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Natural Cystitis Remedies for Cats

Last Modified on Apr 24, 2016

General Feedback  

Posted by Charlotte (Middx, Uk ) on 02/20/2012

My cat Beau is now suffering from cystitis again (endless jumping in and out of the box, scratching at the sides, passing small amounts of urine) and I am so upset - thanks to the tax man taking 600 off of my wages, I can't take her to the vets until next month as I can't afford to get there, the bill and then to get back. Beau is already on two forms of medication which I thought where working but sadly not. I am wondering if it may be the food that she is eating that is the issue such as supermarket brand.

This whole thing as I have said is distressing to me, I love her and I hate to think of her being ill, and I start to wonder if I have caused it. I am going to try switching her back to brand food (Whiskers, Felix) and mixing a little water in with the food. Sadly due to the tax man I can't afford anything this month beyond my train ticket and Beau's medication, the milk we have in the house is Soya as my boyfriend is a diabetic, so I was hoping that someone could suggest something else that might help.

Replied by Lidia
Dallas, Texas
Increase water, diet can or raw food , can food contains 70 % water, dry food 10%. When my cat would developed cystistis, I found that friskies cat food (salmon or white fish which contain low in magnesium cure her. Try to give her purified water it flush out the bacteria thru the urine and help purify the cats inside.

Try herbal remedies according to the Natural pet urniary Health website. The herbs (cantharis) and the herb Staphysagris) can bring relief from the infection. Available in supplements and other herbal concoction in health food stores.

No dry food for now. Good luck , my cat lived 24 years.

Grain-Free Diet  
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Posted by Susan (San Antonio , Texas ) on 03/24/2014

[YEA]  I have 6 cats. One of my Males and one of my Females can not tolerate any grains in their diet. Cats are carnivores; they are meat and water animals. Some cats can do okay on minimal grain. Brown rice and barley, NO CORN, NO WHEAT, NO SOY. If these two eat any grains they urinate blood. I put them on a grain free wet food and add more water (spring water or at least filtered) to make it mashed potato consistency. They cleared up within 12 hours of changing their diet and I have not had any urinary tract problems since. The food is more expensive but a lot cheaper than the vet, my babies are very happy and I am back to sanity.

Olive Leaf Extract  
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Posted by Hazel (Texas) on 12/12/2015

[YEA]  Hello everone, just had to share my experience with Olive Leaf extract.

I have a male cat that is 5 yrs old, he started getting constant bladder infections called feline idiopathic cystitis. Two trips to vet (expensive) did not help. He was miserable, constant squatting, blood drops. He would strain to go anywhere in the house. I started adding a few drops of olive leaf extract to his food every morning & the infection cleared up. I wasn't sure it was the OLE so I stopped it to see, well the infection came back. I tried this twice to make sure but every time it would come back. I was absolutely amazed. Such a simple thing to clear it up. Many cat owners have this problem with male cats. I even went to a cat forum to shout it from the rooftops but got shut down over giving out that kind of medical help. I had read many owners pleading & asking what to do! OLE is great for pets by the way!

Replied by Suseeq
Sydney, Australia
Hi Hazel, good on you, don't worry about the disbelievers you know it works, it also works for the skin. I have learned to only help the positive people that ask for it, otherwise people will only knock you. Well done