Iodine Supplements for Health: Q&A

Last Modified on May 29, 2012

Where to Find Iodine in Thailand

05/29/2012: LH from Chiang Mai, Thailand: Swa De Krup Parhatsathid Nabadalung: Re your Iodine page, may I ask where you buy iodine in BKK? I am in Chiang Mai, haven't found any yet.

06/19/2012: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: The iodine that I use is prepared myself from 1 percent iodine and 1.5 potassium iodine with some ethyl alcohol to help solubility. I am having trouble also finding them.



09/24/2011: Anonymous from Anonymous: Where do you get your Lugol's iodine? I read your contributions on Earth Clinic, always informative. Thank You, Ted!

10/06/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: My Lugol's is a bit different, it is prepared with potassium iodine 2.5% and iodine at 2%. It is mixed in distilled water and weigh the potassium and iodine at those weight. Potassium Iodide 2.5% weight and iodine is 2% of weight. Of course the American version might be different which has 7% of iodine content. The iodine sold locally here is prepared with sodium iodide, and another one is Betadine, which is 1% available iodine, for me it is unacceptable. In sodium iodide, sodium causes pain. Betadine has lower available iodine then does the Lugol's I am using, which I soetimes mix them myself. The American version of Lugol's which is 7% is too strong. As far as Iodophor is similar to PVP-I, or Betadine, but instead used a solubilizing agent, such as surfactant. The quality varies depending on the type of surfactant. There are tablet forms if Iodophors, which more or less is like iodophor of liquid form. And there are Nascent iodine which is alcohol and subjecting to high electrical energy to separate out I2 to I, and making iodine less nauseous.

All iodine have that problem except to some extent nascent iodine. Of course because of the problems with so many iodine, I prefer the first one which is a less stronger form of iodine. The ones that have the least side effect and more bioavailable, made by me is EDTA- Iodine with potassium iodide. Which is tetra sodium EDTA chelated with iodine in Lugol's solution (my version). If you give more EDTA to attached to iodine, it will take on average about 3 - 4 hours for the solution to suddenly clear up. At this point is consumable and have less side effects compared to Nascent iodine. There is another form of iodine, which is my version of hydrogen iodine, which is hydrazine iodide, but must be careful as to not have hydrazine too much but just enough for the solution to clear out. That is not recommend for people who are immune compromised and is clearly experimental purposes I do.

But what I do with this, if you want to know, I mixed this Tannic acid (which generates heat) and is applied to the skin to help with allergies and skin outbreaks and dries rather quickly. Iodine is interesting, it kills most forms of mycobacterium and is used which is the cause of ulcerative colitis, cancer, Crohn's disease, and is the main therapeutic agent into cancer caused by tuberculosis, such as lung cancer, but also rheumatoid arthritis. It's just a matter of getting through the skin and mixing with DMSO to the area such as joints and back to help a severe back pain or cancer pain is most effective it rivals morphine, but without the side effects and it simply eliminates the cause of the problem. In my remedy, it is actually the main protocol killing cancer cells. In Gerson's Therapy, which is actually a modification tuberculosis remedy, it kills tuberculosis and mycobacterium, which resists all forms if antibiotics and sterilization method except iodine. It kills most effectively mycobacterium caused cancer. There are other causes too, virus, chemical agents, fungus and other bacteria. I think two forms is most interesting to me is Lugol's reduced strength (not the 7%) and EDTA Iodine with potassium iodide, the third if they were only cheaper is Nascent Iodine. Ted

03/06/2012: Jac from Baltimore, Maryland, US replies: Hello Ted, This was an earlier question posted that seems to have gone unnoticed; I'm hoping the synergystic effect you mention does not alter the ability of the Iodine and Iodide in Lugol's to do their respective jobs, I. E. , alter their composition. Can you expound on this please? Also hoping for a recommendation of daily dosage of 2.2 Lugol's for a 200 lb adult. About to try bladderwrack as well (in small doses) in hopes of fending off Fukushima fallout. Many thanx & appreciation!


01/08/2011: Mesem from Toulon, France: Hello Ted,

A stupid little request. I have had amazing results from taking 2 drops of Lugol's a day for almost a month. I was very deficient it seems and am still building up the iodine in my body I think. I hear that over dosage of potassium can cause tiredness and weak legs which I have had the past 3 days. Do you think I could have 2 much K from 2 drops of standard Lugol's per day?

Appreciate your reply on the earth clinic site whenever you can manage it. You are really changing so many people's lives. Thankyou

01/11/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Mesem,

Taking too much iodine or frequently more likely a problem then too much potassium. Much of the problem is assimilation. Try to temporarily discontinue for a couple of days and see how it goes and if better then continue with lower dose. If weak legs didn't get better after discontinue then not likely iodine, I would try vitamin C sodium ascorbate 1000 mg x 3 plus lysine 1000 mg x 3 for a few weeks. I have reports of weakening legs due to viral issue or possible reduced circulation in which case gingko and magnesium maybe helpful.


01/24/2011: Mesem from Toulon, France replies: This was in fact a virus issue. Thanks


01/20/2010: Kathleen from Corinth, Texas: I was wondering if H202 35% food grade would work with Lugol's Iodine. If so, what applications would be appropriate and if not what happens when they are mixed together. I can see where H202 35% might oxidize the iodine and render it useless but then I read this and thought that the H202 could possibly enhance the iodine for a snergy effect or possibly have some sort of restoration value.

01/24/2010: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Kathleen:

Iodine works even if it is oxidized and become coloress with the hydrogen peroxide. It works better whenever the lugol's is added with the hydrogen peroxide, even if it is 3%. The lugols will become colorless also. It has a synergistic effect against microorganism when two of them are mixed.

02/21/2012: Jac from Baltimore, Maryland, U.s. replies: Hello Ted; I'm hoping the synergystic effect you mention does not alter the ability of the Iodine and Iodide in Lugol's to do their respective jobs, I.E., alter their composition. Can you expound on this please? Also hoping for a recommendation of daily dosage of 2.2 Lugol's for a 200 lb adult. About to try bladderwrack as well (in small doses) in hopes of fending off Fukushima fallout.

Many thanx & much appreciation!

Why My Bad Skin Side Effects?

07/19/2007: R : Dear Ted, I would like to start, by thanking you for all of the interesting and helpful cures (hydrogen!!!!! As I have found the wonderful "Earth Clinic" site... I have a problem that I hope you may have an explanation for... I cannot eat or take anything w/ iodine in it, as I get horrible cystic acne, even cysts on my scalp... As I do not know of anyone else w/ this problem, I just have to wonder why this happens. I cannot eat tuna...cannot take vitamins w/ iodine... I tried taking Chlorella, which is supposed to be so beneficial (as I have many health problems...), and that is when I even developed these knots/painful cysts on my scalp... I have never had that happen (on my scalp). The company tried telling me that the product did not contain iodine, but... I tried another brand from GNC and it wasn't as bad, but it was still a problem. At this rate, I am not sure what I am eating...that may contain iodine, but I notice a terrible problem when I eat certain foods and take anything, that I know, contains iodine.

Also, my daughter (16) has dealt w/ terrible sinus infections for a few years now. She has been to doctor's, specialists... w/ no relief. Besides the horrible ACV, is there something else that could possibly help her? She is in so much pain, most of the time. I finally got her to drink some ACV in warm water w/ honey, a few days ago, but that just isn't something she is willing to made her sick to her stomach... She has been on so many antibiotics... Thank you so much, for your time.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: People often do get acne if they take iodine supplements if their body has certain imbalances as it is. This has to do with body toxins has accumulated to a very high levels, such as cholesterol and rancidity of oils in the body. Iodine works by removing them, but if there is too much it clogs the pores. Also the acne buildup due to iodine maybe helped with some magnesium citrate supplements. The high cholesterol and rancidity of the body can be neutralized by vitamin B complex (which allows the body to metabolise choleterol), and rancidity of oils can be reduced I thin with some vitamin E taken now and then. While its removal of excess oil, will be helped with a fat emulsifter such as lecithin.

Therefore, I would like to continue to detoxify my body with baking soda and acv, alternatively used with baking soda and lime (1/2 teaspoon of baking soda plus 8 teaspoon of lime juice).

Hydrogen peroxide is another one that I could use for at least a couple of more months, such as 6-12 drops of 3% H2O2 food grade to remove the excess toxin buildup of the liver.

Since my body has been properly detoxified of toxins from baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, for example, I could take almost any amount of iodine with no effect of acne, as an example.

Since liver problem here is indicated some correction of 1 tablespoon a day of granulated lecithin may help remove some fatty buildup. The cellular oxygen is reduced and hence a taurine supplements 1000 -2000 mg per day with a glass of water may help. The antioxidant is low when acne is causing due to iodine, and hence vitamin B complex twice a week may help the liver support also.

Since the level of antioxidant is low (as evidenced by iodine) vitamin C sodium ascorbate may help and perhaps once a week dose of zinc, which are also important. This could either be zinc acetate or zinc gluconate 50 mg that I think were helpful. Usually acne is often due to lowered zinc, magnesium and B complex, which I found to be helpful.

Some people, including me, don't like the taste of ACV, in that case I can take 8 teaspoon of freshly squeezed lime juice plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water. Now if a children were taking it on basis of weight, if they are 1/2 the weight of 100 pounds, for example the dose is 1/2, which becomes 4 teaspoon of lime juice plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda taken once in the morning and before bedtime. It is my experience that children like the fizz.

Do Halogen Lights Displace Iodine?

04/16/2007: Laurin from KC, MO: A question regarding the halogens. Does using a halogen light bulb release halogens which displace iodine? Thanks

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Light bulbs can be ruled out. It only happens if you are eating or drinking chlorinated water, using fluoridated toothpaste, or even drinking fluoridated water. Eating bread using the bromine process (all of them now do) will certainly displace the iodine and you find that iodine is needed more.

Red Vs. Decolorized Iodine?

12/19/2006: K from Montreal, QC Canada: Hello, i have tried to find decolorized iodine but to no avail. I was informed that decolorized iodine is not available in Canada ( not sure why) I would like to know if red iodine would be just as effective. I found out that red iodine can be docolorized with hydrogen peroxide but since I would be using it in an 'inconspicuous' area on my scalp, the color would not bother me. Please let me know as I would really like to try the remedy and post my results!! Thanks for your time.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear K: You are asking for trouble by using hydrogen peroxide and iodide solution. If a 35% H2O2 is added to iodide a somewhat explosive reaction, but if a 3% H2O2 is added to iodine solution, the solution will still remain brown and being colorless takes place very slowly.

The solution if you are not careful will cause some burning to the skin where a regular iodine won't.

The problem about all this is it will also inhibit the body's ability to absorb iodine too.

Therefore, use the regular iodine foot painting. Here is an abstract on iodine and hydrogen peroxide uptake issue. In so many words, a hydrogen peroxide will inhibit the uptake of the iodine or limits your body's absorption of iodine, which of course won't help you.

1: Thyroid. 1991 Summer;1(3):267-71.

Hydrogen peroxide inhibits iodide uptake and iodine organification in cultured porcine thyroid follicles.

Fukayama H, Murakami S, Nasu M, Sugawara M.
Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism, Wadsworth VA Hospital, Los Angeles, California.

We investigated the effect of hydrogen peroxide on the process of thyroid hormone formation in a physiologic culture system of porcine thyroid follicles that we recently established. Porcine thyroid follicles cultured in medium containing 1 mU/mL TSH were exposed to 0 to 500 microM hydrogen peroxide in the presence of 0.1 microCi carrier-free Na125 and sodium iodide for 2 h. Iodide uptake and iodine organification were measured in this incubation system. The kinetics of iodide uptake were used to explain the action of hydrogen peroxide. In addition, cAMP content and Na ,K( )-ATPase activity (an enzyme necessary for iodide uptake) were measured to investigate the mechanism of hydrogen peroxide action. Hydrogen peroxide at concentrations of 100, 200, and 500 microM inhibited iodide uptake in a dose-dependent manner. Iodide organification was inhibited only when the concentration of hydrogen peroxide was greater than 200 microM. The kinetics of iodide uptake indicated that hydrogen peroxide was a noncompetitive inhibitor with iodide. Inhibition of iodide uptake and iodine organification by hydrogen peroxide were not mediated by alteration of cAMP content of Na ,K( )-ATPase activity, since exposure to even 500 microM hydrogen peroxide did not change these parameters in the follicle when compared with those of control samples. Our results suggest that the iodide transport system in the thyroid follicle is inhibited at 200 microM hydrogen peroxide or greater. -----

Therefore a preferred iodine is iodine trichloride (a light yellow color) or a sodium iodide, both of which are more or less colorless.

Your best bet is to use Povidone Iodide (Betadine is its commerical name), if you cannot find colorless iodine.

Should I Worry About Allergic Reaction?

12/03/2006: Carol from Cincinnati, OH: I have a question, what if you have experienced an allergic reaction in the past when given and IVP? I got a blister on, of all places, my eyeball. Is there a was to build up tolerance to iodine? The reaction was around 30 years ago. Can I safely try just a little on my stomach to see is there is a reaction?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Carol: Most people may have a reaction from the Intravenous pyelography (IVP) which is an iodine dye injecting directly into the body. Why would anyone use this?

Iodine foot painting is safer and often done only weekly. There is hardly any reaction of this unless it was done more than 4 days in a row.

The best way to use iodine (Povidone Iodine) is externally and allow iodine absorption transdermally. This way you DON'T have to worry about iodine tolerance since this is absorbed rather slowly.

In fact the iodine they sell in drug stores cannot be used for internal use since the solution is often an alcohol which is toxic to the body anyway. By applying to the skin, the alcohol will evaporate leaving whatever iodine it is to be absorbed.

Pregnancy, Hair Loss, and Fungus Questions

11/29/2006: Omri from NYC: a couple of questions to TED: 1. is iodine safe for lactating women? 2. have you had any experience with regaining hair color (from white) as well as hair loss? 3. how would you recommend taking iodine if the places u have most fungal activity is in the eyes and ears, and what are the recommended dosages? please consider the lactating situation when answering. any info would help. tnx much. Omri.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Omri: A long article from officials that is quite long appears that lactating woman needs iodine supplementation. In brief, I am quoting them just part of it:

"A health education campaign is needed in Australia and New Zealand to encourage all pregnant women, those contemplating a pregnancy, and breastfeeding mothers to take iodine supplements to increase iodine intake by 100 to 200ug per day. Requesting the manufacturers of prenatal and lactation vitamin and mineral supplements to include appropriate quantities of iodine in their preparations will assist in achieving the desired outcome of preventing the adverse effects of iodine deficiency on the fetus and developing infants.

Recommendation For Iodine Supplements During Pregnancy and Lactation

Urgent action is needed because there is evidence of significant and increasing iodine deficiency in pregnant and lactating women in both Australia and New Zealand. Similar recommendations have recently been made for European women (Zimmermann and Delange, 2004). The only exception to this recommendation for iodine supplementation is women with pre-existing thyroid disease who should be individually managed to ensure normal thyroid function during pregnancy. Adverse Effects of Maternal Iodine Deficiency on the Offspring.

The brain of the fetus and infant is particularly vulnerable to damage from decreased circulating maternal levels of thyroxine (T4), be it from environmental iodine deficiency or thyroid disease. Indeed, even borderline low normal maternal serum free T4 levels early in pregnancy may compromise fetal neuropsychological development (Toft, 2004). Iodine deficiency during pregnancy is the commonest worldwide cause of preventable intellectual impairment. In areas where iodine deficiency is severe, IQ scores in children are decreased by ten to 15 points, psychomotor deficits are more common, hearing may be impaired, and there is a markedly increased prevalence of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)."

You can read the entire article if the links are still active:

2. have you had any experience with regaining hair color (from white) as well as hair loss?

Hair loss should be stopped within 24 hours with supplementation of manganese sulfate and plenty of sodium ascorbate vitamin C. I usually take a minimum of 500 mg for my own health.

3. how would you recommend taking iodine if the places u have most fungal activity is in the eyes and ears,and what are the recommended dosages?

I wouldn't apply iodine. Geranium oils are often safer and have anti fungal properties and they are mild enough not to cause irritation. I can mix with some lavender oil but in that case it must be applied thinly.

07/06/2011: Becca from Vancouver, Bc, Canada replies: I'm curious about the post that says manganese sulfate will cure hair loss. I'm unable to find manganese sulfate, but manganese chelate is available. If the reason for taking the supplement is to correct a deficiency in manganese the chelate should work, but I'm not sure how important the sulfate is based on what was said in the post? Can you please expand on this?

Thanks Becca :)

Can You Give Particulars on Painting?

11/24/2006: J.W. from Lehigh Acres, FL: Greetings. Can you give particulars on Iodine Painting? After a bout of Thyroiditis I have slightly elevated TSH and slightly depressed T-4. Can you tell me how much Iodine to use, where to paint, if decolorized Iodine is ok to use, how will I know when to stop?. Any info is greatly appreciated. Thank you. Jim

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: J.W. :A slightly elevated T-4 appears that there is some inflammation occuring in the area involved. Get some lavender oil and apply thinly to affected parts, your throat of course.

The inflammation should reduce, then iodine painting should not be a problem if applied only no more than 3 days out of a week. Often inflammation is a fungus like organism causing the inflammation. The iodine painting is on the foot area 3-5 inches in diameter. You should note some improvement in a month. Take your readings of thyroid every month. Once they are normal, you can stop. So how long will it be normal? The answer is simple, is it improving your condition so far? If so, then you know exactly when you are going to stop. If it is NOT improving, then it is not working. Give it a maximum time of two months to notice whether any improvements are noted.

In my opinion, taking zinc supplements, selenium and taking the basic freshly squeezed lemon plus added baking soda until there is no more fizz and adding water to 1/2 glass should help alkalized and increase your immunity.

05/23/2012: Amelia from Boone, Nc replies: Is regular iodine just as effective or do I need to buy Lugol's in order to paint on my feet? My son has severe food allergies, and our homeopath believes it is due to an antibiotic given when he was 2 weeks old. He is 4 now and we have worked with the homeopath for 3 years now. His health is good, but he takes a lot of tinctures and still has his food allergies. Could iodine painting benefit his allergy problem? What would you recommend? I just began magnesium citrate, probiotics, and digestive enzymes to support his digestive system. I also bought magnesium oil and liquid vitamin D3 to support his immune system.

Can It Reverse Baldness?

01/28/2006: Betsy from Atizapan de Zaragoza, Mexico: In Mexico, some people have used iodine as a means of preventing baldness. One woman used iodine for years as a preventive measure against baldness. She used it as a rinse after washing her hair. Another woman told me to "cure" a bald spot by dabbing iodine on the bald spot or area of thinning hair. After a while, a crust will form. Eventually, beneath the crust fine hairs will start to grow. She said it can take about three months to see the results. I don't know if this would work with men. It's something I've heard about. Can you give me you're opinion on this?

11/12/2006: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: This is a response to a question by one of the readers who emailed me as to why iodine is effective against baldness and hair loss.

I think I can best answer this because I have some success from using a great many supplements where a hair loss or hair regrowth have occured.

Whether you are talking about iodine, selenium selenite, copper chloride, colloidal copper, tea tree oil, lavender oil, coal tar solution, eucalyptus oil, borax, boric acid, clove oil, camphor, tea tree oil, manganese sulfate, silicic acid, fulvic acid, and a great array of others that I have hair regrowth and cured alopecia from 24 hours to 1 month period reported being cured.

The reason why I have employed a great array of cures is people seemed to be desperate to get the hair to regrow and local areas simply do not have the supplements so I simply had to modify the supplements. You might notice something too, how do I managed to know so many supplements? The answer is simple: all of those supplements and more then I am listing here, have antifungicidal properties - even soy milk - being high in manganese!

Fungus and mycoplasma is probably found to cause hair loss by attacking hair follicles. I have seen person loosing hair after doing some attic work or working in musty high mold environments and within the next day, hair starts falling. Fungus-like organism causes arthritis, in particularly the ligaments, joints, and hard collagens which joins the bones in knees and spinal collumns. As such, even my own mother was severely afflicted with arthritis within the next day after she tried to cut trees, bushes, plants of funguses. The cure of course was obvious, application of antifungal oils as mentioned above relieved her pain within a record time of: 5 minutes using just only my first formula, then after modifying it, it relieved in a record time of 2 minutes. The hair loss was seen, but manganese supplementation of that stopped dead in its track within 24 hours.

People do not take seriously how iodine deficiency is so widespread that right now, I am finding chemicals such as bromine, iodine, and the like to find out.

Most people today and throughout the civilized world at least are obese, hypothyroidism, low stomach acid, autoimmunity of all kinds of conditions, have low energy levels, high in heavy metals, fungus and mycoplasma is found in so many people (at least 80%) of people who contact me that I don't even care to mention that most of my efforts has been focused on these matters.

One of the causes, could obviously be iodine supplementation, but this cure alone, lies the very heart of the problem.

People who took iodine were found to have other problems after a couple of days and had to stop due to various side effects that other websites don' t even mentioned. So I had to find a way to resolved this problem. The solution lies in the body's natural cycles. This I have found to be something I was looking for for a very long time. I have noticed, regardless of what I do, either EDTA to chelate heavy metals, or chinese parsley to rid of heavy metals, or even taking zinc supplements, they all had a pattern. The pattern is the body needs to repair, but at the same time it needs to relax. This period I calculated to equal approximately 8 days/2 = 4 days period, based on my observation. That means you supplement for 4 days and stopped cold turkey for 4 days. In practice I would vary the period between 3 -4 days. If certain minerals are not serious, or you are deficient, the one week on and one week off would be sufficient. In cases of a child with an autistic condition where heavy metal burden of mercury or aluminum is at risk, then one week on and one week off would do., or in some cases one week on and two week off.

The body obviously need a rest period to detox and get rid of the trash. Let us assuming you are taking iodine supplementation to cure your hair loss, but obviously you are sick from other conditions which clearly points to the fact that you are iodine deficient. Iodine deficiency is easy to see, autoimmunity, low stomach acid, lack of energy level, adrenal exhaustion, fungus problems, arthritis (fungus caused, rhematoid), high cadmium, high mercury, etc. In this case I would hardly recommend you to do an iodine painting continuously! I would just say, take 3 -4 days of iodine painting, on your foot of 3-4 inches in diameter, and do stop cold turkey for the next 3-4 days. On the other hand hair loss, then iodine painting in area of the head might help, which includes ringworm. Often I do not like to recommend the use of both iodine in general for obvious problems of discoloration and not sure whether people WHO DO contact me are in fact iodine deficient, until more information is at hand with the symptoms I have already mentioned.

Today Iodine deficiency is a serious problem which started only about 40 years ago when the food industry (possibly a conspiracy theory or perhaps simple foolishness) switched over the processing of bakery product from the use of iodine to bromine. The problem about bromine is that it causes the iodine to be displaced and this fact is quite well known academically. And as a result, despite adequate iodine in the U.S. people in U.S. displayed remarkable iodine deficiency. This is why when people who contact me I usually advised them to stop eating bread and bakery product. It is not about the flour, it is about the bromine that is added to them that displaces the iodine causing you to be deficient.

So in case you are wondering why iodine restored your hair, iodine kills the fungus and that helps the fungus from eating up the ends of the hair follicle. But the issue goes more than this, fungus EXISTS BECAUSE your body is already high in heavy metals. Without high heavy metals, they die. And one reason WHY your body was high in heavy metals in the first place could come from many things, one of which iodine deficiency reduces your body's ability to rid of heavy toxic metals such as cadmium, mercury, lead, etc. And when these heavy metals are high, they seem to make home by colonization in your various glands, such as thyroid gland, which may bring about hypothyroidism (that and lack of iodine), but in the adrenal, it may create adrenal exhaustion or gradual "moon face" look when you start reaching your 31st birthday, or in the pancreas, the generation of heavy metals causes lack of insulin, and if in the thymus, it creates immune suppression.

The catch-22 situation is once your body is high in heavy metals, it becomes a veritable paradise for fungus, mycoplasma and bacteria with fungal abilities. These need food near the heavy metals and the heavy metals protect themselves from hostile antibiotics. You see antibiotics get destroyed or oxidized in presence of heavy metals. In fact this is a protective shield for these bugs. And you wondered why antibiotics don't work!

Once the fungus starts invading the glands, they become inflamed, and when they do become inflamed, the doctors simplistically remove the gland! An easier and much kinder method would be to remove the heavy metals, kill the fungus, and stop inflammation using simple solutions I mentioned in the above (iodine, lavender, etc. depending on the conditions). And if you are indeed, iodine deficient take iodine painting 3 days on 4 days off about 3-4 inches in diameter on both feet. Of course back in the old days, they take it orally for people with goiter, like 250/mg per day (1819) and it was proven to work quite well. Today we don't do this, since we have somewhat like a "borderline iodine deficiency" where they thyroid don't show up in large sizes. Well this could be that heavy metals might be actually suppressing from showing their sizes so I guess we have to look at other symptoms as well.



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