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Vaccination Side Effects in Pets

Last Modified on Jan 24, 2016

Vaccination Reader Feedback  
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Posted by Jim (Pecos, NM) on 03/25/2007

[DEATH REPORTED]  I have had real problems regarding vaccinations for my dogs. Pups that have died a few days after getting a parvo vaccination. I see stories here now and its quite clear that likely these shots are not very safe for our pets. There was an article in dog fancy magazine a few years back about over immunization damaging our dogs' immune system. For us older folks weren't we taught that once any immune system is exposed to a virus-disease it will be (if survived the experience) immune for life from whatever the version. Yet today we are taught by Vets-Drug Pharmacy companies that we must protect our pets yearly for life. Hog wash. The only disease I see in dogs that is a real deadly problem is Parvo. It is so prevalent everywhere. I was told by one Lab that makes one Live Modified Parvo Vaccine- (yah that I used and had several dead pups after) this company told me that once vaccinated the dogs become lifetime carriers and shed the virus periodically . Thus the reason Parvo is so prevelant-widespread-is because we vaccinate so much against it. It's now hard to find a dead killed Parvo vaccine-which would not ever be spreadable. Of course its a bonanza for a vaccine company not to want to rid the world of a virus-so no wonder you can't find the dead killed versions anymore - we have such a greedy group - thinking money - not good health. If anybody has any results of trying to heal an infected pup with parvo using H202 please speak up. I am beginning to experiment with it as a curative remedy for Parvo which can be so difficult and expensive to treat a pet.

Replied by Adam
Sherman Oaks, California
There is a product that is suppose to help dogs against Parvo if god forbid your dog gets get it is called Parvaid and it is a all natural herbal remedy!

Posted by Kelly (Denver, Colorado) on 03/18/2007

[SIDE EFFECTS]  I am very concerned about vaccinations my two pugs received. My female pug had an allergic reaction and vomited an hour after her vaccinations. I also wanted to let everyone know she is only 5 years old and about a week after her vaccinations she had lost a significant amount of her hearing and a lump appeared on her right shoulder. I took her back to the vet and he said she just has allot of hair in her ears, but she use to hear much better until she had the vaccinations. I am also concerned that she had a lump appear on her right shoulder. It appears to have gone down after about a week, however all this concerns me. HAs anyone else expereinced this with their dogs or cats? Concerned animal lover!