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 Re: Can Ice Help Dog's Aural Hematoma?

Wed, 01 Apr 15 12:23:54 -0500
Posted by Dekcotta (New Albany, Indiana) on 04/01/2015

I have a full bleeded boxer and her ear flap is swollen. So can I try to put ice on in to see if that will help?

 Re: Cat With Fibrosarcoma From Vaccine

Wed, 01 Apr 15 11:18:53 -0500
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 04/01/2015

Hey Nayibe!

I am sorry to hear the biopsies revealed cancer :-(

You and Bailey have been together for quite some time; now is the time to really turn inward and turn the inner ears on. I say that because IF Bailey is going to leave you soon, it is important to know that her leaving is part of the plan, part of Bailey's solution to a problem that you may not be able to articulate, and the natural progression of her soul path. So in your natural attempt to keep her with you, please listen - and give permission for her to leave when the time does come, as all of us must do one day.

Now, a plan of action:

Essiac Tea - Om has much info on this tea, there is the original and then the knock offs, so get the original and brew it and add to her food 3x day or so.

Chaga - steep it and add to food as you do the Essiac. Read up on Chaga:

Read up on EC how Chaga helped a Beagle with mammary cancer [scroll down]:

Castor Oil pack/wrap - you have the info on this already, this seems very promising IMHO.

One thing to also consider - this thinking outside the box - is putting mind over matter and the laying on of hands. Consider EFT:

Consider Tellington Ttouch: [scroll down and read about Bernie's tumors please - *many* good ideas]

And it never hurts to hold and hug and say a prayer and ask for healing.

{{{{{{{{{{{Nayibe & Bailey}}}}}}}}}}}}}

 Re: Vitamin C for Dog With Glaucoma

Wed, 01 Apr 15 00:37:27 -0500
Posted by Kl (Edmonton,alberta) on 03/31/2015

What type of c did you give your dog for glaucoma?

 Re: Dog Not Responding to any Treatments for Yeast or Mange

Wed, 01 Apr 15 00:33:45 -0500
Posted by Kimmy (Orange County) on 03/31/2015

One step helped my dog and he's got the best coat around is olive leaf extract from whole foods. You put a small amount in his water which is effective for parasites, immune system etc aslso I give him missing link skin and coat.

Want to Treat 10 Yr. Old Dog for Cyst Without Operation

Tue, 31 Mar 15 18:13:45 -0500
Posted by Beck (Melbourne, Australia) on 03/31/2015

Hi... I have a 10 year old Spoodle (Cockapoo) that has a large cyst come up on his hind leg. He has had 2 cysts previously on other parts of his body that have come up , then burst and cleared. This cyst has not burst, it keeps weeping and he constantly licks at it looks nasty and raw. The vet suggested an operation to remove it and check whether or not it is cancerous. What does anyone suggest that we can do to help it heal without an operation? Cheers

 Re: Cat With Fibrosarcoma From Vaccine

Tue, 31 Mar 15 16:26:29 -0500
Posted by Nayibe Guarin (Raleigh, N.c.) on 03/31/2015

Hi Theresa. It is me again. I just received a call from the vet. It is bad news. She said it is cancer on two of her mammary glands. I am devastated. She is doing so good. She is happy as never before, that it is hard for me to believe it. Please help me . The vet mentioned a removal surgery but I can't imagine the cost and everything else. I don't know what to do, where to start. Bailey is a ten year old buff color cocker spaniel. Hope you can help me . Thank you, thank you.

 Re: Using Naltrexone With Dogs

Tue, 31 Mar 15 15:03:24 -0500
Posted by Nayibe Guarin (Raleigh, N.c.) on 03/31/2015

Hi Theresa: No results yet about Bailey. I will start the castor oil packs and also the food. Thank you again and I will let you know about her results.

 Re: Apple Cider Vinegar Cured Itchy Skin on Dog

Tue, 31 Mar 15 14:15:32 -0500
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 03/31/2015

Hey Suzi!

Are the crusty spots on your girl's head due to scratching because of the ear infections? Most often those are behind the ears but they can scratch the top of the head also. If the head wounds are self inflicted due to scratching from ear infections, you can try a number of things for the ears. OTC and ordered online is Zymox Enzymatic solution for ears - I love this stuff. If you can't afford to spend any money, consider garlic infused olive oil to help with heal sore skin in the ears and loosen up the gunk. After a few days on the garlic oil and the ears are not raw, you can do a isopropyl alcohol/white vinegar/water solution - equal parts of each. Use this solution to flush the gunk out of the ears and keep infections at bay.

Diet is critical; as long as you are feeding grain free I think you are on the right path. Consider switching protiens from chicken to beef to fish, etc. - this each time you need a new bag; this frequent switching has helped some dogs with troubled skin.

You might find Ted's Borax Protocol for dogs very helpful for your girl, along with /or alternating with alkalizing with baking soda.

 Re: Apple Cider Vinegar Helping Ear Infection in Beagle

Tue, 31 Mar 15 13:58:24 -0500
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 03/31/2015

Hey Tina!

You can do both. Use white vinegar for the ears, and you want to only use the organic raw apple cider vinegar for taking internally.

 Re: Dog With Cancer is Bleeding Internally

Tue, 31 Mar 15 00:31:26 -0500
Posted by Rebecca K (New York, Ny) on 03/30/2015

Martin, what is making his blood cell count low is an INTERNAL BLEED. It could be a slow bleed or a small bleed but it is almost certainly a bleed. With hemangiosarcoma that is extremely common and the leading cause of death in dogs with this cancer. Please have him checked via ultrasound and CT Scan to make sure of what is going on. An internal bleed is the absolute leading cause of anemia in dogs with hemangiosarcoma. He could have had a hidden growth that grew and burst or is leaking. Please check this! Again, ultrasound or CT scan are the only secure ways to go without getting invasive.

Re: Apple Cider Vinegar Cured Itchy Skin on Dog

Tue, 31 Mar 15 00:14:27 -0500
Posted by Suzi (North Carolina, US) on 03/30/2015

I have a pit bull who jumped in my car while I was cleaning it a couple of years ago, and she is the daintiest little flower I've ever seen. I finally got her digestive issues under control with Probiotic 4, and I recently changed to a higher quality, grain-free food, and now she has spots on her head and ears that are just skin that has dried out and crusted over. I tried coconut oil, but it didn't help.

She also has nearly constant ear infections. I took her to the vet in December, and he gave her a shot of something that helped for a couple of days and some ear drops that haven't done anything.

I can't afford the very best name brand foods for her - I have other pets and house issues that are taking my money right now. I have tried several sensitive skin or sensitive stomach brands, and nothing has changed, but if anyone has a suggestion of one that isn't too highly priced, I'll give it a try.

I'm going to try the ACV in the water and as a bath rinse. Any advice on her skin and ears would be most welcome.

 Re: 15 Year Old Indoor Cat Losing Weight

Mon, 30 Mar 15 23:02:34 -0500
Posted by 4paws (Ontario, Canada) on 03/30/2015

Theresa! Thank you for the wonderful information!

I was tired & forgot to mention that all my 3 cats & 2 dogs got sick from a bad batch of raw chicken in January. My so called reliable raw meat source has been having issues (have a new source now! ) & my little ones found out the hard way. All but Alexandra recovered. I had detoxed them but now that you mention parasites, that may be the issue. I will keep you posted!

 Re: Feeding Dry Food to Cat with UTI

Mon, 30 Mar 15 13:04:47 -0500
Posted by Chris (Ct., US) on 03/30/2015

I would NOT recommend feeding your cat dry, kibbled food, especially if there is a history of urinary tract problems.If you are feeding your cat mainly dry food, I ask you to please research this topic and share the info with others. I suspect it has caused urinary tract blockage with one of my cats before, as well as several of my friends has some good info posted by a veterinarian.

Once I fed my cat canned food-only (canned food is water-rich) there was never again any urinary tract problems. I would suggest only feeding dry food in small amounts as a treat.

If you are feeding a large amount of homeless cats and must give them dry food, then I would recommend giving a dry food that is formulated for urinary health. There are commercial brands available that are reasonably priced.

 Re: Apple Cider Vinegar Helping Ear Infection in Beagle

Mon, 30 Mar 15 12:31:33 -0500
Posted by Tina (Kingsland, Texas) on 03/30/2015

Has ear infections. How do I give my boxer vinegar? In ear or oral?

 Re: Where Is Best Place to Buy Supplements for Small Dog?

Mon, 30 Mar 15 12:06:29 -0500
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 03/30/2015

Hey Jojo!

Some of the products discussed when treating pets for CHF or heart murmurs cannot be purchased outside the US or are only available via vet prescription - namely Standard Process products.

Google is your friend - do a google search "natural heart supplements dogs" "wholistic heart supplements dogs" "homeopathic heart supplements dogs" - you will get many results to sift through and many options for purchase.

 Re: Canine Bladder Infection and High White Cell Count

Mon, 30 Mar 15 12:02:02 -0500
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 03/30/2015

Hey Toni!

I agree with your vet; your dog needs a special diet for life. Now, there is no saying it must be Prescription Hills or Royal Canin - but it does need to be designed to help dissolve and prevent crystals.

The Prescription Hills and other prescription diets that are so expensive actually do a good job at what they are formulated to do: while the OTC Hills diets are essentially crap, the prescription lines do a good job of keeping a pet with certain disorders alive. NO diet is fool proof - I have a friend with a pug with stones who has been feeding prescription Hills since day one who is now on the canned diet to dissolve stones: the reality is, if your pet is genetically predisposed to a disease condition there is no magic diet. All you can do is monitor your pet carefully, try to prevent the formation of stones or crystals and monitor your pet carefully to provide vet care or surgery if it comes to that point.

You mention crystals - did you get a diagnosis of struvite crystals for your dog? Adding ACV to your dog's diet may help to dissolve and prevent the formation of these crystals.

As for the infection, it is not a separate issue, but tied to the crystals. The crystals form and are irritating to the bladder, which causes inflammation, which primes the bladder for infection. You can treat the inflammation with various remedies: turmeric, yucca, quercetin - and hope that by keeping the bladder calm you can reduce the chance of infection; additional immune building remedies may also apply to reduce the chance of infection.

You don't mention the age of your dog, but if you are dealing with a young dog with a chronic life long condition you might consider a home made diet. Prescription diets do have a benefit and place, but I think if you googled you could find a urinary support home made diet, or home made diet for struvite crystals. I will say a proper diagnosis is a good idea as if you start treating for struvite crystals and those are NOT the kind your dog has, treating with Apple Cider Vinegar can exacerbate the condition rather than heal it.

 Re: 15 Year Old Indoor Cat Losing Weight

Mon, 30 Mar 15 11:46:49 -0500
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 03/30/2015

Namaste 4paws!

It sounds as if Alexandra has had a first class ride all the way here, from intelligent vaccination program to the healthiest diet possible - kudos to such excellent care!

And, when I read about a 15 year old kitty with weight loss and weakness in the hind end, four words come to mind: dinosaur on four legs. Meaning you have a senior, antique, geriatric kitty and it is an amazing feat.

Things that come to mind when managing dinosaurs: parasites are a constant consideration with a senior. Depending on the skills of your holistic vet you may or may not be able to diagnose them. Consider treating for giardia - there are myriad forms - and many nutritional approaches to treating them. Here is a basic list of remedies with more info after this list.

This is my usual "go to" remedy:

2 raw baby carrots [avoid Bunny Luv Brand] grated and shredded

1 table spoon sunflower seeds [raw or cooked]

1 teaspoon C&H Brown sugar

I mix these up in a tablespoon or two of canned tuna and dose in the tuna for 2 days, and then without the tuna for another 6 days - dose am and pm.

Other nutritionals to consider:

Blueberries - 1 tablespoon twice a day for 5 days

Broccoli - 4 flowerets twice daily for 5 days

Carrots - 2 baby raw organic carrots twice a day for 8 days

Celery - 1 raw stick twice a day for 7 days

Green Pepper - 1 half-dollar sized piece twice a day for 2 days

Lemon Juice - 1/2 teaspoon twice a day for 5 days

Pumpkin Seeds - 1 tablespoon twice a day for 8 days

Spinach - 1 tablespoon twice a day for 5 days

Sunflower Seeds - 1 tablespoon twice a day for 8 days

C&H Brown sugar - 1 teaspoon twice a day for 8 days

I mix these up with a little water and dose with a medicine dropper or put into wet food:

Astragulus - 1 capsule twice a day for 5 days

Bilberry - 1 capsule twice a day for 5 days

Cat's Claw - 1 capsule twice a day for 5 days

Dandelion Root - 1 capsule twice a day for5 days

Garlic -1 capsule twice a day for 5 days

Kelp - 1 capsule twice a day for 5 days

Licorice - 1 capsule twice a day for 5 days

Milk Thistle - 1 capsule twice a day for 5 days

Olive Leaf Extract - 1 capsule twice a day for 5 days

Oregano Oil - 1 pill or 1/4 teaspoon twice a day for 5 days

Oregon Grape Root - 1 capsule twice a day for 5 days

Schizandra - 1 capsule twice a day for 5 days

Turmeric - 1 capsule twice a day for 5 days

Yellow Dock - 1 capsule twice a day for 5 days

Next, when I hear about hind end weakness - aka 'old cat's disease' there are many causes. Parasites can cause this type of weakness, but there are other conditions as well. Pay attention to the rear limbs - are they properly warm or do the rear feet feel cooler than the rest of the body? If you feel cooler rear limbs you may wish to discuss with your vet 'saddle thrombus' which is a blood clot blocking blood flow.

Lastly, when it comes to bribe foods anything goes - particularly when you are dealing with a dinosaur. I just skip down the grocery pet food aisle to the end where the really crappy foods are - the ones loaded with sugar and salt. I would not feed these foods to a kitten or for the life of any pet, but when you are dealing with a senior you have nothing to lose - and an appetite to gain, so I would try those fancy smaller cans and see if your senior will indulge in some junk food.

Good luck and keep us posted about Alexandra!

 Re: Canine Bladder Infection and High White Cell Count

Mon, 30 Mar 15 07:27:25 -0500
Posted by Tori (Huntington Beach, CA) on 03/29/2015

My vet basically told me that my dog had to stay on Hill's Prescription (UTI) food or Royal Canin for the rest of her life. Both of these brands (the only dry dog food for UTI) are cost prohibitive at $60-$85 a BAG for 30lbs....$120 or more per month for DRY dog food! Hill's food is considered inferior and Royal Canin is only a little bit better. There was at least one study that I read out of UC Davis that indicated that the reduced amounts of protein in these foods is not good for dogs on a permanent basis. The purpose of the food is to help break up stones, not to stop bladder infections. The infection is a separate that correct? The crystals only become a problem when there is a bladder infection?

15 Year Old Indoor Cat Losing Weight

Sun, 29 Mar 15 17:37:20 -0500
Posted by 4paws (Ontario, Canada) on 03/29/2015

My 15 yr old indoor kitty, Alexandra, stopped eating 2 weeks ago & has lost weight. She saw the holistic vet & blood work was perfect - no indication of illness. She had acupuncture, sub q for very slight dehydration & homeopathic remedy to encourage eating. She was raised on raw or cooked food. She only saw vet for spay & vaccinations as kitten were spread out & only done once. She has always been healthy & slim. She is now 5lbs, skinny & a little weak in the back end.

She purrs, stays in chair on main floor (usually is all over the house), uses scratching pad, uses litter to pee but poop has been loose & not a lot due to lack of eating. She seems quite happy! She eats 1 or sometimes 2 meals of cooked chicken or just the "soup" a day which I spoon feed. I think she's enjoying it! I have bought "better" canned cat foods to encourage her appetite but she will only eat a little. I guess she's used to real food!

I have read about fips as another vet suggested her half brother (who lives with us) may have it due to his snotty sneezes which neither vet has been able to help. Alex has the runny, boogie eyes occasionally. Would that be considered fips? She does have the lack of appetite, sleeping, diarrhea & also "very hot ears" when digesting food. (she just started a digestive enzyme).

I appreciate different perspectives on cause, suggestions, supplements, bribe foods or whatever may help Alexandra!

I really appreciate this site & all the wonderful people. Namaste

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