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  Re: Colloidal Silver for Tumors

Mon, 28 Nov 16 14:40:08 -0800
Posted by June (Liverpool, England) on 11/28/2016

My dog has been diagnosed with a nasel tumour. Do you think this could help?

  Re: Remedies for Walking Dandruff

Mon, 28 Nov 16 14:08:55 -0800
Posted by Kathy (Chelsea, Mi) on 11/28/2016

We are having terrible problem its same symptoms as the rest here. I have 3 cats and myself all infested. I have taken them to three different vets and myself to 3 different doctors and none have helped. Has anyone actually tried the silver and coconut oil, or peroxide, or any other combo on cats? I've been told cats skin is thinner and more sensitive then dogs so want to make sure these are definitely safe for them as they had a very bad reaction to a marketed natural oil mixed product from pet stores...that didn't kill mites. HELP!

 Re: Dog Who Constantly Licks Same Spot on Front Leg

Mon, 28 Nov 16 14:04:50 -0800
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 11/28/2016

Hello Chamorrita,

Dogs that lick the same spot over and over again causing a sore have what is called 'acral lick dermatitis' or 'acral lick granuloma'. Google these terms and read up as this is a very tricky thing to heal. ACV applied after the bath and several times a day may help; also consider manuka honey. Also a doggie chiropractic adjustment may be in order as some dogs who have a kink in their neck will lick a paw raw like that - it is how they communicate they are in pain/spine is out of whack.

  Re: Vitamin C for Dog with Pyometra

Mon, 28 Nov 16 13:57:25 -0800
Posted by Vignesh (Chennai, Tamilnadu, India) on 11/28/2016

Hi, I a from India too and a loser to get vision of this blog so late..My pet is suffering from open pyometra for nearly a month.The treatment was very immediate after we saw discharge from her vulva..We started with a 14 day course of oral antibiotic "chefpet" then followed by intravenous fluids and amoxicillin for 5 days and continuous monitoring of her creatinine level as we feared her kidney was damaged heavy..then after 7 days the discharge stopped and she was eating solids after 20 days..but it did not last the very fourth day (last Friday) she stopped eating and recurrent vomits, pinkish discharge made her faint and it got worst with diarrhea .. Now again we have started with intravenous fluids and amoxicillin again from yesterday.. Doctor's words were it is too infected but my family is trying hard to save the life of a 14 yr old member..Thank God I got to see this page which had actually injected hope that got lost a day back....

My query is that my pet is suffering open pyometra .current situation is she has vomits, diarrhea and pinkish discharge. I am giving her mucane gel, methalgin, water, orsl and taking her to vet everyday for intravenous fluids and amoxicillin....kindly help me with the possible method and the quantity of vitamin c that can be administered..I am and will be grateful for all your kind and generous words of advice.. Is it ok if a administer milk with vit c but I fear both milk as well as vit c are not good for diarrhea.pls help

  Re: Lubricating Eye Drops, Massage for Cherry Eye

Sun, 27 Nov 16 09:46:17 -0800
Posted by Celis (Chicago) on 11/26/2016

What kind of eye drops did u use?

Questions About ACV for Dog Who Constantly Licks Same Spot on Front Leg

Sat, 26 Nov 16 21:04:59 -0800
Posted by Chamorrita (Las Vegas) on 11/26/2016

My dog is constantly licking her arm where the bone is... I have no idea why she licks the same spot. It is becoming darker and I have heard people say put apple cider vinegar on her leg where she is licking. Plus, I have also heard you have to give her a bath before you put the apple cider on. Should I give her a bath before I put the Apple Cider on or can I just put it on before I give her a bath. And will the apple cider work if I put it on her arm?? Is it because she is cleaning herself or I have no idea why she is licking it. I was thinking just put it on her arm before I give her a bath because I gave her a bath yesterday.

  Re: Milk of Magnesia for Yeast Infection

Sat, 26 Nov 16 20:50:52 -0800
Posted by Angie (Springfield, Mo) on 11/26/2016

Have you tried this? How did it work?

  Re: Activated Charcoal for Parvo - Did I Get Dosage Right?

Sat, 26 Nov 16 20:44:22 -0800
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 11/26/2016

Hey Victoria,

If these were my puppies I would treat all of them and continue treating for 7 days after they all seemed OK. I would push the electrolyte solution if they were vomiting with diarrhea. Please report back!

 Re: What Can Help My Dog With Swollen, Itchy Vagina?

Sat, 26 Nov 16 20:44:08 -0800
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 11/26/2016

Hey Suhey,

You can use the same yeast infection products for women on your girl. First wash all around her vulva with a wash cloth and remove any brownish gunk. Then apply a goodly amount of the Monistat cream [or whichever brand is on sale] all around the vulva AND also use an applicator to insert 1cc [about half an inch or so] of the product into her vulva. Even though she is spayed there is still a small pocket there and you want to make sure you treat the entire area for her maximum comfort. I find when my girls get itchy vulvas they also get itchy feet, so check her paws and look between the toes both top and bottom of her paw and if you see reddish or brown gunk you have yeast and you can treat the paws with the Monistat and work it into the folds of skin between the toes as well. Like many yeast infections treatment should be applied twice a day for a week and monitored for re-occurrence thereafter.

 Re: Large Fatty Tumor Natural Remedies

Sat, 26 Nov 16 12:37:01 -0800
Posted by Deirdre (Earth Clinic) on 11/26/2016

Hi Steve,

My beautiful golden, age 10, has a large, fast growing fatty cyst in exactly same place as Molly. It was the size of an egg when I started her on turmeric, now it's about the size of a golf ball. I have arrested the tumor's growth slowly by giving her 1 turmeric curcumin capsule in a Pill Pockets every morning with her breakfast. She is 75 pounds. I like the brand I found on Amazon (for people) after extensive reading.. It's Divine Bounty and contains bioperine. 750 mg per capsule. I ran out of this particular brand a month ago and bought simple Now brand turmeric capsules at the local health food store, but went back to the other company after I discovered the Now turmeric capsule gave me a stomach ache every time I took it. I figured it might be doing the same to my dog too! I also take turmeric every day and love it.

Do watch out for side effects whatever you try.. it's so hard to tell when a dog isn't feeling well!

I suggest you measure the tumor before you start and keep track of it on a weekly basis so you can see if it's staying the same, growing or shrinking. Give it a few weeks to see results. My dog is currently on week 6 of daily turmeric. I give her a day off from the turmeric every few days. If she has any stomach issues, I stop it for a few days.

Others on Earth Clinic use Essiac Tea for tumors, but I haven't tried that yet.

Please let us know how it goes! Best to you and Molly.

  Supplements for Addison's Disease in Dogs

Sat, 26 Nov 16 11:20:51 -0800
Posted by Dr. Christina (Sparks, Maryland) on 11/26/2016

Next step, Susana, is to go to an all fresh food diet, using the foods you are eating (not grains). Being part of the family meal seems to actually help. Standard Process supplements are great. They are so committed to organic and employee satisfaction.

Of course, working with a great integrative vet would be the very best. I remember one Addisonian dog I treated who responded with seizures to the first homeopathic medicine, then was completely cured and needed no supplements (just fresh diet, no vaccines, no chemicals) for the next 3 years (was 15 when passed). My website has a list of all the different organization's websites and an article to help you select the best ones.

  Re: Coconut Oil for Constipation in Cats

Sat, 26 Nov 16 11:20:30 -0800
Posted by Lindsey (Ontario) on 11/26/2016

Hi there do u still give it to her when she is not constipated n doing fine pooping? My cat won't eat wet food at all... I started putting it on my finger n he licks it off... How much do u out in a syringe? Tx

What Can Help My Dog With Swollen, Itchy Vagina?

Sat, 26 Nov 16 11:19:54 -0800
Posted by Suhey (Las Vegas) on 11/26/2016

I have a 12 year old female spayed Shepard/chow mix dog. She has been itching constantly at her vaginal area. It's swollen and irritated, what can I do to help her?

  Re: Paralysis Caused by Rabies Shot

Sat, 26 Nov 16 11:18:35 -0800
Posted by 4paws (Ontario, Canada) on 11/26/2016

I would suggest 1 drop of liquid milk thistle (available from health food store) mixed in a little food once a day. As the milk thistle is preserved in alcohol, put 1 teaspoonful of boiled water in a bowl, add one drop of the milk thistle and allow the alcohol to dissipate for a few seconds and then mix in a little food. The milk thistle gently cleans out the liver which is likely toxic from the vaccination. A friend's dog was paralyzed from poison. The vet specialist did everything they knew but nothing worked. After 1 dose of milk thistle (this dog was older so had 10 drops), the dog was up walking and happy! Milk thistle is my go to remedy for everyone! :)

I hope your kitty recovers quickly!

  Re: Paralysis Caused by Rabies Shot

Sat, 26 Nov 16 11:17:27 -0800
Posted by Dr. Christina (Md) on 11/26/2016

A homeopathic veterinarian is the surest way to resolve this -

At home - Reiki, acupressure, TTouch, ccmrt (muscle release therapy), HTA (healing touch for animals), maybe vaccine detox (spirit essences).

Activated Charcoal for Parvo - Did I Get Dosage Right?

Fri, 25 Nov 16 17:25:18 -0800
Posted by Victoria (Merced) on 11/25/2016

I have three puppies their nine weeks old, the runt of the three started vomiting foam. I started the activated charcoal doses right as I observed this. I gave his brothers a dose too, (even if they aren't vomiting) Only a couple doses, then straight pediatric electrolyte solution with zinc. Is this right?

  Re: Regarding Use of Diatomaceous Earth

Fri, 25 Nov 16 17:13:15 -0800
Posted by Jean (Old Glory, Tx) on 11/25/2016

There are two kinds of DE (Diatomaceous Earth). One is food grade and just as it says, food grade and when it is viewed under an electron microscope, you can see the razor blade sharpness of the long ago diatoms. Pool grade has been heated and is smooth and not to be used except for what it says, pool grade. The way the food grade DE works is by slicing into the breathing portals of fleas, flies, ticks, ants of any kind, termites and the list goes on. They say it is even good as a wormer when put in an animal's feed and if flies are a problem due to feces, the fly larvae can't live. I can't testify as to this but have read about it many times. I have eliminated huge red ant beds by putting maybe half a cup of food grade DE around the ant's entrance and if it rains, replace the DE. I often dust food grade DE on the shoulders and at the base of the tail for fleas during the summer and this will kill ticks if they walk though it.

  Re: Baking Soda and Maple Syrup Treatment for Lymphoma in Dog?

Fri, 25 Nov 16 17:10:57 -0800
Posted by Cecilia (Chino Hills California ) on 11/25/2016

Is there hope for lymphoma in dogs? Today is the 5th day I've been giving baking soda ang maple syrup. Please let me know!

Paralysis Caused by Rabies Shot

Thu, 24 Nov 16 10:39:14 -0800
Posted by Pam (Brooklyn, Ny) on 11/24/2016
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After my kitten received rabies vaccine he became paralyzed in his back legs. A week later he still can't move lower body.