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 Re: Ted's Dog Mange Cure - Healing Crisis?

Thu, 28 Aug 14 17:58:24 +0000

Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 08/28/2014

Hey Lexi!

Demodex typically takes months to resolve. I want to say my puppy took 12 weeks of treatment. She had generalized demodex according to the definitions, but I think the definitions are kinda screwy, ie if on the face only it is localized. Mine had spots on the face, on the legs, on the trunk - more than 6 that I recall; I am wishing now I took photos! I gave her 2-3 baths the first two weeks and then weekly thereafter. Mine got worse before it got better, so much so I ordered a bunch of other remedies *just in case*. By the time the other remedies arrived in the mail I could clearly see the remedy was working after all, so I did not use the additional remedies I had purchased. If I had to recommend a second remedy, I would mix up sulpher flowers in castor oil and apply that to the spots... but I really think you should hold off on and just wait one more week.

There appear to be some species or strains of demodex mites that do not respond to this remedy. However make sure you are doing it right; making a saturated solution by adding so much borax that the grains of borax do not fully dissolve; treat the entire dog, not just select parts; dip your dog in the solution for at least 10 minutes straight, working the grainy solution down to the skin, and then put in a crate with no bedding and allow to drip dry for half an hour - after that I let them out and towel them off and work the grains of borax out of their coat; it is like they run around the house leaving 'sand' all over when the dried borax falls off.

It sounds as if a secondary staph infection may have set in; if you wish to stay with the holistic as opposed to getting antibiotics, use the Staph remedy daily if not twice daily. Boost immune system with Vitamin C, Echinacea and Zinc. It is advised to keep demodex dogs calm and stress free, however I am not sure that is possible with a 5 month old puppy.

Was your puppy on a regular worming schedule from the breeder? Being parasite free on the inside will help.

It is not likely that the mites are migrating to infect new spots, rather, the populations of mites were already present in what appeared to be unaffected areas and the treatment is causing those populations of mites to die, and the decomposing bodies of the mites are releasing toxins which are irritating, causing the itching, redness and pustules.

 Re: Ted's Dog Mange Cure - Healing Crisis?

Thu, 28 Aug 14 17:14:28 +0000

Posted by June Bug (Alaska, US) on 08/28/2014

Hi again!

I need some encouragement in keeping the faith with these natural remedies...

So I was curious how long it took your Frenchie pup to recover from mange using Ted's remedy (and how bad was yours)?

Also, how long does the healing crisis last ... I know it is supposed to get worse before it gets better but it seems like it's spreading (I'm guessing that the mites are angry and moving from a previously infected spot to a new one close by??)

Just trying to manage my expectations!

Thank you! Lexi

 Re: Dog With Meat and Poultry Allergies

Thu, 28 Aug 14 14:39:56 +0000

Posted by Cate (Akron, NY) on 08/28/2014

Try cleaning ears with 1 part organic apple cider vinegar to 3 parts lukewarm distilled water, and give him a bath with the same, will pH balance his ears and skin, Arnica will help with the hematoma on ear, don't let Vet mess with it, will go down with the arnica and time, keep ears clean. My Rottie had one and went down on its own, no wrinkle.

 Re: Remedies Needed for Cat's Allergies

Thu, 28 Aug 14 14:13:20 +0000

Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 08/28/2014

I would start with Ted's Anti-Fungal/Anti-Staph remedy.

You will need epsom salts, borax, Milk of Magnesia and hydrogen peroxide. You can get all these over the counter at the drug store. The hydrogen peroxide is very probably a 3% solution, so you will need to dilute it. So take 1/3 cup of the hydrogen peroxide and add 2/3 cup of plain water to it; you now have a 1% solution of hydrogen peroxide. Now add 1 table spoon each of the Milk of Magnesia, epsom salts and borax. Mix it really well. Apply this to the sore - really saturate it well. Try to keep your cat from licking it off until it is dried. Do this daily once per day for 1 week and report back.

Additionally, I would consider alkalizing her water with baking soda; a crisis dose is 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda into 1 liter of water and have this as her only drinking water. After 5 days you can reduce to a maintenance dose of 1/4 teaspoon into 1 liter of water.

 Re: Help Needed for Pom who is Peeing Everywhere

Thu, 28 Aug 14 14:08:37 +0000

Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 08/28/2014

Hey Baby Girl!

Did you continue with the ACV or did you stop when the blood cleared up?

It sounds like she still has the UTI, so if this were my dog I would keep her on the ACV for at least 10 days. I would also consider a one time dose of 1/4 teaspoon salt into a bit of canned food to help knock out a UTI.

Additionally, I would consider alkalizing her water with baking soda; a crisis dose is 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda into 1 liter of water and have this as her only drinking water. After 5 days you can reduce to a maintenance dose of 1/4 teaspoon into 1 liter of water.

Help Needed for Pom who is Peeing Everywhere

Thu, 28 Aug 14 10:51:44 +0000

Posted by Baby_girl_can (BC, Canada) on 08/28/2014

My 7 year old pom seems to be peeing everywhere. At first there was a tinge of blood in the urine, and I gave her the Apple Cider Vinegar with yogurt and that is cleared up, but the peeing hasn't. I don't have a ton of money and when I called the vet the quote to diagnose was astronomical. She eats fine, drinks fine, plays with her sisters, just this peeing. She knows she is doing something wrong, but it seems like she can't control it. Sometimes its a dribble other times a puddle. Help someone, I'm desperate!

 Re: Diet Changes for Yeast Infections and Allergies

Thu, 28 Aug 14 10:30:21 +0000

Posted by Sandra (California, US) on 08/28/2014

Yes, mine do that when I feed them chicken. It seems to be offensive to them. Mine do well on turkey leg or thigh meat, and buffalo for red meat. I was in a rut and fed the same proteins over and over. We have stopped that now, and even though my girls are eleven and ten, we are enjoying a more natural diet and health benefits. It can be from many pollen allergies as well. Mine have stopped that almost completely when I stopped feeding them kibble. You might enjoy learning through pet health videos free by Dr. Becker. It's great fun. My dogs love our new addition; homemade bone broth. YUM~

 Re: Flea Meds No Longer Working... Please Help!

Thu, 28 Aug 14 10:24:01 +0000

Posted by Sandra (California, US) on 08/28/2014

Have fed Wysong foods with tons of fresh and thankfully, no fleas. Have used Cedarcide spot on with great results occasionally.

Colloidal Silver for Dog's Stained Teeth

Thu, 28 Aug 14 09:43:56 +0000

Posted by Kat (NC, US) on 08/27/2014

[YEA]  Thank you so much for this site. It has been a God send so many times for me and mine!

I read about using Colloidal Silver to help with my dog's teeth. His teeth were dark and full of plaque; I couldn't brush them well enough and they bled. Winston has an underbite and his teeth looked brown.

I use 1/2 tsp. Colloidal Silver per dish of water and add to his water about once per day. I don't add more until he drinks the whole thing. He weighs 35 lbs. I just got a non-name brand C.S. and it seems to work great!

Apple Cider Vinegar for Cats

Wed, 27 Aug 14 19:52:41 +0000

Posted by Sandy (Phoenix, AZ) on 08/27/2014

I'd like to see if anyone can get their cat to drink it. Take a video and see their reactions..

Remedies Needed for Cat's Allergies

Wed, 27 Aug 14 18:01:27 +0000

Posted by Lyn (Fife, Scotland) on 08/27/2014

My cat has allergies. She has an itchy paw with loss of fur and it goes all red and bleeds. What should I do?

Apple Cider Vinegar in Cat's Food

Wed, 27 Aug 14 17:59:23 +0000

Posted by Jd (UK) on 08/27/2014

[YEA]  I use a 50/50 mix with ACV and water and pour a small amount over my cat's normal dry food, I leave this for around 15 mins so all the ACV is absorbed into the food. I then mix a little nice wet food into the bowl with the ACV mix and the cat eats it up.

She doesn't love it but it's a good way to get the treatment into her.

Good luck

 Re: Ted's Dog Mange Cure - Healing Crisis?

Wed, 27 Aug 14 13:43:15 +0000

Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 08/27/2014

Hey Lexi!

I originally found this website because my brindle pied frenchie had demodex. The littermates had it also, but I was the only puppy person to go 100% drug free/wholistic in treating my puppy. The other puppy owners used Ivermectin and other drugs and out of them all my puppy healed up the fastest using Ted's Remedy. I find that after the first episode of puppy demodex that it does not return; should it appear in an adult dog it usually happens due to an underlying disease condition, or a very stressful event.

I find that for allergies, if you are going to be allergic to something, you need to first be exposed to it; this is where your immune system decides if it is friend or foe. Upon the next exposure the immune system has decided friend or foe and reacts accordingly. So, the first year your puppy may appear to be free of the seasonal allergies that affect so many frenchies - but next year, when the allergens are again exposed to your pup, the immune system will have an opinion, and you may find that your pup is sensitive to grasses or spring pollens or fall pollens or the mold that occurs during the spring melt off on your lawn.

Please keep us posted on June Bug!

 Black Walnut/Wormwood Tincture for Heartworm

Wed, 27 Aug 14 13:34:38 +0000

Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 08/27/2014

Hey Terriinttown!

Can you tell us exactly what you did? I know a lot of readers will appreciate having your first hand instructions!

Can you tell us the age and weight of your dog? And how many drops wormwood to how many drops black walnut hull? Or did you use something other than tinctures? And how often did you dose - morning and evening or once per day or ?? And can you tell us for how long / how many weeks you treated?

Thank you!!

 Re: Ted's Dog Mange Cure - Healing Crisis?

Wed, 27 Aug 14 12:23:33 +0000

Posted by June Bug (Alaska) on 08/27/2014

[YEA]  Thank you again, Theresa!! I can't tell you how valuable your feedback has been and how great that you too have Frenchie experience!

Did you find that if you let a female go into heat after having demodex as a puppy that she had another outbreak (or were the allergies that manifested the second year come after a heat)?

I will try the drinking water fix as well, thank you!

I can tell you that her itching flat out STOPPED last night (first night ever without itching!! ) and I had applied that anti-staph/yeast solution earlier in the day.

I will write again hopefully when she's fully recovered, but so far, Ted's remedies (and your faithful help) are curing little June Bug!

Thank you,


Black Walnut/Wormwood Tincture for Heartworm

Wed, 27 Aug 14 12:16:44 +0000

Posted by Teriinttown (Tacoma, Wa) on 08/27/2014

[YEA]  I adopted a dog that was heartworm positive and used Black Walnut hull and Wormwood treatment on her. It tastes bitter so you have to put it in some yummy moist food. No negative reactions at all to the treatment but the heartworms disappeared. I treated my other dog and myself to get rid of any parasites and we are all better for it. A great alternative to the traditional take the dog to the brink of death $1000 treatment! Thanks Earth Clinic.

Ted's Dog Mange Cure

Wed, 27 Aug 14 10:19:29 +0000

Posted by Rhonda (Bokoshe, Oklahoma) on 08/27/2014

[YEA]  Just want to thank Ted for caring enough to make this wonderful treatment accessible. It saved two more lives; my boys had red mange and my Ditto was so miserable that I decided to put him down BUT I decided to see if I could find anything on the internet first and there IT was. For the first week of just ivemectin all he did was cry and wanted to be held. It just took a few dips and he was running and playing and yes, new hair growth. My boys are beautiful, full of energy and happy again. I am more grateful than I can say.

 Re: Fleas in Cats

Wed, 27 Aug 14 08:49:10 +0000

Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 08/27/2014

Hey Wandergirl!

Om gave you some very excellent advice, and your flea combing protocol is just what I would have ordered, so I will only add that you may wish to use a flea trap in the environment as well. You will need a desk type lamp, a very shallow tray or dinner plate that is white colored, and some dish soap. Set the lamp on the floor in any room you suspect is infested with the fleas. Set the dish down and fill with soapy water. Leave the light on all night long, and then in the morning take a peek at what you have caught. This is an easy, inexpensive and green way to rapidly remove fleas from your home. It may take 2-3 days, or rotating the trap through various rooms until you trap them all, but it works.

 Re: Ted's Dog Mange Cure - Healing Crisis?

Wed, 27 Aug 14 08:44:55 +0000

Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 08/27/2014

Hey Lexi!

What you are describing sounds like normal pigmentation for a pied -and sounds like you have a very pretty black masked fawn pied. In dogs where the skin turns dark from allergy, they are typically much older and have a history of allergy. I find with frenchies that the first year - demodex aside - tends to be fairly problem free, but the second season hits with a vengeance, and any allergies that did not appear in the first year manifest during the second.

One other thing you can do that may help/help a lot/certainly won't hurt - is alkalizing by adding baking soda to her water. There are two doses - 1/2 teaspoon into 1 liter of water, this as her only drinking water, for 5 days; the maintenance dose is 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda to 1 liter of water. When I notice that my pack of frenchies are starting to get the seasonal itchies, I do the crisis dose for a week, then drop down to the maintenance dose for another few weeks. I also take this myself while I treat the dogs ;-) So, this may help with the current demodex situation by balancing your dog's PH and thus making her less attractive to the demodex mites.




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