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Earth Clinic's International Prayer Group

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We brought the Earth Clinic Meditation and Prayer Group to life in the spring of 2007, when the genocide in Darfur, tensions in the Middle East, and droughts around the world seemed only the loudest voices in a world of need. Many of our friends, colleagues in healing, acquaintances from Native American nations, and members of the Earth Clinic community were already involved in local prayer and meditation groups, but these seemed to lack in two areas.

The first was an analytical component, following up on the intentions each group meditated upon, to find practical results of their spiritual actions. Our group follows news and other data sources to help us discover which prayer formats are most effective.

The second missing component was an ability to connect even larger groups - exactly the sort of global community Earth Clinic has pulled together for more than a decade. We have already achieved that goal in our group with over 6,000 monthly members from around the world and across America. We each pray at our own times, in our own places (members in the South Pacific are already praying when it is still Saturday on the U.S. West Coast), meditating on issues of local concern-locally in Mumbai, in Christchurch, in Arusha, in Dubai, and in Johnsonville. This prayer group reflects a world full of prayer, mutual support and needs.

Once a month, we ask for world topic requests from the group and then design a topic of meditation and include it in a newsletter sent out on a Friday or Saturday. We ask each prayer group member to offer your prayers and meditations at 9 PM in your own local time. In that way our shared meditation will follow the sun in a sustained ripple of intention constantly renewed around the globe as each time zone reaches 9 PM. If you cannot pray at 9 PM, we ask that consider praying on the hour at another time that's convenient to you. Auckland members will be among the first to start the prayers while those located on the West Coast USA will follow with prayers 21 hours after that.

Read topics from previous months of prayers. Sign up here and make sure to click the 3rd box at the bottom called "EC's Monthly International Prayer Group".