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Re: Multiple Remedies Did Not Help Shingles Nerve Pain
Tue, 24 Jun 14 09:07:25 -0500

[NAY]  06/24/2014: Laurie from Poplar Bluff, Mo: "I am 53 years old and have shingles 5 times. The Dr convinced me to have the vaccine which I did 4 months ago. I did not break out with the rash this time just fever blisters around and in mouth, but have had EXTREME nerve burning pain that is nearly debilitating at times. I have tried acupuncture, lysine, coconut capsules, ACV, so far NO relief.The Pain IS horrible in the middle of my back clear around to front of ribs, my naturopath says it is my gallbladder channel (which I had my gallbladder removed 3 years ago) ANY suggestions would be appreciated."

Re: Hot Compresses for Eye Chalazions
Tue, 24 Jun 14 08:57:09 -0500

[NAY]  06/24/2014: Lovelygirl36 from Georgia: "Eye chalazions: I been having this problem for a couple of years but there not inside my eye I have them outside of my eye. I have tried hot compresses and no results I've even popped them and they come right back.."

Re: Healing Clay for Insomnia
Tue, 24 Jun 14 08:45:42 -0500

[SIDE EFFECTS]  06/24/2014: Rick from Wayne, Va: "I have chronic insomnia. None of the supplements/herbs I have tried do anything for it. Some do help me to sleep but then I have diarrhea from them. Does anyone have experience with clay? I hear it goes to the place in most need of healing first--do you think it would go to whatever is wrong and then I'd be able to sleep? I took 1 dose of sodium bentonite clay and had muscle aches, headache, belly cramping. Now I hear that the calcium bentonite would be a better option. Anyone?"

  Re: Neem and Autoimmune Diseases
Tue, 24 Jun 14 08:36:05 -0500

06/23/2014: Rhonda from Florida: "WebMD states:

“Auto-immune diseases” such as multiple sclerosis (MS), lupus (systemic lupus erythematosus, SLE), rheumatoid arthritis (RA), or other conditions: Neem might cause the immune system to become more active, and this could increase the symptoms of auto-immune diseases. If you have one of these conditions, it’s best to avoid using neem.""

  Re: Trying to Locate Chanca Piedra in the Philippines
Tue, 24 Jun 14 08:34:49 -0500

06/23/2014: Big C from Quezon City: "Look at the pictures Bill already posted. It is very easy to find CP in even the smallest street markets, just look to the herb seller, I saw them and used them for green juices even though I had no idea what they were previously. These grow wild all over Philippines, no need to stress if Healthy Options does not stock it. always has anything as a last resort, but herbs that grow wild is just oo easy to pick up off the side of the street."

Re: Website Comments
Tue, 24 Jun 14 08:33:46 -0500

06/24/2014: Raksha from Livingston, Nj: "I just wanted to thank you so very much for the most valuable information on your website! It is my bible of health and nutrition! It is my first place to go to on the web if I have any medical problems for people or pets! I have referred your website to countless of people!! I can not thank you enough for the tremendous service you are providing to global community! You are God send to help people who want natural treatment at prices they can afford!!!

I learn so much from reading comments on experiences people have in treating their ailments!

Just recently I told someone about how 35% food grade H2O2 can help COPD from reading about it on your website! She tried it and it truly works! For the first time in a long while she is able to function without having to take inhalers and Rx medicines! She is amazed at how great this remedy works!

Once again, thank you very much!


  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar and Onion Juice for Age Spots
Tue, 24 Jun 14 08:32:03 -0500

06/24/2014: Megterry from Malaysia: "HI there, just wondering if it is possible for me to have 2 red onions (skin peel off and cut into smaller size) put inside the bottle filled with white vinegar. Then I just use them for my freckles and brown spot on my face. Once there are dry, I'll just clean my face. Let me know, thanks!"

Re: Healthy Fats and More...
Tue, 24 Jun 14 08:30:33 -0500

06/23/2014: Rebel from Somewhere Usa: "Hello to all. I really want EC, Bill, Ted, Dave, Mama to Many and anyone else, I might have left out to take a look at these websites. Please give your opinions about some of the content, in particular about the Truth about Fats / There are No Healthy Oils, Coconut oil, and Olive oil. Also about The Dangers of Maca, Coffee, Green Tea and Chocolate. I would like to add these websites here that have some great information on them. Some of it is already here on EC, But some of them have extra stuff that is not here and as you can see also some have some different opinions on some of the natural remedies and their cause and effects on us.

See I believe we are all different and respond to natural treatments and diet differently than others, where as medical doctors say we are all the same.

Here is the website with the most info. Which by the way has info including Bill Murno's website and all kinds of good stuff. Can be found here:

Second up is about dangers of Maca, Coffee, Green Tea and Chocolate. Can be found here:

So third is the Truth about Fats / There are No Healthy Oils. Can be found here:

I am in no way trying to conflict what we have learned here on EC about coconut oils, olive oils ect.... Just saying, lets investigate all avenues . The more we read, study, investigate and try different techniques the more we will know and understand."

  Re: Advice from Bill of the Philippines on Parasite Cleanse
Tue, 24 Jun 14 00:17:46 -0500

06/24/2014: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines: "Hi Mama to Many...You can certainly use the 2% Lugols Iodine or Iodoral if you want -- I also recommend Iodoral which is just LI in a pill. I guess I just like the history of 5% LI -- this was usually always the strength used(very successfully for many diseases) in the pre-WWII years.

There are also two versions of the iodoral pill -- the 12.5 mgs pill(equivalent to 2 drops 5% LI) or the 50 mgs pill (equivalent to 8 drops 5% LI). I also use liquid lugols iodine because it last longer and is therefore cheaper than most other forms of iodine.

The other reason I only quote one strength of LI is to avoid confusion. I recommend 8 drops of 5% LI for good reason. But if you use 2% LI then you would have to use 20 drops of this iodine to equal the same amount of iodine/iodide in 8 drops of 5% LI that I recommend. That's why I always recommend 5% LI.

If you want to see a good table that will help you to to understand and determine the amount of LI that you are actually taking as mgs per drop as a dose then see this link:

Iodine % strength Drop to Mgs Conversion Chart

So if I said that the daily dose should be 50 mgs of LI per day, then this means that you would either have to take 8 drops of 5% LI(at 6.25 mgs per drop) or you would have to take 20 drops of 2% LI(at 2.5 mgs per drop). And as you can see there is a large drop difference between the two strengths with plenty of room for people to get their drop to mgs dosage wrong if wrongly interpreted.

I would also perhaps split up your daily LI dose to four times a day. Avoid taking LI in the evening as it tends to energize the body and keep you awake. So you should take your last dose of LI in late afternoon."

  Re: Advice from Bill of the Philippines on Parasite Cleanse
Mon, 23 Jun 14 23:04:01 -0500

06/23/2014: Mama to Many from Tennessee: "Dear Bill,

I am curious as to why you say to make sure to get the 5% Lugol's solution. I have used Iodoral or Lugol's 2% for several years. Your comment makes me wonder if I should be getting Lugols 5%.


~Mama to Many~"

  Re: Advice from Bill of the Philippines on Parasite Cleanse
Mon, 23 Jun 14 21:28:05 -0500

06/23/2014: Biil from San Fernando Philippines: "Forgot to answer your last question. Lugol's Iodine can easily be obtained from internet vendors. Look for it on Make sure to buy the 5% Lugols Iodine.

Another place where you can purchase lugols iodine is at your local pet stores or perhaps at a vet clinic. It's the same stuff."

  Re: Help for Pain and Food Absorption
Mon, 23 Jun 14 21:09:58 -0500

06/23/2014: Dave from Fountain Inn, Sc: "Hello again Lileeta,

from Andalusa...

Order your DMSO on line from "Dr. Jacobs DMSO" and you'll get his web site.

On your psych issues, you didn't mention if schizophrenia was a part of the problem but also google the use of niacin ... astounding results. Dr. Abram Hoffer came up with astonishing results using B3. Google, "Dr. Abram Hoffer Niacin","

  Re: Advice from Bill of the Philippines on Parasite Cleanse
Mon, 23 Jun 14 20:46:31 -0500

06/23/2014: Bill from San Fernando Philippines: "Hi Om...From what you've mentioned, you have CFS as well as suspect parasite/candida issues. So taking iodine as well as turps is a strong protocol for your problems. However, as I usually recommend, you should always use iodine together with its essential companion nutrients to avoid problems -- the reasons are all described and explained in these links for you to better understand why:

Full Iodine Protocol

Iodine Companion Nutrients

Iodine Supplementation Guidelines

If the turps is too strong for you(because of a possible large Herx die-off) then you could also use Hulda Clark's Parasite Protocol as an alternative which is quite a simple protocol. Just google it to find the ingredients.

Because you have CFS I would also add another protocol to your regimen. Most CFS sufferers are under-methylated -- they have blockages in their Methylation Cycle that greatly lowers their glutathione levels(lowers the body's ability to detox poisons and heavy metals in other words) and this can also cause or trigger chromosomal aberrations or DNA variants that are not beneficial to the body. To read up on all the research on this -- it is complicated!! -- see this link for explanations.

The nutrients to take for this protocol to help remove blockages in your methylation cycle are as follows:

* Methylcobalamin(Vitamin B12) 1 mg sublingually

* Methyltetrahydrofolate 800mcg (as ActiFolate -- google it)

* Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxal-5-phosphate) 100mgs (50mgs twice daily)

* Glutathione 250 mgs daily.

* Trimethylglycine(TMG) -- 500 mgs per day.

* Alpha Lipoic Acid(ALA) -- 300 mgs twice daily.

* Selenium (200 mgs twice a day) as Selenomethinonine

* Acetyl-L-Cysteine -- 300 mgs twice a day.

* B 50 Complex -- once a day.

* Lecithin granules -- one tablespoon a day.

* Vitamin D3 -- 4000 iu per day. Taken together with regular dosages of Vitamin K2.

* All the above nutrients to be taken at mealtimes.

Also please be aware that this methylation protocol will have considerable beneficial effects on your body -- it will raise your immune system and detox system to powerful healthy levels again. The downside is that you may well experience strong Herx die-off or detox reactions as side-effects as a result of this protocol. As ever, if this happens then you should reduce/adjust the dosages of this methylation protocol to bearable levels accordingly.

The glutathione, cysteine and iodine will also benefit your lung problem. Drinking milk will also help to increase the mucus in your lungs. The iodine protocol will also take care of any low thyroid or hypothyroid issues that you may also have. Your liver will also be strongly protected because of the ALA, cysteine and selenium. Iodine will also help the diabetes and also helps to prevent osteoporosis. ALA will also help to remove excess sugars from the blood and also helps to prevent diabetic neuropathy."

  Re: ACV and Coconut Oil Healed Gallbladder
Mon, 23 Jun 14 20:30:13 -0500

06/23/2014: Lou from Tyler, Tx: "I tried this and it flattened my belly fat. Need to try it again as diabetes is looming on the horizon. Would apple juice concentrate be too sweet though?"

Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Solar Keratosis
Mon, 23 Jun 14 20:27:52 -0500

[NAY]  06/23/2014: J.s.c. from Florida, US: "I gave ACV an good 8 weeks, applying 2 to 3 times a day, on a keratosis on my face. It was on the side of my nose, right under my left eye, right where the pads for your glasses would sit. It was the size of the pads of glasses, too.

It didn't work for this keratosis. I had had it biopsied, since I didn't know what it was, at first. Having those two puncture marks in it, I believe made it more difficult to treat, because it wasn't in one piece anymore, and had little grooves and difficult to get at areas.

So, I gave in and let my doctor freeze it with the liquid nitrogen. It was quick, and much less painful than the ACV treatments were. I am still waiting for the freezing to heal, and will let you know how it goes, but I think it does look much better than what I was doing with the ACV.

If I had another one to deal with, and didn't get the biopsy, I might try ACV again. I think that I had let this one go on too long, as it had been there for a couple of years. So, I'm not down on using ACV, but would def use it much sooner, if I ever had to....and hope I never, never need to deal with it again."

Re: Sun Queen's Recipe for Sunburn
Mon, 23 Jun 14 20:26:39 -0500

[YEA]  06/23/2014: Sun Queen from Colorado, US: "Colorado sun can be brutal and burn skin in no time flat. I recently got a severe burn and I made my own "lotion" that worked like a miracle. First, I have to note that I tried an experiment: applying pure bergamot oil to my left leg immediately after coming in out of the sun and then to my right leg about 4 hours later. My left leg never burned, peeled, or hurt, but rather turned brown and skin stayed healthy. My right leg was still red, peeling, and tender after a week. I used the below lotion on both legs every night before bed and every morning after a shower, which kept my left leg healthy and helped my right leg heal.

Sunburn Relief: (All organic, pure ingredients) 1/2 cup Coconut Oil, 1/4 cup Castor oil, 1/4 cup Pure Aloe Vera liquid (not the gel or with any additives), 1/4 cup ACV, 2 Tbsl vitamin E oil, Then 3-20 drops of the following: Bergamot oil, Tea Tree oil, Neem oil, Tamanu oil, Rose oil, Almond oil, Grapeseed oil, Rose Hip Seed oil, Jojoba oil, Rosemary oil, I don't add the ACV if the skin is broken (cracked or peeling) because it stings too much. If your skin is badly burned, be sure to cool it off with ACV or earl gray tea (bergamot) cold compresses before applying the oils, because oil can sometimes magnify the heat."

  Re: Black Salve
Mon, 23 Jun 14 20:22:30 -0500

06/23/2014: Amcken3 from Wyoming, US: "Re: Black Salve: Thank you! I think I will try this!"

  Re: Help for Pain and Food Absorption
Mon, 23 Jun 14 20:13:41 -0500

06/23/2014: Lileetha from Andalusa: "Hi Dave,

thanks for your quick reply. Could you tell me what kind of cs to use, what brand and strength etc?

I am still taking psych meds 250 mg gabapentin, and 100 mg trazodone , I want to come off them but must do slowly. I came down 50 mg on gaba and had very bad results was way more angry depressed sad etc. I did not go back up but must proceed carefully.

Thanks dave"

  Re: Magnesium for Atrial Fibrillation
Mon, 23 Jun 14 20:12:49 -0500

06/23/2014: Sue from Michigan, US: "What type of Magnesium are you taking?"




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