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 Re: Will People or Other Dogs Catch Mange From A Street Dog?

Mon, 24 Nov 14 09:23:50 -0500
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 11/24/2014

Hey Crystal!

Absolutely you, your family, and your pets can catch sarcoptic mange from this stray dog. In your shoes I would bath all the pets showing symptoms in Ted's Mange Remedy. It is critical that you decontaminate your house, so you need to clean and treat all the areas that your pets frequent inside; it may help to put down borax to decontaminate areas.

If you are now feeding this dog, and have some of his trust, can you possibly catch him? I believe he is curable, provided you can bathe him. If putting hands on him regularly is out of the question, I would consider Ivermectin/Ivomec - an oral miticide - in his food. You can purchase Ivomec online.

 Could Ear Mites be Cause of Dog's Seizure-like Behavior?

Mon, 24 Nov 14 09:12:41 -0500

Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 11/24/2014

Hey Johann!

What you describe sounds *exactly* like seizures. It is possible there are mites as well, but some seizures show up as head shaking.

Is there a reason your vet has not prescribed seizure meds? I understand that some folks would like to avoid any kind of drug, but you do have a senior with creeping up on high miles; a seizure medication from the vet may quite improve his quality of life.

As you saw, after a seizure your dog is very hungry; some sugar will help after a seizure - either sugar water, honey water, corn syrup or vanilla ice cream in a pinch.

In my limited experience, seizures that crop up in an older animal tend to just get worse. If this were my dog I would see the vet and discuss medications - and take a look/see for ear mites. I would also look at the environment to check for contaminants, and avoid feeding any food that contains rosemary, along with any type of food dye, or grains.

If seeing the vet is out of the question at this time and you find 'coffee grounds' in your dog's ears, then check out EC's remedies for ear mites:

 Re: Will People or Other Dogs Catch Mange From A Street Dog?

Sun, 23 Nov 14 23:07:33 -0500
Posted by Om (Hope Bc Canada) on 11/23/2014

Dear Chrystal --

perhaps you will be so good and try to contact a rescue organization or person who has experience and enough compassion to help this poor dog.

If your or your dogs' immune system is up to par, you may not catch anything but keep yourselves separate. Meanwhile, dissolve some borax in very warm water and when dissolved, while standing by the sick dog, pour it over the animal. When the borax water dries, the mites will die and that will give him comfort. Wish I were there. But you will certainly find that it is not a big deal and easy to do to help a poor creature that has an afflicted body with a golden soul inside.

Namaste, Om

 Re: How Can I Heal a Wound in My Dog That Is Not Healing?

Sun, 23 Nov 14 23:07:02 -0500
Posted by Om (Hope Bc Canada) on 11/23/2014

Hello Mustangmom --- if you can obtain turmeric powder from the spice section, cover the site generously and observe what it does.

Turmeric is a natural antibiotic, producing new blood and protects from secondary infections. If your dog licks it, it will be beneficial, too.

Give a scant tsp. daily in hemp or best quality olive oil over food.

Please keep in touch , so we can follow up.

Namaste, Om

 Re: How Can I Heal a Wound in My Dog That Is Not Healing?

Sun, 23 Nov 14 23:06:43 -0500
Posted by Maile (Arvada, Co) on 11/23/2014

Give Vitamin E in safe high dose. Promotes skin, hair, nail growth.

Boost the immune system of the dog. Vitamin C, fish oil, garlic, chia seeds (grind up), vegetables: green beans, tomato juice, cooked carrots.

And for topical:

How Can I Heal a Wound in My Dog That Is Not Healing?

Sun, 23 Nov 14 15:04:54 -0500
Posted by Mustangmom (Ontario Canada) on 11/23/2014

Hello everyone, hope I can get some help here. My 17 year old dog had a tumour on abdomen then it split open to a bloody wound. I went to vet told me to put polysporin on it. It is not bleeding but still an open wound I dont know what to do anymore. Any advice? Thank you

 Re: Blocked Bladder in Cat

Sun, 23 Nov 14 14:58:11 -0500

Posted by Jo (Maine, US) on 11/23/2014

One of our cats is having this exact same problem right now. He is a neutered almost 6-year-old Russian Blue/Maine Coon mix and he has been having a very hard time urinating, only going in tiny pea-sized amounts and straining to go all over the house. He is also constantly licking himself "down there" and meowing quite a bit, although the meowing is totally normal for him since he has always been an extremely vocal cat ever since he was a kitten, so I don't know if the meowing is due to pain/discomfort or not. He is eating fine, so I take that as a good sign. He just ate almost an entire can of wet food and I mixed some water in it to give him some extra moisture. We have just started giving him organic apple cider vinegar mixed with a little water with a medicine dropper (he won't eat it if we put it on his food) and we plan to do this about every hour and have our fingers crossed that it will help him. An expensive vet bill really isn't in our budget right now as we are about to have some pretty expensive electrical work done on our house, so we REALLY hope this works!!

Will People or Other Dogs Catch Mange From A Street Dog?

Sun, 23 Nov 14 08:59:06 -0500
Posted by Crystal (Corozal, Puerto Rico) on 11/23/2014

Hello, there is this street dog that has started coming around and I felt bad and started feeding because I'm an animal lover. But I know it has sarcoptic mange due to the research I've done and really I'm wondering if this dog is even curable. It looks like it has been on the streets for years. It is covered and has a very nasty smell with open bleeding sores. My other outside dogs are already showing symptoms, I'm also worried about me or my kids or my inside dogs catching it. Can you tell me how likely it is for us to catch it and if my inside dogs are at risk. Thank you very much.

 Re: Need Vitamin C for Animals

Sun, 23 Nov 14 08:23:36 -0500

Posted by Diamond (Ma., US) on 11/23/2014

[YEA]  Carol; I use the powdered Ester C for my cats and dogs. The only thing it says on it is Ester C natural flavor/24 hour immune support, also explains all the positive results etc. Good Luck

Could Ear Mites be Cause of Dog's Seizure-like Behavior?

Sat, 22 Nov 14 21:49:53 -0500

Posted by Johanna (Oklahoma, US) on 11/22/2014

My 10 year old half boxer, half jack russel recently started having these "spells." This is the order and characteristics of each one.

1. Panting

2. Stumbling

3. Mild head jerking

4. Confusion

After each one of these 30-minute events, she would go the kitchen and clean out any left over dog or cat food. Then she would appear fine. Vet visits showed she was in good health...with her thyroid a bit low. We tried prozac, thinking it might be anxiety attacks, with no relief so we weaned her off. We started her on thyroid meds and her general overall well being improved, but the attacks came regularly throughout the day. I gave her 12.5 benedryl and it helped...but it kept her sleepy, and she was getting weaker. I was at my wits end!!! It looked like I was going to have to put my sweet Tuffie down. I noted one day, she was occasionally shaking her head...not often, but I did notice it. It occurred to me she could have ear mites.

I treated her for ear mites and she literally stopped the attacks overnight! Am I crazy? Have you all heard of such a thing?

 Re: Update on Activated Charcoal Cure for Puppy with Parvo

Sat, 22 Nov 14 21:38:07 -0500

Posted by Blondy (Trinidad, Wi) on 11/22/2014

Thank you all for the help. I did the activated charcoal and it worked on my 2 and a half month old blue pitt bull. Thanks so much, he is back to his self.

 Re: Pom With Ruptured Anal Gland

Sat, 22 Nov 14 15:12:51 -0500
Posted by Diamond (Ma.) on 11/21/2014

I just got a dog and had to have him fixed with all his shots etc. about five weeks ago, I recently found he was dragging his bum along the floor, so I brought him to the vets and he said it's just his hairs itching his bum because he was recently checked for worms/ Neg.

 Re: Kefir Helps Dog With Stomach Issues

Sat, 22 Nov 14 14:01:33 -0500

Posted by Madeira (Middletown, R I) on 11/22/2014

My 9 lb Yorkiepoo has colitis and I find if I give her a tablespoon oF plain Kefir it helps her tremendously. It is somewhat like yogurt but I believe it is better. If you google it, you will find out how great it is and how much to give your dog.

 Re: Black Walnut/Wormwood Heartworm Treatment Details Needed

Sat, 22 Nov 14 13:59:38 -0500

Posted by Belinda (Houstin, Texas) on 11/22/2014

How long is black walnut wormwood given?

 Re: Canine Megaesophagus

Sat, 22 Nov 14 07:50:36 -0500

Posted by Jb (Atlanta) on 11/22/2014

After years of dealing with this malady I am having GREAT Success with:

1 Feeding 2xs a day

2 Making Pet SIT while feeding. No major exercise after feeding. I do not use a Baily Chair, just make her sit to feed.

3 Feeding small meatballs of food coated with a slime of Slippery Elm Tea. I roll meatballs in tea solution.

4 If any problems arise, later after eating a dose of Nux Vomica & maybe a little Slippery Elm.

5 If pet regurgitates, give them some SE or Aloe to coat/cleanse esophagus.

This has worked to keep food down & calm my Belgian Malinois. Thank God, she is gaining weight.

 Re: Dietary Changes, ACV Not Helping German Shepherd with Allergies

Sat, 22 Nov 14 07:42:09 -0500

Posted by Diamond (Ma.) on 11/21/2014

I have noticed that most vets insist on me giving my cats either reg. cat food or with no grain cat food.I rescued a cat at the of eleven years old/ some one found her eating out of the dumpster, I have tried many types of cat food & she still likes eating out of the trash.When she eats cat food no matter the type or brand she continues to throw up so I decided to cook nice fresh chicken for her, she has no problem with eating this & does well at keeping it down, If I slip in vit's. she refuses to eat, so it's obvious she was a picky dumpster diver. :-)

 Re: Arnica Oil for Aural Hematoma

Fri, 21 Nov 14 22:36:42 -0500

Posted by Becky (Illinois) on 11/21/2014

Hi Lois....I just came home from vet and my 11 yr old boston has a hematoma. Surgery is not an option as we don't think she would survive. Can you tell me what type of arnica oil you used and how much? I would really like to try this while it is small. Thanks bunches!

 Re: 11 Year Old Cat with Dental Issues from Feline Leukemia

Fri, 21 Nov 14 21:58:11 -0500
Posted by Diamond (Ma.) on 11/21/2014

I really cannot say much on the bit about steroids because I do feel it weakens the immune system also they may become dependent upon it. There are many probiotics to help keep her immune system in tact .I adopted a dog many years ago possibly 100 yrs. her teeth are in very bad shape, so I bought a liquid anti-septic from a pet store which helps with lots of her plaque, I put Ester C in her drinking water. She is getting worse where she got into her little bed & could not get up, I was trying to get the strength up to make that choice to have her put down, I had decided to give her some good old fashioned oatmeal, I put very small bits of soft carrots & Kale is very high in"all" vits. needed, I woke up the next morn. expecting she would be already gone or we would have to take her there and to my surprise she was up and playing with my other dog like she was born again. A previous family owned her and named her Nyla after the cartoon lion king. She was surrendered because she was going blind, Today she "IS" blind but she gets around by scent and does very well. I am not saying that oatmeal saved her life, but a lot in general does a lot for the soul, she knew we didn't want to let her go. She is and for-ever my Lion queen :-)

 Re: Aural Hematoma in Maremma Shepherd

Fri, 21 Nov 14 21:52:29 -0500

Posted by Diamond (Ma.) on 11/21/2014

Some times prednisone has a huge negative kick back to the immune system, especially if taken too often. Good Luck

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