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Low Dose Naltrexone for Cat's Cancer

Wed, 25 Feb 15 01:47:19 -0500
Posted by Windingdown (So Ca, US) on 02/25/2015

[YEA]  Low Dose Naltrexone low low dose of 0.03 per pound call Skips Compounding in FL for exact dosing and ways to find a vet who will prescribe it.. Google it for humans and it does have info about cats and dose on LDN too. BEST OF LUCK TO ALL OUR BABIES

 Re: Dog Recovering From Bufo Toad

Wed, 25 Feb 15 01:23:38 -0500
Posted by Cnf (Wilton Manors, Florida) on 02/24/2015

Bufo toads are also out in the mornings so please make sure your animal is closely watched. My 15 pound dog is alive thanks to the quick action of the emergency vet hospital.

 Re: Un-Petroleum Jelly for Hairballs

Wed, 25 Feb 15 01:12:50 -0500
Posted by Meg (Huntington Beach , Ca.) on 02/24/2015

Hi Jan, I've heard Virgin Coconut oil has the hint of smell and taste and the plain coconut oil doesn't.

 Re: What is Best Treatment for Older Cat with Incontinence?

Wed, 25 Feb 15 00:10:29 -0500
Posted by Cate (United Kingdom) on 02/24/2015

Thank you. There are none of the above symptoms, she actually presents as a young cat, quite sprightly during the day. I'll contact them again and ask for a second opinion and suggest Spay incontinence, I will message back soon.

 Re: Apple Cider Vinegar Dosage for Dog With Dribbling Incontinence

Tue, 24 Feb 15 13:12:50 -0500
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 02/24/2015

Hey Hwc!

Some folks use 1 tablespoon ACV into 5 cups of water; others add it to wet food - 1-3 tablespoons with each meal.

 Re: Apple Cider Vinegar Dosage for Dog With Dribbling Incontinence

Tue, 24 Feb 15 13:06:42 -0500
Posted by Hwc (Cape Cod) on 02/24/2015

Hello, I have an 18 month old White German Shepherd male that dribbles urine only when sleeping. Generally its not all that much. I was wondering how much ACV should be given to a 75 pound dog and how it is administered. Thank you.

Herbal Tea Recipe for Calves' Cough

Tue, 24 Feb 15 11:48:58 -0500
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 02/24/2015

[YEA]  Hello!

We had two calves that came to the farm rather sickly. They developed a cough and runny nose. They sounded awful! I made them a bucket of herbal tea each day.

Here is the recipe:

Bring 5 quarts of water to boil. Remove from heat.

Add 1/4 cup each of dried leaves of the following:

  • hyssop
  • comfrey
  • mullein

Cover. Let steep (with no extra heat) for 2 hours. Strain out the leaves. Stir in 1/2-3/4 cups of blackstrap molasses. When the tea is warm (a comfortable drinking temperature) but not hot, feed to calves. My calves loved it, in fact, they fought over it.

Here is a video of it:

Calves Fighting over Herbal Tea

The calves "shared" one bucket of tea each day. I did this for about 2 weeks. The best part is that the cough and runny nose did clear up! And the calves and I became friends. :)

~Mama to Many~


 Re: Will ACV Help Miniature Schnauzer with Incontinence?

Tue, 24 Feb 15 11:23:29 -0500
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 02/24/2015

Hey Mich!

ACV certainly might help your girl. Some folks use 1 tablespoon ACV into 5 cups of water; others add it to wet food - 1-3 tablespoons with each meal.

I will add that if this were my girl I would also monitor her urine for blood/bring to the vet to be sure the stones have not returned.

Good luck!

Dietary Changes Really Helped My Dog's Allergies

Tue, 24 Feb 15 09:57:51 -0500
Posted by Rhoda (Newfoundland, Canada) on 02/24/2015

Hi, I have a Retriever/Shepherd mix that I adopted at approx. age 1. After a few months, he developed allergies. His scratching would keep us up at night and was very intense. His face would be ripped open, bleeding and raw. His vet practised both both traditional and holistic medicine.

It has taken about 6 months to get under control, but he has gone from 3 reactine tablets (which only eased, didn't eliminate the scratching) to being drug free and scratch free. What changed? I took him of his dog food, and changed to a high grade food called canisource, the Herring Flavor. Most food allergies in dogs result from chicken, beef, grains and dairy. This is why I choose a fish source protein. This food is expensive, but so are trips to the vet. I also mix in boiled vegtables that I mash together. I use sweet potato, carrots, turnip and green beens. I make big boilers and freeze containers.

The vet doctor also suggested that I give him Omega 3 (seal oil) capsules for the inflammation that his allergies cause. His ears and anal glands become inflammed. He gets 3 in his breakfast and 3 in his supper. MOST fruits and vegtables are okay. Stay away from tomatoes, grapes, onions and a couple more..These are simple foods with only one ingredient and allergy friendly. My dog has pineapple for a snack at lunch time and an apple before bed. He is strong, healthly and his coat gleams. I am so glad to have found a way to cure him of his allergies. It didn't happen overnight, it won't and his cells have to regenerate. It took 3-4 months. Now that his allergies are under control, I can introduce one food at a time in small, consistent amounts for a couple of weeks to see if the allergies reappear. I have done so with both chicken which caused pretty much immediate scratching and with beef, that started his scratching after building up in his system after about a week. These were removed from his diet again and he is allergy free again. Next I will try cheese or peanut butter. Hope this helps someone else out there that is struggling to help their furry friend.

 Re: Ted's Mange Remedy For Mites

Tue, 24 Feb 15 09:44:48 -0500
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 02/24/2015

Hey Tina!

Mange is rare in cats; if your cat is an adult who is frequently out doors it is possible your cat has contracted sarcoptic mange, which is transmissible to humans. I urge you to take your cat to a vet for a proper diagnosis as if your cat does indeed have sarcoptic mange you will need to take steps to avoid contracting it yourself.

That said, for the amount of borax, you add enough borax to that it stops dissolving. So for example you would take 1 cup of peroxide, along with 2 cups of water, and then start with 1 cup of borax and gradually stir in the borax into the solution to the point that it stops melting and you find grains swirling around. This is called a 'saturated' solution, where the liquid contains so much borax it can no longer dissolve. When you have a saturated solution you have the proper amount.

 Re: What is Best Treatment for Older Cat with Incontinence?

Tue, 24 Feb 15 09:36:55 -0500
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 02/24/2015

Hey Cate!

It seems peculiar to me that your vet's first 'go to' for a leaky senior lady would be thyroid. That said, unless your vet is very green and still wet behind the ears, *something* has prompted this approach.

Ideally you *would* get a full blood panel, and check thyroid accordingly along with other values: this is just 'good housekeeping' when dealing with a senior. The blood test will reveal if there is an issue with the thyroid - or diabetes. You typically would see overt physical signs for hypothyroid - less common in cats- but your cat would tend to be on the chubby side, act depressed and lethargic, along with the leaking.

Vets are only human, and as such we have to have clear communication in order to be able to trust them and have faith in their diagnosis. If you are not seeing the above signs, I would go back to your vet/ring them up and have them explain their preference for exploring for a rare thyroid issue vs the far more common spay incontinence.

Please report back!

Will ACV Help Miniature Schnauzer with Incontinence?

Tue, 24 Feb 15 09:36:12 -0500
Posted by Mich (Singapore) on 02/24/2015

Hi all, I need help here. My female miniature Schnauzer who has a history of bladder stones before has been leaking urine in her sleep recently. She's neutered by the way.

There was even a drip or two today while she was awake and standing right in front of me. She's 13 years old now and I really wish to find out is there any good and easy natural remedy for her before I decide to send her to a vet (which I don't really prefer).

Is apple cider vinegar able to help? If yes, how much should I give her and how often? And do I mix into any food or drink?

Thank you all in advance. Michelle

 Turmeric Cured My Goat's Eye Infection

Tue, 24 Feb 15 09:19:25 -0500
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 02/24/2015

Thanks, MTM for this awesome report!! I am sure this approach will be helpful to many!

 Re: What is Best Treatment for Older Cat with Incontinence?

Mon, 23 Feb 15 23:21:26 -0500
Posted by Cate (United Kingdom) on 02/23/2015


No my vet wants to go down the root of blood testing for a thyroid problem, but i'd tried to research and it seems that she seems to be showing no other signs of thyroid. She was spay when she was young (as soon as she was able) and now she is 16. I don't want to put her through un-necessary testing.

 Re: What is Apple Cider Vinegar Dose for 64 Pound Dog?

Mon, 23 Feb 15 23:02:35 -0500
Posted by Lola's Mom (Port Angeles, Wa) on 02/23/2015

Hi Debbie, sorry for not answering you until now! Been a crazy 2 months. Lola is going to be 13 on 9/1. She started to intake more water than usual, so we have to pick up the water about 2 hrs before bed. My husband gets up in the middle of the night, every night and takes her out to go potty. She doesn't always want allot of water, it comes and goes. I was concerned about Cushings, so we will be going in for some tests. Also, has a little arthritis in a hip and knee that has gotten a little worse. She gets an arsenal (and has been) of supplements, along with transfer factors and k-9 immunity (medicinal mushrooms). Her doctor can't get over how good she looks. She's happy, plays, eats good and we adore every hair on her body and we want her to live forever! I could keep going, so thank you for your interest in her problem. :)

 Re: Older Large Cat With UTI

Mon, 23 Feb 15 22:53:37 -0500
Posted by Sheila (On, Canada) on 02/23/2015

Once the UTI is under control, it's a good idea to continue putting ACV in her food every day to prevent recurring UTI's. I did this with one of my cats and she has not had another one since.

 Re: Ted's Mange Remedy For Mites

Mon, 23 Feb 15 22:53:02 -0500
Posted by Tina (Berkshire, NY) on 02/23/2015

i would like to try this on my cat who has come down with mange, how much Borax do I add to the peroxide and water?

 Re: Problem Treating Husky with Mange

Mon, 23 Feb 15 22:47:32 -0500
Posted by Thestarseed (Bradenton, Fl) on 02/23/2015

Hi, I hope things are better for you in regards to the mange. I thought I would respond because this is the second post on this thread about tea tree oil and dogs. Tea tree oil is highly toxic to dogs. I read a post the other day here on EC from a woman who used TTO on her dog, and she reported the dog started convulsions and seizure like activity. I would love to hear your progress with your dog.

 Re: Using Leftover Antibiotics on Pets

Mon, 23 Feb 15 22:45:29 -0500
Posted by Jay (Dallas, TX) on 02/23/2015

[NAY]  Stop giving your young small pets so many antibiotics. Start with some plain organic kefir from a health food store. Can be given internally or topical. If that doesn't work. Consult a vet. You can ask vets questions online for like seven dollars.

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