Cure Canine Heart Murmur: Natural Pet Remedies

Last Modified on Sep 10, 2014

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Posted by Trouble (Dubai, United Arab Emirates) on 09/19/2013


My 14 year old precious fur baby has been diagnosed with Mitral Valve Disease and heart enlargement. He has graded a heart mummer btw 1-2 and also says the thorax is now parallel to the spine as the heart has grown. Below are the reports

Radiography Report;

Lateral (sin-dex) and ventro-dorsal views of the chest:

- Enlargement of the cardiac silhouette,

- Increased sterno-cardiac contact,

- Trachea pushed dorsally and parallel to the spine

- No evidence of pulmonary edema on these views.

Ultrasonography Report

Cardiac Ultrasonography:

- The right atrium appears to be normal in size (no enlargement) compare to the left atrium.

- RA measured 1. 25 x 1. 2 cm

- Thickened mitral valve with very mild mitral regurgitation.

- No dilated cardiomyopathy,

- No hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

All images consistent with an early stage of Mitral valve disease.

The vet has prescribed Fortekor (Benazepril Hydrochloride) 2. 5mg a day and Furosemide 20 mg twice a day.

My dog started off with cluster seizures for a day last year in Oct 2012 he was in Kepra for a few months and then we weaned him off. Early Feb this year every night when we went to sleep he would pant incessantly having sleepless nights eyes big and wide he would ask to go out then come back in then pance he did not know what he wanted. He was irritable and started loosing muscle. We took him for bloods everything was perfect We did a chext xray and an abdomen scan and heart disease was detected. Now I have been a firm believer of earth clinic for years.

Please advise me am I doing the right thing.

I have deceided not to give him a diruetic twice a day as he already starting getting muscle pulls and then gets all stressed and panting begins. I am instead going to give him 1 diruetic a day and then go down to half a day in conjunction with a homepathic diruetic But I want to do away with the diruetic tablet so how can I do this naturally along with the homeopathic drops? I live in Dubai so dandelion tea etc is not the best option can someone please give me various options?

The Foretekor for his heart I will give him 2. 5 a day in conjunction with a homeopathic medication called Rytmopasc

My dog weighs 5kgs

I am giving him 100 mg of vit c with rose hips

100mg of Magnesium

20mg of COQ 10 as Ubiquinone

1tsp of D-Ribose

2mg of Zinc

500mg of L-Arginine

I read somwhere that Propionyle L-Carnitine is very good what is the difference btw Propionyle L-Carnitine and L-Carnitine? can I give L-Carnitine and how much ?

I will buy Milk Thistle 200 mg and supplement him with it

I also bought Manuka honey how much do I give him ?

Have I missed out something?Help me please I need your valuable input. August

Posted by Theresa
Mpls., Mn
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August, I am so sorry to hear about your Peke's declining health. He is 14 - so very old! And clearly a testament to your good care of him.

MVD is grouped as an 'old dog disease' however it disportionately affects Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. There is MUCH good information about MVD at this health site for cavaliers:

The onset of panting at night this past February along with the confusion and large eyes - in hindsight - was from his heart disease. From what you describe, your boy is at Stage B; stage D is end stage, and life expectancy on average from this diagnosis is 3-5 years.

I agree there is concern over using Furosemide; the human drug torsemide (Demadex) is an excellent alternative and considered more potent.

Natural diuretics include urea, Wu Ling San, and Alisma, both traditional Chinese herbal medicines (TCM). Holistic supplements should be taken only if prescribed by a licensed veterinarian who also is holistically trained in TCM.

Again, please review the website for Cavaliers with this genetic condition - it has far too much information to post here and you should review it in depth as it discusses additional medications and the pros and cons and efficacy of each, as well as provide a game plan for you to best support your boy at each step of this journey.

Posted by Dawn882
I have an 8 pound cat who has been diagnosed with CHF and has a build up of abdominal fluid. What would be the dosage of A-C Carbamide for him? I also plan to give him Heart and Circulation Tonic. Thank You for your help!
Posted by Theresa
Mpls., Mn
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Hey Dawn!

A-C Carbamide is a Standard Process product - and Standard Process products are only available by prescription through doctors and veterinarians; are you working with a vet to obtain this product? If so, you may wish to consult your vet as to the appropriate dose as the bottle only reads "3 capsules per day or as directed". That said, my vet has prescribed many Standard Process products to my critters, and 1 capsule 2 times a day would be a standard dose for this product.

You may wish to stagger when you dose the herbal A-C Carbamide and the homeopathic Petalive Heart and Circulation Tonic as dosing at the same time might result in one remedy preventing the other remedy from working properly.

Posted by Michele
Kings Park, Ny
Hi Katie from Northport.

I'm going to the cardiologist tomorrow for my cavalier. The vet heard a murmur last week for the first time. I want to start him on these supplements and new diet ASAP. He is 8 years old. Since I am in the next town over, who is your holistic vet? I want to contact him/her. Thank you so much for all your info. I have been so nervous about this visit tomorrow and reading your messages has calmed me. I can't wait to start helping my little guy.

Posted by Shrichar
Dallas, TX
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Hi Katie from Northport

I need help with my little Maltese girl Missy she has a stage 5 heart murmur. She has been to the cardiologist and they have done all the test and want to start her on imutrill (not sure of the spelling but it will keep her from coughing and slow done the murmur and even her holistic vet has agreed to this drug for now but will take her off of it slowly and put her on herbs. Her first holistic vet mention to me that she had a murmur but didn't start treating her for it that is why I looked for another holistic vet and that is when she sent me to the cardiologist to see what stage she was in and she want to whin her off the herbs the first vet has her on and then start the imutrill then whin her off that and start other herbs. What do you think? if you like you can email me at� and in the subject link put in Missy's name just in case it goes to my spam box. Regards and many thanks Sherry R.

Posted by Brenda
Freehold, Nj
Hi, I so appreciate reading all of the messages on this site. It is nice to know that I am not alone in researching and using alternative treatments for my dogs. I have a 13 year old Chihuahua who was diagnosed with a heart murmur, enlarged heart, and cardio valve disease. About a year ago, my Zoey fainted along with that horrific screeching sound. It was so frightening. I took her to the cardiologist who diagnosed her with the cardio valve disease and enlarged heart. He suggested that she be placed on meds. After researching the meds and their side effects (why would one med be given for the heart if it causes the failure of the kidneys??) , I decided to find alternative means. I found a website: 5 Leaf Pharmacy and began following the protocol for the heart murmur.

I now make her dog food with ground turkey or chopped chicken, ginger powder, organic mixed vegetables, powdered greens, brown rice, oatmeal or Quinoa. No salt is added to any of her food. Sometimes I add spinach, but then heard that dogs had a difficult time processing it, so I do not put it in anymore. I also add wild salmon oil. She also takes a daily vitamin.

Three-four times a day I add the following to the food/snack:

1) powdered ginger

2) powdered greens

3) powdered Taurine (1/4 scoop for 8

4) powdered L-Carnitine (1/2 scoop for 8 lb. dog)

5) Five Leaf Pharmacy Hawthorne liquid supplement ( 1 drop per pound of dog weight)

6) Five Leaf Pharmacy Canine Heart Tonic (1 drop per pound of dog weight)

Cayenne powder was also recommended, but my dog does not like it.

* If your dog is suffering from kidney failure, they also carry Rena-Clean and Immuno-Aid.

At my last vet visit, my vet told me to continue doing what I was doing. That was 8 months ago. She is due to be seen again this week.

She has had very few episodes of syncope (fainting) and her breathing is not as labored.

She eats well and is having a much better quality of life. We'll see what the vet says when I take her in this week.

I know there is no cure for this disease, but I am very happy that she continues to have a quality life for over a year now, especially when a year ago, the prognosis was not a good one.� Hope this helps anyone else who is looking for answers to improve their dog's heart condition.

Posted by Theresa
Mpls., Mn
598 Posts
Hey Brenda!

Thank you so much for sharing your CHF protocol! I know others experiencing this condition with their pets will benefit.

:) :) :)

Posted by Malia
Hi Brenda - How has your dog been doing on your regimen? I have a little Pom who was diagnosed with an enlarged heart recently and trying to get her off her meds and onto a more holistic approach.



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