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Blackstrap Molasses
Natural Cures

Blackstrap Molasses Natural Cures

Last Modified on Nov 20, 2015

Molasses Recipes
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Posted by Lisa (West Plains, MO) on 02/27/2007

[YEA]  As someone on here suggested, mixing molasses and hot milk. I tried it, was a little skeptical, it tastes really good. I was surprised because well if you've had blackstrap molasses straight than you know how it makes you cringe. I put a spoonful in hot milk. I use a tall glass because I prefer more milk so the molasses isn't very strong. Adjust to your tastebuds.

Replied by Double D
Bfe, Ok, Usa
No matter how I take it, I pinch my nostrils together when I swallow it to avoid the taste, followed by a glass of water. the benefits outweigh the negative taste, which only last a few seconds. dd

Posted by Misty (Harrisonville, MS) on 01/28/2007

[YEA]  I am currently trying to fight fibroid tumors and read about the molasses. I did order a bunch of it and when I got it I couldn't get the stuff down without gagging and nearly throwing it back up. I did stop doing it and began other options although they have helped I began bleeding more and getting tired, and loosing my energy. I decided to try the molasses. again to help with this and I still couldn't get it down, so I tried it with a tablespoon full with a 4oz cup of grape juice and drank it with a straw as far back in my mouth as possible. It is so much easier to get down and since the grape juice packs such a punch of flavor it's self it nearly covers the taste. I must say I have only been doing it a day now so I will keep you up dated on my fibroid and energy level to help further confirm the black strap molasses cure.

Posted by Kelley (Sellesburg, Indiana) on 01/21/2007

[YEA]  Hint for making blackstrap more palatable to take: mix one tablespoon with milk ( is good) and drink hot; tastes like a caramel latte. Honest!!

Posted by Jennifer (Raleigh, NC) on 12/21/2006

[YEA]  I'm going out tomorrow to stock up on everything I've read tonight from ACV to Molasses. Someone inquired as to how to use he Molasses to make it more palatable. It is pretty common around where I live to have Molasses on top of a buttered biscuit (for the non-US readers, that is a bread roll). I would imagine one can use it in similar, yet healthier manner-on toasted whole grain bread or waffles. The fat in the butter seems to temper the sour taste of the Molasses, I am not sure how it would be with other fats.

Replied by Worldover
Atlanta, Ga, Usa
Also good on cornbread.

Posted by Alastair (NI) on 02/04/2006

[YEA]  I recommend molasses in porridge every morning. Not only does it flavour the porridge but it also sets me up for the day ahead. I have been an avid molasses fan for 9 years now and I ensure that it accompanies me on my many cycling trips as it gets me over the hills!!

Molasses Side Effects
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Posted by Jefeflounder (Carmel, Ca) on 05/04/2013

[SIDE EFFECTS]  HIVES! Blackstrap Molasses is giving me hives... I've been taking 1tbsp a day for about six weeks and I just started getting hives on my arm. Same thing happend once when I started taking Niacin. Does anyone know what the two substances have in common that would cause an allergic reaction?

Replied by Aj
I believe BSM contains niacin. Maybe you are sensitive to the niacin, and you get what is called 'a capillary flush.'

Molasses Tips
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Posted by Charles (Philadelphia) on 08/16/2013

Here are some delicious ways to add Blackstrap Molasses to your diet:

1. Drizzle on Baked/boiled Sweet Potatoes

2. Stir into a bowl of oatmeal (you could add a tsp of sugar to give it more sweetness).

3. Molasses cookies (there is a recipe on the internet that includes BSM; the only other sweetner in the cookies is a banana)

4. Molasses Latte (Molasses added to hot milk - this was mentioned by others here- I think it tastes good)

Replied by Tastes Good
Add organic coconut oil to molasses.. tastes great.

Posted by Arn (Kenmore, Wa) on 07/10/2013

If molasses makes you think "Yuck", think gingerbread, molasses cookies, get creative. Molasses milk, +1 spoonful in a cup of warm milk is hard not to like. But if the bitterness really gets to you, try cutting it half/half with honey. This is the combo I put in my coffee, and it is good.

Molasses Vs. Demerara Sugar
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Posted by Karina (Munich, Bavaria/Germany) on 04/28/2009

Could anyone tell me if Demerara Sugar has the same health supporting properties as blackstrap molasses? With regards to blackstrap molasses is it important if the molasses comes from sugar beet or sugar cane? If anybody has insights on it would be great. Especially I would like to know what molasses people to to remedy their hormonal balance and hair growth. Thanks for any insights!

EC: From Wiki:

Nutritional Info here:

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Posted by Donna (Yellow Springs, OH)

[YEA]  Years ago my mom gave me molasses when I was bead ridden with mono.I remember the doctor telling her I recovered in 1/2 the normal time! I am interested in giving it to my dog who has a non cancerous lipoma tumor.How much should an 85lb dog take without adverse effects?

Replied by Jonna
Pittsburgh, PA
As kids we had a chiropractor "prescribe" black strap to us. We were maybe 10 and 7 and we each took a Tablespoon 2x per day so I'm sure the 2 Tablespoon dosage per day for your puppy would work also. Good Luck!

Multiple Cures
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Posted by Lenora (Gary, In) on 08/11/2015

[YEA]  I started taking blackstrap molasses around March 2013. I took it to help with the pain and discomfort of the fibroids I had. After a few months of taking the syrup, I realized I hadn't taken any gas pills for acid reflux. WOW! Because of the discomfort of eating certain foods, I had been taking Zantac for a few years to ease the discomfort. I realized after a few weeks of taking the molasses, that I had not been taking any gas pills. I can now eat spicy foods, drink milk, and EAT ICE CREAM! Amazing!

The blackstrap molasses is doing way more than why I started taking it. It is suggested to take it first thing in the morning. I take 3 table spoons a day - 2 in the morning and 1 before bed.

I went to the doctor May 2014 for a return PAP and the fibroids shrunk, she could barely feel them. I don't know how fast the syrup shrunk them. I didn't go to the doctor til a year later but I stop feeling the discomfort maybe about 6 months later.

So I've been sharing this info with as many people as I can. My husband takes for his stomach (gas). My mom was taking it for acid reflux and felt better. By best friend took it and it built her iron. One of the sisters at church, who's on dialysis, took it and it helped with diarrhea - she would have 3 - 5 times a week and since she's been taking it, she hasn't had that problem. Another friend has throat cancer and you can now hear him talk clearly.

Try it, what do you have to lose?

Posted by Mary (Greensboro, Nc, Usa) on 05/23/2011

[YEA]  For one month, I have been taking 1 tbs of Blackstrap Molasses in warm almond milk each morning. I love the taste. My nails, skin, bowel movements have improved and I think I sleep better. Another benefit is that it curbs my appetite and my friends are telling me that I look like I've lost weight and I am losing weight. As for my hair, it may be getting darker and my husband's hair definitely looks darker. We looking forward to the next 3 months. We will keep doing this and making other nutritional adjustments.

Replied by Magic Dog
Norton, ohio, 44203
Thank you so much for this site. After a severe reaction to an iron supplement that sent me to the ER my OBGYN suggested BSM. I was also told to take 5000 vit d daily. I feel that I am on the right track. I had a period for 8 weeks and was going out of my mind. I read over your site over and over and was convinced this would help. I can't wait to have it every morning now- Thank you!

Posted by Erin (Lafayette, In) on 01/05/2010

[YEA]  Molasses Feedback

I've been taking molasses (about 1TBl/day split into 2 cups of green tea -- with a lot of milk... I don't really like the taste of this stuff LOL) for nearly 3 months now as an experiment. I originally tried it to see what would happen with the good ol' monthly (mom's peri-menopausal and occassionally bleeds longer than she should so I tested this on me) and here's what I've come up with.

I still have gray hair. In fact some of the hair near my temples is just plain ol' white. And apparently if L'Oreal can't fix it, neither can molasses. That's okay. Apparently 38 isn't considered premature graying ;-)

My periods are lighter. Kelp and molasses together seem to be an excellent combination to keep things at a dull roar. I've gone from a good 5 days of heavy flow with 2 days of annoyance added on, to about 1 1/2 days of heavier flow and 3 1/2 days of super light flow. So I've dropped about 2 days and I'm saving money on products left and right.

But the BIG one for me has been the surprising lack of joint pain. I was taking it for about 2 weeks before I realized that my left ankle, which I broke in beautiful ways about 2 1/2 years ago, was no longer stiff when I woke up, and I could now move it in the same ways that I can move my unviolated right ankle. I can even jog again without feeling every jarring impact on that ankle. For that reason alone I will continue torturing myself with the (blech) taste of this stuff on a twice daily basis.

Another strange, yet welcome, side-effect has been my fingernails. Normally, I only have fingernails this strong and happy in the middle of summer with high amounts of sunshine and a Biotin supplement -- even when I supplement with Vit. D in the winter months it's just not the same. I haven't taken my biotin supplement since I started the molasses, though I do keep up with the Vit. D and I have to actively work to break these things.

And for the joint thing, I've turned others onto this miracle syrup in a bottle and they've reported back with the same thing -- when they take it daily, they can tell a significant difference and when they forget they feel it. So for that alone, I'd say it's worth a shot.

Replied by J
Could you tell which brand of BSM you have used? I am confused as to which one is best.
Replied by Myryh
Tampa, Fl
I am interested in knowing Brand names of BSM and if it is Organic or not

Posted by Ravi S (Dallas, Texas) on 12/19/2009

[YEA]  Unsulfured Blackstrap Molasses.

I happened to read the feedbacks on Blackstrap Molasses. I have a self diagnosed Celiac's and went on Gluten free for a year. I had to switch to a low fiber food option because of this. Even though my stomach feels good, I have been experiencing constipation off and on with rare IBS. I have started BSM for a week or so, 2 tablespoons, one in AM coffee and one the night warm milk. Here are the immediate changes experienced by me. Constipation is gone totally. My eyesight is better and I have lots of energy. Hope to continue on this for a while.

Replied by Marian
What about Blackstrap & blood sugar? Is it too much sugar?

Posted by Shar (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) on 12/06/2009

[YEA]  hello all!

I am a 30 yr. old female who is overweight and recently had gall stones. I also have iron defienciency anemia. My family has started eating organic and all natural 3 yrs. ago. I recently started researching all natural cures as i don't believe in going to doctors unless its absolutly neccessary. I read about apple cider vinegar and blackstrap molasses. i started the blackstrap molasses first (2 tbs daily) and the numbness i was feeling in my fingertips and legs has went away. I am still waiting for my menstrual cycle to come to see if it will ease the heavy bleeding. but it has eliminated my stomach cramping (that felt like labor contractions) that I usually have monthly.

But this is about the apple cider vinegar. let me tell you it really works! started by taking 2 tsp. once a day in 8 oz. of water. 3 days later i had extreme pain in my ear and my jaw that has yet to go away. I also have extreme itching everywhere. That doesn't sound good does it? but it is good cause i know that it is my body getting rid of toxins. I have been peeing like crazy and having regular bowel movements without straining( which is the opposite of the consipation i was having from taking iron pills).

I think for all of you who are all sufferring from itching or jaw pain etc. should up your water intake. I started drinking a gallon of water a day and the itching is going away. I now take 2 tbs of acv chased by a 16 oz. glass of water in the morning,then proceed to drink water throughout the day and i feel great! I have more energy(no more sluggishness)and i know my 5 kids are happy to see that!

I plan to keep taking ACV despite the side effects(unless it brings more harm than good) to see if it will aid in my weightloss.

Also i have been using the ACV on my hair and it has smoothed the cuticle and made my hair less frizzy!

Replied by Michelle
If you are using vinegar, it should be raw vinegar. Mother's milk. Also, vinegar is a roto router for your entire system. It cleans your arteries and blood vessels! Wonderful stuff. However, because it totally purges your system, you MUST use a good multivitamin, and also magnesium. I I recommend taking your supplement, 2 hour after your vinegar Additional magnesium other than what's in your multivitamin. Good thinking on upping your water intake, that's important, as well.