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 Re: Chlorophyll for Gray Hair

Tue, 19 Aug 14 08:34:26 +0000

Posted by Patie (Canada) on 08/18/2014 all you need is chlorophyll!! Ive been coloring../highlighting my hair for several years. Im in my late 50s. But I've also been into healthy eating. I always knew chlorophyll was a good thing. About 3 or more months ago I faithfully began drinking chlorophyll everyday. I drink bottled water at all day...which means I pretty much drink chlorophyll all day long as I add it to my water. I swear everytime I drink the stuff..I feel like my skin is tightening up..strange but true. I don't crave sweets, no more constipation, not always hungry...and the best thing of all that I noticed this morning is my hair! I had it colored with blonde highlights (i am brunette) on July 7th. So I have almost an inch of new growth which is about 95% dark...usually I can easily see the grey! I cannot believe has to be the chlorophyll! I've recently..about 2 weeks ago added Biotin to my herbal intake..but I know it's the chlorophyll...amazing and am so happy.! It must be doing other great things as well :)

 Re: New Design Changes

Tue, 19 Aug 14 08:32:34 +0000

Posted by Caligirl (Sacramento) on 08/19/2014

The social media buttons are right over what I'm trying to read, not very good placement!

EC: Thank you for letting us know. Are you viewing the site on a mobile device? We'll have our programmer fix this.

 Re: Hexagonal Water

Tue, 19 Aug 14 08:25:44 +0000

Posted by Sweet Pea (Somewhere, Usa) on 08/18/2014

Hexagonal water is real indeed! You may want to order the fascinating book on it, sorry I don't have it in front of me to tell you the author's name. It is also called restructured water. You invest in a small machine the size of a blender and it spins your water in a vortex and restructures it to have 6 sides instead of 5. When you drink the water it seems lighter and hydrates better than regular water. This water also has more hydrogen in it because it will pull that from the air as it spins. I use my machine constantly. You can also energize the water further with additional minerals or say silver for instance.

Blackstrap Molasses for Gray Hair

Tue, 19 Aug 14 08:03:40 +0000

Posted by Kathleen (Houston) on 08/18/2014

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I have been taking BSM for close to a year. I use it as my sugar, a spoon in my coffee, in oatmeal. As a sweetener in most things I would use sugar in. My hair is very fair and to be honest, I'm not sure because I break down and use color every once in a while. But I do think it has toned down the grey. Stays a dark blond with sunny highlights.I hope for a bit more dark as time goes by. I still think it is very good for me to have stopped the sugar.

 Re: Metallic Taste in Mouth

Tue, 19 Aug 14 08:02:08 +0000

Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 08/19/2014

Virginia, read up on Oil Pulling.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Warts

Tue, 19 Aug 14 08:01:32 +0000

Posted by Amanda (Sterling, Ma) on 08/18/2014

[YEA]  Apple Cider Vinegar for Warts: This works! I had a wart on the top of my foot for 6 years! Like many of the other people who have posted on this site, I had it treated by the doctor and I treated it myself with the patches and every wart kit you can get at the drug store. It worked a couple times but then it would come back. I heard from some people that it may just go away. I also read that if I focused on improving my immune system that it would go away, so I did. But it just got bigger and then had 'babies'. So I did some research about surgery but I tend to lean away from western medicine. A month ago at about 3am I couldn't sleep and was thinking about how much I hated this stupid wart on me. I wanted it gone and knew I could find a way. I found this site and started reading all the feedback about how the apple cider vinegar was working for so many people. It sparked some major hope that I could potentially rid myself of these things and a month later, success!!!! I attacked the mother wart first. At the same time, I started treating a small one on the bottom of my foot and another between some toes. Every night (it was time consuming- but be persistant, you will be so happy once the warts are gone! ) I used an eye dropper full of ACV. Soak some balls of cotton that I pulled off of q-tips. I tried to make each ball the same size as the wart that it would go on. I used bandages called Nexcare, which were great because it kept the Apple Cider Vinegar from dripping and they stay on really well!! The warts first turned white. Then black spots. Then I used a pumice stone to filled the skin down a bit. A few times I got over zealous and it would bleed. I would only do the filing every other night. With the big wart, I notice the process repeat itself after I filed away a layer, it would turn white, then black again. By the way, it is painful too! I just kept thinking about how happy I would be once they were all gone:) I highly suggest taking a magnesium/calcium supplement like Calm. This will help you to sleep through the pain (besides the many other health benefits associated with taking a mag/cal supplement). I think I may have treated it longer than was necessary. I finally decided (around the 4week) to give it a break. I had come to the point where there really couldn't be more filed, and there were just crators left. Now there is new skin. It just looks a bit like there was a wound there. I am confident that with some rose hips oil the skin will heal up nicely. But first I am going to start treating the small 'baby' warts that are around where really big was. I promised myself a few things if it worked. 1)I would post the experience, 2)I would throw away all my flip flops - because I'm paranoid I will get another wart from them 3) I would buy myself a new pair of sandals! Oh and P.S. I started taking a zinc supplement and drinking ACV as I did the treatment for added immune support. Another thing, the pumice stone grossed me out after a few uses (because a lot of dead, infected skin comes off! ), so I tossed it and started using small rocks that I would gather from my backyard that looked rough enough to file the skin down:) That way I could use a new one each time!

Multiple Remedies Not Helping Dry Eyes - Please Help!

Tue, 19 Aug 14 08:00:51 +0000

Posted by Elodie (Melbourne) on 08/18/2014

[NAY]  Please help! I just recovered from a bad case of conjunctivitis for which I used green tea bags. The conjunctivitis disappeared but now I have an extreme case of dry eyes- every morning I am literally having to peel them open. I suspect that the caffeine in the green tea has dehydrated them. I have been using some homeopathic eye drops for dry eyes but these have made no difference, and I have tried aloe (no difference) and flax, coconut oils. I am freaking out that I have caused irreversible damage. I do tend towards dry eyes but this is just unbearable. Any advice would be welcome! Thank you.

 Re: Fluoride Removal

Tue, 19 Aug 14 07:59:31 +0000

Posted by Carolyn (Dallas, Tx) on 08/18/2014

You must have specialty filters to filter out fluoride. I don't think any shower filters have them. Don't know about whole house filters, but we have a Berkey that we purchased a separate filter to take care of the fluoride.

 Remedies Needed for End Stage Kidney Disease

Mon, 18 Aug 14 18:42:56 +0000

Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 08/18/2014

Dear Reena,

I am not Ted but I have read about using activated charcoal powder internally, and externally (as a poultice) over the kidneys instead of dialysis. The results are encouraging! You can read about it here:

You can buy activated charcoal tablets or capsules, but if you are going to have him taking it often, it would be easier to mix charcoal powder in water. 1-2 teaspoons in 8 ounces of water. Do not take charcoal internally within two hours of any medications.

Just today Earth Clinic has posted a video on making a charcoal poultice. These can be used over the kidney area. Perhaps the most convenient way to use them over the kidneys would be overnight.

Your father is blessed to have you watching out for him!

~Mama to Many~

 Mama's Charcoal Poultice

Mon, 18 Aug 14 16:47:19 +0000

Posted by Rsw (Uniontown, OH) on 08/18/2014

Hi Mama,

I just watched your video and enjoyed it very much. It is so helpful to actually see how you do this! Thank you for the excellent and useful advice and thoughtful suggestions you give on Earth Clinic. Many blessings to you and your family.

 Re: Advice Needed for Kidney Stones

Mon, 18 Aug 14 15:30:26 +0000

Posted by Mary (California, US) on 08/18/2014

Thanks everyone for replying! I now understand how this method works. I thought the lemon and olive oil flushed out the stones in their current size. I didn't realize it actually works on decreasing their size. Wonderful news! I do not want to blast my kidneys or have surgery to remove them. The side effects of both of these procedures can be grim! I'll let you know how the lemon juice and olive oil works out.

Remedies Needed for Metallic Taste in Mouth

Mon, 18 Aug 14 15:29:12 +0000

Posted by Virginia (Indiana, US) on 08/18/2014

How do I get rid of metal taste in my mouth?

 Re: Coconut Oil for Fungus

Mon, 18 Aug 14 15:24:25 +0000

Posted by Cindy (Texas, US) on 08/18/2014

How do you take your coconut oil? How long did it take to see a difference in fungus and weight?

 Re: MSM for Emphysema

Mon, 18 Aug 14 15:22:13 +0000

Posted by Therese (Canada) on 08/18/2014

Thank You for sharing that with us, I am glad to hear you Mom is doing better. My question is, how exactly does she take the MSM? By capsule, nebulizer, or powder?
Thank You

 Re: Apple Cider Vinegar

Mon, 18 Aug 14 12:24:18 +0000

Posted by Ali (Uk) on 08/18/2014

You are right that most vinegar is not great, but that's because generally it's Acetic acid. Cider vinegar as mentioned above is predominantly Malic acid which, unlike Acetic acid, becomes alkaline in the body.

 Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Blood Sugar

Mon, 18 Aug 14 12:23:01 +0000

Posted by Gary (Bellevue, Wa, US) on 08/18/2014

[YEA]  Thanks to the clarity and simple instruction Keely provided at 2:26 AM, with blood sugar showing 226 (non fasting), I took 3 tsp of Apple Cider Vinegar in 12 oz water with 1/2 packet of stevia. Then, at 4:23 AM, I checked my glucose again. It was down to 200. Slept from that time (no exercise) until 7:30 am and at 8:28 I tested fasting bs and found it at 138. AMAZING!!! Metformin can't touch this performance. THANKS Keely! I will keep this up and see how it goes over the next month.

Probiotic User Reviews

Mon, 18 Aug 14 10:56:48 +0000

Posted by Susan (Venice, Ca) on 08/18/2014

[YEA]  I have used probiotics for years. They are one of my most important supplements and I know they help me with digestion, increase immunity and eases my increasingly extreme food allergy to wheat. I think it's best to find a product that guarantees 50 billion live bacteria at expiration date, not the manufactured date (which most of them are only guaranteed at manufacturing date... you have to hunt around). Most probiotic formulas are largely ineffective by the time you buy them. I take 2 probiotic capsules twice a day, morning and night. After I run out of a current strain, I choose another strain or two.

New Design Changes Today

Mon, 18 Aug 14 10:23:35 +0000

Posted by Earth Clinic (Atlanta, Ga) on 08/18/2014

Hi everyone!

Our programmer has just made a few changes to our desktop design. If a page looks strange, please refresh your browser a few times to update our files. If that still doesn't work, please clear your browser history and cache.

Changes include:

  • The navigation menu now has 6 buttons instead of 10.
  • The "Add New Post" button moved up and should be easier to find.
  • Social media buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube etc), which are very important to have on a website, will be visible in 2 new places.
  • We removed the "News" section and replaced it with a new "Videos" section. Check out this page for all of our YouTube videos and meet Mama to Many and Dave from Fountain Inn. More videos on the way!

Thanks for all the helpful comments you have sent us since our last design change in June. They help us decide what we need to improve. In a day or so, we will put up a link to a quick survey and get your feedback on the new design and what you'd like us to work on next.

 Cayenne Pepper for Blood Clots

Mon, 18 Aug 14 09:48:59 +0000

Posted by Mama to Many (Tennessee) on 08/18/2014

Dear Kt,

I think plenty of herbalists recommend cayenne without stipulating that the water must be boiling. (I just double checked and Philip Fritchey does not say it must be boiling.)I think you can just use hot water, if desired. In fact, I put my cayenne in cold juice when I take it and because it has reduced symptoms, I know it is effective when taken that way.

Perhaps the advice to boil it would be if you were to be making an extract or tea? If you were going to be pouring boiling water over the cayenne, letting it steep and then straining the cayenne, then you might be best to begin with boiling water.

For the record, when taking cayenne in a liquid, I use a straw, or put on lip balm first to avoid burning the mouth.


~Mama to Many~




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