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Will Baking Soda and Vinegar Help Dog's Ear Problems?

Mon, 25 May 15 19:01:02 -0500
Posted by Megankalu (Ontario) on 05/25/2015

My dog (cocker) mix, has had black inner ears which I've attempted to clean with a dry kleenex. I take him to the groomer regularly when his hair starts to get too long and only once did I ask her to "clean his ears". OMG, I felt so bad for him. Sure, the ears were clean but they were red as a tomato and sore. He kept trying to touch them and shake his head constantly for about two days. Within a week his ears were black again. I called the groomer and asked her why they get so dirty since my dog doesn't interact with any other dogs and he's always on a leash when we walk. So why are they dirty. She explained it was probably a yeast infection brought on by too much "wheat" in his dog food and to try just giving him "raw" red meat for a couple of weeks. Well he wouldn't eat it. So I reverted back to his regular food. Also, I asked her what she did to clean his ears because although they were very clean, they really bothered him for a few days afterwards and she indicated she "poured" straight alcohol into his ears and flushed them out until the cotton was clear. I was appalled... straight alcohol? Are you kidding me? So after searching the web I found a recipe of 1/3 c of water, 2 tbls. baking soda and 1 tbls vinegar. Seems harmless, but I thought I'd get your opinion before I used it. What do you think? Thank you in advance.

 Re: Dog with Pyometra

Mon, 25 May 15 18:50:45 -0500
Posted by Jeremy (Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania ) on 05/25/2015

My dog has a pyo that is open what are some home remedies that you would suggest please answer back asap I do not want to see my dog like this anymore

 Re: Questions About the Borax in Ted's Dog Mange Cure

Mon, 25 May 15 18:11:13 -0500
Posted by Mariana (Indonesia) on 05/25/2015

I found difficulty to find the borax in my city. what kind of borax should I use to save the dogs from demodectic mange? Do you have any suggestion to buy in Indonesia? thank you...

 Re: Ted's Mange Cure and Incessant Itching

Mon, 25 May 15 17:54:42 -0500
Posted by Lacat (Malaysia) on 05/25/2015

Dear Theresa, Lizzy and Thuy Tran

A huge thank you for your comments!

Apart from continuing with the mange baths, I have been adding 1/2tsp turmeric mixed with a pinch of freshly ground black pepper, garlic and olive oil to Fizzy's food morning and night for the last few days. Her food has been raw lungs with a little bit of liquidised greens, an occasional boiled egg and crushed shell and all the supplements added.

This seems to have turned the situation around somewhat and she has now safely had her cone off for the last 3 days (without self-mutilating! ) The lesion on her neck is healing slowly and she is not chewing her feet and ears like she was but is scratching a bit at her chin and around her mouth (where I haven't been putting the mange cure now that I think about it! ) Her ears seem to get better and then bad again but she is not scratching them and shaking her head as badly as she was.

Although her hair seemed to start growing back rapidly when I first started the treatment, it seems to have slowed down now which is a bit disappointing - not sure if it just appears that way though...

All in all things are looking up and I will keep you posted :)

Cannot thank you all, Ted and whoever is responsible for this site, enough - you have saved my sanity (and Fizzy's as well I'm sure! )

 Re: Apple Cider Vinegar Cured 2 Puppies of Parvo

Mon, 25 May 15 17:43:01 -0500
Posted by Emily (Frankfort, Ky ) on 05/24/2015

How many times a day?

Malamute With Incontinence

Mon, 25 May 15 17:32:16 -0500
Posted by Lorraine (Wales) on 05/25/2015

Hi.I have a 3year old female malamute who has started wetting every time she lies down or goes to sleep. Any idea what the problem could be?

What Can Help Shitzu With Tumor in Mouth

Sun, 24 May 15 15:54:40 -0500
Posted by Michelle (Mundelein, IL) on 05/24/2015

I have a 11 year old shitzu.

He has a tumor in his mouth just inside his lower jaw by his front bottom teeth. We had it removed and now it has grown back. I do not want to have it removed again. They will have to cut into his jaw and it is not guaranteed to not grow back. it is also an expensive procedure. it is not malignant, but it bleeds when he eats because of where it is.

Seeking Dosage of D-Mannose for Dog With Bladder Infection

Sun, 24 May 15 15:45:49 -0500
Posted by Darcorgie (Oklahoma) on 05/24/2015

Hi. I have a Cardigan Welch Corgi that has a bladder infection. The vet has her on antibiotics, this is her second round. It seems to have gotten a little better but not all the way gone. I have read on here and many other sites about D-Mannose but I am not finding anything about how much to give them. What I have is Solaray in capsule form. It has 1000 mg of the D-Mannose and 400 mg of the cranberry. Can anyone help me with this.

 Dietary Changes, Olive Leaf Extract for Black Spots on Dogs

Sun, 24 May 15 05:10:21 -0500
Posted by Carole (California ) on 05/23/2015

Symptoms sound like my dog's symptoms. I have tried Ted's cure, and it works well, except My dog still has lots of black spots on back and abdomen. I plan to try your recommendations and will report back. Can you tell me about the exact measurements for the goat milk, coconut oil, and any others not listed in your writing? How long before spots are gone?

 Re: Flea and Tick Medications

Sun, 24 May 15 04:38:34 -0500
Posted by Brenda Robertson (Smithville, Mo) on 05/23/2015

My comment is regarding any topical flea & tick POISION as I like to refer to it. Research all ingredients in Frontline Plus, Advantix, Hartz, Advantage etc..... and see for yourself what they do to your pets. BUT EVEN WORSE are the INERT INGREDIENTS. Companies don't disclose inert ingredents (which DOES NOT MEAN INACTIVE)! These ingredients are VERY ACTIVE! They are used to enhance the main ingredent and they are usually even worse in causing side effects than the main ingredient. By law, companies don't have to disclose these. This keeps other companies from coping their product formula. But the bad thing about this is, you don't know what all is in the product either.

I'm not knocking ACV because I just used it on my dog that was skunked about 3 days ago and it is really helping the smell. But there is another GREAT PRODUCT FOR FLEAS & TICKS it is DIATOMACEOUS EARTH FOOD GRADE. Not only can this be applied to your pets body to kill fleas and ticks, it is also fit for HUMAN consumption which means your dog could eat it too! It works great to kill bugs in your yard! It is safe for humans and animals! You can buy it on Amazon.

You can get it in smaller amounts too.

Bufo Toads Suddenly Appearing This Year

Sun, 24 May 15 04:30:15 -0500
Posted by Katherine (Jensen Beach, Fl) on 05/23/2015

I am seriously unnerved by these frogs. There are two large ones that will actually work their way up to my front door.

I take my outside cat his food and place it on the side of the house. Just went out to walk the dog and one of the frogs is square in the middle of the food with the other one nearby. The cat, thank heaven, is no where to be found.

I am nervous about spraying them with anything, but really want them gone! If food is what they are after, then would simply feeding the cat indoors eliminate the problem? My cat will rush out the door at any opportunity so I gave up long ago on making him an inside cat. He comes and goes. But I could change his eating habits if it is that simple. Something tells me they will lurk around the yard regardless of whether or not there is food available for them.

If one touched me I think I would die on the spot! I am now nervous about the dog because she is curious about them. When we are walking down the sidewalk toward the street to walk, if one of them hops the dog stops and pulls on the leash to get a better look. From what you are all posting, one encounter could be her last!

Well I guess I better at least arm myself with a spray bottle of amonia! And keep some benadryl handy as well!

I have not always had this problem. They just started showing up within the past two years. Why is there suddenly an infestation?

Help Requested for Dog With Major Skin and Yeast Issues

Sat, 23 May 15 17:49:31 -0500
Posted by Brindlebutt (Vancouver, Canada) on 05/23/2015

My bull/boxer is suffering badly. He's turning 7 in September & has always had hot spots, however the constant ear infections, scratching & loss of hair have been happening for a year come July. I've taken him to 3 different vets & they keep giving ear wash & drops... My dog will no longer allow me near his ears & he's a 74 lb pitty mix. He will tolerate baths once I finally get him in there. I've read all the remedies, however there's not much on food? Yes, I'm aware raw food is best, but any specific recommendations? My dog has been on a holistic dry food called Acana Pacifica.

I hate seeing my dog in pain. I feel like a crappy owner even tho I've tried everything to help him Including washing the sheets & vacuuming daily. I also use Steri Fab as I as concerned I had dust mites. PLEASE any food recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


 Re: ACV for Pets with Incontinence

Sat, 23 May 15 17:43:12 -0500
Posted by Phyllis (Tuscumbia, Alabama) on 05/23/2015

Hi Theresa,

Thanks. I don't know where my brain had gone when I asked, it's something I should have at th top of my head. I'm glad you reminded me and of course it's there in case anyone else needs to know. I have four Boston Terriers and I just put a cap full in their half gallon bowls, the flea control is just an added bonus for all the other benefits. My little boy and my youngest girl have seizures and I had to give in and put them on Phenobarbital so they have regular blood work and so far no problems after about six months on ACV. As you can imagine I monitor them well but after your reminder I'll be sure to keep a much closer check on everyone.

 Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Cystitis

Sat, 23 May 15 17:41:02 -0500
Posted by Sindy (Montreal ) on 05/23/2015

hi Mindy.

I'm so sorry for what you and Wally are going through, I know how frustrating this can be. I wanted to let you know that if Wally is on acidifiers that adding acid to his consumption is not good. Also ask what kind of crystals he has if any, oxalates require surgery. He can also get an operation done to widen his Urethra. Did they rule out cancer? Stress also place a huge role in affecting bladder health. If I were you, I would get a second or third opinion because you should be ableto have clear answers of what is the cause of this. Best of luck to you both, keep us posted!

 Re: Colloidal Silver for Respiratory Infection in Cats

Sat, 23 May 15 16:16:24 -0500
Posted by Marlita (Cuenca, Ecuador ) on 05/23/2015

How much Silver were you putting into how much water? I try to give it orally to my kitten but she hates it. And do you know how many ppm your silver is?

 Re: Colloidal Silver for Tumors

Sat, 23 May 15 02:37:01 -0500
Posted by Krysty (St. Robert, MO) on 05/22/2015

Do you make the CS yourself? I have a CS generator, electric, & I pour the CS into my dog 's water bowl.

 Re: Seeking Help for Canine Lymphosarcoma

Fri, 22 May 15 17:23:04 -0500
Posted by Gail (Colorado) on 05/22/2015

Hello, sorry to hear that, our big dog, 90lb has been diagnosed with mast cell tumor in his sheath, prepuce, he's been on predisone for a ling time now, we are not putting him to sleep though cos like your dog, he's too happy and not old, he's nine or ten, so I did a bunch of research and found B17 Laetrile, amagdylin on amazon for $27, I found another brand yesterday in california for 19.95 for 100 caps of 100mg, anyhow, in a nutshell, anywy, we are only three days into the B17, the prepuce is very swollen but he seems happy enough, I can update you, or you can email me, the easiest way and cheapest way to dose your lil dog is to buy fresh apricots and tap the stone inside gently with a hammer inside a plastic bag, and grind up the lil almond looking thing in the centre, one pip is appx 10mg and the dose for people as a preventative measure is 10 mg per 10 lb of body weight, so you do'nt need much for the little doggie, I am trying to find out if I should increase the dose for my dog's cancer, he's grade 2, I red one review where one guy gave his retreiver 375 mg per day, one lady on u tube was taking two 500 mg doses over day who had severe breast cancer and refused the chemo, she is fully recovered and has done three updates on utube. All the best, I think this is the best, its not a chemical, just pure Gods Creation!!! Check it out, also checkout castor oil and tumeric as well, as castor oil has the ability to pull out tumors from the body when used as. Heat pack, the B17 wont hurt your dog its all natural, also the nuvetplus has natural herbal vitamins which I am using also, four a day for the big dog, that also help fight cancer!! Contact me if you need more help! All the best!

 Re: My Dog has Mast Cell Tumor

Fri, 22 May 15 17:07:37 -0500
Posted by Gail (Colorado) on 05/22/2015

Hi, we have a mast cell tumor also on a big dog, 90lb, he had a biopsy and is grade 2 , we are using predisone and B17 and also nuvetplus. Check out B17, its on amazon or give your dog fresh ground pit from the centre of an apricot 10mg for every 10 lb of body weight, I got some from amazon for $27 and there is another company in california for 19.95 but just research it and contact me if you need more info!

Dietary Changes, Olive Leaf Extract for Black Spots on Dogs

Fri, 22 May 15 05:14:07 -0500
Posted by Stella's Mom (So Ca) on 05/22/2015

[YEA]  Unfortunately, we've had lots of experience with black spots on dogs that we've rescued. It's from a systemic yeast (candida) infection. The best thing to do is get the dog on a raw meat and bones diet immediately, add probiotics, digestive enzymes, coconut oil, a bit of raw goat milk keifer or yogurt daily and a small amount of raw green vegetable like organic spinach or brocoli. NO kibble, pet foods, starches, carbs, sugar and other junk. These will only enable the yeast to live and grow. You want to feed foods that kill the yeast.

We also added 1 capsule of Seagate olive leaf extract to their meal every day; it's a powerful fungus killer and also strengthens their immune system. The last dog we got who had this had a really bad case. She even smelled yeasty after getting baths. Doing the above, she was clear of yeast in just 2 months; no more itching, red skin, smell and black spots. Her hair also grew in nice and full; it was at least twice as much as she had when she was full of yeast. That was 2 years ago. She's been healthy ever since on her raw meat/bones diet.

Oh, and stop the shots. Vaccines worsen any health problem and also disrupt the immune system. They cause way more problems and don't help like we've all been told.

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