Borax Cures and Health Benefits: Q&A

Last Modified on Jul 08, 2012

Borax Dosage for Candida

07/08/2012: R from Colorado: Ted, I saw your Email address on Earth Clinic and your many inputs on the use of Borax. I am attempting to create alkalinity in my symptom with the use of Borax from the supermarket. I have candida that I believe that I have had for decades from the use of antibiotics to treat acne over an extended period of time while in my late 20s and early 30s. I am now 52. My joints hurt, especially my hips. Doctors have also prescribed antibiotics to me in recent years for suspect allergic reaction to bug bite and sinus infection (didn't have after all) and dermatitis (don't currently have) under my nostrils. I have tried using 1/8 tea of Borax twice in recent weeks in about a quart/liter of water. Both times, within a day or two, I start to have loose watery stools and my skin starts to itch in various places. Everybody speaks so highly of Borax for curing so many ailments. Do you have any idea why I would react with diarrhea and itchiness?

07/16/2012: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Before you do this, take your pH of your urine to see it is within the range. The common pH urine is 6.5 to 7.5, anywhere above or below is not good. The baking soda should be done first. Baking soda gets the urine to be as close to 7.0 whether the your urine is above 7.5 or below 6.0. As far as borax is concerned, try lowering the dose to 1/16 taken after meals 1 hour at lunch or before sleep, it is not meant to be taken in the morning hours. The body needs to be more acidic during those times.


05/14/2013: Lisa*lisa from Blue Ridge, Ga, USA replies: Hi Ted, I hope you can help me. My husband is in his early 60's and he suffers from severe Fibromyalgia and Chrohns disease. Both are extremely painful and his doctors are no help at all. His quality of life is so bad because of the constant pain in all the muscles, he can't even sleep anymore.

My question is this: Can he take Borax and Collodial Silver both at the same time? I'm desperate to find something that will help him. I believe his conditions are caused by some kind of pathogen, but I dont' know what. Maybe mycoplasma, maybe toxic mold, maybe a virus or bacteria, we don't know and the doctors don't know either.

Can you tell me if I should give him borax and silver both together? What dosage?

Thank you so much for your help. I'm new here so I'm not sure if this message will reach you, I hope it will.

Sincerely, Lisa

Borax Dosage for Infant

11/18/2011: Anonymous from Anonymous: Dear Ted, We have read with great interest your excellent comments about Borax treatments.

Our family is considering using Borax both internally and externally. What we want to know is what is a safe dose of borax for a 24 months old baby to take?

We seem to have all contracted this problem from doing gardening. There is no doubt that we have some type of fungus or parasite and possibly it is Morgellons. With Sincere Thanks.

11/20/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: I also contracted Morgellon's but was cured by pure lavender oil, mine I think is a synthetic version but is of good quality. I was cured in a few hours after contracting them, so I recognized it before it actually got into my organs. Borax is geared for advanced Morgellon's. but you can try Lavender oil if you want. It helps with skin recovery, but no carrier oil is used, and safe for babies applied lightly on the skin should be ok. As for the original formula for Morgellon's it was to be 3% H2O2 one capful mixed in 1 liter to 1.5 liter of water and used as drinking water, the borax is added to the mix at 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon. The limitations is how much water you can drink will limit the intake automatically so the main concern is concentration. In situations where a person is sensitive, or babies, borax is 1/8 teaspoon in a 1 liter to 1.5 liter of water as a good starting dose. Alkalization is very important, so sodium bicarbonate also helps.

The reason why lavender works is it dissolves some aspect of Morgellon's, such as it kills insects but safe for human use, as same as low dose borax, and it dissolves albeit slowly the fibers, especially in the initial stages, and finally if Lavender oil is wiped on the body, it is a metal chelator. Free metals are needed for Morgellon's growth, such as aluminum and barium, but other metals too. I can't cover too much here, but that is the essence. The concepts of oil pulling are similar, but here we use oils specific to Morgellon's, which I call them "Oil wiping" which is more like getting metals out on skin surfaces, to the area that is infected. And there is the concept of "Pulling oil" which also draws metals out from inside the body instead of circulating ones common in oil pulling. The pulling oil uses a fat emulsifier to draw metals out of the digestive system by granulated (powdered) lecithin, at 1/2 to 1 teaspoon once or twice a day with a cup of water. Of course borax and hydrogen peroxide, and alkalization remains the bulk of my remedies for Morgellon's.


Best Form of Borax for Scabies?

11/06/2011: Anonymous from Anonymous: Dear Ted, I have come across your respective post regarding the scabies and wrote a question which you didn't reply to. kindly could you advice me with the borax that i need to use because i came across many type of borax such as 20 Mule Team borax, Borax - Decahydrate and Borax Granular.

i an not sure which one to use for the scabies. In addition can you tell me the best way to use the borax bath once you recommend me one from the above mentioned borax?

Your input is highly appreciated and i am looking forward to hear from you. Thanks & Regards.

12/12/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: The 20 mule team is fine for scabies, but it is that say 1 teaspoon of borax mixed with 1.5% H2O2, wait until borax is dissolved, for 3-5 minutes, and then apply to the area. The 20 mule team borax is fine. Usually if that is dissolved and used wet cloth over the area several times this will save more money than the scabies in the tub.

For borax bath, you are going to need a lot more borax to fill the tub. It is one teaspoon per liter so add that until the tub is full.


Sorry too many emails!

Why Take 2 Days Off a Week From Borax?

09/16/2010: Deirdre from Dublin, Ireland: Hello Ted,

Could you reply to me personally please. I have been taking borax mixture for 5 days now at 1/8 teaspoon daily. Is it essential to take a break for the 2 days suggested? I wonder why the 2 day break? Does it make it work better?

Many thanks,

09/30/2010: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: To prevent boron from accumulating excessively, I usually give a two days off allowing the body to remove excess boron, if it is excessive. If a person has no problem regarding their use, they can continue to do so. The body works in cycle, there will be days that the body simply doesn't want to add more, and wishes to subtract. This is true for taking any supplements, but the worse ones are the oils and fish oils or sesame oil, they require much longer off periods such as once every three days to once every week. This means I take omega fish oil for only once a week. This means there is a 6 days off period. There is a good reason for that one too, people tend to get fat or increase in fat weight if they take it everyday, a weekly dose doesn't have that effect. This applies to many other supplements and require many different off periods. For instance, some people with acid reflux requires B complex B50 three times a day, initially, but once they start increasing weight, B50 is only taken at once a week, while vitamin D can go on a much longer off period up to 30 days, because vitamin D tends to be stored in the body for longer time. As for polyunsaturated oil found in vegetable oils and the monounsaturated this should be avoided completely as they tend to destroy mitochondria causing significant aging of the skin, while coconut oil doesn't and might be taken every day or every other day as it is not stored in the liver. Boron in excess, may lead to some magnesium deficiency if a person don't take magnesium at all, and hence, the rest periods allow time for the person to find additional magnesium, usually the source being from mineral water, but not reverse osmosis water.

Is Borax Safe to Take While Pregnant?

01/09/2010: D. : Hi Ted,

I have a question regarding using Borax (the food grade) while pregnant. Do you know of anyone that has had success with this while pregnant? Would it generally be recognized as safe to use if pregnant? What can you tell me?


01/11/2010: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: A boron supplement, usually in form of borax, if taken at normal dose, is a required mineral to prevent a deficiency. I used this to get hormones normal, as most people's hormones are either imbalance or lacking, where the latter is much more common. In event a person does have low hormones level, this is generally used. The one problem I seen in pregnant woman is the imbalance between magnesium to calcium, where magnesium is usually deficient. Boron usually correct this imbalance. In instance of a successful pregnancy it's most important to get the water soluble vitamins, since the body simply cannot store it, and hence deficiency is easy to get, Two vitamins in particular is the vitamin C and the vitamin B complex, I believe is most important for a successful pregancy. A Folic acid deficiency is well known to cause birth defects and it is found in the vitamin B supplements. It's also important that a mother do not get sick or especially infected with other conditions. This can lead to cerebral palsy. I have seen too many times they get candida, infection of uterus, etc. and the child get the cerebral palsy. One interesting little known fact is that it might be possible to lower the incidence in cerebral palsy if the mother simply has sufficient levels of magnesium, which seems to increase the body's immunity. Magnesium is perhaps the single most prolific mineral there is, in biochemical reaction and hence is needed and also reduce incidences in cerebral palsy. In event of candida or yeast infection, a borax supplements may prevent that. I therefore give more importance on the mother's strenght of immune system and getting her free from infections as a priority. I also don't like the use of vaccinations and antibiotics, as vaccinations contain both endotoxins and antibiotics is a frequent cause of yeast infection, as antibiotics are made from fungus. Getting the body's pH in normal range, getting a urine pH, ideally between 6.5 - 7 and getting saliva pH above 7, is one other good indicators. If borax dose is held low, then it's likely it won't do any damage, sone drinking water such as Israel have high levels of borax in their drinking water seems also to ward off other conditions, such as osteoporosis. Therefore if anyone has to take it, just take it when it's needed, in frequent, and is taken when it is needed to ward off other infections, to get a successful pregnancy.


01/23/2011: Pregnant With Rosacea from Livingston, Montana replies: I am 6 weeks pregnant and contracted rosacea last spring after adopting a starving street dog while in costa rica. We brought her back to the states with us and shortly after my face started crawling! I've tried everything, Apple Cider Vinegar helps but not completely. I would love to try borax but upon further research I discovered it's banned in Europe believed to cause birth defects and developmental disabilities including reproductive failure/deformity and low birth weight.

I've had two miscaraiges (10 & 5 years ago) And do not wish to compromise the health of my baby, nor do I wish to give her/him mites! As of now, I've purchased 20 Mule Team Borax but am petrified to use it internally or on my skin. Please respond, I need advise!

03/17/2011: Ruth from Pascagoula, Ms replies: Comments on "Anti-biotics as cause of Fungus":

That is a misconception. When one uses antibiotics, it kills all the bacteria (good or bad) in our body. It causes an imbalance of the flora in our internal system. In the absenc of the good bacteria, Fungus flourishes. Our immune system alone cannot protect us when pathogenic or parasitic fungus without the help of the good bacteria.

That is why it is never good to use antibiotics if one does not need to use it. Let your immune system deal with any sickness first before getting the antibiotics to help you. Our body is usually equipped to deal with minor infection.

05/16/2011: Kate from Melbourne, Australia replies: I tell my adult children, that if they must take antibiotics, keep away from sugar and refined flours until they have finished a course of pro-biotics, immediately after the antibiotics. Of course, I wish that 1: they would not take antibiotics and 2: they would rarely eat sugars and refined flours.

Question About Amount of Borax Added to a Bath

11/25/2008: Mary from North Richland Hills, Texas, USA: Is there a specific amount of borax that should be added to a tub?

My 8 year old son was diagnosed with EITHER scabbies or excema. Well, after one month, three medications and daily applications of Aquaphor, he is still itching. Now, I am itching as well, but have three different looking irritations/rashes. I thought a borax bath might just do the trick.

I also started using tee tree oil on my "other" irritations. Any other tips would be welcomed.

11/27/2008: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Scabies is a parasites. Eczema is skin deep issues, possibly fungus, bacteria or immune issues. The borax is more appropriate in dealing with parasites and fungus, but it needs hydrogen peroxide to more effectively deal with them. The borax concentration is saturated solution. In a liter bottle it is over saturated anyway at 1/2 teaspoon. So on a gallon basis, 4 times the amount is about 2 teaspoon. Since a bathtub has between 40 to 60 gallons, I am going to assume we're using 40 gallons, 2 x 40 = 80 teaspoon. Converting to cups, this equals roughly 1.67 cups of borax. A hydrogen peroxide needs a concentration of between 0.5%- 1% for it to work in a bathtub, but is hugely expensive to do so.

I prefer to mix a borax in a liter of water in a 0.75% concentration of hydrogen peroxide and use this as a solution and apply on the skin using a bath towel on the skin. I will save both on the borax and hydrogen peroxide this way. It's done everyday this way for about a week or two.

The eczema is different story. Sometimes aspartame, chewing gum (has artificial sugar), softdrinks, sugar, diet 7 up, diet coke, snacks for example causes metabolic acidosis. Even frequent exposure to chlorine lowers the body's immune system, leading to eczema. A deficiency of omega 3 can cause the body to frequent inflammation of the skin, so a fish oil is in order. A body that is persistently acid, can be neutralized with a baking soda remedy still, such as on a small adult of 100 pounds requires 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1 glass of water for example, the dose is calculated on basis of weight. So a younger child can have 1/3 the weight will require 1/3 the dose, often taken twice a day.

A simpler way to deal, at least temporarily of eczema is for me to apply distilled vinegar a couple of times to the skin to rid of skin inflammation. This seems to work well in superficial cases by killing off the fungus and bacteria. It won't work for long if the person has a deficiency in omega 3, for example, or that the person happens to be consuming acid forming foods or formaldehyde formng aspartame. It also helps to avoid mushrooms and tomatoes as well as yeast food. They tend to promote skin problems. It helps also to reduce chlorine and fluorine consumption from tap water. They both lower the body's immune system by displacing iodine. Hence, occasional iodine supplements from kelp my help some from borderline iodine deficiency caused by consumption of chlorinated water. It lowers the immune system because the chlorine and flourine is a halogen and displaces iodine, which is necessary for normal thyroid functions as well as thymus.


Borax and Constipation?

10/10/2008: Russell from Indiahoma, Oklahoma: Ted, I have been taking borax 1/4 teaspoon in 2 liters of water. I seem to be getting constipated after the first couple of days (5 days on, 2 days off) of drinking the borax water. My QUESTION is: Does the borax kill the bad bacteria as well as the good bacteria (flora) in the colon and that causes my constipation! or is it something else? I take probiotics everyday (1 culturell in morning, 1 in the evening) If I miss taking them, I get constipated. What should I do? Because I liked the energy that I received after taking the BORAX! But If it is killing the good bacteria, I guess I'll have to limit the borax. Thanks, Russell

10/13/2008: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Russell:

Most constipation problem is the condition of acidity or metabolic acidosis. Probiotics, while it is true in helping constipation in the short term, causes constipation in the long run as most friendly and unfriendly bacteria tends to produce acid, such as lactic acid leading to metabolic acidosis. Excess lactic acid tends to be toxic to healthy cells in large amounts and hence the addictive nature of probiotics. The way to restore normal intestinal flora is for the body to have sufficient alkalinity in the body first. Primarily, baking soda and potassium citrate. But it is always the sufficient level of potassium that is most critical to normal bowel movement. In general the dosage is 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/4 teaspoon of potassium citrate in 1/2 glass of water usually twice a day. A technically correct name of potassium citrate is called tripotassium citrate. Most chloride forms of potassium are not so helpful, such as potassium chloride. Excess fried foods and overcooked foods, especially from snacks and aspartame hidden in gums these day tend to promote constipation. This is also true of table salt. In the long run I prefer safer salt substitute in form of sea salt, and iodine supplements such as kelp as a more natural substitute. Kelp is rich in iodine anyway and for people without a deficiency, I think once a week kelp is sufficient. Even low levels of DHEA (if you are over 30), even a low level of DHEA can cause constipation too in some cases. However, I have never h ave problems with intestinal flora problems from borax. I do have it if I eat too much meats, fried foods, artificial sugar, wheat, sugar, white flour, potatoes and white bread. These tends to promote bad intestinal flora. In fact probiotics are killed instantly if the diets were rich with these foods anyway. In research they have found that changing the diets and restoring normal pH usually invariably restore normal intestinal flora anyway. Perhaps just taking probiotic just once can almost reboot the intestinal flora to normal provided that the diets are alkaline forming foods such as vegetables. Even without probiotics, the restoration of normal intestinal flora are restored just with alkalizing foods such as baking soda, and vegetables. However, it should be noted that normal bowel movements requires a good electroyte imbalance of sodium, potassium, and magnesium, as well as good alkalinity, at the very least.


11/13/2008: Russell from Indiahoma, Oklahoma replies: Ted, I tried the potassium citrate, 1 99mcg tablet in the morning and 1 in the evening. While I think this has helped my constipation a little, I have become very dizzy, and have had some mood change, so I have stopped taking the potassium. Was I taking the potassium citrate wrong? Is there anything different I can do? Thanks, Russell
02/01/2012: Michelle from Monroe, Ct replies: The constipation from borax use is probably a result of borax displacing magnesium. I would suggest taking a magnesium supplement nightly and making sure to take the 2 days off per week, with mag supplements on those days as well.
08/14/2014: Val from Uk replies: Dear TED Borax contains ALUMINIUM


  • ASSAY (AS DECAHYDRATE): 99.0 % minimum.
  • ALUMINIUM: 5 ppm.
  • CALCIUM: 0 ppm.
  • IRON: 20 ppm.
  • MAGNESIUM: 10 ppm.
  • SILICON: 400 ppm.
  • CHLORIDE: 700 ppm.
  • SULPHATE: 600 ppm.

Is there a pure Borax solution on the market with the Aluminum?

11/29/2014: Joan from Usa replies: Val from UK: Just curious, which product label is that information from? Thanks.

Wants More Information About Borax Remedy

09/12/2008: Mary : Dear Ted:

I am very interested in your Borax remedy. I have treated my dogs for mange mites and it has been amazing. You mentioned taking it internally for dogs and for people.

I have low thyroid, low body temp, low adrenal, food allergies and candida, arrythmias, am cold, no energy, gain weight easily, have edema and mildly depressed. When I reviewed the article on flouride poisioning i realized i had been on drugs with flouride in them.

I want to try the borax but it seems dangerous. Also another person posted and he cited studies saying it was dangerous and never take it by mouth.

Can you give me more info about this cure?
Thanks, Mary

09/12/2008: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Boron is an essential element and you may visit Dr. Linus Pauling website from Oregon State Unversity concerning the essential mineral of the compound boron. The toxicity of boron is equal to that of salt, or sodium chloride, which is estimated to be 2000 mg/kg in an LD50 studies. So assuming you weigh 100 kilos, you need to consume about 2000 x 100 = 200,000 mg or 200 grams of borax to get the desired toxicity. 200 grams is equal to 10 chocolate bars of borax. It is unlikely that a small pinch is going to kill you. You got a better chance of getting killed with a fluoride compound of the same pinch. Fluoride is many times more toxic than a borax compound and it accumulates inside the body and is a biomarker for aging. That means the more you consume the quickly you will age.

Your condition is a classic one. You have been exposed to a very moldy environment sometime ago for a long period. When this happens it goes into the bloodstream causing depression, hypothyroidism, heart problems, polycystic ovarian syndrome, glandular problems, hirsutism, etc. They are what I call a cluster of symptoms linked to a fungus. The fungus has several achilles heels that took me years to find out, but it is borax, selenium, ammonium compounds, urea, alkalization and chromium. This is the best short list I can come out at the moment. All these have one thing in common: they are anti fungal. Selenium works specifically on the brain's protectiion against oxidation, but it also protects the glandular systems too. Its best effect is the 200 mcg of selenium yeast supplements is the best remedy against depression. People with depression may take 200 mcg, x 4 or 5 times a day and works amazingly well. However, people with past exposure of fluoride may need to use borax to displace the fluoride poisoning. I like it because it raises my energy levels and some of my friends used it to correct issues related to sexual impotence and its viagra like properties, in both men and woman.

Borax in medical literature has low toxicity in mammals because it is an essental mineral. It is toxic for insects because its digestive system relies on fungus for them to thrive, and is not an essential mineral for anthropods. Mammals have very different nutritional requirement. Boron is always added to infant's milk formula and vitamin supplements usually in the form of borax and it is this that is used for osteoporosis and depression. Doing nothing of course won't get you anywhere, and even a tiny amount isn't going to kill you unless you happen to be taking 1/5 of a kilogram of borax. You can also kill yourself by drinking water, and it's LD50 of water I estimated to be about 5 gallons of water in humans. Therefore moderation is the key. Extremes of any kind even drinking water can kill you too. Even little babies go blind from excessive oxygen in the incubator. No oxygen and the baby dies of lack of oxygen.

Personally I don't encourage people to use any of my remedies and I would be happy with this. I am only telling you my experience and results of its use. Not many will tell you unless you pay them money. So I am one of those rare people who has a big mouth. On the other hand people who deny (deniers and skeptics) have nothing to offer of any remedy and people end up doing nothing and kill themselves from negligence. So its really your choice.


Would Boron Work Instead of Borax?

08/17/2008: Mary from Port Orange, Florida: I am a little leary of using the borax laundry soap and was wondering if using a boron supplement would give the same result? What is found in the health food store is Tri-Boron Plus, made by Twinlab. Each capsule has 1.5 mg of boron, with serving size being 2 capsules. It also has magnesium, calcium, vitamin D and a couple others. If this will work, how many mg per day of the boron do you suggest? Thanks, I'll be looking for your response.

Keep up the good work, your site provides a wealth of information!

08/17/2008: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Mary:

Most manufacturing process of products I do call and check factory was whether any additional inert ingredients or other ingredients was added in a laundry detergent, or a generic borax product. Most of my problem I encountered is the consumer products rather than products people assumed to be unsafe, that is assumed to be as safe but it killed people, such as aspartame for example.

Or some product that people thinks it promotes good health but is really dangerous (in serious conditions) such as yogurt if it was consumed by people with a cancer metastasis that leads to rapid blood clotting and acted as an anti-nutrient as casein milk protein (in yogurt and cow's milk product) renders nearly all anti cancer supplements (indole 3 carbinol, lysine, etc.) useless as it covers whatever that was consumed and reduced bioavailability to almost zero.

This is why hospitals used milk for food poisoning, or that milk is prohibited whenever antibiotics are given. Even something as innocuous as a children's playground has toxic levels of arsenic, cadmium and mercury as the source of children's metal toxicity. So most of the problem I encountered from poisoning are the ones people don't expect.

Many sickness I also encountered (as heavy metals are common in tap water, filter or unfiltered in nearly 3/4 of homes I investigated, including the house i live in) resulted in worsening of health. Even common household goods such as paint thinner is another one. What is more disturbing is the fact that certain pipes filling to reduce chlorine in showers add to the problem of worsening health crisis, such as a special devices that releases copper to neutralize the chlorine, creates copper poisonng in unsuspecting victims trying to avoid chlorine. It creates a Catch-22 situation.

Locally at least here, a chemical supplier I bought sold me pharmaceutical grade borax, or sodium tetraborate. This is the route I prefer. In some places I buy borax from a drug store which is often a pharmaceutical grade, such as USP, or BP grade being the common identifier. As to how many milligrams of borax I used that is roughly equivalent to 1/4 teaspoon in a per 1 liter solution, a conversion therefore is necessary. But a lower dose of 1/8 teaspoon of borax also needs a formal conversion.

So the accept conversion for a teaspoon contains 5 mL or 5 cc of any given substance. 5 cc or 5 mL for one teaspoon is equivalent to 5 grams or 5000 mg of the substance. Since I used a straight powdered from a 1/4 teaspoon would equal to 5000 mg/4 or a low dose of 1/8 teaspoon is equivalent to 5000 mg/8, which is 1250 mg for 1/4 teaspoon and 625 mg for 1/8 teaspoon.

Before figuring out how much Tri-Boron is needed, here is the labeling information:
Tri-boron Plus Ingredients
Boron (from boron citrate, boron aspartate - boron glycinate) - 3mg*, Calcium (from calcium citrate - calcium carbonate) - 1000mg - 100%, Magnesium (from magnesium asparate - magnesium oxide) - 500mg - 125%, Vitamin D-3 - 400iu - 100%, Zinc (from zinc picolinate - histidine complex) - 15mg - 100%, Manganese (from manganese gluconate) - 5mg*, Copper (from copper gluconate) - 500mcg - 25%, Betaine HCI (betaine hydrochloride) - 324mg*
[* NoU.S.RDA established]

I really have a problem against aspartate, boron aspartate or any supplements that has the name aspartate as it is an excitotoxin that works in similar ways as the artificial sweetners as aspartame, which causes metabolic acidosis. So I would not personally consider this for a couple of reasons. I contains boron aspartate, magnesium aspartate. And I have some issues about hydrochloride, such as Betaine Hydrochloride, since it is an acid forming product. So it is back to square one, things people consider as safe is usually not safe. But assuming that it IS safe and another boron supplements were found without aspartate or other amino acid excitotoxins and hydrochloride acid forming product, and we try to figure out how many capsules are needed in a 3 mg of boron products.

So in a product such as Tri-Boron, which as 3 mg, will require 625/3 = 208 capsules. This is then dissolved in a one liter of water. Which would not make practical sense. I worked out all these problem long time before and this is why supplements company stands to make a huge amount of profits. In my opinion it won't have the therapeutic dose.

So all products I have to investigated, I have found unsuprisingly that at least a local laundry detergen (borax) I have bought years ago had less heavy metal impurities then the supplements by 99%. It seems that the more it is processed the more contaminants they are introduced. So a laboratory analysis can offer assurances of the product in question or I would at least demand a "technical specification" or "purity analysis" from the manufacturers or chemical suppliers. For me it is much easier if I just get a BP grade and USP grade, and I might ask them for purity analysis sheets while I am at it. Sometimes the situation is even more strange, that a non graded product turns about to be more pure than the USP grade. That's because the company didn't formally register for USP grade.

Therefore things do not appear what it is really. This is problem of the labelling syndrome when people should investigate further what is behind all surface information we are given. There is an old one movie I watched, The Wizard of Oz, when the Wizard gave the cowardly lion a medal of courage, and a degree to a scarecrow with no brains, and medal of purple heart to the robot with no heart. It is just a label. Just because a wizard give these labels won't change the fact that they still intrinsically don't have courage, knowledge or bravery.It's a placebo effect, at the very least, but at its worse, we may be only fooling ourselves.


09/11/2009: Pep from Madrid, Spain replies: I think there is an error: "So in a product such as Tri-Boron, which as 3 mg, will require 625/3 = 208 capsules" is incorrect because 625mg of Borax has only 17.69mg of Boron, what is 17.69/3=6 capsules (aprox.) . You should fix the error.
09/11/2009: Pep from Madrid, Spain replies: Sorry, there are 70.88 mg of Boron in 625 mg of Borax. So: 70.88/3=24 capsules aprox.
03/30/2011: Causes Not Bandaids from London, Uk replies: Hi, I have a question regarding this. Am I correct that the active ingredient in the Borax doing the 'work' is the Boron? And if so, does it follow that taking Boron would work, if you took the right doseage? Would it need to be pure (ie only Boron - if you can get that! ) and would capsules or liquid be needed?

Also, I read on here about Baking Soda (or Baking Soda with ACV) - does that do the same thing as Borax?

Many thanks in advance.

04/30/2011: Spirit Bear from Minto, N.b Canada replies: Boron is Borax :-)... The chemical name is sometimes Calcium or Sodium Borate (If I recall correctly) and it's usually labeled Boron (mineral supplement) or Borax (the all natural detergent). I personally think it's a tad safer to use Boron supplements to avoid any possible contaminants from Borax.. But sometimes Boron is unavailable and Borax is a very cheap source of this essential mineral (it's a fairly large box), plus the high dilution makes for insignificant health risk in relation to it's benefits... The LDF for Borax (point at which it becomes dangerous) is actually higher than sea salt, so it's quite safe assuming the dose is not too high (1/4 teaspoon to one litre of water). It shouldn't have any fragrance added, as I have seen before. But yes, Boron is definately Borax.

Does Borax Kill Healthy Flora Too?

06/25/2008: Mama2girls from Chicago, IL: Reading up on Ted's posts how borax kills mycobacteria in the body and helps remove floride. Does taking 1/4 teaspoon of borax in 1 liter of water 5 days a week also kill healthy intestinal flora/bacteria as well? Do we need to be taking probiotics as well? Is it okay for me to take borax if I am breastfeeding a 9 month old? Thanks!

07/09/2008: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: In research studies, healthy flora are changed most often due to the pH of the food which generally changes the entire flora of the intestines. An acid forming food will generally change a healthy flora into an unhealthy one. The second major factor is dietary sugar. Too much dietary sugar and fruit juices for example, will increase the anaerobic bacteria and decrease the healthy flora. As to the borax, if the boron levels is low, which in general is less than 1/4 (preferably 1/8) teaspoon or less won't change the body chemistry of pH that much, but interestingly borax prevents unhealthy crosslinking between the proteins and sugar. This means the sugar will not react with protein which causes glycation, but as well, the use of a small amount of borax actually increases healthy flora by reducing mycobacterium and fungal like bacteria from existing in the intestinal tract. Most mycobacterium and mycotoxins come from potatoes, peanuts, and stale white bread (more like moldy bread) but they can also come from moldy house. I have seen a couple of families having to suffer throughout their lives because of their previous exposure to moldy houses and can lead to all kinds of glandular sickness such as hypothyroidism, adrenal weakness, etc. If borax is taken in such a way that is safest, if risk is question then a much lower dose of borax is used such as 1/16 teaspoon of borax in one liter of water. This level won't alter much of the borax level in the blood level that much to effect but will have some chelation properties of fluoride removal, and have a protective properties of mycobacterium from fluorishing in case people feel that borax may be too much for some people. Generally speaking men requires larger dose such as 1/4 teaspoon of borax per one liter of water and a woman's dose is about 1/8 teaspoon of borax to rid of the mycobacterium. But if ridding is not a goal and prevention is required, than a much lower amount may be added such as 1/16 teaspoon is used to remove some excess fluoride and not taken everyday. As to the issue of breastfeeding, most problem appears that most mother's breast feed milk is generally low in vitamin D level and some published research recommends 2000 I.U. of vitamin D is taken either in a form of D2 or D3. Boron generally tries to correct the magnesium to calcium ratios as well as reducing mycobacterium levels in the blood and is a required mineral.

As to the issue of how much boron, the issue is generally debated as to the exact level, but are generally below 10 mg a day, and is generally helpful in calcium metabolism as boron generally helps normalize calcium and magnesium levels and ratios. However, I believe vitamin D in breastfeeding mother makes more sense and vitamin also raises the mothers immunity too, with possible exception that there is a boron deficiency or excessive levels of fluoride in water may effect the brain development of the baby might be justified. Personally I believe vaccination during a couple of days birth may destroy the development in the baby's brain leading to attention deficit disorder, from mercury content and other mycobacterium found in vaccines and I think I'd rather wait until the child reaches 2-3 years before a vaccination, but that's just an opinion.

In summary, a small amount of borax won't effect healthy flora, but instead helps it because of the alkalinity of borax and it's actions in killing off mycobacterium, and possibly certain anaerobes which uses sugar to metabolize into food. Anaerobes are generally an unhealthy flora and borax may block that action. The effects of borax in my experience has been a positive one, but I don't take that much borax either, because my local water isn't fluoridated, but it is chlorinated and I had to use a dechlorinator, using sodium thiosulfate.


06/01/2012: Jeanmcd from Northfield, Minnesota replies: On de-fluoridization or de-chlorinization - I thought, and perhaps you can confirm, that if I leave a glass of tap water overnight that the chlorine and fluorine gases can disperse, leaving me with a lower dose when I go to drink it the next day. I haven't drank water directly from the tap in years, since I noticed a much higher level of chlorine smell to our water. Can you confirm, as I haven't been able to find information on it? Thank you for your time and expertise.

Chemical Sensitivity and Mold

03/12/2008: Anonymous : he is sensitive to synthetic chemicals and that many years ago there was mold growing in his house from bad dampness and it was in his bedroom where he believes he was breathing mold spores ... it nearly killed him and since he discovered the problem of his strange illness he left the house. But now his immune system is very compromised. He can not shake hands with people or be near them if they use perfume or shampoo etc ... he lives as in a bubble.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: A simple remedy is 1/4 teaspoon of borax added in a one liter of drinking water plus 30 drops of 3% H2O2. This is taken like a water. If it runs out of one liter, make a new one. The fungus basically will eat up his red blood cells and destroy immune system and create a goiter in some cases and grows inside a bone marrow and glandular system. Hence, it is required ALSO that he takes 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda taken twice or three times a day.

This is all that he needs to get rid of the fungus. But he must also get a wet towel of 1% Hydrogen peroxide and applied to his body. He is then must launder all the bed, etc with chlorine bleach.

As a tip, taking magnesium supplements and adding 1/4 teaspoon of xylitol will further kill the fungus.

01/10/2011: Karl from Digby, Nova Scotia, Canada replies: Why xylitol, and not Stevia, I do not mean to question you, just looking to understand, what is it about xylitol that is better than Stevia, and what source of magnesium. Thank you Ted you are truly amazing.
05/13/2013: Arpad from Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A replies: Unlike stevia, xylitol is antibacterial, tastes exactly like sugar (no funny taste), also low glycemic index (OK for diabetics) like stevia, used with a netty pot in filtered warm water 1 tsp. to 2 - 4 oz. , it will clear sinuses in a jiffy. A level teaspoon in 2 oz. filtered water may be used for brushing teeth, brush entire mouth thuroughly, gargle, swallow, done. I would only recommend using Birch derived as opposed to corn derived, as most corn at least in the U.S. is GMO. Xylitol is natural! The human body makes it's own xylitol in small amounts. DO NOT GIVE TO PETS! "DEADLY", Their liver cannot process it. May be used like sugar for cooking/baking, beverages. Experiment to suit your taste. My favorite souces are Swanson Vitamins, 1lb jars, xylitol toothpaste (NO FLUORIDE), gum, etc. Wholeandnatural has 1, 3, 5, 10lb and up some with free shipping. Toast to your health.

Thailand Borax Products?

02/26/2008: Viv from Chiang Mai, Thailand: Borax and hydrogen peroxide to cure dog mange: we rescued an abondoned sharpei (wrinkly face/body) mix pup from foot of temple on hill. she is about 2 months old and has developed mange on her ear in the week we've had her. vet says to wait a month to treat her. i'd like to try something more natural sooner like ted of bangkok's Borax and hydrogen peroxide mix. managed to get 12% H2O2, which i will dilute (12 parts water to one part H2O2 right?, but can't get borax in CMai. tried uni pharmacy and 2 chemical shops. any suggestions??

03/09/2008: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Actually most drug stores can order the borax from their suppliers. The popular chemical suppliers most foreigners order comes from Vittayasom here in Bangkok. Perhaps you can contact the telephone directory in Bangkok and talk with Vittayasom, or ask the drug store to contact for you. Borax they sold is about 500 gram, or 1/2 kilogram to general consumers. Also in Thailand we have a school supply store called Suksaphanpanich that also sells borax too. If the drug store will not contact them for you just ask the representative of Vittayasom, since they seem to have a large distribution channels and are easily acquired here. Ted

A Remedy for High Blood Pressure?

02/26/2008: E. from Park City, UTAH: You said earlier that "In presence of the body's excessive organic acid, the body's production of sodium nitrite gets destroyed too easily and as a result, the body also goes into high blood pressure, as sodium nitrite, is the major precursor produced by the brain's glial cells in controlling the blood pressure." I never had HBP until I had a surgical hysterectomy at age 42, and began taking Hormone Replacement Therapy. My pressure was always extremely low that I had to eat salt to boost it up. Now its 185/105. I've tried a couple different HBP pills, but I don't like the side effects. Do you think Borax would help? Also, I have MS, and was wondering if Borax therapy would help my condition? Thanks!

03/09/2008: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Elyse: The high blood pressure after hysterectomy causes low estrogen levels. Whenever estrogen is low, there is a study to show that estrogen depletion leads to high blood pressure. The problem with most estrogen replacement therapy is the spikes created by large amounts of hormone whenever it is taken, resulting in side effect. The only known hormone that can give the required level without a spike is the use of hormone patches. The problem about estrogen is that whenever the operation is performed, other hormones are also missing and hormone replacement therapy usually look exclusively on just estrogen, when an a more important hormone such progesterone is ignored, and certain hormonal precursors such as DHEA and pregnenolone are ignored. The body works in a balance of hormones, but a safer hormone replacement may usually be the hormonal precursors which in turn create other hormone might be considered such as DHEA, pregnenolone and progesterone.

As to why low pressure existed before hysterectomy, this is is due to low grade fever that existed in some people with a weak form of septicemia, or a weak form of blood poisoning. This condition is sometimes due to deep cavities where bacteria is being constantly reintroduced causing low blood pressure and dizziness. So taking sea salt or salt may temporary raise the blood pressure, we are not looking at to the cause. When these bacteria, which can come from cavities, from immunization, from open wounds, form leaky gut syndrome where bacteria enters the bloodstream, this is the common cause of low blood pressure due to septicemia like conditions. Therefore, if long term condition exists, even for mycoplasma introduced from vaccines and yearly flu vaccinations, the body's get attacked by live bacteria, mycoplasma that attacks the systems, glandular system, compounded with high calcium intake can lead to hysterectomy. Since the cause was never resolved, other glandular disturbances is possible such as thymus, thyroid, adrenal, since glands are usually defenseless compared to the skin epidetmis and they are often easy targets to virus, bacteria and other conditions and if they are not dealt with directly it leads to their removal and that is not solving the cause. A zinc, iodine and magnesium supplements and some sea salt, along with alkalization should have resolve some of those causes to prevent hysterectomy in preventing low grade fever for example. Of course if the condition were due to cavities, plugging up the cavities or tooth extraction would have been the easiest way to resolve it.

As to what should be done in case hysterectomy exist and whether borax or boron remedy will help, what I do know for sure is the borax remedy does raise the body's general hormonal production, but other supplements might also be considered such as magnesium, vitamin B complex and perhaps some zinc. The magnesium helps reduce the excess calcium problem, avoiding oily foods would have prevented the blockage of hormones and allows for better control of blood pressure.

The most practical ways I know of is granulated lecithin one tablespoon taken three times a day along with meal, avoiding all cured meats, and switching the bread to rice as the best ways, and avoiding the use of vegetable oils in cooking would allow for normal blood pressure too. But it has always that 2 tablespoons of lemon juice plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water will allow the body's hormones to function more efficiently at least twice a day may be helpful.

I have found that borax reduces some blood pressure due to its alkaline properties, but baking soda and lemon is helpful too, not just the alkaline properties but in normalizing excess blood calcium which leads to lower blood pressure too. A small amount of borax such as 1/8 teaspoon of borax in 1 liter of water I have found on many occasions to raise the body's hormone function. An occasional, but not necessarily everyday, taking of some DHEA such as 12 mg, and pregnenolone also have some blood pressure lowering effects. It should be noted that I don't usually take these as a hormone replacement, but to take it now and then whenever hormonal levels are low so that these are taken, to prevent glandular exhaustion. Taking too high amounts of any hormonal, which result in high hormonal spikes usually leads to a glandular shutdown which can lead to days or weeks of shutdown before the body is able to produce a hormone itself, which is more like a middle path approach on my part.

On the other hand, I have noted that some people who take melatonin during the night can also allow the body's other hormones to produce normally. The interesting feature of melatonin is that if a person can't sleep and took this for about a month, the body pretty soon know how to make it's own hormone and might not even need the melatonin supplements. Interesting, this observation is sometimes applicable to DHEA, pregnenolone, and sometimes progresterone too. The glandular system whenever it is exhausted, sometimes needs a relaxation cycle in which some hormone were taken, such as once a week, or twice a week or three times a week, to prevent glandular exhaustion is a more moderate approach than taking them everyday. I have always noted problem of people taking them everyday after certain numbers of days taking continuously such as 8 or 9 days of taking non-stop. Therefore, in many of my remedies I try to make sure some remedies are taken 5 days out of a week, 4 days out of a week, or taking three times a week to allow the body time to rest and detox, instead of constantly being pushed or hassled by these hormones where the body feels it doesn't want it. The best way to know is to know when the body does want it, which can be once every other day or something for example. But most interestingly, both estrogens and testosterones in my opinion needs a hormone patch rather than a tablet or capsule form.

As a side note certain aromatherapy therapy can even make for a possible substitute of estrogen and might be used to some extent as a hormonal replacement therapy too, such as peppermint oil taken a couple of times a day about 2-4 drops. Peppermint oil has some estrogenic properties as well as cortisone properties and some people might even do well taking that. So my remedy might be a peppermint oil, some borax at 4 days or every other day in one liter of drinking water, and occasional twice or three times a week progesterone, pregnenolone, and sometimes only if I find necessary estrogen patch hormones as one possible example. Thus borax can help raise the body's hormones, but magnesium, lemon and baking soda, vitamin B complex, DHEA, and pregnenolone I think should a least be considreed too.


Does It Cause Intestinal Problems?

10/18/2007: Kristy : Hi, Ted... First let me say thank you for all the time you give to people like me who know so little about more natural ways to good health! My question about Borax is this...would taking about 1/4 teaspoon in a liter of water every day cause some intestinal problems? Or is it supposed to work similar to a colon cleanse? If not, maybe I'll drop it to 1/8 of a teaspoon. Thank you, Kristy

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Kristy:

Borax works like a very mild colon cleanse, but a more geared to sickness in ridding of fungus, yeast infections, mycoplasma, parasites either in the intestines or in the blood (as in lupus). At this dilution of one liter, which is quite a high dilution (almost like homeopathy), the negative effects whether intestinal problems and other would not be possible or is extremely difficult.

Women generally need less borax than men, but that also depends on size and age too. The typical remedy if not so sure is 1/8 teaspoon borax dissolved in one liter of drinking water.

The side effects of borax can have a laxative effect (like a colon cleanse) but in both men and woman it acts as an aphrodisiac as it causes the body to increase hormonal function, which is fine for people who are in their late 30s.

A way to avoid the laxative effect is to take it on an empty stomach. But if constipation is indicated, taking along with the food can have the opposite effect.

It's an old medicine, mind you, but during those days they also add glycerin to the borax, perhaps to add the sweet taste, but glycerin can have a laxative effect too, which is why just a straight borax in high water dilution will have a minimum laxative effect. The cause of laxative effect is very much due to the concentration of the medicine. If the laxative effect were to be very minimal, a high dilution of 1/8 teaspoon in one liter has the minimal negative effect possible.

I generally take advantage of reduction of toxicity of any natural medicine by adding lots of water and taken slowly as the safest possible route, almost like homeopathy.

While homeopathy is almost like a natural medicine, it takes advantage of vibrational frequencies of a product under the use of water (usually distilled in high dilution). However, human thoughts (whether it works for you or against you, or even if has any effects at all) can be tested empirically so that you can take further advantage in controlling such infections and sickness.

A simple tests for your own (personal mind over matter), and is to get a cooked rice, one where you put bad words (hate) and bad thoughts everyday, kept in a clear plastic box. Another one you do the same, but written on the box of good words (love) and twice a day (morning and evening) you give thoughts to the plastic box and hold them. After 7 days you can evaluate them. Your opinion of people or the vibrational frequencies of that person can either be a positive or negative influences on you. An interesting experiment is just to try the following personalities and how it influences you, such as Jesus Christ, James Randi, Mother Theresa, Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne and other interesting people. You will be surprise at the result for some of them (some can have positive influences, some quite negative). These vibratory influences may also make you sick or healthy, which can include T.V. shows, and other interesting things.

The reason why human thoughts may be important is it can have either positive or negative. How powerful that is you just need to do it yourself and find out and can be integrated as part of any natural remedies, once after you have seen the results (positive or negative). Awareness is an important element too.


Can I Apply Directly to a Skin Rash?

10/18/2007: Freya from London, England: Hi Ted Many thanks for all the very helpful information you have posted. I am following your recommendations including the borax, cider vinegar and baking soda, supplements tec. I was wondering what your opinion would be of using the dilute borax directly on the skin to try and kill the infection that causes the facial rash. I know that it can be used in this way to kill such things as dry rot or do you think it would be harmful/useless.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Borax used on the skin would be quite fine. I used them as a shampoo to rid of fungus in the hair. It works just like a shampoo, only that a borax is milder on the skin, so mild that they use borax and boric acid in an eye wash solution. However, despite its mildness, it is fairly effective against certain skin problems where it is due to fungus.

Another remedy I recently had success for skin rash and skin problem I recently used was either a solution of zinc oxide or zinc carbonate, which were quite fine to reduce rashes from ant bites too! It works quite fine and the remedy is quite mild and safe too. However, the problem about them is you just have to "shake before use". The concentration I used is about 10% zinc oxide or zinc carbonate plus 90% water.

09/14/2011: Nakemo from Nebo, Nc Usa replies: My first visit here, thank you people with questions and TED. I have recently got ringworm from a visitors pet, [looked like mange on dog], and have been using Tea Tree oil, as recomended, I want to wash several times a day, I will be trying Borax, with tea tree, and return here with results. thanx again.

Food Grade Borax?

09/07/2007: Carol : I'd love to try these two remedy components but in the United States Potassium Bicarbonate is only through prescription and Borax is a toxic laundry soap. Do you have any suggestions on what I should use instead?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Borax is quite safe if the amount is used small enough and diluted greatly in a water, such as 1/8 teaspoon diluted in one full liter of water. It is quite possible to reduce that further such as using the same amount in even 5 liters of water, which amounts to 1/(8 x 5) = 1/40 of a teaspoon, assuming an average person drinks 5 liters of water in a day.

Much of the toxicity therefore is due to the concentration of the materials, more than anything else. If a single salt is dissolved in a large swimming pool of water, such saltiness can't even be detected. I can't even detect salty water (assuming the water is not contaminated) if 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt was added to one liter of water).

As to the potassium problem there are ways to get around that by drinking some electrolyte drinks or Rehydration Salts, which do have some potassium. Potassium is not needed in as much if we compare that against the sodium. Most cells tend to bathed more in extracellular fluids where sodium usually predominates over potassium. Also most fruits are also high in potassium just the same.


Potassium Bicarbonate and Borax Alternatives?

09/05/2007: Carol : I'd love to try these two remedy components but in the United States Potassium Bicarbonate is only through prescription and Borax is a toxic laundry soap. Do you have any suggestions on what I should use instead?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Borax is quite safe if the amount is used small enough and diluted greatly in a water, such as 1/8 teaspoon diluted in one full liter of water. It is quite possible to reduce that further such as using the same amount in even 5 liters of water, which amounts to 1/(8 x 5) = 1/40 of a teaspoon, assuming an average person drinks 5 liters of water in a day.

Much of the toxicity therefore is due to the concentration of the materials, more than anything else. If a single salt is dissolved in a large swimming pool of water, such saltiness can't even be detected. I can't even detect salty water (assuming the water is not contaminated) if 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt was added to one liter of water).

As to the potassium problem there are ways to get around that by drinking some electrolyte drinks or Rehydration Salts, which do have some potassium. Potassium is not needed in as much if we compare that against the sodium. Most cells tend to bathed more in extracellular fluids where sodium usually predominates over potassium. Also most fruits are also high in potassium just the same.

As a Remedy for Lupus?

08/03/2007: Cheryl : thank you so much for answering my email.!!! i felt honored. i hope you get my email from yesterday on the site.

TED you deserve the nobel peace prize of humanity. for your humanitarian efferts here. i wish i could repay your kindness. i was in so much pain. it hurt all over my body. but infection is slow occuring and it slowly covers body undetected by the brain. untill its too late. then when it is detected there is no help. only drugs for profit. thank you, i owe you my life. i feel so much better now. it has been 12 weeks of your remedys. i look 5 years younger. i went fishing for the first time in 5 months. i caught 3 trout fish, cleaned them and ate till i was full. then i ate pineapple. (then drank my apple cidder vinegar with baking soda). i am young, 44 years old. i used to look like i was 60. i have my real body back. i am beautiful again. thanks to you. i am happy. it is hard to know the truth though. the melevalent nature of things. but it was much harder living with the disease of the epithial cells. it was sooo very painful. as you can imagine, these cells cover all the internal linings, including ducts in the body. it is labled "lupus" in serious stage) (very inervated areas that are very sensitive.) horrific situation here. but i am strong. i am going to fight as hard as i can. i did not deserve this pain. a am almost pain free now. my PH is in better range. i am going to add the zinc glucanate and magnesium gluconate as soon as i can. i am going to get PH strips since this element so very important. i dont have much money. i am nurse out of work due to illness. but i will find a way. i am going to get PH in range of 7.5 and keep it there untill i am well. then let it go to 7.0 and see what happens. there is a old saying in literature that says "physician heal thyself" i think it was by father of american medicine hippocrates. i am not sure but i am going to see who said it. but this is so true in reality of this life. trust needs to be shifted to own brain to heal ourselves.if logic is followed, the answers are there. thank you TED, you are a beautiful human being. with a beautiful mind. i want to read everything you write. is there more somewhere? i wish you love and happiness always

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Cheryl: I am happy to hear of your feedback on the lupus/mycoplasma being gone! Zinc need not be taken too often just enough so that the body can function smoothly.

It is important always to keep the pH in alkaline and most people I have seen can lead a normal life. It is important to especially mention that certain food contraindicated for lupus are usually the steaks, white bread, sugar, vegetable oils and cheese. I am very much anti vegetable oils as we are consuming too much when I think I should concentrate more on essential oils.

I believe always keep the eyes on the ball, in this case it is the baking soda (alkalizing pH close to 7) and the borax. Two of the most critical remedies for lupus.

It would make me much happy if more people know about the lupus remedy.

10/01/2012: Linda from San Francisco, Ca, Usa replies: Dear Cheryl, Congratulations on your great success, and thank you for posting to give the rest of us hope :-)!

Ref those pH strips, they will cost you about $15. for 80 of them, but for ~$30. off Ebay you can get the 'Hannah pH Checker' meter which will last you a lifetime. I switched from pH strips to that meter and will never go back.

This is just FYI so that you will know that perhaps the pH meter may be a better choice for you too... It certainly was for me, and is much more accurate as well.

I wish you great continued and improving health :-).

Namaste, Linda from SF

10/02/2012: Delfina from Karachi replies: hi Linda, just want to ask you the model number of ph meter you bought. thank you very much.

Will It Cure Stomach Pain and Cramps?

08/02/2007: Brian : Ted, I have been having bad reflux for about 3 months. Prior to that I had a sinus infection and took anitbiotics. I was having severe abdominal cramps so I took probotics and my doctor gave me Nexum. I didnt really have buring in my throat until after my nexium ran out. The abdominal cramps are gone but now i have constant buring in my throat and stomach. I have tried ACV but I give up after 3 days or so. I was wondering what brand of Borax I can by. I want to wipe out the bacteria in my stomach that is causing these problems. Or do i just need to do the baking soda only for 2-3 weeks? If so do i do that before each meal? Also what if my stomach isnt producing enough acid to digest the food? wouldnt that cause my problems. I am otherwise healthy, have energy, have normal bowels movements, etc. I jsut have pain in my stomach. Could it be H. Pylori? Thanks, Brian

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Brian:

Or do i just need to do the baking soda only for 2-3 weeks?

Apple cider vinegar alone will not help much, so it is best to take baking soda alone for a couple of weeks 2-3 weeks.

This is also supported by a sore throat remedy is usually a small sip of potassium bicarbonate mixed in 50/50 with the sodium bicarbonate, 1/2 teaspoon each in 1/2 glass of water taken at 5 cc at 15 minutes apart for about 4-8 times, or until the sore throat reduces, whichever comes first.

There are many microbes, not just the H. Pylori and others, but the key to killing them is alkalizing the body first and once the body fluids achieve normal parameters, they will eventually die off itself.

One additional tip that may kill certain agressive bacterium, is the Milk of Magnesia (but without the aluminum please!) At only 1/4 teaspoon mixed in 1/2 glass of water but taken at a course slowly such as divide out the dose in 1/4 taken 30 minutes apart. Those are quite efficient in killing many pathogens that might be causing some other acid reflux and irritations.

Borax is used against mycobacterium, so it might have limited capabilities against the H. pylori, but its alkalizing factor might be helpful more. However, I would prefer to use milk of magnesia, baking soda and potassium bicarbonate.

Boric Acid Vs. Borax?

08/02/2007: Terri from Lincoln, MT: Dear Ted; You stated "Boric acid is in fact much more toxic than borax."

Is boron the base of both boric acid and borax?

Over the past 3 months, I have taken a pinch of boric acid internally and have not found it toxic, to date.

I found the following information regarding boric acid: "Borax, also known as Boric Acid and is sold under the brand name "20 Mule Team, ..."

"Boric acid contains the elements boron, oxygen, and hydrogen (H3BO3). Boron is an essential micronutrient and is present in all foods... In nature, the element boron does not exist by itself. Boron is combined with other common elements, such as sodium to make salts like borax and oxygen to make boric acid.

Boric acid and other borates are increasingly being used in over-the-counter nutritional supplements as a source of boron. It is thought that boron has a potential therapeutic value in promoting bone and joint health as well as having a limiting effect on arthritis symptoms. ...

Borates are a fundamental part of daily living and boric acid is one of the most common and widely used borate compounds. Many of the uses listed above have been effectively used for centuries and many new uses are being found every day."

Another page says that "boric acid is generally not considered to be much more toxic than table salt (based on its LD50 rating of 2660)."

Here's another statement:

"Boron, the fifth chemical element, is a dietary trace mineral found primarily in plant foods. It is essential for plant growth. Recently it has been shown to be essential in an animal species (zebra fish), and evidence is mounting that boron is probably essential for humans, as well. The first edition of The Merck Manual (1899) credits boric acid, the most common form of boron, with being a useful treatment for amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, epilepsy and elevated uric acid. Boric acid has, in fact, proved to be ineffective for all of those disorders, but recent research supports the use of boron for the promotion of bone and joint health. There is less evidence that it may be helpful in enhancing mental cognition.

ADVERSE REACTIONS Doses up to 18 mg of boron daily appear to be safe for adults even if taken for prolonged periods of time. There is no evidence that boron is either carcinogenic or mutagenic. No adverse effects have been observed in either premenopausal or postmenopausal women using boron supplements.

OVERDOSAGE The lowest levels at which boron supplementation may be toxic have not been established. In 1904, human volunteers consuming greater than 500 mg of boric acid daily (this is equivalent to about 180 mg of elemental boron) showed symptoms of poor appetite and digestive problems. Symptoms of acute toxicity typically include nausea, diarrhea and abdominal cramps. The symptoms of chronic toxicity include nausea, poor appetite and weight loss.

Boron is often sold in supplements that combine a variety of nutrients. For example, it is found in products for bone and joint health that often combine such nutrients as vitamin D, calcium, magnesium, soy isoflavones, chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine, curcumin, boswellia, gelatin, ipriflavone, SAMe and others (see monographs on these substances). There's no evidence yet available that the therapeutic effects of boron are increased by such combinations."

I greatly appreciate your practical advise on this website and agree that we must all begin to think for ourselves. Trusted "experts" seem to mislead the most because they coat their lies with some truth. Experts are our grandparents and their home remedies consisting of those herbs and chemicals that were used around for centuries.

Thank you for your time.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Boric acid is more toxic than borax for two reasons: one it is acid, second it has more boron content. However, if we hold boron contents the same and neutralize the acidity, then boric acid is theoretically as safe as borax.

Unfortunately people make mistakes and therefore, I tend to favor borax. Boric acid is used in eye drop and eye cleaning solution so in low concentrations, boric acid is also safe for the eyes also.

02/20/2014: Freethink from Lima, Peru replies: This is for Tom. At what ratio of baking soda to boric acid neutralizes acidity?

Does Borax Kill Fungus or Detox Fluoride?

07/25/2007: Cheryl from Corpus Christi, Texas: I'am writing about ted`s remedies for mycoplasma infections. i am a 44 yr old registered nurse. i do not believe our medical system is for healing. i have seen too much. it is only to make money, not help people. its sad. i believe i have a vaccine induced illness.(which lowered my immunty) i thought i had aspergers syndrome, but on closer inspection this is all over my body, not just my brain. i have systemic candida, chronic bladder infections. kidney pain, foggy brain. sensory problems. so i am guessing that whatever this is it is , well everywhere.i think it is fungal and viral in nature. my condition worsened 2 years ago when i moved to the coast with a higher humidity and higher fungal count. immediately i started having severe chronic bladder infections. allergys, and overall poor health. i went to my doctor, he gave me antibiotics (i was programmed). the antibiotics helped, but it would come right back. i even went to a urologist who dilated the urethra. he told me i had a stricture. it was all wrong. i finally went to a neurologist. he told me i had systemic candida. finally the truth. but then he ordered diflucan 200 mg, which made me very sick, with headaches,fatigue and kidney pain. so i stopped taking it cause i felt so bad. then 5 days later it came back worse as ever, my bladder hurt so bad i thought i was going to die. so i started taking the diflucan again. then i came to this site and saw the coconut oil rememdy, and i read everything Ted wrote. i think he is right. as i do have a medical background and i do know what doesn`t work. i have seen everything that does not work. i think it is americas worst scam on the american people. i would rather be exterminated by a concentration camp than forced to suffer a long slow death while the medical system profits. i have seen it all my life at work, not understanding what was going on.i knew something was wrong, but i couldnt figure it out because the "system" has all its bases covered. but then i figured it out. i wanted to know why i was so sick. so i did my own research, and stopped being a follower as i was trained. if i am going to die from something, i want to know why. i always ate well, i dont drink or do drugs. i got plenty of exercize, but i still got sick all the time. it made no sense. so here i am, sick, unable to work, and angry that i was decieved by my own counrty. but i do not give up easy, i am not going to lay down and die without a fight. i am doing the remedies i can afford, ACV BAKING SODA 2 times a day, i take msm, dhea,garlic,fish oil,vitamins. thats all i can afford now.

i have a comment and question for TED: comment-thank you for your help, i know you are right,and also thank you for your time with helping me. question: can i start taking the coconut remedy now, so i can stop the diflucan medicine? is the borax to kill the fungus or to detox the flouride? i just started the borax treatment today. it was scary but i did it. and i am going to do it for the next 4 days. then rest for 2 days, then i will start again. 4 days on borax,2 days off. i hope thats right. i am having some mild kidney pain, i think from the candida in the kidneys (i dont know) i think the candida may be growing in my kidneys. maybe you will know why they hurt. my urine is normal color. so i guess the main question is how can i stop the diflucan without having a huge growing of the candida? i was thinking that if i start the coconut oil, i would be able to stop the diflucan? i do have the brown spots on my skin, it is on my forearms,hands,face,shoulders.oh and one more thing, i did do a detox diet for 1 week before i started anything. the doctor that ordered the diflucan said i needed to take valtex (antiviral) in 2 weeks. he wont say why, (i do not have the condition it is usually prescribed for (genital hepes). so i figured he is prescribing it for some "other virus" maybe the stealthy one. sorry so long, but there is no help here. i am on my own. it is scarry and hard. thank you for any help you can give.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Cheryl: Sorry about late response so many email! And thank you very much for your email!

In response to your questions:

Can i start taking the coconut remedy now, so i can stop the diflucan medicine?

Coconut oil and coconut products are considered to be food and can be taken anytime, with diflucan or without diflucan. People usually stop taking medicine whenever they feel better as a general rule. This is how we can know. I believe eating fishes (they are high in amines) have somewhat antifungal properties also. Amines generally decompose into a weak ammonium compound which have antifungal properties.

A couple of drops of hydrogen peroxide 3% such as 3 drops in one glass of water plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda may also help. Is the borax to kill the fungus or to detox the flouride? The borax does both killing the fungus and detoxing fluoride.

I'just started the borax treatment today. it was scary but i did it. i am having some mild kidney pain, i think from the candida in the kidneys (i dont know) i think the candida may be growing in my kidneys.

Usually 2-3 times a week should be more than sufficient in general. Magnesium may also help.

It is important to monitor urinary pH to get it near 7.0 at the very least. Fungus generally dies off nearly completely when pH is fairly high such as pH of 7.5. To get those numbers, I would generally prefer a lime and baking soda remedy. It's 8 teaspoon of freshly squeezed lime plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water taken two times a day.

Antiviral zinc and magnesium, in the form of zinc gluconate 50 mg and magnesium gluconate 250 mg. helps in case I suspect it is virus. Ted

Alternative Sources for Borax?

06/03/2007: A from Cavite, Philippines: hi ted, My dog has been suffering a lot from his itch and i don't know what to do.. then i found this site and read your cure for mange... i really want to try the hydrogen and borax solution but i couldn't find a store that sells borax here in the philippines.. i am wondering if there's an alternative for borax? please let me know your answer... it would really be a great help for my dog.. thanks.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Most countries do sell borax, but they are often not sold directly to consumers. Also borax goes by many names. In U.S. they call it 20 mule team, or in another they call it sodium borate, sodium tetraborate. Actually most chemists and pharmacist can actually purchase borax from their own chemical suppliers. Since most people don't normally buy borax, they will not order it, unless a special order was made. In Asia, they used a B.P. grade borax, which is pure enough to be used as medicine. In U.S. they call it USP grade. If you still have problems getting borax, chemical suppliers are listed in the yellow pages, and other chemical equivalents can be used that I found worked quite well such as sodium perborate. I have tested other chemicals needed to treat for dog mange and borax is the only remedy that can do that. This is unlike boils, MRSA, where there are many chemical substitutes that can be used for treatment.

There are close substitute, but I doubt its effectiveness such as pyrethrin, from pyrethrum plants, chrysanthemum derived, or even DEET, mixed in appropriate vinegar solution. However, I still have my doubt for safety in using dogs despite claims that it is safe. The dose is 1:9 ratios of DEET solution sold in supermarket to 9 parts of vinegar to be applied. Or a pyrethrin, which are more effective than DEET, and sold in supermarkets too using the same 1:9 ratios. Again these are not recommended at all, but in case the dog is dying, it makes for a good temporary solution, which, are often applied in the area of mange. I will only consider this if I am cornered. A very LOW QUALITY borax can also be found with people who weld metals, they use borax as a chemical to help with their welding of metals. Perhaps going to the welder can be possible since this is often used only for external purposes anyway.

There are less effective remedies that you can try, in event of a long wait. If luck isn't on your side, and you cannot obtain anything then get a bunch of chrysanthemum flowers boil them in enough water. Then apply to the dog. To add penetration, a 50% solution of vinegar.

Boric acid is more toxic than borax so the best ways is to reduce the toxicity by reacting the boric acid with enough baking soda until there is no more fizz. Then only one teaspoon of boric acid per liter of water in 1% hydrogen peroxide is used. However, this is only a theoretical consideration as usually a more alkaline form of boric acid neutralized with baking soda is usually less toxic as the acid is neutralize. The problem that begs the question here is do drug stores sell boric acid? Usually they won't in a pure form and they will sell them in eye drops, where the concentration is so low, you just have to buy a one liter bottle of eye drops and mixed with hydrogen peroxide yourself! I don't think it is worth to buy 1 liter bottle of eye drops!

Safe for Use on the Skin As a Fungicide?

05/25/2007: Jan from Utrecht, Netherlands: Ted I bought and used borax externally on my feet foor athlete's foot and in my crotch. Used to spray h2o2 in my crotch which made the skin very slippery ( fungus ? ). Now with borax there is no slippery anymore on a wet skin. Question 1; is it safe to use borax this way ? I also use Borax ( pinch in water ) internally to kill the fungus; is that okay ? Then you wrote some place that borax harmonises the hormones and does increase testestorone in male's. This seems to be true .. i feel a jest in my seks-drive ( nice :-) ). Than 1 last question; you write that borax chelates fluoride from the body. My experience is that using the borax makes me very clearheaded, removes a fog and fatique(due to fluoride?). Can you tell me more about the chelating-aspect of borax for fluoride .. perhaps there is something to read about this. Thanks in advance for your reply and also thank you for all the information. p.s. I also use your suggestions with Backing soda to correct ph, it works. I find that when I use it that I feel the stress in my body dissapears and I feel more relaxed ( great ). Also mix the backing soda with vitamine C .. great! Jan

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Jan: Yes, borax can easily be used for external applications, and in tiny amounts internally as it is an essential mineral for human nutrition.

Slippery is reduced with borax as a result of killing fungus. Hydrogen peroxide is not really effective without using the borax also, needed to effect the killing.

Yes, borax does increase the male testosterone (and improves sex drive) and it helps considering nearly all the consumer products today are nothing but pseudoestrogens. There were some feminine behavior found in male animals, with the resulting excess use of insecticides, on vegetation which leads sometimes to hermaphrodites (two sexes) and other problems in fishes also.

Fluorides causes cloudy and foggy brain as well as a badly messed up circadium rhythm that accumulates in the pineal function. Boron or borax form is essential in my opinion for normal circadium rhythm and pineal function caused by excess fluoride and calcium accumulation in the pineal gland, which increases with advancing years due. It is one of the biomarkers of aging, and hence, an antiaging medicine if you can remove those biomarkers. Fog and fatigue is related to fluoride accumulation.

Alkalization such as baking soda does remove the stress and cause the body to be in a relaxed state, but it is also an causes the acidity of the vitamin C, which is a prooxidant, to be an antioxidant, as the body's alkalinity increases the antioxidant of the vitamin C. This is an important aspect to antiaging. In presence of the body's excessive organic acid, the body's production of sodium nitrite gets destroyed too easily and as a result, the body also goes into high blood pressure, as sodium nitrite, is the major precursor produced by the brain's glial cells in controlling the blood pressure. If the body is sufficiently alkaline enough, the nitric oxide (from the body's natural production of sodium nitrite) are utilized better utilized for repairs in certain pockets acidity, instead of the entire body, which the body does not have in sufficient amounts. Nitrites, or nitric oxide if better utilized also increases the body's immune function as well.

The basics of medicine is all there without the need for expensive pharmaceuticals, just that many cannot make the connection.

11/17/2012: Taffygirl from Scranton, Pa replies: Does anyone have any advice for curing C. Diff? Will borax or boron help--i hope to direct this to Ted but don't now the email for him.

Is Borax Dangerous?

05/22/2007: B : Hi Ted, I read your recommendations regarding lupus with much interest. My cousin recently died of lupus and I have been experiencing many of the lupus systems for quite a few years now. However, I have been diligent in taking my supplements and most of them correspond to your list of recommendations. I think this might have saved my life thus far. However, lately I am constantly sick, with severe allergies, aching all over and now my muscles, especially in my legs, seem affected, also my heart and lungs. I also have sharp, stabbing pains intermittently in my head. The joint pains are almost gone since taking the baking soda and MSM. I would dearly love to kill off the bugs causing this, but I am SO AFRAID to take the borax, and this seems crucial. We were taught that borax is highly poisonous and should never be ingested. I researched the internet extensively, and all I can come up with is POISONOUS. Please advise me and set my mind at rest regarding this, as I would like to add the borax to my regimen, as you stated that this is very important. I know you are very busy, but I'm sure other sufferers might also have this question, so please reply asap. Thanks for your hard work, dedication and the willingness to share with us. May you be richly rewarded. Many thanks, B

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Water is also poisonous if taken in large amounts: one woman drank 5 glass of water in a radio program, if I remember correctly and died a couple of hours later.

And if you read some supplements, of mineral and vitamins lately they use "sodium tetraborate" or another word for it is borax. I was brainwashed just like everyone else, but fortunately I was trained as a biochemist and found that the body needs them in small amount and boron or lack of a better name, borax, is crucial to a lupus recovery.

There is currently no reported deaths from borax use, although there is plenty of deaths from lupus, more than I care to remember, including my own friend who believed in the best of conventional medicine (she was rich and believed money can buy everything). The lupus dissolved her entire reproductive system into a bucket jelly blood when she went to the bathroom, and died shortly afterward.

Whether borax is safe or not appears to be the dosage. Let's see, flouride is at least ten times more toxic than borax, but yet many people use it everyday in toothpaste. How can you explain that? Its toxicity is a bit less toxic than cyanide, and arsenic toxicity is close to flouride. Not only is fluoride NOT an essential mineral, but yet boron or borax IS an essential mineral. Take for instance drinking water in Israel, is several milligrams per liter of water. Most fruits are about 1 mg/liter of borax.

The issue is the toxic dose of Borax is between oral rat LD50 2000 mg - 3000 mg/kg. The salt (sodium chloride) toxicity is 2000 mg - 3000 mg/kg. LD 50 by the way is the amount of dose necessary to get a 50% chance of a rat dying on a per weight basis of the animal.

I am not going to push you to try anything including borax or your decision to do anything. But you must come to realize a point in time where your logic rules, not what is been taught but what you think works for you.

It must be understood that the "system" doesn't like to see you cured, suffering is a lot more profitable to both drug system and "the system" and it only pleases the "system" that population control, which is the primary goal of today's system be enforced, stealthly.

I can never go directly against them, they are just too powerful. And yes, I get hassled, threatened more than I care to remember, but I am doing the best I can to get the information out as gently as I can imagine without ruffling too many feathers. The best I can say "this is this" and "that is that", but if I go any further, I get into trouble too.

All I can say is in my own experience getting alkaline enough and even a small amount of borax has the similar toxicity to salt in terms of LD50 and remains the key to getting lupus recovery. Those who do get cured, don't post them directly they also fear because of so much "publicity against" borax use.

The ONLY published death against borax use is NOT borax. It is boric acid from accidental poisoning as the baby accidentally ate the boric acid. The baby more likely died from acidosis (from the strong acid of boric), rather than the boron, in my humble opinion. Boric acid is in fact much more toxic than borax.

You decide. So far everyone I know is benefiting, but that's just my own experience. I am out on a limb more than I care to remember when I post earthclinic. And believe me, I know a lot more than I care to post because there so much information pollution out there, including wikipedia. The war stories of me is just too overwhelming even to scratch the surface.

If in deep doubt I will always take much less say one tiny grain borax dissollved in a swimming pool of water just to make a fool of myself. Or perhaps, with little more confidence, maybe just one grain in one liter of water, which is a bit less ridiculous, then if need be maybe just 1/10 of whatever I think I used might be someday, safe. It's the same story ten years ago about hydrogen peroxide and colloidal silver, during the early heydays of the internet, when remedies were first introduced. The reason why we CAN'T CURE ourself is we are simply too dependent on a system which we believed to be benign, but personally I believed to be malevolent, and once you begin to realize this then you will know that what you have been taught is either all wrong, or our own mind has been divorced from ourself.

It takes only a simple observation and some basic rules of chemistry for me to write up hundreds of remedies in earthclinic and the reason why I can do that, is simply we have been conditioned not to think, but to follow rules. Some people spent their whole lives following rules, and the world they live in looks nice, and it is tempting when you are offered the "blue pill" or the "red pill" as in the movie Matrix. Once again, you have to decide, which do you want, the blue pill or the red pill?


p.s. Try to consider taking chlorella or chlorella/spirulina supplements at least 5 days out of a week. You may have forgotten this one. However the bugs won't die if borax is not used, sorry to say.

08/31/2008: Cindy from Kansas, USA replies: I believe borax, boron and boric acid are three different substances - boric acid and boron being extracted from borax and far more dangerous.

I suspect that removing elements from their natural compounds make them difficult to assimilate if not entirely unrecognizable by the body. Whether it's basic elements from naturally occurring mineral compounds or specific components from herbs and/or food - it is quite possible that the balance of components of naturally occurring compound matter contain "directions" that instruct the body how to deal with the individual components, i.e. how much to extract, where in the body it is to be deployed, how to dispose of excess etc.

01/02/2011: Mesem from Toulon, France replies: Powerful stuff Ted. I agree that most minerals/vitamins need to be ingested in natural associated forms but then it is so hard to know what you are taking in. Look at how much food is grown hydroponically. How can these plants be getting the all the catalysts and enzyme inducers that they need when they are taking up a synthetic nutrient mix.
01/23/2011: Mtroscla from Westwego, La replies: Do I just go to walmart and purchase borax 20 mule laundry detergent and hydrogen peroxide and dialute it the way ted describes to kill all fungus in the body? and how long do I need to take this for thanks this is my first time hearing of this and it is a little scary but I know I am alergic to everything and to my dogs dander as well this ifo will be helpful thanks ted on some insight
01/26/2013: John from Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa replies: Ted, I do understand your quandree, take a horse to water..... ? save time, Google. 'the Borax conspiracy' and get cured.

Ted, my hero, I am told that a frozen lemon, Lime, thawed grated and sprinkled on food and or in water is a cure for most including cancer. Please look into this and let us have your considered opinion. Incidently, my wife has a heaped teaspoon full in her bath water every day and has no sign of arthritis or any other bone, joint problems, I take a good pinch in my whiskey and soda, 84 and drinking, Thank you, Ted. John

03/04/2013: Anonymous from Farnborough, UK replies: Borax is about to become unobtainable here in the UK thanks to the EU. But after scouring the internet for cures as the doctors haven't cured me in 64 years I found some interesting stuff on Borax and have been taking an extremely low dose for two days (1 teaspoon in 1 litre of water, then sip 100 ml of this mixture throughout a day so the 1 litre makes a ten-day supply, to be taken 5 days a week only). I can't believe the results! I feel more energised, my eyesight is somewhat better, I have more energy, I'm getting things done, I'm thinking clearly, it's fantastic! Absolutely no side effects. Have just ordered 5 kilos from my supplier in case he gets stopped.

The site that got me started was:

P.S. even at that extreme dilution it still tastes like sh**, but the taste soon goes.

Laundry Borax Same As Food Grade Borax?

04/16/2007: Entise : Ted, Hi. Just wanna ask if the BORAX you always mentioned in Earthclinic is the one used in laundry or is there a food grade BORAX? Please enlighten me. I deeply appreciate what you're doing in Earthclinic, more power to you.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: If the detergent has only borax, since the amount taken is low, most people would use that.

Food grade or pharmaceutical grades, 500 grams are available from scientific sellers, and chemical supplier, or a chemists, but most people find the difficult to obtain them. For me, I get them from a chemical supplier.

In practice taken in small amounts such as a small pinch are generally do not have problems. Most contaminants I found actually don't come from those, but from common things we consume everyday are more toxic such as tap water which have more contaminants.



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