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  Re: Heart Murmur Supplements

Fri, 22 Apr 16 22:17:38 -0500
Posted by Kaye (Sallis Ms ) on 04/22/2016

I was also ripped off at the vet on these medications. I changed vets and was able to have some of these called into my local pharmacy at a fraction of the cost. Also much better prices at online pharmaceutical for animals.

  Re: Hemp for Dog's Seizures

Fri, 22 Apr 16 21:11:05 -0500
Posted by Jacqueline (County Antrim) on 04/22/2016

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  My black lab George is also epileptic, he is 5 yrs old.I give him taurine supplements, vitamin c in ester c powder and 1 tablespoon of hemp oil per day. His seizures have reduced and his general condition is much improved. He is prescribed Pexion 400 mg 3 per day divided into two doses one morning and one evening.

The supplements I use are the best reviewed I have found in the UK and also affordable.

Seeking Dosage of Colloidal Silver for Dental Tumor in Dog

Fri, 22 Apr 16 20:54:03 -0500
Posted by Snodov (Alpena, Mi) on 04/22/2016

Hi all!

I am helping a dear friend of mine who has a small, young, dog that recently had a dental procedure to remove a tooth along with a bleeding lump.

The lump, of course, has been unconfirmed yet as being cancerous. My friend promptly began administering Colloidal Silver, however, she is uncertain of how much and how frequently it should be administered, so anyone out there who has sound information to share would be greatly appreciated!

Also, we would like to hear more information on starting a Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide therapy to help with the silver and eliminate toxins. Your thoughts and suggestions on this approach is also greatly appreciated!

Thank you and blessings to all, SnoDov

Can Blackstrap Molasses Help Shedding Dogs?

Fri, 22 Apr 16 20:42:34 -0500
Posted by Michelle (Dallas, Texas) on 04/21/2016

Please help, my dogs shed year round and of course spring time is even worse. On a daily basis I clean up fury tumbleweeds rolling across my hardwood floor. I have tried different foods, brushing and bathing among other things. I heard that Blackstrap Molasses can help with this issue. Has anyone ever heard this?

  Re: Heart Murmur Supplements

Fri, 22 Apr 16 07:50:33 -0500
Posted by Gth (Southern California) on 04/21/2016

Hi Katie and Theresa, Thank you for your support and confirmation that I wasn't crazy for thinking they should have known the difference. We've moved on and my daughter's Maltese is doing well. Loved just as much spayed as if she wasn't, just disappointed that the choice was taken away from us, especially since you pay a lot more for a dog you can show. I hesitate to slam a vet but I did think this was pretty egregious and just want to give others a heads up if they are considering them.

Keeping Puppies Alive When Mother Dog is Ill

Thu, 21 Apr 16 21:51:40 -0500
Posted by Cassie (California) on 04/20/2016

I had a friend from Maine that raised Belgium Shepherds. One of her female dogs gave birth to puppies but had complications with the births and the female dog had to be under the care of a Vet and could not feed her puppies. My friend and her husband were up for hours trying to feed the puppies with puppy formula and nursing bottles (they lost 20 pounds each trying to keep the puppies alive). The puppies were starving because they could not eat enough or rejected the formula and everything this couple tried would not work with the puppies.

The couple had a leg of moose meat in the freezer a friend had given them. My friend as a last resort cooked the moose meat and gave the puppies MOOSE BROTH using nursing bottles and miraculously the puppies thrived and lived! I just thought I would mention this in case someone finds themselves in this awful situation.

This is a true story.

  Re: ACV Treatment for Bladder Stones in Dogs

Thu, 21 Apr 16 21:44:11 -0500
Posted by Sierra (Uncasville, Ct ) on 04/21/2016

Can I just clarify that with the ACV treatment the dog does not have to change their food to the expensive Rx. dog food? If there is a store brand of food that helps keep the stones at bay I'm all for it. But 6lb bags at $25/ bag is not what I call living life. My dog also has a food sensitivity, so she has to eat lamb not chicken or beef.

Can anyone give a dosage of the ACV I heard in water and in yogurt and in regular food?

  Re: Remedies for Cat with UTI

Thu, 21 Apr 16 21:32:55 -0500
Posted by Myway (Usa) on 04/21/2016

Using organic apple cider vinegar (ACV)mix 30 cc of filtered water with 30 cc of ACV.

With an empty dropper, squirt 1 cc of mixture in mouth 3 times a day. Also rub some on scruff. This method works well for UTI infections!

Myway :D

  Re: Rubbing Alcohol, White Vinegar for Smelly Ears

Thu, 21 Apr 16 21:23:40 -0500
Posted by Val (Dallas, Pa) on 04/21/2016

[NAY]  Please don't do this one or do so with caution, at your own risk. I used the proper gadget to pull hair out of poodle ears. I then used this mixture & wiped inside her ears with a cottonball. I also massaged her ears for 60 seconds. She was thrilled & ran all through the house. A week later I cleaned her ears with this (no hair to pull) & 2 days later her ears were full of scabs. Now I have to apply Neosporin & got a solution from vet to use going forward.

P.S. The rubbing alcohol was only 70%.

  Re: Hydrogen Peroxide and Coconut Oil for Ear Infections

Thu, 21 Apr 16 21:19:03 -0500
Posted by Shirley (California) on 04/21/2016

Do u put the coconut oil into the ear or just rub it on the outer part?

  Re: Avocado is Dangerous to Cats

Thu, 21 Apr 16 21:18:10 -0500
Posted by Shelby (Texas) on 04/21/2016

Avocado is poisonous to most animals, especially birds, cats and dogs. Green beans are poisonous to hamsters, and carrot tops to rabbits

  Re: Heart Murmur Supplements

Thu, 21 Apr 16 21:07:24 -0500
Posted by Theresa Donate
(Mpls., Mn) on 04/21/2016

Hello Gth,

I agree with Katie - tell the truth. I'd be Yelping about this and making online reviews on veterinary sites had this been my dog. It is appalling and stunning that any vet could confuse an inguinal hernia with a breast tumor -and that you had seen this vet previously and that the hernia was missed all this time, again, it boggles the mind.

So sorry for your experience, but I hope your girl is doing well.

  Re: One Cat with Eye Infection, Another Cat Peeing All Over House

Thu, 21 Apr 16 21:00:28 -0500
Posted by Inky (Colorado Springs, Co) on 04/20/2016

The eye infection I would think your vet could help you with an ointment. For my older cat I would have to pick up all plastic stuff, they like to pee on that. A friend of mine use to spray water when inappropriate behavior would occur. Or a positive reward I like to use is reward when appropriate behavior is displaced. I use an all natural cat litter made of fine pecan nut purchased at Walmart. Perhaps placing smaller cat litter boxes around the frequently used areas.

  Re: Reverse Osmosis Water and Cat Health

Thu, 21 Apr 16 20:54:50 -0500
Posted by Inky (Colorado Springs, Co) on 04/20/2016

Reverse osmosis water I thought was not good for us. It's the same as soda pop which is really bad for us. I give my cat 8.5 alkaline drinking water. If anything filtered tap water would be better than the reverse osmosis water.

  Re: Remedies Needed for Cat with Neurological Problems

Thu, 21 Apr 16 20:53:28 -0500
Posted by Inky (Colorado Springs, Co) on 04/20/2016

For internal use: try the aloe recipe noted above your comment. Tahitian Noni is wonderful for overall health too. I place it in the frig, for usage shake well and in a small bottle, use 1 ml from dropper, 3 times daily. Finally, Omega 3 oil benefits the entire body. Consult how to use with your doctor.

 Re: Natural Remedies Needed for Uterine Tumor in Mastiff

Thu, 21 Apr 16 20:49:28 -0500
Posted by Melissa (Ohio) on 04/21/2016

I'm sorry I don't have more time but please read about Essiac Tea and Turmeric for help with cancer. Essiac has many immune boosting vitamins, etc. Turmeric will help with the inflammation and research studies being done for cancer benefits. And search online for the maple syrup, baking soda cure.

 Re: What Can Help Cure Feral Cat With Mange?

Thu, 21 Apr 16 20:48:49 -0500
Posted by Melissa (Ohio) on 04/21/2016

Hi Carla,

Since you can't use Ted`s mange bath, get some Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth. You can usually find it at local garden centers or on Amazon. Make sure its not the kind used in Pools. I would start slow with 1/4 tsp and work your way up to 1 tsp but you may find better dosages here on the site. Mix it with water before puting it on dry food. If canned food, just mix it in. There are dusters on Amazon so you can dust the cats fur. Don't breathe it in or let the cat. It will take awhile this way but hopefully over time it will kill the mites but will help keep from spreading. It will also kill fleas. My dog had sarcoptic mange and by dusting my carpet, bedding, etc. and my other dog, it kept him from getting it over the long period of time while treating.

If you can, put a few sprinkles of borax in the water, or 1/8 tsp per liter, in the water, that will help alot. There is much more detailed info under the pet ailments to help.

If the cat will take it, Organic unpasteurized apple cider vinegar will help if it has systemic yeast that sometimes accompanies these buggers or released as they die off.

Good luck to you.


Activated Charcoal for Bufo Toad Poisoning

Thu, 21 Apr 16 14:00:57 -0500
Posted by Melinda (North Carolina) on 04/20/2016

[YEA]  Bufo Toad Poisoning:

When I lived in Arizona I had a dog that licked one of these a few times. His eyes got big, and he was whining acting very worried. I gave him milk, and pilled (put down the back of his throat so all he had to do was swallow) him with 1 charcoal pill, and then just held him, it wore off pretty quick (the side effects from him licking it), then he was fine.

Charcoal Binds toxins to it and absorbs them to carry them out of your body as waste, it is a purifier.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Bladder Infection in Puppy

Thu, 21 Apr 16 13:52:50 -0500
Posted by Jj (Auberry, Ca) on 04/20/2016

[YEA]  Sunday afternoon noticed my 5 month old Border Collie was having a problem peeing, very little at a time. She was pacing around with a wild look in her eye and at time displaying pain when trying to urinate. I know she is due for her first heat cycle, but never have had any pup or adult dog act this way (heat cycle or not).

Our vet would not be in until the next day at 9 am, so I searched and found this site. Read the reviews and decided to try it quickly.

Sierra is around 23 pounds, healthy and normal. I gave her a heaping tablespoon of ACV with two tablespoons of yogurt with some chicken that I have canned myself.

Within an hour, she stopped pacing and looking wild eyed. Still had the other symptoms going on, but did rest from 10 to 12, peed some.

Took her out again at 3:30, peed some but still symptoms of dry pee etc, but no painfulness.

Monday morning gave her the same dose except added kibbles to it, then at noon and again at dinner time. Still had some symptoms, and also leaks on the floor and one puddle (out of nowhere). She also had loose stools by this time so I cut back on the yogurt to 1 tbs. By the time Monday evening came she still had a few times of dry pee. I gave it one more day before calling our vet. Tuesday morning all symptoms were gone and it is now Thursday. I have cut out the yogurt after Wed morning but have continued to give the ACV 3 xs a day and will do so until Sunday. After that it will be 1 teaspoon a day with her usual kibble and canned chicken.

Side note: that Sunday I noticed earlier that her stool had a lot of corn in it and straining to get it out. We live on a ranch and she must have scooped up some chicken scratch when I wasn't looking. Cannot say for sure but I think that might have been what brought this on.

Sorry for being long winded, but wanted to cover the bases for others. JJ

Pic of Sierra is at 3 months old.

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