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  Itchy Scalp and Hair Loss Due to Hormones?
Thu, 24 Jul 14 11:39:46 -0500

07/24/2014: Carolyn from Abilene, Tx: "Crystal, I'm hypothyroid also and just saw your post on hair loss. I can't wait to try your remedy since I've lost 50-75% of the hair on top of my head. Thanks for the information and I'll let you know in a few months if it works for me. I haven't tried it yet but am really excited to know this has helped you."

Mon, 21 Jul 14 08:31:07 -0500

07/21/2014: Rizary from Indonesia: "Hi Ted,

My wife is suffer from sjogren's syndrome. I have read your remedies and found some of the article regarding that... here is:

"Doctors trained in the methods developed last century, know they cannot cure auto-immune conditions (although some are not honest enough to say so). What they can do for patients is handle the symptoms. Vitamin D will for a short time reduce symptoms by suppressing the immune system. It is technically not a vitamin, it is a seco-steroid. It is not as dangerous as full steroids, but it is still dangerous to health because it suppresses the immune system.

Ted's idea also, is to suppress symptoms to make the patient feel better, this can allow the patient to feel better in the short term, 4 or 5 years perhaps, while the illness is developing inside the cells of the human immune system and elsewhere. It is easy for both patient and doctor to feel good by symptom relief from Omega oil, like taking aspirin for a headache. If the patient is developing a brain tumor, aspirin is not so good.

Ted's method, unfortunately, allows the patient to get worse while feeling better.

Restoring the immune system is the opposite.

MP offers an alternative:- to rehabilitate the VDR by eliminating vitamin D, which is blocking the VDR in auto-immune conditions

Olmesartan is a 'vitamin' D substitute, a Vitamin D Receptor cleaning tool.
When taken every 4 to 6 hours for several years, it will clean out and restore the VDR to healthy function and allow the immune system to do it's work effectively.
The writer Ted does not know this and does not allow for microbes actually getting inside the cell walls and taking control there.

If you choose the path of getting well, you can still use the baking soda and the magnesium chloride. These allowable substances are discussed in the members' only forums on the study site (MPSS)

My Sjogren's symptoms did go away after 2 years of Olmesartan, and have not bothered me since. I still take Olmesartan since I have co-morbidity and know my immune system had become deeply affected over the years before this treatment was discovered"

What I am about to ask is that what is your comment to that post??

and My wife is currently consumed LUPRED (some drugs from docter, PREDNISOLONE or methyl PREDNISOLONE I guess). Can I include the meds when my wife use your remedies??"

07/11/2014: Esperanza from 0: "This is a little different than most suggestions on Earth Clinic, but have you tried energy healing? I have heard reports of great results from people who have had chronic conditions. It seems that releasing energy blocks in your body can help eliminate allergies and allow your body to effectively utilize all of the good nutritional habits and supplements you've adopted. Feel free to email and I can give you more specific recommendations."

  Remedies Needed for Hep-b
Sun, 29 Jun 14 18:59:38 -0500

06/29/2014: Matt Mccoy from Kansas : "There is a cure. Go to gastrologest. He can help you."

Cold Showers Therapy Questions
Fri, 27 Jun 14 09:01:02 -0500

06/26/2014: Anon84 from 0: "Hi, first of all I'd like to say that reading about people's experiences with cold showers has been very interesting. It's always fun to learn about simple changes that can improve one's health. Recently, I've been trying to learn more about how cold showers affect the body. I guess I have two main questions about this:

a) How do cold showers affect cortisol levels? (the "stress hormone"). I think I heard that increases cortisol. But cortisol doesn't really have a positive connotation. Are there different types of cortisol? Is there a "good" and a "bad" type? I had assumed that cortisol was something that people already have too much of, and should be reducing. So is there a reason to be concerned about cold showers and cortisol?

b) Do cold showers affect men and women in different ways? Some people say that cold showers could increase testosterone levels for men. Does it do anything different / special for women?

It would be appreciated if someone could share their thoughts and insight, thanks!"

06/22/2014: Big C from 0: "You can neutralise the alkalinity of the Baking Soda by mixing it with an acid until the Baking Soda stops reacting.

Suitable acids are Apple Cider Vineger, Citric Acid, Ascorbic Acid (a Vit C compound - read your Vit C labels to find this one), or fresh squeezed lemon or lime juice.

I prefer to mix ACV in a glass of water to drink with my meals though, helps the acidity and hopefully the digestion."

Fri, 20 Jun 14 20:18:29 -0500

06/20/2014: Sophia from 0: "Hello, LA musician, I am just checking in to see if you did cure your morgellons? Would you be willing to share your outcome and if a positive one, the remedies that were effective? It would be very helpful to all of us!

Thank you!"

Re: Info on Epilepsy
Wed, 18 Jun 14 13:54:17 -0500

06/18/2014: Om from 0: "EC has a large section on epilepsy. Om"

  Re: What Could I Take to Help Me with My Epilepsy?
Mon, 16 Jun 14 21:54:24 -0500

06/16/2014: Ana from Canada: "Brahmi is for epilepsy"

  Source and Dosage
Tue, 10 Jun 14 10:41:28 -0500

06/10/2014: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand: "You prepare starting 1% and make it 0.1% solution by adding water. Ted"

  United States Source for Pharma-grade?
Thu, 05 Jun 14 09:31:17 -0500

06/05/2014: Wolverine from La: "Uhhh...THe second I read your post on HCL...the lightbulb went off...I felt like I just found a pot of have no idea...The lack of HCL has been plauging my life...Can you please EMAIL ME? or give me your email so I can contact you.. You are very very special my dear! Email me. God23power (at)"

06/02/2014: Musicnkats from 0: "did this work for you? I have the same problem. I'm going to try it. Please let me know."

  Has Had Ulcerative Colitis for 35 Years, Now Son Has It Too
Tue, 20 May 14 18:23:46 -0500

05/20/2014: Anon from Anywhere: "Can you explain how microbacteria is killed by artemisinin and gallium nitrate?"

Wed, 14 May 14 18:31:18 -0500

04/28/2014: Jeff from Usa: "You really need to look at your diet. Something you are eating is probably the root cause. All this other stuff may work to treat after the fact but you have to find what is causing it. What I do is do an organic juice cleanse diet tell you feel good. I use kale and other vegetables. Then I'll implement food slowly. Stay away from all dairy and gluten based products. Good luck."

  Question Regarding Detoxing From Fluoride
Wed, 14 May 14 18:27:21 -0500

05/10/2014: Clara from Lawrenceville, Georgia: "I broke out in a rash after taking 4 cipro antibiotics. I broke out in taveling hives in my head, on my back, thighs, under my breast. I used 1/2 ACV and 1/2 91% alcohol to treat the out break and the itch which would go away and appear in another area. What helped me the most was drinking the borax water and plenty of bottled water (a liter a day. I bought a 5 gal jug of the CHA alkalized water and dranked as much as I could per day. Sugar also made me break out more so I had to cut that and tap water. Sometimes the hives would go inside the bottom of my foot like lumps, or arthritis in my toes, 1 or 2 of them. My knees would burn out of the blue and I could hardly walk on with it. The next day it would be gone. You will need to stop or cut back on carbohydrates and sugar. Good water is a natural antihistamine. It took about a month and a half to recover completely doing this. I broke out with like knots under my skin and a suface rash . What I did was buy a gallon of distilled water and put 1/2 teaspoon of borax in it. I marked it because I had several gallons of distilled water and drinking water. I did not want to get them mixed up."

  How to Use DMSO in Nebulizer?
Wed, 14 May 14 18:24:38 -0500

04/27/2014: Larry from Usa: "I use colloidal silver 10 ppm several times a day. I put about 4 or 5 mil in the cup and suck it in every third breath suck it in deep as you can. This has helped me quite a bit when I have a hard time breathing. I do this then in about half hour follow up with normal prescribed neb meds and it works well."

  South Africa
Wed, 14 May 14 18:19:10 -0500

05/14/2014: Mel from South Africa: "Andy, did you try the health shop in KC? I'm in Fish Hoek and also looking for the 35% food grade. Anyone know if the health shop in KC still has?"

  What Can I Do to Help Me with My Failing Kidney?
Thu, 24 Apr 14 09:01:57 -0500

04/23/2014: Neelam from Minnesota: "I have heard of herbs in Ayurveda that can reverse kidney damage especially one called Punarnava."

  Is Borax Safe to Consume?
Mon, 14 Apr 14 11:39:40 -0500

04/14/2014: Bill from San Fernando, Philippine: "Hi Sean...The dosage of Borax that Walter Last recommends is much less than what Ted from Bangkok recommends on this site. Ted recommends taking an 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon of Borax mixed in a liter of water. You should drink this water throughout the day -- the whole liter of this water/borax -- for five days a week. This means your supplementing 500 mgs to 1000 mgs a day using Ted's borax remedy.

From his book Overcoming Candida, Walter Last recommends one teaspoon of borax(5 gms to 6 gms borax) in a liter of water. Then add just one teaspoon of this borax water to a drink and take it once a day. Walter Last also specifies a max dose of 100 mgs borax a day. So this dose is therefore far less than Ted's dose of 500 mgs to 1000 mgs of borax supplemented with a liter of water every day.

Dr Rex Newham took borax twice a day to successfully cure his own case of severe arthritis. His dosage was only 30 mgs borax twice a day. See this link for his research.

I've been taking borax at Ted's higher dosage(1000 mgs a day) regularly for over 8 years with no side effects. If you look up the MSDS on Borax -- you'll find that it has similar toxicity to ordinary table salt(sodium chloride) for rats. I supplement borax to kill fungus and mycoplasma as well as for its great ability to get rid of fluoride from the body.

MSDS for Borax(Sodium Tetraborate)

MSDS for Sodium Chloride(Salt)"

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