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09/14/2008: Deirdre from Atlanta, GA: My 14 year old dog Max just had a benign fatty tumor burst through the skin on his front paw. It swelled up with infection, so I rushed him to the vet. The vet gave him antibiotics and a few doses of Rimadyl to help with inflammation and told me to consider have the lump removed after it heals, even though it's benign. Well, now it's been 10 days and the wound is not healing because Max licks licks licks all day long. I can't put him in one of those funny hats to stop him from licking because he will torture himself getting out of it. He is a finely wired  german shephard mix and extremely fiesty for his advanced age!  Any suggestions to help speed the healing process? Thanks so much!

09/15/2008: Shelagh from Palm Beach Gardens, FL replies: Find some clove oil: once the irritation is dealt with he may just stop fussing with his paw. Corn starch is awesome for calming subcutaneous nerves as well. First you have to address the licking licking part of the problem.

I distract my animals' visually when I'm 'going in' i.e.; squeak a squeakie with my toes then dab, spray or puff quickly. Then I give a treat immediately or jump up & play tag, go for a walk... to keep pup's mind off of whatever it was I did.

10/28/2010: Jackie from Waynesboro, Pa replies: My Husky just turned 15 in June..... He is still full of zip sometimes. Hips are a problem up and down stairs but he still does it. Lately he has been going to the bathroom on my carpet if I leave so I had to start putting in a kennel crate. He did not like that one bit. He saw where I latched the gate and when I got home I found he had tried to get out. He pushed his head on the gate until he rudbed it raw! Now he has nasty sores above his eyes on both sides. Everytime it starts to heal he rubs off the scabs. I am at a loss. He is so old and I am on my own now so I can't run him to the vet for everything. It is to close to his eyes for liquid bandaid. Bandaids don't stick. Went to find a done collar and petsmart did not have. They had the donut kind but that is not working. He still rubs his face on the floor or wall. He is my best friend and he is so old...
11/02/2010: Jb from Atlanta , Ga Usa replies: Try applying some organic extra virgin coconut oil to the spot & just confine him/her to a room where the elimination is not a problem.
11/10/2010: Dr Know from Ny, Usa replies: Try using an iodine tincture to clean the area, then use an iodine spray to cover the wound. Clean daily and see if this helps to improve.

How to Bandage and Use ACV on Cat?

08/18/2007: P : Hello Ted, I have been reading through the website Earth Clinic and have found much useful information, thank you for all your suggestions. While I have found plenty of information about the benefits of ACV, I am looking for some specific suggestions about how to administer. My cat has scratched a large wound (about the size of a quarter) in the side of his face and seems to have very irritated sking all around his head (constant scratching and loss of hair). The wound heals and then he will re open it again. I have been washing it with salt water but am at a loss for what else to do - how do you bandage a wound on their face? Can I use the ACV for this? Is there something else? Please advise. Thank you, P

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: I would use lightly applied a well shaken milk of magnesia (without the aluminum) with a couple of drops of iodine solution. To prepare that (not a perfect one, but at least for starters), I would prepare 2 tablespoons of milk of magnesia, and use iodine solution as the antiseptic such as 5 drops, well mixed, and apply this to the wounds.

To cover the wounds and prevent further problems if it it need be I would use vaseline to protect them to prevent airborne bacteria from such infection. Bandages applied only in case of a bad wounds which would cover a large part of the face by applying to wound to the back of the cat's head, but I would prefer to keep it simple and apply just the solution first, and if it's not working due to additional infection, then I would redo it and apply the vaseline as an added protection. At least that's how I would do it. The cat should eat fish as their body cannot synthesize certain amino acids such as taurine and some dietary foods for cat is therefore necessary so that they can heal.

The Milk of Magnesia - Iodine solution should be applied at least twice a day or as necessary so that whatever bacteria infection is dead giving a chance for some healing to commence. The drinking water in one liter should have some baking soda (never baking powder) about 1/2 teaspoon per one liter of water so the alkalizing solution will also further the healing process.

It's not a perfect solution but it is the best one I can come up with whenever there's unhealable skin infection, at least on my dog anyway due to certain infectious wounds, quite often it is the staphylococcus.

Hope this helps!



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