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 Re: Can Anything Help Boxer Who Leaks Urine Since She Got Fixed 3 Years Ago

Mon, 04 May 15 10:46:10 -0500
Posted by Jodi (Vernon Bc) on 05/04/2015

Hi Valerie - my Lab had the same problem for the last few years. Our vet put her on stibestrol and it cleared up within a week. After that she needed one pill a week to maintain. Chance's problem was exactly what Theresa said, spay incontinence. It's not a natural remedy but certainly fixed the problem. Good luck!

 Re: Ted's Cure for Mange

Sun, 03 May 15 17:40:56 -0500
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 05/03/2015

Hey Leeniemud!

You can give your Pokie the spa treatment; massage olive oil into his coat and let him sit for 15 minutes, and then bath; do this inbetween mange treatment baths. Just do 1 shampoo after the oil treatment and towel really well - he will be oily, so towel well but do NOT get all the oil off; he will keep until the next bath/mange treatment.

I would also give him oils in his food - 1 teaspoon olive oil in his food am and pm; you can upgrade to higher quality oils like evening primrose oil or salmon oil, etc. -but in a pinch olive oil works well.

 Re: Puppies With Walking Dandruff

Sun, 03 May 15 17:36:35 -0500
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 05/03/2015

Hey Gina!

I would use Ted's mange remedy on ALL your dogs. It is safe for the puppies and will kill the walking dandruff mites. Make sure you clean and vacuum your home well, paying attention to where your pets bed down. You might also consider spreading borax down as an additional way to prevent reinfestation of the mites.

 Re: Peppermint Essential Oil for Bloat

Sun, 03 May 15 17:22:48 -0500
Posted by Carrie (Mississippi ) on 05/03/2015

[WARNING!]  People should not own pets if they can't afford any or all emergencies that may come up.

Dogs are a gift to mankind and need to be treated as such.

Not taking a dog with bloat or symptoms of bloat: should be cause for the owner to give up the dog to someone who has the ability to take care of it properly. How much agony did this dog suffer?

 Re: Puppies With Walking Dandruff

Sun, 03 May 15 11:05:55 -0500
Posted by Gina (Gardendale, Al) on 05/03/2015

I have a litter of puppies and 4 other dogs in my house, and all of the puppies and dam have walking Dandruff. The puppies are Scottie pups and are 5 weeks old, weighing around 4-4-1/2lbs. each. I have Collodial Silver and Coconut oil. Please advise me on what to do.

 Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Ear Infection in Dog

Sun, 03 May 15 10:58:09 -0500
Posted by Anon (Pennsylvania) on 05/03/2015

This mixture didn't work for my samoyed at ALL! He started flipping out right away and rubbing his ear on the floor. It made it a heck of a lot worse!

Ted's Cure for Mange

Sun, 03 May 15 08:37:43 -0500
Posted by Leeniemud (Jessieville, Ar) on 05/02/2015

[YEA]  I have been using Ted's method for 2 wks along w/nu-stock and ivomectrin shots and my dog Pokie has improved remarkedly well but his skin is very dry. when I bath him I scrub him w/a mit. I saw on the posts the things you can use to help w/dry skin but I don't have any of those on hand and unfortunately no funds at this time to buy them. is there anything you can recommend that I may have around the house that I can use on him to help w/his dry skin problem..thank you!

 Bicarb Soda/Turmeric/Coconut Oil on Mammary Tumors

Sun, 03 May 15 08:14:00 -0500
Posted by Elpig (Scotland) on 05/02/2015

My 15yr old cat has a recurrence of mammary cancer 15 months after surgery to remove 2 clusters of tumors which were quite small.

There are 2 very small tumors, pea sized at the most. Been applying a paste of bicarbonate of soda, turmeric and coconut oil for just over a week. Started her on Essiac tea in her food today too. From applying the paste the whole area round the tumors is red and sore looking. Don't know whether to continue with the paste or not, any advice appreciated! :)

 Re: Bordetella Side Effects

Sun, 03 May 15 08:09:59 -0500
Posted by Mae (Nevada) on 05/02/2015

[SIDE EFFECTS]  Our 10 month old mutt had the vaccine nasal spray and he is wheezing and coughing and hacking.

 Re: Heartworm Treatment

Sat, 02 May 15 10:40:23 -0500
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 05/02/2015

Hey Blake!

Please consult your vendor for VRM2 for dosage - and please report back as to what the maker of this product advises.

Typically dogs undergoing heartworm treatment are advised to take NO exercise and instead to observe strict crate rest, going outside to potty - and then right back to the crate.

 Re: White Vinegar for Yeast Infections

Sat, 02 May 15 08:00:34 -0500
Posted by Amanda ( Kalamazoo, Michigan) on 05/01/2015

How much do I use on my dog and how often do I do it?

 Re: Remedies for Pet Rats

Fri, 01 May 15 08:26:32 -0500
Posted by Catrena (Ontario) on 05/01/2015

[WARNING!]  To the person who said to give your rats oranges. please do not do this. Orange juice is said to cause cancer in males rats. According to the Carcinogen Potency Project in Berkley, it was found that orange juice, specifically the d-limonene in orange juice, causes cancer in male rats.

 Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Urinary Tract Blockage in Cat

Fri, 01 May 15 08:14:41 -0500
Posted by Diana (Australia ) on 05/01/2015

Great, but very small sips at a tip if giving a lot of fluids orally. So they can swallow without choking.

Homeopathics can work very well too. E.g cantharis 10m and Tabucuum 10m. The 10m is the strength of the remedy. As strength of remedies can vary. Pat in a couple of drops of eac remedy on back of shoulder blades making sure it reaches the skin. Repeat ever half hour. Usually only 3 to 4 Repeat dosing is all that is needed.

Then as a prevention add a dose to meals three times a week.

 Re: Heartworm Treatment

Fri, 01 May 15 08:11:57 -0500
Posted by Blake (Texas) on 04/30/2015

I am about to start my lab mix on VRM2 and I really need to know what would be the dosage (he is 53 lbs ) and how much excercise can he have while on this medicine?

Coconut Oil Helped Dog's Upset Stomach

Thu, 30 Apr 15 21:41:32 -0500
Posted by Buddy's Mom (Pueblo Of Acoma, Nm) on 04/30/2015

[YEA]  I gave Buddy, my rescue rottweiler/chow mix VCO for an upset stomach and it worked like a charm. He would not eat his food, which is totally not like him, but would eat lots of grass and then throw it up. I wasn't sure if he would like the VCO so I started with just a small amount on top of a small amount of food and he ate it right up. He went back outside so I watched him for an hour or two to see if he would throw up. He did not throw up, but came back inside, so I gave him a little more VCO and food and again he ate it all. The next day I gave him 1 tablespoon of VCO on his regular portion of food and he ate it all and seemed to have more energy and spunk. I have not seen him throw up or eat any more grass either. Thanks Earth Clinic!

 Re: Vinegar for Dog's Ear Infection

Thu, 30 Apr 15 21:38:51 -0500
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, Usa) on 04/30/2015

One day later, after ear problem and he's back to his perky self and his ear is standing up straight again. When he was scratching and shaking his head, he was also sort of laying it down. But, all back to normal now.

And I want to add how nice it is to not feel so helpless about things. I was utterly helpless with my Lhaso Apso's miserable hot spots and this ear thing reminded me of when I had a horrific earache in the middle of the night, long before the internet came along.

I would bet that just knowing you all are here relieves a great deal of stress for a whole lot of people. I know it does for me. Thank you.

 Re: Vinegar for Dog's Ear Infection

Thu, 30 Apr 15 21:28:23 -0500
Posted by Mike (Raleigh Nc) on 04/30/2015

Like the other post. We had this problem for years!!!! All you need is Zymox Plus Otic-hc Enzymatic Solution. Kills it forever, in one week, and you can add it as often as you like. Forget all the expensive dog food changes and huge vet bills.

 Re: Anal Gland Abscess

Thu, 30 Apr 15 16:26:52 -0500
Posted by Angela (Boston) on 04/30/2015

H,i I just found out my cat has anal gland abscess and my vet that wants to charge me close to $400 to take care of it. What can I do at home thanks

 Re: Cider Vinegar for Cat's Possible Worms

Thu, 30 Apr 15 11:23:07 -0500
Posted by Anna (Mechanicsville) on 04/30/2015

My cat had worms and I never knew until he threw one up. Medication wouldn't make him better and he was still sick-I didn't know what was wrong because he had a wormer at the vet more than a month earlier-sure enough he had worms, they were so bad the stongid didnt touch them. He was eating ok and he didnt have a bloated stomach etc.




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