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  Re: Can Borax Spray be Used for Fleas on Cats?

Sat, 21 Nov 15 10:21:48 -0500
Posted by Laura (Raleigh, Nc) on 11/21/2015

I had that thought too but couldn't find a 'recipe' anywhere for the right mix for Borax water. Then I finally came across something that said Borax that gets wet loses effectiveness because it's actually the physical properties of dry Borax that kills fleas...therefore wet Borax is completely useless! That said, dry Borax didn't do me much good but I'm pretty sure it's because my berber carpet didn't allow the powder to go deep enough to reach the eggs down there...seems to work well for everyone else though.

I've been spraying a mixture of (equal parts) apple cider vinegar/witch hazel/lemon juice all over the carpet every day and the problem is much better! You have to keep it up though because success seems to come from a cumulative effect, not necessarily an 'on contact' sort of fix. Still looking forward to the light at the end of the tunnel. Good luck!!

  Re: Black Spots on Dog

Sat, 21 Nov 15 10:15:32 -0500
Posted by Suseeq (Sydney, Australia) on 11/20/2015

Hi, Julie - try giving your dog olive leaf capsules, but remember its not an over night cure

  Re: Aloe Vera for Ulcer in Pets

Fri, 20 Nov 15 19:58:39 -0500
Posted by Julianne (California) on 11/20/2015

About how long did it take before you saw some relief for your pet? I'm going to try the aloe for his ulcers.

  Re: Multiple Remedies Did Not Help 14 Year Old Cat with Conjunctivitis

Fri, 20 Nov 15 19:49:48 -0500
Posted by Soazburrolady (Southern Az) on 11/20/2015

For conjunctivitis in pets (and humans for that matter), the very best treatment I have used is colloidal silver. Conjunctivitis can be bacterial, viral, or allergic. The silver works for all. Most of my work life was in the medical industry and I had access to every ophthalmic pharmaceutical, and I would choose the colloidal silver over them all. My dogs get an allergic conjunctivitis every spring. I take a clean soft cloth, soak it in colloidal silver, and gently wipe the area around their eyes. I use a dropper to instill it directly in their eyes. Within a day or two, their eyes are clear. My husband uses the drops in his eyes whenever they itch. Another great feature concerning the silver is that it doesn't sting at all, so my dogs aren't leery of treatment. Hope this helps. All the best.

  Re: Bufo Toad Poisoning

Fri, 20 Nov 15 09:00:40 -0500
Posted by Coni (Naples) on 11/19/2015

I heard moth balls are helpful. Hope I never see one of those toads. Hope my dogs never do either.

  Re: Medications for Ear Mites

Fri, 20 Nov 15 08:59:42 -0500
Posted by Shari (Texas) on 11/20/2015

Hartz puts out some of the "Worst" meds on the market. I don't know how they stay in business!

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Dog's Ear Infections

Fri, 20 Nov 15 08:50:57 -0500
Posted by Peggy (Covington, Ky) on 11/20/2015

I just see your website, My Labrador has been sick with ear infections and Itching and biting. I took her to Vet its was allegedly, she still sick, It's been a month and half. I am feeling helpless to help her. I am going to try your Apple Cider on her today. Thank you

  Re: Black Spots on Dog

Thu, 19 Nov 15 21:36:47 -0500
Posted by Julia (Hollywood, Fl) on 11/19/2015

Hi, my dog has developed black spots over his body. At first I thought they would brush away but they keep building. Every time I try to take them off the area becomes inflamed red and barely any of them came off. It keeps bothering me and he continuously scratches. He is a small yorkie and he has them all around his arms, legs, stomach, and abdomen. I haven't gone to the vet yet to check him out, I just wanted to know if there was a way to naturally get them off. HELP!!! He has a scruffy look, and they make him smell bad. we continously wash him with flea shampoo if thats the case, but he goes to the same scent again the next day. And he barely goes outside, we rescued him so we arnt sure how old he is but he still isn't trained, so he pees on pee-pee pads.

  Re: Arsenicum Album, Diatomaceous Earth for Parvo

Thu, 19 Nov 15 16:52:46 -0500
Posted by Mindtreasure (Ma) on 11/19/2015

Re: treatment for parvo. You said you put the AA in a spritzer, why? Can I just infuse it into the pedialyte or water? My pup is just beginning to suffer from the symptoms of parvo. Thanks for any help!

  Re: Castor Oil for Tumors

Thu, 19 Nov 15 12:25:57 -0500
Posted by Theresa Donate
(Mpls., Mn) on 11/19/2015

Hey Italiandobergirl!

Tumors can fall off cleanly or they can ulcerate. The margins are irrelevant when using these remedies because they boost the immune system and cause the body to reject the tumor cells so the histamines are not triggered. JMHO!

  Re: Diatomaceous Earth for Cat Mange & Mites

Thu, 19 Nov 15 12:21:22 -0500
Posted by Theresa Donate
(Mpls., Mn) on 11/19/2015

Hey Vickie!

You will need to clean the whole house, top to bottom and pay particular attention to your bedding and your cat's bedding.

I have to tell you that if this were my cat I would cut out the Frontline completely. I suggest you cease spending your money on topical poisons and instead use a flea comb and comb your cat for fleas, and also use a lamp trap to capture any fleas in your home.

A lamp trap is just that - a small desk lamp you put on the floor. Then put a plate of soapy water under it - I use dish soap and a white plate for better reflection of the light, plus you can see what you catch easier. Turn the lamp on and go to bed, and see what you catch in the morning. This is a super cheap way to catch fleas and stop an infestation.

Now, it sounds like you have had the scabies diagnosed via your human MD and not a vet via your cat. The species of scabies mite that lives on your cat transfers with close, prolonged contact. So if your cat sleeps on you while you watch TV, the mite can transfer to you. Cat scabies mites cannot reproduce on humans, and it is very unlikely you can infect another person: the infection happens when you have close contact with your infected cat, and perhaps your cat's infected bedding - so if your cat sleeps on the couch, there is a small chance your couch may infect a human.

If you have already invested in DE then I would first vacuum everything - floors and furniture and then go to town with the DE. It helps to establish a 'clean room' - a room that you disinfect or de-flea and de-mite in advance of tackling the whole house. Get one room as sterile as possible, usually your bedroom, so you have a place at the end of the day that is pest free to retire.

I start by a thorough vacuuming and then I wear a dust mask and gently spread the DE on the floor and work it slowly with a broom into all the floor board cracks. If you have carpeting you might consider a sugar sifter or flour sifter and use that to cover the entire carpet with a powdering of the DE. I then work the DE deep into the carpet fibers so it gets to the bottom - I do this on hands and knees and work with my fingers or a stiff brush. And then once the carpet is done I do the same to the furniture and work the DE deep into the fibers.

Now, the DE is not safe for electronics with moving parts so you might want to have things like your DVD player and TV in your safe room. I then leave the DE in place for 2-3 days. Then I vacuum LIGHTLY. The key is to get the loose DE from the surface of the carpet and furniture but do not vacuum so thoroughly you remove the DE that you worked so hard to get into the base of the carpet - you want to leave a nice residual base of DE in the carpet and furniture to take care of any pests that escaped the vacuum or the ones that may hatch out next week.

Dusting with DE is a pain and a lot of work, and your vacuum cleaner may die due to the abrasive nature of the dust, but this type of treatment will last YEARS - as long as you vacuum gently to allow the DE to remain at the base of the carpet fibers.

Now, to combat the mites and fleas on the cat you can also use DE and work it down to the skin. My cat just shakes off the excess and leaves a cloud behind and doesn't stick around to inhale it. You might find it beneficial to soak your cat in a diluted vinegar rinse - 1 part white vinegar to 10 parts water and see if this helps with the itching.

You might consider Ted's Mange remedy for your scabies. Report back if you cannot get rid of the scabies yourself.

 Re: Would Blackstrap Molasses and Turmeric Help Akita With Pelvic Tumor?

Thu, 19 Nov 15 11:22:48 -0500
Posted by Theresa Donate
(Mpls., Mn) on 11/19/2015

Hello Jules,

I am sorry to hear about your boy's cancer. If this were my dog I would through everything at it; turmeric in the food, Black strap molasses, and Essiac tea. An all natural diet - home made RAW is ideal [google for recipes] - is a must.

It is possible the vet is right; this may only be a matter of time. So pay close attention to what your boy is telling you; skipping 3 meals in a row often means it is time to say goodbye. Being in constant pain for 2 or more days may mean it is time. Consider letting your dog go with his dignity intact, rather than parting as the pain consumes him.

I recommend Rescue Remedy for you BOTH.

  Re: Multiple Remedies Did Not Help 14 Year Old Cat with Conjunctivitis

Thu, 19 Nov 15 11:17:19 -0500
Posted by Theresa Donate
(Mpls., Mn) on 11/19/2015

Hello Qwho!

You may wish to consider a boric acid eyewash. Some pharmacies and drug stores stock boric acid on the shelf and some who do not stock it will order it in for you. It costs around $10 for a bottle of the powder.

This is the recipe I use:

Boric Acid Eyewash

The following recipe has been handed down through my family. Boric Acid Eyewash is very beneficial in fighting eye infections, irritation from foreign particles in the eye or contact lenses, air pollution (smog). It is very soothing. Basically, boric acid creates an inhospitable environment in eye for germs and bacteria. At the same time, it cleanses and sooths the eye.

Purchase boric acid powder at your local pharmacy. Ask the pharmacist for "medicinal" boric acid powder. (There is another type, which is used as a bug-killer.) This is very important!!!!!!!

Supplies needed:

1 level teaspoon of Boric Acid Powder ((((medicinal quality))))
1 cup boiling water in a Pyrex measuring cup
Cotton balls
Small clean bowl or teacup


Boil one cup water either on the stove or in the microwave oven. (I use a Pyrex measuring cup in the microwave.)

Add one level teaspoon of Boric Acid Powder (medicinal quality). Use a measuring spoon, not silverware!!!!!!! Stir until dissolved.

Let cool to a luke warm temperature.

Pour 1/4 cup of the cooled solution into a small clean bowl or teacup. Soak a cotton ball in the solution in the bowl and apply to affected eye, cleaning away discharge from the eye. Throw used cotton ball away after one use. Repeat using new cotton ball until all the solution in the bowl is used up. Try to flood the eye with the solution and wipe face with a clean towel. Cleanse both eyes with the solution to prevent the infection from spreading to the unaffected eye.

Repeat procedure at least twice a day, in the morning and before bed at night. Eye infections usually take two or three days to resolve themselves using this treatment.
Store unused portions of eyewash in the Pyrex measuring cup. Just cover with plastic wrap to keep it sanitary.


  Re: Medications for Ear Mites

Thu, 19 Nov 15 10:26:00 -0500
Posted by John Cole (Saipan) on 11/19/2015

[WARNING!]  Read the label on Revolution, for cats, about mites. Does it not say something like "for the treatment and control of ear mites"? Not cure, eradication, not resolution... Besides, do you want a systemic pesticide circulating through your kitty when there are no long-term studies on safety? (My guess is that long-term, it'll shorten your cat's life.)

I tried an old-school (maybe organophosphate type) ear-drop miticide on my cats. Not only did it not get rid of the mites, but it caused severe inflammation and open sores that took weeks to heal.

Mineral oil worked FAR, FAR best for my cats.

  Re: Mineral Oil for Ear Mites

Thu, 19 Nov 15 10:24:03 -0500
Posted by John Cole (Saipan) on 11/19/2015

[YEA]  After having tried coconut oil and olive oil, I finally tried mineral oil. Weeks of misery gone in 24 hours! My guess is that biological oils - - meaning plant and animal oils - - are more of a natural environment for the ear mites, and thus don't work well. If your kitty has ear mites, try mineral oil first, and save yourself time and money, and you and your kitty misery.

Multiple Remedies Did Not Help 14 Year Old Cat with Conjunctivitis

Thu, 19 Nov 15 10:21:11 -0500
Posted by Qwho (Tucson, Az) on 11/18/2015

[NAY]  My kitty has been squinting, with discharge in one eye for probably 3-4 weeks now. As soon as I could get an appointment with the vet I took her in. They said conjunctivitis. Did stain test to look for scratch on eye, found none.

They gave me antibiotic ointment, I gave twice a day for 10 days, no help. I tried lysine twice daily for 3 or 4 days, no change. tried diluted apple cider vinegar (braggs) between shoulder blades and to wipe eye and even a few drops in her eye, and even put on her paws also so she would lick it off, for several days. nothing has worked.

I going to try tea bags next. Noticed today for the first time the discharge is blood tinged. Sometimes her eye is glued shut after sleeping. I use warm water to loosen up the crust so it opens and I wipe away the weepy discharge.

She has another appointment with the vet in two days (two weeks after initial appointment. they said go to a specialist, but I really cannot afford it. I have spent several thousands on my cats in the last two years.

  Re: Dog With Aggressive Brain Tumor

Thu, 19 Nov 15 10:08:42 -0500
Posted by Naznine (Ny) on 11/19/2015


Sorry to hear about your dog.

Try Turmeric -you prepare it with coconut oil and a pinch of Cayenne Pepper. Cayenne is great for shrinking tumors.

Don't feed commercial food. Give some home cooked food with vegetables like carrots or broccoli.

Black seed oil is a cure all and you can buy it on line.

Honey (organic) is beneficial for seizures.

Put a few drops of Apple Cider Vinegar in drinking water.

  Re: Turmeric and Coconut Oil for Tumors

Thu, 19 Nov 15 10:08:04 -0500
Posted by Naznine (Ny) on 11/19/2015

Try this - Turmeric mixed with coconut oil and a pinch of Cayenne Pepper - twice daily mixed into food.

Black seed oil-twice daily.

  Re: Essiac Tea for Cat W/ Tumor

Thu, 19 Nov 15 10:07:27 -0500
Posted by Naznine (Ny) on 11/18/2015

Hi Heidi,

ingredients for Essiac Tea.

  • Burdock Root.
  • Slippery Elm (inner bark)
  • Sheep Sorrel.
  • Indian Rhubarb Root.

You can buy these herbs online and mix it yourself.

Mix equal parts of each herb and brew it-put in the refrigerator overnight and start using it the next day after straining it.

Hope this helps.

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