Where to Buy Apple Cider Vinegar?: Q&A

Last Modified on Mar 22, 2012

Where Can I Buy Apple Cider Vinegar in Paris, France?

03/22/2012: Barbara from Los Angeles, California. USA: Where can I buy this in Paris France?

03/23/2012: Courtney from Granite Bay, Ca replies: I wouldn't think it would be difficult to find in Paris. I would look for it in the salad dressing (oils, vinegars, etc.) aisle in a supermarket. It may not be organic, but it will still do the trick. I am testimony to that. I use the non-organic ACV and it works great. When I switched to the organic brand, my symptoms returned. Everyone is different. :)

The regular ACV should be easy enough to find though and really... It works just as well as the organic. In my case, it worked even better.

03/24/2012: Suzanne from Pittsburgh, Pa replies: Make sure to read the label if you are buying it at the grocery store---actually you should always read labels! I don't know what it's like in France but here in the USA sometimes when you think you are buying vinegar you are actually getting an artificial product made from petroleum---yuck!

Re: Where Do I Find Apple Cider Vinegar in Mumbai?

02/19/2012: Baldev from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India: Hi Natasha, You can get ACV in Mumbai in all those stores which keep imported things. In Chembur there is a Ratna store which keeps it, you can get it from there. You can call me on 09322887066 if any help required.


Where Do I Find Apple Cider Vinegar in Mumbai?

02/18/2012: Natasha from Mumbai, Maharashtra: Plz help me- in which mumbai shops I will find apple vinegar ??? Help reply me soon coz I need for my husband- he has high blood pressure and cholesterol. Thanks, Natasha

03/03/2012: Rajkumar from Nagpur, Maharashtra, India replies: Apple Cider vinegar is available with Naturally Yours, Ville Parle (E), Opp. Naveenbhai Thakkar Hall. They give you free Home Delivery all over Mumbai.

Singapore - Question

07/15/2008: Eng Yaw Jing Andy from Singapore: can ACV be found in singapore??i'm very prone to food poisoning and then i saw about ACV...but i dont think singapore has it?

08/11/2008: Robby from Singapore replies: ACV is sold in Singapore for a very long time. It is available in NTUC, Cold Storage, Nature Farm. For the best quality buy Bragg Organic ACV. I have been taking it for more than 10 years. Good luck.

Question About the Only Brand of ACV Found in India

07/02/2008: Namrata from Hyderabad, India: hi every one. actually i went to ask you people about american gardern acv it says (water & apple juice from concentrate and five% acidity) is it ok if i use it for weight loss it says its natural. please some one sugest me for this as only this particular brand is available. Thank you very much for such a great site.

07/02/2008: Joyce from Joelton, Tn replies: Hi there, The description of the ACV you have there is the same as the one we have here. I would think it would work the same.
06/13/2009: Pvsvk from Hyderabad, India replies: Please let me know where can I get Apple Cider Vinegar in Hyderabad
12/28/2012: Ketan from Mumbai, Maharashtra replies: Hi!! This is Dr. Patkar from mumbai. We manufacture Apple Cider Vinegar in India which is unfiltered, unrefined with MOTHER & 5% acidity. We ship it all over india for free. please visit www.drpatkars.com or call us on 09821878966.

Where to Buy in Pune, India

06/24/2008: Sultanate from Pune, India: Can please someone tell me where I can get Apple Cider Vinegar in Pune, India?

12/28/2010: Nadia from Pune, Maharashtra replies: You will get apple cider vinegar in pune at Nana Peth Market near Camp. I do not know the exact address but I had bought apple cider vinegar from a wholesale grocerry shop which is in nana peth market which is close to camp area.
12/10/2011: Suyashxp from Pune, Maharashtra replies: Hi all, Today I seached a Lot In nana peth, ganesh peth and other area in Pune for Apple vinegar. I did not got there. But it is availble In dorebjee Store In camp area of Pune (in front of SGS mall)

(Nearby loacation : Pune sation, MG road, westend talkies)

Product Name: Apple Cider vinegar

Brand: American Garden

QTY: 500 ml and 946 ml

Price : 500 ml: 120Rs and 946 ml : 190rs.

Note : this product may not be availble all time In that store. Ask any guy there about this product, if they have in there store they can give it or ask them to conact once it is avialble again in store .

Images : http://imgur.com/4OmcW, 9hxsl#0

http://imgur.com/4OmcW, 9hxsl#1

I just brought ACV now and will try this experiment now and Will come back soon

Finding Organic ACV in India

06/01/2008: RS from Mumbai, India: Can someone please tell me where to find organic, unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar with mother in INDIA? I really need it!

05/31/2008: EC replies: Check out this page for a few ideas: http://www.earthclinic.com/Remedies/apple_cider_vinegar_buy.html#INDIA
11/06/2010: Gaurav from Delhi, India replies: Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar is available with go India Organic, Delhi. It is raw, original bragg's apple cider vinegar.

Where to Buy Apple Cider Vinegar in the Middle East?

05/20/2008: Shurooq from Muscat, Oman: Where to get ACV in Middle East countries?

04/13/2011: Nida from Lahore, Lahore Pakiatan replies: plz tel me 4rm where can I get dittu and sons apple vinegar in lahore

Pakistan -- Question

04/11/2008: Nimra from Islamabad, Pakistan: hi,

i am suffering from Atopic eczema since childhood. read on one of the web sites about its treatment through Organic Apple Cider Vinegar.

i wonder if i will be able to find one in islamabad, pakistan.

i tried applying apple cider vinegar by HEINZ but its not organic, its ingredients read "5% acidic"....i applied it on effected areas for two days.... and my skin is even worse, inflamed badly. please advise what to do, is organic ACV any better? if so please let me know if i can find one in islamabad, pakistan.

many thanks.

09/14/2009: Aqeel Arif from Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan replies: Hi Nirma.

I also read about ACV and you can buy American Garden's ACV from Pace.

10/23/2009: Nadeem from Lahore, Punjab Pakistan replies: You can get DITTU & SONS organic apple cider vinegar from any good store in Pakistan. If find problem I guide you store in Lahore thx.
11/11/2009: Bader from Rawalpindi, Pakistan replies: Hi Nimra

Amercian Garden apple vinegar also contains 5% acidity. You should use Dittu's it is organic.
I will send you the exact location tomorrow, where you can find some, in Rawalpindi.

Best Regards

04/22/2010: Hina from Islamabad, 54000 replies: can any one tell me where dittu and sons is located in lahore plz its urgent
03/01/2011: Haris from Islamabad, Pakistan replies: Aoa!
I got dittu and son's apple vinegar but am not sure if there is any difference between apple cider vinegar and the vinegar that is available in pakistan under the brand name of dittu and son's
03/02/2011: Marla from Atlanta, Georgia, Usa replies: According to this page www.earthclinic.com/Remedies/apple_cider_vinegar_buy_questions.html, the Dittu & Son's apple cider vinegar is the kind you want.
02/05/2012: Hira from Islamabad, Punjab Pakistan replies: where can I find apple cider vinegar in islamabad.... The one which is real not acidic plzzz reply..... ???? : )
05/07/2012: Kj from Islamabad, Pakistan replies: I suffer from chronic eczema myself and have had a few people recommend ACV. Would anyone know where in islamabad or lahore can I find the Dittu and Sons ACV.


05/08/2012: Lug from Calgary, Alberta, Canada replies: You can find Apple Cider Vinegar in GNC store in islamabad. All u have to do is google "gnc store in islamabad". You will get the address & the phone number. Another thing is if somebody has gout they can find "black cherry juice extract"there too. Its really effective in curing gout. My mother who is almost 80 & was totally crippled is getting better day by day. She has high blood preasure too. So its ok for old, young every body. Which ever country u r living in just google and hopefully u will find an address of this store. good luck every body
05/23/2012: Nabeel from Lahore, Punjab replies: Can just tell me where can I simply find out apple cider vinegar organic one in lahore, plz b straight dont beat about the bush, tell me the plce, to make it more easier are they availaible on any pharmacy like fazal din, clinix etc ect
05/28/2012: Lug from Calgary, Alberta, Canada replies: 042-5785380-1 call this #and find out
06/04/2012: Anonymous from Lahore, Punjab replies: Assalmau 'Alaykum (peace be onto you), I would like to know from where can I buy ORGANIC (with mother in it as they call it) Apple cider vinegar? I reckon Bragg's is not avaliable freely in local markets, but as I read the thread, you guys talk about "Ditto and son's" if its organic as in raw with a core inside then kindly instruct me as to the location/phone number of the store here in lahore. Thanks
11/02/2013: Km from Los Angeles replies: Is Dittu and Sons Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) unfiltered I.e., does it contain the "mother of vinegar".

The sediment that settles at the bottom of ACV lying on a shelf is referred to as the "mother of vinegar". This gives vinegar it's real nutritional value.

If someone can post a picture of bottled Dittu and Sons ACV, it will be helpful.

Check out a bottle of Bragg ACV here, it has the sediment (mother of vinegar) at the bottom:

http://www.organic2u.com.my/image/cache/data/BG-APPLE CIDER VINEGAR (16oz)_0228-530x500.jpg

11/09/2013: Atif from Pakistan Lahore Cantt Punjab replies: where I find apple cider vinegar for eczema in PAKISTAN LAHORE.

Philippines -- Question


04/19/2008: Estrelita from Quezon City, Philippines replies: Mr G.Pontevedra you can buy Heinz Apple Cider Vinegar at any supermarket like(SM, Ever, Robinson.) All i can say is that ACV could help us alot in many ways for cooking,t reatment,a s disinfectant.I 've been using this almost ten years now since I read the book writen by Dr DC Jarvis bout the vinegar.


04/08/2008: Mr Sadik Khan from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India: where in ahmedabad can i get apple cider vinegar?

05/28/2009: Rani from Ahmedabad, Gujarat replies: i also have same problem dude!
09/08/2009: Aju from Kottayam, Kerala replies: we can provide apple vinegar. we are manufacturing apple vinegar
02/04/2011: Rekha from Mumbai, Maharashtra replies: Hi, I am living in Mumbai-Andheri, can you tell me where to get this Apple cider Vinegar in Mumbai or Delhi(Karama)?
02/05/2011: Baldev from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India replies: In Mumbai stores keeping imported stuff, all keep Apple Cyder Vinegar. If u don't get call me 09322887066

Qatar -- Questions

02/27/2008: Brian from Doha City, Qatar: Im wondering if someone knows of any stores here in Qatar were they sold organic ACV...Please do help me.. Thanks!

03/23/2010: Niz from Singapore replies: Yes green apple vinegar is not available in many countries. Its said to be the best acv and look for one with low alcohol %. Its available in singapore. I can help with your orders.

Pakistan -- Question

02/20/2008: Zuha from Islamabad, Pakistan: Hello, I am from Pakistan. And wanna know, where I can buy APPLE CIDER VINEGER from Pakistan and tell me its exact measurement also. As i want to use it for weight reduction.

03/10/2009: Maazhabib from Rahim Yar Khan, Punjab/Pakistan replies: Yes DITTU'S (Dittu & Sons, Quetta) from any Dawakhana in pakistan

Hong Kong -- Question

02/09/2008: Danny from Hong Kong, China: Hi. I've just started using ACV and I'm using a market-leader brand of commercial ACV. And I've read an article here suggesting that commercial ACV has significantly less health value and is far too acidic. I live in Hong Kong and organic ACVs are not widely available. Question: What should I look for when buying ACV? How would I know if an ACV is pasteurized? Thanks for your help.Kindly, Danny.

Anna from Beijing, China replies: Hi,
I read a question from Danny from Hong Kong about ACV.Organic ACV with mother can be bought in HK from the Bragg Ordanic ACV distributors:
'1. Health Organic Co.,Ltd.
 Flat A2, 13 F
 Wing Cheung Industrial Building
 58-70 Kwai Cheung Road
 Kwai Chun,HK
 011-852-2151-1190, or
 2. Health Naturally Co., Ltd.
 708 Treasure Centre
 42 Hung To Road
 Kwun Tong

Hope this is helpful.

EC: It is likely that a good health food store in Hong Kong would carry organic apple cider vinegar. However, you might also look into making your own.
08/03/2009: Kris from Beijing, Beijing, China replies: Hi Anna and Danny,

I just used ACV for 3 months now for my acne and scars on my face. A lot of people told me that my face skin is getting better and the scar is not as deep as it used to be. I'm using the commercial ACV brand. I bought it at Carrefour Beijing. But then I read a lot of articles on the website that says it's not an organic one, it's a pasteurized vinegar so it has less nutrition than the organic one.

So, Anna, I heard that the brand you gave to Danny, is actually a good one since it's organic. Any ideas where I can find it in Beijing?

Thanks a lot.

Kris, Beijing.

02/13/2010: Michael from Garden Grove, Ca replies: I've been looking for Organic Apple Cider Vinegar in Beijing also. I have found a store that sells Bragg in Beijing. It's 3-4 times more expensive than in the U.S though. They have 2 locations in Beijing.


Thailand ACV Sources

02/04/2008: Ray from Bangkok, Thailand: Could you please help me find an outlet for apple cider vinegar in north east Bangkok or inner Bangkok itself. I've tried every local supermarket and pharmacy but all to no avail.

02/07/2008: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Ray: Apple cider vinegar in Bangkok is easy to find. It is found in nearly all branch Foodland Supermarket and many of the Mall Department Store, supermarket sections. I got mine from The Mall supermarket section, Bangkapi Branch, since it is near my house. A great supermarket for foreign expats here is Villa Supermarket, which is found on Sukhumvit Road, and near the opposite of The Mall Ngarmwongwan. There are other places too, but the prices are not as reasonable at these locations. If you want to go to these places, just contact telephone assistance before going so that you won't go empty handed.

India: Where to Find ACV/alternatives?

11/22/2007: A from India: I am not sure we can get ACV in India. Any substitutes recommended?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Apple cider vinegar comes in various brands, such as Bragg's, Heinz, and others. It is usually obtained from supermarkets. Certain health food stores may carry apple cider vinegar too.

Also, the apple cider vinegar depends on the kinds of remedy to be used. In certain remedies, a lemon or lime and baking soda will be a good substitute.

Another possible way to get around the lack of available, apple cider vinegar is to use apple juice mixed 50% with plain distilled vinegar. Most of the healing properties of the apple cider vinegar, in my opinion comes from the small amount of acetic acid and malic acid already found in most apple juice. Although when I do use it, I tend to neutralize the acid, with baking soda, so that it will be more friendly, pH wise to the body.



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