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 Re: Help Requested for Incomplete Rectal Prolapse in Pekingese

Thu, 30 Oct 14 14:51:06 -0500

Posted by Julie (Toledo, Oh) on 10/30/2014

I have a dog who had the prolapse and didn't go back and had to go in and have a "drawstring" around his anus for 5 days to allow the tissues to become un-inflamed and relax. Then have the stitch removed. I have switched to Hill's Ideal Balance Grain Free Salmon. No irritation and no more occurrences and now he has a very silky coat. Good luck to you with yours.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Cranberry for Cystitis

Thu, 30 Oct 14 08:20:09 -0500

Posted by Liz (Kamloops, Bc) on 10/30/2014

[YEA]  This site is a life saver! Three weeks ago I took my boy Gandalf (5yrs old) into the vet as he was having trouble urinating. They cathed him, gave him IV fluids and kept him for three days. They sent him home with special food and gave him a week's worth of antibiotics. Yesterday he began having the same symptoms as before and I knew he was blocked up again. Poor guy was in so much pain again and I didn't know what to do as I'm newly unemployed, a university student, and could not afford a second visit to the vet. I am so happy to have come across this site and ran to the store for apple cider vinegar and cranberry capsules. I mixed one part vinegar to two parts water and emptied one cranberry capsule into the mix. I started giving Gandalf 1ml of the mix with an eyedropper approx every 45 minute. I wound up giving him approximately 6 doses over the evening and prayed every time he attempted to pee that something would come out. Finally, he was able to relieve himself after a few hours passed. I am so thankful this worked! As per another post on this site I will give him some ACV once or twice a week to try and keep his pH levels in check.

 3 Month Old Puppy With Cough

Wed, 29 Oct 14 10:24:37 -0500

Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 10/29/2014

Hey Li!

Can you clarify some things about your post?

Did your vet just give your dog the flea treatment Revolution without your authorization or did you agree to it? It is confusing to me to treat a puppy for fleas when flea season is at an end.

And, did your dog have kennel cough and got treated for it, OR did your vet give your puppy the kennel cough vaccine and now you are seeing symptoms?

Lastly, what do you mean by 'hasn't been right since'? What is off about your puppy, what are the symptoms - and have you reported this back to your vet? What did they say?

Remember, as your dog's guardian you need to know why it is you have shown up at the vet appointment, you need to know why your vet wants to treat your dog for a particular thing, and you need to give the final approval of any treatment. You have a large breed puppy and the vet visits have only just begun; now is the time to find the right vet that will work with you as part of the health team for your puppy. If your current vet is poking and dosing without your prior approval IMHO you need to find a new vet.

 Re: Activated Charcoal for Puppy with Parvo

Wed, 29 Oct 14 09:28:11 -0500

Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 10/29/2014

Hey Brittany!

You sure could try the AC - can't hurt, might help a lot.

Given that your puppy has been ill since Sunday I would also keep the vet informed as emergency care may be needed. If your puppy becomes dehydrated you should see the vet immediately.

3 Month Old Puppy With Cough

Wed, 29 Oct 14 06:59:27 -0500

Posted by Li (Canada) on 10/29/2014

3 month old Mastiff puppy was fine.

Took her to vet, he gave revolution. She's been coughing since he treated her for kennel cough, hasn't been right since.

 Re: Activated Charcoal for Puppy with Parvo

Tue, 28 Oct 14 20:55:51 -0500

Posted by Brittany (Alabama, US) on 10/28/2014

So Sunday morning my pup was fine, but Sunday night I came home and he had nothing to do with his food or water. Same for Monday morning. Immediately took him to the vet even though he was not vomiting and had diarrhea only once, and found out he has parvo. I have been giving him Pedia lite every hour. He recently has started throwing up-Tuesday night- it's not too late to try the activated charcoal is it?

 Re: Rat Terrier with Congestive Heart Failure

Tue, 28 Oct 14 18:23:36 -0500

Posted by Linda (Chicago, IL) on 10/28/2014

Theresa -

Thanks for your chicken stew ideas - I really think I'm going to head in this direction. She's done so well on the Stella & Chewy's raw that I wish I could feed it to her exclusively, but the price combined with her prescriptions is just getting a little crazy. I know I could easily make a month's worth of evening meals for her and freeze them for the same price as 1 week's worth of the raw food I buy.

 Re: Yeast Infection On Black Lab Paws

Tue, 28 Oct 14 18:22:18 -0500

Posted by Linda (Chicago, IL) on 10/28/2014

Hi Jacquimb67 - I have a Rat Terrier who we've battled all kinds of allergies with...first we switched to grain-free food, which helped but didn't eliminate...we then added a prescription of Clemastine Fumarate (Benedryl also never did anything for my pup other then make her drowsy). Clemastine is an antihistimine that did work quite well - stopped the itching, and over a couple of weeks her paws cleared up simply because she stopped licking them. I have since switched her to a raw diet, and I have dropped her Clemastine dose in half and have yet to notice her licking. We are hoping that we can get her completely off of the Clemastine, since she now has Congestive Heart Failure and needs to take medication for that, and the Clemastine mixed with her heart meds seem to make her a little dizzy/drowsy. If not for the heart meds, I will say that the Clemastine worked wonders (tho I've heard that it doesn't usually work for most dogs). Everyone told me benedryl would work way better, but Clemastine really saved her little paws where benedryl did nothing. It's rather dog is only 20 lbs. and her script was about 10 bucks a month. I really believe the raw food was truly the cure, tho. Since she went raw, she stopped shedding, her fur got softer, her allergies have cleared and her energy level is through the roof, even with heart problems! Good luck!

 Re: Syringomyelia in Dogs

Tue, 28 Oct 14 14:54:27 -0500

Posted by Katie (Northport, Ny) on 10/28/2014

Good luck Michelle. Keep me updated.

 Yeast Infection On Black Lab Paws

Tue, 28 Oct 14 09:50:46 -0500

Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 10/28/2014

Hey jacquimb67!

My take away from your post is that the first issue is an allergy of some sort - contact allergy, pollen allergy, food allergy - that is causing the paws to feel itchy. The itchy leads to excessive licking of the paws which then opens them up a secondary yeast complication.

If this were my dog my *first* move would be to change to a grain free diet - yesterday. You are giving yogurt for probiotics, but sauerkraut from the refrigerator section might give you more bang for the buck.

If the benadryl is not giving you good results, ie no change in behavior or symptoms, try another; Zyrtec [Cetirizine hydrochloride] and Chor-Trimeton [Chlorpheniramine maleate] come to mind, you can find the generic cheaply at the drug store.

As for the ACV -yes, your dog will smell like a vinaigrette salad particulary when the ACV is wet, far less when it has dried.

Yeast Infection On Black Lab Paws

Mon, 27 Oct 14 19:05:34 -0500

Posted by jacquimb67 (Philadelphia, Pa) on 10/27/2014

Hi all,

I've been reading all the posts regarding yeast infections and dogs. My black lab is constantly licking her paws. I took her to the vet and they said to use benadryl which we currently give her twice a day. It hasn't helped. I also took her to an animal dermatologist who gave me a prescription for yeast infections (very expensive) and a steroid powder (Neo-Predef) to use on her paws. The yeast infection did clear up while she was on the medication but now it is back. I don't want to keep using the Neo-Predef as I don't believe this is a good long term solution.

We already give her plain yogurt with each meal. We will start moving her to a grain-free food. But the new topic to me is the apple cider vinegar/water spray for the dog's coat and paws. I will be giving this a try. But here's my stupid question: Won't my dog just smell like vinegar all the time if I use the ACV/Water spray? Obviously this wouldn't prevent me from trying it but I just thought I'd ask.


 Dog has Mange, Allergies and Infection

Mon, 27 Oct 14 10:12:55 -0500

Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 10/27/2014

Hey Elizabeth!

From what I can tell, you have mixed up the mange remedy completely WRONG.

If you are using hydrogen peroxide from the brown bottle at the drug store or grocery store, it is a 3% solution, and you need to dilute it to 1% so you need 1 part hydrogen peroxide to 2 parts water. To that you ad BORAX laundry booster- NOT boric acid powder which is highly toxic. You add enough borax until it stops dissolving.

Given that you used boric acid and that your dog has pustules, I would recommend you take her back to the vet - she may have a systemic staph infection and may need antibiotics. While I agree antibiotics can compromise the immune system, this dog's immune system is already jacked and you want to get on top of any infection while it is in the early stages. Once you start using the correct formula for the mange remedy, and after your girl is off the antibiotics, you might consider building up the correct GI tract flora [which is what the antibiotics wipe out] by adding probiotics to your girl's diet. You can buy all sorts of acidophillus at the health food store; typically the ones in the refrigerator section are higher quality than those that are not, but almost anything will help. You might also consider giving kefir in her kibble or 1 teaspoon of sauerkraut as both contain a number of strains of bacteria that are good for the gut.

Please report back!

 Re: Lubricating Eye Drops, Massage for Cherry Eye

Mon, 27 Oct 14 09:55:05 -0500

Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 10/27/2014

Hey Tiffany!

My advice is two-fold.

First, you might try a warm compress and gentle massage to relax your puppy so that you can press this gland back into the eye. That you have allowed the condition to persist for weeks may mean a vet visit is now required as you may be dealing with infected tissue that is so swollen it cannot be easily pressed back into place. The key is to be calm and gentle to get the puppy to relax.

My second thought is that the purchase price is the least of your expenses with a new puppy. You are a single mom and cannot afford proper vet care for what could be a chronic condition with an expensive long term fix - and you have vaccinations and neutering just around the corner. My advice would be to surrender this dog to a rescue or local humane society that has the resources in both time and money to give this dog the proper care that he needs.

Solution for Cat's Anal Scent Gland Problem

Mon, 27 Oct 14 09:47:15 -0500

Posted by Keira (Sydney, Australia) on 10/26/2014

Three years ago my 8 yr old female cat Missy developed anal scent gland discharge. The vet gave her 2 courses of antibiotics to no avail, & it was back & forth to the vet for the gland squeezing till the vet taught me how to do it. The vet wanted to do surgery on her, I declined. I'd never had any problems with previous cats so I figured it had to be something in her diet. There was already one brand of cat biscuits she couldn't tolerate as they would trigger urinary tract infections which I treated successfully with cranberry tablets. Normally she ate cat biccies & tin cat food. I took her off cat biscuits completely- usually she would eat more of them than the tin food. Within a couple of days of no cat biccies the problem completely cleared up & has not returned. A couple of months later a new grain free cat biscuit brand came onto the supermarket shelves, which I tried & which didn't cause any problems. Missy continues to eat cat tin food & the grain free cat biscuits & there have been no more problems.

 Re: MMS for Mange

Mon, 27 Oct 14 07:40:31 -0500

Posted by Crystal (Hazel Green, Alabama) on 10/27/2014

This may be a silly question, but what is MMS?

EC: MMS stands for Miracle Mineral Supplement, a solution of sodium chlorite in distilled water.

 Re: Lubricating Eye Drops, Massage for Cherry Eye

Mon, 27 Oct 14 07:35:45 -0500

Posted by Tiffany G (Sandy, Ut) on 10/26/2014

We have a 13 week old chihuahua puppy who has cherry eye in both eyes. Question: how do you get your pup to hold still long enough to to the ice and massage? He won't hold still long enough for us to do anything! Also, what if he's had it for longer than a few days, like weeks. I'm a single mom and we can't afford to have the vet fix it:(

 Dietary Changes, Yogurt for Dog With Yeast Infection

Mon, 27 Oct 14 07:33:47 -0500

Posted by Kaz (Md) on 10/26/2014

Salmon can actually make yeast issues worse. I'd cut the salmon. Get a dehydrator and make ur own treats. Green beans, coconut flesh, chicken
(u can also look up 'Yeast Starvation Diet')

 Re: Garlic for Anal Glad Issues in Dogs

Mon, 27 Oct 14 07:26:08 -0500

Posted by Br (Sequim, Wa) on 10/26/2014

I have worked at a vet for years and have had to take care of pets who had been poisened by garlic you may have got lucky but please do not tell people to give there pet garlic as I have seen it nearly kill atat least 12 dogs!

Dog has Mange, Allergies and Infection

Sun, 26 Oct 14 16:05:18 -0500

Posted by Elizabeth (Santa Ana, Ca) on 10/26/2014

[SIDE EFFECTS]  My dog has demodectic mange diagnosed by our vet. He started her on antibiotic and 1% ivrmectin .05 to start increasing to .01 where she is not and an antibiotic for 1 week on 9-13. We started the Boric Acid -hpx 8 days ago. she did fantastic in the beginning but a 5 days in the baths she developed pustules on the hairless spot. I want to add her immune system has taken several hits in the last 6 mos. She has epilepsy and was recently weaned from phenobarbital and placed on Potassium Bromine. She has allergies and is on ZD by prescription. She's a rescue Chihuahua terrier mix, rather nervous. 8 lbs. Using 4 cups water 2 cup peroxide and 3 tlbs. boric acid. Should I continue the program or run her back to the vet. I don't like the idea of antibiotics, which I believe will further compromise her immune system. She is taking vitamins daily and Claritin for allergies prn. We love her to death and hate to see her suffer.

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