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 Lupus Flare-up Question

Thu, 18 Dec 14 20:30:33 -0500

12/18/2014: Nirvana from Co: I see these responses were from a few years ago.

Briefly, diagnosed with both (overlap syndrome) RA/lupus after years of normal blood work, no positive (+ANA) studies.

When seeing the rheumatologist, his only answer was methotrexate. I previously tried and could not tolerate prednisone and plaquenilfor extreme fatigue. I don't have that, but do have malar rash, usual progressive osteoarthritis.

I refuse to take methotrexate so rheumatologist is not happy with me. I cannot see taking it along with added prescriptions to off set side effects of methotrexate.

I noticed dietary no-nos of which I've been eating (night shade vegetables- potatoes, chile peppers, tomatoes) and most of the fruits listed on previous post.

Cannot see rheumatologist until Febafter having to reschedule. Any new tips, supplements would be helpful. I'm confident there are plant based immunosuppresants and disease modifiers out there, I just do not know where to begin.

Is Dr. Furhman's EAT TO LIVE book a good one to assist with food based medicine. He advocates Berries, Onions, Mushrooms, Beans, seeds. BOMBS.

Apple cider vinegar and borax- still healthful or a hoax?

 Throat Is Burning and Tightening

Tue, 16 Dec 14 12:42:58 -0500

12/16/2014: Julie from United Kindom: Hi, I've also been suffering with a sore throat as if something is stuck. I've also been suffering with a dry mouth which has got worse over the years palpitations and weakness. my ph urine and saliva tests 7- 7.25 so not sure what to take. Wishes, Julie


Tue, 16 Dec 14 12:42:03 -0500

12/16/2014: Mickey from California: Hi,

I just wanted to know how much is a cap full that you drink? Also you said it sticks to you stomach and intestines if its a gel. Would it eventually be absorbed by the fluid in your body?

Also, can you use Himalayan salt instead of Sea Salt? Thank you. Mickey

 Borax and Constipation?

Sat, 29 Nov 14 12:35:01 -0500

11/29/2014: Joan from Usa: Val from UK: Just curious, which product label is that information from? Thanks.

 Side Effects of a Urinary Tract Infection

Mon, 10 Nov 14 14:10:18 -0500

11/10/2014: Judy_aus from Australia: Hi Ted,

just a question in regards to genital inflammation. You wrote the simplest is your urine applied to inflammation about 10 minutes, the urea content in urine helps dissolve the allergens.

How do you apply the urine? Sit in it for 10 minutes? Doesn't urine get full of bacteria once it reacts with oxygen?

Thank you.

 Tannic Acid

Sun, 09 Nov 14 16:02:45 -0500

11/09/2014: Brian from Uk: Use permethrin poweder on your scalp.

Yes, some people say it's toxic but it isn't. See

After 10 minutes wash your scalp well using lots of shampoo. I did this for the first time 4 hours ago and for the firsts time in years my scalp is lump free. Incidentally, when I looked at the bottom of the sink after I let the water out I could see the dead critters.

Kind regards, Brian

 Sabah Snake Grass for Kidney Disease?

Sun, 02 Nov 14 06:41:44 -0500

11/02/2014: Rosemary from Az: Hi Ted, I hope you will have time for a quick reply. I was combing the sight looking for your recommendations for my artery disease and along with it I found another recommendation for kidney disease which got my attention. Another friend of mine has Stage 4 Kidney Disease. As a vegetarian she does indeed eat a tremendous amount of fruit and her system is indeed very acidic. I have strongly suggested she stop eating fructose. Anyhow this is the other similar remedy that you recommended:

"Kidney disease is actually caused by three things in the following order: high blood sugar, high blood pressure, and the use of pain killers that damage the kidney. To help save the kidneys you must eliminate the three causes. Also, your friend should take Assam tea and essential amino acids--threonine and BCAA being the most important. Excessive uric acid does not only cause problems of the kidney but is a good predictor of heart disease, as the tiny uric crystals accumulate in capillaries of the heart and microscopic stones that limit circulation too. The best way to reduce homocysteine by approximately 1/2 or 1/3 is supplementation of trimethylglycine, 2000 mg x 3 a day over one month, which also improves heart disease.

The cause of high uric acid is acidity and high blood sugar, which for me is defined as over 90 mg/dL, low water intake, and especially fructose from fruits, honey, and fructose in processed foods." TED

My question is are these remedies safe for someone with Stage 4 Kidney Disease and is one of these remedies preferred over the other for Stage 4 Kidney Disease?

Thank you so very much for your time and the willingness to so readily share your vast wealth of knowledge.

Sincerely, Rosemary


Tue, 28 Oct 14 14:56:07 -0500

10/28/2014: Lou from Tyler, Tx: Ted,

Would a Borax bath (1 C. Borax - the laundry booster) help? I had severe arm pain the other day and did a Borax soak in hot water. I felt WAY better the next day.


10/26/2014: Jeroen from Amsterdam: Side effects while using Borax (during 3 days only): Kidney pains

My correction is to reduce the intake of Borax, as I guess the calcium and or fluoride exit is going faster then my kidneys can expel in time. Next to that I probably did not drink enough plain water. I have been drinking distilled water for 3 years now, and I have used herbals to clean all organs during this period. Borax definitely works ...

10/16/2014: Susan from California: I did human fecal implant for C. Diff and it worked immediately. I had c. diff for two years. It was a miracle!

09/29/2014: Fernando from Brazil: I have found my cure. I'm extremely relieved. My doctor just as if it was merely something else barely worth a try, prescribed a medicine with oxybutynin chloride. It has definitely saved me. Here, in Brazil, it's called Retemic, but I looked it up and I guess there's one in the US called Ditropan. If any of you haven't tried that and are interested in it at all, let me know that I'll tell you the dose I'm taking and everything else. my email is radiacaofossil (at) hotmail (dot) com

09/28/2014: Mary Bellodi from The Villages Florida: I would like to know where the closest dr is for hydrogen peroxide theropy in the 32162 area of florida god bless u marie

09/24/2014: Godsgrace777 from Illinois: There is a famous MD that treats bacteria with a device she invented called a zapper. There are many testimones that she has been very successful with her treatments. Since morgellons is a bacteria, I think that may be what was meant by treating it with electricity.

09/20/2014: Mary from Scotland : You can make a boric acid solution (only pharmacy grade boric acid, available from the pharmacy only no prescription needed, for about $3 where I live). I suggest only the potency of the eye wash solution which is 1/8 teaspoon to one cup of clean water. You must boil the powder inside the water for at least 10 minutes to fully dissolve the powder. You can store this solution in a clean container and use it as needed. I have read you can use it as a douche, but I think simply squeezing a few saturated cotton balls into the vagina while laying down would be sufficient. You should feel immediate relief, and only need to do it a couple times a day for a few days. I used it myself like this once recently, with good results.

09/13/2014: Remy from India: Hi,

has your condition being rectified??what treatments have you undergone? How to remove E.coli from sperm??

09/13/2014: Amy from Arlington Va: Try a scoop of extra Virgin coconut oil to see. It's yummy, and can be mixed with foods. I have seen reasearch it helps the brain with alzheimers (Google that). healthy fats like walnuts and omega 3's and Kerry grass fed butter feed the brain with the fat it craves/needs to work properly. Give it a try.

 Spasmodic Torticollis (cervical Dystonia)

Mon, 25 Aug 14 00:33:59 -0500

08/24/2014: Cindy from Florida: Hi,

I would love to talk to you and your journey with Cervical Dystonia. I really want to go the natural way. I am tired of taking pills and this is getting very painful. Is there any way I can contact you? Will greatly appreciate it!


 Yellow Tongue

Sat, 23 Aug 14 13:06:42 -0500

08/23/2014: Bryan from Canada: Do you just rinse/gargle with the mixture or actually drink it?

 Acid Reflux While Trying to Get Pregnant

Wed, 20 Aug 14 23:32:36 -0500

08/20/2014: Diamond from Mass.: I found a really great web site for the person asking for advice about genital warts.

08/20/2014: Diamond from Mass.: Genital warts: If there is an existing condition such as genital warts out side the body then a person needs to treat the inside of the body as well.You might do many web searches on this subject preferably webmed. The only way I can get correct information is; if most answers sound pretty close to the same.Go with your gut feelings. If you like I will try to help look up a few web sites as well. Good Luck.

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