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  Re: Ear Mites Infestation at Rabbit Farm
Fri, 04 Jul 14 13:22:50 -0500

07/04/2014: Susan from Texas : "I've been raising rabbits for meat for my family. when rabbits get ear mites I just spray some coconut oil in their ears. It starts working by the next day. Any kind of cooking oil would probably work as well. I don't use any chemicals on my animals."

  Re: Special Food for Pets with Constipation
Fri, 04 Jul 14 13:20:34 -0500

07/04/2014: Roberta from Merrimac, Ma: "We have a cat that was diagnosed with mega colon. It is a neurological disease in which the nerve endings do not come in contact with the colon and cause the cat to become constipated. We tried almost every remedy I see on this site for constipation on this site and after two years of trying were a day away from making the decision to put our buddy down. Now I know for ALL cats they should have a low residue/no residue diet.

For constipation an 1/8 teaspoon of Miralax twice a day in the no residue food. And if it is mega colon 2.5 mg Cisapride (this medicine makes the colon contract which the cat can't do due to the disease). These three things saved our buddy. No more suffering for any of us and no more expensive vet bills.

P.S. Lactolose is a common drug prescribed, but it causes diabetes in cats."

  Re: Dog's Aural Hematoma
Thu, 03 Jul 14 17:40:52 -0500

07/03/2014: Mayan2012 from Ontario: "Up-Date: Dog hematoma on neck

Just wanted to give an up-date on my dog’s hematoma. After the last post I made the hematoma returned 2 times. I kept using the garlic and turmeric and applied bentonite clay when it filled. The hematoma drained within 2 days of applying the benonite clay and the fluid was clear. It filled again with in 3 days and bentonite clay was reapplied. Again it ruptured with blood and continued to drain. This time I kept the bentonite clay on the opening which was much bigger on the last rupture. It healed over and the fur has grown back. They area has a bit of a cauliflower feel to it however because of the location it is not noticeable. It has been over a week and has not refilled."

Re: Acidophilus and Yogurt Cured Fungus on Dog
Wed, 02 Jul 14 20:47:03 -0500

[YEA]  07/02/2014: Sharaminty from Cleveland, Ohio: "Your web site helped save my dog's life. I adopted an eight year old pug recently. Her previous owners were going to put her to sleep because she had longstanding fungal problem. She came to me with a severe fungal rash, mainly on her chest. The wounds from the rash were open and draining. They were oozing and smelly. With the help of my daughter, who is a Vet Tech, we instantly changed her food from a grocery store brand to California Natural, Chicken and Rice Formula. I was told to continue twice a day doses on an anti fungal medication called Ketoconazole, which the previous owner's obtained. Her rash remained severe for three days and that is when I found this web site. After reading all the posts, I purchased acidophilus and plain yogurt from Walmart. I added it to her food twice a day.

Within two days the fungal rash on her chest improved. Within a week the rash was gone and I took her off the Ketoconazole. She has been rash free for about one month now. She still has a mild case of fungus in her ears, which I cleanse out daily with a Broad Spectrum Cleanser. The acidophilus and yogurt has made a world of difference. She is a 20 pound dog. I give her 1 to 2 teaspoons of nonfat plain yogurt and 1/4 of acidophilus smashed into powder, in her food twice a day. Hopefully everyone will have as much success as I did! She is a wonderful dog and worth all the effort."

Re: Storm or Thunder-Phobic Pets
Wed, 02 Jul 14 14:41:24 -0500

07/02/2014: Theresa from Mpls, Mn: "Consider a thunder shirt or wrap style shirt for your pet to help keep him calm and reduce stress during a noisy celebration."

Re: How to Protect Your Pets on July 4th
Wed, 02 Jul 14 14:00:41 -0500

07/02/2014: Earth Clinic from Atlanta, Ga: "Hi everyone,

Please consider sharing our page on how to keep your pets safe this 4th of July with your family and friends on Facebook. Here's the url:

Thank you!"

  Re: Natural Aids for Milk Production in Mother Cat
Wed, 02 Jul 14 10:26:27 -0500

07/02/2014: Theresa from Mpls., Mn: "Hey Ashley!

If this were my cat I would take her to the vet immediately to ensure all the placentas have been expelled. A vet visit now - along with a shot of oxytocin to clear out the uterus which will also help bring down the milk - is far cheaper than an emergency room visit for a rotting retained placenta.

That said, check your queens nipples to make sure they are not blocked by waxy plugs. You can boost milk supply by making sure your queen has fresh water and is not dehydrated. Feeding high quality protien is a must at this time; feed her high quality food 4x day at this stage of the game. I find that milk supply will increase as the kits grow and drink more."

Re: Natural Aids for Milk Production in Mother Cat
Wed, 02 Jul 14 08:32:51 -0500

07/01/2014: Ashley from Canada: "I have a young cat who just had 7 tiny kittens. She had a very long labour with one kitten stuck for about 10 hours before hubby and I pulled it out, dead :( We thought she was done after 6, came home from work to another one, but dead :( :( When I went to change the bloody bedding from their box, we examined the kittens and found one to be severely deformed and needed to be put down :(they are 1/2 manx kittens and spine and leg deformities are common) Mama cat has been with her babies nearly constantly and is very nurturing so I think she will do a great job but I have felt her mammaries and they seem to be completely empty. I am wondering what I can give her to help her produce enough milk to nourish her tiny little babies...can I give her a fennel tea? any other advice is much appreciated TIA!"

  Re: Rescued Pug With Nail Issue
Tue, 01 Jul 14 10:01:17 -0500

07/01/2014: Karen from Calgary: "My little Chihuahua / Dashchund cross had the same thing happen to her. It was her left rear paw that had grown around and right back into her paw pad. I noticed the swelling first. I cut the nail and pulled out the overgrowth. I put on some Manuka Honey on it as well as some Oil of Wild Oregano. A few days later it was less swollen but not healed yet. So I got out my "big guns" and used a Castor Oil Pack on the paw for 45 mins or so and voila! This morning we woke up and she is all healed. She is currently not speaking to me and is hiding downstairs under the bed, but she's not speaking to me with a perfectly healthy paw. I luv her and this site!! Thank you, Earth Clinic!"

  Re: Cats Throwing Up
Tue, 01 Jul 14 08:52:29 -0500

07/01/2014: Theresa from Mpls., Mn: "Hey Diamond!

Please read up on feline respiratory disease on EC:

At minimum I would isolate your new rescue to avoid infecting your existing pride.

You might consider applying ACV by dipping your new rescue's paws into a pan with ACV or using a spray bottle to moisten her coat; she will have to lick it off to dry herself and so would ingest it in that manner."

  Re: Cat Died from Depo-Medrol Shots
Tue, 01 Jul 14 08:49:02 -0500

07/01/2014: Theresa from Mpls., Mn: "Hey Redragtop!

I am very sorry for your loss.

Please report the death of your dear Siamese to your vet. At the very least, blood work should have been performed prior to giving your cat this injection to ensure your cat's organs were able to process this synthetic steroid properly.

What a senseless loss - I am so sorry.


  Re: CoQ10 in Dog's Diet
Mon, 30 Jun 14 21:01:15 -0500

06/30/2014: Diamond from Ma, US: "Thank you for your message, every message helps another in need such as my self. I have a very old Cock-a-Poo, she is appox. 15 or 16 years of age. Last month she got very sick, she had no use of her legs at all, she just stayed in her little bed for over a week. However she did eat, I made her organic oatmeal cooked veggies then added salmon oil caps.

I prayed every single day for her recovery, also not to let her live if she were to suffer any further. Then on a Tue. I said to my husband that we need to take her and have her put to sleep as she showed no signs of getting up to walk and go potty. She looked really sick. Then by that same week on a Wed. she got up and walked out on her own to go potty. She is now still our little demon we all love so much.

God Bless every one and especially our animals. They so need us and our help to keep them safe and healthy. A friend of mine always for years cooked or steamed her dogs people food, then chopped it up and fed him a small amount at a time. He lived a very long time. When she passed away I took him home, the worse and saddest thing I ever did was the vet suggested I feed him dog food, so I fed him dog food and eventually he died from many illnesses. Follow your heart. Peace"

  Re: Cat Died from Depo-Medrol Shots
Mon, 30 Jun 14 20:48:49 -0500

06/30/2014: Diamond from Ma, US: "To Redragtop, owner; I am so sorry for your loss, I know how it feels to lose your loving pets. I hope in time your sorrow and pain will go away. I guess like most of us learn the hard way, there are no real answers, right or wrong, but we do learn from mistakes made. She is still with you in spirit and will let you know he is still there with you. God Bless."

Re: Cat Died from Depo-Medrol Shots
Mon, 30 Jun 14 17:06:51 -0500

[DEATH REPORTED]  06/30/2014: Redragtop from Pocomoke City, Maryland: "My beloved 10 year old Siamese cat was in distress from fleas, so I called our local vet for some help. Our Vet was not in, but his nice young associate helped us. He agreed that my baby showed signs of an allergy to fleas, and gave him two Depo-Medrol shots to make him "feel better in a couple of days", and sold me a topical flea medication for "instant relief". This was on Friday afternoon.

On Saturday, my cat stuck to me like glue. I couldn't leave his sight. He wouldn't eat, but I could get him to drink water. At bedtime, I put him in my bed. After several hours, my baby woke me up with a terrible cry, and started with a seizure. He had seizures all night long, and passed at 4:45 Sunday morning.

Now, I find out that Depo can cause kidney failure .... the vet didn't warn me ...... it was supposed to make him feel better ....."

Re: Cats Throwing Up
Mon, 30 Jun 14 16:47:17 -0500

06/30/2014: Diamond from Ma, US: "In the past I have had the very best results with all my pets high acidic tests. I had a strong feeling from treating many of my pets for acid via constantly throwing up, then after using the apple Cider Vinegar they have been in the very best of spirits, eating great with no more ongoing negative results. Today I have another new rescue cat, I am feeling like she too has the same sickness all my other pets had. My bigger problem is she refuses to let me treat her, I cannot put any thing in her food because she smells it and walks away, therefore refuses to eat, I cannot hold her and put anything in her mouth as she fights and scratches, I also noticed she has a rattle and throws up a lot of mucus. I don't have the money to take her to the vet. Furthermore I would rather not put her through a lot of stress.

Thank you for the much needed info you can offer."

  Re: Treating Yeast Infection on Poodle
Mon, 30 Jun 14 11:52:36 -0500

06/30/2014: Theresa from Mpls., Mn: "Hey Vannie!

Clearing a dog of a yeast infection is usually a long term situation.

Upgrading the diet is a good start! You should also consider adding probiotics/acidipohillus to her diet as well; just choose a human grade product from the cooler section of the health store.

Next, consider alkalizing your dog's drinking water by adding baking soda. I start out with 1 teaspoon baking soda into 3 liters of water, and increase by 1 teaspoon each day until the ratio is 1 teaspoon baking soda to 1 liter water; I then give this dose for 5 days - after 5 days you can reduce to one half teaspoon per liter of water or go back to the ACV water. I would also add once per week one eighth teaspoon of borax to the drinking water OR mix one eighth of a teaspoon of borax into some wet or canned food. This may produce a loose stool, however borax is an excellent anti-yeast/anti-fungal.

Additionally, I would bathe my dog in a solution of 1 part water to two parts Milk of Magnesia. This is an emergency ratio and in conjunction with the baking soda water and borax water should bring some relief.

Please report back!"

Re: Treating Yeast Infection on Poodle
Mon, 30 Jun 14 10:43:18 -0500

06/30/2014: Vannie from Sabah, Malaysia: "Hi, I have a mini poodle that has yeast which started only last year. Before this, she has been biting and licking her paws on and off. The problems is getting serious now, I have to put e-collar on; if not she will bite and scratch nonstop. I check her body, no imflammation or bruises. I have brought her to two different vets. The diagnosis is she has fungal infection/yeast. She has tried various antibiotics, pills, anti-fungal salve. She is using malaseb shampoo once a week. Recently, I have changed her diet to no-grain formula. Orijin six-fish 80% fish and Arcana 60% fish. I apply coconut oil on her fur and ACV mixed water to her water bowl and to apply on her paws. But everytime I take off the e-collar, she will scratch and lick paws, tails, butt area, ears. I'm so worried and depressed. Am I doing the right thing? how long does it take for the yeast to clear away?"

  Re: Heartworm Remedy Update
Sun, 29 Jun 14 19:03:42 -0500

06/29/2014: Jholl from Louisville, Ky: "Another update on our dog. She had a breathing incident a few weeks ago. She started panting hard and was lethargic. We picked her up and rushed her into the vet. Many dollars and hours later we came and got her. She was put on oxygen, given a prednisone shot, a chest xray, another heartworm test and a complete blood test. She did not have a heart attack or a stroke. Her lungs were clear and her heart normal. The xrays showed her pulmonary artery was still enlarged and her heart was just starting to enlarge somewhat. Her heartworm test was still positive.

This past week she went to a holistic vet in our area. She is now on Cellfood, two homeopathic medicines, wobenzyme-n, and a few other things. I think these new supplements are helping her enormously. She seems so much better. Her coughing is now about gone and her energy is getting better as well. We go back to our holistic vet in another 3 weeks. I feel she is going to finally recover from this. I'll post again if there is more to learn here. Thanks for all the support and good info earthclinic posters!"

  Re: CoQ10 in Dog's Diet
Sun, 29 Jun 14 19:00:02 -0500

06/29/2014: Alicia from Maui, Hawaii: "Thank you for this concise list. I plan on adding these supplements to my existing routine of taurine, CoQ10, and fish oil. My vet approved the list and amounts.

My Elvis is a 7 yo King Charles Cavalier and has a grade 4 murmur. I see him slowing but improvement with the above supplements. So difficult to keep him calm when we come home or walk time.

For the person with the older dog with a grade 2.....I would supplement and not worry. Most older dogs and people will experience a heart murmur.

I plan on adding several of the supplements to my own daily routine.

Love and light to all our fur babies. Enjoy the special moments each day. Aloha."




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