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  Re: Kitty with a sore ear :-(
Sun, 20 Jul 14 08:29:42 -0500

07/19/2014: Om from Hope, Bc Canada: "Hello, Graeme --- though I am not disposed to see vets for a number of reasons, this time I would, if it were my kitty.

She could lose her hearing if not attended to timely. Although, to my knowledge, antibiotics for ear troubles don't work, risk it but stay away from the costly tests, etc.

You might try pure olive oil or pure sesame oil with a drop of vit. E warmed up in addition. Oil with mascerated garlic , then put through a sieve will also work as it does a lot with children who tend to have ear aches. Vit. E is healing. Later, you could try aloe vera. Let us know how it works. Namaste, Om"

Re: Kitty with a Sore Ear :-(
Sat, 19 Jul 14 18:07:01 -0500

07/19/2014: Graeme from South Africa: "Hi. I'm new to this website so please bear with me.

My cat is walking around with her one ear slightly lopsided. She's constantly scratching in it and a "clicking" sound now accompanies the scratching, as if there is substantial fluid collected there. I'm not sure how much pain she is in but this is getting progressively worse over time. It seems that my other cat has this to a lesser extent, but again, becoming worse. Please help.

Kind regards, Graeme"

Re: Parvo
Sat, 19 Jul 14 11:51:40 -0500

07/19/2014: Jeff from Texas, US: "Here's link to how to treat parvo at home:


Re: Demodex and Blackheads
Sat, 19 Jul 14 11:43:18 -0500

07/19/2014: Debbie from London: "Hi, I have had rescue JR / Chihuahua for just over 3 years now. When we got her, she was appx 4 y/o, covered in demodex (was thought to have been allergies), permanently itchy, no hair on her ears and very little on muzzle and some other areas, very inflamed eyes (diagnosed with dry eye syndrome), underweight, no exercise tolerence, incontinent of faeces.

Vet diagnosed demodex and gave Advocate - every 2 weeks for 6 weeks, then monthly for few months. This improved demodex. Went onto raw diet (sorted continence issue - she is too small to contain the bulk of non-raw food needed to give her enough energy! ). Eyes I realised over time have many issues - allergy, dry eye (I think from demodex?), getting things in her eyes because she is so small (I now flush them with saline 3 times a day; sometimes she has rocks in there..and use Optimmune - tried everything natural can think of but this seems to help most as she no longer gets really sticky lumps on her eyeballs).

She still, though, had residual signs of demodex. When I look at her skin in the balder areas with a jewellers eye glass (inner elbows, tummy, muzzle, between toes) she has blackheads. And she gets itchy (could also be allergy). I have been doing the demodex baths (not as often as weekly) and using cotton wool pads to wipe mixture over those areas daily between baths, and she is now beginning to grow hair in areas I thought would be permanently bald! I wondered if the blackheads are casts of the demodex, or a physical reaction to them? Also, she would regularly get sores around her vulva, which was ridden with blackheads (I wondered if there could be a kind of hive in some areas?) and some sore patches on her skin with the same blackheads - these have all cleared up with daily wiping over with the mixture. I'm hoping that her immunity is now stronger, so that she will have more resistance to them returning.

I imagine that low immunity leads to the demodex taking hold, and in turn the demodex further lowers immunity?

Would definitely say this is a convoluted yay! The mixture is working for sure.

Very grateful for this website! Thanks, Debbie"

  Re: Ted's Remedy for Secondary and Staph Infections
Sat, 19 Jul 14 07:29:18 -0500

07/18/2014: Om from Hope, Bc Canada: "Ted also has a wonderful remedy for secondary and staph infection on EC. Theresa, one of our contributors, has always given very explicit instructions which are very helpful. You can find it easily on EC website, repeatedly.

Unfortunately, after paying a sum at one vet, for many people there is a dearth of funds. This is where research on EC is so valuable. Ted's remedy has great acclaim as is does work but when there is a secondary infection and the vet has not been forthcoming with help, Ted again has the secondary, bacterial, staph infection remedy which is easy to prepare and to find online at EC.

Ivermectin, according to natural doctors, is a cancer causing substance. Some people use it also for deworming but I have myself experienced at a shelter, that it doesn't work.

Theresa, one of our frequent contributors, has time and again given out the formula, saving much time in research for others. It just takes time researching which again saves $$. Good luck with your charge. Namaste, Om"

Re: Ted's Mange Remedy
Fri, 18 Jul 14 21:02:52 -0500

[NAY]  07/18/2014: Keezer from Australia: "After visiting an incompetent vet who spent 5 seconds looking at my puppy's bald patches then gave her a huge shot of steroids (the very worst thing you can give a dog with mange as it obliterates the immune system) my poor pup's localised demodectic mange became generalised, with bald patches spreading from her nose right down to her chest. At the time I had no idea what was wrong with her, our 'vet' had said allergies, so I took to the internet and had diagnosed her myself within about 10 minutes, it was definitely mange.

After going to a vet, paying him a lot of money and having my pup's condition made worse as a result, I decided to try Ted's Remedy. I had found it on lots of sites with lots of great reviews. Needless to say, I got rather excited! I went out, got the hydrogen peroxide and borax, then set to work. I followed the instructions to the letter; correct measurements, washed her first then soaked her in the mixture and left it to dry. After the first application my pup's mange seemed to worsen which I thought was a good sign as I'd read about a 'healing crisis' when the mites started to die off. We cleaned EVERYTHING with borax and vinegar, even the floors.

The next week we repeated, then the next, and the next. After about four applications we could see no physical difference, except now our pup was lying around and seemed miserable. She had begun scratching (demodectic mange shouldn't itch so this was a sign of a secondary infection). I decided it was time to visit another vet.

The new vet did a skin scraping and found it was definitely mange but that my pup now also had a bacterial AND a yeast infection - no wonder the poor thing was so unhappy! She was started on antibiotics but, by this stage, I had read so many bad things about invermectin and other mange treatments that I wanted to stick with Ted's Remedy a while longer. As soon as the antibiotics were finished my pup was scratching once more. One night I came home to find her entire muzzle raw and bleeding. After sitting on the floor with her with tears running down my face, I realised it was time to give up on Ted's Remedy.

Long story short (too late! ) she has now had one and a half shots of an invermectin-type treatment (sorry, can't remember the name) and already her skin has improved by leaps and bounds. It is now a healthy light pink instead of dark pink to angry red. All the horrible mange bumps are gone, her skin is very smooth. She has stop scratching and her scabs have healed. But, best of all, she has had a sudden burst of energy! We always assumed she was just a quiet natured pup but, now that she feels better, her true energetic nature has come out!

I know lots of people are keen to use natural remedies whenever possible (my entire skin care range is now made up of homemade, coconut oil-based products) but, when dealing with something that can become a serious danger to health, it really pays to seek professional help. If you're disappointed with one professional, as we were, seek a second opinion. If we had done that a couple of months earlier our pup would have been saved weeks of unnecessary suffering. Sorry Ted, this just wasn't for us!"

  Re: 23 Year Old Cat with Swollen Abdomen Due to Fluid Retention
Fri, 18 Jul 14 17:59:18 -0500

07/18/2014: Om from Hope, Bc Canada: "You could try nettle tea which is a safe, natural diuretic. Or use the entire plant dandelion, make a tea. Both have loads of vitamins and she may pee a lot without loosing nutrients in her urine. God bless her.

Namaste, Om"

  Re: Chamomile Tea for Vomiting in Dog
Fri, 18 Jul 14 17:58:28 -0500

07/18/2014: Om from Hope Bc Canada: "Hello, Linda, please try chamomile tea. It is highly acclaimed in Europe and I even use it for tooth abcesses. It is calming and detoxing. Please give it warm over food or per syringe .

Wish your doggie well. Om"

  Re: 23 Year Old Cat with Swollen Abdomen Due to Fluid Retention
Fri, 18 Jul 14 17:10:47 -0500

07/18/2014: Theresa from Mpls., Mn: "Hey Nicholson!

I am sorry to hear about your kitty. If this were my cat I would call the vet right back and ask to come back right away. I suspect they were trying to give you some time to come to terms with your cat's terminal condition by asking you to come back on Monday, but clearly YOU know your cat best and if you think its Time, then it's Time - and I would not wait any longer if I could at all avoid it.


  Re: Peppermint Tea for Vomiting in Dog
Fri, 18 Jul 14 15:47:38 -0500

07/18/2014: Linda from Detroit, Mi: "Thanks, I'll try the peppermint tea. She hasn't gotten much better, but she hasn't gotten any worse. I hesitate to take her to the vet since all they do is rack up the bill and then end up killing her anyway. Besides she hates going anywhere, I think this is from being at the pound, who ever had her before was not real nice to her. As long as she's not in any pain I'd rather have her die at home."

Re: 23 Year Old Cat with Swollen Abdomen Due to Fluid Retention
Fri, 18 Jul 14 13:50:37 -0500

07/18/2014: S Nicholson from London: "Hi there,

I have a very old (23) cat with what is probably a late stage terminal tumour according to the vet today. They said I should take her home, spend the weekend and take her back Monday to be put to sleep.

She is unfortunately so uncomfortable though, her tummy is full of fluid, and her rheumatism or arthritis makes it difficult for her to get to the litter tray now. Does anyone know a remedy that would help her reduce the fluid and keep her more comfortable for longer? I am feeling worried that keeping her for the weekend might just be prolonging her discomfort though there is no obvious acute pain yet. (She may be in pain but is not vocalising)

I'd love any advice if anyone knows anything.

Many thanks"

  Re: Side Effects of Drugs
Thu, 17 Jul 14 14:48:18 -0500

07/17/2014: Om from Hope, Bc Canada: "If not sure what drugs can do to the body - why not use Wikipedia for inf.?

So, it does not cause diabetes? Really. Let's see what else it causes. Glaucoma, bulging eyes, manic behaviour - the list is long and impressive.

There are sites on the web where people are desperately trying to rid themselves of the statin's side effects. Sadly some of the side effects are irreversible.

Is it a drug or a poison, ask yourself. A neighbour's cat sat dying at someone else's garage door. As I tried to get near, I saw it dying while trying to run away. Later I heard that the vet had said she had been looking after it well, didn't she?

I spoke with a couple who said that since the husband had been on pharma drugs, he had now three serious diseases, one of which was diabetes. He had been healthy before.

As for me, I trust only myself, nobody else. Where money reigns, you will see what humans are capable of. In my opinion, it is a crime against humanity when health becomes a business.


  Re: Elderly MinPin Vomiting
Thu, 17 Jul 14 08:56:42 -0500

07/17/2014: Theresa from Mpls., Mn: "Hey Linda!

A second reply to your post as I hit SEND too soon!

I would also add apple cider vinegar - the raw, organic type that has the live cultures, ie "with the mother" - to your dog's diet. You can mix 1 teaspoon into 1 quart of water and have that as her drinking water; this may help with arthritis and would help to alkalize her system."

  Re: Elderly MinPin Vomiting
Thu, 17 Jul 14 08:54:24 -0500

07/17/2014: Theresa from Mpls., Mn: "Hey Linda!

A weak rear in a senior certainly could be arthritis; you might consider adding a joint support supplement to her diet such as glucosamine and chondroitin along with a daily aspirin for pain. The bile in the vomit could be a side effect of pain, but it could also be that she has picked up a bug like giardia from all the recent rain.

Consider a nutritional approach with foods that are natural remedies for protozoans like giardia.

This is my usual "go to":

2 raw baby carrots [avoid Bunny Luv Brand] grated and shredded

1 table spoon sunflower seeds [raw or cooked]

1 teaspoon C&H Brown sugar

I mix these up in a tablespoon or two of canned tuna [tuna is actually a remedy and not just something tasty for the dog! ] and dose in the tuna for 2 days, and then without the tuna for another 6 days - dose am and pm.

If this were my dog and I did not see rapid improvement on the above remedy after 2 days I would next make an appointment with my vet."

  Re: Hot Spots on Dog
Thu, 17 Jul 14 08:17:56 -0500

07/17/2014: Kim from Orange, MA: "I disagree with you that the 200.00 bill from the vet seems overly inflated or out of the norm. I have had 2 bullmastiff males with hot spot issues, and to get a bill for 200.00 for one visit that included a quick look at the spot (not a physical as he had already had one 2 months prior to this visit) confirmation that indeed, it was a hot spot, and a couple prescriptions and was handed a bill for just over 200.00. I about choked to death right there in the office. I was told to shave the spot, wash it gently and apply topical anti itch cream along with giving him prednisone. I was warned that he would be extremely thirsty, and would need to go out for pee breaks quite frequently while on the steroids...and boy, they weren't kidding! I felt bad for the dog, and bad for myself, it was almost like having a newborn baby again, up every couple hours to take him out to pee.

You do not want a 180 lb bullmastiff having a peeing accident in the house.........there isn't a mop big enough to quickly soak that up. Needless to say the anti itch cream helped a bit, but the ACV solution worked much better, and quicker...and we all slept better....and it saved us a ton of money. I have rheumatoid arthritis and have been on varying daily doses of prednisone myself for over 12 yrs.(among other treatments). It makes my stomach feel fizzy, for lack of a better term, it growls and just has a sort of uneasy, rolling feeling, not sick or I could sympathize with my poor dog. In larger doses it also made me unable to sleep, feeling wired or wide awake even with little sleep, cranky...downright angry, grumpy and jumpy...and very restless. I don't do caffeine of any kind....but I felt like what people describe feeling like after drinking far too much coffee. I lost my appetite (most people have the opposite issue, and have increased appetite and gain weight). I did have much increased thirst, as did my dog while on it.

I was told by my RA specialist that prednisone does not cause diabetes as a previous commentor wrote, but it CAN aggravate the condition if you already have it. It can increase your blood sugar temporarily and if you are a diabetic that's not a good thing. Having high blood sugars, even temporarily, can damage kidneys, nerves throughout the body, eyesight and cause many other issues.

My bullmastiff passed away several yrs ago and we took in an older, rescued yellow lab and 2 small dogs. 1 is a black wirey haired shih-tzu/chihuahua mix, the other is a blonde, furry chihuahua/mini schnauzer mix...the lab is the one with the hot spots once in a great while. I have never seen a dog shed as much as this guy does, I swear, he should be bald by now. The hot spot he just got is just in front of his hip...and he's started chewing. So, out comes the Apple Cider Vinegar mix, hoping it works as well this time as in the past, all should be well in a week or so. We've never EVER had fleas in the house, or found any on the dogs...until this summer. I noticed them all itching, even after their monthly baths...I checked and found a couple fleas, gave them their monthly flea drops and it seemed like they were just water....the itching never stopped..and the fleas are still there. Just a few...for now. So, I'm going to start adding ACV to their water dish each day...and cross my fingers that it works."

  Re: Garlic for Fleas and Ticks
Thu, 17 Jul 14 07:03:57 -0500

07/16/2014: Chris from Bullhead City, Az: "Treat dogs for with fleas and ticks using fresh garlic."

  Re: Buying Turmeric
Wed, 16 Jul 14 16:59:51 -0500

07/16/2014: Linda from Detroit, Mi: "Janice, you can also find Tumeric in a bulk food store. I just saw it in it's "real form" today at Meijers!"

Re: Elderly MinPin Vomiting
Wed, 16 Jul 14 16:10:11 -0500

07/16/2014: Linda from Detroit, Mi: "I have an elderly MinPin. She was a rescue, so I'm not sure of her age, but let's say she's about 14. She's been fine except for her back legs seem to be bothering her. (Arthritis?) She vomited some yellow liquid. She won't eat at all except for Slim Jims! I put a 81mg equate (aspirin) in her last Slim Jim. She couldn't walk at all the other day, but is walking better now. What could be the problem?"

Re: Soft Crate for Dogs Who Fear Thunder
Wed, 16 Jul 14 11:17:20 -0500

[YEA]  07/16/2014: Kathryn4 from Owings: "My dog used to freak out with being in a crate during thunderstorm. This crate was one of the steel types with bars. Solution: got a soft crate - now he does not hurt himself if I am gone out of the house and he happens to be in there with a thunderstorm."

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