Apple Cider Vinegar for Health and Well Being: Q&A

Last Modified on Aug 17, 2011

ACV / Castor Oil

08/17/2011: Anonymous from Anonymous: Hi Ted,

I just started taking acv, 3 times a day with water and nothing else

i also apply topically to my face - sometimes have acne mild or not so mild cyst like pimple on my face that I get every so often after my menstrual cycle

my face looks so much better in a short period of time but my sinuses are so much worse, i have had sinuses problems for many years have tried just about everything- i also do not eat sugar and dairy very rarely -

i wake up feeling sick every day with flu like symptoms and i have a "river" of mucus dripping on the back of my throat-the back of my eyes hurts - the wonderful rosy glow i had the first few days is now gone too!

my lower back hurts a little dont know if related and suddenly i also seem to have discharge clear and odorless nothing worrisome but it is out of the ordinary

i am wondering if this is because i am de-toxin somehow or i might be allergic to acv ?

should also mention that i am hypothyroid under control with armor ( under control but dry skin and acne and sinuses)

and have been taking primrose oil for a few years now

just in case i will tell you that i started putting castor oil drops in my eyes before i go to bed i have pteglyum in both eyes and had a pretty big pimple like growth on my tear duct that has disappeared in 2 days ( have had it for a few years too) this is soo wonderful !! I am thrilled

my eyes are completely blood shot where pteglyum is all veins seem to have gotten irritated at the same time so i am wondering if it is all connected somehow and I should stop- acv does give me the rush energy I got the first few days

thanks so much this is so wonderful everybody helping each other !!

thanks for all your amazing posts and caring so much

08/22/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: The condition probably has to do with ACV for is acid, the best is ACV 2 tablespoon with baking soda 1/4 teaspoon twice or three times a day. The body appears to be acid, and then it reacts with everything, therefore before sleep 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda with warm water. The castor oil kills all unknown organism hard to kill but also the thickness of the castor oil is what pulls the sand out of the eyes, it usually works with a couple of application.

The "river" mucus can be stopped with 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt (not table salt) taken in the morning but if you have opportunity to take it, it will immediately stop it. Usually, but some people feeling that it helped but need to take more may do so.


How Does ACV Make the Body Alkaline and What Is Ash?

05/30/2011: Qaz : Hi Ted

i will keep this short. I have spent hours looking for an answer in the posts on ACV, bicarbonate of soda, etc. Can you tell me how ACV makes the body alkaline and what "ash" is? thanks in advance for your time and your general advice in the forums.

06/27/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: ACV is acidic and is alkaline depending on how you react with it. Ash is when ACV is burned off leaving the minerals, which is ash. The ash is basically alkaline. The liquid portion is actually the acid, if it stays in the body long enough and the body doesn't have the buffer needed to neutralized it (bicarbonates is stored in your pancreas) it is acid. If there is not enough bicarbonates it is acid, if there is enough stored bicarbonates it is alkaline. Scientist, today, has made a very easy way to determine whether it is acid or alkaline, and is the gold standard, drink the ACV and determine the urine pH which is your first and second pee, especially your second one, will get a more exacting figure.


10/18/2011: Joyce from Santa Rosa, Ca replies: Just a month ago I started testing my urine PH and to my dismay it was very acidic despite any efforts I did to raise it. I drink Vitamineral Greens (with fresh spinach, celery, cucumbers, blueberries, goji berries, and 1/2 banana) & Raw Protein Powder drink in the morning, I put Insan Bamboo Salt in my water (the strongest one they have) in my purified water and drink it all day, I drink Aloe Juice, I take Liquid Chlorpyll, Chlorella tablets (recommended dosage). For a month I even tried therapeutic dosage of PH tablets morning and night, probiotics at night, enzymes with my meals. I am about 15 lbs. Overweight, but very physical. I walk 30-60 minutes everyday, do 25-35 mile bike rides at least twice a month. I try to fix a healthy lunch every day, eat fresh fruit for dessert, maybe some dark chocolate almonds and cookies now and again. I do eat popcorn or kettle corn on a regular basis. The best reading I ever got was 6. 5. I don't know what else to do to raise my PH. I don't feel sick or have any aches and pains and I'm 60 years old.

I read that ACV can help with alkalinity and started taking 2 tbls apple cider vinegar in water and little apple juice. Given my high acidic readings, should I continue or not?

I also read somewhere that you can be too alkaline and then your body can compensate and become acidic. I'm beginning to wonder if that could be happening.

Thanks for any guidance, I'm perplexed, confused and if I never had tested my PH I would still be living in ignorant bliss.


12/20/2011: Ralyn from Cebu, Philippines replies: Hi I have been taking apple cider and it worked wonders for me. I also would like for my parents to try apple cider so that they too can benefit from this, although I am hesitant, as they are have medicines that they maintain for their diabetes and highblood, I would like to know if there might be side effects if they take both?... Would appreciate if someone could get back at me with an answer so that I would know what to do. Thank you very much.

Severe Stomach Pain After Taking Apple Cider Vinegar, Why?

02/05/2010: Ulli : Dear Ted,

I have a question: I would really like to use ACV for my aching joints and hot flashes but each time I try I get severe stomach pain. I tried at least 5 times during the last year but it happens every time. I use 2tbl in plenty of water with food or without food.

Do you have any ideas why this is and how I can overcome this problem?

Thank you so much,

02/13/2010: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Uilli:

ACV in general is acid, and should generally be neutralized with baking soda to get the pH of 7. At 7 pH there is less chance of getting stomach upset as it's pH is the same as that of ordinary water. The usual dose is 2 tablespoons Apple cider vinegar plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda preferably in 1 glass of water. Whenever baking soda is added to ACV, it becomes a powerful antioxidant with a value around -100 to -200 millvolts. A negative value is considered an antioxidant, while a positive value is an oxidant. This remedy has the least problems of all.


01/17/2012: Shanny from Chicago, Illinois replies: I've had stomach pain too. It hasn't went away. I took about 4 large sips of ACV from the bottle then I drank about a cup with cranberry juice.
03/01/2012: Kansas from Las Vegas, Nevada replies: Ok, here it goes. I have heard so many good things about ACV that I decided to include it into my diet, no particular reason other than to not develop the same things people are talking about here, but the two times I have taken it SEVERE stomach pain DROPS me. The 1st time it led to vomiting so bad that I actually puked a piece of meat up & I don't eat meat so it had to come off of me, (it was a green /purple color I would be glad to upload a picture for those interested). The second time (10 minutes ago) I am now in the begining stages of what brought me to the hospital last time and I would like to know why. Last time the pain lasted for HOURS. I just took the Sodium Bicarbonate and the pain is still there, but I have cool burps now, other than that, nothing. I eat apples, I consume vineear no problem, except taken like a shot. I am more interested in worst case possible scenerio, because I have a very high tolerance for pain, and this is almost unbeareble. Thanks for any speedy replies!
03/15/2012: Kris from Henderson, Nv replies: I get horrible stomach pain after taking ACV with honey. Was looking for a remedy for hot flashes and to promote sleep. I mixed only 3 teasp. Vinegar to 1 cup honey. I took 2 teasp. Of the mixture. The first night I had slight stomach pain and headache. The next day I felt fatiqued, depressed, and as if I had eaten a brick. Not associated the effects with the vinegar, I took it again the next night before bed. Woke up 2 hours later with terrible stomach pain, gas, neusea. I am 15 hours later and still feeling bad. I feel bloated, and a feeling of general malaise. This happened a year ago after the vinegar as well. It does not agree with me. Hoping my symptoms will subside. I don't feel like myself physically or mentally.
07/10/2012: Joanna from Iloilo, Philippines replies: I have acid reflux since january 2012, I tried 2 tablespoon of ACV, may reflux went away but I have severe pain for 3 days now since I took it.. pls help what should I do the pain wont go away, I tried 1/4 BS mixed in water alone but It doesn't help.

On Blood Type Diet, Not Supposed to Have Vinegar

05/01/2009: Sheryl : Hi Ted, I am seeing a nutritionist and she has put me on the blood type diet. I would like to take the acv but I'm an o-non-secretor and no supposed to have vinegar, what are your thoughts on the blood type diet,and do you think that it works- thank-you! Sheryl

05/01/2009: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: I checked the medical journals, it seems that the blood type diet is only for popular press, but there is no research to support the notion. Also eating according to blood type diet seems to worsen many people if we look at the live blood analysis.

It seems that people simply can't digest the meats and it deplete the body's enzyme regardless of the blood type. I have blood type O also and if I have actually followed their recommendation, the blood chemistry would be messed up. It seems that people really need to eat so that the blood chemistry is not disturbed and eating meats is not the answer, it taxes the body's digestive system and feel heavier. Some people think eating complex carbohydrate is not good for you, but you can tell. If I don't eat rice, I don't feel satiated and left with feeling that I need to eat more. Eating the right balance of complex carbonhydrates, protein, and vegetables can actually reduce weight by causing the person to be full faster from the satiation effect than eating any prescribed eating. Drinking plenty of water also helps during eating.

The acid test is to look at live blood analysis to prove blood chemistry is not messed up AFTER eating and feeling of satiation without the necessity of eating unnecessarily too much food, is actually a more realistic diet goal, then paleolithic, vegetarian, or even the swordfish diets. As a rule of thumb find a good balance of vegetables, complex carbohydrate (less the wheat - gluten), and meats (from fish and meats). The feeling of heaviness after eating is often that the body is burdened with too much food. The French eat food like they were an art form and the portions are very small, so they don't get the heaviness. Meats simply are acid forming and the urine pH will reflect this. The diet may be incomplete also. It doesn't consider whether you have a gluten intoleranace or lactose intolerance. Some people are actually allergic to the "recommended" list of food.

In many instances looking at live blood analysis and following the recommended blood type diet in most cases it worsens the blood chemistry. The bood cells clump together, the circulation is hampered, there is junk in the blood cells. It tells you you are eating too much meats, oily food and the blood becomes sticky. However, to promote any diet regimen makes it very profitable for the marketer and the differences is a big one, enough so that promoters will continue to find a new diet fad. So not to be lost, check the urine pH, saliva pH, blood cholesterol, and live blood analysis over a dark field microscopes. Those tell the truth.


01/20/2011: Dove from South, United States replies: Hi Ted,

I'm confused on what you're saying here. First you said that meats "mess up the blood, " but then indicate we should include some meat in our diet. I'm wondering if those who had blood clumped up from eating meat were eating mainstream meat or from free-range meat without all the poisons in it.

Personally, I didn't do well at all on a vegetarian or vegan diet. I only eat meat from the healthfood store, and not only do I not feel "heavy" from it, I feel energized and more grounded. But I also eat several times per day, every 2 to 3 hours, and I eat a lot of fiber, drink a lot of water.

I didn't eat wheat for decades, because I believed it was bad for us. But recently I started eating wheat bran, and my system seems to love it! So could it be that it's not really wheat that's bad, but that most people eat it excessively? And don't eat a variety of grains? For my system, it was something "new" with a lot of nutrients and excellent fiber. And note, before beginning to eat the wheat bran, I'd regularly eaten oat bran, and still do.

Thank you, Ted. I'm very appreciative for your wonderful contributions here. And just wanna say this website is a treasure.


01/21/2011: Francisca from Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France replies: Hi Dove, I am reading a book about curing Candida through diet and the explanation about wheat intolerance is quite interesting. According to the author it is not the wheat that should be a problem but the hybrid wheat they cultivate nowadays. The bran especially shouldn't be eaten and better than wheat now is spelt (spelt flour is easy to obtain here in France in any supermarket) because it is still the old kind. It does make sense to me because a lot of food we eat still looks the same but has nothing in common anymore with the food the older generation, to which I belong, used to know. Difficult to know which is which because often they look exactly the same and there is no labeling explaining the way it is grown or else most of us would be avoiding most foods! Barry Groves also explains in his book Trick and Treat (which I highly recommend) that bread doesn't need to be a problem if it is risen properly but nowadays methods mean that it is risen so fast that some of the toxic components of the flour are still there when you eat it. I have stopped buying fast yeasts to use in my bread, before I read his book I had no idea that they could create problems. Difficult to know what to eat nowadays.... You really have to be an expert! Thank God for the Internet and sites like this or else we wouldn't know what to do! I am sure that a lot of the health problems if not most of them come from wrong diet, wrong lifestyle, bad water, wrong environment..... But we have to get around all of this as well as we can in order to stay as healthy as possible. It is time consuming to try to understand what is good for you and what is not, but it is also very important!
03/25/2011: Francisca from Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France replies: Dove, do you really live here in Michelbach-le-Bas? Not many people live here.... It would be quite a coincidence if you lived here too! If you do it would be nice to meet you. Maybe you are a neighbour of mine as most of the village population are French, they don't speak English and most foreigners live in our street. I hope you will see this post....... Otherwise I will post it again in a while!

Squiggly Creatures Moving Around in Homeade Apple Cider Vinegar!

12/09/2008: Lia from Vancouver, BC, Canada: Hi Ted, just checked out a webpage and your email was available to answer questions. thanks! My husband has been in the process of making our own apple cider vinegar. We were just holding some up to the light, in a glass and saw that there were several little squiggly creatures swimming around. We next did the same thing with a commercial (but natural) apple cider vinegar and noticed that it had the same thing! Is this okay? Is this good bacteria? Should we still consume our own apple cider vinegar? it kind of creeps us out, but perhaps this is natural. I hope you email us back and let us know, as i have been searching on the internet for a couple of hours now and haven't found any information about this.

12/18/2008: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Squiggly things appears to be worms or some sort of insects in a larval stage. I am assuming, of course, since its visible with the eyes. The source may be a contaminated apples. It's generally best to get a laboratory or a local university to examine it.
06/10/2011: Cezz from Toronto, Ontario Canada replies: I have found the same squiggly stuff in my Bragg I just bought it from loblaws. I noticed it too. Is it safe is that the live "mother" they are talking about?
06/17/2012: Shadae from Austin, Texas replies: Those would be vinegar eels.... see this link:

12/04/2012: Natasha from Auckland, New Zealand replies: These creatures called vinegar eels. They are nematodes, they are not harmful to ingest and they are non parasites. They are free living organisms which feed on rotten apples. Normally they appear in an apple cider vinegar after few months from the moment the vinegar was produced. It is normal and natural.

What Does ACV Do to the Body Over the Long Term?

11/28/2008: Vicarious from Vancouver, BC: I have posted here before I would much appreciate if anyone specialist could actually explain to us. What it is that the ACV is actually doing to the body? Is it scraping the arteries or disintegrating something ( wouldn't know what) my Blood pressure is now quite stable for my age with my 2x 2 soup spoons in a bit of grapefruit juice. BUT thinking I have to take this for the rest of my life isn't fun either. Would just wonder what is happening after 20 years of ACV ..or will it just be like having salad dressing every . I could eat a salad every day for sure with 4 table spoon of ACV in the dressing . Thank's for anyone to explain to us who is is IN THE KNOW. ITs the physical I am interested in as too much of anything can't be good maybe we will be become immune to ACV? Who knows. Thanks

12/01/2008: Pamela from Houston, Texas replies: Hi, I am not a specialist but if you had not read the book "Braggs Apple Cider Vingar" I would suggest it. The authors are long time users of acv and had very healthy lives. The book explains the ins and outs of how acv works. One the best things to me about acv is it helps to calcify the body which leads to a lot of differ health problems. A person's body gets hard as they start to age because of this. Touch a few really old people and you can tell this. There are so many other benefits from acv. And I have received many from using it. In Dr's Hilda Clark book she suggest putting 1/8 tsp of powder C in acv to keep the aflatoxin from forming in it and keep in the refrigator. I think that is why sometimes some people have problems with acv because they are sensitive to the aflaxtoxins or they are using a none organic brand of acv. Hope the book helps you it did me and is a good read.
12/14/2008: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: The apple cider vinegar has two major components, one is vinegar and the other is malic acid, or apple acid, found in apples. Therefore, it is more appropriate as to what malic acid and vinegar does to the person. As for me I would like to take it everyday, but I don't, too busy experimenting and it has to be slow and tedious, one supplement by one supplements, otherwise I won't know much just telling second hand information, rather then first hand information. Vinegar has one major interesting property, it is a weak solution of acetic acid, 5% to be exact, and apple cider vinegar has that in about close to that amount. The major properties of vinegar is it's ability to solubilize fats and oily substances, by removing excessive oils that blocks the arteries and blood vessels for example. A very narrow blood vessels makes the heart work much harder, resulting in enlarged heart and high blood pressure. You can prove to yourself that vinegar does in fact have this property by cleaning an oven or cleaning a window with oil smudges and fingerprints. This is how it works. So what it does it it cleans the body of these oily substances that pollute the body. It works on the same principle as granulated lecithin and this is considered a fat emulsifier. The malic acid is also found in the cellular Kreb's cycle and seems to give energy as well as immune system. An acetic acid (vinegar) when reacted with the body's bicarbonates, you get, sodium acetate, which is a pH buffer for the body. Because it reduces fats and calcium it has an antiaging effect. I remember a news article long ago of a woman who drank 1/2 cups of apple cider vinegar and has a youthful appearance half of her age. The effect can seen in making the skin supple and this can be noted if it is applied on the skin. Hence the blood vessels from long term use is more supple and blood pressure is nomralized this way. It's considered a food.



11/09/2008: Val from Woodland Park, CO: I have started the ACV/honey regimen as suggested by Dr. Jarvis in his book "Arthritis & Folk Medicine." It makes sense to me that this might help with the calcification in my joints. But my frustration is that I've read on some websites (including this one) that ACV is alkaline, when Dr. Jarvis's main idea is that it is ACIDIC, which helps return the calcium to solution & keeps the body acidic, keeping pathogens from growing. It's very confusing, especially since most of the websites where I've read ACV is alkaline also talk about Dr. Jarvis & his book! It's like they quote him & recommend his theories, but haven't read the book! I DON'T GET IT! Can you explain this?

11/09/2008: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Val:
Generally speaking, all you need is a pH meter and just measure urine pH and saliva pH. Usually ACV will cause the urine pH to be acid after taking this a couple of hours, usually upon the first or second urination after drinking apple cider vinegar, thereafter the next day it tends to become more alkaline from the minerals provided in the apple cider vinegar, hence the controversy.

This is true of both ascorbic acid vitamin C, citric acid, vinegar and apple cider vinegar. Take a point in case of distilled water, where a freshly opened bottle of this pH is 7, but if I drink them, the urine pH becomes acid because the distilled water lacks the buffering capacity.

Apple cider vinegar is an interesting one, a majority of mineral in nature tends to exist more on the left side of the periodic table, then processed foods, where these tend to be on the right hand side of the periodic table, and hence acid forming. The two left handed side of the minerals are alkaline and alkaline earth minerals, while processed foods are bleached and contains chlorine, bromine, fluorine, for example.

A case in point also is that this also depends on how high the body's calcium levels are. The apple cider vinegar are generally acidic in nature initially anyway and tends to react with the calcium in the blood and reduces this. However, vinegar isn't as effectively used to remove calcium from the blood if I compare this against disodium EDTA, tetrasodium EDTA, citric acid and sodium citrate, which has a greater capacity to chelate out the calcium. The chelation effects does not require acidity to remove the calcium, it requires the charges of the mineral to be attached to them and hence calcium in the blood are reduced that way. This is why blood banks add sodium citrate, or even disodium EDTA for example to prevent blood from clotting when you prepare the blood for storage. Blood tends clot and hence calcium has to be removed or the patients died of a stroke or other conditions during blood transfusion as the blood clotting tends to occur during storage and increases the risk to the blood recipient.

The confusion also exists on apple cider vinegar regarding "calcium removal" when you desire to remove "calcification of the joints". Sometimes bones tend to fuse as a bacteria eats up the cartilage, or a person suffers from fluoride poisoning (common occurance in fluoridated water as it accumulates over the lifetime) and the joints calcifified or a person suffers from magnesium deficiency, so bone formation doesn't occur so a "calcification of the joints occur".

Certain bacteria that exists in cartilage can eat up the cartilage, causing the two bones to fuse somewhat and people get the impression of "cacification" when infact cartilage is being eaten up and bone swells from excess wear as there is no cartilage between the joints to protect it.

A fungus like bacteria grows inside the bones, especially on the inside of the bones near the joints as blood can't reach where the ends of the bones meets since bone thickness is high and makes it ideal for them to growh. When they grow it eats up the bones and it causes a swelling of the bones. It appears as bone spurs in the foot because circulation there is very far from the extremities, but also occurs between the joints where circulation there are also less accessiable.

In fact much of my remedy isn't really geared to removal of tissue calcification by acidification. The reason is simple: bone formation requires a magnesium to calcium ratio of 2: 1. Bone is maded up of magnesium too. This is why the Japanese with low calcium diets has much lower incidence in these kinds of problem. Their diets is perhaps the highest in the world for magnesium, nearling a 1: 1 ratio, but ideally it's 2: 1, so it's still far from optimum nutritional wise. Two countries one in Finland and U.S. had some of the highest calcium to magnesium ratio also had the highest incidence in this problem as well as heart disease. Actually calcification of the tissue or excess blood calcium leads to blood clots which leads to circulation blockages that leads to a certain heart disease and stroke. However, in another instances, Israel has some of the lowest incidence in "calcification" but this owes to its high boron (e.g. borax) found in their drinking water, which is a mineral that tends to balance out the magnesium and calcium ratio, as well as anti fungal properties that helps condition of osteoporosis. Xylitol is another interesting case in point, which looks totally unrelated, but prevents the attachment of bacteria that eats up between the joint from forming colonies. A case in point is why xylitol is used against cavities. Well cavities can also occur riddled in the bones between the joints, not just the mouth, but we used a different names, such as osteoporosis, and other things based only on symptoms and location, which is really an arbitrary naming system. In fact people have told me glucosamine sulfate is a great stuff to help the joint pain. Well it does temporarily with some joint movements, but my own observation is it creates other problems which makes the blood acid, causes blood sugar to rise and make the person sicker. In fact a remedy just using borax, magnesium, xylitol with an appropriate alkalization remedy can go far on restoring bone health better then anything else that I have tested, provided that chlorine and fluorine is also removed from the food supply.

As an issue is why do we really need to acidify or blood to remove the calcium since a majority of people with joint conditions metabolically acidosis anyway. When metabolic acidosis exists, blood calcium rises and tends to accumulate and calcify in low blood circulation, and calcium is hence deposited. So the cause is really metabolic acidosis anyway. So the issue appears to be how do we remove calcium from the tissue and alkaline pH, not how we can create more metabolic acidosis to remove the calcium. It's not that apple cider vinegar is the problem. It contains certain chelation properties that removes calcium, even at alkaline dose. This means an apple cider vinegar with baking soda does have properties on calcium chelation as opposed to acid in removal, by way of acetate (an alkaline form) instead of acetic. Malates instead of malic acid, and citrates instead of citric acid. An example, I can cause most land animals to have stones if only fruits was given in their diet, not because fruits are lacking in calcium, but because it is the citric acid, or an alkaline form of citrates are well known calcium chelators anyway, but not necessarily remove calcium from the bones, but mostly from tissues, and joints because these areas has greater blood flow (with citrates) then the bone itself. The bone itself is much more susceptible to metabolic acidosis because the entire bone structure is bathed in blood fluids, not necessarily the circulation and hence are more effected by blood pH and metabolic acidosis then their blood flow. Hence it is why blood banks used citrates or sodium citrate.

In general, using baking soda and lemon juice remedy or baking soda and lime juice has high citrates from the reaction between baking soda and citric acid and may make better caclium removal from soft and semi hard tissues such as muscles and joint. Apple cider vinegar owes somewhat similar abilities from their malates and acetates, rather then teh acid itself. Its the chelation issue.

So if I want to treat bones, the remedy is likely to be potassium citrate, sodium citrate, baking soda, borax, magnesium, xylitol and perhaps taurine (to prevent sugar from reducing the immune system which leads to a bone condition). Citrates chelates out the calcium, without harming the blood pH. A blood pH off by just 0.5 is enough to kill a person. If calcification is indeed a serious one, then I might consider disodium EDTA. This is why bicarbonates and importance of maintaining a buffer is so elaborate in human physiology.


05/03/2011: Val from Seattle, Wa replies: That sounds great.. But, what is the combination to take of these components that you have mentioned. I get heal bone spurs and would love to know.

Apple Cider Vinegar Doubts

10/05/2008: Sarah from San Diego, CA: Hi,

I am considering adding a few teaspoons of ACV to the 1L bottles of water I drink daily. But before I buy ACV, I checked around some sites regarding the remedy. I stumbled upon WebMD and here is what they said:

"Apple cider vinegar is highly acidic. The main ingredient of apple cider vinegar is acetic acid. As the name suggests, it's quite harsh. Apple cider vinegar should always be diluted with water or juice before swallowed. Pure apple cider vinegar could damage the tooth enamel and the tissues in your throat and mouth. One study found a woman who got an apple cider vinegar supplement stuck in her throat. She seemed to have suffered lasting damage to her esophagus. Vinegar has been known to cause contact burns to the skin." (

Will long term use of ACV cause problems later instead of now? WebMD also claims that ACV will lower potassium and make tooth enamel as well as bones less dense. I really want to try this out, but I also don't want to cause myself any long term effects. I would appreciate any feedback.


10/06/2008: Earth Clinic replies: The information posted on WebMD is quite inaccurate. Go figure! There are thousands of posts on Earth Clinic about the effectiveness of apple cider vinegar and very few side effects reported.

Your questions have already been answered on the site, so please read the apple cider vinegar main page (see tooth enamel feedback) and the apple cider vinegar Q&A page.

10/06/2008: Joyce from Joelton, Tn replies: Hi Sarah from San Diego,

I think you will find that orthodox medicine tries to badmouth a lot of effective home remedies because as more people are using them, I think they are feeling the effects in their bank deposits. If you can find a copy of Dr. Jarvis book on effective home remedies, you will find nothing but good said of ACV. You will also find that I have nothing but good to say about ACV myself because I found that Dr. Jarvis was right when he said apple cider vinegar would cure strep before you could get the culture report back (of course you should remember that Dr. Jarvis was practicing medicine and wrote his book long before the 30 minute test for streptococcus was developed.

About the only thing I have found little to no benefit form ACV and honey, was when I caught whooping cough (pertussis) from a patient a few years back. I must have drank a pint or two of half ACV and half honey during that time, and if it helped , I hate to think how bad it would have been without it. The coughing with this is terrible and sounds like a bad chest cough, but as I told a doctor one night when he was sitting next to me when I got a spasm of coughing and remarked that I needed to see a good chest man: "I know it sounds like my chest but it's really all in my head. The only thing my chest has to do with it is trying to keep the mess out of my chest. It feels like someone is spraying thick Elmer's glue over my trachea and when I can clear my nose out, the coughing stops for awhile".

Ok, now you know that it kills strep, but not pertussis. Another thing ACV (or other vinegars) will kill is pseudomonas A. which I know from a respiratory therapist telling us that when they learned that they were spreading pseudomonas among the patients on oxygen therapy, they stopped pseudomonas A from being a scourge of the hospitals by soaking their equpment that was reused in l part vinegar to 7 parts water. It probably kills many others but I don't have that information to share with you.

You can expect orthodox medicine to badmouth anything that they are not prescribing for you, especially when it so available and cheap to use as ACV is. Truth of the matter is that most of the medicines that have hit the market in the last 30 or more years came about because doctors and pharmaceuticals traveled all over planet earth collecting home remedies, tribal medicine remedies, and what plants they used for what ailments. If they didn't know that many of them were so effective, why would they have bothered?

Problems arose from these drugs because the pharmaceutical houses took that information and isolated the one particular chemical in the plant that gave the wanted action and proceeded to make a synthetic version that could be patented and make a fortune off of it, while the patent was in effect. In doing this, they removed all the failsafe chemicals in the plant that made them safe to use.The people making a living (if not a fortune) off of these drugs are not about to tell you what these plants are, what they are used for and probably hope that the general public never learns that some of the most expensive drugs (chemotherapy Etopocide and podophyllin for genital warts-from mayapple) (chemotherapy vincristine from the pink periwinkle) (digitalis from the foxglove) (atropine from the Jimson weed) a lot of others come from those lowly things generally called weeds and are free for the gathering of them.

10/23/2008: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Points to consider from WebMd:

"The main ingredient of apple cider vinegar is acetic acid. As the name suggests, it's quite harsh. "

Yes some people do not like the taste or smell. Me too. So what I did was add enough baking soda to neutralize the acidic taste. Adding a little honey would make it taste great. The children sometimes like the fizz from the baking soda too. It can also be diluted with plenty of water, diluting the harshness. Eating with any strong foods will completely covered it up.

"Apple cider vinegar should always be diluted with water or juice before swallowed. Pure apple cider vinegar could damage the tooth enamel and the tissues in your throat and mouth. "

The remedy I have always posted is always add enough baking soda so that it becomes pH neutral the ratio is 2 tablespoon of Apple cider vinegar to 1/2 teaspoon baking soda. The pH is almost equal to your blood, so this is the ideal pH.

"One study found a woman who got an apple cider vinegar supplement stuck in her throat. She seemed to have suffered lasting damage to her esophagus. Vinegar has been known to cause contact burns to the skin." (

No study is required, it's acidity. You get the same problem eating lemons, pineapple, and even worse diet coke. Aspartame in diet products breaks down into the body forming formaldehyde and methanol alcohol. This issue is resolved by adding water, but it can also be resolved by just adding baking soda, which is pH neutral and the biochemical effect of adding baking soda causes the ORP readings to become -200 mV, which means more or less a very powerful antioxidant.

"Will long term use of ACV cause problems later instead of now? WebMD also claims that ACV will lower potassium and make tooth enamel as well as bones less dense. I really want to try this out, but I also don't want to cause myself any long term effects. I would appreciate any feedback."

Most fruits and vegetables contain potassium including apple cider vinegar. So it can't lower potassium. Perhaps they are thinking from a point of view of taking them direct without neutralizing the acid. So does this mean I can't eat my fruits to raise my potassium level? It won't effect the tooth enamel if baking soda is added. Besides, eating lemon, apples and oranges all effect tooth enamel. They are all acid. I had one case of person whose tooth enamel was badly destroyed, but it wasn't from eating sour food. The saliva pH was below 6. Taking baking soda resolved the problem, but more so if a little potassium bicarbonate was added.

The arguments from WebMD are too simplistic. However popularity is not measured by the usefulness of content alone to be a successful website. All you need is interesting interface such as symptom checker (then you have to go back to earthclinic to find the answers), election 2008 coverage (in WebMD one of their biggest traffic puller hit is the Obama vs. McCain), and video (for people who don't have time to read). Contents regardless of the media are still simplistic, but at least it attracts attention.

Perhaps I should get Britney Spears to this website to do the singing video for earthclinic or earthclinic remedies for celebrities or debates by Obama on Earthclinic. lol.


01/24/2014: Kathleen from Houston replies: Ted, I have been reading EC for years and sharing with anyone who will listen. I believe, for all the reasons you state. I do have fears, can the powers that be, you seem to recognize them, Dr.'s, the system, pharmaceuticals, so on. Can they take Earth Clinic away from us?Will you ever become main stream? Do we have any chance of letting people know. I am almost 68, don't go to doctors unless I really think I need to. Been 25 yrs. Except for once about 5 years ago. I had inhaled an airborne pollutant in the form of the sour water in a bamboo plant.. I finally found the source of the problem, threw out the plant. It would not go away, everything began to smell like it and taste like it.After research online, John Hopkins and the like I found in my conclusion that I had indeed damaged my olfactory system. It lasted for months, most all food was tainted, I couldn't smell a rose all perfume made me sick, I could not even bare to walk down the laundry detergent isle at the store, it made me too sick. Everything smelled or tasted like that extremely rotten foul water.

I broke down and made an appointment with an ear, nose and throat specialist. I cannot afford insurance. He looked at me asked a few question and told me he saw nothing, I had not had any sinus infection or any blunt force accident to the nose. He said had I had insurance he would do a ct scan. Finished off by telling me I could have a brain tumor. I told him I could be pregnant, paid him his $100.00 and went home. It took 5 - 6 years before most of it self repaired, I still can taste that smell. And once in a while a strong perfume well smell like it.

I have been taking Kyolic Garlic for nearly 40 years and do my best to get everyone to do that as well. My husband has healed his stomach with cayenne pepper I have been on ACV, BSM. Now have begun VCO. Love you never want to lose Earth Clinic. We are almost never sick. In great shape and happy.

How to Tell If the Body Is Not Neutralizing Acid From ACV?

06/05/2008: S. : I noticed in a recent Earthclinic post (June 4th), that you indicated that taking ACV could cause problems in the long-term because the body may not be able to neutralise the acid. I've been taking ACV (two teaspoons in a large cup of water twice a day) for about ten years, with no obvious ill-effects. I take it because of the supposed health benefits - I am female, 62 years old with normal blood pressure and cholesterol, and no symptoms of arthritis or other joint pain. In fact, as far as I am aware, I am in excellent health. I notice that some correspondents take much larger quantities of ACV than I do, but I prefer to stick to Jarvis' recommendation of two teaspoons of ACV per dose. I had hoped to carry on with the ACV for the rest of my life, but your comments have got me worried now. How would I know if my body is not neutralizing the acid? Do I have to get a testing kit, or would I notice symptoms? I would appreciate your advice. I don't mind if you email me personally with your reply, or on Earthclinic. With thanks.

06/05/2008: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Some people do have problems regarding taking apple cider vinegar which resulted in burning tongue, acid tongue, burning urine sensation, worsening of acid reflux or kidney pain and other conditions, such as skin complaints. While this doesn't happen often I got enough email complaints (actually many email scattered throughout various ailments where ACV was used) that I decided to use the baking soda added, that from a biochemical point of view made sense and the complaints went away, nearly completely that the apple cider vinegar with baking soda, was the best. It should be noted that while acid reflux were helped with just purely ACV, I got enough complaints from people enough that I had to start mentioning the use of ACV with baking soda, that no one had any problems with worsening of acid reflux and got better.

Biochemically as I mentioned before, an ideal food should have a low negative ORP, the better, such as negative ORP in millivolts, such as -100 millvolts to -500 millivolts. This is because negative millivolts are what is called antioxidant, in which the liquid becomes an electron donor instead of an electron stealer.

It should also be noted that healing water, sacred healing water has the same characteristics as the apple cider vinegar. The ORP in millivolts can be anywhere from ORP -100 to -1000 millivolts. Now, I am not the type of healing researcher who travelled all over the world and measure them, but there is enough information to know that one property of healing water was the negative ORP that were found, either from certain elements in the water, or certain gaseous compounds such as negative Hydrogen, or even the Japanese Kangen water, or microwater, or many other names promoted that costs thousands of dollars can be done with just apple cider vinegar and water. The last measurement I took of apple cider vinegar with baking soda, which is the standard 2 tablespoon with 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water (preferably 1 glass of water) has an approximate pH of between 7 - 7.5, depending on completeness of the reaction. 7 if not complete, and 7.5 if it is complete, were within the parameter of blood pH of 7.35, making it more biologically compatible.

In my own findings, the urine pH goes acid with apple cider vinegar after the first dose or within hours of taking them which can cause problems in sensitive individuals. Now this remedy was not dreamed up from the thin air and I HAD to mix an addition of 1/2 glass of water to 1 glass of water to dilute it still, due to its concentration. Now the preferable dilution that I have received 0 complaints is whenever ACV and baking soda was diluted to 1 glass of water, but in most cases people prefer 1/2 glass of water at least. I actually got one complaint telling me 1/2 glass made the sicker and when it was diluted to 1 glass was that person happy with the remedy. It is a tried and true remedy that I received 0 complaints so far, which therefore the apple cider vinegar with baking soda in 1/2 glass, preferably 1 glass of water was the best choice.

Therefore, there is not reason why I should push for ACV alone, unless the person is happy with it, it is the remedy with a good record. It should noted that the single most common complaints I have received from ACV use is the burning tongue problem and this happened more than I care to remember.

This problem stopped with either cases remedy were use:

1/4- 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water, taken for about at least a week.

Thereafter, the apple cider vinegar with baking soda is used.

Either formula I think is o.k. by my observations:

ACV 2 tablespoon + 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 - 1 glass of water 2 times a day, preferably 3 times a day or ACV 2 tablespoon + 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 - 1 glass of water 2 times a day.


Apple cider vinegar 2 tablespoon with 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2-1 glass of water twice a day.

The first one is generally the best, if burning tongue WERE experienced. I tend to call it acid tongue condition. Now the cure for acid tongue, I haven't quite resolve because most people DON'T HAVE pH meters and hence it's difficult to know whether burning tongue was the condition of lack of potassium bicarbonates, sodium bicarbonate or both. So if i go through the nitty gritty details, then people get confused. Therefore I decided to make it simple enough for people to do it.

While I think monitoring pH urine and saliva is a good to monitoring overall health, there are a lot of errors over the internet, because websites are notoriously interbreeding. They copy each other's information without checking and only something as simple as an electronic pH meter would settle a LOT of matters regarding whether aspartame is good for you or is it bad for you, and other "controversy" . I have found aspartame to cause pH of urine to be consistently and dangerously acid that it is no surprise why animal laboratory studies showed brain tumor and other neurological disorders. For example my urine pH went haywire for an entire month being acid after accidentaly TAKING supplements that contained aspartame that was not LABELED TO CONTAIN ASPARTAME! I went so far as to spend a days calling factories and manufacturers to find this elusive ingredient and found they add them in vitamin C (to make it taste sweet) or even in N Acetyl Cysteine. It is this reason why whenever I took supplements that I got sick and that is reflected in very acid urine. It took me more than a month to get pH normal that the body can take care of itself after taking vitamin B complex and lecithin as well as hydergine and piracetam so that the body can control pH normally.

It is a long long story, but the gist of everything is what the tibetan medicine and even traditional Chinese Medicine has told me for a long time...when you are sick avoid SOUR and SWEET food. It's a 2000 year old wisdom but I have upgraded it to specifically mention pH measurement and it's a young science, in terms of measurements that it's only about 100 years old.


Addicted to ACV?

12/29/2007: W : Hello Ted, thank you for all your incredible information.I have been using 2tbls acv with 1 1/2 tsp baking soda, and mixing in I tblsp black strap molasses 3 times a day on empty stomach for 4 months now with amazing results..i am currently experiencing flu like symptoms and in researching earth clinic I realized I may have done some wrong by never taking even 1 days rest. I then tried to take 2 full days off and couldn't stand how I felt. I had to give in and have a dose. I also do oil pulling at least 5 days a week first thing in the morning. my questions are, have I done any damage?? must you always take 2 days rest? and is the blackstrap molasses mixed in ok?? Thanks again

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear W: The dependency issue may likely come from the acid forming sugar component of the black strap molasses that prevented you from stopping the ACV+ baking soda. So if the black strap molasses was done every two days or three days, it might be possible to give the ACV+baking soda a 1 or 2 day break.

There are certain hidden reasons why I employed a 2 day break, one of the reasons is as a self-controlling mechanism to discover hidden cause (or problems) to show itself during the two day break, which should show you what's wrong. There are many others reasons, but the discussion is beyond this email.

In this case it might be the black strap molasses that was causing the acidity. In another case it might show that the person in question is suffering from metabolic acidosis not due to dietary cause. Under both instances, acv and baking soda may be needed throughout without a break, at least in the short term, but this is not solving the CAUSE of the problem. Here I need to find the cause.

In the event of a simple black strap molasses and other sugars or vegetable oils were causing the problems, the situation would be remedied by simply doing it less frequently OR taking at 1/2 of the original dose, and if not I try 1/4 of it.

In the event of another cause, metabolic acidosis, which I do have from time to time, accidentaly taking aspartame (they sometimes add them in supplements, but most people are more familiar with them adding in diet colas). The metabolic acidosis, which causes the urine to be extremely acid within hours, hence probably you find out why you took it three times a day helped the most. It also raises the urinary sugar sky high in these events, in case you are wondering.

There are several causes of metabolic acidosis that is rarely discussed in medicine, other than methanol alcohol poisoning, which can kill you, but subtleties exists in when aspartame breaks down in the body in presence of the body's enzyme called the chymotrypsin to form methanol alcohol, which further degrades inside the body to form formaldehyde, and causes my urinary acid to be so acid as to burn my bladder and the urinary pH can be as low as less than 4, which is almost as acid as vinegar! Certain other chemical toxins, such as hydrocarbons, benzene, kerosine, oil firing, carbon monoxide (from oil heating and water heating) can lead to metabolic acidosis. People do not know that sometimes carbon monoxide even a tiny amount can lead to metabolic acidosis, and may lead to diabetes. The connection is simple, cells when they are poisoned, cannot burn fuel, and sugar are acid forming. A glandular functions that control blood sugar can't function in presence of toxins, such as carbon monoxide. I remember one case of a woman to be so sick of all kinds of "disease" that I had assumed to be coming from either the hot water tanks, or the oil heating. Apparently a small amount of carbon monoxide was emitted from the oil heater and it permeated the entire apartment. You can probably guess the state of health and how doctors think it's psychosomatic, when in this case were sublethal dose of carbon monoxide from heating oils or hot water tank heating systems. Hydrocarbon emissions as well as excess free fatty acids, or oxidized polyunsaturated vegetable oils can also lead to metabolic acidosis too. The way it does that is quite simple: people tend to use high temperature cooking on low boiling point vegetable oils. I think that's a big mistake. The oils become oxidized and damages the biological system (they get absorbed very easily) and damages sensitive organs. I kills the beta cells in the pancreas, it causes multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease and other things too. The explaination here is beyond this email again.

However, a simple remedy to at least get some control of metabolic acidosis is taking some granulated lecithin (it drives out toxic oils) such as taking one tablespoon a day (at least) with meals preferably, or without, if not convenient. Vitamin B complex B50, especially B1, B3 niacinamide, B6, and B12 are important, perhaps 2 or 3 times a week.

'If metabolic acidosis is known plus high urinary sugar (or blood sugar), then a sodium vanadate, a vanadium supplements, usually 100 mg may be needed now and then, with perhaps some ocassional chromium polynicotinate, manganese sulfate 50 mg, to help control the blood sugar easier. Most supplements in my opinion don't provide sufficient dose for it to work, and in this instance, I might just be forced to take more of them, or make my own if I am in this situation. It should be noted that vanadium and B3 niacinamide helps regenerate beta cells in the pancreas which controls the blood sugar.

In case it is still not possible to do so, then I might try just taking apple cider vinegar with baking soda for 5 days, plus 2 days of just baking soda. Another factor I might consider is to add 1/8 teaspoon of potassium citrate to the mix, and this might enable to discontinue 1 or two days.

The two day break gives a chance to discover hidden problems that shows up during those two day break, but it also allows the body a chance to relax and detox too. That's basically the beauty of the 2 or even a 1 day break.

On some days, I might consider taking some three times a week chlorella or even chinese parsley to remove heavy metals which might have contributed to some metabolic acidosis as they do generate free radicals. However, if I did live in the United States, my major worry is the carbon monoxide as hot water tanks and oil heating system are quite defective. A sublethal dose of carbon monoxide can lead to metabolic acidosis too, or even hydrocarbon emissions and careless use of paint thinners, which goes right through the skin.

Even a simple viruses can lead to metabolic acid, in which case the flu like symptoms you mentioned can easily be resolved with zinc gluconate 50 mg supplements taken three times a week, plus some ocassional magnesium citrate 500 mg, until the problems go away, I might then discontinue the zinc gluconate and in some cases, take only a maintenance dose, of maybe once every two weeks. It works out differently for most people. A viruses causes metabolic acidosis simply by causing inflammation of glandular functions, much like the body experience fever and rashes, but when a glandular functions does that such as the pancreas, the beta cells can't produce the insulin, the adrenal glands can't produce the DHEA, and the thyroid becomes hypothyroid. When glands don't function efficiently the body's immune system becomes problematic and I would experience a flu like symptoms just the same.

Hopefully I have answered some of your questions here. I am further observing other things at this moment and investigating other suitable remedies as I write this email.

04/25/2009: Trisha from La Marque, Texas replies: Hi all, I really enjoy these posts. Many let me know that I am doing the right thing.

#1) I can't tell you how much LESS pain I have with my knees, back and heel spurs from using ACV. It is a TRUE BLESSING in disguise!!

I too had SEVERE flu- like symptoms the 1st and 2nd times I took it. I swore I would NEVER take it again though because who among us WANTS to get sick like that. If i wanted to get sick, I would take a flu shot!

BUT, I later learned that the sicker you get from taking ACV...the SICKER your body is with toxins and impurities.! The ACV just kind of starts stirring up all that 'junk' that has been sitting there for years in my case and helping to me to get rid of it.

I mean, the body is like a toilet in a way. It holds all kinds of bacteria, toxins, impurities and such, but if we never add water and give it a definitely IS NOT going to flush on it's own, right?

Boy, that ACV had me spitting THICK, THICK green junk,coughing and coughing and coughing to get it up...I even had chills and fever at times...BUT, the thrid time when I just rode it out and kept taking it ,I sure felt so much better after it was all over.

The flu-like symptoms lasted about 4 weeks, but hey, I sure felt better and it was only then that I realized that my heels spurs and especially my knees were not killing me any longer!

So, I took my friend out that first told me the benfits of this stuff and took back those awful things I said to her the first 2 times I took it...and if I could say anything to anyone about would be that I feel like everyone should be taking it!

Yes, I have CHF, diabetes, high cholesteral,enlarged liver x4, (although I have never drank/smoked/drugged???) I'm severely name it...I WAS on 11 different kinds of medication including blood thinners and lasix...but now...the only thing I take are ACV...EVERY DAY, and Co-Q-10 (a suppliment) Magnesium which definitely helps with joint pain, and my vitamins.

I'm still obese, but at least I can actually walk with my walker so who knows what the future may hold since I have come so far already...and it all started with the ACV as nasty as it may taste, it's well worth it!

12/09/2011: Bogan from Kanyakumari, Marthandam replies: mm.. I just started Apple Cider Vinegar for my acid reflux.. Although it improved reflux I got flu like symptoms with my sinuses fully inflamed (I have sinusitis too.. Had surgery for that) with green thick mucous coming and almost asthma like gripping in my chest.. Just like W here.. Maybe I should persist with it a little longer?

The Five Day Rule ?

12/17/2007: Robert from Chula Vista, Calif: I read that Ted recommended ACV only be taken 5 days a week in treating acid reflux. Is it safe to take ACV 7 days a week with other conditions or does the 5 day a week recommendation apply to all conditions and to everybody? Please post this question on the site, regardless if Ted chooses to answer it or not (though I sure hope he does!).

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: The 5 day rule for ACV is not really that strict, and 7 days may be taken, but be aware that a flare up may occur on the 8th day.

I prefer, the results using ACV plus baking soda in for acid reflux, as some people are sensitive to the acid, and this can be taken for 7 days also. The body somehow needs a space or discontinuation for about 1 or 2 days so that the body will have time to relax or detox enough, so as to avoid the so called Herxheimer effect. It should be noted that the ability for the body to control pH is related in someway to lactic acidosis which can also be made worse or initiated to be worse if the food or drinks contain certain excitatory additives such as aspartame (from artificial sweetener) or even monosodium glutamate (MSG). In certain cases, the body's lactic acidosis can be lessened as I have found out later that a B1 (only thiamine mononitrate, 100-300 mg) and taurine (1000 mg) as it lowers the blood sugar causing the body to achieve alkalinity better by controling this variable too. Obviously this additional variable may be useful if the body goes into acid relatively quick, or that taking the ACV baking soda remedy did not raise the urinary pH long enough (for 1 day) and plus possible high blood sugar, or have consumed large amounts of aspartame and alcholic drinks in the past, which may make the condition of acid reflux harder to budge.

Hence taking 7 days can be done, but be aware that a possible flareup may occur on the 8th day, or perhaps on the 9th day. That's the problem about taking continuously and not giving time for the body to relax, as the body's ability to detox have a limited capacity and hence a 1 or 2 day break might be needed. The 2 day break hence is not really strictly applied in acid reflux, but additional OTHER supplements may be needed in case things don't work as well from the problems of high urinary sugar, and blood sugar, or consumption of aspartame, alcohol or monosodium glutamate. The rule of 5 days however is strictly applied if chelation or detox program are used, however. Thus it depends on the condition and seriousness of the condition. I wish I can answer in more detail, but there are a lot of variables to consider.

The most important variable to consider in my opinion is to carefully monitor urinary pH to make sure it reaches near 7 (6.8 or 6.5 I am happy too), if not taking more frequent dose, such up to 3 times may be needed. If the body is either stubborn or the pH goes up not for long, than there is a possibility of lactic acidosis that is preventing a good acid reflux where ONLY B1 thiamine mononitrate is used, NOT thiamine hydrochloride!). It make this distinction to make sure such mistakes don't occur on supplements, so read the labels carefully. If this rule applies, then I might consider starting 100 mg of thiamine mononitrate on second or third week should I find urinary sugar to be high or that the body has very high acidity. This does happen, in many people, just that this point people don't seem to observed, at least for me, its more important than the 5 day rule.

Aching Hands and Lack of Sleep

12/13/2007: L from Germany: I just need some help on the ACV remedy. I started taking it after a week of excruciating pain. Doctor gave me aciphex and reglan but both made me sleep for days! So I stumbled upon your site and have started the ACV remedy while stopping all Rx drugs. I've only taken it now for 2 days, but have had instant results. I've taken only one dose a night after dinner. However, when I go to bed, I'm having a hard time going to sleep or staying asleep and I wake up tired in the morning. I also am having muscle twitching and this morning my hands were aching. My heart also seems to be racing, but when I take my blood pressure, my BP is low and my heart rate is in the 50s-60s. Not sure what is going on there. I feel like I'm taking too much caffeine or taking sudafed, but I'm not. I've cut caffeine out completely when my pain started. Anyway, is this normal? Is there something else I should be doing? I want to continue the ACV therapy for my magnificent relief of all my GERD symptoms, but I don't want to harm my body by taking ACV. Do you know why I'm experiencing these symptoms? Thanks in advance

12/15/2007: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Actually a pure apple cider vinegar remedy is taken ONCE IN THE MORNING, and if taken twice, it is taken during lunch or early afternoon. If it is taken before sleep, some people will not sleep as the malic acid seems to cause some people to be more energetic, as it raises the body's metabolism, as the malic acid is used in the Kreb's cycle of the mitochrondria, along with other vitamins. Hence the timing is off. A 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water taken before sleep might help if things do not work as expected.

The excruciating pain came from excessive calcium buildup in the tissue and the acidic effects of apple cider vinegar has a tendency to reduce such buildup and reduce the pain, usually within 3 days, if not a magnesium is added, such as magnesium citrate, 250 mg.

I also am having muscle twitching and this morning my hands were aching.

A muscle twitching and aching hands is a magnesium deficiency, with possible electrolyte imbalance, and only one dose of sports drink with potassium and added sea salt 1/4 teaspoon per liter of drinking water is used. Vitamin B complex B50 taken for only a couple of days should reduce the aching hands, in some cases. The best remedy for GERD in the long run without excess acidity is the 2 tablespoons of Apple cider vinegar plus at least 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water. Since you have trouble sleeping, the remedy is taken once in the morning and once in the early afternoon. Baking soda seems to help sleep too, so just change the scheduling of when it is taken.

Ph Effect of ACV

12/13/2007: P from California: On your ACV page there are some paragraphs that claim that ACV is alkaline and therefore makes the body more alkaline...but then later on down the page, another paragraph says that it causes the digestive tract to become more acidic and less alkaline. Which is it?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear P: Apple cider vinegar is generally acid, but in some cases it is alkaline depending on the body's available bicarbonates to neutralize them.

Most people who are sick or taking ACV for long lenght of time may not have sufficient available bicarbonates to neutralize all of the acid and hence will cause them to be acidic.

This is the major reason why baking soda is added to a pH of 7 or 7.5 to resolve the problem of alkalinity without sometimes acid and sometimes alkaline, depending on body's available bicarbonates level, which are self limiting.

If you want to know with any certainty whether apple cider vinegar, is alkaline or acid, I would get an electronic pocket pH and measure before and them after an hour or two after ingestion of apple cider vinegar. Chances are most people will show up acid urine.

It should be noted that alcoholics and people who eat dried fruits have a real metabolic acidosis and apple cider vinegar will not be helpful, but baking soda plus vitamin B1 thiamine will resolve this. A serious metabolic acidosis and sugar levels will rise with taking of aspartame, at least it did for me and took me two weeks to tame it. Apparently the aspartame degrades into methanol alcohol which causes the metabolic acidosis and I had to take not just baking soda and APPLE CIDER VINEGAR, but also thiamine vitamin B1, just to get my urinary sugar and metabolic acidosis to normal again. Long term acidosis from alcohol for example leads to heart attack as it destroys the thiamine B1 (dried fruits contain sulfites and destroys it too). The comedian Paul Lynde who was in Hollywood Square had a heart attack and the his heart looked like an 80 year old man, which came from his dieting of weight watchers(which reduces vitamin levels as he did not supplement them) and his alcoholism. He would not have died at age 55, he just had taken 100 mg of thiamine, vitamin B1. Although, baking soda and apple cider vinegar would have helped with metabolic acidosis which 15% of obese people with weight problem, actually came from the thiamine deficiency. Personally I suspect, the other cause came from estrogen female hormone Bisphenol A, which is found in virtually every canned foods (tomato sauce, green peas, colas, etc.) that tends to breakdown under acid condition. Canned foods estrogen tends to cause obesity and diabetes by the virtue of being excessive estrogen, especially around the waste area. So controlling calories to loose weight is not all the answer. It may have come from environmental toxins

Thyroid Problems

11/24/2007: L from USA: Ingesting ACV has long been used for medical treatment and is sometimes very effective. HOWEVER, one should also take an iodine supplement, such as kelp tablets or kelp extracts while using this therapy. Extended ACV consumption can remove iodine from the body, and can result in thyroid problems. (Salt also causes the same problems which is why commercial salt has added iodine.) I learned all this back in the early 1970's, and have not found this important information on iodine/ACV interaction in any articles or books recently. However I have not covered your entire site. So in case no one has mentioned this yet, it really needs to be addressed.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Actually the problem is related more to drinking and showering with chorinated water, eating bleached white bread using the widely practiced bromine bleaching process, and using high flouridated products toothpastes which causes iodine deficiency. It should be noted that the use of halogen of fluorine, chlorine, and bromine displaces iodine that is bound organically to the thyroid, resulting in hypothyroidism and iodine deficiency despite adequate intake of iodine. There are many studies to show that eating bromine rich foods found in white flour and white bread causes increase excretion of iodine, resulting in less iodine. I have seen many instances where a child has hypothyroidism, get fat, after going to highly chlorinated swimming pools, and found that iodine levels were low inspite of adequate iodine intake. The research for this is shown below where in high chlorine environment, the iodine is no longer organically bound and are destroyed to become and iodate compound and are thus rid of by the body. In other words, chlorine displaces the iodine, and this is why in livestock animals, not just the chlorine, but also fluorine, and bromine does it cause stunting of animal growth and developmental problems. Henceforth, the degree to reduce environmental toxins is more important in reducing exposure to chlorine, bromine, and fluorine, but at the same time increasing the dosage of iodine whenever such exposure are unavoidable. I often find myself quite often unable to avoid chlorine exposure, but I do this by dechlorinating my water by adding drops of sodium thiosulfate (a dechlorinator) to my drinking water, or by adding tiny pinches of borax, to remove the fluorine, and try to now and then to add couple of drops of iodine mixed with waterused as a mouthwash. Bromine are rather easy to avoid. I simply just don't eat any white bread or anything processed with white flour. Hence the degree of iodine deficiency is more common than many will admit. Obviously suboptimal iodine is likely despite adequate iodine intake, but the high halogen environments of fluorine, chlorine and bromine causes the body unable to retain iodine to be bound organically and hence, the thyroid becomes naked without the iodine, as the other halogen stips away whatever is left. The only thing I can think of that apple cider is guilty of is it is too acid and tends to dissolve the enamel of the teeth. And therefore it is much safer to neutralize the acidity of the apple cider vinegar using a common buffer such as baking soda, using my common remedy of 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda plus 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. While more iodine intake from kelp and seaweed is needed much more. The problem is not apple cider vinegar, but environmental toxins being introduced into our body, even from something as simple as eating white bread.

Medication Interactions?

11/01/2007: Rich from Los Angeles, CA: The article doesn't mention ACVs effect on medication. A lot of medications should not be taken with vitamin C tablets because like ACV it raises the ph levels in the blood and the kidneys flush the medication out of the blood too quickly. Does ACV have the same effect?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Actually, ACV mixed with baking soda has relatively neutral pH of 7 using the two tablespoons of ACV with 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water. While most people's pH is relatively acid anyway or suffers acidosis, the contracted capillaries without such remedy will prevent the medication from being accessible in the body.

The body responds better if the capillaries is not constricted and the body is within an optimum pH level. Hence, while many people might believe that ACV raises the pH, if you bother to check your urinary pH on your after the ACV is taken within the hour or so, most of the people's urine will show acid urine rather than an alkaline urine. However, if the person has sufficient alkalinity, especiallly carbonates in the body, than it tends to raise the urinary pH.

However not everyone has sufficient alkalinity necessary to raise the urinary pH. While the old definition of ACV is based on burned ashes, after it is acid, a newer definition of whether foods are alkaline or acid depends on whether or not the urinary pH becomes an acid or an alkaline. Hence, everyone's body' chemistry is different. It is the same with vitamin C. There are actually two kinds of vitamin C, the ascorbic acid and the sodium ascorbate. The ascorbic acid lowers the urinary pH to become more acid, while the sodium ascorbate raises the urinary pH to become more alkaline. The problem that I worry about medications being flushed out is from diuretics which tends to cause the people to urinate more, thus flushing out the medicine. One simple illustration will answer it all, in a Kangen water, where its alkalinity is relatively high, such as between pH 9-11, such high pH is relatively alkaline, causing the body to be much more responsive to medication such that the the individual is discourage from taking more medication and the medicaton may be taken on 1/2 or 1/4 of the original doctors medication as it causes the body to absorb the medicine relatively quickly. A Kangen water of an alkaline water, dissolved in a small amount of sesame oil or any other vegetable oil will be soluble, while a plain water of relatively neutral pH will cause the oils and the water to separate. Hence, because oils and medicine mixed is much more apparent with alkalinity the effects of the medicine is seen to be much stronger. Therefore in general, the opposite is true. The more alkaline the body the more responsive is the body and hence, the less the dosage is actually required.

Is ACV Safe During Pregnancy?

10/13/2007: SF : Is it safe to drink straight ACV when pregnant? If so, how much is safe? I called my doctor and he did not know :(

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: I would add plenty of water to dilute the acidic ACV such as 2 tablespoon of' ACV to one glass of water. I however, prefer a safer way by neutralizing the solution by using 2 tablespoon of acv plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda. The acv chemically is not changed even with the baking soda is added, but they are however, biologically for friendly to the body since the body also needs an available bicarbonate from the baking soda to help the body stabilize the pH that is so important.

Sinus Drainage After Taking ACV

09/29/2007: S : Thank you so much for getting back to me. The ACV is helping immensely I feel the mucus breaking up and I am having heavy clear drainage. How long do you think this will last the drainage that is I will get some vitamin c and vitamin e and of course I will get N Acetyl Cysteine. Ilove your website. I wish that I had know about my brother in law he is going to be getting chemotherapy and radiation. I know this is the worst for him but that is the decision my sister and her husband decided on. I wish there is some miracle cure for him but I am at a loss for this. I will try what you suggest and I will get back to you. If you want to post my e-mail feel free. You are the best keep up the good work. Thank you again.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: A Lemon juice 2 tablespoon plus a 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water might also help your brother at least better cope with his condition. It helps the body be stronger by allowing the body to be more alkalized and reduced the side effects from chemotherapy, perhaps. Those are taken three times a day.

The N Acetyl Cysteine should help some of the lump in throat cause by a mucus.

Switching a diet to fish/vegetable/complex caroohydrate, where 50%-80% are fish protein will help reduce the weight slowly enough as the protein helps burn off the unneeded fats.

In case I want to see some weight reduction and clearance of fatty buildup of the liver, 1 tablespoon of granulated lecithin taken along with meals or even on an empty stomach I found to be helpful.

In case of stress and worries, a amino acid supplements (or even a protein supplement without sugar) will help reduce those problem. Its effect should be felt within an hour or so.

Sinus Drainage After Taking ACV

09/28/2007: S : I have a question for you. I am doing the acv/mother and raw honey for my sinuses. I had some build up in my throat I believe it is from drainage that I cannot control. Am I doing the right thing. I am feeling better and my food is going down better in my throat. Any other suggestions I would welcome. Thank you . Love the can post my letter thank you.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear S: If a sinus is a problem, I might take some vitamin C 1000 mg and some 200-400 i.u. of vitamin E. If the mucus is large and obstruct the breathing passages, this may be a problem. N Acetyl Cysteine, 250-500 mg will liquify the mucus.

Side Effects

09/07/2007: S : Hi Ted, I have a quick question for you. I'm a nutritional therapist and I recently put a client on apple cider vinegar.She was suffering from sugar addiction and wanted to lose weight. I took her off sugar but did not put her on the full anticandida diet. A week later she called to say that she was suffering from headaches, insomnia, and poor mood. I assumed she was detoxing and then remembered that she has a yeast intolerance. Is it possible that she is having a reaction to the apple cider vinegar? Is this product counter indicated for clients with yeast intolerance? I can't seem to find the answer anywhere. Any help you could give would be appreciated. Regards

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: It is a common reaction from acidosis from taking only apple cider vinegar. Add enough baking soda to neutralize the acidity and no negative reaction would be experience. The minimum dose is 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar plus 1/4 or 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water taken two times, but preferably three times a day on an empty stomach.

The big problems are the white bread, steaks, oils, vegetable oils, fried foods, cheese are the other things that should be avoided and not just the sugar whenever candida sets they tend to fluorish in an acid forming food. Chickens, fishes, and vegetable, provided they are not contaminated are o.k.

Baking Soda

09/05/2007: Anonymous : doesnt adding baking soda in acv dilute the vinagar and make it not work? for weight loss?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: No. Since the body will have to convert the ACV into an acetate form before it is utilized by the body. The body uses bicarbonates to neutralize the ACV. However not everyone has sufficient bicarbonate stores in their body. The baking soda acts as a laxative effect and causes the body to retain less water retention and speed up the digestion through reduction in constipation, thus allowing weight loss.

Dental Enamel

09/05/2007: Anonymous : Hello, I'm writing to ask you about drinking ACV. It had been staining up my enamel real good, I read your recipe for mixing it with baking soda and I've done that. The things is I read a book called folk medicine by a 60's doctor who loves ACV, cant get enough of it for anything, but he says the acidic element is integral to it's beneficial effects. He says it helps restore us to an acid reaction and that over alkalinity goes hand in hand with sickness. If I'm mixing baking soda in it's neutralising the acid, which apparently halves the goodness, if I dont it rots my teeth, what do you think? he says to mix ACV and honey.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Using ACV whenever it is acid, will cause staining ofthe teeth cas the acid eats up the enamel whichprotects discoloration. The body needs suficientbicarbonates and an easy way to prove it is that theurine pH should be neutral at the very least at pH of7. If the body has insufficient alkalinity, the urinepH becomes acid. Usually taking apple cider vinegarwill result in short term alkalinity, but whenever thebody becomes depleted of bicarbonates, the urine pHbecomes acid, and the pH of most people urine isusually below 6.5, indicating lack of bicarbonates oralkalinity. I get complaints of people using eitherACV or ACV with honey all the time, however, bakingsoda or "bicarbonates" plays a prominent role in thebody's physiology in buffering the pH which not onlyprotects the teeth, it also prevents the body fromdepleted bicarbonate resulting in acidity whichreduces the body's immunity as most bacteria andfungus grows in acidity. The body alkalizes itselfnecessary to protect against invading bacteria andviruses and if the body cannot raise the alkalinityenough, then the body gets infected, gets cold, oreven candida much easier than a person who can raisealkalinity whenever there is an attack of the viruses.Therefore bicarbonates is used by the body and storedby the body whenever invading viruses comes to bay. I would therefore not use acv plus honey or acv aloneand prefer a more neutral solution with sufficientamount of bicarbonates, closer preferably to the pH ofour own blood which is 7.35. However the hugedifferences in ACV acidity versus the blood's own pH,might create problems where it creates unnecessarystress in neutralizing the acidity of the apple cidervinegar.
08/08/2011: Frank from Spring Hill, Florida replies: I've read that using a straw when drinking ACV (with water) eliminates or minimizes contact with the teeth. Makes sense to me. Also adding baking soda as Ted suggests will certainly help. Do both and you probably won't have to worry.

I have bouts of sinusitis throught the year and after reading the info on this site, I'm going to try the ACV treatment. Hope it works!


08/31/2007: Mie from Detroit, MI: Hello Ted, Thank you so much for your reply....! I like reading your expertise!! I was a little worried by reading your comment "They recommended two teaspoon of pure apple cider vinegar diluted 8 oz of water because that's the maximum tolerable dose without having a major side effects from the acidity of the apple cider vinegar", because, in's recommended dosage says "The traditional way: 2 TBLS of ACV in 8 oz of water 3x a day. Add honey to taste"; It does not mention about baking soda I think that many many readers, including myself, are taking 2TBLS of ACV without adding baking sode to neutralize the solution. Isn't it bad for our health? Maybe should start recommending 2 TSP of ACV without adding baking soda and 2 TBLS of ACV with baking soda added? I don't want people to get side effects by taking too much ACV without adding baking soda..... Thank you,

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Mie: I wouldn't even consider adding honey, except for kids who are stubborn if it doesn't taste good or certain people who really can't stand ACV tastes or smell.

I guess there's a great divide, between Ted's remedy and the other people's remedy posted on earthclinic!

I rarely complaints on the baking soda added but I do get a more complaints than I can handle from using ACV alone.


08/30/2007: Mie from Detroit, MI: Hello Ted, I always enjoy reading your expertise at I have a very simple question. The book "Folk Medicine" and Bragg's ACV bottle recommends "2 teaspoon of ACV with 8oz water...." but recommends 2 tablespoon of ACV. Do you know why recommends 2 tablespoon instead of 2 teaspoon? Thank you

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Mie:

The book recommended two teaspoon of pure apple cider vinegar diluted 8 oz of water because that's the maximum tolerable dose without having a major side effects from the acidity of the apple cider vinegar. Actually that dose if used alone is still way too strong in my own experience for people who are sick.

I used 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar because it was the baking soda that' helped neutralized the solution and hence it is possible to use a larger dose. The reason why that dose was set is simple. My own observations is that the body needs a minimum of 1/2 teaspoon of bicarbonates per day at least for the body to maintain normal pH and sufficient buffers, which is divided into two equal dose of 1/4 teaspoon each. The apple cider vinegar is determined to get the pH of about 7 and this works out to about 2 tablespoons.

To further weaken the solution I used at least 1/2 glass of water, as 8 oz. of water can be too much for some people so a 1/2 glass is the minimum. Most healthy active people actually needs more than this, and the body needs about 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda a day. However I hold the apple cider vinegar constant (but can be added more) since it seems the body needs to maintain buffers much more than the need of acetates and malates to help detoxify.

Of course more apple cider vinegar can be added to about 4 tablespoon ACV plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda, but its effect (from my own very small samples of feedback) is not as great as the 2 tablespoon ACV plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda on the maximum dosage side. It is obviously seen that an athlete can need much more bicarbonates, but in such a situation, bicarbonate used is not effective for sports medicine, a more compact form is the citrate form, such as sodium citrate or potassium citrate, which can effectively alkalize the body much much more better. Although this is not feasible as citrates are much harder to find than a simple baking soda, which is more available in most supermarkets.

It should be noted that biochemically the solution of apple cider vinegar does more than meets the eyes, it buffers the body's fluids, increase the body's antioxidation Oxidation Reduction Potential, it effectively alkalizes, reduces excess serum calcium which cause blood clots and heart attacks, malates reduces aluminum accumulation in the brain helpful for alzheimer, alkalization increases the body's need to unload toxins by sweating more easily, and the list goes on an on. However the use of strictly apple cider vinegar is problematic and causes the body to go acid whenever the body's bicarbonates is already lacking and this may not be helpful in the condition of candida, or at least temporarily helpful.

In my opinion most booklets to promote certain supplements will only promote that and nothing more. This can be a problem since every supplements will have a weakness. In case of apple cider vinegar, it is too acid for some people's digestive system to handle. A middle ground therefore is where the solution's pH is at least neutral or if the solution is fairly close to the body's fluid between 7.3-7.4

Does ACV Contain Alcohol?

08/18/2007: B : Hi my boyfriend and I are both recovering alcoholics and are interested in taking apple cider vinegar for its health benefits. But, we are concerned about the fermentation involved, does the vinegar actually contain alcohol? We have read about how good it is for you but are worried it may contain alcohol. Please let us know. Thank you.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Actually a recovering alcoholic need more water soluble vitamin B complex which reduces the addiction and the granulated lecithin, which protects the liver from being cirrhotic. Another water soluble vitamin is vitamin C and some vitamin E to protect the liver from oxidative damage should be a reasonable remedy for recovering alcoholics.

As to the vinegar and its alcoholic content: If the apple cider vinegar was made from a hard cider, it will have an alcholic content, but when a acetobacter is used, those are convered to acetic acid instead. Technically there might be alcohol in there but the amount is technically too small to be measurable. If I am a purist, I think I would rather concentrate on taking some vitamin B complex, selenium and granulated lecithin to protect my liver better.

Vitamin B complex may prevent addiction, especially the Niacinamide (B3) which has a calming effect and reduces some stress, where the dose I used are about 300 mg/day while B complex, if I feel I need it might be twice or three times a week should be sufficient.

05/05/2011: Bernice V. Burgess from Detroit, Mi replies: Braggs Apple Cider vinegar has helped me. I have Alchasia of the esofagus and had major surgery. I would get heart burns really intensed. Now that I take the vinegar I'm better and my skin is glowing, plus I get all the nutrients too. I got to try the baking soda. I'm sure it can only add more to my health benefits.


Why Do I Get Sore Throat and Side Effects?

08/14/2007: Hina from Lahore, Pakistan: Last month I asked the same question but I could not find the answer, that's why I am again sending it to you. Because the answer is very important to me. Actually I have got side effects from using acid cider vinegar, I was very excited after reading the benefits and i wanted to tell my aunt about it to cure her arthritis and my mom for diabetics, but before telling them I started using it as prescribed for getting general benefits out of it, I take two table spoons in a cup of water with honey, twice a day and I got sore throat and two much cattarah and bruise in throat. Normally I never get flu or sore throat but after using it severe side effects , I discontinued then I was ok then again I started again I got the same conditions . now even I am not using but still my throat is not hundred percent. And I am hundred percent confirmed that my condition is really by using acid cider vinegar. I am amazed why I got these side effects as it is also the remedy for sore throat. May be I use it in cold water. Pl tell me whats the reason as I am very sad at my results , because I could not tell my aunt and mother to use it after seeing its discouraging results. Pl answer me as soon as possible hina

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Hina:
One of the most important unrecognized electrolytes is that we do not recognize the importance of a dietary buffers or keeping the body within a healthy pH range, which is slightly alkaline. Certain people who have insufficient bicarbonates or alkalinity needed to neutralize the acidic vinegar may have problem and may make the conditions worse, by making people more acid if and when the body does not have sufficient bicarbonates to neutralize the effects of apple cider vinegar.

A great majority of my remedy is always the use of either baking soda alone or apple cider vinegar with baking soda. The baking soda is needed to neutralize the acidity of the apple cider vinegar to a near neutral pH of 7, or a pH of alkalinity within normal biological parameter of 7.35, which is the blood pH. The bicarbonates play an essential role in the buffering of the body so that the body doesn't burn itself up or eat itself up in presence of excess acidity. A pH that is acid, can be a prooxidant, while a pH that is alkaline can be an antioxidant, just the same. An acid can eat you whenever it is prooxidant, but yet protective of healthy cells in a slightly alkaline solution. Why this is so is simply that healthy cells LIVE in a slightly alkaline solution of 7.4

Many people assume our body to be all perfect to be able to "oxidize" the apple cider vinegar magically into an alkaline component. Science in fact have not really resolved those and be able to predict how alkaline your body can be after consuming apple cider vinegar. This assumption is often held wrong, if people really bother to get a pH meter and measure the urinary pH after consuming the apple cider vinegar, which in most cases tend to cause urine pH to be more acid, since most people won't have sufficient amount of bicarbonates in his or her diet anyway, to neutralize them sufficiently to be "alkaline".

Hence consuming apple cider vinegar ALONE are at least helpful for a short term, but over the long run either the baking soda or a remedy that I used so often I repeat over again, is the 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water taken twice a day on an empty stomach as is the one that very few problems.

Even a Thai friend here was so into apple cider vinegar, he ended up with an acid tongue, so acid that his tongue began to tear. While I did warn him about excess use, he also skipped adding baking soda for a couple of days. So the remedy for his problem was simply to take at least 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water for about a week before his condition disappeared. As a result, thereafter, he did follow the remedy of 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water, and his strange sickness (burning tongue) and frequent colds disappeared.

Therefore the remedy of apple cider vinegar plus baking soda is used INSTEAD of apple cider vinegar plus honey.

The other reason for this is that many bacteria, viruses and fungus grows in a slightly acid medium which is anywhere between 4-6. Most of these do get killed whenever the pH reaches 7- 10. Apple cider vinegar is a pro-oxidant whenever its pH solution is below 6, and it becomes an antioxidant whenever its pH of the solution is between 7 to 8. This can easily be proven whenever an ORP meter (oxidation reduction potential meter is used) which measures around -150 millivolts to -200 millivolts, being an antioxidant, whenever the solution are alkalinity.

Most bacteria, viruses and fungus are decaying organisms that thrive whever the environment is acid and the solution is somewhat near oxidant where the solution is likely to be in the plus range of the millivolts.

So the sugar component of the honey plus the acid forming part of the apple cider vinegar in my experience don't really help. In a fairly dilute solution of honey, they can also be food for the bacteria and the viruses from the sugar component. It is and always has been the apple cider vinegar plus the baking soda alkaline solution WITHOUT the honey is used. Honey is sugar, and the reason for its benefit is not really just the honey. Most of the nutrients actually comes from the bee pollen and the royal jelly where a queen bee as full access to this and allows it to survive many times longer than her worker bees. Part of the reason why honey was historically used, at least during the times of the Egyptians whenever people have flesh wounds, a honey undiluted is used because the a highly concentrated syrup the osmotic pressure are somewhat hyperosmolarity and causes the cells or bacteria to die by dehydration.

The same is also true for salted fish whenever a salted solution is used to keep the bacteria free from decaying the fishes. However, Egyptians do not use salt solution because it is too painful, but the honey were more soothing.

So in practice, a sugar by any other name, at least for me is still sugar, whether I speak of fructose (corn syrup), glucose, or sucrose (common sugar), and the sweets, at least for the fructose, glucose and sucrose are acid forming and provides food for the bacteria to grow. Therefore I would stick to the 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water as a genenral remedy. Again this is NOT taken everyday and the body does need a rest period. Usually its taken for 4 or 5 days out of a week.

What Is the Minimum Dose?

08/09/2007: Linda : I have been taking 1 tablespoon of ACV in a 8oz glass of water. I have read that some people take 3 tablespoonfuls of ACV. Is that by itself. So far I haven't noticed anything different in the way I feel and I have been taking it a few weeks. I also add 2 tablespoonful in 16oz of water and drink all day so far no change. What am I doing wrong. I don't like honey. Linda

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Linda: Thanks for following up your emails! The general remedy of Apple Cider vinegar is 2 tablespoon plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water, taken two times a day. Honey generally is not needed. However, its specific use very much depends on what you are trying to achieve.

Can ACV Help Lupus?

08/09/2007: T : Ted, Do you know about apple cider vinegar and lupus? I am seeing a Rheumatologist on the 22nd of August to try and determine what kind of autiommune disease I have. Possibly Butterfly Lupus or drug induced (high blood pressure medicine). I am taking 2.5 pednisone (Once daily in the AM) I have started using 2 T. spoons of apple cider vinegar (with water) in the AM and PM on an empty stomach. Then I was reading on the internet about adding soda. I was interested in knowing what apple cider vinegar and prednisone would do. Thanks.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Basically the acetate portions is detoxifying to the body and reduces the inflamation, while the malate might allow the body to increase its resistance by giving energy to the cells on immunity, but most of the recovery is seen when adding baking soda to the apple cider vinegar. In case the apple cider vinegar is applied in the case of lupus, the baking soda portion needs more than the usual dose needed to obtain a higher alkalinity to fight off the lupus.

The remedy therefore appears to be 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda, in 1/2 glass to 3/4 glass of water, taken twice a day, on an empty stomach, or apart from eating meals one hour or more. Because the lupus, in my own observations relates more to fungus, two additional remedies I believe is responsible for getting people with lupus to at least have a normal life, which is the borax and the chelation, such as the use of chlorella alone or chlorella with spirulina in case chlorella is not sold separately.

Fungus tend to have a weakness which most people (even the doctors!) are not aware of which is the effect of alkalinity and the effect of boron has on antifungal or anti mycoplasma initiated by the lupus. Parasitic form of lupus (which is part of the cause that made it worse) are also killed with the borax too.

I was interested in knowing what apple cider vinegar and prednisone would do.

Both prednisone and apple cider vinegar are anti-inflammatory but it is the apple cider vinegar in itself that is anti-inflammatory by detoxification in the liver, which comes from the acetate portion of the apple cider vinegar. However, the anti-inflammatory actions of apple cider vinegar is pretty much limited without the additional benefits of alkalinity that is also anti-inflammatory, and somewhat anti-mycoplasma when alkalinity of the sodium bicarbonate, or baking soda (NEVER BAKING POWDER!) that is used.

However, it is still limited, without the additional supplements of borax, at least in my opinion, where the remedy seen is 1/4 teaspoon of borax in 1 liter of water usually taken at least once a week or twice a week. Other people dose varies, this one mentioned here is just the minimum frequency. Woman seems to require 1/2 of the dose, which is seen at only 1/8 teaspoon of borax per one liter of drinking water.

My own experience has been that not much benefit were derived that much from prednisone, if we compare against the more natural remedies.

Edema a Possible Side Effect?

08/03/2007: W : Ted- In Nov 2005, I had 3x cardiac bypass and seem to be healing ok. I started ACV and then tried baking soda with it. The problem is my legs and feet are now starting to swell up and my acid reflux still bothers me. I have taken the ACV for several weeks and started baking soda just yesterday. My question is, could the ACV cause the edema? Should I stop? I started taking Hawthorne Berries to reduce fluid, but the AR that gives me is horrible. What would you suggest to end this? Thanks.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Most of the problems I encountered is the acidity content of the ACV (when taking long term) may lead to some swelling. Therefore, in event of a real problem, the common remedy is to either take baking soda solo, which is 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda twice a day since the body practically used up available bicarbonates as it is.

For the other people, who don't have problems, ACV and baking soda can be used as 2 tablespoon of ACV plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water, since the pH is relatively neutral at about 7.0, initially anyway.

If I have problems with ACV use, I will likely take the baking soda alone. The baking soda should help with the swelling and acid reflux better. If not maybe 1/16 teaspoon of milk of magnesia (to kill of the bugs in 1/2 glass of water), but I think those are generally not necessary except for ulcerative colitis.

How Effective Are ACV Tablets?

07/25/2007: Jenny : I couldn't find anything about the efficacy of acv tablets. Do they work as well as the liquid?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: I would not try the tablet forms as they are often chemically different. Apple cider vinegar with baking soda or lemon with baking soda is often the best.

Is ACV Acidic or Alkaline?

07/22/2007: Phil : Apple Cider Vinegar is perhaps the best food you can put into your body. By the way is Apple Cider Vinegar acidic or alkaline? Thank you, Phil

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Phil: It depends. If the body has sufficient bicarbonate reserves the apple cider vinegar becomes alkaline as it reacts with the bicarbonate to form malates and acetates, which is a good buffer for the body. However, if the body has insufficient bicarbonates reserve than it becomes somewhat acid forming.

Generally the best ways to determine whether the apple cider vinegar is acid forming or alkaline forming is to measure the urinary pH after about an hour or so after taking them.

Most people, generally do not have sufficient bicarbonates reserve due to the diets being generally low in bicarbonates anyway. It is the same thing I have experienced with vitamin C ascorbic acid.

Everytime I take that my urine becomes acid, so it varies from person to person.

One way to make sure it is consistently alkaline is to add enough baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) where when it is reacted initially the pH becomes relatively neutral. So the remedy of 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar plus 1/4 teaspoon initial pH should be close to 7, but if allowed to react longer, becomes more alkaline forming where the pH is about 7.4- 7.5, which is generally closer to the blood pH. So the equilibrium is what I try to achieve, either equilibrium with a neutral pH, or equilibrium where the properly reacted food pH is near 7.4, making that close to the body's pH. It is therefore ideal for the food to resemble in many ways the chemistry of a normal body's biochemical parameters.

Improving the Taste

06/23/2007: J : Hello, is there a way to improve the taste of Apple Cider vinegar without compromising the effectiveness or benefits it would provide? I hear that you can put honey in it, but wouldn't that increase the calorie content? I hear that Baking soda can be added to lessen the acidity but is it safe ingesting baking soda? I tried drinking apple cider vinegar with water but I couldn't get past the taste. Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions!

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Some people like me don't like the smell of ACV. That is actually the acetate portion. Some kids like them when you add baking soda, and it reduces the smell and taste because of the fizz.

For me, I make a chemical analogue, in case I don't like the ACV, by mixing some malic acid (1/8 teaspoon), sodium acetate (1/8 teaspoon) and baking soda 1/4 or 1/2 teaspoon in 1/2 glass of water and take some vitamin C sodium ascorbate (usually 1/8 teaspoon too) in 1/2 glass of water. The problem about this is obtaining them, and the time consuming tasks of mixing them.

The other simpler way is just take the lemon and baking soda, while it has different benefits, mostly is more effective in normalizing pH and ORP (antioxidant), it won't have the malic portions which helps increase the body's energy. Of course just doing the lemon and baking soda plus eating apples is one other way, but again that doesn't resolve the missing "acetate" portion, which helps the body reduce the lactic acidosis by allowing the body to rid of them more efficiently. The workaround is white distilled vinegar 1/2 tablespoon plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda, if you can stand the smell of white distilled vinegar! All these are just too complicated for most people, but for me I do that, but not everyday.

Often the best way most people do is just cover the smell of the entire thing by adding fruit juice or honey, if of course, you don't mind the sugar found in the fruit juice, which tends to be acid forming and our diets is already high in fructose as it is from the fast food and prepared foods. The only way to reduce the sugar, is to drink plenty of water, since in the urine, a sugar of 2% is normal. So if drinking plenty of water so the sugar is reduced to 2%, than the blood sugar is not affected. For example, 1 tablespoon of black strap mollasses in one full glass of water, is more or less about 2% so its effect on blood sugar is minimal.

Warning About Proper Dosage

06/23/2007: Valerie : I took a very small dose of the 2tbs. ACV and about 1/8 tsp. of baking soda. I mixed this with a glass of water, drank about cup of it and dumped the rest out. Today I have small sores under my tongue. Will these go away on their own or do I need to see a doctor, help!!!!

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Valerie: The dose is 2 tablespoon ACV and 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda. What you are taking is too acid. If the body is already too acid, baking soda alone would resolve the problem or using baking soda as a mouthwash. The small sores are an ulcer, usually from eating oily foods and too much acid forming foods.

When Should I Schedule Different Treatments?

06/11/2007: Nathan from Nashville, TN: I have noticed all sorts of amazing remedies and have eagerly started trying a few of them. Just doing the ACV alone has made a general overall improvment to my health and energy. I then noticed a potential conflict when I was once again on the site. I saw somehwere that some of the remedies worked as an oxidant while others as an antioxidant and should not be performed within three hours of each other (specifically, AVC and H2O2) In addition, you are not suppose to eat between certain times of each treatment as well. Is there any way to get clarity on this and maybe provide a sample time schedule for doing two or more of these treatments. I want to do the ACV, H202 and oil pulling. I don't know which should be done first and not sure how to incorporate them all in a day, making sure that they are done without conflict to each other, as well as including an eating routine. Thanks for your help, Nathan

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Nathan:
It would seem that you want to do all the major remedies! Usually I would be just happy with just only one. However a scheduling where such remedies is all needed, should work as follows so they won't clash. This is just the general maintenance remedy where certain remedies are strategically placed at a point where the body needs it the most or just a bit before.

'1. First thing in the morning. Brush teeth.

2. Do oil pulling (add peppermint oil helps reduce toxins)

3. Brush teeth again to remove residual oil from swishing. This must be done well to remove all the traces of oil left, especially in the back region, and throat region of the mouth.
after 5 minutes...

4. Apple cider vinegar 2 tablespoon plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water.
After 30 minutes or more...

5. Eat breakfast

6. Eat Lunch

7. Since the body is weakest, and its immune resistance is down and oxygen requirement is highest near the time to quit the work or early afternoon, H2O2 therapies plus baking soda is a definite plus here.

Assuming the work time is 9 a.m. to 5 a.m., so the best time to take the H2O2, at least for me is around 2-4 p.m. My guess, is about 3-4 p.m. For children that tends to occur sooner at an earlier time closer to 2 p.m.

A preferred dose for most people is 3 drops of 3% H2O2 in 1 glass of water with 1/16 teaspoon of baking soda (more like a tiny pinch). The maximum dose is 12 drops per glass of 3% H2O2 but in very few instance of extreme exhaustion does it require that kind of dose, which don't happen often anyway since the person who do take it also needs to have also gotten used to the dose or have taken it before without problems also.

8. Eat dinner (before 6 p.m.) It is actually unhealthy to eat after 5, but then, people will be driving home from work so that is technically not possible. So one hour would be within the limits that it won't be fattening to the body. Assuming most people sleep by 10-11 p.m. In between time if hunger pangs strikes, I usually eat bee pollen, but vegetables and very light salad might do.

9. Before Bedtime, 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar is taken again with 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water.

The morning apple cider vinegar and baking soda, can be switched on alternate days to just one whole freshly squeezed lime (approximately 8 teaspoon) and 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda, in 1/2 glass of water, also twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.

It is not necessary that this is switched, but in some cases where the body is not alkalized enough, then the lemon/acv switching is needed. ACV gives you the energy by detoxification of lactic acidosis, and the malic acid components give the body energy. While the lime/lemon provides the antioxidant and alkalization needed by the body, as well as some few other benefits.

Well this is my take on combined remedy, not a perfect one but at least it won't clash with the other remedies!

03/01/2009: Anna from New Rochelle , Ny replies: In addition to yr suggested time table when do you suggest blackstrap molasses and oil of oregano be added to the regimen

Honey Issues

06/07/2007: Hi Ted, I read on Earth Clinic that you can mix 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar, one quart of water and 2 table spoons of honey and drink it throughout the day before meal time. However, I saw your post that it is not recommended to put honey with ACV. Is there a reason for that? Does it null the effect of the ACV?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: That's just about the maximum dose i have seen, but I in practice the most effective dose is always 2 tablespoon with 1/4 teaspoon taken at least 2 times day, at least it is with minimum problems. Honey are not often added because I receive complaints of sugar issues, and some reduced effectiveness of certain conditions or it was not working as well as it should. If you need to add them, just do it as a sweetener and not too much is used. It might be true that years ago honey is good, but lately with strange microbacterium, more people getting diabetes, more bees dying for unknown reason (quite possibly a nanotechnology bug) and other reasons, I am getting more negative feedback in this arena. We just have to adapt with whatever works and for now use it only when need it, if you just can't stand the taste of Apple cider vinegar. Kids seem to like the fizz when baking soda was added, and somehow removes the bad smell also. So perhaps this might help. As to the best kinds of bee product, in my experience it is not the honey, but it is the bee pollen and the royal jelly.
07/15/2008: Augustina Glasz from Orpington, UK replies: Hi There, instead of honey I have been using agave syrup/nectar ("a natural fructose sweetener extracted from the agave plant") there are no additional ingredient but it does have the same nutritien information as honey. Can I mix ACV with this, as I am finding it difficult to drink the ACV+BS in water alone.
04/21/2009: Amy from Rocky Ridge, Maryland replies: MY thought to AUGUSTINA regarding the agave nectar in ACV drink: I have just begun what seems to be a lifesaver remedy.I didn't like the taste of the vinegar so just today I added about 1 teaspoon of the agave nectar to it and it was so good I drank it right down.

I would hope this is ok so could someone please let us know if they have any experience with it/ Do not want to take away from the value of the drink, but don't see what could be wrong with the nectar added. Please someone, help. I am new to this and am doing it to lose weight and feel more energy as I am tired lots. and have acking joints. Thank you, Earth Link for this great site!


08/26/2011: Hercy from Rising Star, Tx replies: Responding to your Comment:

Excerpt: " bees dying for unknown reason (quite possibly a nanotechnology bug), getting more negative feedback."


Some irresponsible bee keepers rob the entire hive of the honey, then use a cheap winter substitute to feed bees instead of leaving enough honey for the bees to feed on during the winter. Shortening/Lard is mixed with sugar and fed to the bees. Bees began to die & infants were effected once this practice commenced.

Locate a bee keeper that leaves enough honey in the hive to carry his bees through the winter. The honey from a well managed hive contains no spores to cause harm.

As a bee keeper each of my hives had two (2) brood chambers and extra honey supers left in place for the bees year round. I never robbed the entire hive. Over the many years, no problems were experienced with my bees dying from an unknown source.

I am not recommending feeding honey to an infant.

Unless you test the honey how could you be sure?

Mother in ACV

06/04/2007: Noel : Hello - I have been intensely reading the articles on the Earth Clinic website. A reference is made that I don't understand - the reference is made to "ACV with the mother". I know what ACV is but what is 'with the mother'.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Noel: A mother solution is an organic apple cider vinegar that has some live beneficial bacteria found in the apple cider vinegar. An easy way to tell is the dregs, or precipitate you see on the bottom of the bottle. When the label says "with mother of vinegar" on the bottle, or raw unfiltered organic and other similar words. Basically you don't even need to read the labels. Just look on the bottom of the bottle, and you see light brown powdery by products and the solution is not so translucent. Some people are picky and say that a mother solution of ACV is needed. But in reality apple cider vinegar of any kind works, the ones I make sure that you put in is not really the "mother solution", it is the baking soda, that is so important since some people with acid reflux simply CANNOT tolerate the acid. The reason for the lack of intolerance and the stomach low acid is due to the body's lacking of bicarbonates to neutralize the food and the body orders the stomach not to produce any more acid to avoid digesting the intestines from the foods that is digested by the stomach acids. It is believed that the mother solution have some beneficial bacteria, like the probiotics so that a mother solution is superior. Research in this area found it is actually not the probiotics that kills beneficial bacteria, it is actually the acid forming food or too alkaline foods, which alters the make up of the intestinal flora makeup. So by just altering the diets to be more alkaline, usually the intestinal flora corrects itself. Assuming you don't change the dietary habits, then you may be taking the probiotics for the rest of your life or mother, or yogurt, since once they go into the stomach they get killed anyway since the nutrients in the body simply can't support life for the probiotics you are taking. So if I want to restore natural intestinal flora, an easy way is to take baking soda, vitamin C sodium ascorbate, and some humic acid (1/4 teaspoon of humic acid in a drinking water, or one liter of water once a week or once a month), and to correct the micromineral balances so that intestinal flora can live in peace is to take once a week at least of 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt in one liter of drinking water. Those should at least correct most of the intestinal flora to normal. It should be noted that everybody has h. pylori, candida, but they live in peace, with each other without mutiny on your body. As a result, these micronutrients you give should be enough so that the numbers do not get out of control. Basically most people with an acid reflux, I found recently (more like by mistake!) is that funny enough, not only do they have bicarbonates lacking, but iodine were related, as do often see people with acid reflux have low energy levels or subnormal thyroidal function. A drop or four drops of iodine would be fantastic for them too.
01/17/2009: Rose from Steedman, MO, USA replies: Wow, talk about 'interesting'! Last year I was treated with some mega-antibiotics for h-Pylori infection. At the same time, I was having some acid reflux issues, which really threw me since I've NEVER had any digestive problems before. That this is somehow linked with a malfunctioning thyroid really strikes me as interesting, because I've been suspecting this recently due to symptoms, and my sister has just recently been dealing with a problem thyroid herself (we are so much alike). I actually think those antibiotics made my reflux worse. But I've been doing the baking soda and water twice a day, but I really like how I feel after taking the baking soda w/lime or lemon twice a day. Since doing these, I have had no problems with reflux. This amuses me. I'm a classic movie buff, I love the old movies. I recently saw an old Bette Davis movie (Now, Voyager, LOVE this movie) where an older gentleman was constantly having issues with some sort of indigestion, and was always given baking soda w/water which always made him feel so much better...whenever I see that movie I think to myself, "the old remedies are STILL the best!" LOL.

Wishing you good health,

P.S. The lemon/lime formula is one of Ted's's 1/2 tsp baking soda in a half glass water, then add the juice of one fresh-squeezed lemon or lime. Allow room in the glass for some fizzing. Very refreshing!(Pick up one of those manual juicers, less than $5.00 at Walmart.)

Resistance to ACV?

05/31/2007: Claire : Hi Ted - I was just wondering if taking 2 tsb ACV 3 times a day in water (for acne) is safe to do for an indefinite period of time (say, 2 years or so). My main concern here is having my body become resistant to the ACV -- developing strains of things that can no longer be treated by ACV. I'm wondering the same about baking soda paste, which I apply every 2 days for a skin rash called lichen simplex chronicus. It works wonderfully now, but I want to make sure it will continue to work just as well a year from now!

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Claire: Ideally it is actually taking acv with baking soda in the long run should be safer. The reason is the body has a limited amount of bicarbonate which can be used up quite quickly whenever you are sick. On the other hand bad diets which causes acidosis, is the real culprit. The body's immune system uses alkalinity to kill off tiny invading organism for at least hundred million of years (dinosaur age), so it is unlikely that alkalization from the added baking soda, does a bacteria/viruses/fungus will develop a newer form of resistance. On the other hand, taking apple cider vinegar ALONE, I do get complaints of the conditions coming back and DO GET resistance, in which case I resolved the problem by adding bakin soda.

There are a couple of things I am aware of that mother nature uses to kill off invading organism as far as evolution is concerned:

1. Alkalinity. the body's alkalinity is raised whenever an invading organism comes, such as a cold. The urine pH is acid, but the blood pH become more alkaline. 2. Hyperosmolarity. Early human salt fishes and bacteria simply wont grow. 3. Hyperthermia. The body raises its temperature to fend off invading organism.

There are many others that mother nature uses (e.g. minerals, oxygen, etc.), but those are some simple example where resistance development is limited for any invading organism, and hence it is one reason why baking soda has to be added. It is also another reason why a lemon and baking soda has to be considered, as a citrate form (reaction of citric and baking soda) is more effective in alkalizing the body. As to why ACV works, it works by providing certain nutrients that the mitochrondria needs as part of its Kreb cycles, such as the malates, citrate, acetates so that the energy level, and hence metabolism and hyperthermia works more efficient in killing off the invading organism. Therefore a simple answer to prevent the body from repeat infection is to consider, at least 3 issues mentioned, which translated into simple remedy, is simply baking soda and lemon (alkalinity), hyperosmolarity (sea salt) and hyperthermia (energy & metabolism - acv). I can write a more lists how nature does it, but time is limited for now. Therefore the body needs to maintain at least 3 of these to prevent any further resistance. One dirty little secrets that companies know is that the simpler the chemicals or process you use in killing off the organism, the more difficult it is for the microbes to develop a resistance, such as alkalinity, which basically kills two birds with one stone, raising pH and increasing oxygen, both of these are relatively deadly to parasitic lichen that you mentioned. Sea salt also does different things besides just adding salinity, it corrects mineral imbalance, alkalization, at the same time, making it ideal for antibiotics. You won't get the same answer with common table salt, and I also get report of people getting much sicker using common table salt. The reason is simple: it lacks other minerals to kill invading organism, and the pH for iodized common table salt is acid, at about 5.0. If you bother to measure all the foods you eat, then you will realize why you get sick. The pH for most foods we eat are generally between 3-5, being mostly acid, including fruit juices. Therefore ACV may help initially but in long run baking soda should be added. This would not do much if bad dietary habits of smoking, drinking, and fast food are added after you get well. But human nature seems to do that whenever they do get well sometime. If good habits are also added, obviously resistance would be relatively difficult. The only important resistance I see based on my own observation is if the body's immune system are suppressed from yearly "flu vaccine" or other vaccination, where aluminum, monosodium glutamate and mercury are added, mycoplasma is one thing that do exist alive in vaccines and they can cause immune suppression, as it is known that frequent vaccination leads to an exhausted and constanly shrinking immune system, called the thymus A thymus which exists below the thyroid gland on the upper chest. Immune system suppression is what really kills us usually, which are often caused by excess heavy metals, mycoplasma, and mineral deficiencies, usually iodine, magnesium, zinc, and selenium). Therefore I would be much more concerned about taking care of my immune system, maintaining a normal biological fluids within normal range, usually through pH monitoring. There are many others, but those are the most important ones. In summary ACV should not be taken alone baking soda should be added. Other factors need to be considered too. Resistance is not what I worry, it is the immune system suppression and their causes is what worries me.

Time Between ACV and Peroxide Treatments?


Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: If it is at least 6 hours apart, then it would be o.k. You can never mix peroxide and acv together at the same time.

How Many ACV Doses Per Day?

05/21/2007: Bobby from Cebu, Philippines: Dear Ted, I would like your expert advise on how to take ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) if an individual like myself is prone to hyperacidity/hypertension. For now, I am taking 2 tblspn of ACV (Heinz brand) with 178ml or 6 FL.OZ. of Welch 100%Grape Juice (once a day). Is this advisable? Is the mixture I am using now acceptable and do I really need to drink this mixture 3-4 times daily to get results? The results I'm trying to achieve are basically the ff; 1. Weight Loss 2. Lower Cholesterol & Triglecyrides 3. Have more Energy w/out the adrenaline rush I'm taking on medication (Lipitor- 10mg) now to lower and control my cholesterol. I want to get off this medication as I've been taking it for the past months now. It did lower my cholesterol though. Thanks and please let me know whether I'm on the right track or not. Sincerely, Bobby

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Bobby: Grape Juice may not be helpful because of the sugar content, while apple cider vinegar after fermenting, the sugar are converted into acetic acid, and thus are better. Taking more grape juice would raise the sugar level, which is not going to help. The way to reduce cholesterol level is either to limit its intake or dissolve them out of the body. Usually taking 1 tablespoon of granulated powdered lecithin once or twice a day will lower it. Vitamin B complex are generally supportive of normalizing the cholesterol. Quite often lowering the simple carbohydrate diet by elminating white bread, pastries, white sugar, white flour, ice cream, fried food, and potato chips will do the trick. Replacing those foods with higher protein such as tuna, fish, and whey protein instead will lower the triglyceride. Taking omega 3 and fish oils daily will help lower triglycerides too. Doing the above, the cholesterol within 2 months usually goes from 280 to about 180, on average, and that was just taking the lecithin. It would have been better if fish oil, vitamin B complex and some stricter dietary control of avoiding JUNK FOOD were also considered.

What Brand/type of ACV Is Best?

05/21/2007: Kim : Hi..... I have just found your website, so i haven't got to read everything....... I would like to know if there is any special brand of ACV you use for all these aliments......... Thank you..... Kim

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: No special brand is needed, as long as it is apple cider vinegar. The components of apple cider vinegar that helps the most is the malate and acetate portion, which will exist easier, if baking soda is added. Some people think mother formula is good, some think it is not because they have allergies. So therefore, most brands would work, but companies who sell them would like you otherwise.

Why Am I Getting Headaches?

05/08/2007: Mae from Dincan, OK USA: Can anyone tell me why I have headaches since I started on the ACV and Honey a week ago? Will they go away or should I stop the treatment?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Honey is often not recommended added in the apple cider vinegar, you get better success with just using 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with 1/8 teaspoon of baking soda.

Pineapple Soaked in ACV Heals Cuts?

04/17/2007: Rosie from Phoenix, USA: I had a question for you. My motther would cut fresh pineapple and but it in a jar of apple cider vinegar and then she would put the peices of pineapple on our cuts and they would heal much more quickly and with less scaring. would you be able to tell me how that would work chemically? Please let me know as soon as you can. I would like to do a presentation for my herbal class. Thank you lots. Rosie

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Rosie: Pineapple juice contains a digestive enzyme called bromelain, which allows the digestion of dead cells and proteins to be rid of reducing the scarring. Many fruits and plants in fact have certain digestive enzymes, such as papaya (papain), for example.

In rats study on regeneration of ears and regrowing of amputated limbs, they found that generally rats can't regenerate ears, but a certain defective genes cause the rats to be able to regenerate ears and amputated limbs. The clue they found was that scarring tissue and dead proteins get digested. So the answer to regeneration appears to be anything that prevents scarring tissue and dead proteins form forming would help the healing much faster. I view the lack of regeneration in humans is also due to the fact that the scarring mechanism is done to quickly. In fact in children say, below age six, I remember reading one British hospital who failed or forgot to sew up their fingers caused the child's fingers to be regenerated entirely. I have seen instance (with photos) of a grown adult regrowing fingers after loosing it, but didn't bother to even sew up the wounds regrow completely the lost fingers.

Of course in that instances, the person with lost fingers attributed the regrowth of his fingers to taking glyconutrient supplements. Glyconutrient may help healing, but may also prevent scarring may also be one other possible explaination. Even iodine tincture used by grandmothers in the olden days helped regeneration of the skin, because iodine chemically prevents proteins, cholesterols, and cells from clumping together whenever there is a fresh wound, as a result the wounds regenerate themselves quicker. This is why silicon fibers when applied to burn victims allow the skin to regrow unimpeded. The reason is really simple: the silicon fiber (or collagen) mesh applied to the skin prevents the blood and flesh from being exposed to bacteria, and oxygen, thus the blood and flesh is subjected to less oxidation and bacteria from killing the regenerative cells. As a result burn victims barely have scars. An interesting story about Vaseline concerns the founder of the company, Mr. Ponds who tried to sell Vaseline by cutting open his arms until he bled. He then applied vaseline and the wounds healed without or barely with any scars also. Apparently the soft vaseline prevented oxidation and destruction of dead cells and allowed the skin to regenerate. In the olden days (50 years ago) the nurses also used vaseline in burn wounds which prevented scars from burning and protects against infection with little need of antibiotics. With the newer procedures, vaseline is now no longer used, and sadly caused scar tissues to form upon healing, but as you would expect, antibiotics are used much more without such protection other than a simple cloth dressing and suturing. The old procedure required iodine tinctures for killing, some open wounds, followed by vaseline, than the cloth dressing to cover up minimizing formation of scar tissues that can scar the individual for life. Therefore the clues to regeneration and accelerated healing is in the prevention of dead cells and scarring tissue, either by digestion or by protection. You can actually do both.

ACV Makes My Gum Disease Worse

04/02/2007: Laura : Hi, I am very frustrated. I started taking apple cider vinegar for allergies and it really has helped - I feel great! Unfortunately, I have struggled with gum disease for years and I was hoping that the vinegar would help that, too, but instead my gums are bleeding like sieves. I am sure that this is related to the vinegar, as it is the only change I have made in my diet. Has anyone experienced this and is there anything I can do? I would like to continue with the vinegar, but not at the expense of my gums. Thanks, Laura

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Apple cider vinegar is too acidic in the mouth and may not help repair for the mouth. So just try to use baking soda as a mouthwash or just try 2 tablespoon of Apple cider vinegar plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda to neutralize the acid.

Usually bleeding gums are helped with vitamin C sodium ascorbate 1000 mg and the niacinamide vitamin B3 100 mg (only taken for a couple of days).

Vitamin B5 and vitamin B8 helps the skin repair also, but I take them about 500 mg of each. I actually prefer the panthenol form of B5 while the B8 inositol is relatively mild for skin and hair repairs.

Can I Take My Daily Dose All at Once?

04/02/2007: Kim : Could you please tell me if it is alright to take all my vinegar in one dose in the morning instead of throughout the day? Some days it is just impossible to stop and take my vinegar. Thanks, Kim

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Kim: That would amount to about 4 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, and 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda mixed in 1 full glass of water in one single dose. If taken at that dose and dilution, on an empty stomach should not cause a problem. If you want to take this, it is best taken during the late evening hours. In some rare case some people may get a mild diarrhea, but not likely since the pH is about 7 and it is diluted sufficiently.

Safe with an Esophageal Condition?

04/01/2007: Bilal from Venezeula: I have been doing some research about the (ACV) and i have found in many web sites that most of the people with (ERGE) simptoms have tried the vinegar and it has helped them a lot, in my case i have been felling these simptoms more often lately, im on a diet as the doctor told me to be but i see no results i cant sleep, i cant eat and im taking medication Pantop(pantoprazole) and Tilium(domperidone) i have not tried the (ACV) yet because i have sophagitis and i could not find any indication that i can drink the vinegar in my condition, now my questions are Can i drink (ACV) having sophagitis? if yes, how often and for which period of time can i drink the(ACV)?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Bilal: No Apple cider vinegar cannot be taken because it irritates the esophagus. You should take neutral solution, which is 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water. Allow 5 minutes of reaction and fizzing to stop. The pH is about 7 and it should not irritate the esophagus. The dose is taken two times a day.

Why Does ACV Improve My Sleep?

04/01/2007: Cheryl from Center Valley, PA: I came across your website while desperately searching for a cure for a severe sinus infection. The ACV helped tremendously. Another amazing plus is that I sleep so well since taking it. I've been troubled with disrupted sleep for about 2 years now. Just curious to know what it does in the body to make such an improvement in sleep? Thanks for this wonderful website!

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Apple cider vinegar restores normal pineal glandular function by reducing the calcium buildup in the tissues and glandular functions. It causes the cells to function normally by restoring permeability, and hence increase the cellular hormone production of melatonin, which can only work if the pineal gland is not excessively clogged by both fluorine and calcium. You can prove to yourself by applying either the vinegar or the apple cider vinegar on the skin and noticed the increase suppleness the next day. This suppleness also extends to glandular functions too including the pineal gland. I think both acetates (found in vinegar) and citrates (found in lemon juice) when mixed with baking soda performs this function in reducing excess serum calcium that clogs the system. Apple cider vinegar becomes alkaline when the acetic portion reacts with calcium to form a calcium acetate, possibly, or with citric acid, it becomes calcium citrates, which are more soluble and the excesses are rid of by urine. However I think it is of more help to add baking soda, to prevent further leeching of calcium from the bones due to acid blood, much like acid rain that eats up Greek statues. I have no idea about apple cider vinegar that reduces fluorine accumulation in the pineal gland, but I do know that trace boron or a tiny borax added to drinking water do help reduction of fluorine from the body and prevents accumulation. Scientist take advantage of pineal gland calcification, by examining this as a biomarker to aging. So in fact, keeping a healthy pineal gland from accumulating these elements is one way to the fountain of youth.
05/11/2010: Debra from Bribane, Australia replies: they say not to take acv - it makes acetic acid - which is a poison.

Safe for Breastfeeding?

03/21/2007: D'Lane from Brazoria, Texas: I was wondering about drinking the a.c.v. while I am nursing. I know that it can be a form of detoxing and the bad junk has to go somewhere.I was wondering if it would go in my milk and then bother my child? I have read on this site about pregnant mothers drinking the a.c.v., but not nursing ones. Thank you!

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Most toxic substances are rid of the mother by normal means by way of the bowels, and other elimination systems such as sweat. Breast milk is usually not affected unless the food is toxic. It is not considered an elimination system.

Blood Type Diet and ACV?

03/14/2007: Mariza : Hi Ted! I have high blood pressure and right now I am having problem with cholesterol. Please, I have been reading about Apple Cider Vinegar and some feedbacks. You said that "Apple Cider Vinegar in itself is alkaline because of its "... I have read on the Blood type diet that Type O should not eat vinegar and the ACV is in the avoid list. I would love to try ACV for my BP and Cholesterol but I am not 100% secure. When I read those feedbacks I started thinking that the blood type diet might be right. It says that my blood type is acid and doens't need more acid. "...Also made me feel cold, like my blood was thinner." "...I was shivering again and it lasted all day." What do you think? Are you familiar with the Blood Type Diet? I will be waiting for you reply. Thank you. Mariza

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Mariza: I have seen people's blood pressure being reduced regardless of the blood type, even if they take apple cider vinegar, but I don't recommend taking apple cider vinegar. This is because regardless of the blood type, if the body doesn't have sufficient bicarbonates anyway, an apple cider vinegar just doesn't work. In practice it works much better with baking soda as it plays large role in controlling the body's pH. It may not be the only buffer, others are needed too, but in much less amounts, such as citrates, malates, while potassium does play a large role, only a small amount relatively to sodium is actually needed to MATCH the body's extracellular fluid ratio of roughtly 9: 1 ratios (sodium:potassium)

The issue is that the body needs bicarbonates to buffer the pH. If you want the blood pressure to reduce, you can do any of the following, but usually some potassium bicarbonates added often helps, if you can get it. Even without that, the best way to do it is NOT the blood type. It is that the food we eat are often acid forming and the body needs more alkalinity than what we feed the body. The issue of blood type personally is not that effective and should not be use as a guide if you have blood pressure. The issue is alkalinity regardless of your blood type. I have not read any rat studies that give diets on basis of their blood type, including gorillas, or chimpanzees. Any of the formula will work o.k. regardless of the blood type. I think there is little scientific basis for blood type in the areas of blood pressure but the issue of pH, buffer and alkalinity, for example has better scientific basis in bringing results more so than anything else. Here are some recipes that you can try: 1. 2 tablespoon of Apple cider plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda will often reduce the blood pressure mildly regardless of the the blood type. The pH is about 7, but actually is closer to 7.4 to 7.5 to the blood. This is taken three times a day. 2. 1/2 teaspoon baking baking soda 1/8 teaspoon potassium bicarbonate (or potassium citrate) in 1/2 glass of water, taken at three times a day. 3. 1/2 teaspoon baking soda in 1/2 glass of water on an empty stomach taken three times a day. Not a perfect formula because it misses a lot, but some people simply can't get potassium, and other things. 4. 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1 whole lime. Or you can try one whole lemon and add baking soda until the fizz is lowered, in 1/2 teaspoon increments often it is about 1 teaspoon since lemon are larger than lime and may need more baking soda. There are several critical issues that brings about blood pressure. One of the concept is the issue of pH. the more alkaline the body the less the body retains water and sodium. This is just one of them. In fact, I have reduced my bloating body on many occassion just by doing any of the above and YET MY BODY IS BLOOD TYPE IS O. The second issue is a small amount of potassium will displace sodium, lowering the sodium retention, but not necessarily the body's pH, but will nevertheless play an important role in blood pressure reduction. The third issue is the dietary sugar causes high blood presssure. There are studies that regular increase high blood pressure simply by increasing sugar. The sugar has an effect of increasing the body's acidity as well as excess dietary sugar leads to high blood pressure by stressing the body's insulin, glycation and creates other problems making blood pressure problem worse. The fourth issue is dietary fats, especially free fatty acids and oxidized oil. Reducing eating fried foods, such as fried chicken, french fries, potato chips and other related food can really prevent dramatic rises in blood pressure. If you don't believe me measure your blood pressure before you eat a fried chicken with some ketchup (sugar) and french fries. Wait about 1 hour to 2 hour and measure it again. The blood pressure will even rise quicker if you just eat them before you sleep. To reduce blood pressure it is a simple matter of doing the exact opposite. Avoid eating oily foods, fried foods, and never any heavy meals after during dinner or supper. The fifth issue is halogens that deserves special attention. I have seen young students get high blood pressure hours after bathing in highly chlorinated water, excess fluoridated, and high bromine foods which are found in white flour, bread and the like. Bromine displaces iodine lowering your metabolic rate, further worsening the problem. Chlorinated and fluoridated water are of no help, neither will fluoridated toothpaste be of any value. Too much calcium clogs the system, espeicially the pineal glands that scientists use fluoride accumulation and calcification of the pineal gland as one of the aging biomarkers. It is for these reason why halogens (bromine, chlorine, fluorine) are not good for you, with possible exception of iodine being essential. Avoiding these halogen in your drinking water goes a long way. The sixth issue is most doctors med, with possible exception diuretic medicine are acid forming which causes high blood pressure, such as medicine with HCl name attached, which means hydrochloride and fluoridated medicine. In fact a large majority of medicine even antibiotics are acid forming. I couldn't possibly cover every issue that causes whys and hows of blood pressure. But basically, don't make this issue difficult on yourself by complicating theories. All you need to know is: 1. Alkalize 2. Stay away from chlorine 3. Minimize the use of doctors' med 4. Avoid sugar 5. Avoid fried foods 6. Avoid heavy meals in dinner and supper A few additional tips are necessary. Take one tablespoon of granulated powdered lecithin with every meal of food. You may add pectin (e.g. apple pectin) mixed in your food as it will buffers the body absorption of sugar. Most food thickeners tend to buffer sugar and hence reduce the body's sugar by preventing spikes which causes havoc on your hormonal body systems. It was not easy for me to get all these information in one single email and most books and other commercial fad won't work since they look at issues too narrowly. While I cannot possibly cover every points on blood pressure, the above recommendation, in my opinion is more than enough to get your blood pressure to a reasonable range without getting yourself into unneeded suffering. In the case of emergencies to lower blood pressure the best ways I think is not to pick on your tiny kidneys. We have 20 feet of intestines we can take advantage of should there is a need to reduce water retention and blood pressure in a hurry. In my case a couple of week back, I was trying to eat bad food, which consists mainly of eating fried chicken, french fries, potato chips, and other things since to see what it feels like to have excess sodium retention and bloating. Within only less than a week, my body was so bloated that the blood pressure rose from about 130/90 to 190/120 (approximately). Those foods causes my urinary pH to go from about 7.0 to approximately 4.9-5.1 (can't be too exact). So you can tell how unhealthy I became. I DID NOT overeat. I just simply eat the wrong food and to test whether alkalizing would get me back to normal. Well it did. In fits of desperation, and difficulty of breathing and sleeping, I decided it was time to end my experiment. I simply took 4 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water with a small pinch of potassium citrate, approximately only 1/8 teaspoon. Within 1-2 hour, I went to to the toilet with a diarrhea of watery stools. The blood pressure after that watery stool, reduced almost immediately from 190/120 to 140/110 within hours. The next day it was almost normal at about 130/90, also I can't be too exact since, the number of my blood pressure meter is rather unaccurate on the last single figures. Basically taking baking soda of 4 teaspoon, or even 1 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1 teaspoon of sea salt, can cause a diarrhea also. Of course these are for emergencies only and I don't tell people to take it, but I was in an emergency because the body was over the cliff. Other possibility exists for immediate blood pressure reduction such as Milk Of Magnesia, where the ingredients is nothing but water and magnesium hydroxide. Those can cause diarrhea in a hurry, reduce the blood pressure for emergencies. However, since magnesium hydroxide is poorly absorbed, you still need to take baking soda and potassium bicarbonate still to get the blood alkaline enough so that this won't happen again. You might wonder why other scientist or pharmaceuticals don't tell you all these things. It is simple: they can't make money off you.

Will It Help Clear Excess Mucus?

03/14/2007: Rebecca from Shawnee, Kansas: I would like to know if this acv is suppose to help with excessive mucus running down the back of the throat.? I have to take antihistamines in order for it not to keep choking me. As soon as the antihistamine wears off, i start choking again. I t just keeps coming and coming. I don't know what else to do. Please help.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Rebecca: I would like to know if this acv is suppose to help with excessive mucus running down the back of the throat? Yes, but not ACV alone. The newer remedy for reducing such runny mucus constantly or to modify the remedy as an antihistamine, you need to use this formula instead: 2 Tablespoon of ACV 1/2 tablespoon of baking soda 1/2 glass of water or a stronger version: 2 Tablespoon of ACV 1 tablespoon of baking soda 1/2 glass of water The ones I used today is: Ascorbic acid 1 teaspoon malic acid 1/2 teaspoon potassium citrate 1/2 teaspoon 1 tablespoon baking soda All formula work well regardless of formulation. The critical formulations is the amount of baking soda added to the malic, or ascorbic, or acv, or lemon. The ones I used, at least also reduces fever too. Within minutes of taking it. So the amount of baking soda you use depends on the seriousness of the runny nose! This solution needs much more baking soda so that it will have an anti-histamine effect. Just only today I had a runny nose, and I used a different formula, but adding the baking soda of about 1 tablespoon did the trick. Within, minutes my runny nose just disappeared. It is best taken only on an empty stomach.

How Does ACV Work with Baking Soda?

03/14/2007: Paul from London: I noticed your comments about how Apple Cider Vinegar can erode tooth enamel and to mix it with Bicarbonate of Soda. However, I thouht one of the reasons of drinking pure cider vinegar was to encourage the stomach to produce more acid to increase digestion and absorb more neutrients from food. If the acid is neutralised won;t the stomach stop making acid if I drink "neutralised" Apple Cider Vinegar. Look forward to your response!

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Paul: However, I thouht one of the reasons of drinking pure cider vinegar was to encourage the stomach to produce more acid to increase digestion and absorb more nutrients from food. A research study has found that if you add anything of acid along with your food, such as citric acid or even fruit juices, the stomach tends to digest slowly. I have explained this in several of my postings. The reason why it digests much slower is the body needs to generate enough bicarbonates needed to neutralized the acid created by the stomach acids so that it doesn't damage the intestines, causing the leaky gut syndrome and other problems. The stomach is a strange mechanism, if the acidity of food is high, the stomach acid remains suppressed and the slowness of digestion causes acid reflux as a result of fermentation in the stomach. 90% of all our foods are acid forming, so I wouldn't be so worry as that there is not enough acid around. People who take apple cider vinegar pure will have benefits no doubt, but it simply doesn't work for everyone. The best formula that I have received no complaints at all is NOT the ACV straight. It is actually the ACV baking soda where the pH of the solution (2 tablespoons of ACV 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda) is EXACTLY equal to 7.0, which is neutral. The reason why this works better is certain people simply do not have enough alkaline buffers necessary to neutralized the acid apple cider vinegar initially. Sure eventually the apple cider vinegar will be alkaline forming, but those are due to the mineral content of left sided mineral on the left side of the periodic table, while the chlorinated and fluoridated, preserved foods uses acid forming halogens. All foods you eat on the oxidation-reduction potential are oxidized at an average of about 100-300 millivolts. Which actually steals your electrons, causing aging and burning up the body. However WHEN you add baking soda to apple cider vinegar at pH = 7, the Oxidation Potential Meter often reads about -175 millivolts, which means it PROVIDES excess electrons to your body and hence, an antioxidant. If you even bother to buy yourself an electronic Oxidation Reduction Potential Meter then you will realize that EVERYTHING is wrong with the foods you eat, and we are then left to the ivory scientist to be our seeing eye dog, which is not necessarily impartial since they are financially supported by the pharmaceuticals. If you have time to go on a vacation, try to measure the antioxidant levels using the Oxidation Reduction Potential meters in various sacred healing springs throughout the world. Nature never kept it a secret, she is always available for you look. Quite often these sacred healing springs have a negative OXIDATION reduction potentials of over -100 to -500 millivolt. It is now possible to create the miracle healing water straight from your kitchen from either a simple lemon or apple cider vinegar and add them with baking soda. We simply ignore a lot of natural wisdom.

Can I Drink ACV Straight?

03/05/2007: Tam from India: am asking that it is safe to drink ACV straight? I prefer to drink straight as I do not like the taste, so will like to make it quick as possible. I read on this site under many different topics that same question but am not finding the answer. It is harmful to drink straight? Regards

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Most people can drink ACV straight without problems. There are people who drink straight and have problems, But people who drink ACV with baking soda have not problems at all.

The reason is that most people generally are bicarbonate deficient so it helps to add a baking soda. If the body remains deficient for a very long period the body will experience acid tongue, burning of stomach, and kidney stones, since there is not sufficient bicarbonates to neutralize the oxalic acid in the intestines before the come into the blood stream. As a result, once you do have kidney stones it is too late. Prevention is better than surgery under those circumstances.

09/21/2011: Neener from Victoria, Bc Canada replies: I really like the taste of apple cider vinegar. I started out by just pouring it into a tablespoon, and swallowing. But then after reading more, it seems that almost no one takes it straight. Will it do any harm if taken straight? I don't have any reaction to it (heartburn etc. ) But then I was always a big pickle eater :) And is a tablespoon at a time too much? I was taking one in the morning and one in the evening. My boyfreind and I both really like the taste of it. Plus we like to add it to salad. Should I lower the dose or dilute?

A Recipe to Completely Hide the ACV Taste?

03/04/2007: Beth from Maryborough Queensland: I don't know if I am writing this in the correct place but I would really love my 2 boys to take it but they HATE the taste of Apple Cider Vinegar and get suspicious when I give them something different as they know I am trying to get them to have it. I have tried to disguise it a couple of ways but have run out of ideas. I don't like giving them soft drink on a regular basis or cordial. Any ideas would be appreciated. Has anyone got any ideas on how to get it into children's tummys?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Beth: Baking soda added to the ACV will fizz and hide some of the bad smell of ACV. If that doesn't work then just use lemon and possibly to help.

Dosage for a Child?

03/04/2007: Melissa from Tampa, FL: My daughter was born with acid reflux and pretty much grew out of the vomiting, however, she still has episodes of spitting up, she's six years old now, and complains about her stomach ache. We just found out she's allergic to dairy so we have stopped the dairy consumption and she drinks soy milk. My problem is that she's still complaining about her tummy and i noticed her tongue gets white at times. She still spits up every now and then. I've been giving her aloe vera juice when she complains but it doesn't seem to be working very well. I saw your apple cider remedy and am willing to try this one. I noticed most of the remedies are for the adults. How much do you recommend for a 6 year old? Please advise....

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Melissa: A six year old will take only half the dose of an adult. Baking soda should be added to work best. The vomiting might be a mild case of anorexic-like condition, especially with the milk allergies. So vitamin B complex should help. Avoiding giving sour drinks when she takes her food will help reduce acid reflux.
06/07/2007: Jillian from Lake Macquarie, australia replies: My daughter had severe acid reflux & was medicated for 2 years, but was in severe pain, & frequently vomited. She is now drug free & symptom free. Please tell Melissa from Tampa Fl to use the acv after a meal, but also to eat an apple, (even 1/2) before bed. These simple remedies changed my daughters life. We don't know why the apple works but it is fantastic. The problem with a lot of reflux is not too much acid but not enough, hence the acv aids digestion. This was the case with my daughter. She had bad breath and nausea. The food in her stomach was not being digested, it was just sitting ther rotting. I note with interest your advice to take 1/4 tspn b soda with acv. Will definitely add this to the mix. Thanks
04/30/2012: Melmac from Orlando, Fl replies: My small, 28 pound, 3 year old has remaining acid reflux from infant GERD. It's not too bad, but he gets the hiccups quite often from it and rarely vomits. What would be the recommended Bragg ACV-baking soda dosage for a little guy of his size? (Wonder if I could get him to drink it. I may just start with the nightly apple to see what that does. ) Thanks for the info everybody!

Does the Blood Type Diet Work with ACV?

03/02/2007: Trish : Hi Ted my name is Trish and was wondering about the blood type thing. I wasn't really clear, so if you are an A blood type, does that mean that an ACV diet would not work for you? Or do you think I would still have results? Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Trisha: In my personal opinion the blood type diet don't work. Diseases in general as I found out are equally distributed across all blood type.

Some other people know this also but quietly. The theory of the blood type idea idea is simple, that agglutination (clotting)is caused by lectin. And different diets for different blood types will result in changes in lectin levels. My theory is much more simpler: if the body's antioxidant levels are low, nitric oxide production by the body is low, or that the body is basically acid, regardless of your blood type this will cause the body to be clotting blood rather easily, regardless of the blood type. In my own opinion the diets that encourages blood clotting easily is rather simple: if the body's hormones are blocked by free fatty acid (oil free radical), blood clotting and circulation is impaired. Acid forming foods tends to destabilize the body's nitric oxide levels also and forms a cancer causing compound such as peroxynitrite without sufficient sulfides or antioxidants such as vitamin C sodium ascorbate for example. Of course, all these theory can be easily confirmed this way, most Americans eat high meats food anyway, and most Americans are of O group blood. It would imply that they should have the healthy diet, which is not. Basically this theory can easily be disproved by eating any diets proposed by the blood group diet and within 30 minutes after eating, grab a microscope slide of the blood taken before and after eating. The blood if too high in carbohydrates or fats, regardless of the blood type are the major problems. Research studies that on rats shows easily that if the rats eat high fats, or high sugar, or both high fat and high sugar, those are actually the major cause of modern diseases. Of course fats and sugar are acid forming, as you may have noticed, oils are usually acid, and most carbohydrates are acid forming foods. So the issue of pH is more basic than the issue of blood since there is currently no rat research studies that can prove the existence of blood and diet, and it is not possible either. The simplest way is just gauge your urinary pH, take apple cider vinegar and baking soda, with a pinch or potassium. It works because our diets are acid forming, lacking the sodium/potassium balance, and apple cider vinegar has certain amounts of antioxidants whenever it reacts with a baking soda, its ORP is about at least -150 millivolts, which in many ways the electrical properties similar to miracle healing waters.

Should Urine Be Acidic or Alkaline?

01/28/2007: Loranda from Long Pine, NE: ACV: I have been using it for 2 weeks now and feel great, but I am so confused. D.C. Jarvis, M.D. author of Folk Medicine, says when our urine ph is alkaline we are in danger of getting sick and a balance more toward the acidic is needed to be healthy. Which is correct?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: An alkaline responses it the body's first line of defense in killing off the unwanted pathogens.

Basically the body has several protective mechanism against an unwanted pathogens, first is the increase in alkaline response to kill the pathogens. Most pathogens are acid resistant, not alkaline resistant! It is rare that I found the otherwise. The second line of defense is fever, which in alternative medicine we call it hyperthermia. Basically the body heats up to 103 degrees fahrenheit to kill the organism. Most pathogens are not heat resistant, which is why in microbiology we use heat to kill them. The body's other natural line of defense in digesting the bacteria is two fold, the serum zinc rises appreciably in response to a pathogen and the body's white blood cell production digests the pathogens by producing hydrogen peroxide. Another avenue the body produces is nitric oxide also. In the event of a cold or a coming of a flu or cold. The first line of defense is for you to take plenty of baking soda to increase the alkalinity. In fact the body consumes 4 to 8 times more bicarbonates than usual whenever I am sick. There is a lot of misinformation by the author mentioned, but I can't blame him, that information is 50 years old and a recovery is always quick if you understand how natural responses to kill pathogens work. Basically, alkalinity, peroxide, zinc, hyperthermia and nitric oxide. Before a person gets sick his urinary pH will always be below pH of 6, with an average between 5-6. However a person whose pH value averages about 7, will always be the last person to catch a flu. I recently ask a student to take baking soda enough to get urinary pH of 7. The flu breakout was so bad, more than half the students were home sick. Of those who did came, most of them are sick. The student who took baking soda was one of the very few students who was NOT sick. Of course he was not taking it for the benefit of flu protection. He was trying to reduce his weight.

Raising the body's pH from 5 to 7, reduces the food spent in the gut by 1/2. It is very much like stomach stapling to reduce weight by cutting out half of your stomach. So the healthy person need not increase his alkalinity response to protect the invading pathogens, his body is ALREADY alkaline. Pathogens just won't have a chance.

It should be noted that if the body does not have any response to an invading pathogens. Usually I have seen the duration of colds and viruses to be deadly. By suppressing the body's natural line of defense by doing the opposite is one easy way to really cause a simple conditions to be deadly. So a very easy way to make yourself sicker is to cause your pH to be acid. Eating sugar and drinking plenty of acid forming foods, such as chlorinated water, and fluoridated toothpaste, steaks, and bread are all acid forming substances. Going out in cold weather despite a fever temperatures is one way to make the sickness much worse. Completely avoiding zinc rich foods, eating rich foods and fried foods necessary to reduce nitric oxide are other possibilities. Those are not I will ever recommend anyone to do if the person is sick! Apple cider vinegar IS NOT an acid forming food. It is alkaline forming from the mineral contents. Initially the body will encounter acetic acid yes, but once they are reacted with the body's bicarbonates (if any) it becomes a pH acetate buffer, which is also alkaline. The problem exists that if the body's available bicarbonates is low already that makes it worse and the body cannot metabolize the acetic acid. As a result, acid tongue condition occurs for people who take acetic acid straight and the body's available bicarbonates is depleted. I have seen such extreme conditions of pieces of tongue got loose. As a result, it is best to metabolize the acetic acid or apple cider vinegar first by adding baking soda. I am not even asking a lot. The 2 tablespoon apple cider vinegar plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda is about pH value of 7, which is neutral. If the reaction is somewhat complete, it is actually closer to about 7.4 - 7.5. The pH of your blood is about 7.35. It is more biologically friendly besides the fact that it won't dissolves the enamel either to take apple cider vinegar with baking soda. Oxidation Reduction Potential of a simple apple cider vinegar is actually oxidizing, not reducing antioxidant, which the body invariable needs more. The blood is actually quite reducing rather than oxidizing. In fact most foods, especially preserved foods have ORP of 200 to 400 which is very oxidizing. A very good mineral water is about 100 ORP. However baking soda with ACV has a negative ORP of about -150 to -175 ORP, which is an antioxidant. You just have to understand that my philosophy of treatment of baking soda added is so well entrenched into the treatment of great many conditions that it is almost impossible to try to remove baking soda from the many therapies that I posted, which can number at least several hundred postings. So if I am wrong, several hundreds of those postings are wrong too.

09/03/2009: Diane from Muskegon, MI replies: Acid/alkaline balance of the body - seems to be controversial/confusing with conflicting theories and schools of thought. The majority of the information out there says we need to alkalize... maybe that idea was used to sell products and it has been believed as truth. I have been wondering about this recommendation for a long time. I walk in the health food store and overhear customers being told that we are just sooooo very acid - we need this product to alkalize... So, the customer accepts it as truth and makes the purchase. Curiously, the one giving the recommendation often looks like "death warmed over" - so is it really working for them???

The pieces of the puzzle that I am putting together for a paradigm change on Acid/Alkaline balance are:

CLUE #1 started in the Prescription for Nutritional Healing book under the heading "Candida." One paragraph states that all citrus fruits should be eliminated from the diet for one month as they have an alkalizing effect... and that Candida thrives in an alkaline environment.

Clue #2 for me was when I noticed that a very reputable whole food nutritional company came out with a supplement for Candida that was nothing but wholefood cranberries. Cranberries are acidic.

A well-known cure for bladder infection also is to ACIDIFY the urine with cranberries and/or Vitamin C.

Doing further research, I learned that degenerative disease takes place in an alkaline environment on the cellular level. Every disease and cancer-causing substance thrives in an alkaline medium on the cellular level. The healthy human body is a tad acidic : Urine and saliva pH should be around 6.4. The key to digestion is acid - we need HCl to digest food. Overalkalinity interferes with the ability to metabolize calcium (which needs an acid medium to be metabolized)... ailments such as arthritis, osteoporosis, kidney stones, etc. may develop. Aging is associated with alkalinity also, as people age they become more alkaline.

A high percentage of children nourished on mother's milk enjoy good health and a stronger immune system when compared to bottle-fed infants. The acidic colon condition of breast-fed babies remained within a constant range of pH 5.5 to 6.5. Studies have demonstrated that the presence of sufficient levels of lactic acid in the colon of infants creates this acidic condition. It is mainly the organic acids, produced by the lactic acid bacteria present in the colon, that prevent the survival of harmful bacteria in the baby's intestinal tract. This inherent condition forms the first line of defense for the baby against illness. So, even our good bacteria, our immune system, need an acidic environment to flourish.


Is ACV Safe During Pregnancy?

12/30/2006: Michelle from Atlanta, GA: I have found your site very helpful as I have been searching for natural remedies! I am 9 weeks pregnant and have been continually battling colds and sinus infections. (I'm a teacher and there is no escape from the germs!) I tried making ACV tea, but my stomach was just too queasy to take it. Inhaling the fumes has helped a great deal, but I must admit I worry that I am somehow harming my baby by doing this. I know it's natural to worry, but I would appreciate any insight you have on this matter!

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Michelle: I am 9 weeks pregnant and have been continually battling colds and sinus infections. (I'm a teacher and there is no escape from the germs!) Kindergarten school teachers and elementary school teachers had it much worse. However, I know of an kindergarten school teacher who gets colds every week. She no longer get them every week after taking fulvic acid and zinc regularly. The usual dose for her, which was either zinc gluconate, or zinc acetate or zinc citrate was about 25 mg/day taken only once a week or at the first sign of cold or weakness that may cause the cold. I tried making ACV tea, but my stomach was just too queasy to take it. If pure ACV is too strong, the best way is 2 tablespoon of ACV plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda. Inhaling the fumes has helped a great deal, but I must admit I worry that I am somehow harming my baby by doing this. ACV kills off the viruses.

The viruses is very much more likely to harm a baby since the immune system of the mother is down.

However, 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda to 1/2 glass half of water taken 2 times a day on empty stomach, once in morning and once in evening should help reduce any initial acidity from the acv also. However, if you worry about ACV acid fumes, then add baking soda to it and inhale that, it seems to work also. Apparently the acetate or malate version is just as effective as the acid version, since viruses are often acid resistant anyway, with possible exception of SARS, which are alkaline resistant.

Dental Erosion and Fluoride

12/20/2006: Judy from Columbus, OH: I want to thank all who wrote in re: I had a concern regarding oral hygiene with acid reflux. I inquired with my dentist about this and in addition to the oral hygiene we all do, i.e., brush, floss, listerine . . .it is imperative to use a fluoride rinse and during the day rinse out your mouth when you feel the acid is building or have a bad taste. the reason for all of this is that the acid can wear away the enamel and wear down your teeth. Now the fluoride you can buy OTC or probably some where you can find a formula to make your own. Before even consulting with my dentist, it made sense that the feeling the acid had on my gums and teeth that it wasn't doing anything good.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Judy: Fluoride is neither natural, essential mineral or is it safe, it accumulates in your pineal gland and blocks your body's circadian rhythm. Fluoride has traditionally been used as a rat poison, control prison behavior and fertility for population control during Nazi times. These are historical fact. Xylitol a derivative of natural sugar is far more effective than fluoride in cavity prevention, taste, and pH protection. A mineral that is essential to your body and protects against cavity is molybdenum, in form of sodium molybdate, which also works to control pH, and remineralization of the body. Why fight with mother nature? She does a far better job than we do!

Which ACV Is the Best?


Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Joanne: The best apple cider vinegar is an organic form of apple cider vinegar. The one that's most cloudy is the one I like. The organic forms are good not just on the issue of minerals, vitamins, etc. but that they are alkaline forming. The chemical version is usually acid forming, which is just the opposite. Even so, I would much prefer to add baking soda to the solution to further reduce the acidity and increase the body's buffers and this will help the body buffer the acid much better from acid forming diets which I found is much of the problems related to yeast issues. When the body is well alkalized, it sometimes gives the skin a glow, due to the skin being somewhat less toxic.

IF I HAVE BV, DO NOT USE, IF I HAVE THRUSH THEN USE, BUT IF I HAVE BV AND ACID REFLUX, WHAT THEN? This is simple. Under all three conditions your body is acid, whether they are BV, acid reflux or thrush. Therefore, adding baking soda to the apple cider vinegar until there is no fizz would help all three conditions. For example, the usual dose is 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda necessary to neutralize the pH to exactly 7. This is taken twice a day so that the body can build enough immunity to do all three conditions. However, it is important to make some dietary changes by please AVOIDING bread, cheese, coke, pastries, bread and fried foods. These are strongly acid forming. So anything that contains white flour, white sugar, or any perfectly bleached product needs to be avoided. The other issue is to take some zinc supplements and if you CAN'T get zinc supplements, I hear it's difficult to get them in general in UK, just take preferably unsalted pumpkin seeds. They are high in zinc, and best of all, I found to be alkaline forming. Finally when you do drink water, the water usually are fluoridated and chlorinated, so it is best to drink un fluoridated and un chlorinated water or you just have to get RO (reverse osmosis) water and add the sea salts of 1/4 teaspoon, baking soda and potassium bicarbonate (at 1/16 teaspoon each) per liter of water to at least mimic natural water. Most yeast infections such as thrush are relatively difficult, but certain minerals such as chromium, molybdenum, and zinc should help a lot in reducing thrush. Thrush and acid reflux are related by the fact that sometimes stomach fermentation from the fungus are what causing the problem. In that case taking some licorice extract and maybe some glycine should help the acid reflux problems. Eating food, try to eat less meat and when you do eat, try italian dressing and most importantly add generous portions of spices consisting of thyme, oregano and cinnamon will help reduce the acid reflux by reducing the fermentation AND the thrush at the same time. The single most important element I found is to alkalize first. In some cases the body may have high heavy metals which causes fungus too in which case taking some emulsifiers, in particular granulated lecithin 1 tablespoon along with your food should help the body remove the heavy metals. Certain accumulations of halogens such as fluoride, chlorine can cause body to be acid and adding a pinch of borax in the drinking water should help chelate out the fluoride compounds. Hydrogen peroxide drops added to drinking water will neutralize the chlorine also by converting them into salt also.

How Much Baking Soda to Neutralize ACV?

11/17/2006: John : I got a bottle of Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar and tried it. I seen that on this site lots of people say use 1-2 tblsp in a 8 oz glass a water. On the' bottle it says 1 tsp. So I did what the bottle said. I took 1 tsp and mixed it with a glass of water. After I took it I could not get the taste out of my mouth. The taste stayed on my tongue for days and days. My stomach felt like it was twisting and turning and some times like it was on fire. I came back to the site and read about the baking soda. I mixed up half tsp of baking soda with water and drank it. The taste on my tongue went away right away. About an hour later my stomach finally settled down. I read on this site that 1/4 tsp is suppose to neutralize 2 tbls. I wanted a weak before I tried to take more apple cider vinegar. Since 1/4 tsp is suppose to neutralize 2 tblsp of apple cider vinegar, I only added a pinch or 2 of baking soda. That did not work though. The same thing happened. I mixed up a 1/4 tsp of baking soda and drunk it. I am going to have to drink more though. I am worried about trying different doses of baking soda and acv because I was told that the apple cider vinegar could eat a hole in my stomach {Earth Clinic note -- !!}. I was wanting to take the acv to help with my weight and with my cholesterol level. The doc has said my cholesterol level is high. I was going to try it and see if it did me any good. Like raise my energy level so that I feel like exercising and to help with my cholesterol level. And for my overall health. But I am worried about the acid issue. Does anyone know how much baking soda it takes to neutralize 1 tsp of Bragg rganic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar. I would appreciate any other help or suggestions. Thank you

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear John: You put in far less baking soda and that is not enough to neutralize the apple cider vinegar. If you are using only 1 teaspoon, the only way feasible to get baking soda down and measure correctly is to use 1/8 teaspoon of baking soda. To use technically 1/16 teaspoon will cause serious errors in measurements. Just use 1/8 teaspoon baking soda. Stir and wait several minutes to finish with reaction. Do not consume immediately. This would be practical and pH is around 7.4-7.5, which is close to about the blood of pH. (Depending on the brand, this may vary a bit).

If you want an exact measurement, a 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar with 1/8 teaspoon baking soda is more practical and the pH is exactly 7.0. Both of these solutions are practical, but a therapeutic effect of Apple cider vinegar often requires at least 1 tablespoon to be effective when pH is neutral. Braggs forgot to consider the use of baking soda that you can use much larger amounts provided that the acidity is neutralized. Even at 1 teaspoon of un neutralized acidity is too much for some people which includes you too, while on the other hand a 1 tablespoon or 2 tablespoon of acid neutralized Apple cider vinegar have almost no negative effect at all on the body, but it is actually quite beneficial and biologically active. It resembles in many ways to sacred healing water and an acid neutralized apple cider vinegar has ORP (oxidation reduction potential) of -175 millivolts, which is strongly antioxidant. To show you how good it is, even an expensive brand name mineral water is oxidizing with at least 200 millivolts. This is why we are sick all the time. All our foods are oxidizing, including water. A chlorinated tap water can go all the way to 400 millivolts. To compare how much it conflicts with your body, your body is about (at least) -100 millivolts while all our foods averages about 200 to 300 millivolts. Imagine the enormous energy the body tries to make them antioxidant, and you will get the idea why our body are sick all the time. Commercialized ionic water, kangen water, or many many other names are really quite unstable on antioxidant if left in open for a couple of minutes, and assuming that they are all pH buffered at exactly 7.0.

In my OPINION, most cannot commercial electrolyzers, microwater, hydrogen water, etc. even beat natural antioxidant water derived from apple cider vinegar and lemon whenever the pH is neutralized.

Its antioxidation power is actually quite bioavailable owing very much to its amazing stability in remain antioxidation far longer than most commercially produced product. Because of such bioavailable, may I dare say this is more effective in improving your body's ORP than even a sacred healing water could do. This is because the hydrogen components in these natural water are also often unstable if left in open and the pH is about 7.0 Only natural lemon and apple cider vinegar can biologically change your body's terrain with such effectiveness. Of course no companies are going to benefit financially from recommending simple lemon or apple cider vinegar, which is why I get attacked often on making such statement from BOTH alternative health and conventional health fields. The only benefit is either you or the farmer, not the middleman.

Connection Between Acid and Cancer?

11/13/2006: Phillip from Norfolk, UK: I have been taking ACV for some weeks now and it seems to have evened out my moodswings and also helped with my irregular heart a remarkable way. However, I came across this article recently linking acid with cancer growth which disturbed me slightly...I'd hate to be curing one thing but storing up problems in another way. Here's the article:

The Prime Cause of Cancer - Acidity

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Phillip: The issue of ACV and too much acid has already been resolved. I have always recommended people take ACV and baking soda, the recipes is 2 tablespoon of ACV plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda. The pH will be about 7. ACV contains malic acid, and that is what helped with you with the heart, but some people with bicarbonate deficiency can be a problem and with sufficient bicarbonates, this will alkalize your blood.


11/08/2006: Gladys from Las Vegas, NV: I take a quarter cup of ACV and 16 oz. of water. I've had a terrible sinus condition for years and stuffed nostrils. I also had a terrible cough. After drinking ACV just once, my nostrils were cleared for the first in over 10 years. My cough is not as bad as it used to be. I can go hours without coughing, whereas before I coughed non-stop. I still have a problem with mucous, though. Any way of getting rid of mucous?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Gladys: Your mucous will be liquefied like water, if you take N Acetyl Cysteine, between 100-500 mg dose. This will simple amino acid will naturally liquefy the mucous. Eat some foods with Kikkoman or Amino Acids soy sauce might help since they have tiny amount of cysteine also.
03/10/2012: Nabiyah from Missouri City, Tx, Usa replies: I have been coming to this site for years, but I don't believe I have ever posted anything. I want to thank everyone who has contributed to & supported this site. It is an act of love to share the way we do here =) I completed 28 days of the master cleanse (fyi: I have been fasting for 27 years, various levels and types) and I am fairly familiar with my body, its reactions & the do's and don'ts. I had a serious die-off response to this cleanse. It is my understanding that I should have continued with the cleanse, rather than concluding on my goal date to allow the body to come out of the crisis process, but I didn't. I developed this strangling cough, which turned into some type of respiratory congestion, which turned into a consistent, worrisome unproductive cough. I had never experienced anything like it. About 1 week into its progression I was coughing violently & strangling... No mucous was really coming up and when it was, I wasn't pulling anything significant.

I started taking Vitamin C (3000 mg) and GSE (15 drops 2 x a day) in 6 ozs of organic fresh pressed (not from concentrate) cranberry juice. It didn't do anything to help & honestly I don't know why I took that because I knew this was not a cold & would probably have no effect. It got so bad, I worried that I had COPD or Whooping cough or something & resolved to going to the Dr. then I remembered my ACV. After every dose I drank 16 ozs of Spring Water. I took 2 tbsp of ACV, 1 tbsp of Honey, 8 ozs of warm water & 1/4 tsp of cayenne pepper (2 hrs of relief, coughed 2 xs & mucous started coming up, thick, clear & stringy). 2 hrs later: 1 oz of ACV & 1 oz water (shot) relief = 3 hrs (mucous same). 3 hrs later: 1 oz of ACV shot = 5 hrs of relief (mucous same). 5 hrs later: 2 tbsp of ACV, 1/4 tsp of baking soda, 8 ounces of water = 6 hrs of relief (mucous same). At bedtime: 30 ml of colloidal silver silver (the ingestable type by Ellwood Thompson's, a proprietary blend w/15 ppm) in 6 ounces of water - relief = No coughing at all through the night. Awakened next morning: No coughing. However, some muous is coming up, thinned, clearer, no more string aspect. Results = 90% better in 1 day. Will take 2 tbsp of ACV & 1/4 tsp of baking soda (let the reaction settle first) in an hr (straight, no water) and continue to increase my pure water intake throughout the day.

BTW... I also took Garden of Life, probiotic formula (1 capsule per day) also to balance my intestinal flora while this process was being carried out. There is no rhyme or reason in the mindspace or any medical wisdom that I have acquired that led me to follow this particular regimen. I was intuitively guided to do this, this way & I responded to how I was guided and it proved very helpful. Perhaps, Ted can offer some wisdom as to why I may have done this & why the body responded so well to it. I wish all you suffering with any malady, well health & a speedy recovery. Again, my gratitude for this site is ineffable. Thank you & Love to you all.

How to Cure Green Urine?

11/06/2006: Eleanor from Glasgow, UK: my urine is lime green in colour. is this due to the remedy that i'm taking? should i balance it with baking soda?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Eleanor: A urinary tract infection, bile problems, food coloring, certain medications can lead to a green urine. However in some instances certain vitamin Bs can lead to a semi green urine, but usually the color is bright yellow. The only way to know for sure is to see if the color still persist if you discontinue both ACV and honey. What I do know for sure is ACV and baking soda is not likely to cause it. Not sure about honey since it may be rich in vitamin Bs. Your acid reflux problems appear likely that you have a bile problem. So consider taking some lecithin and lemon juice with baking soda and plenty of water. This should help normalized your bile function. Some constipation can also cause a green urine due to certain toxic issues that the body cannot rid itself off. For me, a green urine occurs after I take green soft drinks such as green Fanta or green colored soda pop.

How Does the Acid Cure so Many Ailments?

10/31/2006: Paddy from Salem, OR: I have question for Ted from Thailand, who seems to know a lot about nutrition and health...Why is something acidic, like apple cider vinegar, which turns the ph of urine a bit more acidic, apparently curing so many ailments? Isn't it supposed to be healthier to create more of an alkaline environment in the body? What's going on with the apple cider vinegar?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: The malic acid content in the apple cider vinegar is one of those nutrients that gives the body energy necessary to fight off disease. The mitochondria needs this as a fuel as part of the Krebs cycle and malic is one of the most important ones at least for people low on energy.
'However malic acid can come in many forms, in alkaline forms such as malate, or in acid forms such as malic. Most bacteria and viruses are acid resistant, but very very few are some that are alkaline resistant. However, if you give the body enough fuel, such as malic acid, the body will have enough energy to fight off many disease. Most people do have sufficient bicarbonate reserves necessary to neutralize them in one way or another but some people do have problems due to different acid/alkaline diets. However, an alkaline form of malic acid works better, which is the malate form, so the body need not bother neutralizing them. That means for 2 tablespoon you add just 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda. Ideally this is a better one, but traditionally the old ACV is good, however there are better ways to make it. Generally ACV is good, but with baking soda it is better.

Too Many Remedies Causing Vaginal Discharge?

10/13/2006: Susan from Phoenix, AZ: Hi Ted, Question for you. I tried the flax seed oil, 2 tbsp per day for constipation, not really working, but I have noticed a slight improvement with my skin. I also am drinking the ACV in H20, for my skin, in addition to switching to drinking chlorophyll in water to combat bad breath. I'm also rinsing my mouth with H2O2 after I brush my teeth. Am I mixing too many ingredients here? I've recently noticed a vaginal discharge too. I was taking the ACV to try to combat a long battle with vaginal itching, but now I'm getting a discharge that I never had before. How should I be taking these supplements? Thanks! Susan

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: The discharge is due to acidity biological terrain, so just avoid sweet and other acid forming food. Take zinc acetate and next time if you take ACV assuming two tablespoon, just add 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda or just simply take 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda alone. This will help alkalize the body. Preferably the baking soda should be taken at least twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening before bedtime. The zinc acetate is taken at 50 mg/day for about a month since a discharge indicate the inability for body to to fight off the yeast. As a precautionary standard, taking some manganese sulfate and sodium molybdate, 50 mg day for a couple of days should help too. If you can't find manganese or zinc as convenient as you had hope, then just take soy milk un sugared as a manganese substitute and pumpkin seeds. Usually natural foods can be taken any amount that you would normally consume.

Also if you are using some H2O2 as a mouthwash adding some baking soda should further alkalize the body, but this can be done not everyday, but on an as needed basis.

Is ACV Turning My Skin Yellow?

10/08/2006: Anonymous : I started using apple cider vinegar 2 tbsp twice a day and I noticed a deep yellowish color to my skin. Is this related to apple cider vinegar? How do I correct this?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: There are no reports of yellow skin from apple cider vinegar as carotene yellow is found from carrots. What brand are you using? The only reports for yellow skin I received only comes from carrots which are high carotene. If you think ACV is the problem, then switch over to white vinegar. Your conditions might be other more serious causes, such as jaundice, where your biliburin production is excessive. See your doctor, since this could be a condition of hepatitis, gallstone and other conditions.

Can I Give ACV to My Children?

10/06/2006: Cathy : Hi Ted, Thank you for the incredibly valuable information. I've just started the ACV and 1/4 baking soda for about 3 days. Was feeling pretty good, but feel I've had a slight set back. Will continue, but how long before I feel I've turned a corner? Can I give the ACV to my children? Then are 6,4,2. The 4 year old especially, concerns me. He's tend to be a bit constipated and has runny noses. I think some if seasonal allergies, but since I've had the ACV, the dark circles under my eyes have left and my running nose has stopped. I hate to give the kids medicine, especially if there's a natural treatment. If it's safe to give to them, how much and how often? Should I avoid the baking soda since they don't complain of stomach ailments? Is the ACV going to effect their tooth enamel? Could I put it into something like apple juice so they don't know they're getting it? (They're kinds of picky). Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the all the healthy insight. Look forward to more words of wisdom! Kind Regards, Cathy

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Catherine: but feel I've had a slight set back. Will continue, but how long before I feel I've turned a corner? Feelings are measures of our body's condition. While it is indeed a good way to know if it works or not. A more precise way is to measure your urinary pH, with an electronic pH meter. This way it can tell whether your body's is in either too acid or too alkaline. It tells your which way you to go, instead of doing something's right or something's wrong. For example, sometimes I feel overconfident that my health was just great, but I feel somewhat burned out. With the pH meter, my urinary pH indicate, that my body's is extremely acidic at pH of 5.1. As a rule of thumb if you feel a slight set back, without the pH meter, then you need somewhat of a guesswork, which means taking adjusting by adding more baking soda and see how it goes. My original recommendation is a very conservative one of 1/4 teaspoon baking soda added to ACV. So everyone's requirement will be different. So the best recommendation I can make, is to vary your dosage or get a more precise pocket pH meter. With a pH meter, at least, it can predict things before you get sick by preventing your body from being excessively acidic. Most pocket pH meters nowadays are not that expensive and you might be able to get it at the plant nursery shop or around $50 -$75.

Can I give the ACV to my children?

Yes adding a little, of ACV and baking soda will help.

'Should I avoid the baking soda since they don't complain of stomach ailments?

Adding some will usually get their pH to a value where they are most resistant to sickness. Baking soda does not just prevent stomach ailments, it alkalizes the body and kills of the virus and other bugs.

Is the ACV going to effect their tooth enamel?

Anything that tastes sour, or where pH of the drinks is below 5 will effect their enamel. By raising the pH with some baking soda, the pH will rise and will protect the enamel. Just get the drinks of pH above 5 would be the minimal, this means of course if you have your pH meter handy.

Could I put it into something like apple juice so they don't know they're getting it?

Children are indeed stubborn, so parents have to hide it somewhere so they won't know. If it tastes bad, convincing them otherwise is very difficult. What is important is to lower the sugar by substituting with other sweets such as herbal stevia is a possibility. Assuming of course, if you can find stevia!

ACV for Multiple Ailments?

09/29/2006: Michelle from BC, Canada: my husband is 53yrs and we have been married 3 yrs. since we got married it has been one thing after another.he has so many things wrong its hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. he is on 7 different medications and i would really like to see him on 1-2. he has all the following conditions: high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, and sleep apnea. i have heard and read that apple cider vinegar does wonders, is it possible that it can help in all the areas?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Michelle: If you want a wonder medicine with vague multitude of conditions, then we are talking about miracle healing water that is found throughout the world, such as Mexico, Germany, Japan, China, and Australia. While I don't have the luxury of obtaining any healing water samples to do the analysis, I can piece together the puzzle for you to be able to make one at your own home.

To cut to the story short, without all the marketing lingo and from you getting side tracked and confused, with abstract theories, etc. all these healing water had one thing in common: strong negative ORP (oxidation reduction potential). The other thing is low density (rarely mentioned anywhere in other websites) and I have solved some parts of it already this issue. I have devised many formulas over the years, this is not a perfect formula since I am assuming many of you will not be getting all the resources needed to make one, given that I cannot legally sell you anything, chemical suppliers don't sell in small quantities and other strange restrictions in U.S.

You just try this first:
500 mg of ascorbic acid, 1/2 teaspoon of magnesium hydroxide without the additives, and if you can find it, 1/8 teaspoon of potassium citrate. Add 1/2 glass of water. Allow the reaction to proceed for a couple of minutes. The approximate Oxidation Reduction potential is about -317 millivolts, based on my lab notes. Take it twice a day if you can on an empty stomach. I didn't bother to wait for exact millivolts at that time and the figure could have been more than -317 millivolts.

When we are sick with all kinds of problems, our urinary ORP (if you ever measure it!) will be a positive value or a low negative value such as -50 millivolts to 0 millivolts. If you get this value you can really be sick.

I don't often recommend this formula since most people have trouble finding the potassium citrate, or magnesium hydroxide. Magnesium hydroxide you can find easier it in a drug store, but they have to be relatively pure one without the additives, especially such as aluminum compound. I have no idea where to buy potassium citrate, since the last time I did shopping in the United States was about 25 years ago. To further improve the formula ORP values, just add 5 drops of dechlorinator you get from any pet shops they use for fish aquarium. Should you get better with this, then your next step is to raise your immune system, by taking zinc acetate, and reducing heavy metals in your body by taking sodium citrate, or better oral EDTA.

Is Apple Cider Vinegar Safe for Children?

09/19/2006: James from New Jersey: Is the Apple Cider Vinegar safe for children? I have a 5 year old with Acid Reflux taking Nexium and would like to try this more natural remedy to help his condiditon. Is it safe for a 5 year old - 2 teaspoons w/a bottle of water?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear James: Try a safer method, just use only baking soda and see how this works. Only 1/4 teaspoon once a day only mixed in some water. Apple cider vinegar can be problematic if the body does not have sufficient bicarbonates in the system. There are many causes of acid reflux, the other is the yet unidentified bacteria, such as helicobacter pylori that may also have caused the condition. Of course, this pathogen has weakness for fulvic acid, which can also be safely used for the child too. Of course, you need a product that is clearly labels or mentions fulvic acid.


09/08/2006: Linda from Philadelphia: Referring to Dr. Wongs "systemic Enzyme use for Chronic Conditions", can Apple Cider Vinegar parallel some of his products benefits? Brags is certainly cheaper !! (I'm needing to do some weight training, but don't want to stop exercise because possible inflamation issues) I'm 64 with no serious issues yet and want to stay healthy for another 50 years! Thanks, Linda

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Linda: Certainly Dr. Wong's Enzymatic therapy is good, as it contains protease, serrapeptase, papain, bromelain, amylase, lipase, rutin and amla. But this doesn't mean you should not by Apple Cider Vinegar or for that matter, I in fact used simple vinegar!

For general health apple cider vinegar would be more than enough. If you want the exotic protein enzymes, you can get them from the fruit section of the supermarket many of these. for example, papain comes from papaya. Bromelain comes from the stem sections of the pineapple. For rutin, you can get more then you need from bee pollen. And if you are not sure you are missing an enyzyme here and there, then just eat partially cooked liver. I prefer chicken liver, buty pork and beef livers are o.k. too. And how about those other protein digesting enzymes? Well most meat tenderizers are in fact protein enzymes, as much as health gurus are afraid to admit, simple citric acid, malic acid, and other fruit acids also kills the pathogens too. The funny thing is my mother use citric acid to drain her clogged pipes. So simple foods we can never underestimate their powers. In fact, if the microbes should one day come knocking at the door, for me anyway, a simple zinc acetate supplements does work. If that doesn't work, then I take baking soda or a more powerful potassium carbonate. It seems that simple things work better then the more complicated ones, but if you are into marketing, more complicated ones are more profitable as there is less competition.

Mineral Water Vs. Distilled Water?

08/29/2006: Ron from Bangkok, Thailand: Is there a difference between using mineral water vs. distilled water with the Apple Cider Vinegar? Is one better than the other? Ps. well done, full support, one of the best sites on the web!

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Ron: When you mix Apple Cider Vinegar try to use mineral water. Distilled water lacks acidity buffer and people have problems with such use. I remember reading somewhere that people who drink distilled water loose hair. The reason is really simple, the body is too acid from such and capillaries constrict depriving hair of the circulation. For example, if distilled water is kept in an open air, the pH acidity of the distilled water will get more acid. Ths is not true for mineral water. Its pH will stay the same. Your body will also be acid in presence of drinking distilled water. If you mix distilled water, with Apple Cider Vinegar, the acidity of your body may be increased from the distilled water portion, due to lack of acid buffers. Therefore, I would use mineral water to mix with apple cider vinegar, or at the very least, ordinary filtered water. No reverse osmosis water, as they are too close to distilled water and lack the buffers and proper minerals.

ACV Impact on Animal Teeth?

Alexandra from Cazenovia, NY: I would like to know the impact of ACV on dog, horse and cat teeth. As expressed elsewhere on this site, vinegar can be harmful to tooth enamel. What about cats, dogs and horses. Won't ACV in their food or water cause dental problems? Thank you.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: People are giving a bad name to apple cider vinegar because most are taking them STRAIGHT. Apple cider vinegar should be taken with baking soda. Yes, the apple cider vinegar pH is below 5 and this dissolves the enamel.

In practice, any food with pH below 6 is not good for you anyway. Therefore, if you were planning to give ACV to children, cats and dogs, it is best to add baking soda until the fizz stops. At that pH, it is usually between 7.5 - 8.0 which is alkaline and doesn't dissolve the enamel. The minimum is 7 pH and the formula is usually 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to 1/4 teaspoon. Someone disagrees with me saying that it is not even 7. However, if you give enough time for the reaction, like 5-10 minutes, the pH is approximately 7. Still, when in doubt add baking soda until no more fizz. It is impossible to get it below 7 under this rule of thumb. If you really care about the tooth enamel, there is a pH that you can stick on to the food and measure it. Ideally all foods should not even have pH below 6 to be on the safe side, especially not below 5 at least. They don't help the enamel and may further the problems of cavities. Try to at least add a very small amount of baking soda solution if need be, but not too much to cause a diarrhea. However if food pH is about 7 to 7.35 it should not be a cause for concern, with possible exception that you want to flush out the the bowels, from too much toxic buildup due to excess pus, acne, and bloated stomach.

EC: We would be very careful (in fact, DON'T DO IT) about adding baking soda to any drink or food for your horse unless you know for sure it is safe, since their systems are so delicate. CHECK WITH YOUR VET FIRST! Apple cider vinegar is fine on its own for horses, that we know from the feedback we have received.

What Is the Name of the Ph Meter?

There are photos of the pH meter Ted used, but it does not give the name of the device. Where can I get one of these?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: The body neutralizes the acid to pH of 7.35. If it does pickle you, it would have killed you. To safely take ACV safely, just neutralize the acid by adding some baking soda. The pickle problem won't happen, but the body's buffer could be depleted without the baking soda. It is a common deficiency that the medical establishment has not yet recognized, but it has been known in holistic medicine for at least one hundred years. If you apply vinegar to your skin if you wash it daily, it will cause your skin to be smooth and supple like a baby. Just try it.
08/25/2012: Mca from London, UK replies: Hi, can someone help pls regarding doseage; I recently tried mixing half tsp soda 1 tblespoon ____ apple cider vinegar 1 tblspoon honey into just less than half a glass of warmish water and it tasted fine - mild and drinkable. Now I've bought the vinegar "with mother" and it's unbearable! Tastes so acidic and horrible and makes us want to gag - tried increasing the soda but makes no difference - it just tastes saltier. How can we resolve this? I want to use the mix for my 17 yr old son who has acid problems and for my self/ also my mum's rheumatism, and husband daughter - acid reflux problems. I really need ot get this right - so tempted to go bask to the store bought vinegar but it's not raw vinegar! I thought the raw vinegar was supposed to be milder and easier to take! What are we doing wrong? thanks
09/03/2012: Isabelle from Garden Grove, Ca replies: do not add too much sb just enough to get the ph to around 7. Like 2Tbsp avc to 1/4 to 1/3 of sb. Increase the water until it's drinkable for you. If you can skip on the honey it is better because honey reinforce taste. Good luck!



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