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Natural Flea Control

Last Modified on May 31, 2015

Soap Nuts   0  0   

Posted by Namooni1974 (Portland, Oregon, Usa) on 02/18/2010

Natural Flea, Tick, and Lice remedy

So we have had so many different animals in our family over the years that fleas have been a problem. We have tried so many different products with as many results. All have eventually failed except one. Soap nuts!

A friend introduced us to them for allergies to laundry soap. I found recipies online to make liquid soap out of them. We all now use it as our only household soap (bodywash, shampoo, house keeping,ect..) I bathe the animals monthly with it and stopped having any problems with fleas. We also do not get bitten by mosquitos. I buy my soap nut online, and they last a very long time.They are 100% natural with no side effects and are compostable.

Stash Earl Grey Tea   0  0   

Posted by Heather (Katy, Tx) on 05/21/2011

I've heard that Stash Earl Grey tea gets rid of fleas in the home from several people now. I haven't tried it yet, but thought I'd put that out there for anyone who needs another idea to try. Open the bags and sprinkle on the carpet. Vacuum up in a few days. Sometimes the pets will even roll in it, which helps keep the fleas off them, as well! For those with very light carpets, please test small area first.... although this tip came from someone with white carpets and she had no problems.

Sulphur   0  0   

Posted by Louise (Sydney, Australia) on 08/08/2011

Does anyone know the correct dose of sulphur for dogs and cats to prevent fleas

Replied by William
Louise, sulfur might be most effecive as a dusting agent in your yard. It repels fleas and other insect pests. A light dusting in the yard, once every three months, should be effective in keeping fleas away. Because sulfur does not disolve in water it will take quite a while for this to wash away in rain or during watering. You can add it to your pets food in the form of chicken egg, either raw or cooked. Eggs contain beneficial amounts of sulfur. Meat and dairy also contain beneficial amounts of sulfur. Three foods that dogs and cats seem to love by the way. Cheers, Liam

Tea Tree Oil   3  1   

Posted by Purplegoth67 (Rustington, West Sussex, England) on 03/19/2012

[YEA]  About the flea problem. I have tried watering down tea tree oil and spraying that on my two dogs bedding and carpets. We are finding less and less fleas both on the animals and bedding. I think that being an oil, it takes out the oxygen and smothers the little b's. Good luck

Posted by Tuff Love (Orlando, Florida) on 04/19/2009

[YEA]  I had two kittens that were infested with fleas. I was in a real jam because I had no money to put toward taking them to the vet. I did however have some Tea tree shampoo for humans and decided it was my only option. I lathered them both down in a big deep tupperware container with the tea tree shampoo and let them sit for 10 minutes or so with the lid on the container. they didn't like it much and meowed the whole time but it was for their own good. then I opened the lid and filled it to about shoulder height with warm water. the fleas were visibly running for high ground and several did try to jump out and even landed on my hands and shirt (wear a white shirt so you can see them) so I knew it was working. once filled to a safe height quickly put the lid back on with the kittens inside. they meowed like hell to get out but I knew they were safe and got thru it. I left them in for 20 minutes or so, took em out, rinsed off and picked a few visible fleas off them. the kittens came out fine, the dead fleas were in the water and I even found dead fleas falling off here and there hours later. the Tea Tree shampoo worked great for me and fortunately my kittens weren't allergic. I know this remedy isn't for everyone but if you're in jam and can handle the cute things whining your ears off it works just fine.

Replied by Hope
Sacramento, CA
[WARNING!]   Please never put the lid on a container which encloses animals, as they could easily suffocate!
Replied by L.d.
Richmond, Va
[WARNING!]   PLEASE tell me that you were joking. You didn't really put two kittens in a closed airtight container, up to their shoulders in water for even a half a second? Besides the danger involved, that is one of the cruelest things I've heard in a long time. I wouldn't tell anyone in person or you'll find yourself facing animal cruelty charges. The "cute things" were "whining your ears off" because you put them through torture. Would you have put your children in an airtight container up to their necks in water? Please, NOBODY take this advice.
Replied by Jds
Morgantown, Wv
[NAY]   Not only is this cruel but cats are highly allergic to tea tree oil. Their skin absorbs everything like a sponge and this is why cats and dogs do not use the same flea medications or shampoos. My neighbor killed a kitten this way and it was a horrible thing to watch a cat have seizures in this manner. This person apparently has no idea how close they came to killing these kittens via suffocation and or poisoning them. Try breathing in an air tight container while you are up to your belly in water, jerk. When an animal is screaming it means something is wrong! These cats were writhing in pain because their skin was burning and they couldn't breathe! What is wrong with people?

Posted by London (Sandusky, Ohio) on 10/08/2008

[YEA]  Tea tree oil will kill fleas, on your dog immediately, when mixed with baby shampoo. Leave it on and lather well, and most if not all the fleas will die, and wash out. This will not prevent the fleas from returning. You have to use a collar.

EC: WARNING! Tea Tree oil may be toxic to cats and dogs!

From Wikipedia:

Pet Flea Control use

Tea tree oil has long been used as a method of all natural effective flea control by adding the oil directly to dogs, horses and sheep fur or their bathing water. Use on cats has been known to make them sick and in some cases kill them, this is due to cats licking their fur and consuming the oil.[23]

According to National Animal Poison Control Center, the use of tea tree oil in dogs has been associated with hypothermia, muscle weakness, ataxia, tremors, altered behavior, paralysis. A case report has been published in which three cats had clinical signs and one cat died after being treated with the oil. [24]

Also read this feedback on Earth Clinic:

Ted's Mange Cure   0  0   

Posted by Lyndy (Augusta, GA) on 11/07/2014

Will Ted's mange cure work on fleas?

Replied by Theresa
Mpls., Mn
Hey Lyndy!

The mange remedy will kill fleas on your dog during the dipping process, but you will also need to eliminate fleas in your pet's environment as well. If you are infested in the house, you might try a simple flea trap using a small lamp placed on the floor over a white tray or white plate filled with dish soapy water. Leave on over night and check for fleas in the morning. This trap is very effective at removing adult fleas and when used regularly can remove all the fleas from your home -and thus avoid reinfesting your dog.

Replied by Diamond
Ma., US
I remember this remedy from my grandparents, what a great idea. I'm going to try this again, I had forgotten all about this. Thank you.

Treating Fleas Outdoors   0  0   

Posted by Carol (Morriston, Fl) on 01/21/2015

My two dogs are loaded with fleas; had them on trifecta's and still have fleas. Can I put sulfur granules in my yard? I have 1 acre and a quarter size yard; need something inexpensive and that will work

Replied by Suseeq
Sydney, Australia
Spray a solution of white vinegar and water on dogs you will soon get rid of the fleas as they won't be able to feed of the dogs . It works and very cheap but don't spray near dogs eyes.
Replied by Susan B.
Ct, Usa
Hi Carol, Diatomaceous Earth, which you can buy at garden supply shops and online, is a great remedy to use outside for flea control. You'd need to look up directions on how to apply in the yard for fleas, but I lightly dust for food grade DE on all our pets around their tails and along the spine every few days. It's fabulous flea control remedy.
Replied by Theresa
Mpls., Mn
Hey Carol!

It sounds like the fleas in your area have developed a resistance to Trifexis; since the product is not working on the fleas, you might want to discontinue using it on your pets.

There are many all natural products on the market for flea control for large areas; consider cedar granules, or sprays made from cinnamon oil, cedar oil or clove oil. These sprays and cedar granules are very effective but need to be regularly re-applied. I would also consider predatory nematodes/beneficial nematodes. I don't know if these products fit into your budget, but you can also make up these sprays yourself if you google for instructions. Diatomaceous earth is very affordable IMHO but I would not use diatomaceous earth in the outdoors myself because it could potentially impact and kill off the good bugs like honey bees.

Do a google search for: "all natural Flea Free"; cedarcide; beneficial nematode; homemade natural flea spray; etc. - and you will find many products and helpful information to control fleas in your yard.

Replied by Phyllis
Tuscumbia, Alabama
Hello Carol,

Artemisia Combination from Nature's Sunshine will make your dogs bodies an extremely unfriendly environment for fleas. I've been using it for my 4 Boston Terriers and haven't seen fleas for 2 years. I split one capsule between them once a month in winter and once a week during the warm months.

Vacuum   1  0   

Posted by Kind To Animals (New York, Ny) on 09/12/2011

[YEA]  Just want to pass on a tip in ref to the daily ( pew! ) vaccuming for fleas in your house.

If you do not want to throw out that expensive vacuum bag every day you can wrap it tightly in a couple of plastic bags and stick in the freezer until next time you are going to use it.

Fleas, flee eggs and the lot will die when exposed to cold! Thanks everyone for your testimony to ACV. Will continue my warfare!

Vets Vs Remedies   0  1   

Posted by Ray (Spring, Tx) on 02/28/2011

Whoever wrote the comment insisting that manmade chemicals from the vet is best for ridding dogs and cats with fleas, is no doubt a vet himself, or herself, or somehow some way making money from the deadly stuff, or your one of those people that prefer something that's sure to work on one thing, like killing the fleas, despite how it is proven to kill the animal as well, or cause it many health problems that are PAINFUL in a constant and progressive way. No doubt if you don't like to take a bath, you just DON'T, and spread your germs to everyone near you. You make no sense what-so-ever with all your 'if they don't LIKE it' mumbo jumbo. Whatever an animal does not LIKE is NOT what good judgment is based on. And at least what they DON'T like, when it comes to safe natural remedies, is but for the mere moment, VERSES the CONSTANT pain until DEAD man-made chemical so-called remedies! Diespainful', nonsense that probbly want .

Posted by Ann (Gloucester, NJ) on 02/05/2009

[NAY]  Apple Cider Vinegar for Pets: I think that it is absolutely crazy, not to mention cruel what some lengths people will go to to supposedly help our Earth! Now, don't get me wrong, I am definitely supportive of going green, using less, using non-toxic stuff, of course I am, I love my Earth, too!! But, I do not advocate doing this and that to my dog or cat! I think whatever makes them uncomfortable, uneasy, afraid, anything like that, anything that they do not like or make a fuss about, is definitley 100% cruelty! That is essentially the meaning of cruelty! Just like those idiots that walk around using their poor little dogs as purses, CRUELTY! Pushing stuff onto a dog or a cat that they clearly do not want or like! Making them drink something, vinegar, at that! Giving them this, that and the next in thing that people think will work, making them eat some crazy human herb, or whatever, putting all kinds of stuff in their food and into their systems! Do not force a dog or a cat to do anything that they are not going to like! It is just not right! They don't need all that crap, I agree, but they really also do not need a bunch of "healthy" stuff, intended for humans, first off, and whatever the health and green rage is at the moment, just give them the basics of what they DO NEED! Good food, yes, good grooming, yes, I do agree with all of that, but for fleas, NO! Just give them exactly what we all KNOW WORKS, FLEA MEDICATION FROM A VETERINARIAN!! YES, CHEMICAL, BUT IT IS BETTER FOR YOUR PET, BETTER THAN MAKING THEM INGEST ALL SORTS OF FADS THAT YOU ARE GOING THROUGH!! I'm positively, 100% absolutely sure that all vets will agree with me! The definite, good answer for fleas, over the maybe, try, I think so method of trying to get rid of fleas! I rather just help my dogs flea problem, quickly and effectively than have him suffer until I find a trend that works! None of that stuff will work for the long, long run like the flea medications do that you get from the vet, sure you have to apply once a month, but there is not one single sign of any fleas, ever, once you use it for the very first time, fleas still linger, especially in your home, with the "natural" stuff! A flea medicated dog or cat will kill all the fleas on whatever comes into contact with him! So, you are actually helping more than just yourself and more than just your pet! Now I think that is great and green!
That is just how I feel! I love Mother Earth, I love my dog, and I love my cat!
Go Green! Stop Animal Cruelty!

Replied by T
Maryland, USA
You talk of "forcing" natural things on pets, but you simultaneously and hypocritically advocate forcing toxic chemicals on them (I've yet to see the dog that WANTS you to lather it in chemicals and force vet pills down its throat). Somehow that is the better option? Your allegations that natural flea control does not work are patently untrue. Please do some research.

You say: "I think whatever makes them uncomfortable, uneasy, afraid, anything like that, anything that they do not like or make a fuss about, is definitley 100% cruelty!" Animals can and do display all of the above in response to being administered vet meds as well, have you not noticed? On top of that, they're being made to ingest or absorb unnatural and harmful chemicals that they were never meant to to have in their bodies. THAT is cruel, and it also puts the lie to your "go green" slogan.

I am sure the vets would all agree with you, as you state - they stand to make good money off dispensing chemical treatments.

Replied by AC
West Midlands, England
Firstly, my family cats *love* the smell and taste of coconut oil. I don't have to force it on them, they demand it from me! Some other people here have stated that their cat or dog likes the taste of ACV.

Secondly, and I perhaps speak for myself when I say this, that nothing on EC for me is a "fad" or a "trend." My 74 year old grandmother has had ACV on her collard greens since she was very young, and other EC type of remedies, such as sea salt, white vinegar for fungus, cod liver oil. I didn't know anything about what ACV did, but I enjoyed it on my greens as well. I'd hardly call something that people have had every day for over 100 years a "fad" or "trend."

Third, many of us here have already tried the so called vets remedies. If they worked 100% of the time, none of us would be here looking for remedies for our pets ailments.

Fourth, have you actually tried any of EC's remedies instead of just labeling them?

While we all appreciate your passion for your dog and cat, and your stance on animal medication on behalf of all the vets of the world, perhaps you should more closely examine what kind of website EC is and that most people here are trying to change their lives (and the lives of their pets!) for the better and not forcing a human "fad" on them.

Replied by Lumarei
London, UK
Wow, there seems to be an awful lot of 100% certainty in your comments about apple cider vinegar. Yous sound as if you haven't even tried it. You probably just don't like the sound of vinegar. If you read Dr Jarvis book "Folk Medicine" where they added vinegar to cows feed they report that animals love the taste!!!

Your definition of cruelty is frankly ludicrous. Animal and children don't always know what is good for them and need help and guidance from adults/owners. I don't think they would walk into a vetenary practice and ask for treatment. Any pet owner trying to find/search for a good cure for his pet seems to me not not the kind of person who is interested in harming but helping their animal and is unlikely to tolerate cruelty.

Replied by Dianna
Austin, TX
are you insane? my chihuahua almost died front the 'safe' flea medication from the vet frontline. he lost all his fur at the application points and had a giant oozing sore for 2 months. the vet said to NEVER use frontline or any chemicals on my dog again as next time we may lose him. btw i was not the one who put the frontline on him. it was his previous owners. when we got him he was very sick.

natural remedies for fleas are usually benign. they include apple cider vinegar added to water and i have also used pine tar soap to wash him with wonderful results; i washed him twice and have not had to wash him in 6 months! he does get a 1/2 teaspoon of ACV in his drinking water daily - but i don't know if it is helping with fleas.

you need to do your research before you tell people that natural remedies are cruel versus chemical medicines. i would say that it is much more cruel to take your pet to a cold scary vet's office and have them do weird things to them that makes them sick as well as terrified.

Replied by Dianna
Austin, TX
another thing: do you know how frontline (or other spot treatments) actually work? the poison goes into the dog or cats bloodstream through the skin - so when the fleas bite the dog or cat they die. the poison circulates in the dog or cats bloodstream for a month. that is why you need to re-apply the poison after a months time. does this sound like a good idea to you? think about it. would you take this yourself? or give it to your children? i know i wouldn't.

like the other poster said - the remedies on earthclinic are NOT fads. most of the 'cures' on this site are folk remedies handed down for generations. just because you have never been introduced to them doesn't make them any less valid.

your post confounded me so much.

i can't believe that you would think that it is better to take an animal to a vet and put their well being in the hands of another person WITHOUT learning about the treatments you endorse. even my vet has told me about ACV. i do have a vet and if i need help i call or take my animals there. my vet knows that i prefer holistic approaches other than chemical and after i rescued my chihuahua from his previous owners and he was sick from the frontline it was the vet who told me to NEVER use chemicals on him again. he need not have worried....

>if you want to debate about the pros and cons of chemicals versus holistic treatments for animals PLEASE email me at - i can't wait.....

Replied by Rose
Steedman, MO
Ann, maybe your heart is in the right place, but you're missing reasonability. Isn't it obvious that if a resourceful person is searching for ways to help their loved ones, including pets, that it's out of love and a desire to comfort? You don't corner the market on Love and Compassion, Ann, lol. Especially when it comes to a person's beloved family, whether they be 2-legged or 4-legged.

You said "...I do not advocate doing this and that to my dog or cat! I think whatever makes them uncomfortable, uneasy, afraid, anything like that, anything that they do not like or make a fuss about, is definitley 100% cruelty!" When cats or dogs have ear problems perhaps with infection, they're hurting big time. The usual reaction for most people is to go to the vet they trust, who promptly gives us drops to put in their ears, and/or an antibiotic to ingest. Most pets I know don't enjoy the taste or the act of a liquid being put in their ears. What is a responsible pet owner who loves their little friend supposed to do? Watch them suffer? I think not.

Do you have children? Would you NOT want to do something about an ensuing ear infection that is making your child miserable and in danger of losing their hearing or developing a high fever which can cause brain damage? Not to mention, they're hurting and crying--a truly heart wrenching scene for a parent. Is it wrong to follow the dr's recommended treatment if the child does not like the taste of the medicine or the feeling of drops going into the ear? A typical situation that'll really rock your world. And sometimes a child is very young and not able to understand the seriousness of the situation and rebels against treatment. What do you do then, Ann?

You shout, "Stop Animal Cruelty!" Have you really considered what your impassioned ranting demands of YOU? You may never purchase or use shoes, wallets, purses, furniture or clothing containing any leather or wool, because the leather and wool sources for those items do indeed suffer to produce for us. (How about that collar around your dogs'/cats' neck? Leash? Sweaters? Blankets? Did your pet squirm when you first put their collar on them?) I presume you're also 100% vegetarian also. If you ever get bit by a snake, you'll have to just let the poison run its course, because the anti-venom treatment requires that a snake be captured and held against its will in order to extract the very "natural stuff" that'll save your -- or your beloved pets' or your child's -- life. Most people would pay any amount of money for a dose of that "natural stuff" when they're in a fix like that. But not you?

God, Mother Nature, Mother Earth, whatever term you use to credit the Creator of all things -- has provided for us very's up to us to discover these provisions sometimes, Ann. You can't improve on nature in the long run.

Replied by Dan
Brooklyn, Iowa
First of all your comments are without facts. You promote Flea medications from Vets, well have you read the warning labels. They all say avoid contact with the human skin, if contact washed immediately. Point is if you can't have it on your skin then why would you put it on your pet's skin. My cats I have 10 of them are flea free cause I use ACV in their water. Put 3 drops with eye dropper in their water. Their coats are thicker, shinier, velvety soft, oh...and no fleas. It's has been proven that fleas doen't like acidic skin. You say that all Vets will agree with you....WRONG!!!!!!!....not all Vets will agree with you there are several websites with Vets disagreeing with you.
Replied by Rosy
Orlando, Fl
First off my cats love their water with apple cider vinegar! They will turn up their nose at regular tap water. Second, I have given the one spots a try, and they made one of my cats loss her hair and vomit. My second cat was terrified for weeks when I touched the area I put the spot. This happened with frontline, and advantage. Never again! Animal cruelty is using the spot ons!
Replied by Linda
Elizabeth, Pa
This is a comment to the person that stated giving animals Apple Cider Vinegar is cruel.

Apple Cider Vinegar is probably the best remedy for everything including Acid Reflux. You always want to go the natural route if possible. For the past 30 yrs, my husband ( he's a painter)used paint thinner, turpentine,anything available to clean off the paint on his arms after finishing up a job. he would come home smelling like a chemical company. He now was just diagnosed with primary progressive MS. He used to laugh at me when i always would tell him to keep a bottle of vegetable oil in his truck to clean off the paint on his arms. I told him eventually it could make him ill..well, its too late now! Never, never use any chemicals on your pets skin or give him poison to kill fleas. i've been using a mixture of eucylptus oil, neem oil and a tiny bit of dawn detergent as a binding agent for the oils. this works great! you have to be careful with any oils on cats..i wouldn't use the oils on them but on dogs its great..i've used the vinegar and water on the cats and it also works. Again, please, NO CHEMICALS!!!!!!!!!

Replied by Christine
Melbourne, Fl
Wow! Anne, your letter has made the top of the list for absolute ignorance! I've never read anything so arrogant and out of touch with reality on this site before! Congratulations! You won first place! On both counts.

Before you make yourself even worse, before you write anything else on a subject you know absolutely nothing about, try researching the subject first. I'm sure even you can type in a phrase in google and come up with enough search results to get some real facts.

How can you not think it cruel to put poisons in and on your pet? Most of the people here (I had to put most after reading your letter) have the ability to think for themselves and research what is best for their pets and have enough love in their hearts to do so. I would have to guess that their is only love for yourself and not enough left over for a pet of any sort. Maybe that is too harsh - maybe you could handle a goldfish. For you to judge others for being responsible pet owners, instead of a dumb sheep spewing out all kinds of nonsense and calling it abuse is absurd.

I was the ignorant pet owner you want us all to be and the thanks I got for that was two dogs with cancer from all the poisons I put into them. However, by changing their diet to raw food and with the help of "human" herbs, the dog with liposarcoma is now free from it and the dog with bone cancer is remarkably better. (neither dogs nor people live through liposarcoma with "modern medicine"!)

I can only pray God has more mercy for an animal than to let it be stuck with the likes of you!

Replied by NIKKI
Replied by Ana
I 100% do not agree with you at all and think you should do some research and not trust vet's 100% just because they say soo and it is simple and easy FOR takes sometimes more work and time to do it naturally and safer for our pets.

I lost my 2 year old dog after ADVANTAGE - so NEVER EVER AGAIN will i put chemicals on my dog and i warn everybody about it.

I brush my dogs daily - a lot of hair and with essential oils and still trying to figure out what works best for them....but better a little bad taste up and on than getting sick with seizures for 6 month and not being able to walk, eat etc and than die!!!!!!!!

It is more time consuming yesss but in the end for the better of our pets 100% for sure!!!!!!!

Replied by Charles
Lexington, KY
"Can't we all just get along?" I love each and every one of you! Especially you Anne. You have stirred up a hornets nest which I think is good thing now and then. I hope you find peace and happiness in all you do. Charles
Replied by London
Sandusky, Ohio
Why are you guys being so vicious!!!

Listen, everybody is DIFFERENT. My best friend has used frontline and advantage for years on her chihuahua's with NO problems. Yet, I, personally, always take more natural routes. I find those medicines controvercial and expensive, and I have a toddler. So, I really don't want to use insecticides.

I use flea collars and brewers yeast, and ACV. Tea tree oil, and neem baths in castile soap. Granted, yeah, they still have some flea problems, I just would rather take a more gentler approach. I would NEVER tell people to stop taking their pets to the vet, or using these products. My girlfriend claims NOTHING else works for her dogs, and she's right, fleas are stubborn, and horrible to get rid of.

Replied by Zipp
Akron, Ohio
Ann, I hate to assume you're just trolling this board but I have to say this.

I guess it's cruel for me to cook my pets food instead of trusting pet food companies to not add harmful ingredients - just look to the cat food scare in 2007, and read 'Food Pets Die For' and 'The Whole Pet Diet' for more information. My 10-year-old overweight cat is now a healthy weight, the underweight cat is now a healthy size, their coats gleam, and their energy levels resemble kittens. I've used ACV for some months now with great success, and the cats show no visible signs of distress when the minute amount is added to their food.

Adding a bunch of chemicals to their skin, which come with many warnings to wash it off OUR skin and avoid contact with eyes does not equal being "BETTER FOR YOUR PET". I actually only get agressive with flea treatment if any of them show obvious signs that the fleas are bothering them. These remedies have been around for years. Advantage, Program, et al haven't really been around long enough to be trusted.

Do you want YOUR beloved pet to become the guinea pig for these sprays and spot treatments? I don't. When pets lives get cut short from all these medications, I won't be mourning the loss of my girls. I'll know I did their best to recreate the most natural life they could know - a life cats (and dogs) have known for centuries before the advent of modern chemical warfare on fleas.

Replied by Carmen
Nova Scotia, Canada
After reading your post I can't help but think that this is not the site for you. Regarding your comment "every vet would agree with you" of that I'm sure, they may even suggest a check up every 6 months. Already being a regular visitor to this site for humans, when my husband came home one Friday with a sick kitten (found on the side of a county road) this site was my first thought. And a HUGE THANK YOU to all earth clinic posters. The kitten was pleasant enough but had some issues with his back end, legs being very weak and his anus looking not at all proper (like a puffy dounut)with leaking issues. After reading up on possible causes worry and second guessing set in, but as my husband said we don't know what he has been eating, if any thing at all. We decided to wait out the weekend and if there was no improvement by Monday we would make an apt with the vet, that was three weeks ago. The wonderful advice from Earth Clinic posters that we used included PUMPKIN PUREE, ACV, ORGANIC COCONUT OIL & GARLIC (most on both ends). Gomer is not only a pleasent kitty but HEALTY, HAPPY and 100% torture free. At feeding time he keeps meowing until we add something (pumpkin and or coconut oil). Anus is now normal and he has no problem jumping (all over our other cat & dog), his coat is healthy and shiny and his purr is more like a rumble.
Replied by Nicole
Jefferson City, Missouri
In response to the vet that was upset because people were trying "fads" instead of using commercial products: I have seven cats. We tried the commercial product from the vet. $99.00 for the drops on the back of the neck and another $30 for the bombs in the house, not to mention alot of heavy duty cleaning! Not even a week later the cats were infested again. Thought that stuff was supposed to last a month? Guess not. Given weekly, even if we had the money, would probably kill them immediately, and that is beside the long term side effects and health damage that seems to be quite repressed in our Country of free speech. The infestation is quite serious, with several having multiple soars on the back of the neck. Yes, I intend to try a dish soap bath (oh boy!) and salt on the floor and the DE stuff from the garden center for the basement. I always worried and hated putting poisionous chemicals on my babies, but it was adding insult to injury when it didn't even work!!! BTW - you assume that all people can afford the vet and commercial products. all seven of my babies are "fixed" and have had their ititial shots, but as a single parent, money can be an issue. I do my best by them - and my children. I will also try the water bowl/dish soap flea traps - with the wire mesh covers to keep the cats out. And I will pray that something works. A note for anyone bathing a kitten - be sure to keep the body temperature warm til they are very dry, we lost a kitten we were rescuing because I didn't realize how delicate they are when wet. the heating pad/towel is a great idea.
Replied by Karen
Bloomington, Il
Are u kidding me? I used to use front line on my bull mastiff and it was fine... She has since passed. I put it on my bulldog and he was sick almost immediately and for weeks... DONT use chemicals.. It can KILL your pet.

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Posted by Maria (San Marcos, Texas) on 12/29/2008

[YEA]  Im not sure what ACV is! Can you get me more feedback on it. I do however know that vinegar works wells for flea infestation. I have a spray bottle of vinegar with naturally squeezed lemon juice, and water. Mix together I first spray my dog in the bath tub and then comb his hair, the fleas just naturally come off. I also give him a little in his water every day. I havent been prompted about it due to holidays but Im starting on it. I also sprinkle lots of salt on the carpet without the borax becuase I have two little ones. However I let it stand over night and I wait a couple of hours then spray vinegar with lemon this completely vanishes them . This beats any expensive treatment or harsh chemicals on your kids, or dogs. Also mop with vinegar. I know the small is bad but it completely vanishes the pesky fleas, and any other bug. I need to know though what ACV is and where do I get this stuff.

EC: ACV = Apple Cider Vinegar

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Replied by Jamie
Largo, Fl
WHAT is the mixture of the lemon, vinegar & water?
Replied by Fred
Guys Mills, Penna
I was reading all the remedies for flea control. I got to the end and Jamie wanted to know the mixture for vinegar, lemon and water? I missed the answer or didn't it. Is there a recipe?
Replied by Dianna
Tuross Head, Nsw, Australia

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Posted by Denise B (Georgia, US) on 08/18/2014

[YEA]  White vinegar for fleas.

I just had my pug and toy poodles dipped for fleas last week. The pug is already scratching again, rubbing his back on furniture, chewing his tail, and keeping me up all night with his whining. A friend told me about vinegar killing fleas, but I wasn't sure, so remembered to check this site.

I combed the pug out and found a couple of fleas, so I grabbed a spray bottle and filled it with white vinegar. I soaked him down, spraying him from his neck to his tail.

It hasn't even been five minutes, and he is now laying calmly at my feet! Tomorrow, I'll spray the poodles, the bulldog that lives outdoors (that sleeps inside on the sunroom), and the house. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!


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