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Advice Needed to Fine Tune Protocol for My Dog's Cancer

Sat, 11 Jul 15 15:26:55 -0500
Posted by Mm, Kent, England (Kent, England) on 07/11/2015

My 12 year old black lab was diagnosed with a cancerous tumour behind the eye last October and I was told they wouldn't be able to get it all out so have been treating him with DMSO/Hematoxylen injections , as per Dr Stanley Jacobs's book, (I've had to change vets to find one open enough to do this and who doesn't charge the earth! ). However, it's started to get bigger and pushing on the eye. I'm hoping to save his eye and came across yr website, which is wonderful and so helpful, thank you so much. I started with the turmeric in his food about 5 days ago but don't want to use the castor oil as a couple of threads mentioned not to use it if cancerous? I also came across BeanIe's thread about using Seabuckthorn Berry Oil, Which arrived today.

Im just wondering if I can use both the turmeric and Seabuckthorn Berry Oil at the Same time? Any Advice on this?

Many many thanks


Will Bone Broth Adversely Affect Liver Medications?

Sat, 11 Jul 15 11:39:27 -0500
Posted by Victoria (N.h.) on 07/11/2015

My 6 year old male dobe has slightly elevated liver enzymes. My vet has put him on Ursodiol, an acid reducer & vitamin e. I want to start making him bone broth because it detoxifies the liver, but didn't know if it would affect his meds?

Question for Om about Budwig Protocol for Dogs

Sat, 11 Jul 15 11:28:19 -0500
Posted by Adrienne (Idaho, USA) on 07/11/2015

Hopefully Om will read this and reply. I was just told by a vet at the vet school near us that we should stop giving our dog flax oil and cottage cheese because, she said, flax oil is fine for humans but causes inflammation in dogs. She went on to say we should stop giving her mushrooms because they are "hard on the liver": "We recommend you stop giving Feather mushroom powder due to the questionable function of her liver at this time. Mushrooms are known to be particularly hard on the liver and some dogs may be extra-sensitive to them so it is important to protect Feather." It was my understanding that some medicinal mushrooms are beneficial to the liver. Geez! There has not been a definitive diagnosis, more testing is wanted, but Feather has the symptoms of some sort of endocrine ailment, but possibly lymphoma.



  Re: Activated Charcoal For Parvo

Fri, 10 Jul 15 20:33:11 -0500
Posted by Theresa Donate
(Mpls., Mn) on 07/10/2015

Hey Carmen!

I LOVE those pibbles! :-)

Keep Oreo on the activated charcoal for 5-7 days AFTER he seems completely back to normal so he does not have a relapse. Keep feeding him good groceries to build his strength back up.

 Re: Newborn Kittens Not Opening Their Eyes

Fri, 10 Jul 15 20:29:54 -0500
Posted by Theresa Donate
(Mpls., Mn) on 07/10/2015

Hey Whitney!

If they are behind in opening their eyes they may have an infection under the eyelids. Try soaking them open with warm water and a cotton ball - just bathe them and with the warm water and see if you can get them loosened up. They may start to crack open at the corner - and once they do keep working at it.

Once they open keep them flushed so they don't gunk over. Try this and report back.

Newborn Kittens Not Opening Their Eyes

Fri, 10 Jul 15 18:03:16 -0500
Posted by Whitney (Stevenson, Al) on 07/10/2015

I'm worry about newborn kittens eyes but one of them are okay her eyes are wide open an happy, but other 4 still have eyes closed. It looks something on their eyes couldn't opened and what's cause I'm worry.

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Fleas

Fri, 10 Jul 15 17:30:16 -0500
Posted by Walle's Mom (Houston, Texas) on 07/10/2015

[YEA]  Thank y'all my WALLE just got BIG RELIEF n the fleas r gone. My poor baby is getting some rest.

  Re: Canned Pumpkin for Cushing's Disease

Fri, 10 Jul 15 17:26:55 -0500
Posted by Leslie (Tampa, Fl ) on 07/09/2015

My dog was diagnosed today with Cushings after the low dex test was done this week.. I use integrative medicine.. & do not have an integrative vet in Tampa. I did want to thank Jr Denman for his pumpkin comment with the product from Whole Foods.. I am just starting this journey to treat my dog with the best combination of products.. I hope to find a vet that can work with me .. My vet only has a negative opinion about the holistic treatments. She says no studies show that they truly work..

I love the info from University of Tenn. College of Veterinary Med. & am going to order a product called Cush Away..

Anyone use that product?

  Re: Male Cat with Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD)

Fri, 10 Jul 15 17:12:08 -0500
Posted by Sido (Canada) on 07/10/2015

Consider switching to a meat based food. Acana and Origen are great and made in Canada. Very high in protein though so if your cat is an indoor cat try to find a similar food with a slightly lower protein content and mix with Acana. This can help with unwanted weight gain in your kitty.

Our cat is just going through a series of tests to see if she has some kind infection. Our vet has been understanding and takes a holistic approach to pet care, you may want to look for a vet who works similarly.

As with humans, its all about the food. The farther from natural the worse it is, the more natural meat based the better as cats are carnivores.

I have read about colloidal silver as well as cranberry tablets for cats.

I hope your cat is ok.

  Re: Activated Charcoal For Parvo

Fri, 10 Jul 15 17:09:38 -0500
Posted by Carmen (Detroit) on 07/10/2015

[YEA]  Omg! After treating my pitt Oreo activated charcoal caps as well as pedialyte through the turkey baster, today he woke up waggin his tail, not throwing up, and ate a some rice!

I'm in tears! It works! I'm gonna keep him on this regimen until he starts eating really good! Thank you all! I didn't give up on my best friend, and you don't either!

  Re: Questions About Apple Cider Vinegar for Flea Control

Fri, 10 Jul 15 17:08:17 -0500
Posted by Jennifer (South Africa) on 07/10/2015

ACV for Fleas:

A silly question however one I'm hoping someone could answer. Does mixing ACV with a probiotic not "damage" the probiotic. ACV is amongst other things an anti-bacterial and probiotic has all the "good" bacteria. I'm a bit of a lazy chi mom and pre-mix all my goodies together in advance then add a teaspoon onto their food daily so wondering if I could add the ACV to mix?

Mix is currently...

  • Vit C
  • Omega 3 oil
  • Probiotic
  • Vit E

added to at least 3 liquidised (juiced) vegetables and then a teaspoon each over their food twice a day.

  Re: Dog's Pyoderma

Fri, 10 Jul 15 11:07:30 -0500
Posted by Rodolfo Dossantos (North Port Fl) on 07/10/2015

Can u send me a pic of all the things that u gave ur dog to stop all the biting and itching? My female is 3 years old and I've tried every thing to get her to stop making herself look ugly.

 Re: Cat with One Kidney Struggling with Resistant Strain of Bladder Infecti

Fri, 10 Jul 15 10:26:18 -0500
Posted by Soazburrolady (Southern Az) on 07/09/2015

So sorry to hear of Maggie's difficulties. I had a kitty, McGee, (had to change the name from Maggie, when certain physical attributes became apparent! ) with similar problem plus polycystic remaining kidney. His 6 month prognosis fortunately extended to 5 years with lots of love and care and colloidal silver. A kitty, I have now is prone to uti's also. Adding about a tablespoon of colloidal silver to a pint of fresh drinking water for a few days stops the problem almost immediately if given at the first sign of trouble. All my kitties get this treated water about twice a month just for preventative purposes and seemingly have no aversion to drinking it. (Good for their teeth too) All the best to you and Maggie.

 Re: Sudden Deafness in Rat Terrier After Ear Infection and Teeth Cleaning

Fri, 10 Jul 15 07:24:55 -0500
Posted by Theresa Donate
(Mpls., Mn) on 07/10/2015

Hey Marci and Linda!

I am so upset upon hearing your stories. What is particularly troubling is that internet searches show numerous complaints by pet owners who have had this product administered by veterinarians that resulted in deafness and drastic hearing loss, and various veterinary clinics have posted replies all saying "We have used this for years with out any problems! It must be safe - maybe your dog had another issue that was undiagnosed..."

Vet clinics listen up: There is a problem with this product. It is causing hearing loss in pets. Please advise your clients of this potential side effect and get permission before you administer it to your clients pets.

Off to tell my own vet now - thank you both for sharing your stories.

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Ear Infections

Fri, 10 Jul 15 07:17:15 -0500
Posted by Theresa Donate
(Mpls., Mn) on 07/10/2015

Hey Coree!

DO NOT just add ACV undiluted to a dog with an ear infection; if the dog has been scratching the inside of the ear raw [very common] then the ACV will STING and cause pain.

For a dog with sores in the ear, first start with olive oil infused with raw garlic. Take regular olive oil from the kitchen - 1 cup, and add 2-3 smashed or pressed cloves of raw garlic. Let that sit overnight. Then strain out the garlic and warm up the oil to body temperature, and massage that deep into the ear. Treat the ear with the garlic infused olive oil for a few days to make sure the skin inside the ear is healed before using ACV or rubbing alcohol on it.

Wendy has posted an ear formula made from OTC products from the drug store - it will cost you around $23 bucks or so; I like her forumla because it contains a steroid that will help with inflammation and itching. If you don't have the $23 bucks to spare, for less than 3 dollars - once the ear tissue has healed and there are no open sores or scratched raw skin - you can do equal parts of water, rubbing alcohol and white vinegar/ACV. Warm it up to body temperature and use it to flush out any gunk in the ear. The alcohol is drying, which is many times indicated with a gunky ear. You may need to flush the ears am and pm to fully knock out the infection, and then follow up with regular flushings to keep the ear healthy. This is all individual - your dog may need the ears flushed daily or every three days or weekly for the ears to stay healthy. Also a diet that has grains, corn or potatoes may contribute to yeasty ears to read the label on your kibble and consider a diet upgrade if you find grains and starches high up on the ingredient panel.

Ted's Mange Cure Works Again

Thu, 09 Jul 15 18:06:50 -0500
Posted by Cindy (Pa) on 07/07/2015

[YEA]  Just a note to say that I used Ted's recipe in my dog. Bathed her twice, two days in a row, and her mange was taken care of. I was very impressed with its success and recommend it to any who find their dogs with mange.

When your best friend your dog has mange, it is frightening and it spreads so fast that you feel helpless to stop it and it hurts to see your friends in such distress and quickly getting worse.

Thank you for sharing this inexpensive remedy. I am more than grateful.

Pan of Water and Soap Method for Fleas

Thu, 09 Jul 15 16:29:03 -0500
Posted by Jennifer (Florida) on 07/09/2015

[YEA]  For fleas - set out a shallow pan of water with dawn dish liquid (few drops mixed in) place a table lamp over it in a dark room, A night light works too. The fleas are attracted to the warmth of the lamp and jump in.

 Re: Sudden Deafness in Rat Terrier After Ear Infection and Teeth Cleaning

Thu, 09 Jul 15 16:09:11 -0500
Posted by Marci (Utah) on 07/09/2015

Linda: Did you try any treatments or did your dog's hearing come back? The same exact thing has happened to my 10.5-year-old cocker spaniel after receiving the Oti-Pack E treatment. I'm so upset and looking for any answers. Hopefully Wishbone regained her hearing. Please provide an update for those of us in the trenches!! Thanks

  Re: Question About Using Kerosene and Raw Linseed Oil on Wounds

Thu, 09 Jul 15 13:31:25 -0500
Posted by Theresa Donate
(Mpls., Mn) on 07/09/2015

Hey Bev!

While kerosene, linseed oil and turpentine can be an excellent wound remedy, I would hesitate to use it on cats because cats lack a liver enzyme that helps them break down certain compounds and flush them out of their system; this in turn can lead to liver failure.

Can you capture this cat and get her to a rescue scheme? Even if you captured her and held her inside your home in a cage, you could treat her wound and allow it to heal to the point where you could release her again.

The maggots, while gross, do serve a critical role in eating the dead flesh in her wound, but being pestered by a constant flurry of biting flies cannot be helping :-(