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Will Essiac Tea Help My Cat With Leukemia?

Sat, 06 Feb 16 17:24:36 -0500
Posted by Margaux (Africa) on 02/06/2016

Hi our cat has been diagnosed with leukemia virus.The vet prescribed Prednisone.I would like to know whether I can give her Essiac tea and if a teaspoon 3x per day would be ok?

Would it be ok to give her the prednisone two hours later or not at all?

  Re: Essiac Tea for Cat with Cancer

Sat, 06 Feb 16 17:23:07 -0500
Posted by Luis (Fl) on 02/06/2016

How many mg was the capsules you used and what brand? Thank you.

Do I Have To Keep Dog Calm During Doxycycline Heartworm Treatment?

Sat, 06 Feb 16 17:19:55 -0500
Posted by Debbie (Florida) on 02/06/2016

question, my dog has heartworms the vet gave him doxycycline for 30 days than heart provented heart worms than in 60 days from the start of doxycycline the injection, I know I have to keep him calm when he gets the injection but does he have to be calm during the doxcycline treatment

  Re: VRM2 for Heartworm

Sat, 06 Feb 16 12:06:43 -0500
Posted by Maureen (Il) on 02/06/2016

Correct. Heartworms are in the bloodstream, which is why they end up in the lungs and do damage to the heart. You will never see a dog eliminate heartworms via the intestinal tract (pooping or vomiting). Must be an intestinal parasite you're seeing.

  Re: Critical Care, Pumpkin for Rabbits

Sat, 06 Feb 16 12:01:38 -0500
Posted by Claudia (Fairfield, Iowa) on 02/06/2016

Jessi, Could you tell me the name and the phone number or address for a Rabbit Vet in Fairfield or near our city. Thanks!

  Re: Chiropractic and Syringomyelia

Sat, 06 Feb 16 12:00:22 -0500
Posted by Roxanne (Toronto) on 02/06/2016

Hi Katie, thanks so much for your your insight. Unfortunately Calgary is not close to Toronto but I appreciate the link and will contact them to find out if they know anyone in our area.

Molly does have a hot spot in her neck, and as her condition has worsened in the last six months we have had to remove her collar completely, we switched to a harness for walking her about a year ago however that no longer works she can only walk a few feet without stopping to scratch her neck and shoulder. we have no changed to a very loose collar just to her to a leash free area and then she can enjoy her walks with nothing on her neck and back. we have noticed that her happiest, pain free time is when she is out with us in a field walking, she seems to have a frown of pain the rest of the time.

Last week the vet advised that 4 Gabapanton in a 24 hour period is the maximum recommended by the neurologist so that's what she is now on. They want us to consider moving to steroid treatment next.

We have decided to proceed with the cold laser therapy first and will keep giving her the Gabapanton in hopes this combination prove helpful with reducing her pain. We have found a veterinary clinic who will start the cold laser treatment in two weeks time, we are purchasing a package of 5 sessions and will see how it goes.

in the meantime I will continue my search for a holistic veterinarian as I would prefer not to give her steroids if we can avoid it.

It is heart breaking to see Molly in this kind of pain and we are hopeful that we can find a combination that will improve her quality of life.

I am so pleased to hear that Darcy is still doing well and that Andrea has found a path as well For Inti as well. Thanks so much for posting Darcy's journey, it has given us hope!

  Re: Supplements for a Heart Murmur

Sat, 06 Feb 16 11:59:52 -0500
Posted by Gth (Souhern California) on 02/05/2016

Michelle, if you read through the thread there is a lot of discussion on beneficial supplements. Currently we are giving our dog, Standard Process Canine Cardiac and Cataplex E2, NHV Hearty Heart, Ubiquinol, fish oil and potassium chloride. This is in addition to the homeopathic remedies and meds. She is also on a raw diet.

Older Cat Won't Take Apple Cider Vinegar

Fri, 05 Feb 16 21:52:40 -0500
Posted by Kimber (Yorktown, Va) on 02/05/2016

Okay, after reading all of the posts here about ACV, dipping their paw in, pouring it into her wet food, etc....I've tried them all. She must be stubborn as her favorite thing is her wet food and she won't even touch it with the 50/50 mix of ACV and water. I dipped her paws in it, she struggled to get away, and even through they are wet...doesn't even attempt to clean them. She's been peeing just about anywhere she stops. This morning, she followed me into the kitchen stopped right in front of the dishwasher and standing straight up, peed ON the dishwasher. She has done this off and on for years, but she is peeing EVERYWHERE and sometimes it is simply a small piddle. So, I tried the ACV and water and she won't touch it. LOL Now what???

Dog Eating Poop in Spite of Good Diet

Fri, 05 Feb 16 21:47:47 -0500
Posted by Stephanie (Oregon) on 02/05/2016

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Our 3 year old dog has suddenly started eating deer and goose poop on our walks, she is off leash so hard to stop her. I am concerned about her diet. She eats home cooked food approx. 50% ground turkey and 50% mixed vegetables, eggs. Her weight is perfect and coat healthy, but she does seem to be hungry, loves to beg human food (spoiled! ). She gets a fish oil capsule, probiotic, sometimes a little oatmeal in her stew put try to avoid grains. I feel something is lacking in her diet, started adding a little flax seed meal and spirolena. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.

  Re: Supplements for a Heart Murmur

Fri, 05 Feb 16 21:35:35 -0500
Posted by Michelle (Detroit, Mi) on 02/05/2016

I know this post is outdated but my mini poodle has mvd and I would love to here more about the supplement you gave your dog.

  Re: Tea Tree Oil for Dog's Chronic Ear Infection

Fri, 05 Feb 16 21:32:02 -0500
Posted by Sunny (Chandler ) on 02/05/2016

Dogs & Cats Liver cannot process Tea Tree oil which means it can either kill them or damage their liver. I've heard of both happening on numerous occasions.

  Re: Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Cured Tumor in Cat

Fri, 05 Feb 16 21:31:06 -0500
Posted by Nina (Ill) on 02/05/2016

Cats often get Acne on their chin which can get as large as a marble. If you didn't have it biopsied to actually tell if it's a tumor it was probably just a cysts or acne pimple.My cat used to get them until I read never to use plastic bowls or dishes to feed your animals.Since I replaced her dish and water bowl with glass, no more bumps on her chin.

How Can I Help a 2 1/2 Year Old Dog with Liver Shutting Down?

Fri, 05 Feb 16 21:30:23 -0500
Posted by Smokey (Yonkers, Ny) on 02/05/2016

My son's 2 1/2 yr old Chihuahua was not feeling well we were told that he has back problems and was given pain killer, blood work results came back: High liver counts, diet was changed, and the following week we went back for another blood work, results: liver shutting down. We are so devastated such a happy little fellow now can't hardly walk. Is there hope for this little 5 pound fellow? they want to do an MRI now. Is so costly and we feel that time is running out what can we do to give this little guy another chance in life?

  Re: Sight Loss in Dog

Fri, 05 Feb 16 18:21:08 -0500
Posted by Ambika (Shillong, India) on 02/05/2016

[YEA]  I was advised to use Cineraria Homeopathic Eye Drop. It seems to have no side effects and works best in cartaract cases. I am however not able to find it here.

  Re: Homemade Dakin's Solution for Dog's Yeast

Fri, 05 Feb 16 09:52:09 -0500
Posted by Mommadd (Florida) on 02/05/2016

[YEA]  This solution is also stellar on hot spots! It doesn't destroy the skin like some antiseptics.

  Re: Remedies for Cat With Severe Pancreatitis

Thu, 04 Feb 16 22:43:26 -0500
Posted by Laura (Michigan) on 02/04/2016

I too have a cat that recovered with raw food. You mention that your cat get sick still every few weeks. Mine too! Go on line and print a monthly calendar of the moon phases. You will find that your cat gets sick between the New moon and Full moon. Parasites inside us are moving at that time and are getting ready to lay eggs. I too give my cat coconut oil daily and just a very small pinch of clove. Be careful on the cloves too much and they will not eat it. It has a very powerful smell. I also give my cat slippery elm for his tummy. My cat was almost dead and they wanted to do surgery. I said no I will take care of it. Dr. Baker with Vitality Science helped me. He is very playful today. I rescued him when he was very sick and we have been together for almost 3 years. I give raw food, Life Extensions Cat mix advanced Multi-nutrient formula and and digestive enzymes from Vitality Science. All the raw food is organic and no fat. My Freeway also gets purified water and organic wheat grass to nibble on. I use no chemicals around my house.

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Pet's Ear Infection

Thu, 04 Feb 16 16:46:25 -0500
Posted by Wendy (Ohio) on 02/04/2016

Do a search on this site for "Healthy Ear Recipe (from Arcane)". It's an excellent remedy for ear infections (yeast and/or bacterial).

It totally cleared up my Golden Retriever's yeasty ears. Plus, you may need to find a new food that is "limited ingredient", with NO grains, NO legumes (beans), NO rice, no chicken, try a good-quality protein, e.g., fish.

 Re: Advice Needed for Treating Cat with Cancer with Turmeric

Thu, 04 Feb 16 16:20:46 -0500
Posted by Glendalough (Northern California) on 02/04/2016

I ordered the tea from Essiac West and made it yesterday. Someone on a website said that they were given instructions from another company that sells essiac on how to make 1 pint of tea: 2 cups water and 1 tablespoon herbs - and to give approximately 2 ml.

This person originally wrote the instructions to be 2 tablespoons herbs but later corrected it to 1 tablespoon. I was thinking of their original amount and accidentally used 2 tablespoons and I'm wondering if this will be too strong for her. I definitely do not want overkill. If this would be too strong I will dillute it, should I give the same amount of water as the amount of tea?

I read that you can't give any herbs with the essiac that cleanse the liver as that would be too hard on a cat and turmeric cleanses the liver. But what about mushrooms? I have been giving her those almost every day. I wanted to do the essiac by itself to see how well it is working, but I don't know if that would be giving her too little to fight the cancer. I need a miracle for her.

  Re: Raw Food Diet to Clear Multiple Issues

Wed, 03 Feb 16 16:04:56 -0500
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 02/03/2016

Hey Laura,

Try googling 'bones and raw food' or 'raw food diet for dogs' - you will find many hits.

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