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Apple Cider Vinegar for Cats

Apple Cider Vinegar  

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Posted by Sue (Cypress, Texas) on 11/19/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Hello I am glad to say my female cat is mostly normal because of ACV/apple cider vinegar, with the mother in it. Organic style. Three vets couldn't tell me why she couldn't stop throwing up everyday. Sometimes twice a day! Ugh for her and me. This went on for 2 years and got worse.

She was struggling with dehydration, urinary tract crystals, unsociable and a crusted up chin ,that she would scratch to bleeding. Drooling, raspy meows and always hiding.

All the ointments, antibiotics, prescriptions, etc. and some expensive natural herbs I bought online didn't do it, she'd have to get fluid injections. The expense and no results still. (She had accidently licked her flea drops over the counter product) Vet said this wasn't the problem. Even though I believe the ingestion of it damaged her digestive system.

Please note, this was an over the counter product I do not use anymore and hope someday is off the market! I now use prescription flea drops that is safe in case of ingestion. You know how cats will groom each other. The safe product I use begins with an "R".

Anyway,thought about putting her down. She was miserable and I couldn't help her. And was losing any quality of life.

In desperation I decided to "Google" search how to give a cat apple cider vinegar. I had read that race horses and dogs get apple cider vinegar. And I use it for myself, too. Why not my cat?

So, thanks a million for sharing this miracle of information. In our society of information overload, why is this not even known to Veterinarians? Now I can keep my cat and my budget intact.

Replied by Hahumiaomiao
Santa Cruz, Ca

I'm so happy to find your post. My 7.5 yr. old female indoor kitty has been vomiting stomach acid frequently. The Pepcid AC that the vet put her on isn't very effective. And I'm concerned with the side effects.

I wonder if you could describe to me your kitty's situation. Was it similar to mine? Mine has been having acid reflux at night or in morning. But today, she started throwing up during the day.

I tried to get her to take a little ACV. But she simply refused, no matter how much I wet food or shrimp I use.

I would appreciate any suggestions you might have.

Thanks so much!

Replied by Morella
Because they want your money more than your kitty's health! Been there done that! Now my baby and I have ACV and she'll see the vet only for shots! Good luck!

Posted by Jessica (Arlington, Va) on 11/10/2009

After coming home to find my cat lethargic and disinterested in food & water, I realized his left ear was causing him extreme amounts of pain. I searched online for advice as I wasn't interested in an expensive vet bill and unnecessary tests. I stumbled upon the posts for Apple Cider Vinegar and tried it on my cat. I mixed one cap of ACV with one cap of tepid water, placed in an infant ear irrigator and squeezed as much as my cat would allow into the ear, massaging the area when possible. He wasn't a fan of the process, however, after one day he was purring and eating again. After 2.5 days, the infection released and drained. After 3 days, he's pretty much back to normal. Thank you!

Posted by Ethereal (Kw, Canada) on 11/09/2009

Instead of a water bowl we have one of those pet fountains. It has a charcoal filter in it. Will this make the apple cider vinegar ineffective?

Replied by Mitch
Picture Butte, Alberta, Canada
I'm posting an answer, Re: Pet fountain w/charcoal filter. You probably have found out by now, but you also answered your own question.. Yes, the activated charcoal will indeed neutralize the acid in the vinegar. May I suggest that you add 1/2 teaspoon of the ACV (cultured, kinda cloudy, not clear) put onto wet cat food (canned), once a day will do though I have heard that some give it their pet twice a day.

I have four cats of various shapes and sizes, one of them balks a bit, but will eat in order to keep the others from getting his treat, if you have more than one cat, I suggest that they each get their own plate and that you give them their medicine all at the same time, so that one does not get more than its share.

I also give it to the one with the least manners first, etc. Easy to figure out the first time or so.

I give the ACV right on top and don't even bother to mix it in, if one is fussy, then just blend it a bit. It helps to use a fishy type of cat food, I use a salmon pate' and they can't wait, and even "bark" at me if I'm late... ha ha. I've checked out several web sites, however, this one (Earthclinic) was the first one I checked out and truly believe that my cats appreciate it as much as I do. Thank you so much!!

I also use the 50/50 ACVtoWater on the nape of the neck, using a cottonball to applicate into the fur. One cottonball is approx. one teaspoon, just toss it when thru. Works like a miracle. Hope that this helps.

Replied by Catlovequest
Lethbridge, Canada
Johnny, my 12 yr old dry food indoor (occassional backyard romps) neutered male tabby started licking his lower belly. Completely bald, and soon little red dot/spots appeared where he was licking. There were what looked like 2 internal bulges -3 inches by 1 directly opposite of each other- with red dots , 2 inch above his johnny. (Not sure if that was there before he licked the fur off). Stopped giving him a certain commercial treat because I read that food allergy may cause itchy skin. But then he'd me- yowww, and make frequent trips downstairs. Then small bloody puddles. He'd go right in front of me which he'd never done. Then the hair started to grow back a little on belly, but he started to lick his groin area excessively. - Wonder if a stone is passing or if chrystals are forming in his johnny..... When I first picked up this scrawny mite infested kitty, I said in front of him and everyone around "I'll give you a good home. Give you everything a cat would want. But I cannot afford a vet, and if you get sick, I'll do my best without having to spend a ridiculous amount. "... So now I'm thinking it might be time to put him down and dreading that..... So at 7am Sunday morning, I started searching - cat peeing blood- and ultimately came here.... Went and bought ACV but could not find the "organic". Surprised he ate some on wet cat food... Now am waiting. Will post update in order that others may also reap the benefits of this helpful site.... Hope others will also post detailed information/stats so we will not feel the need/guilt to go broke when trying to help our beloved pets.

Posted by Vcanfield (San Antonio, Tx, Usa) on 10/24/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I started giving my cat 2 capfuls of ACV (the kind with the mother) in about 2 T of canned cat food for his UTI. I already took him to the vet and after pumping him with antibiotics, he still had symptoms. He has slowly getting better with the UTI, but the amazing thing was his weepy eye is gone. He has had the weepy eye for years and I have tried all kinds of ointments from the vet for his eye, but nothing has ever helped until he started drinking the ACV.

Replied by Martha
Dunbar, Wv
Can someone please tell me what is the "mother" term mean in relation to ACV.
Replied by Bonnie
Ravenna Ohio
The "mother" in apple cider vinegar means it is unfiltered--so all the good stuff is in there. It may look cloudy on the bottom, shake it a little then pour. It may cost a few pennies more but worth it. I put a few drops in water for my pets--and take it everyday myself. Hope it helps.

Posted by Plurna (Waverly, Georgia, U.S.A.) on 08/25/2009

I'd like to know how often you give cats acv on the back of the neck and how often in their water. This may have been covered at some point but I'm not finding it in the posts. Thank you for this site and your time.

Replied by Loulou
San Francisco, Ca, usa
Thanks for everyone's input here. Very reassuring.

We suddenly found that our cat, LouLou was hosting a flea colony. In my desperation, I tried vinegar (distilled white). He's never been very fond of being combed, but the vinegar has gotten him very excited. He loves to lick my hands and his hair, sometimes he even investigates the bowl.

So, where some people might use vinegar to discourage some cat behaviors, mine just literally eats it up.

I will switch to ACV, but distilled white has been fine by him. Should I be concerned? Go figure. Here's a cat that like to eat shaven apple, raspberries and watermelon.
Replied by Saralin
Springfield, Il, USA
raw (unpasteurized) Apple Cider Vinagar (ACV) has many positive health benefits that distilled white does not. That's why I use it in my own food and drink all the time (and b/c it tastes good, too!)

Posted by Patti (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada) on 08/23/2009
5 out of 5 stars

ACV is a God send. I have 3 cats Darwin, Marconi,& Hypatia, and one, Marconi, is always coming down with crystals in his bladder. After repeated trips to the vet & surgery being offered (hubby said "NO". The cat's a male and shall stay that way), I found this site. Even with his medication and draining, he still was in rough shape. Ran out and picked up organic ACV and added 1/4 teaspoon to his wet cat food. He could spot it in the water bowl plus he'll only drink from the toilet anyways. He ate the food like a champ. So far it's been 5 months and no problems. It even helped the other 2 drop some pounds. Darwin was over weight & Hypatia was obese. Now they are fit and trim. They will continue to receive the ACV from now on.

Posted by Leigh (Melbourne, Victoria Australia) on 07/19/2009
5 out of 5 stars

My 3 yo male cat had surgery 5 days ago for a blocked bladder. He had also had 'crystals' when he was a kitten, even before he was neutered he managed to sort himself out back then with the help (or not) of some injections, tablets and a few consults.

This time was different he was in distress i rushed him to the vet on Thursday morning, they kept him there they said they sedated,unblocked him and had him on an IV drip but wanted to keep him for two nights. I paid visitsbut he became VERY distressed in there. Friday night, he looked near dead. I made them take out the IV drip and let me bring him home as there was no body at all in the surgery overnight.

He was happy to be home but by Saturday night i knew that he was blocking up again. I started to cry thinking of his options. I was physically ill. I didnt want to put him through any more surgery, nor did i want him to have to have his p---s removed. It seemed kinder to put him to sleep.

I found this site at 3 a.m Sunday morning. I got some ACV into around noon .. 50 parts ACV 50 parts water and started dripping drops onto his paw with a dropper.. the results were almost instant. He took off under the bed (not happy with me) but seemed to be sleeping soundly.

A couple of hours later he woke and went to his litter tray .. i was encouraged as this was more urine than he HAD been passing ..he kept making frequent trips to his litter trays (as they to with UTI) .. each time passing more and more urine .. i couldnt believe it!!!!!!!! I also made a capful to a cup of water and dropped a dropper full down his throat before i went to bed. He was already a different cat, almost back to his old self and this was only six or seven hours after his first doses of ACV!!

This morning i saw his sister trying to bury something on the laundry floor i thought it was a little worm/bug thing, it had two bits of kittylitter stuck to it. I picked it up it was actually a peice of conjealed* blood! It looked exactly like it has come out of his little p---s !! Did the vinegar help him to pass this!!? There were also larger and larger clumps of litter in the trays. I was so happy ..then! i saw him go in the tray himself ..the relief was written all over his face ..he did this huge wee!!

He has only been on raw beef/lamb/chicken since the surgery as he loves to eat this and won't eat the s/d science diet they sold me. he likes to drink water so im lucky .. im cutting out dry food as i think this is what caused it ..there was always some down for them to eat.

24 hours ago this was a different cat .. i thank the acv and testimonials from this site they've saved my little cats life! He is almost his old happy self sure of it!

Not sure whether to keep him on the antibiotics the vet prescribed or not though. I was meant to give him 3 yesterday and only gave him one. I'm worried about them mucking up his ph levels and possibly constipating him. And i don't altogether trust the vet.

Posted by Multiplecatmom (In the middle of New Jersey) on 06/23/2009

Question - Reading numerous posts about Apple Cider Vinegar and Cats with Crystals. If it is not organic or raw is it ineffective?

Replied by Judych
Dover, Tasmania Australia
i need to know if apple cider vinegar is effective if it isnt organic. im trying to buy some today through a friend but im isolated here and may not have access to it. judych. FEEL FREE TO EMAIL ME IF YOU CAN HELP WITH THIS. judych
Replied by Kyle
Jacksonville, Florida
If the ACV is not organic (it may be filtered, etc.) it generally loses ALOT of its natural enzymes and is therefore not nearly as effective, if at all. Only try to buy the ACV with the "mother".
Replied by Joly
Sacramento, California
The main thing is that is not be heated (pasteurized). It should say "raw" or "unpasteurized". But the best has the "mother"--the icky-looking stuff that makes it cloudy, and may be in strings. Very helpful if organic. Get that as soon as you can.

Posted by Joan (Sunrise, FL) on 02/27/2009

My poor cat has had a itching for too long! I bought ACV (wasn't able to get the raw one yet) & today I soaked her using a wet towel.

Rivka is abt 11 yrs old & has been skittish all this time (indoor cat). She'll cuddle next to me when "she" feels like it, otherwise she's like a feral cat (runs away from me).

Now that she knows what I'm going to do to her, I'm going to have a very difficult time catching her to apply the ACV. She "senses" when I'm going to do something to her that she doesn't like no matter how hard I try to hide whatever I need to do. In this case, it'll be the ACV.

I'm going to put some ACV in her water & will buy the raw ACV as soon as possible.

This poor girl needs relief so I'm hoping it pretty fast. Meanwhile, Rivka is very upset with me.

Replied by Joan
Sunrise, FL
Update to my posting: I soaked Rivka with a washcloth & she did ok. She ran away afterwards, but did come up on the bed to sleep later. Most important: I'm watching if the itching is subsiding. I'm not sure yet altho I did notice her scratch her head/ear & lick her body a little. Rivka hides so I can't watch much of her. MOF, I don't know where she is at present. I'm anxious for the ACV to work! Also, to pass on any helpful info. I will be back soon w/any updates.

Posted by Romana (Chaparral, Otero County) on 02/10/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I would like to Thank you for having this web site!! For those who have no idea how ACV works wonders on cats .. I use it for a flea spary and non of my pets have ever had fleas or ticks . Thanks R.L.W & kitty crew Chaparral N.M

Replied by Cassie
N Ft Myers, FL
I am interested in the flea spray and the mixture of it. My 17 year old cat has gotten fleas and now I have my chair infested. Thank you Cassie
Replied by Mk
Brooklyn, Ny
Thank you so much for the suggestion of apple cider vinegar. I first tried "regular" Apple Cider Vinegar for my 13 yo cat's infected eye, but it didn't work. Thankfully, living in Brooklyn allowed me to walk to the corner bodega in the middle of the night and purchase _____'s organic Apple Cider Vinegar and it worked in a day.

Posted by Janet (Asheville, NC) on 02/07/2009
4 out of 5 stars

We adopted 2- 4mos old kittens which had just been fixed and treated with shots. we couldn't ask for better personality sisters but one immediately came down with terrible upper respiratory problems and runny eyes. I'm on day 3 of ACV treatment. It's worse when she wakes up and yesterday morning I almost broke down and brought her to the vet but I did the ACV to the neck and paws and dropped some diluted ACV in her mouth and she became much more spunky within an hour. I also have been putting some colloidal silver in the water and using an eyedropper to give her some ascorbic acid and lysine but I'm not sure if its enough to help. I also put some organic virgin coconut oil on their paws once a day. They seem to enjoy licking that off and the vinegar. Although the condition is not completely cleared up the cat is spunky and has a great appetite and the snuffling sounds are much diminshed so I'm gonna carry on. I also ordered some fulvic acid. As you can tell I'm not a big fan of vets or doctors. This is something note worthy - I wanted to give the sick one chlorella but she wouldn't eat it. While I was trying to interest her the one that wasn't sick ate 8 tablets! So she was running around super charged. I looked this morning to see if there was diarrhea and though there was a soft stool someone was having that before the chlorella incident so I don't think there was much side effect. I will write again with an update

Replied by Janet
Asheville, NC
MORE GOOD NEWS! Before I went to work yesterday (day 3 of ACV for my kitten's URI) I finally got her to eat 2 chlorella and did another dose of ACV. I got Greenies Pill pockets and put the chlorella in it. The first day they turned their noses up at the pill pockets and I thought BUNK! but I tried it again on day 3 and kept putting in front of her nose and she'll eat them now. When I came home from work INCREDIBLE! No symptoms! If I listened real close I could hear a faint sinus constriction and this morning (day 4) no exasperation, she's cured! I want to emphasize this cat sounded like she swallowed a squeaky ball. On day 2 and 3 I also dropped some Colloidal silver in her eye because they were running so bad, (well day 3 not so bad). I'm supposed to take them to the vet for booster shots soon but I'm not so sure that will happen. Why wreck a good thing? This is probably the coolest website I know! Thanks for all your humanity!
Replied by Judych
Dover, Tasmania, Australia
is there a forum here that i can access?? my cat has very bad runny eyes, sneezing all the time. she is eating though.....but certainly not very well at all. she has had it now for about five days. im trying to keep her inside but dont know what to do. ive been reading about cider vinegar...getting some this arvo...i need to know how to use it. can anyone help please judych
Replied by Judych
Dover, Tasmania, Australia
i couldnt work out how my cat Tabs got her upper respiratory tract infecton...very bad running eyes, sneezing...very miserable. just couldnt work it out at all. she is an indoor cat. we certainly know about it if she comes in contact with other cats..and she hasnt. our garden is huge. we put a container of water outside 12 months ago and fill it up regularly. never think to do it every day or completely empty it out and wash the container. it came to me last night. she caught the infection from her water bowl in the garden. we know the cats have been coming in and drinking out of the bowl. how stupid of me not to realize that would be one way of her catching infections like this. we have now emptied out the container, washed it...and ive got another one right near the back door which i will watch all the time. judych
Replied by Judych
Dover, Tasmania, Australia
can you tell me what chlorella is please?? ive never heard of it. is it in tablet form?? where abouts could i buy it then??. also, i want to thank everyone for their input here. i was desperate for info..something to work with and help me TAbs with. so .. thanks judych


Replied by Saralin
Springfield, Il, USA
she might also be allergic to other things.. many cats are allergic to things used for cat litter.. like pine, or the dust from clay.. that could be irritating her.. also, feeding dry cat food could be a problem. I stopped feeding mine dry food, and only now give them grain-free wet food and give them some enzymess & omega-3 oils (which I provide through feeding them canned sardines - Stored in WATER, NOT OIL!). and their chronic upper respiratory problems went away!
Replied by Stevie
Ft.myers , Fl
I'm with Saralin. My cat had the exact same issue, but he had it from day one when I brought him home. When we got him he had very short hair, watery eyes and nose, the eyes would be crusty first thing in the morning and his nose would be all stuff up. After two rounds of antibiotics, in which he would seem to get much better, but then worsen again over two weeks' time I did a lot of online research and thought, maybe food allergies. Spoke with our vet and we immediately took him off the dry food he had been eating and put him on a limited ingredient diet. Within the first few days his congestion and watery eyes got much better. By the first week he was actually starting to grow in more hair. By one month on the limited ingredient diet he had medium length hair. When we got him his hair was less than 1/4 inch long. We were amazed. Unfortunately he still scratched a lot on that particular brand of food and still sneezed a lot, so a couple of years into it we switched him to a Rabbit and green pea diet by Royal Canin. With that food he scratched less, but still sneezed a lot. Finally I found another limited ingredient diet at Petco and placed him on that and he did wonderfully. Quit scratching, sneezes only a few times a day, but a month into the process he developed a UTI. I'm not sure if it was related to the new food or just the fact that he is almost 7 years old, an Oriental and, therefore, prone to UTIs. After one round of antibiotics and anti-inflammatories he got a bit better, but then after being off the medicines for 3 days he got worse again. Started a second round of antibiotics and searched for various treatments and found out about ACV. I bought some this afternoon and gave him a partial dose in a syringe with water by mouth - which he was not at all happy about. He actually retched twice but didn't throw it up. Later I snuck the remainder of the dose into his canned food and he gobbled it up. By this evening he was peeing larger amounts of urine, although still also squatting and not peeing a few times too. However, he did not visit the box nearly as often as he had the previous two days. In addition to the ACV I have instituted cranberry and vitamin C which he got full doses of yesterday and today.

However, the ACV itself has given him the most and fastest relief out of all the things we have been trying.

But definitely try your cat on some food that does not contain wheat, corn or soy and preferably something that is not what they normally eat (rabbit, duck or venison) for about 14 days in a row and see how he does. Petco has a brand called Natural Balance Limited ingredient diets that have both canned and dry. I would suggest you go with the canned food because it is very palatable. They have a Venison and green pea which my finicky cat loves, and also a salmon and green pea and chicken and green pea. But don't feed him all of them at the same time. Just buy one flavor and give that to him for two weeks and see how he does. If he is still messing up switch to a different flavor and try it.

I firmly believe it was the wheat gluten in the first limited ingredient food that caused my cat to sneeze and itch. With the second food it had soy, soybean and anchovy oil in it but no wheat or corn. With that food he was better, but still a little itchy. Conversely when I went to the third food that didn't contain soy, wheat, or corn is when we saw the major improvement.

Some cats are allergic to one or two of those and other cats are allergic to multiple things and the things you see with a food allergy are all the things you mentioned in your post and they completely mimic a URI.

Good luck with your Tabs!
Replied by Linda03
Mukilteo, Wa
My kittie pooky - 14 has been feeling under. I can tell. Upon petting him, I felt a lump on his neck and pulled something out tonight - tick, bug, cat bite... I don't know. Saved it in tin foil for the vet to evaluate. Before reading this site, rubbed cider vinegar on his neck since I have been using it to bathe in for lyme disease and detox my house from bacteria... he loved it and was so calm as if saying thank you.
Replied by Kat
Chicago, Il
5 out of 5 stars
I don't know if This is just coincidence, but my kitty suffers from recurring bouts of congestion, which I think is because of feline herpes virus. I supplement his Diet daily with lysine. For the past several days, he has been lethargic - not wanting to play or move around (very unlike his normal self). The night before last I added a tiny bit of ACV to his food. Then yesterday morning, I added a tiny bit again. By yesterday afternoon, he was a new man. I don't know if his virus just cleared up simultaneous with me trying the ACV, but he's definitely much better - almost immediately. If he falls ill again, I will try it and report back!

Posted by Renee (Sonora, CA) on 02/03/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I am so thankful for this website! My 13 year old cat has had UTIs a couple of times in his life. And about $150 each time I take him to the vet. Well last week I noticed him going to his box often. Then he went into the bathroom & went on the rug. The urine was bloody. So now it's 9:30 at night & we don't have 24 hour vets here. I felt so sorry for my cat - he must have been in alot of pain. So I planned on calling the vet first thing in the morning. Then I got on this website, & read about the ACV. Now it's 10 at night, and I get dressed to go to the store, because (of course) I didn't have any ACV. Well, when I got back I mixed about a half capful with some tuna. He didn't eat very much, but by the next morning he was better! I kept giving him the ACV for about a week, and now you would never know he has a problem. I am so happy to find this remedy I am recommending it to everyone I know who has cats. Thank you so much!

Replied by rtb210
Conroe, Texas
I just NEED to know if it has to be Raw Apple Cider Vinegar or if we can use the grocery store Apple Cider Vinegar
Replied by Eliza
Denton, TX
you do not have to use the raw. For all the right reasons, i.e., natural, has the mother, etc., it would be better, but use what you have access to. Everybody does not have easy and immediate access to a health food store and ordering from the internet takes a few days. Hope this helps you.

Posted by Nina (Inkster, Michigan) on 01/27/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Hello, my kitty had pink eye and i didnt have money to take her to vet.. I was so sick with worried at what to do for her, so i search the net for a cure and i found yr website... i have been giving her the acv and it working, i am so happy and thankful, i didnt really think it would help, but to my surpize it curing her, i gave her every 12 hrs 1/2 tsp of acv in a eyedropper mixed with water and little honey, she doesnt like it, but it works.

GOD BLESS YOU ALL, now my kitty is bright eyes again, i been treating her for 3 weeks, i think she had chest infection too, but it all clear now. so if u feel hopeless, give apple cider vinger a chance... nina and zaytunie (my kitty)

Replied by Elizabeth
Moorpark, Ca
5 out of 5 stars
One of my cats suffers from such skin allergies that I had to give her predinsone injections every two months for her to have any quality of life. The serious downside to that is it will make a cat diabetic within a few years. I read that many itchy skin conditions are often caused by an overgrowth of yeast, and yeast cannot live in an acidic environment. Last week I started dabbing ACV diluted with equal parts water on her affected areas. I do this once a day. The results have been dramatic; she has not had an episode of itching since.
Replied by Sorrokine
Vs, Ny, Usa
I have a female cat, five years old, Egyptian Mau. Since we brought in a kitten about 14 months ago, she's started licking to the point her fur disappeared from now her belly, her front paws, a spot on her rear feet and base of tail. I read up on many articles stating stress, however, I also feel that she might have been suffering from the amoxicillan she had taken when the kitten gave her a cold.

I suffer from mold poisoning and know the dangers of anti-biotics. I personally have remedied my late stage two mycotoxicosis and body candida yeast infection(created from extensive mold poisoning from contaminated building two years ago, and brought myself back from death's doorstep. ) with natural supplements. These were my only option since doctors aren't trained in mold sickness. Yeah, gotto love that one folks. Besides that, I am aware of the dangers of the yeasts in our gut that will take over the body from a low immune system. Steroids, Anti-biotics and immune suppressing drugs will destroy the natural flora in your gut and let the bad yeasts and bacteria take over, so I imagine this too applies for animals.

I noticed my cat sometimes for the last eight months or so, has had a terrible odor, despite being bathed with natural allergy shampoo once a month, sometimes leaving nasty smelling marks behind from where she sits. This tells me she has a UTI or yeast infection. So I cured myself with Oregano, Chlorophyll, grape seed extract, grapefruit seed extract and other beneficial herbs for liver function like milk thistle, burdock and dandelion. My Body yeast infection has drastically been lowered, my skin marks and abrasion are almost gone, and I have a website for any one who suffers from this as well. Very informative as it is my journey curing myself.

My question is if this is the case, as I have already seen a vet twice on this issue (they just say its stress... Ugh) I imagine if I try ACV in her water, food and some dropper treatments might help her situation. Was just curious if anyone here would have some advice since she's the most wonderful, loving cat I have ever had the honor of befriending. She's just my shining light so I wish to make her better. Thank you very much for any assistance I might receive.

Replied by Gina
Iuka, Ms
Sorrokine, try organic coconut oil get it at the health food store or amazon. I dont know about cats but it sure cleared up my yorkie. I give him (9lbs) 1 teaspoon in his food once a day and rub it on his skin. Believe me I tried everything, this worked.
Replied by Jennifer
Johnson City, New York, United States
My cat hasn't been able to urinate for less than 24 hours. He has been squatting all over the house trying to go, but nothing happens. I called a few local Vets and they all told me it would cost $200-300 to help him. I searched the net to find anything that might help. Finally, I came across this website. I just gave my cat the first of Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with water. He wasn't too happy, but I will continue giving it to him. I can't stand to see him this way. I also put some in his food and water. Does anyone know how often I need to give him acv?? Please can someone help me. I am so worried about him.
Replied by Jennifer
Johnson City, New York
Great news!!!! He finally went! Thank you everyone for posting info. I cannot be more grateful. ACV really does work magic!

Posted by Apryl (Hooks, Texas) on 01/19/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Last night hubby and I noticed that our cat was acting very odd. He wasn't using his litter box and would "squat" every few minutes all around the house like he was trying to urinate. His coat didn't look so good and he was having trouble walking and he couldn't sleep. It was a Sunday night and today is a holiday. There wasn't any place open to take him. He was trying to go to the bathroom and let out the most horrible crying noise. It brought me to tears. I just felt so helpless. I came across this site and decided to try acv. We went to Wal-Mart at 3am to get some as we didn't want to wait and watch him suffer. It's been less than 24 hours and he's already feeling better. He isn't squatting all the time and he actually has been able to urinate some and is using his box again. He's finally able to sleep as well. I gave him a lot more than what was suggested from the people on this site because I was terrified he wouldn't make it through the night. I honestly have no idea exactly how much I gave him. He won't eat wet food at all, so I bought his favorite treats and saturated with with full strength acv. I also used a dropper and gave him a bit mixed with water (not sure how much of each as I was in a panic and wasn't using measurements). I also added some to his water. I think I will keep doing this until he is better, then I'll just continue to add some to his drinking water. I'm so thankful to have found this site and so glad that our kitty is feeling better. I know he has a way to go, but the improvement was almost immediate. To be honest, I had my doubts at first but decided it was well worth trying and was really the only option I had at 3am. Don't hesitate to try this. It really works and works fast. I will still take him to our vet just to make sure he's ok, but this may very well have saved his life as he was looking so horrible I was afraid he wouldn't live through the night. Thanks!

Replied by Jennfier
Johnson City, Ny
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I posted yesterday that my male cat is having problems urinating. Well today he is doing much better, but not completely back to his old self. I was wondering if anyone knew how often I need to give him Apple Cider Vinegar and water? Any info will be greatly appreciated.
Replied by Rmdelete
San Diego, Ca, Usa
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This may sound very contradictory since you read it being poison everywhere but try forcing a thin sliver or fresh garlic down your male cat's throat. It sounds like your cat could have a potentially deadly problem (urinary blockage from struvite crystals) my boyfriend and I dropped $3,800 on our male cat for this problem, when we brought him home he was still having issues going but shortly after giving him a little garlic he was able to have a strong stream of urine. Give your cat the garlic at first everyday for 3 days (thin sliver) and then every three days and then eventually weekly and then monthly. It really does a difference, especially in male cats eating dry food. But again, garlic is listed as a toxic bulb for cats. But all in moderation does my cat good.
Replied by Kathy
Minneapolis, Mn
I am so frustrated tonight, our sweetie boy "Sebastian" started straining 2 weeks ago, I called the vet after the second day, they put him on an antibiotic and charged "only" $200 at Xmas and we barely had it. Then, about 9 days later, he is straining again and ill (vomiting) so back to vet she said maybe had to "cath" him and of course, antibiotics, a day or two at vet and maybe another "$600" like it is nothing! We were confused and upset but had to come up with it as they made it sound like life and death.... Now today, he came home after another $200 (Now over a thousand and we are broke) and he is laying on a chair looking dead to the world!! On Diazapam, buzaperine? antibiotic etc, and I am force feeding vet food for UTI and guess what? When I called today, to see if he should be eating and not drooling she said "bring him in again, more tests" really? What jerks~! Are there any decent honest vets today? We are now looking after this money and the love for our kitty who is only 2; at putting him to sleep.... We simply can't afford more. I may try and ACV tomorrow although he is weak, and am so angry at vets!! To make us feel guilty and put a price on our pets and our love, shame! Maya, not all are mean or cheap, we simply have in my case lost total faith in the vet world and will search natural remedies. Thank you. Please pray for Sebby.
Replied by Om
Hope, Bc Canada
Please research on the 'net homeopathic remedies stating the main symptoms. OR contact a homeopathic practitioner (registered) and talk to them if life and death. By now you will know the vets don't know what to do but attend to business. Wish you luck Om

Posted by Tracey (St. Pete, FL) on 01/17/2009
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My cats get a teensy bit (like a 1/2 teaspoon) of ____Raw ACV in their wet food, and I put some extra water in their food. They are healthy, bright-eyed and have no problem with crystals or other pee problems.

It's important to get the RAW ACV. Don't get the clear kind, because it does not have all the vitamins/minerals.

Clear ACV has all the beneficial vitamins/minerals pasteurized (heated) out! So, be sure to use only the raw kind. It has a slimy film at the bottom that they call "Mother of vinegar" because it's the highly beneficial bacteria. It's cloudy and brown, which most people look at and think, oh that looks gross, but this kind of vinegar is natural and great for you and your cat. So you want the kind with that.

I use it on a flea comb and comb through their fur to help control fleas. Also, when they get an itchy patch or a scab, put a Q-tip or cotton ball dipped in vinegar and rub it on the spot. My kitty loves this because she knows it will feel better and takes the itch out!

Cats know when you're doing something to help them.

Oh, just wanted to mention to the girl who feeds tuna fish-- I know we've been taught that they love it, and it's true, because it's so smelly of fish, but tuna fish is not good for cats-- something about the taurine gets depleted from their body when they eat it. Check and for natural cat food recipes. The RAW CHICKEN LIVERS is good, though, once or twice a week, though.

I feed my babies raw chicken everyday. They even eat the raw chicken bone! (BUT NEVER FEED CATS COOKED BONES-- THE BONES SPLINTER AND CAN CHOKE OR POKE HOLES THROUGH THEIR INTESTINES.) Again, see the previously mentioned sites for more info on balancing your cat's diet. I know I need to be providing more balance.

So, I use ACV for my cats and for me (has cured me of tendonitis from typing too much! to helping me lose weight to keeping my skin really nice to curing my stomach problems to giving me good energy.

I think you all will be really pleased when you start using ACV inside and out. It's truly a miracle natural medicinal that has been used since the time of Hippocrates ("the father of medicine").

Be well and happy.

Replied by Bethany
Phoenix, AZ
Hello! Please can someone help me! I am reading that raw ACV helps cats with leaky eye. My male main-coon cat has a leaky eye and I was wondering where do I put the ACV... on the back of his head or in his food? Because he may not eat it, he's a little picky. Also I have two other cats who sometimes eat his food and they all share a water fountain. Is the leaky eye a sign of something more serious... a urinary tract infection... which doesn't make sense to me... but freaks me out if that's the case. I can't afford to take him to the vet now :(

Can someone please tell me how to use the raw ACV for his eye!! He's had it for while and I had no idea why or what it was from. Someone told me it was normal for a cat over 10 years old-but now I know that's not correct and am very upset I didn't get him treated. Please help! Thank you!

Replied by Catherine
Montgomery, Alabama/U.S.A.
Commenting on tuna/tuna cat foods being harmful; in early pet food manufacturing cats became sick, some died from taurine deficiency as the canning process destroys taurine. Taurine for many years has been added back to canned cat food, so for those who can't afford to feed natural diets (or haven't the time) canned tuna cat food is an alternative. One must be careful with homemade/natural diets as well to ensure the feline, an obligate carnivore, gets the correct balance of nutrients and protein.

On apple cider vinegar (ACV)for use in felines, I've read too many times that people are dosing cats orally, straight out of a dropper, on the fur/paws, with undilute vinegar...try some yourself right out of the bottle? It burns the mouth, throat, and stomach when it hits, so please dilute before administering. I use ACV myself, and for my cat's for eye and nose treatment (upper resiratory related).

I make an 8oz. glass of warm water with 1/4 tsp. ACV and 1/4 tsp. seasalt...I use this myself, and test on myself before dropping in cats eyes/nose. These amounts aren't caustic enough to cause burning pain. Restraint and medicating are always unpleasant to cats. Mine have grown accustomed to it, although none of us enjoy the process.

Initially they were panicked and struggled...they feel they can't breathe I imagine... but speaking softly/calmly, giving breaks from restraint to pet and comfort between drops they have learned to endure it without a big fight. My cats were infected w/a calici virus outside the scope of their annual vaccines more than a year ago when I helped a friend find homes for kittens, so we have to do this often. My cats are not cured by any means, but the ACV 1 tsp. per can of wet food w/water added, same in water bowel, and the eye/nose drops help to keep the sinuses from becoming full of stringy mucus, and clear the eyes in a matter of 3-4 days when it manifests there.

Just as a warning to other cat lovers, I have always made sure the cats/kittens I've fostered were FIV/FeLeuk negative before allowing them into my home, even in a kitty condo not in direct contact with my babies, NOT GOOD ENOUGH! In this case I wasn't warned the kittens had been sneezing. For those who foster and rescue, I have learned from the heartbreak of having 4 beautiful, healthy cats become chronically ill, never, ever to allow any other cat/kitten into my home without total quarantine, in the kennel and in a room away from mine, with stringent disinfecting...of room and yourself; hands, shoes, even clothes if you hold the visiting cats or they sneeze on you. Even a cat that appears well can be a carrier of herpes/calici/rhino and other diseases. Recently a pet sitter friend had the same thing sign of illness in the cats she sat, but she carried herpes virus to her three cats, one of them elderly and at risk.

Hope this is helpful, Catherine