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  Re: Rabies Vaccine Side Effects

Sat, 19 Nov 16 10:26:20 -0800
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 11/18/2016

Hey Connie,

You might see if the homeopathic remedies Thuja and Silicea will help your pet. These remedies have been helpful in negating side effects from vaccines.

  Re: Yeast Infection in Dog

Fri, 18 Nov 16 09:55:06 -0800
Posted by Wendy (Columbus) on 11/18/2016

Please search this EarthClinic site for "Arcane". It's a homemade remedy that gets rid of bacteria and yeast in dogs' ears. Read & follow the directions carefully.

Urgently Seeking Dosage of Essiac Tea for Cat With Lymphoma

Thu, 17 Nov 16 20:49:23 -0800
Posted by Sam (Sa) on 11/17/2016


My 8/9yr old cat Maloo had sneezing for a while and was diagnosed with URI and put on antibiotics. It cleared it for a few weeks then it came back. We had been through the URI the year before and I pulled him through. This time it was different. So to the vets. He went under for surgery and the devastating news came this Tues that he has lymphoma. Not sure what kind however he is also FIV.

I am looking into using Essiac tea and hope to save him. I want him in our lives for many more years to come. I took him off the antibiotics as he was not eating. He is now eating and grooming again. However still sneezing a bit. Can anyone tell me ASAP a dose to give him and also any tips for a super fussy cat to get it into? How long do you give it for and how would you know if it is working? Will he bleed from nose?

Thank you for any advice and tips. Love to you all and your fur babies.

Seeking Help for Pituitary Tumor in Boston Terrier

Thu, 17 Nov 16 20:37:11 -0800
Posted by King George (Palm Coast, Fl) on 11/17/2016

Looking for help for my Boston terrier. He's 13 has cushings for about a year now, suffering with a pituitary tumor. He's circling and pacing, eating good but still losing weight.We justb can't let him go. He's on .75ml of Adrenal Harmony Gold, twice a day. 5 mg Prednisone, 1 per day.1.5 mg Melatonin at night (help sleep) Can someone help our George. Pleading in Florida

  Re: Arnica Oil for Hematoma

Thu, 17 Nov 16 18:02:39 -0800
Posted by Carol (Indiana) on 11/17/2016

I have a 9 yr old spayed BC girl who has an aural hematoma. I just ordered the arnica oil. Is this better than the gel form? She is also itching and scratching, and does not have fleas.

  Re: Coconut Oil for Yeast Infection in Dog

Thu, 17 Nov 16 17:57:58 -0800
Posted by Susan (Kyle, Tx) on 11/17/2016

What is EVCO? My yellow lab (2 yrs.) has a terrible ear yeast infection. We have tried vet treatments, only to have them re-occur. I am now trying Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. Thanks for sharing and hope we all find help for our precious pets.

EC: ECVO - Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

  Re: Degenerative Myleopathy

Thu, 17 Nov 16 17:51:15 -0800
Posted by Ruth (Buffalo, New York) on 11/17/2016

My Samoyed, Zeke, wears Solvit support harness. It helps us lift him up and down stairs and does not seem to hurt him. We had to go with a size smaller than recommended for his weight.

I have been looking for a cure for his DM which he has had symptoms of for at least 6 months now. He has had ACV and a variety of other supplements for years . Since the DM, he has laser therapy weekly but I am not so sure it is helping any. He was 14 last June so I guess I should be thank-full he has been with us this long.

  Re: Aloe Vera OK for Cats and Dogs

Wed, 16 Nov 16 22:03:07 -0800
Posted by Brenda (Portland, Or) on 11/16/2016

What amount of George's aloe Vera would you give to a cat?

  Re: Dog With Cherry Eye

Wed, 16 Nov 16 20:03:16 -0800
Posted by Bj (Spokane Wa) on 11/16/2016

We have a 4 year old mix male....he has had "cherry eye" since we have had him...we rub it at night, but only allows it to be a tad less swollen...

What did you do, what item, did you use, that helped this heal? You are the only one on this site, that had this problem for a year or longer! THANK you for whatever you can share!!!

Betty, Robert and Pepper too!

Rabies Vaccine Side Effects

Wed, 16 Nov 16 20:01:50 -0800
Posted by Connie (The Villages, Fl) on 11/16/2016
0 out of 5 stars

My dog that is 12 old and 2 years old had a reaction to the rabies vac .....right after it was give the first year. Seizure, loose stools, vomiting. This year he was pre medicated and same thing except he is having loose stools, blood from his rectum x4 weeks. This is off and on and it started that day. He goes several days normal and then it hits him again. We have him on pre digested food and no stress. He is miserable but our vet says it is unrelated

  Re: Seizures in Dog

Wed, 16 Nov 16 19:54:07 -0800
Posted by Claire (Harrogate) on 11/16/2016

hi my 4 year old jack Russel just started having seizures she had 4 seizures in this Month, I heard about CBD oil just wondering which one and where to buy and how to use, really appreciate if someone could help.

  Re: Essiac Tea for Cancer

Wed, 16 Nov 16 10:20:29 -0800
Posted by Sam (Australia) on 11/16/2016


I was wondering if there was any updates on this tea? I am in Australia. I just found out my 9yr old cat Maloo has lymphoma. At first it was diagnosed as URI and then he started to sneeze blood. After antibiotics he cleared for 2 weeks then it came back. He had a biopsy and the devastating news came yesterday. I did not hear exactly what type however I am guessing nasal lymphoma. He has FIV and was offered chemo but do NOT want to do that to him.

I am not ready to let him go. I have lost two cats one aged 6 to diabetes and one (my soul kitty) aged 8 to intestinal adenocarcinoma. I am angry and upset. I really would love for this tea to work. However have no information on it or dosage. I have been looking all day on net. My head is spinning.

  Re: Zymox for Ear Issues in Dogs

Tue, 15 Nov 16 18:46:22 -0800
Posted by Vashti (Camano Island) on 11/15/2016

Zymox is a lifesaver. My three-year-old mini schnauzer developed allergies which caused her all sorts of miseries thanks to the yeast infection. Constantly scratching and clawing at her ears and paws. I did the usual thing - went to the vet, antibiotics, steroids, "special" food, etcetera, which of course made things worse. Then I switched her to the BARF diet which, while not totally curing her, certainly made her a lot more comfortable. But her ears and paws still got red and inflamed from time to time. FINALLY read about Zymox and, although I wasn't holding out much hope, decided to try it. I bought the Otic for her ears. One week later, the heat, redness and itching were totally gone - it's been over a month now and her ears are still a lovely cold pink. She still has occasional redness in her paws, so today I bought the topical Zymox spray and am very hopeful that we can be done with this nasty itching once and for all.

  Re: Matted Fur

Tue, 15 Nov 16 17:54:49 -0800
Posted by Helen (Hooper) on 11/15/2016

There are rechargeable battery operated electricity.

  Re: Remedies for Cancer in Pets

Tue, 15 Nov 16 10:45:45 -0800
Posted by Scooby (Co) on 11/14/2016

Black salve eats away the skin and leaves a crater.

  Re: Bordetella Vaccine Side Effects

Tue, 15 Nov 16 10:40:53 -0800
Posted by Sue (Smith) on 11/15/2016

FYI If your dog is on Keppra then I'm assuming it has a seizure disorder. If that's the case I have been told dogs with seizures should not get the Bordetella Vaccine, that it can cause seizures.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Yogurt Helping Bladder Infection in Dog

Tue, 15 Nov 16 10:27:47 -0800
Posted by Lady Dawnie (Orlando, Fl) on 11/14/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Hi, my Sasha is a 8yr. old 80 pound American Pitbull who has been dry peeing for a few days. I thought about ACV as I use it daily for many things for my family. However, I knew she would not drink her water if she smelled Apple Cider Vinegar in her bowl. I'm so happy I found this site. I mixed 2 teaspoons of organic apple cider vinegar with 2 teaspoons of plain greek yogurt. After tasting this well mixed creamy remedy I added 2 teaspoons of applesauce to sweeten the bitter taste before giving it to Sasha and she loved her new treat. I will repeat in the morning. Sasha is sleeping like a baby. I will update after a few days of am and pm treatments.

Thanks for saving me a small fortune!

  Re: Heart Murmur in Dog

Tue, 15 Nov 16 10:13:14 -0800
Posted by Julie (Nc) on 11/14/2016

I would like to know who is Dr. West and how can I find out more about his protocol for heart disease?

  Re: Pyrethrin for Mange

Tue, 15 Nov 16 07:09:40 -0800
Posted by Pamela (Texas) on 11/14/2016

The pyrethrins is the main ingredient in many of your household flea killers. And most warning labels tell you NOT to expose pets to this chemical no matter where it originated. Who knows what may happen along the line later.