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 Re: Yeast Infection Sores on Dog - How Long to Heal?

Sun, 27 Sep 15 08:13:58 -0500
Posted by Lynn (San Diego Ca) on 09/26/2015

I like "Natural Chemistry" Flea and tick great..they die from the cedar, cinnamon, clove oil...then of course the borax dips. Little apple cider vingar and garlic in food. You will get it solved with all the great help here. I don't use any chemicals either.

  Re: Activated Charcoal and Other Remedies for Parvo

Sun, 27 Sep 15 08:11:34 -0500
Posted by Lynn (San Diego Ca) on 09/26/2015

Great to know. Thank you so much for posting. I am so happy you were successful!! Blessings

  Re: Borax For Dogs

Sun, 27 Sep 15 08:03:09 -0500
Posted by Melissa (Ohio) on 09/26/2015

Just a note on the dosage of Borax added to the drinking water. Ted has posted that the size of the dog doesn't matter because of the amount of water intake but has specified 1/8 tsp per liter for females and 1/4 tsp per liter for males. This goes for human as well.

Ted's Mange Cure for Dogs

Sat, 26 Sep 15 17:34:38 -0500
Posted by Lynn (San Diego, Ca) on 09/26/2015

[YEA]  I found Mange cure two weeks ago.

Within a week my bulldog puppy's itching stopped 85%!! It was a miracle! Thank you so much Ted and everyone!!! We have been through a hellish time for 6 months!!

My puppy had a adverse reaction to her last puppy shot. She became worn out and not her self for 3 days. We gave her some homeopathic Sulfur which got her back to her puppy self and energy but she started the itching then.

She had ear issues when I got her and so she was having some issues maybe from vaccines or DNA or something before.

I had her on raw dog food and probiotics.

What ever happened her immune system could not keep the balance and about 2 months after the last vaccine she started not only itching but now breaking the skin and getting sores. A down hill slide started to happen to her skin. The regular vet said she had awful allergies.

(I wish I had know about the possiblity of mange I could have help her before as in her immune couldn't keep the mites, fugus, and yeast away till she got stronger)

I started two weeks ago using the mange cure exactly as prescribed. I do it every other day as my little bulldog had it so bad. Around her eye and whole side of face, under the chin looked like red elephant trunk skin! Her neck down over her shoulders she would scratch bloody all the area's and was lossing hair. She was living in a turtleneck Tee shirt and a soft cone. This was going on for about 5 months!! She looked like the kind of dogs they put down.

(Does anyone know how long before the elepant skin will become normal? It is better and the swelling is down)

I had her scraped by a regular not natural vet. when someone finally suggested it and they found no mange. But finally I realized if it looks like mange and smells like mange it is mange! Not sure what everyone was thinking that I had consulted with natural people in the pet industry at natural pet stores etc. They didn't recognize mange either. But just the hint from the vet made me go look for a natural cure on mange and found you TED!! Thank you!!!!!!!!

She also was so yeasty. Smelling like cornchips. Feet biting, ear red and blotchy. A mess. I did natural cure with raw food diet and a raw goat milk fermented with buttermilk culture for 6 months. But only got worse on the skin but though other things inside her got better, occasional wetting, rusty stuff around her vulva and mucus in throat. All that is gone now.

I didn't realize that mange, yeast and staph and other opportunistic things where adding to the problems of her immune system being off. I thought the nutritional and homeopathic meds were enough and didn't know I had to do out side things. Like a woman's yeast infection needs on going washes. Till the body can catch up.

My puppy lost her energy. This went on from age 6 months to now a year!

I found Mange cure two weeks ago.

Within a week her itching stopped 85%!! It was a miracle!

In these last 3 weeks I have added all kinds of food base nutritional things to her diet, new homepathics and used Dr. Becker's vet on Dr. Marcolas web.. "Yeast infection in dogs" site.

I made up a solution to spray 1-2 times aday.

1 cup Hydrogen Peroxide, 1 cup Apple Cider Vinegar, 1 gallon distilled water, 1/4 cup colloidal silver and optional lavender or peppermint 10 drops or less. Also I added a little borax for the mange.

I spray her down with this morning and night when I haven't done the Mange Cure that day.

I also dip her feet morning and night in the water, vinegar and Hydrogen Peroxide mentioned by Dr. Becker. Sometime more if she is biting them! I also powder her with organic cornstarch to dry her webs in feet and underarms out.

We are finally finding Peace. What a wonderful thing!!!

I also have been going to a homeopathic friend who is a expert. She guided me along and we have been treating her for 6 months. We finally broke through to deeper levels. It is like peeling off layers of an onion. Some of the major helps in remedies were homeopathic, Psorium, Phosphoricum, Tuberculium, And the best ones where...Mercury Corrosivus 30 c up to 10 M. but because she was right sided and had throat issues major was Mercurius Iodatus Flavus for her. Again we had to keep uping the does over a months time from 30 c to 10 M. Mercury has a strong smell sometimes metallic and are very sensitive! My friend noticed the smell and when we looked up the symptoms for skin it matched perfectly. We were on are way. My puppy also wanted to be warm all the time. Even though her body was so hot. (I thought she needed Sulfur because of that they are hot)

The best remedy for most dogs' skin is Sulfur but she was too sick and it took more layers and remedies to help her. Finally she started manifesting the full on symptoms of Sulfur. She was now avoiding hot and wanted to be cool! And of course the skin issues. And worse baths or water. And very lazy sleeping all the time but wakes up with other dogs or people. Sulphur are very social. I give her the Sulphur 30 once or so a day as needed you can tell by symptoms..itching attacks for us. And once a week we added Psorium which helps get the deeper issue that Miasim..(google homeopathy and Miasims)

So having given that about 3 weeks ago and now 2 weeks ago the mange and yeast cure we are on our way to health!! Finally!!!!

I know this is lots of info but it if helps you great. Get a good natural vet who does homeopathy if you can find one. I couldn't in my town and had to do what I could. They are out there though and now I do know of a few nearby. Just don't need them now. Learned the hard

I am so thankful for Ted and all the others on Earth Clinic!!!!!! Blessings,


PS this was the first dog I had had in 25 years. Dogs didn't used to have so many issues. But now you need a degree in Dog medicine to know how to handle all the eeidemic of issues. Thank God for the new interest, with raw food and people like you on Earth Clicnic to help us.

Help Needed for Cat with Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

Sat, 26 Sep 15 16:49:07 -0500
Posted by Margaret (Corby) on 09/26/2015

I need urgent help and advice to help my young cat with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

i have researched a lot and am advised that Hawthorne, taurine l lysine and cartitine? Are good for heart problems like this.

Vet has put her onto renal food and advised to feed foods which have no more than 20% protein, very low sodium and ash. Not sure about potassium.

Please, please, I am desperate to find something to prolong my cats life as I don't want her to die young or suffer. I want to have lead a happy longer life as I love her so much. She is such a sweet little girl and doesn't deserve this.

I have tried quite a few people to get some sound advice and reading your threads, I believe that you can help.

Please help me.


  Re: Diatomaceous Earth Worked for Cat With Long Term Mange

Sat, 26 Sep 15 11:46:52 -0500
Posted by Bob (Revere, Mass.) on 09/26/2015

Can I use the diatomaceous earth for my swimming pool filter for my cat's mange?

EC: Only Food Grade DE should be used on animals.

Adulterated Cat Food in Canada

Sat, 26 Sep 15 11:43:55 -0500
Posted by Om (Hope, Bc Canada) on 09/25/2015

Four years ago just before elections, the Pet food industry approached the government of BC (and perhaps of all Canada) to put a filler, possibly melamine, into pet food . It could be more of non nutritious stuff. Now, just before elections in Canada, it has happened again. I used to buy a cat food by P.... I had been searching high and low for better cat nutrition but living in a small place to no avail. My feed store man remarked that they were "rearranging" their food again.

Today this is what happens: cats, seven of them, stare at me and they look hungry. The pet food they had so far in plenty stays on their plate untouched. They eat better quality grain free kibbles but four of them do not well on this alone. When I contacted the company which is also the first company to want to irradiate pet food, big talk recorded with "pet lovers" etc. I returned all the unopened cans and have to cut my losses as the ingredients seem to be a sponge soaked in flavouring and some colouring.

I was told that in turn for gov't favours, the pet food industry gives blocks of votes.

This is cruelty and avarice , greed and total disregard for honesty.

I would like pet owners to be aware that the cost of a can is partly inedible crap.

Sadly, Namaste honouring the integrity within you. Om

  Re: Canine Megaesophagus

Sat, 26 Sep 15 08:46:44 -0500
Posted by Deborah (Feeney) on 09/26/2015

What role does magnesium glycinate tab play in panting episodes after a dog eats in megaesophagus? Why does a dog pant and seem uncomfortable after eating?


Buffalo, New york

  Re: Can I Use Apple Cider Vinegar on a Sore on My Cat?

Fri, 25 Sep 15 23:05:55 -0500
Posted by Mama To Many Donate
(Tennessee) on 09/25/2015

Apple Cider Vinegar can sting on broken skin. You could try it but dilute it a lot. Maybe 1 Tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar to 1 cup of water. Turmeric powder may be of help, or extra virgin coconut oil. You could even mix the two and apply it.

~Mama to Many~

  Re: Can I Use Apple Cider Vinegar on a Sore on My Cat?

Fri, 25 Sep 15 22:55:48 -0500
Posted by Darlene (Syracuse, Ny) on 09/25/2015

This is off the beaten path of your discussion, does anyone know if apple cider vinegar could be applied to a sore on my cats neck, she is an indoor cat. I've had her 5 years this has never happened before. Thank you for a timely response, she is my best friend!

  Re: Warnings About Chicken Jerky Products for Dogs

Fri, 25 Sep 15 19:49:09 -0500
Posted by Antongoh (Indonesia, Jakarta) on 09/25/2015

How about dog choco treats? Did your dogs have bad experience with them?

 Re: Help Needed for Older Dog with Seizures

Fri, 25 Sep 15 12:51:52 -0500
Posted by Theresa Donate
(Mpls., Mn) on 09/25/2015

Hey Zoe!

If this were my dog I would take him to the vet to try and obtain a diagnosis. I too had a 9 year old senior who developed seizures - and in her case it turned out to be pancreatic cancer. With the diagnosis I was able to better care for her and make her comfortable in her final days. Your dog might have cancer of the pancreas - or it might just be idiopathic epilepsy that can be controlled with drugs or nutritional support or other remedies.

Please read up on EC about epilepsy in dogs:

Please read ALL of the questions and replies for insight as to how to build your own approach to treating your dog. Please also read up on the human side for remedies that may apply also:

Activated Charcoal and Other Remedies for Parvo

Fri, 25 Sep 15 11:41:11 -0500
Posted by Davianawdon (Los Angeles, Ca) on 09/25/2015

[YEA]  So it'll be officially 7days tomorrow since my 3 month Maltese started showing Parvo symptoms & let me tell you it's been the longest week of my life. Parvo is not a joke, I almost lost my dog by the 3rd day. I took her to the vet & of course she tested positive for Parvo, they didn't give me anything to treat her just recommended i'd take her to another vet & have them hook her up with an I.v . My sister in law took her to another vet & they basically told her the same thing if she doesn't get hooked on to an I.V she could die in 72 hours or less . Any pet owner that hears that would get overwhelmed shoot just knowing your beloved pet is sick could get anyone overwhelmed. So the treatment was denied & I did my research back and forth thru sites desperate to find something for my little pup & well here are a list of things I recommend I can't guarantee it'll workout for your pup But it's a start




-Cephalexin or Amoxicillin

-Pepto Bismol

-Nutri-Cal either for a pup or an adult dog

-Chicken Broth

-Activated Charcoal

Those are basically all the things I used.

The Pedialyte & the Gatorade are to keep your dog hydrated & give them some electrolytes I would give her tablespoon or 2 every half hour with a syringe, I tried not to rush her so she could hold it down. You have to force feed them so don't be afraid to hold the sides of their jaws open & put the syringe down on the side to make sure they swallow it. P.S the syringe you could buy it at a petco or any pet store. & when they say be prepared not to sleep it's serious, this a 24/7 thing, not a oh I'll take care of her/him in a little bit. They have to stay hydrated all the dehydration is what kills them. If you can't take off of work just call it a quit.

The cephalexin or amoxicillin are antibiotics, I already had some Cephalexin from a previous time I took one of my other dogs to the vet I'm sure if you were to ask the vet could hook you up with some. I tried not to give her so much of it since it doesn't do anything towards the parvo it's just to prevent a secondary infection in their intestine but when I did give it to her it was every 8 hours, I stopped after the 4th day.

The Pepto bismol they say it's to coat their belly and intestine to control the diarrhea and vomiting I tried my best to give her some every two hours but I failed at that I was more worried of keeping her hydrated plus she's so young I didnt want to keep giving her so much medicine but when I did give it to her I tried to do it at least 3 times a day I would give her half a table spoon with the syringe.

The nutri-cal I've used previously on my other dog when she was pregnant she wasn't eating so she had no nutrients in her. I bought the nutri-cal supplement for my pup I gave her 1/4 tablespoon 3x a day once in the morning, noon, and evening. It won't make them eat but it's just so they have some type of nutrients in them. & also you have to force it to them just dab it on your finger & try to put on the roof of their mouth.

The chicken Broth I didn't try giving it to her until the 4th day which is also when I started giving her the nutri-cal I made sure I gave her the broth first then the nutri-cal ... I would only feed her a tablespoon of the broth 3x a day just to see if she could hold it down.

The Raw Egg ... Man this was a tough one I only gave her a tablespoon of it I was pretty grossed out by it but I was doing whatever could get my dog back to health. I cracked one raw egg & fed her a tablespoon of it once again I tried not to rush her to eat since its so slimy I wanted to make sure she was able to swallow it, then I would wash it down with half a tablespoon of pedialyte. I only tried this once just to see if she would get better, I tried it 3x in one day she kept it down the first time & the third but the 2nd time she didn't. I tried this but I felt like it didn't help I've read stories of other where it has worked but I'm just throwing what I experienced with at home with my pup, so it might work for yours but I suggest you do it if you see they're some what holding things down.

Last but not least, The Activated Charcoal. I was reading about this back and forth. I thought I was suppose to get a prescription for it until I read it's an over the counter vitamin & well I read more into it & decided to give it a try I figured it wouldn't hurt to try what do I got to lose she'd probably just yak it back up. So I did more research on it because some didn't specify exactly what it looked like & well I decided to go buy some I didn't buy the powder one they have for fish tanks I was scared to buy it and make my dog feel worse , they have charcoal tabs at Walgreens but they're like 22 bucks, Walmart was out of stock so I went to CVS Pharmacy and bought ACTIVATED CHARCOAL CAPS they were like 11-12 bucks. I took them home cracked to caps I suggest you put some paper wherever you plan to crack them open they could be pretty messy to clean up.

Anyways 2 caps cracked open 1 Ounce of pedialyte I threw a splash of gatorade in their just cause I thought it looked gross so I felt bad for my pup having to taste that awful looking drink. I gave her 1 tablespoon of it once again I tried not to rush her so she could hold it down and she was doing pretty good after the egg so I figured she'd do good with keeping it down I don't recommend you give your dog this if they're not keep anything down it'll just come right up. It's already the 5th day with my pup feeling like this, I let 2hours go by and she got up to drink some water which she had already been doing on the 4th day after I had given her the nutri-cal and the broth I guess it would get stuck in her mouth so she'd feel like washing it down to get the taste off. I waited 2 hours to give her some more & here come my nieces they opened the door to my room and once she saw them she began to wag her little tail which she hadn't done since a week ago she was being playful so I decided to make her something to eat I made her a scrambled egg & fried some ham for her I didn't add anything to it just cooked it . & boy did she tear it up her eyes got so wide when she smelled the food my poor baby ate everything like she hadn't ate in years she ate so much she couldn't stand so I picked her up and put her back in her bed.

About 3am she woke up crying wanting me to sleep in my bed so I did she was being a wild sleeper as she usually was before she got sick. & well I kept an eye on her the next day I fed her the same thing that morning then I fed her the same for lunch for dinner I smashed up some of her kibble and added a little bit of water in it I didn't give her any tap water, I kept giving her filtered water she ate it right up she was back to her usual self I left for a few hours came back home to her wagging her tail waiting for me to get in the house lol im still keeping a close eye on her to see if any of the symptoms are coming back. I have to say the charcoal did work but also the hydration with the pedialyte helped a lot I could've lost my dog if I didn't get right to it..... I hope this is helpful for anyone .... I did a lot of praying too & also I would give her lots of TLC they need to know youre there for them & that you love them that they're not ready to go yet ....

 Re: Help Needed for Older Dog with Seizures

Fri, 25 Sep 15 11:33:27 -0500
Posted by Om (Hope, Bc Canada) on 09/25/2015

To Zoe (South Africa) --

I just finished reading Ayurvedic articles on Ginger root.

It may be worth a try to make ginger tea and pour over the daily food portion. I am using it already for myself and I love it but my big dog gets it too. Though we have no problems.

You may want to read up on it as the benefits of ginger are many. And make sure the tea has a "bite" to it. I take a few slices of fresh ginger and boil enough for a day's usage. You can find out that way how many slices are needed.

The benefit is for seizures and circulation with cleansing of the interior and much more.

Namaste, Om

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar Vapors Helped Cat's Respiratory Ailments and Aller

Fri, 25 Sep 15 09:20:58 -0500
Posted by Jennifer (Goldsboro, Nc) on 09/25/2015

What do you mean when you speak of apple cider vinegar (with mother)? I don't understand what the mother part means. Thanks.

EC: Usually raw and organic apple cider vinegar has"the mother." It will have a cloudy look to it or appear to have cobwebs in it. It contains important nutrients.

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar Vapors Helped Cat's Respiratory Ailments and Aller

Fri, 25 Sep 15 09:20:58 -0500
Posted by Jennifer (Goldsboro, Nc) on 09/25/2015

What do you mean when you speak of apple cider vinegar (with mother)? I don't understand what the mother part means. Thanks.

EC: Usually raw and organic apple cider vinegar has "the mother."  It will have a cloudy or appear to have cobwebs in it.  It contains important nutrients.

  Re: Dietary Changes, ACV and Yogurt for Dog's Yeast Infection and Itchy Skin

Thu, 24 Sep 15 21:41:17 -0500
Posted by Cherie (Irvine, Ca) on 09/24/2015


I too am trying to combat a yeasty dog. We are not sure what she's allergic too. I've switched diets, took her off chicken, turkey and beef. Now on Stella's Raw Rabbit or Venision Dehydrated. Baked Salmon some, green vegetables. No starches whatsoever. She is on probiotics, enzymes, omegas, quercetin, nettles, Apawthecary Detox Blend and I give her coconut oil orally. I also use an anti fungal shampoo and rinse and Dermagic Skin Rescue lotion. She is still very itchy and has the blackened dark skin on her chest, belly and legs. Gotten better some, not completely. What type of borax should I use? How much in her water? It is safe to put it in her water? I'd like to try Ted's rinse also.

Help Needed for Dog with Chronic Yeast Infection

Thu, 24 Sep 15 18:11:04 -0500
Posted by Zoe (South Africa) on 09/24/2015

My female Maltese cross has bad yeast infection in ears and genitals. Ears have developed a "crust" on the inside and clears when she is on medication but returns when course is finished. She shakes head and scratches her ears constantly.

Help Needed for Older Dog with Seizures

Thu, 24 Sep 15 10:36:12 -0500
Posted by Zoe (South Africa) on 09/24/2015

My Cairn Terrier (stray) always trembled since he "moved in", having no history on him thought it may have been from the many fight he had been in on the road

He has been with me for about 5 years.

However a month ago he had an epileptic fit and since then the trembling has increased, he is constantly hungry, cannot settle down. I would like to find a natural substance to give him as he is 9 years old and do not want liver/kidney failure later on.

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