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 Re: Tumors and Cysts in Beloved Pitbull

Thu, 14 Jan 16 15:45:07 -0500
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 01/14/2016

Hello Shay,

I have owned many pitbulls and lost them all too early; one at 9, one at 10 and one at 12: in my experience they are not a long lived breed :-(

I kept my pitbulls teeth clean in two ways; I got a dental tool for two bucks from the drugstore and scraped gunk and tartar off - particularly at the base of the gum line. I also fed raw, meaty bones. Actually my male didn't like his bones raw, so I toasted them in the oven at 350 for half an hour, so the meat roasted up but the bone was still raw. You want to feed non-weight bearing bones - so NO soup bones or shank bones or the hard bones that are tube shaped and hollow inside; no marrow bones. I got beef rib bones and beef neck bones. These bones do not bear weight so are softer, they gnaw down and grind down rather than splintering, and the interesting shape of the bones allow them to be worked deep in the mouth so the dog can really use them to scrape teeth. If your boy is not used to eating fresh roasted bones feed them for half an hour and then take away; try this for 1 week and supervising while he is gnawing on the bone for that half hour. If he is breaking chunks off into smaller bits, pick up the smaller bits. Some dogs find these bones so yummy they swallow the smaller bits; they tend to barf them right back up, so pick them up to avoid cleaning up a mess later. I do find if my dogs can keep the bone bits down they have not caused any impaction and they don't splinter so no punctures in the gut - again mostly they barf them up - [so you know what to expect].

The pain and arthritis may be helped by adding 2 tables spoons of the raw, unpasturized and unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar to the water or to his food twice per day.

The cysts and tumours may be helped with Essiac Tea - there are many posts by Om about this tea, so be sure to read up on Essiac and look for Om's posts on the subject.

 Re: Can Apple Cider Vinegar Help My Kitten Constantly Leaking Urine?

Thu, 14 Jan 16 15:29:50 -0500
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 01/14/2016

Hello Gail,

Do you know why your kitten is leaking urine? Is it a spinal deformation/Manx cat or stumpy? ACV may help with internal bladder health, but it will not address a conformation deformity. You might consider topical zinc ointment/baby rash ointment - but if your kitty licks it of this would not be a good solution for long term use. Another oil such as coconut, with calendula and lavender might help with the raw skin.

Can Apple Cider Vinegar Help My Kitten Constantly Leaking Urine?

Thu, 14 Jan 16 10:21:20 -0500
Posted by Gail (New York) on 01/14/2016

My five month old kitten has a urinary issue. Not a UTI. Leaking urine almost constantly and the area is sometimes raw and inflamed. Can Apple cider vinegar help?

Supplements or Remedies Needed for Brain Tumor in Dog

Thu, 14 Jan 16 10:10:53 -0500
Posted by Judy (Cape Town) on 01/14/2016

Goodmorning - I have a Cocker Spaniel of 6 years. She has had blood tests to determine if she has a virus - all clear. We think by her behaviorism she has a brain tumor - she is confused, legs don't work so well - misjudges steps ect. All the info on the site seem to be for external tumors - Does anyone have any advice for internal tumors. I would really like to try and help her as she is deteriorating - it started about 6 months ago. thanks Judy

Tumors and Cysts in Beloved Pitbull

Wed, 13 Jan 16 23:50:13 -0500
Posted by Shay (British Columbia) on 01/13/2016

My ten year old male pitbull ;Suss( means black bear in carrier / indian) has multiple cysts or tumours one lrg one on his upper left hip a couple sml med sized ones on his tummy. iam not a wealthy person but iam willing to do whatever it takes in order to help my boy. Suss is my best friend my family and the light of my life I cannot imagine a day without waking up to him sunggled right up beside me giving me kisses and wagging his tail. u can tell he has been in a fair amount of pain the past few months iam not sure if it is because of the cysts/tumours or if its his arthritis but regardless I cab see his health is deteriorating and it is absolutly breaking my heart.what can I do to slow and or possibly hopefully cure/ fix my baby? Also is there anything I can do to help improve his oral health ivr tried useing dental cleansing mouth sprays for dogs , dental cleaning treats / greenies ect and ive tried brushing his teeth but he is not a big fan of abything except the greenies/ treats. I know he needs somthing that will clean his teeth as he has bad breath and is constsntly chewing toys and other stuff as if he was teething. please give me a few suggestions on ways I csn help improve his physical and oral health as I said im not well off but for him I will do whatever it takes!! Thank you

  Re: Raw Diet for Dogs

Wed, 13 Jan 16 23:40:01 -0500
Posted by Doug (Chicago) on 01/13/2016

I generally agree, Kristen. Probably not a good idea to give bones to a dog. A large cow bone is probably okay, and they generally gnaw away at them. I used to give my GSD a whole rack of ribs, and as far as I know, it never hurt him, but I wouldn't do that again. The risk isn't worth the reward.

On another note, wolves kill big animals all the time, and when they're done, the skeleton is laying there. So obviously, wolves are not eating that many bones.

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar and Blood in Cat's Urine

Wed, 13 Jan 16 23:39:40 -0500
Posted by Om (Hope, Bc Canada) on 01/13/2016

Hello, Rachel -- I forgot to mention that you may repeat those remedies. With phosphorus you will notice blood stains becoming paler after each few globules in a little water treatment. If success, keep at it for a day or two and keep observing. Keep up the honey warmed so it is runny but use only low heat as otherwise the enzymes in the honey will stop working.

Keep it up. Namaste, Om

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar and Blood in Cat's Urine

Wed, 13 Jan 16 16:36:59 -0500
Posted by Om (Hope Bc Canada) on 01/13/2016

Rachel D (Las Vegas) ---

For internal bleeding use a quarter tsp. turmeric on his tongue till the bleeding has stopped. After bad accidents, for example, a glass of warm milk with a tbsp. turmeric works well to stop the bleeding , that is, for humans as well as animals in different proportions, of course. It also does more than that internally. I use it for a cat that has upper resp. and it is very helpful.

Otherwise you can also use homeopathic PHOSPORUS 30C which will do the same, except turmeric has multiple action. Or use both. Keep up the apple cider vgr. nevertheless but add honey. If you can get the very slim syringes, it will help. Unheated honey kept separate in a dish of very warm water, put into syringe and it will give energy and kill bacteria.

All the best for the two of you.

Namaste Om

Questions About Vetoryl, Cushex and Diet For Dog With Cushing's Disease

Wed, 13 Jan 16 09:51:27 -0500
Posted by Jessica (South Florida) on 01/12/2016

Hi, my dog is on 60mg of Vetoryl. She's had Cushings for two years now and just turned 15. She had several issues resolved, but now is back to excessive drinking, ravenous appetite, and has lost 6 pounds. Her skin has gotten very dry.

Does anyone know if Cushex can be used in combination with Vetoryl. Vetoryl helped her when she had her head tilting. Also, I don't have time unfortunately to precook or set up a raw diet for her, what is the best prepackaged brand I can buy that I can switch her to? She's had grain free natural diet (dry food) and I mix in some canned natural food too in order to help get moisture in her diet. I'm afraid to stop the Vetoryl because of the issues that it DID fix (like the head tilt/neurological part that was affecting her). (She's a 15 year old beagle)

  Re: Treating Mange With Ted's Remedies

Wed, 13 Jan 16 09:35:23 -0500
Posted by Fonda (Fl) on 01/12/2016

Does this mixture also rid a small dog of biting mites?

  Re: Trying to Locate Best Essiac Tea for Bladder Tumor in Dog

Wed, 13 Jan 16 09:35:02 -0500
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 01/12/2016

Dear Nao,

Om mentions that you are searching for Frankincense Essential Oil for your dog. I have found that Mountain Rose Herbs out of Oregon, and Hopewell Oils (Texas, I think) both have a high quality 100% Frankincense Essential oil, we have used both with success.

Generally essential oils are best used externally. But some are used internally for serious illness. I have used Frankincense for a bladder infection for myself, and I did that externally. I just massaged one drop into the abdomen, over the bladder area. It was surprisingly effective. So, you may not even need to worry about try it internally. It also gave quick relief to an ovarian cyst (along with castor oil) and again, I used this externally.

If you are not able to get Frankincense, perhaps the Essiac will be enough. You may also try castor oil, which has been helpful for tumors for some. Again, you could massage one drop on the abdomen above the bladder area. Castor Oil can have a laxative effect, even used externally. Just be prepared for extra potty breaks if you try out this remedy.

I hope you are able to get your doggie healed soon!

~Mama to Many~

Re: Chewing Tobacco for Dog With Parasites

Wed, 13 Jan 16 09:34:37 -0500
Posted by Laura (Michigan (mi)) on 01/12/2016

Tobacco can kill or do long term liver damage. You won't see it right away please ask someone with a medical degree, a vet, a pet meds person, a pet store. Stop being foolish before you kill your pet.

 Re: Seeking Help for Cocker Spaniel with Ear Infection

Wed, 13 Jan 16 09:16:55 -0500
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 01/13/2016

Hello Eileen,

The reason this particular Monostat product is not recommended for treating yeast infections is because it contains no ingredients to fight yeast infections.

These are the ingredients:

Active Ingredients: Dimethicone - 1.2 % (Skin Protectant)

Inactive Ingredients: Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Silica, Tocopheryl Acetate, Trisiloxane

All this product contains are skin protectants and skin conditioners and the medium to deliver the ingredients.

If you want a Monostat product that WILL fight yeast infections read the label, and choose products that contain Miconazole -the main active ingredient in their product line.

 Re: Seeking Help for Cocker Spaniel with Ear Infection

Tue, 12 Jan 16 16:52:25 -0500
Posted by Ei (Lancaster) on 01/12/2016

Hi - I went to buy 'Monistat Soothing Care Chafing Relief Powder-Gel, 1.5-OZ Tube' and it states - 'NOTE: This product is not intended to treat yeast infections' Could you clear this up for me please Thank you and Regards, Eileen

  Re: Acidophilus for Yeast Issues

Tue, 12 Jan 16 16:42:27 -0500
Posted by Lee (Maryland) on 01/12/2016

You mentioned ACV to the back of the neck for eye infections. Can you explain ? How does that work? Thanks Lee

  Re: Chiropractic and Syringomyelia

Tue, 12 Jan 16 16:40:25 -0500
Posted by Roxanne (Toronto) on 01/12/2016

Hi again, after ending a vet who offers cold laser therapy I have just returned from a consultation discussing the benefits for our 8 yr old Cavalier Molly. She was diagnosed 3 years ago after a Mri with mild syringomyalia . In August 2015 we had another Mri performed because her symptoms were worsening dramatically with increased scratching and yelping in pain. Unfortunately the news was not good and Molly's condition had worsened dramatically. She is currently on Gabapanton 100 mg 6 times a day. We have tried ither drugs with no benefit, we are being told we should consider adding steroids to alleviate pain.

The vet was not confident that the cold laser would benefit but he said it won't hurt. We now need to decide if we should try it.

The cost to date has been excessive to say the least but I am having a hard time not going ahead and giving it a try in case she realizes the benefits expressed on this site. My concern is none of vet's listed on the link above in our area offer the cold laser therapy, the vet I am going to is the only one who I could find that does. They are not a chiropractic veterinary office but do have underwater treadmill treatment and other physiotherapy options.

I note in the post there are strong recommendations to find a chiropractic vet who offers the cold laser. Is there any other information with regards to the laser treatment I should ask before going ahead?

  Re: Garlic for Dogs

Tue, 12 Jan 16 16:39:12 -0500
Posted by Joyce Laine (Rochester, N.y.) on 01/12/2016

Everything I have heard recently and read says not true anymore. Bad for cats and dogs I have read?? Who do you believe.You may want to do some more research or ask your vet before continuing garlic! Just to be safe.

  Re: Critical Care, Pumpkin for Rabbits

Tue, 12 Jan 16 16:36:40 -0500
Posted by Jim With Giants (Colorado) on 01/12/2016

Having rescued all breeds for 17 years and breeding continental giants for 5 we have seen almost all of it. Please always keep a small bottle of Infant GasX on hand and give a full dropper at the first signs of stasis. Also, give your rabbits chunks of fresh pinapple or papaya which helps to breakup and disolve ingested hair. Using these you may never need to get to the wonderful product, Critical care. An eye dropper of fresh pinapple juice can be used if your bunny wont eat the chunks, but start with the Infant GasX. Remove their pellets and give only grass and dark green veg. Jess is right on about cilantro, it is like crack to rabbits. They absolutely love it. Walmart usually sells it 3 bunches for a dollar.

  Re: Mange Remedies

Tue, 12 Jan 16 13:23:08 -0500
Posted by Diamond (Ma.) on 01/11/2016

I used regular peroxide and added a wee bit more water;after at least twelve treatments with a week to two weeks rest period I used diatomaceous earth and they shake some of this dusty stuff off, my dogs never had all those sores/rash? I am thinking it's some thing different of mange but I know I saw an infestation of some sort of mites, the groomer thought they were ants what-ever they were they laid eggs under the skin and mostly on the sicker dog of the two, and my cat could not get them out as she was the carrier, they were like spikes in her back.