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 Re: Need Help Getting Cat to Take Apple Cider Vinegar

Mon, 15 Sep 14 23:08:46 -0500

Posted by Jess (Michigan, USA) on 09/15/2014

Well, I found some liver in my freezer and some organic cornsilk tincture in my cabinet, which is good for people UTI, so I am hoping it will work for her. I mixed 1/4 t. cornsilk tincture with about 1 1/2 T. raw liver. She liked it. I will keep it up and see if it works. Jess

Need Help Getting Cat to Take Apple Cider Vinegar

Mon, 15 Sep 14 16:39:37 -0500

Posted by Jess (Michigan, US) on 09/15/2014

I have an 8 year old cat that has symptoms of a UTI. I would like to get her to take some ACV but need ideas on getting her to take it.

She is an outdoor cat and drinks from a spring, so I can't put it in her water. She does come for meals and usually hangs out on the porch, so I can put it in food. I tried 1/4 t. ACV in 1/4 can of tuna but she wouldn't touch it. I can't bring her in because she has always lived outside. She flips out if I bring her in. She is tame, but rather private.

Thanks in advance. Jess

 Re: Apple Cider Vinegar Cured Itchy Skin on Dog

Mon, 15 Sep 14 16:09:13 -0500

Posted by Virginia (Florida, US) on 09/15/2014

[YEA]  I use apple cider vinegar in my dog's food every day and her itchy skin has stopped completely. I swear by it. It does work.

 Re: Yorkie with Tumor Under Tail

Mon, 15 Sep 14 09:00:27 -0500

Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 09/15/2014

Hey Lorry!

What did the vet say as to the nature of the tumours? Were they benign fatty tumours or malignant/cancerous tumours?

How old is your dog? It does seem many vets push for neutering when the situation simply does not warrant it.

I know Om has posted some good advice to you so I do not have anything to add treatment wise, but you paid good money to this vet and you really need to have the answer to the question: did the tumours appear benign or malignant.

 Re: Tea Cup Poodle's Elephant Skin and Hair Loss

Mon, 15 Sep 14 08:57:05 -0500

Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 09/15/2014

Hey Patty!

Thanks for sharing your experience!

I prefer to treat my pets with a combination of both western and alternative vets - I admit that I wouldn't touch Atopica in any form with a 10 foot pole! But given your use of alternative treatments and then resorting to using a pharmaceutical with good result - it may be helpful to others to know that this did work for you when all else failed.

 Need to Get Diagnosis for Dog Before Treating With Apple Cider Vinegar

Mon, 15 Sep 14 08:53:08 -0500

Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 09/15/2014

Hey Baby_Girl_Can!

I DITTO your advice!

While it is true that ACV can help treat many disease issues in our pets, a professional veterinary diagnosis is the ideal way to go, and should be the *first choice* when you are seeing blood in your pet's urine. As you have experienced, your vet bill and the symptoms were much more severe and costly due to the delay in proper diagnosis and treatment.

Thanks for sharing your experience!

 Re: Pumpkin for Anal Gland Issues

Mon, 15 Sep 14 08:50:11 -0500

Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 09/15/2014

Hey Sherie!

Try 1 tablespoon of soft pumpkin and mix well into 1 can of wet cat food. You have to monitor your results from there, as it is all very individual. So he may need to take 1/2 tablespoon more or 1/2 less as you monitor your results.

Re: Question on Mange Treatment for 3 Week Old Puppies

Mon, 15 Sep 14 08:48:11 -0500

Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 09/15/2014

Hey Terry!

NOT Ted, but the treatment is safe to use on 3 week old puppies - but a caution: 3 week old puppies are unable to maintain their own body temperature so will need additional heat and must be protected from getting chilled.

 Apple Cider Vinegar for Possible Blocked Bladder in Cat

Mon, 15 Sep 14 08:45:14 -0500

Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 09/15/2014

Hey Terri!

If this were my cat I would treat 6 times a day for the first 2 days, and then drop it to 2-3 times a day for a total of 3 weeks. If your cat won't take a mixture of ACV in water [try 1 part ACV to 10 parts water] try dipping a paw in the solution so he will lick it off and ingest it that way. As a maintenance it would not hurt to give some in his food on a daily basis.

 Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Hot Spots

Mon, 15 Sep 14 08:42:30 -0500

Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 09/15/2014

Hey Charlotte!

To start try 1:10 ratio -1 part ACV and 10 parts water.

 Re: Yorkie with Tumor Under Tail

Sun, 14 Sep 14 23:22:32 -0500

Posted by Om (Hope Bc Canada) on 09/14/2014

Hello, Lorrie (Bronx, NY) ----Mix generous amount of turmeric with equal amount of cold pressed castor oil and apply. Make a collar for your dog so he won't take it off. Take an old knee sock and experiment how to shape it and fix it to the collar whatever will work.

Do not use amoxylin as it will damage the immune system when he needs it most.

If you can get ESSIAC herbs, four herb, with all the roots. Even a small quantity can be what he needs. Start with 1/2 tsp. according to page 8, fourth para. in the instructions.

for this contact Essiac west online. Do not panic; you can do better than the vets who are only doing business with bodies.

Examine his food and give lots of minced veggies, esp. carrots organic. Milk is not recommended. Barley groats, buckwheat, millet are good with only small amounts of chicken, no beef. Give turmeric and vit C in his food and coconut oil.

Get going and keep us posted.

Namaste Om

 Re: Pumpkin for Anal Gland Issues

Sun, 14 Sep 14 23:21:07 -0500

Posted by Om (Hope Bc Canada) on 09/14/2014

Hi Sherie, Kent UK --

Fresh pumpkin, steamed till soft. Then mix a quantity in the food, decrease or increase if needed. If you top the food with Nutritional Yeast from the health food store, it will be easily disguised and add the important vits B. A dab of VCO is always good. You may find more info. on EC on anal gland issues if you do a bit of EC research. All the best. Namaste, Om

Remedies Needed for Yorkie with Tumor Under Tail

Sun, 14 Sep 14 19:36:43 -0500

Posted by Lorry (Bronx, NY) on 09/14/2014

Hello, I was praying for God to guide me to some useful information for my dog, recently my 19 pound yorkie has been growing I guess what appear to be tumors...well to make a long story short, I am unemployed and have been struggling with my own finances and unable to keep up with my dogs medical conditions.

I just took him to the groomer since he looked like a wolf and finally got him a hair cut, ok so the bump was under the tail and apparently the groomer must have hurt him, the next day the tumor was bleeding and popped a bit. I ran to take the dog to the vet with help from my family. We paid for that service, so the vet just put an iv since I had put zinc on him. Anyway, the vet said he has tumors and has not been nutured so the cost just for all this would be close to 2,000. I came across this site and saw info for turmeric and castor oil. He has not been drinking much water but I'm giving him lil bits of milk, gave him some turmeric with lil bit of food and I have some amoxicillin?

Can someone guide me as how to try and bandage the dogs back side? do you think the amoxicillin sprinkled in the food would be ok? I am desperate and trying to save my yorkie's life, please advise.

Re: Tea Cup Poodle's Elephant Skin and Hair Loss

Sun, 14 Sep 14 13:30:02 -0500

Posted by Patty (Ocean City, Md) on 09/14/2014

[YEA]  12 yr old tea cup poodle: After 3 yrs of trying Acupuncture and herbal treatments for my little Sapphire we have success. She had lost hair on stomach, all her neck hair, elephant skin on back legs and generally was so miserable, smelled, and just slept in curled up ball. Our vet 60 days ago wanted us to try new dosage of Atopica for CATs due to Sapphire being only 4 lbs, apparently the dog version doesn't have small enough dose. New dosage of the Cat version of this medicine was approved to give small dogs. Within first 3 weeks smell was gone and hair was growing back on her neck and stomach. After 45 days even the elephant skin on back legs is completely gone. She now sleeps with legs stretched out, runs and plays almost like a puppy again.

60 days - We now give her the dose every other day. To keep upset stomach side effect eliminated we keep medicine refrigerated and give her bite of treat 1st before giving her the medicine. A little food and chilled medicine have all but completely eliminated the only side effect we had of vomiting.

Need to Get Diagnosis for Dog Before Treating With Apple Cider Vinegar

Sun, 14 Sep 14 10:16:51 -0500

Posted by Baby_girl_can (B.C., Canada) on 09/14/2014

My 5 yr old pom was experiencing blood in her urine, and not with a load of money to go to the vets, I turned to this website and read that ACV was the cure for her ailment. I began giving her the recommended dosage along with yogurt and noticed a difference, and believed she was on the mend. However; shortly after stopping, the problem came back with a vengeance and where there was just a tinge of blood her urine was red as a ruby. I took her to the vet to find out she has kidney issues and had I treated it earlier the outcome wouldn't have been so severe or costly. I feel the ACV may be a good course of follow up, but I feel you owe it to your pet to at first get a professional diagnosis.

 Re: Pumpkin for Anal Gland Issues

Sun, 14 Sep 14 08:59:50 -0500

Posted by Sherie (Kent, England) on 09/14/2014

Hi , my cat has anal gland issues and is in the vets once a month!! How on earth would I get a cat to eat pumpkin?? And at the moment in England pumpkin is being grown all over the place!! I need to know how to cook it, disguise it and the quantity????.. Please fellow comrades... Sherie

 Re: Bleach for Bufo Toads

Sun, 14 Sep 14 08:42:07 -0500

Posted by Patti (Okeechobee, Fl) on 09/13/2014

Moth balls may work, but are illegal to use outdoors. They too can be poisonous to pets. Ammonia works best. When we go for a walk at night you can see them under street lights looking for bugs, I always have a spray bottle with me and it only takes seconds to kill them. The fire ants swarm on the dead ones. Guess it doesn't bother them! They also like tree frogs. They cannot climb and cannot spray. The animal has to lick it. They were brought here (another failed attempt to import something) to eat the grubs that were killing the sugar cane only to find out that it wasn't the grubs but the beetle it turns into that was eating the sugar cane and like I said, the toads can't climb so, so much for that. Now they of course mulitply like rats except by the hundreds and hence, we have an epidemic. Not nearly as bad as Australia though. They have tried everything and cannot stop them. Australia has now accepted them as part of the landscape. They also have no known predators and even a small gator can be killed by them.

 Re: Borax, Hydrogen Peroxide for Mange Caused Severe Reaction

Sat, 13 Sep 14 16:54:57 -0500

Posted by Dem (Uk) on 09/13/2014

Did you use BORIC acid? Very toxic and not the same as BORAX!

Question on Mange Treatment for 3 Week Old Puppies

Sat, 13 Sep 14 11:08:59 -0500

Posted by Terry (Mason, TX) on 09/13/2014

Ted, I am fostering 3 three week old puppies and have noticed flaky patches of skin and thinning hair on the tail and back. They are not scratching at this point. Are they too young to try your home remedy for mange?

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