist. They can anywhere from a couple of inches to several feet long, by the way! But the pictures are still nevertheless interesting, if you don't get grossed out!

Multiple Issues, Toothache

05/31/2007: AS : Greetings Ted, I came across the EarthClinic website while looking for a remedy for an annoying tooth ache and read about oil pulling, which I would really, really like to do. I am concerned though about the bacteria increasing - I don't want and can't afford to have any serious problems - I have a hunch that if I start pulling right away, I might have a severe reaction. I know my questions are answered in various places on the Q&A, but I am confused by everything I've read, which is everything that is posted. I hope you have time to answer my questions! Thank you! I still have a few metal fillings which aren't going to come out any time soon, arthritis in my back and hips, generally low energy, pretty consistent brain fog and insomnia, crazy loud ringing in my right ear which sounds like a ciccada symphony at night and drives me mad but seems to decrease if I relax, concentrate and do some version of self- hypnosis in which I tell myself that "the more I hear it, the less I hear it" - it works to some degree - recently have heard some kind of bizarre whooshing sound (like when you put a conch to your ear and hear the ocean) which goes away after a few minutes - am often somewhat bloated after eating - probably parasites that won't go away - (travel a lot in africa, india, middle east, s. america, etc) - had H Pylori last year and was treated with antibiotics and god knows what else - ick, and have been on antibiotics twice in past year as well because of tooth infection - weigh 102 at 5 feet (almost 50 years old), have been through (horrible, awful, terrible) menopause - it's over thank goodness for small miracles! - am not taking any hormone replacement anything - and have a very demanding job in which I am required to keep track of lots of information and relate it in writing on very tight deadlines - having brain fog and insomnia is not helpful at all which is one of the reasons I want to try the oil pulling, in addition to teeth/gums/ arthritis and everything else. Oy. I'm also hypoglycemic with low blood sugar which can get pretty severe at times, coupled with low blood pressure. What a disaster! Except for the H Pylori which I thought was going to kill me and the teeth thing I almost never go to the doctor - I don't really trust them - and often, probably foolishly, just ignore the whole mess and get on with things. Being an eternal optimist and having a sense of humor helps... A LOT! I'm confused about what exactly I should do prior to oil pulling to minimize harsh side effects and for how long I should do it. What I think I understand is that I should squeeze a whole lemon and add some baking soda (how much more or less?) until the fizzing stops and then add 1/2 a glass of good water, and drink this - how many times a day and for how long before starting oil pulling? Also, that if I want to start pulling oil now, I could brush my teeth both before and after, is this right? - to minimize bacteria increasing instead of decreasing. And there is something about adding peppermint oil but if I want to use sesame or sunflower oil, do I also do this? And is sesame/sunflower the best thing for all this? Also, if there are benefits from using other remedies such as Apple Cider Vinegar, hydrogen peroxide or any of the other things you mention in your responses which I don't know what they are but can ask the nice man at the herb store what they are, I would be grateful to know about that as well.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: You have a multiple sickness, which is why you are confused with the remedies posted in earthclinic. A good toothache remedy, which I don't remember posting in earthclinic is a 1% hydrogen peroxide to be used as a mouthwash. Plus drinking some UNSUGARED without MILK, green tea, and using that too at later part of the day as a mouthwash. The tannins is what is responsible for killing the bacteria in the green tea and it is also anti-inflammatory. A wooshing sound in the ear during the night is a condition of acidosis, magnesium deficiency and vitamin b complex issue. Usually 250 mg of magnesium with plenty of water, and vitamin B complex twice a week, and 8 teaspoon of lemon juice plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water should raise the pH after a week or two. The foggy brain is the issue of heavy metal in the body and sometimes septicemia can result in some foggy brain. Chlorella one capsule a day for 5 days out of a week and taking some chinese parsley on some days can help remove it. The low blood pressure, lack of energy is the body's lowered immune system, from very mild case of septicemia, where certain pathogens block normal glandular functions. In this case licorice extract 1 tablespoon 2-3 times a day for 2 weeks can help. Licorice extract raise blood pressure, normalizes certain adrenal functions, and kill the certain pathogens all at the same time. Energy levels can generally be raised with 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water, once in morning and once before bedtime. This is taken whenever energy levels are low, but since the wooshing sounds and lack of sleep is a problem, the lemon baking soda appear that you need this instead, at least for the first 2 weeks, before you can switch alternatively with the ACV and baking soda. As for the oil pulling issue, i usually try people to use that to reduce heavy metal buildup. But if toothaches are a risk, oils do not kill in tiny cavities since they are of thicker constitution than a hydrogen peroxide. In that case, you would use a 1% hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash instead and use chlorella and/or chinese parsley, plus some green tea to remove heavy metals instead. In case I wasn't clear about oil pulling, peppermint oil is added if people have problems tolerating the use of oil pulling and reduces the toxin buildup whenever peppermint oil is used. Oil pulling is preferably used between brushing of teeth, so that no oil residues is left. First brush your teeth. Second do oil pulling. Third brush your teeth again to remove all the remaining oil pulling. Exception of using oil pulling is when you have toothaches from cavities because oil do not enter readily in tiny area since oil are generally thicker and hydrogen peroxide 1% in practice enters cavities and tiny areas better to kill it.

Why Did I Get a Bladder Infection?

05/21/2007: Jeannette : Ted, I started oil pulling about a month ago and now have a severe bladder infection. I pulled w/coconut oil for a while until I could find some sesame seed oil unrefined and toasted. I have not had a bladder infection in over 25 years. I am also using ACV and baking soda a couple of times a day. I did this to cut the acidity in the urine which it did. I did visit my doctor, who is aware of a lot of remedies that work and doesn't just prescribe meds, he agreed the ACV would help and I chose to take sulphamethoxazole/trimethoprim tablets and finally after four days I feel like a human again. I take no other meds, haven't even been to a doctor in over 4 years, slight cold once last year. I have lots of energy so I was surprised when this came on so fast, at least I didn't have any really early signs. Do you think the oil pulling results were the detoxification and it went through the kidneys and bladder? I love the feeling of my mouth after oil pulling and the taste is okay, the coconut oil is worse as it solidifies, but it melts quickly in the mouth. Thanks for the response. Jeannette

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Jeannette:

For some people, the bacterial toxin loads increases when you do oil pulling, while killing them at the same time.

So for some people whose microbial load is high, it is best to do them not everyday, or do the oil pulling BETWEEN brushing the teeth. This will reduce the load so the microbe toxins doesn't get recirculated, and cause UT.

Most of the problems I do encountered from oil pulling is they don't follow instructions. Sometimes bacterial load is so high in the mouth when doing oil pulling it spreads more because they simply did not brush their teeth and some were swallowed. Then after the oil pulling the teeth must again be brushed.

Normally baking soda is always used first for two weeks before oil pulling for those who haven't done alkalizing at all.

The reason this is done is to reduce the microbial load in the first place.

Oil pulling is still important, not on the issue of microbial loads, but actually more on the issue of heavy metals that accumulates over the lifetime.

When there is a sudden drop in heavy metals for some people, bacterial/viral expands because certain toxic heavy metals are not conducive to certain bacterial/viral growth, so as it is reduced, you become sick since what was once toxic metal prevented their growth, the lack of it encourages their growth! It is one of those Catch-22.

Overall you may seem to get sicker, but it is actually the body's attempt to reduce the heavy metals, which can result in immediate health, or sickness as certain toxic metals, such as lead protects against microbial growth, but in your blood lead metal is never good and when that is remove, sometimes microbes suddenly flourished.

Given enough time, for the body to adjust itself, the immune system will be raised up to fill the gap when the toxic metals are unloaded.

So in the long run, oil pulling is beneficial. In the short-term, it don't look good. But if you realize what it is doing for you, then you know how to deal with the problem.

For UT my simple remedy after lots of trial and error and months of suffering is just 1-2 teaspoon of sea salt in 1 glass of water. One single dose is all it needs Within minutes UT pain will reduce. A serious one is 2 teaspoon, a mild one is just 1 teaspoon. I have seen UT starts from just drinking too much water. Water lack the sea salts and the UTI just goes up the bladder, slowly. Without sufficient sea salt, it becomes an oasis for microbial growth in your urinary tract. This is why sea salt flushing of Urinary Tract is needed. Of course hospitals won't like that, but you can save a lot of money in hospital bills.

As for the issue of antibiotics, this may work for some, mine doesn't work at all, since I was taking antibiotics even as a baby, so I apparently the bacteria developed a resistance for practically all kinds of antibiotics. So for me to survive, I had to find some other alternatives, while other people just did well with the antibiotics.

Dental Problems, Chronic

05/21/2007: Eric : Hi Ted, I have been searching for good dental hygiene most of my life. The last 6 years I eat mostly only organic raw foods. Lately I started fish oil and some wild salmon and a little raw butter. I am in a serious situation which has been hereditary and lifelong. I am 57 and when I was very young I had 2 teeth pulled for decay ..maybe too much sugar. I had my first gum surgeries in my 30's and have had many many surgeries maybe 30 or 40 because I didn't know better. 15 years ago I had a major breakdown in my mouth and had bridge work done all over and caps and root canals etc. One day eating a sandwich some front tooth just fell out. About 6 years ago and 2 years ago I had a total of 5 implant teeth on both sides uppers. Recently my dentist told me he wants to take out my last 11 teeth because of decay and put in implants and bridges. This really sent me on a journey to see everything I can do to save these teeth. My friend told me about oil pulling with sesame oil to stop decay . this is my problem and the teeth have no foundation, decay all around. I want to stop the decay and I want to grow back enamel. I use a very green diet the last month .. Green smoothies, lots of chlorella, and minerals . I have gold and some other metals from the bridgework and reconstruction and titanium in the implants. Yesterday morning I did 20 minutes with sesame oil and a few hours later my whole mouth was hurting.. And feeling infected in 4 places . top and bottom back left and right. 3 of them have reduced and are a bit tender . the spot on the lower right is still sore and I feel a bit of a bump that wasn't there on my gum. I don't know if I am a good candidate for pulling with oil or perhaps use the other ways you suggest. I hope from what I have shared that you might be able to advise me about pulling oil as an alternative for me. I do want to get rid of heavy metals and any other toxins, I don't know if I want all the bridge and teeth work to fall out. I don't know if this is detox from the oil pulling and if I should keep doing it.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Eric: Excessively decaying teeth is a sign of a severe mineral deficiencies in particular I found to be molybdenum. There may be others. The best way to save your teeth is get a good hair mineral analysis and see what mineral is missing. Oil pulling is not recommended for excessively rotting teeth. In which case an easier way is to take one tablespoon of xylitol in 1/2 glass of water and do the swishing several time. This should stop the decaying in the meantime. Getting the body sufficient levels of molybdenum, magnesium, and zinc is the main issues along with the microminerals to save your teeth. The dose for molybdenum, in such emergency consequences is 25 mg - 50 mg/day taken for about a month period. Zinc gluconate 50 mg/day taken every other day for a month. Finally magnesium citrate or magnesium gluconate 250 mg taken for 5 days out of a week. Very few people know that vitamin B complex helps in the healing of gums and tissues as well as the sodium ascorbate vitamin C necessary for the healing of tissues. Therefore B complex, usually of 100 mg of each, except in mcg for B12 and folic acid, is taken every other day and sodium ascorbate vitamin C or rosehips vitamin C 2000 mg should do the trick. The body needs to be sufficiently alkalized for healing to take place and 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water taken in the morning and another 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda taken in before bedtime for a couple of weeks, before reducing to 1/4 teaspoon x 2 times a day should help further reduce the bacteria load.

Will It Loosen My Dental Bridge?

05/19/2007: Cindy : I wish to practise Oil Pulling but I am worried that it might loosen my dental bridge ((crown) since it is fused by metal? Is it possible? Thanks! Cheers, Cindy

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Loosening of dental bridge is unlikely. The problem have a lot to do with ridding biofilms, cleaning and getting rid of bacteria when doing oil pulling efficiently. Usually brushing the teeth between oil pulling is generally more efficient.

Help! Dirty Oil Splashed in My Eye!

04/30/2007: Shakti from Chicago, IL: Please forward to anyone at earthclinic preferable Ted! I was oil pulling and a small amount splattered inside my eye and I don't know what to do. Please help.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Oil pulling, should it get into the eye, is relatively benign and won't cause danger. Just wash the face with soap and water and rinse the eyes with plenty of water. Get some commercial eye wash, if you feel whatever got in your eyes is irritating them.

Will It Threaten My Heart Condition?

04/09/2007: M : I would like to try oil pulling to cure my Keratosis Pilaris but I also have Mitral Valve prolapse. I have to take antibiotics before having any dental work. Please advise.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Oil pulling just removes the heavy metal and may be supportive. However whenever antibiotics are taken alkalization appears to be more important than the use of oil pulling. Only when the body is properly alkalize is oil pulling most helpful.

Antibiotics usually increase the body's retention for toxic heavy metals as most of them are acid forming and the toxins accumulate. If that needs to be done first, then just delay the oil pulling for now.

Will It Help These Conditions?

04/04/2007: Roger from The Hague, Netherlands: Will oilpulling be helpful in cases of Morgellon's and Dust Lung? Useful alternatives? How does OP help in curing arthritis and heart diseases? Thanks for your replies.Will I find the answers in the q/a section of OP?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Will oilpulling be helpful in cases of Morgellon's

Hyrogen peroxide, Borax, sea salt and vitamin C will treat Morgellon's disease. Most insects die even with low concentration of borax, and adding hydrogen peroxide seems to cause greater effect. Sea salt will reduce the bacteria present, while the vitamin C sodium ascorbate will alkalize the body along with the needed baking soda. In event an autoimmunity comes, iodine foot painting will help.

> Dust Lung?
Iodine foot painting and iodine supplement will reduce fibrosis, but taking plenty of colloidal silver will enable the stem cells to regenerate the lungs also.

> How does OP help in curing arthritis
Oil pulling will reduce heavy metals that causes arthritis, but borax will help more.

> heart diseases?
Usually it is magnesium, malates, L arginine, and L citrulline and acetates are more helpful. Alkalization helps too. Acetate is a reaction of vinegar and baking soda, and it is used to reduce the lactic acid buildup in the body. The most well known is dichloracetate, but sodium acetate is a much safer version.

Questions to Get Started

03/27/2007: Gilly : Hi, Just tread through the articles and they are great. I want to start oil pulling but have a few questions. 1) I currently take MSM powder will this be a problem? 2) I have eye problems, uveitis, blurred vision, will oil pulling help? 3) is it OK to use normal toothpaste after pulling? 4) I would like to get a more alkaline body, if I take 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda and citric acid in 1/2 cup of water will that help? Do I just drink it swallowing as normal and how many times a day would be best? Kind regards Gilly

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Gilly:

1) I currently take MSM powder will this be a problem?

It helps because MSM detoxifies also.

2) I have eye problems, uveitis, blurred vision, will oil pulling help?

If it is an autoimmune usually an Eye Wash solution sold in drug stores that contains borax or boric acid I found to be most helpful against uveitus. For some reason it was the fungus attached to the cell walls which bought the autoimmune. It is quite synergistic when a 5% magnesium chloride is added to a day by day eyewash use. Of course none of the eyewash solution make this, so I was force to make my own.

Blurred vision is usually helped most with drinking plenty of water, it seems blurred vision in a few cases is dehydration, and in another case it was the chromium deficiency. And still another, at least for me anyway, is a vitamin D, E, and A problem. I didn't take vitamin E for years and that lead me to the problem, but later I also found the condition to almost completely disappeared with D and E added. The vitamin I took was 20,000 i.u. only for a couple of days to notice improvement.

3) is it OK to use normal toothpaste after pulling?

Do normal toothpaste before oil pulling to reduce the bacteria colonies first, especially those giant food particles. Then after oil pulling just rinse with water. If you don't like the oily residue, than just brush it again. Brushing it again is the best method for oil pulling as it leaves no more oils left after the oil pulling.

4) I would like to get a more alkaline body, if I take 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda and citric acid in 1/2 cup of water will that help? Do I just drink it swallowing as normal and how many times a day would be best?

Yes, only twice a day is enough. Once in the morning and once before bedtime. If problems occur in late afternoon, one more dose during that time might help. However at this dose, it should be sufficient.

Could I Brush with Oil Instead?

03/22/2007: Marcia from Star City, Indiana, USA: I have been reading the information on oil pulling and about mouth detox. I have peridontal disease and am trying natural treatments because I do NOT want surgery OR to have my teeth fall out. I also have a mouth full of amalgrams. The thought of holding a tablespoon of oil in my mouth for up to 20 minutes then spitting sounds really gross. I mean GAG ME gross. Is it possible to brush the teeth and gums with a soft toothbrush using oils instead? I know I couldn't brush for 20 minutes, but would it have any effect?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: You can do oil pulling by using the oils and use the toothbrush it too. It will remove less heavy metals, but to do something is better than not doing anything. The saliva with the heavy metals won't get absorbed by the oil and thus remove less. You don't have to do 20 minutes, just pretend the oil pulling is a regular mouthwash and follow that with using water to remove the excess oils from the mouth.

Does It Affect the Liver?

03/15/2007: Katie from Flint, MI: I would like to try oil-pulling, but I am wondering how it works on the liver/bile. It seems that tasting oil would cause the brain to signal other parts of my body to kick in and get ready to do their jobs -- the mouth salivates, the stomach acids churn and the liver begins to squirt bile to digest the fats that are coming down the esophagus. So when I spit out the fat that my body thinks is coming and interrupt the digestion process I've set in motion, doesn't that cause a problem? Are toxins from my liver now loosed and not being dealt with?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Katie: When it does so, just like the act of using mouthwash or using toothpaste, there might be a physiologic response. But in effect by doing so detoxifies the body of accumulated toxins.

Will It Help Colon Function?

03/14/2007: Greer : Hi Ted, A friend told me about oilpulling.com - I read about it today and then on an "oil pulling" internet search came across your very interesting and informative site. I'm certainly going to try "oil pulling". My question for you concerns my mother: she is 81 years old and had chemotherapy and radiation treatments for an ano-rectal tumor in 1999. She is cancer free, but has been left with a radiation ulcer at the spot where the tumor was and as a result cannot hold her bowel functions at all - she suffers a lot of "burning" pain from the frequency of her visits and the doctors have only suggested a colostomy operation which she does not want. I saw an x-ray of her colon, and her descending colon is the width of a fat pencil, the rectal area below that is normal in size. Can you suggest any natural products that can help her? I'm going to tell her about "oil pulling" when I get home. I appreciate any guidance that you may offer. In Peace, Love and Light, Namaste

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Greer: Yes oil pulling is good, but to minimize the problem, I tend to be a bit more careful than most people. Try to at least do the following first before oil pulling, it helps:

1. Freshly squeezed lime plus about 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda or you may add more so that the fizz is reduced. It should taste like water if the pH is 7. You can make it slightly sour if you wish to make it taste good. This is taken twice a day.

2. Apple cider vinegar 2 tablespoon plus 1/4 teaspoon baking soda taken twice a day.

If possible do that for at least 1-2 weeks before begining oil pulling. The reason is simple. The body can detoxify with oil pulling better if the body is in an alkaline state.

all - she suffers a lot of "burning" pain from the frequency of her

It is this acidity state that she is suffering burning pain. Alkalinity first, oil pulling for detox.

Can It Cure/reverse Tooth Decay?

03/14/2007: Amrita : Hello Ted, I have been oil pulling now for 3 1/2 months in the am for twenty minutes and I love it. It definitely has whitened my teeth and tightened my gums. I am sleeping better as well. I have a decayed tooth that I discovered on the side of my mouth just about a month ago at the gum line. I am scheduled to have it fixed in late April. It looked completely black and awful but after a month now looks a little lighter. Can the oil pulling actually reverse and stop the decay to the point of not needing to be filled ? Is there anything that can be added to the oil to help this reversal if it is possible? Are ther etestimonials out there that address decayed teeth? Thanks

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Amrita: Oil pulling will reduce cavities by removing the heavy metals and killing the bacteria. But if you want to at least stop any advancement, I think a mouthwash using hydrogen peroxide 1% done before the oil pulling until there is no more fizz or bubbles when you do it may appreciably reduce it. It takes me about an average of 3 times of the H2O2 for me to help.

The other issue is to take at least 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda twice a day. An alkaline body reduces cavities and at least to some extent bacteria colonies in the mouth. For example, my own cavities have actually stopped from further worsening condition and toothaches are no longer present. But you may still need to get them filled nevertheless. A tooth may not exactly heal itself, but you can take molybdenum supplements to further delay the cavities but you won't be able to reverse them.

07/04/2009: sandy (sandhya) from Bangalore, India replies: Hi, I read somewhere on this site that toothpaste with glycerin should be avoided for re-mineralising/re-building teeth with oil-pulling (or did it say should be necessarily used...hmmm??). I dont find that mentioned in this answer to reversing tooth-decay using oil pulling. It will be very helpful if you could give a comprehensive list as an answer to "What are the conditions one should adhere to while oil-pulling so as to effectively re-build/re-mineralize (decayed/broken) teeth?" Thanks!

Why Am I Dizzy Now?

03/12/2007: Jayadurga from KINNELON, USA: I started oil pulling 2 days back,really to tell that yesterday was really excellent. The whole day after a long time I fely more energetic and able to do lot of work.This is unusual to me because I have been struggling with various discomfort in the body for the last 6months. I am a diabetic type 2 and I also have high LDL AND LOW HDL and high tri glicerides .I am very careful in my diet, regularly exercise for the past 4 years or so atleast half an hour a day but every day I feel dizzy sometimes. I did not find an answer for this. Always feeling something wrong inside the body something happening inside always and not able to describe the discomfort. Today also is so far better which is unusual to me, so I think this oil pulling is helping me somewhat, I am not sure. But I am going to try for some more time and see how it goes. Do you think this DIZZINESS is not there for the last couple of days is because of oil pulling?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Your condition appears to be that oil pulling is removing the free radical heavy metals that is polluting your body as it accumulates over the years. The body has really no viable means to remove them. The only two ways I found that can remove metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium is oil pulling. The other way is to eat chinese parsley coriander (cilantro). Still, you need to take baking soda and ACV. In some cases dizziness can be cured by taking 2-4 drops of peppermint oil internally. But the real cause of a lot of sickness is heavy metals accumulation. Free Heavy metals is a free radicals that destroys beta cells in the pancreas responsible for controlling insulin production. Heavy metals also suppresses or destroys other glandular function and hence, this is one of the many reasons why you are a diabetic. Therefore, removing the cause will improve many other conditions as well.

Is It Okay That My Symptoms Worsened?

03/07/2007: Lauren Fowler from Baltimore, U.S.A.: I came across "Oil Pulling" I am always on the look out for natural cures. I found the idea of this very interesting. I read all of the testimonials and thought "why not" it can't hurt,and may help. I suffer from constant sinus infections and tooth pain. I take ACV, molasses flaxseed oil, bee pollen, honey from a local source every day. I also started "OP" about three weeks ago. As soon as I do (usually in the morning) I feel better. However, I noticed that my sinus symptoms were worse? I also feel pain on my right side that's most uncomfortable. Is it possible that my body is ridding itself of parasites? And in the process irritating although cleansing? I would appreciate any answers. I love this website I love to use nature to cure. We do have a very loving creator who put "Everything we need at our finger tips" Thanks Lauren

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Lauren: The sinus condition is a fungus problem and usually the pain is excess acid buildup. When metals are gotten rid of the parasites die off and release a toxins which in similar ways to a Herx effect. Toxins are generally acid, free radicals and the body can have a reaction.

To best neutralize this problem of Herx and neutralize the toxins are parasites are killed without getting the body's health to be of a problem, take 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water before the oil pulling. Take this about 3 times a day if possible. The dose at this level should be enough to reduce most of the toxins.

The second way thing that you might add to neutralize the toxin, at least taking them around 10.00 to 11.00 a.m. of 6 drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide in 1 glass of water. the peroxide is quite a good detoxifier of harmful toxins being release and should eliminate most of your problems.

How Long to Swish?

02/12/2007: Sandra from Clovis, CA: You do a nice job of explaining the need for keeping the oil swishing long enough for the oil to kill bacteria that is pulled from the system. My question is, how long does it actually take for the toxins and bacteria to be drawn out? That's more important to me than suffering the Herx reaction. Thanks.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Sandra: Generally for oil pulling, most bacteria and microbes are destroyed within 30 minutes. The key issue is not a 100% kill, the issue is that there is not enough bacteria colonies formed to overwhelm the immune system. In microbiology, I am usually happy with a 30 minute kill when most of the colonies are destroyed in an attempt to find ideal disinfectants. There is about a 90% kill during the 30 minutes, and the numbers get a diminishing returns thereafter. So by practical means, 30 minutes for oil pulling is o.k.

If you have little time, then a 1% hydrogen peroxide solution swished in the mouth would get a similar kill rate, in under 3 minutes. But oil is better under certain circumstances if we consider its effectiveness in pulling out free radical heavy metals from the body. This is something hydrogen peroxide cannot do. Most of us to have quite a bit of heavy metals floating in our bodies and they come from metal faucets, pots and pans we used everyday.

Remedy for Those with Metal Fillings?

02/10/2007: April from Columbia City, IN: You mentioned using a saturated solution baking soda and one drop peppermint mouthwash instead of oil pulling for those with metal filling. What exactly is this solution? Just water, baking soda, and the mouthwash?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Actually, if you use several drops of peppermint oil, it can also pull heavy metals. So the solution is water with saturated baking soda, plus 1-5 drops of peppermint oil. Most light oils or aromatherapeutic oils can pull heavy metals too, but won't have much impact on the tooth fillings.Ted
Earth Clinic replies: Click here to read more oral detoxification protocals.

Good for a 16-year-old?

02/10/2007: Ally from Kansas City, MO: Hello, I was wondering if it would be safe for me to try oil pulling. I am a 16 year old girl... I'm not sure if oil pulling would be too strong for me. I was thinking about trying it to help my keratosis pilaris and acne. I was also wondering if it would be able to help with hormonal problems. I haven't started my period yet and I don't really want to have to end up taking hormone shots. Also I'm scared to start OP because of the worsening of any conditions. Any advice on what kind of oil I should use in my situation, how long I should do it, or even if should try it at all would be helpful. Thanks a bunch!

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Ally: If you fear it may worsen the condition, then consider just using peppermint oil, apply lightly over the skin to at least control acne. Peppermint is a strange one, it has some hormonal properties without the need for hormonal shots. It is hormonal like, in a way like licorice extract, but it works differently. Licorice is more adrenal-like, while peppermint works more or less directly on the hormones, especially in acne reduction.

In fact, you can add a drop or two of peppermint oil in your water if it works well for you. You can also add plenty of peppermint oil in your baking soda in the mouth wash for example.

If you respond positively to peppermint oil, the next step might be to try some oil pulling with a couple of drops 2-3 of peppermint oil and just do it for 5 minutes and slowly increase the time as long as you respond positively.

Never use an oil pulling if you are presently having a flu or a cold coming as oil pulling is more helpful against bacteria rather than a virus. For viruses, hydrogen peroxide 1% with baking soda seems more suitable method of killing them.

How Are Metals and Bacteria Removed?

02/05/2007: Desiree from Pamplin, VA: I really love your website. it is so helpful. I especially like the remedy of oil pulling for extracting heavy metals. Unfortunately, I can not use this method until I have my metal teeth fillings replaced. Can you (Ted) explain the exact process of how heavy metals and bacteria are pulled out of the body? I really need this information because my husband is extremely skeptical that it will work. Thanks for the help you are giving to us all. I've already started on the blackstrap molasses cure for my huge fibroid cysts. If I had listened to doctors I would have had a hysterectomy 10 years ago, but just learned to live with my condition. Now, I'm going to find the cure once and for all and put the results on the internet for all to see. I'm also using apple cider vinegar and 35% hydrogen peroxide (diluted). These fibroid cysts don't stand a chance. And neither do the doctors/pharmaceutical companies, once people find the "REAL" answers to their health problems. Thank you!!! For all you are doing!!!

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Desiree: Basically the oil pulling does not really remove dental fillings, it removes free radical heavy metals and it is somewhat of a lubricant to the metal fillings that are already loose and this is actually why, in rare cases, they can come out. However, you have a much better chance of losing the heavy metal fillings by eating taffy or toffee and other sticky candies or even chewing gum.

If you were ever a scientist who needs to check the presence of a heavy metal, it is a well known fact that heavy metals are oil soluble. Metals are hydrophobic, so if it sees oil it immediately dissolves itself.

Take myself for example -- trying to make a heavy metal tester. I needed a test tube, an appropriate chemical that changes color in presence of free heavy metals (such as a dithizone), and a liquid medium that can pull heavy metals so that dithizone can check for heavy metal presence. If I were to drop dithizone directly on to the food to see it, it would be difficult unless I concentrate the metals onto an oil and then check for the color changes. Therefore, most oils, including benzene, diesel fuel oils, and even vegetable oils are ideal candidates I use to to get heavy metals into the oil solution so I can test for heavy metal presence. This is why autistics improve after taking cod liver oil. What the cod liver oil and even chinese parsley (high in linoleic oil) do is they pull the metals into these oils so the body can easily get rid of them via the feces and urine in much lower concentration. Oils have a tendency to be limited soluble in the presence of water and this is why it also goes out the urine. It doesn't take much to get some heavy metals out, but autistics do improve in learning and communication. Most autistics today are a result of mercury and aluminum tainted vaccines and it was the result of the active parents to get legislation to prevent these vaccines to thank. With such stock piles of course, the drug companies needed a way to rid of them by exporting to developing countries and foreign importers. So the problem merely gets reshuffled. In the end, we need to take actions by at least removing some heavy metals before they accumulate in our body to cause neurological disorders.

Can I Heat up Coconut Oil First?

02/04/2007: Alex from Plano, TX: I have been oil pulling with olive oil for three days now. I read about people pulling with coconut oil and I'd like to try that but the oil is solid at room temperature. Is it safe to heat it up and then do the oil pulling? I would appreciate feedback. Thanks.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Alex: Yes in colder climates, coconut oil is solid. In Thailand, where the weather is hot it is not. At temperature of cool room temperatures coconut oil is solid.

There are generally two ways you can get around the problem. One is to heat it up a bit. The other is to mix coconut oil with sunflower oil or olive oil. The desired temperature to melt the coconut oil without burning your tongue is between 100-103 degrees Fahrenheit. Which is only about 2 degrees above body temperature of 98.6 Fahrenheit.

In practice, just warm enough that the coconut oil melts where it doesn't burn your fingers and that temperature is very likely safe. If you add sunflower oil or olive oil now and mix it well, this may lower the the temperature to being a solid, and make it easier to use.

Lighter oils, I think, pull heavy metals better such as rosemary oil or linalool found in chinese parsley (coriander), but coconut oil I think makes for better antiviral and possibly antifungal properties. Each oils have their own uniqueness and it is why some oils is not recommended when you have a colds, such as sunflower oil, since has less antiviral capabilities than that of coconut oil.

Why on an Empty Stomach?

01/27/2007: Renuka from Jordan: I learnt about oil pulling when I came across your wonderful site accidently. What a lucky accident! I've been oil pulling with sunflower oil, twice a day, for about twenty days now and my gums have almost completely stopped bleeding (they had been bleeding for years) and they feel firm and healthy. My teeth are cleaner and whiter. I suffered daily from indigestion problems and gases in the past. But now the stomach rumblings have reduced significantly and I don't feel bloated after a meal. The best result of OP however, is that in just twenty days I've lost about 4 lbs. I have no appetite for junk food anymore and feel full after a moderate meal - no more second and third helpings like before. All in all, I'm very happy with the initial result and hope to make OP a twice-daily habit for life. Just one question however: Why should one OP on an empty stomach only? What if I've had a meal an hour or two before? I wish I could have an answer to this, because with my busy schedule, my meal times are not very regular

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Renuka:

'Why should one OP on an empty stomach only?

 It puts less burden on the body. A full stomach and oil pulling in some cases maybe too much for some people. Empty stomach have the least problems as the body has one less toxic burden to handle.

 What if I've had a meal an hour or two before?

 that would be fine.

 I wish I could have an answer to this, because with my busy schedule, my meal times are not very regular.'

 It is not a strict requirement, to do oil pulling on an empty stomach, but toxin overload in some people require it is done on an empty stomach, especially people who are quite sick, where toxin overload is high. For most people, doing without empty stomach is not a big problem.

Sesame Vs. Olive Oil?

01/23/2007: John from Elgin, OR: I have been using sesame oil for some time. Today after reading your web page I thought I would try olive oil, because I have a Candida problem. When I use sesame oil it is milk white when I spit it out, but the olive oil didn't change color. I always swish for 20 minutes. Can you address this issue please? My asthma is getting better along with my allergies, plus I'm sleeping better. I have been doing oil pulling about three months now. I plan on doing this the rest of my life.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear John: In some cases oil pulling can remove the pollens responsible for hayfever and other allergens. Most allergens are oil soluble so oil pulling will remove that.

'When I use sesame oil it is milk white when I spit it out, but the olive oil didn't change color. I always swish for 20 minutes. Can you address this issue please?

Certain oils or food stimulate the salivary glands. Sesame seed oil stimulate your salivary glands while olive oil does less. Try adding some peppermint oil to the olive oil and see if it turns white. Peppermint oil in some cases stimulate the salivary glands, but then so does xylitol and stevia, which are both sweet tasting. Sunflower should work the best overall along with sesame.

Can I Use Flax Seed Oil?

01/20/2007: Michal from Israel: I want to ask if flaxseed oil can be used for oil pulling?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Michal: Most oils can remove heavy metals buildup that occurs in the mouth and the body, but flaxseed won't kill microbes as well as sunflower oil, as it is more of a food then an anti microbials. However, people with low omega 3 or imbalance in essential oils may find flaxseed oil beneficial for them more than sunflower oil. To get some kind of antimicrobial properties for flaxseed, perhaps adding a drop of tea tree oil might help.

Will It Interfere with Prescription?

01/15/2007: Radhika from San Diego: A friend of mine was diagnosed with tuberculosis of the spine and underwent surgery of spine to treat the thoraic vertebras. The tuberculosis treatment, I guess mainly antibiotics, has to be taken for another year. She also has other trouble like constipation etc. I wanted to advise her to do oil pulling. My question is: Can oil pulling be done without any sideeffects , while still continuing allopathic medicines, for eg. antibiotics? Please advise.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Radhika: When constipation is at issue, it appears to be the acid alkaline balance is at risk. Especially when your are on antibiotics, since a majority of antibiotics are very acid forming, and causes the body to accumulate heavy metals.

Oils as far as I know are all acid forming and since constipation is at issue, it indicates that the body needs to alkalize where the urinary pH is between 6.5 to 7.35. To continue to do oil pulling with constipation may worsen the constipation since oils are quite often acid forming. Take for example, oleic acid a component of olive oil, lauric acid a component of coconut oil, etc. We do need certain essential oils, but not in excess amounts, so as a supplements of omega 3, Gamma linoleic acid, etc. this is all o.k.

I would therefore suggest to do the opposite, take fats or oil emulsifiers instead. These will neutralize the excess oil and acid buildup. So the best food emulsifers is granulated lecithin taken 1 tablespoon taken with every meal. The body will rid of heavy metals accumulated in the body much easier due to antibiotics.

The other issue is under conditions of constipation and antibiotics, the amount of bicarbonates the person needs is almost double that of a normal minimum intake. So that comes out to like 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water. Or 1 whole lemon but with added baking soda until the fizz is gone, but this is taken 4 times a day at least, on an empty stomach.

In case you don't like lemon, apple cider vinegar is another one, 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda. You should note that the baking soda here is doubled the normal dose and this is taken again 4 times a day on an empty stomach.

Doing those can't be strictly applied in practice, so do what it can be done, however when tuberculosis is the problem, a stricter dietary food is needed, which means no meats (except some fish, chickens), which is only 20% of the diet, no fried food, no bread, no pizza, no hamburgers, no sandwich, fried foods, vegetable oils used in cooking (minimum only), no coke, no tea. A majority of the diet should be green leafy vegetables, not too much legumes (less than 10%) and whole fruits, which some baking soda with the water will be helpful.

In certain instances, polluted water supplies lowers the body immunity condition from hidden chlorine and fluorine, therefore reverse osmosis water, with 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt, a pinch of baking soda and a small twist of lemon. The water will be antioxidant and alkaline forming.

If the body is alkaline long enough the tuberculosis could weaken or at least the recovery of health will be much faster.

If tuberculosis is a lung condition, try a 3% solution of sea salt using an ultrasonic humidifier, for inhalation. Sea salt is quite safe, non-controvesial and best of all sea salt may kill the microbes by hyperosmotic pressure from the sea salt. Even salted fish won't even spoil, so I guess sea salt is the world's oldest antibiotics.

Mouthwash with Ionized Silver?

01/11/2007: Robert from Bellingham, WA: How would it be to wash mouth out with ionized silver such as Water OZ 100 ppm. after oil pull to kill bacteria?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Robert: The colloidal silver would help further kill them. It is recommended that it is done only after oil pulling to prevent silver from being pulled by the oil. This way the killing effect of the silver will stay long after the initial mouthwashing with the colloidal silver and will continue the killing.

Will I Lose My Fillings?

01/03/2007: Mary from Antioch, IL: In a response by the moderator (?) I read.. "And no oil pulling is perfect, I noted that some people DO report amalgrams fillings removed after doing oil pulling, which is good and bad. Good in that you can now use ceramic fillings and plastic to cover instead of heavy metals, bad in that you going to spend some money to do the dental filings again." I'm a bit confused and would like clarification. Are you stating that some people reported amalgum fillings coming lose from doing the "oil pulling" or the people decided to have their amalgum fillings removed and replaced w/another material? I want to tryoil pulling but cannot risk, at this point, fillings beginning to come lose. Please advise as I want to begin oil pulling. Thanks so much. Mary in Antioch

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Oil pulling removes heavy metals from your body, including the heavy metal filings with exception of ceramic fillings. All this is just my experience. You have to decide yourself to do oil pulling or not. If you don't want to rid of fillings and hence heavy metals, then oil pulling should not be done. A preferred remedy that has less negative effect then oil pulling is a simple mouth detox, which is simply saturated solution baking soda and one drop peppermint mouthwash. This one will have the least problems in that it doesn't remove the fillings, but seems to be protective of enamel degradation.

Safe for a Diabetic?

12/26/2006: Ava : I was reading about the oil pulling. I am a diabetic. I take 4 shots a day. I am on high blood pressure medicine, chlosteral medicine,thyroid medicine, plus 4 pills for blood sugar a day. I was wondering if this is safe for me? I also wear dentures. Is this safe for them? Thank you, Ava

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Ava: People who are diabetic have a low tolerance for oily foods, so it is best to avoid fry foods, french fries, as well as obviously sugar. This is especially true if it is taken during the dinner time or evening. It is best left taken only in the morning hours only, under some extreme necessity of course.

Your conditions would be best focused by taking 1 tablespoon of granulated powdered lecithin with every meal of your food. The other thing is to take 1:1 sodium bicarbonate and potassium bicarbonate, of about 1/2 teaspoon with 1/2 teaspoon of citric acid with 1/2 glass of water taken twice a day on an empty stomach. The alkaline conditions will lower the blood pressure, stabilize the potassium level, lower the sodium retention, and reduce the flatulence.

If conditions improve, you may have to lower the dosage of hospital meds. However glucophage is often better in the long run then insulin and many who are diabetic will use cinnamon powder mixed into the foods, such as between 1/2 teaspoon up 2 teaspoon to stimulate the body's own production of insulin. However the diabetes that I have seen are a result of eating too much steaks, breads, and sweets as being the main problem In some cases, french fries, and potato chips are the main culprit. Without being too specific, the avoidance of prepared food and fast foods are the main culprits and a switched to the home cooked meals will help. The reason is quite simple: most prepared foods add monosodium glutamate to not just make it taste good, but caused people to have an unusual craving for the food, thus causing diabetes. Often taking b complex a couple days out of a week such as 3-4 days plus 250 mg. of niacinamide will help the conditon of diabetes as the B complex are well known for sugar metabolism, however marketers tend to over promote chromium and vanadium, which is useful too, but we are missing the obvious: old fashion vitamin B complex and lecithin can help too.

In some cases long term heavy metals accumulation do cause the pancreas and other glandular system not to function as it creates free radicals, therefore taking chinese parsley only 4 days out of the week, by the handful, if possible, but always start very small just a 1/4 of a handful would do, will help remove the heavy metals. Taking some zinc acetate or zinc citrate is synergistic with conditions of diabetes by reducing infection since the zinc ions alone, will often kill the microbes responsible for the infections and long healing time, but this is not easily seen inside your body, particular if it involves the glandular problems.

It must be noted that free fatty acids (from fried foods and the like) tends to block the actions of hormones causing you to be taking more than it is needed. A weekly 24 hour fasting, which is done since the biblical times can also help by clearing out the toxins but it must be done in the convenience of the home and drink plenty of water.

Speaking about water, there are so many trace mineral deficiencies out there as well as acid forming food that adding 1/4 teaspoon of natural sea salt to 1 liter of water and consume them like it was water will help. It must be noted that IF your drinking water taste UNUSUALLY salty, your water is contaminated with heavy metals. I found all drinking waters I checked where I lived to be about 70% contaminated, including where I live and it is COMING from the filter water device! Therefore, should it be salty, switch the source of water and the strange taste should go away. In fact this contaminated water may in fact create free radical metals built up in the body which can disturbed many of your vital functions, including the glandular functions, for which it is especially sensitive.

Worry About Bleeding Gums?

12/26/2006: Anne : I have been oil pulling for a week once in the morning for about 20 minutes. Todayy I noticed bleeding in one of the receding gums that wasn't bleeding before. is this part of a healing effect, for it to get worse before better? It is quite dramatic and alarming. Any comments?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Anne: It might be a bacterial infection. If so, swish around your mouth with 10% baking soda and 1% hydrogen peroxide solution to kill it. It takes only a minute or two. Then apply peppermint oil to the area to reduce the inflammation and bleeding. Need to apply about two to three times a day to be helpful. If this is done for about three days everything should be o.k. and if the conditions normalizes you can proceed with the oil pulling if you want to.


12/26/2006: Alpa from London: the colour is not white after doing it for 10 mins , it is a light yellow colour, but i feel that i dont crave for food and also i feel much more active , As i am a bit overweight i am trying all sorts of things to loose weight, since i had heard about this, i have now taken it up seriously. i am also taking ACV in the morning. Has anyone done pranayama(yoga) the breathing exercise , that helps with a lot of diseases as well, any suggestions regarding the oil therapy would be apprecited please.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: It's possible that your salivary glands are not working properly, possibly because you are dehydrated. To resolve this issue, drink one glass of water first, wait 15-30 minutes, then do the oil pulling. Long term oil pulling will activate salivary glands, remove heavy metals, for example. So the fact that you are a bit overweight might be that the digestive juices are not functioning from either dehydration or lack of stimulation. Perhaps eating some sugarless xylitol gum might help further and next time with drinking of water in the morning your dehydration problem will be gone and the solution from mouth swishing will be white.

Should I Pull with a Cold?

12/22/2006: Sue from New Jersey: I've been oil pulling for almost two weeks. It's not as bad as some readers let on. I first tried with VCO and a drop of peppermint oil since I didn't have sesame or sunflower oil on hand. It tasted like a peppermint patty. I've also tried with cold pressed virgin olive oil.. not bad, but not tasty either. So far I can only report that my teeth look whiter and brighter and I THINK it cooled my PMS rage as well as lightened my 'flow.' Sorry TMI. Today I bought sesame oil and tasted it wondering if it's supposed to taste like toasted sesame seeds? Did I get the wrong type of oil? The store where I picked it up had so MANY brands and types of sesame oil... black sesame oil, pure sesame oil, flavored sesame oils. I picked up a bottle that says 100% pure since I didn't think I wanted the toasted stuff. If this oil is toasted, will it still be effective for oil pulling? Another thing I was wondering... what healing crisis have others experienced with oil pulling? I got a really bad throat infection/cold and I rarely sick or feel ill for more than a day. Could this be the healing crisis for me? I was going to skip pulling this morning since I'm still sick, then decided to do it anyway... a word of caution... be careful when pulling with a cold. I made a mess when I had a sudden sneeze RIGHT before I was about to spit the oil out. DISGUSTING.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Sue: You are absolutely right. Oil pulling should not be done if you have a cold or about to have a cold. Use baking soda mouthwash instead. The oils are generally not antiviral, they are antibacterial. In general BEFORE I have a cold (first sign or suspicious), I would take 1/2 teaspoon mixed with baking soda and drink, take zinc acetate.

However, there IS a formula for these kinds of oil pulling too! Generally, 2 drops of tea oil added to oil pulling will reduce the problems of the colds viruses issues, since tea tree oil are strongly antiviral. As mentioned before in other emails, oil pulling is still plain vanilla and it needs to modify to adapt with various problems and applications.

For those who are determined to use oil pulling thick or thin, without tea tree oil, or want to do a more thorough juob doing baking soda every 5 minutes for at least 3 times before oil pulling will often kill most of the viruses quite quickly.

A strong baking soda mouthwash is a teaspoon of baking soda will stirred to 1/2 glass of water.

As to the sesame seed oil question get the refined one, without any additions, the clear one in this case can remove the toxins from the body better.

Can I Neutralize Emerging Toxins?

12/02/2006: Susan from Saratoga Springs, NY: have been pulling for about a week with organic sunflower oil. I have had fibrositictic breasts for over a year--the outside of left breast was a large cystic mass.That mass has almost completly dissapeared! My face and neck have been breaking out with pimples(i am rarely without at least ONE zit-) It just seemes that the pulling has brought out ALL the pimples that were "waiting" under the skin. I also have a "blooming" cold sore in the exact, and ONLY place i have had one( 3x) in the past. I guess it "pulled" out the dormant herpes virus. I am going to buy some other oils today(like olive, and hemp), as i have read that it is beneficial to alternate. I am feeling "strangely" tired this morning. any feedback would be awsome----thankyou (i have to go spit out my oil!

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Susan: Adding some peppermint oil one drop when adding to the sunflower oil will reduce or neutralize the toxins whenever bacteria are killed. This would have reduce any negative problems experience by the oil pulling. Drinking ACV + baking soda before oil pulling, say 2 tablespoon of ACV plus 1/4 baking soda plus 1/2 glass of water will also neutralize many toxins if bacteria and microbes do get killed and the negative effects from oil pulling should be lessened.
02/10/2013: Sue from Toronto, Ontario replies: I too feel I had reaction from emerging toxins after a couple of weeks of oil pulling with coconut oil. Following one week of OP I got an ear infection in both ears... Very painful! Plus, I have been taking anti-depressant/anxiety meds for over 2 yrs very effectively but I experienced a panic attack in that week that I hadn't had in quite some time. I decided to stop oil pulling because this scared me. I haven't had another attack since although I would like to resume OP I am afraid of more attacks. Any suggestions?

Which Oils Should I Use?

11/30/2006: Jason from Austin, TX: I have a question about the oil. I've read you can use any cold-pressed oil, but noone lists what these are besides sesame and sunflower. I use cold pressed olive oil (and I did verify that it is indeed truely cold pressed) in my cooking and have a rather large jug of it. Is this olive oil going to get the same results as the sesame or sunflower oil. I can only find one webpage on olive oil pulling, but the person alternates between a few different oils and I'm not sure if this one is as effective. I did try my first OP yesterday and felt the Herx effect as soon as I spit it out. My second attemp was this morning and again herx effect but not as serious as before. I also find it hard to keep the oil in my mouth for more than 5-10 min, from the taste change during pulling. The pure oil taste good to me. I would hate to buy a seperate oil just for pulling, I rather save some space and use what I got. Let me know the verdict.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Jason: The point in oil pulling and what oils to use is the components of the anti-microbial activities found in the oils itself. The second properties lies in its ability to remove heavy metals, but most oils seem to share this. So most of the issues that we have to look at is the component. Olive oil's anti-microbial activities, especially extra virgin oil is the polyphenols and oleic acid being the major components.

The most active anti-microbial properties of sunflower is found in the linoleic acid and the oleic acid. It is therefore, in terms of oil, excluding polyphenols, that sunflower is more wider spectrum in its anti-microbial properties. While on the other end of the spectrum is safflower oil which has the highest amount of linoleic acid.

Coconut oil is most unusual, it has monolaurin, or lauric acid, which is considered antiviral rather antibacterial. While fish oils is also known to have antibacterial powers.

Often it is the middle chain fats, which is the oleic, linoleic, and lauric component giving the best properties in killing various microbes, bacteria and virus. So it would seem the "verdict" imperfect as it is would be a mixture of coconut oil and sunflower oil.

You might ask how about sesame seed oil? Sesame seed oil has both oleic acid and linoleic acid as same as sunflower oil. So theoretically speaking they are of equal in antimicrobials. However, in practice, sesame seeds, at least where I live they use stainless steel rollers to squeeze out the oil and during this process it might acquire some heavy metals. While sunflower, the refined oil anyway are of lower quantities.

The herx effect can be eliminated mostly by just adding peppermint oil which will detoxify the toxins that are released as the microbes, or bacteria are killed. Peppermint has a tendency to react with toxins from its menthol component. I suspect camphor also has this ability, but I prefer to use it on the skin instead.

How long is not the issue and it is best to minimize the herx so that the body could best respond without creating too much of a problem. So don't force yourself to go to 5, 10 ,or 15 minutes if you are uncomfortable. Start slowly and always do less. If you don't do this, it is my experience that you will quit doing them altogether because of the problems.

However, in my opinion, I prefer to add a drop of peppermint oil to the teaspoon of oil. The second way is just to use 1/2 tablespoon of it. The scientist who recommend the dose initially wanted to kill the bacteria, but viruses and fungus are also an issue, but coconut oil would likely handle that better. In some cases, if peppermint oil is not available then mix the oils with a non-fluoridated toothpaste, since most brands do have the peppermint anyway, and the detergent effect of toothpastes also help kill the organism also. In case you are wondering what minerals is best used as mouthwash for anti-cavity, it is molybdenum in form of sodium molybdate that i used against cavity protection.

I think oil pulling does more than just kill the microbes, it pulls out the heavy metals and stops them from constantly being recirculated in the body. This I think is the clear advantage rather than the microbe killing power. To that end, I haven't given any study to see which oils helps rid of heavy metal the best, but as far as I know, it would seem cod liver oil and fish oil is clearly the ones that are most well known for metal removal.

Autistics with high mercury respond much better with such supplementation. So if you are looking for chelation or removal of heavy metals by oil pulling it would appear that fish oils or cod liver oil is better. Of course, getting them in liquid from for oil pulling is not an easy one since now they all have it in capsules.

If you hate to separate oil for just oil pulling then borrow them from the kitchen. Just make sure they are the oils that you need for a specific purpose, whether it be bacteria, fungus, heavy metals or virus. The answer will be different. If you want a general purpose kind and within your pocketbook, then a 50/50 mixture of coconut oil (UNHYDROGENATED) and sunflower oil would likely be the best. Fish oils and cod liver oil, because of the present marketing practices, are way to expensive to do oil pulling.


11/30/2006: Jackie from Sioux Falls, SD: I have been "oil pulling" for over a month now, and I generally spit it out after about one minute. At that time it is already a foamy whitish color. Am I still getting the benefits if I do not rinse for the full 20 min.?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Jackie: For 1 minute? Generally, no. The possible exception is removal of heavy metals in your mouth. You can lessen the time but still not 1 minute, but you must add other things! 1 minutes is quite acceptable if you have a reaction against it as the bacteria dies, it releases the toxins too much for your body to take.

The idea of the 20 minutes came from microbiology where if you treat the oils long enough (sunflower oil, but really coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil) often kills most organism during that period.

The kill time can be lessened if you were to add tea tree oil one drop (very hot for some) and detoxify and kill (one drop of peppermint oil), but still 1 minutes is not enough, 2-3 minutes I think is the bare minimum for most kills to be effective and this means you must add the peppermint oil and the tea tree oil together - if you can stand it! So yes, you can shorten the time, but you have to add the other oils too. The addition of soap powder (or toothpaste) mixed with it, to the oil pulling will also speed the killing and this might be possible to get closer to 1 minute, but still difficult.

It must be recognized that certain oils are more effective in killing. For example if it is candida, then maybe olive oil and tea tree oil. If it is a cold viruses or sore throat from viruses, then it is coconut oil with some soap solution, and/or tea tree oil and/or peppermint.

The time should not be fixed since some people cannot take it. The reason is simple: when the organisms get killed, they release a toxin. The toxins can be detoxify or neutralized with the peppermint oil.

In case of removal heavy metals, 1-2 minutes is enough. If by chance you experience negative reaction of oil pulling which often happens during the first 3 days, then I often suggest to try only 3-5 minutes. 1 minute will not be enough to kill the organism, the figure is a bit closer to 3 minutes and this is with the tea tree and peppermint oil too.

The true deciding factor is really not the benefits you will get it anyway albeit less, it is how you can tolerate the thing! If you can't tolerate doing it for 10 minutes, the optimum is somewhere closer to 5!

Most of these problems are the toxins released when they get killed in some instances, the solution remains clear even AFTER 30 minutes. In this instance, much of the problem have to do with LACK of saliva, in which case you must modify by adding water to the mixture. In your case you have plenty of saliva, but that doesn't mean the organisms get killed.

While I don't want to get oil pulling into an orthodox protocol, it must be realized that olive oil might be effective against bacteria and fungus, and coconut oil more effective against viruses, while sunflower oil are best overall and is a bit more effective in removal of free heavy metals, again this is just my observations. The deciding factor is you need to know their components and what they are effective against, such as oleic acid (olive oil), lauric acid (coconut oil, and linoleic acid (sunflower oil but also have oleic too). This is why sunflower is generally better. It is high in both linoleic acid and oleic acid. Since many people are not aware that linoleic have antibacterial properties, here is a research which quite related to sunflower oil in the components. See below. Ted

Antibacterial activity of linoleic and oleic acids isolated from Helichrysum pedunculatum: a plant used during circumcision rites. Dilika F, Bremner PD, Meyer JJ.

Department of Botany, University of Pretoria, Pretoria 0002, South Africa.

The antibacterial activity-guided fractionation of the dichloromethane extract of leaves of Helichrysum pedunculatum resulted in the isolation of linoleic and oleic acids. Linoleic acid inhibited the growth of all the Gram-positive bacterial species tested with the minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) varying between 0.01 and 1.0 mg/ml. Oleic acid was active against three of the five Gram-positive bacteria at a MIC of 1.0 mg/ml. Both compounds were inactive against the Gram-negative species tested. A synergistic effect between the two fatty acids was observed against Staphylococcus aureus and Micrococcus kristinae.

PMID: 10925024 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

10 Minutes Okay?

11/29/2006: Peg : How can anyone just flush with oil for 20 min i did it for 10 and it was very difficult to continue any clues?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Peg: 10 minutes would be o.k., but next time add the peppermint oil 1 drop to it. It will make it easier for you as this will neutralize the toxins that are released as the microbes get killed, and it makes it easier for you to do it without problems.

Am I Less Toxic?

11/18/2006: Cherokee from San Francisco, CA: I just oil pulled for the first time, for twenty minutes, and the oil was still yellowish upon spitting. I am wondering if perhaps I am a bit less toxic than some? I've been vegetarian for twelve years (i'm 31), don't eat fast food, don't drink soda (or any hf corn syrup), and avoid partially hydrogenated oils at all cost. Any other vegetarians with feedback? Diet has a lot to do with toxicity, so I wonder.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Cherokee: It is still yellow? Since I am getting many complaints on this, I might as well give you a formal proof. Add a sunflower oil to 1/4 full to a test tube. Then add 1/4 of water. Shake it vigorously for one minute. The solution will be milky white regardless. If you put in too little water, say 1/16, the solution will be mostly yellow. The problem is very likely that your mouth lacks saliva or you put too much oil in the mouth in ratio to the saliva being thus generated. When this happens, you need to drink more water (you might be dehydrated) or alkalize your body. Alkalizing will also increase your saliva. Just take one whole freshly squeezed lemon and add baking soda until no fizz, then add water to 1/2 glass. Take this one a day at least.

Okay with Mercury Fillings?

11/13/2006: Alan from London: Hi there, I have amalgam (mercury containing) fillings and was wondering if oil pulling is suitable with these ? Thanks.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Alan: The best solution appears to be to remove the amalgam fillings and replaced them with a non-mercury kind. After you remove it then, oil pulling would be most helpful.

If it is not possible, then consider one tablespoon of sunflower oil and peppermint oil. Do it for about 3 times and that should reduce mercury somewhat, but the cause will not be removed.

To reduce mercury exposure somewhat, supplementing magnesium should help. Taking plenty of selenium supplements and garlic should also help displace mercury out of your body easier.

It is also important to take plenty of granulated lecithin when you eat the food. Since mercury are oils soluble, and removal of oil soluble compounds are difficult a fat emulsifier could help you a lot. This is to be taken one one tablespoon of granulated lecithin with every meal of food you take.

Since metals are somewhat acid forming, taking some baking soda regularly should also help. Try a simple 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda to 1/2 glass of water taken at least 3 times a day on an empty stomach.

03/21/2013: Luke from Lewiston, Idaho replies: Read your feedback, was wondering if there was anything else to do for amalagam fillings (silver amalagam fillings), which I've read that do have about 50% mercury generally in those kinds of fillings anyway. I did try oil pulling but I was having the same reactions as most people with metal fillings, but when I used coconut oil it did remove my canker sores from my mouth, or numbed them. I want to continue oil pulling but want to get my fillings replaced first. Are the any other natural mouth washes that I coud do at home to help my teeth and mercury poisoning for now?? Would getting pure silver fillings still have an effect on oil pulling since it's still a metal??

Canker Sores and Dental Work

11/13/2006: Janet : I read oil pulling is not recommended for those taking antibiotics before dental work. Should I stop oil pulling since I do this? I have constant canker sores and was hoping this would be a remedy for me. Can I just not oil pull before dental work? I don't understand the harm. Thank you.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Janet: A canker sore remedy is often to acidic body and constant constipation, or minor consitipation where the body has no ready means of getting rid of the toxins. I would prefer you just take baking soda + citric acid 1/4 teaspoon each to 1/2 glass of water and take it 2 times a day, once in the morning and one before bedtime. Monitoring urinary pH is important that you get it within pH of 6-7. Most people with canker sores have urinary pH of just 5-5.9. Eating less fried foods, eating slowly, and less sugar, no potato chips, chocolates and no fruit drinks will help much. Taking some milk of magnesia will help reduce constipation the safest, if the formulation contains no aluminum compound.

The reason why it is not done before dental work is the fear of herx effect occuring after dental work. So if you are doing oil pulling presently and you have no problems with this, no herx effect, then you can continue to do so. Adding peppermint oil one drop to one teaspoon can often reduce the Herx effect.

Do I Have a Saliva Problem?

11/13/2006: Kathy from Nashville, TN: my question is as follows: does anyone else have trouble with the oil not becoming clear or white after 20 minutes? My mouth gets very full of saliva at this point, but the mixture is still slightly yellow. I have trouble making it that far and not sure I could continue any longer. I've been told that my saliva is very thick (by dentists) thus causing plaque issues. Could this be the reason it takes so long?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Kathy: A thick saliva can mean that you don't drink enough water or are partially dehydrated. It could also mean that the body's acid/alkaline is not balanced. Often a thick saliva whenever I have in the past, is that I am not alkalized enough, or don't take enough zinc supplements, such as zinc acetate, 25 mg/day for at least a week and take some 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda to 1/2 glass of water to twice a day, at least.

The body's antioxidant level is low. To increase the antioxidants consider taking one whole lemon freshly squeezed and add baking soda until there is no more fizz then add water to 1/2 glass and take it at least once a day. One person I know who had trouble raising his pH had to take at least 4 times a day, just to get normal pH, as he is sick, so the body is very acid.

The best ways around the oil pulling problem is just take only 1/2 tablespoon and swish around with constant change in the oil. You need not wait for 20 minutes as prescribe if you know how the logic was was thought up in the first place.

Basically microbiologist know that oils such as linoleic acid will often kill most of them within 20-30 minutes. I have even checked heavy metals presence with some vigorous swishing of less than even 1-2 minutes and there it was.

Therefore in event it does not get yellow, don't worry. Just use less oil, but change it more often in between, every 2-5 minutes would be o.k. assuming your toxic load is high. If you this for 20 minutes the results will still be the same, even if it is still mostly yellow, most of the toxins will be killed regardless.

Should the process causes sore throat, then just add peppermint oil to the sunflower oil. That would be enough to neutralize the toxin. Often brushing your teeth first will help, but in event it does not help, try supplementing with zinc and consider taking baking soda for a least a week. Take plenty of water, the saliva should thin itself by then.

11/23/2006: Suzy from British Columbia, Canada replies: This is in response to Kathy from Nashville. I have done oil pulling for the 2nd day now (20 minutes each) and I have also experinced a yellowish color and thin (not the white thick). My tongue feels very clean from it. I am thinking maybe I donot have very many heavy metals in my body as the reason?? I am healthy and I have done a blood analysis 2 years ago and told that I have some heavy metals but not many?? Also I have been doing the 1/4 tsp baking soda and 1/4 tsp citric acid for about a month now and my ph levels are at healthy levels. So I also question why the oil is not turning a white, but I will try more.

How Do I Deal with Side Effects?

11/03/2006: Mary from Brooklyn, NY: I could not do the swishing for more than a minute or so the first time and tried it again a few minutes later. I just could not do it. The next day I tried again, with only one teaspoon, and again could only do it for a minute or so. I skipped a day and then tried again but to no avail. I am not a squeamish person and can do just about anything, but I was so afraid of swallowing this stuff. I did get very sick all that day and night with pains in my stomach, with a lot of gauging and then vomiting two globs of mucous. I had printed out the oil pulling and gave it to a friend. She said that she would not be able to do this because she has to take antibotics before having any dental work and that bacteria attacks the lining of the heart. This made me a little nervous about doing this and I would like your feedback. I did not read anything negative on the feedback and an wondering why? If I could not do it, there must be others? Thank you.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Mary: Of course there is and always will be a negative feedback from pretty much any remedy! People in general do not post feedback as much as they should. I basically have two kinds of feedback, those with real problems and those who post false information. Don't worry, I can tell which is which!

I did get very sick all that day and night with pains in my stomach, with a lot of gauging and then vomiting two globs of mucous.

This is a common herx effect. Whenever the pathogen dies off, it releases a toxin. Normally the herx effect lasts about 3 days. If you want to minimize the herx effect there are several steps you should take. First, after the swishing, prepare a warm water and add a couple of drops of peppermint oil. The peppermint oil, the worse it taste (too hot or too cold) the more you need it. Use this as a mouthwash and do it a couple of times. Most of the toxins should be neutralized.

Second, just drink strong cup of tea unsugared with a couple of drops peppermint oil in it. Always start with one drop.

A green tea might be better as it might have more tannins. Tannins are basically an interesting chemical that I love to play with.

Basically, it has a tendency to react with any foreign toxins and proteins neutralizing them and it becomes benign.

Peppermint contains menthol, and chemically it is unusual in its own right in reacting with certain bacterial and viral toxins along the way neutralizing them too.

This should stop the herx reaction pretty quick. But the speed will vary since everyone's body chemistry are different.

Personally I would much prefer to use pure tannic acid and menthol crystals, but they are much harder to measure and use for most people. So I will keep this remedy simple.

she would not be able to do this because she has to take antibotics before having any dental work and that bacteria attacks the lining of the heart.

Antibiotics alone have a tendency to create toxins primarily causing yeast infection or candida afterwards.

In that case oil pulling would not be the way to go, as the body is overburdened with heavy metal and bacteria which could cause a stronger herx reaction.

As a result, eating chinese parsley (cilantro) for about a week would be the preferred way to reduce the heavy metal burden. Take it one week, do nothing the second week, and continue on the third week.

To reduce the possible yeast built up besides the chinese parsley, taking some tea with one drop of rosemary oil or peppermint oil in a strong cup of unsugared green tea would do. Most tannins are good in that it does not increase the iron burden to the body, especially if they are not black in color, but will reduce the iron burden.

This is good since the major source of food for most fungus, bacteria and candida is the iron that they create by creating an enzyme hemolysis which kills the red blood cell creating an anemia, but yet overburden the body with iron. Just reduce taking sugar should help a lot. If oil pulling is not your cup of tea, you can modify the oil, by adding one drop of peppermint oil to the sunflower oil or olive oil, to detox the the toxins instead of just keeping it in the oil, the toxins will also get neutralized too. There are many variations I have devised over the course of time doing this, such as rosemary oil, eucalyptus oil, rose oil, etc. but peppermint oil is readily available. And for most people anyway, they are likely to get used to the peppermint already in used with most commercial toothpastes in the market at least for a century. Ted

Is It Safe for a Child?

10/24/2006: Laurie from Bakersfield: Could you please let me know if it would be O.K. for a child to oil pull? He has cerebal palsy and has suffered with allergies and sinus problems for years. How dangerous is it if he accidentally swallows it? (he doesn't have great control over his mouth. Also I have a daughter who has ADD (Attention deficeit disorder) do you have any home remedys for her? Thanks!

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Laurie: Allergies and sinus problems will often be greatly helpped with taking zinc acetate, 20/mg, magnesium 100 mg/day, sodium molybdate and fulvic acid. These are four important supplements that helped with allergies and quite a common deficiency often results in allergies.

The other issue is taking some 1/8 teaspoon of baking soda twice a day in 1/4 glass of water, once in morning and once in evening on empty stomach. For children the dose is half that of an adult. Alkalizing pH will restore the health by increasing oxygen necessary to oxidize the bugs. Most of sinus problems is often due to fungus issues, so removing rugs, carpets in the house in a place where the child sleeps should help.

How dangerous is it if he accidentally swallows it? (he doesn't have great control over his mouth. Also I have a daughter who has ADD (Attention deficeit disorder) do you have any home remedys for her?

Swallowing the oil pulling is not dangerous, but accidental oil getting into the lungs obstructing the breathing passages is not good either. Therefore, to remove the heavy metals, giving a small amounts of chinese parsley of 10-20 leaves per day, fresh mixed with food taken on alternate weeks should be greatly helped.

Since heavy metals is at issue, taking 1/8 teaspoon of citric acid plus 1/8 teaspoon of baking soda on 1/4 glass of water should help remove BOTH the bugs and the metals, since sodium citrate is a by product of this reaction will help most of the condition better than just the baking soda alone.

So you just have to decide whether the sinus is more serious or learning difficulty is. Learning difficulty this second formula will work and I have seen some good feedback from this. The secret is that you must do these ONLY ON ALTERNATIVE WEEK. On first week you can give him hydergine, pyroglutamate, citric acid plus baking soda, and chinese parsley. On the second week you do absolutely nothing to allow the body to relax and detox itself. Then on third week you begin again. The children body has a limited capacity to remove the toxins out and they need AT LEAST a week of this. Sometimes I have seen longer. Where the treatment lasts only a week, and for two weeks you do nothing.

However, in case of zinc supplements for a child with this condition, this is even more unusual. You can only give him only 2-3 days and stop and wait for two weeks and begin.

Cod liver oil, fish oil and lecithin given at different times will help remove heavy metals.

I wouldn't recommend oil pulling, I would recommend things that I have seen to worked well with children and just stick to well worn path that I found to have worked extremely well since this protocol was tested and continually improved upon for the last two years for children with learning disorders.

It is important that the child avoids eating any fried foods as oil in fried foods act like a sponge on heavy metals while you are using cooking utensils made from stainless steel. As you know stainless steel have nickel and iron. Nickel people do have a reaction. Just imagine what happens if eat it. Therefore, only boiled foods, baked foods, and as usual no microwave cooking and sweets. No processed food.

To the drinking water, add 1/8 teaspoon of disodium EDTA per liter of water. This will remove any free radical from the body and allows the child to recover faster. I have not decided yet whether this should be continued definitely or to do the alternate week approach. You have to decide that yourself. However, in my opinion use this only on alternate weeks approach and if all goes well you MIGHT consider using this throughout the treatment period.

As before, this protocol has worked very well with children's learning disorders. Carnosine is one supplement that seems to reduce the toxicity of copper and zinc in the brain, but I have at the moment did not receive any feedback from parents on this. Usually when I pressed for it the typical responses is they were cured and no feedback was needed.

Safe During Breastfeeding?

Sara from Northern CA: Hi- Thank you for this site, I am totally addicted to it. I am very interested in Oil Pulling but wonder if it is safe during breastfeeding- any idea? My thought is that toxins are stored in the fatty tissues (such as breasts) and that pulling them out could send them into my milk and therefore into my daughter's food supply. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated- I really don't want to have to wait until I am no longer nursing if I dont have to. Thank you so much! -Sara

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Usually most vegetables oils are eaten along with salads and fried foods, where toxic accumulation occurs during the cooking process. The heavy metals get absorbed into the oil during frying and we take eat that. Now those thing are socially acceptable and everyone eats them without a second thought.

On the other hand, if you oil pull and then spit it out, the toxic accumulation is not acquired, as heavy metals and other toxins are removed from the mouth and prevents such toxic metals from being accumulated. It is as if we are using our mouth as a filtering device to remove the toxic metal overload.

The best I can say about oil pulling is if you don't have a bad sore throat or colds, oil pulling is generally o.k. Sore throats and colds is often better handled with a 0.5% to 1% solution of hydrogen peroxide with some baking soda, done between 5-10 minutes apart for at least 10 times or until it is gone, whichever comes first. Under most cases the sore throat will seize or at least the colds virus will be reduced.

I have seen a mother whose child was generally ADHD, autistic and had other learning problems. The mother had a hair mineral analysis done which showed that toxic heavy metals were way over the charts. It is thought that these high levels may have caused the child's health issues, during pregancy and while breastfeeding.

The mother should have removed heavy metal toxicity before, during and after pregnancy so that the child is not affected during fetal development and breast feeding from such toxic metals as mercury, lead, and cadmium.

This is one key ignored elements in other places, by placing the cause of the child's autistism, ADHD and other behavioral disorders not related to toxic mercury and aluminum vaccinations.

Some pots and pans I recently heard had high aluminum or even cadmium levels from the soldiering materials. Now how many times do you see a salesman telling you that their stainless steel faucets or pots and pans or fertizers used is free of mercury of cadmium? We ignore this piece of vital information, which is why we are so overloaded with toxic heavy metals.

Therefore, detoxification of heavy metals is wise to reduce toxic overload in the mother that may effect the child's fetal development and the milk during breastfeeding.

Will I Lose My Fillings?

Jean from Fairfax, VA: Can you tell me how long a person would have to be doing the oil pulling for it to possibly cause mercury fillings to fall out.....and how does it do that, does it cause the whole filling to just fall out of your tooth, or is there a gradual pulling out of the metal? Is this really very likely, or just something that "might" happen? Thanks so much. Jean

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Actually this is quite a rare occurence. It is only when you already have a loose filling prior to the oil pulling that it would come loose. Rarely with oil pulling alone will a filling come loose.

Will It Interfere with Thyroid Replacement?

Jenny : Hello, I came across this "oil pulling" and am eager to try it. However, I have thyroid cancer and had my thyroid removed in 1997. I have been taking a thyroid replacement since. For the past 2 years, I have been taking Armour 90 mg. My question is: Can I still do this oil pulling successfully? My goals would be to eliminate my eczema and to reduce/eliminate the thyroid cancer that still exists after 3 surgeries. If so, when would be the best time for me to do the oil pulling? And any recommendations on the type of oil to use? I need to take my thyroid replacement first thing every morning when I wake up. Thank you. Jenny

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Jenny: Measure your urinary pH. Your eczema is an acid condition. It is very likely that your urinary pH is well below 6.5, something closer to 5 - 5.5, which is what causing all the problems.

Alkalize first then once the urine is alkaline at about 7. Then consider doing oil pulling. The reason is simple: oil pulling is somewhat acid forming, so to neutralize this, alkalizing drinks would help

The usual is 1 whole freshly squeezed lemon and add baking soda until the fizz stops, then add water to 1/2 glass of water. Taken twice a day on an empty stomach. It takes about 1-2 week to notice the reduction of eczema. Apply lavender oil to the skin to help reduce eczema or just use apple cider vinegar or vinegar to the skin to reduce the eczema. Inflammation of the skin in certain conditions can be a vitamin B complex deficiency or a molybdenum deficiency also.

Oil pulling in this case is seen as a supportive therapy rather than a primary therapy. In some rare cases iodine foot painting 2 or 3 times a week can also help the eczema since you seem to have a thyroid problems.

Which Is the Best Oil?

Lynne from Santa Monica, CA: After oil pulling for 10 years with a variety of vegetable oils, I was chagrined to read on your site that only sunflower and sesame oils produce favorable results. I would very much like to know the basis of this claim. Have I been pulling for 10 years for nothing?!! Thank you, and looking forward to your reply.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Lynne: Oil pulling whatever the form is o.k. I am not strict as to which ones works the best, your body is the best judgement of what oils agree with you best.

The big problem I have is people don't like certain oils and some do. They do have good reasons and it also depends on the nature of the problem too.

If you have a virus and fungus issue, coconut oil works the best owing to the lauric acid content. They have antiviral and antifungal properties.

If you have a certain bacteria that seems to be stubborn, then olive oil, which contains oleic acid works the best.

On the other hand, where I live the manufacturing of sunflower uses cold steel pressed method and this is not good as it tends to absorb heavy metals, in particular nickel and iron. Metals are oil soluble.

In theory sunflower oil works the best owing to a broader spectrum in killing of microbes owing to the antimicrobials of linoleic and oleic acid.

Again sunflower IS NOT perfect, it is missing antifungals and antiviral properties which coconut oil DOES HAVE.

In fact, I have noted that one old gentleman who I thought was in his 40s was actually 80 years old was doing oil pulling just virgin olive oil.

SO really there is many things we don't know about oil pulling other than the fact that it kills microbes, pulls out heavy metals, being the most predominant.

And no oil pulling is perfect, I noted that some people DO report amalgrams fillings removed after doing oil pulling, which is good and bad. Good in that you can now use ceramic fillings and plastic to cover instead of heavy metals, bad in that you going to spend some money to do the dental filings again.

The other issue is oil pulling might pull certain beneficial minerals too. So you may need to take some mineral supplements either twice a month or even once a month to prevent a possible deficiency. Some do report that to me privately.

Finally, the most common problems I have encountered with oil pulling is the herx effect whenever the bacteria dies, it releases a toxin. For some people with higher bacterial load, this can be a problem and one way to reduce some of it is to add peppermint oil and take drink 2 tablespoons Apple cider vinegar+ 1/4 teaspoon baking soda BEFORE oil pulling.

No natural therapy is a perfect one and no effort of natural therapies in the past is wasted.

In fact, Dr. F. Karach, Dr. Veronica Carstens, Dr. Rosi Frey, Dr.Guenter Harnisch and Tummala Koteswara Rao were the original researchers who do support the contention that sunflower oil and sesame oil works the best. But my own personal experience seem to indicate the ones with the least problems or herx seems to be olive oil.

The best judge is of course yourself over a period of time you should know what works for you.

07/21/2011: Braces from Bethesda, Md replies: I have braces and I have been using olive oil as a mouth wash to prevent decalcification of my teeth. I just realized this was also oil pulling. I am concerned oil pulling would introduce more metals into my system by pulling heavy metals from the braces. Does anyone know more about this?
09/01/2011: Patricia from Chicago, Il. replies: My 15 year old has ADD. We want to cleanse her of heavy metals. I have been told about oral chelating with zeolit or taking chollera and also clay bentonite baths. We are also giving her Vitamins, probiotics, digestive enzymes and the omega 3's along with clay baths.

What do you think?

09/01/2011: Gregg from Dunedin, New Zealand replies: The best oil internally or externally is extra virgin coconut oil. Make sure its organic, great to use when cooking. Many health benefits :)
02/23/2014: Druid from Vancouver, Canada, Canada replies: First time trying oil pulling.....I used castor oil and some drops of oregano oil. Found it a little hard to get used to but did it for only 5 minutes then spat out the milky white residue.....well.....I got the best nights sleep I had in a long time....

2nd night I changed to Sesame seed oil and really preferred the castor oil for some reason....funny enough, I got a great nights sleep after that too.....

I will stick to the castor oil.oregano mix and monitor the patterns.

Thanks for everyone who shares this human experience forum



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