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  Re: Treatment for Kitten's Mange/ Mites
Thu, 24 Jul 14 11:45:49 -0500

07/24/2014: Edward from Greensboro, Nc: "Diamond: Please be wary of using permethrin on cats! See: and"

Re: Home Heartworm Treatment
Thu, 24 Jul 14 11:44:33 -0500

07/24/2014: Tricia from Cordova, Al: "Trying to find a at home treatment for heartworms in dogs"

Re: Cat With Meningioma
Thu, 24 Jul 14 06:11:01 -0500

07/24/2014: Anne from Tornio, Finland: "My 17 years old girl cat has now for the second time meningioma on her brain. First time it was removed and everything was ok. It was 2 and half years ago. But now it's back and bigger. It can't be operation. There is also swelling. Before this "see a doctor time", I have tried to turmeric with black pepper and coconut oil, but it comes out with spittle. Some days now I have given her colostrum, but does that really work since she is a cat and there is also some milk sugar. Sugar is bad when have a cancer. Also reishi and spirulina and some others, but I really don`t know dosage and should it be given empty or full stomach, before or after food. What time of the day. I have started to give raw food to her but don't know where she could get some fiber that she needs to go to the toilet. There can be something there also, since toilet visits are not so often, like 4 days between each other. I have given her for animals of lactic acid bacteria course. I also started 2 days ago to give her the filtered water. What can I do beside give a lot of love and going out with her :) Is there something that really works.. can I really give something like apple cider vinegar or baking soda etc. Thank You all :)"

  Re: Dog's Aural Hematoma Healed
Thu, 24 Jul 14 06:00:40 -0500

07/23/2014: Lizzy from Asheville, Nc: "Thank you, Theresa! I will definitely try the borax in the drinking water."

  Re: Dog's Aural Hematoma Healed
Wed, 23 Jul 14 14:12:33 -0500

07/23/2014: Theresa from Mpls., Mn: "Hey Lizzy!

I like Zymox for itchy, sore, yeasty ears - but as you know, keeping them clean in the first place heads off issues and is key.

Another thing that may help is the addition of Borax [unscented laundry booster/sodium borate] added to the drinking water. Consider one quarter teaspoon into one liter as his regular drinking water. This will help combat an internal/systemic yeast infection [manifesting in the ears]."

  Re: Dog's Aural Hematoma Healed
Wed, 23 Jul 14 13:22:39 -0500

07/23/2014: Lizzy from Asheville, Nc: "Hi Lorraine! So glad to hear the ear healed - yahoo!! My dog's right ear also healed beautifully after leaving it alone for a month. However (sigh), I was away all last week and didn't ask my husband to clean his ears out once a week like I usually do. So he started scratching his ear again a few nights ago and guess what... another small hematoma formed in the same right ear! I can't believe it! Lesson: We need to stay on top of keeping the ears clean to control yeast overgrowth/severe itchiness. I use a great pet ear solution that I got from the vet, by the way. It stops the itchiness fast and I only have to use it once a week. I also smell his ears frequently to see how much yeast is building up. When they get really smelly is the time to clean the ears. Best, Lizzy"

  Re: Hypothyroidism in Dogs
Wed, 23 Jul 14 13:13:14 -0500

07/23/2014: Nayibe from Raleigh, Nc: "Thank you again Theresa. I will do everything you mention. I just want to see her skin clear. She looks so bad now. I will keep you informed. What kind of food do you give to your dog. God bless you."

  Re: Cat Having Trouble Urinating
Wed, 23 Jul 14 09:10:01 -0500

07/23/2014: Theresa from Mpls., Mn: "Hey Deniz!

Please read EC's page on UTI's in cats:

It sounds as if it may be an infection vs blockage; if this were my cat facing a blockage I would rush him to the vet.

To get your cat to lick up MORE of the ACV solution you will need to dip more than the paw; consider saturating your cat's back, or even dipping the entire cat in the solution until he is sopping wet given the weather is warm and there is no risk of chill."

Re: Cat Having Trouble Urinating
Wed, 23 Jul 14 07:31:58 -0500

07/22/2014: Deniz from Houston, Tx: "My cat is trying to pee but only a few drops are coming out. He's been in there are over 5 min at a time, several times since I got home. I bought some ACV and put it in his water. I also dipped his paw in the ACV/water so he licked that off. I'm not sure that little amount will be enough and he is resistant to all brands/flavors of wet food I've tried since he was a kitten. I don't have any syringes. How else can I help him?"

  Re: Hypothyroidism in Dogs
Tue, 22 Jul 14 16:06:49 -0500

07/22/2014: Theresa from Mpls., Mn: "Hey Nayibe!

I have tried Dinovite - I didn't get the results I sought, but that could be just my particular dog. I found it hard to build up to the therapeutic dose without my dog ending up with diarrhea. Also, after much thinking, opt to not supplement my dogs with any products that contain yeast; good or bad yeast, I just don't want to go there as I think even so called 'good' yeast can have a negative affect on a dog that is battling a systemic yeast infection. Again, just me.

The soloxine is the same as the thyroxine - just under another label. It sounds as if you are dosing correctly given the recent blood test.

Check out Ted's comments as well as others for dosing Iodine:

I strongly recommend dipping in this solution for the skin funk:

Lastly, in addition to the above, you might consider adding borax to her drinking water - one quarter teaspoon to two liters of water and have that be her drinking water for a week to 10 days."

  Re: Activated Charcoal for Puppy with Parvo
Tue, 22 Jul 14 15:40:24 -0500

07/22/2014: Sandi from Nevada, US: "How much did your dog weigh when you gave the charcoal? And how often did you give it?

I have a 6 mo old pup going thru parvo right now. She was doing great and now seems to be back sliding a little. She was drinking, But now seems to be trying to drink but ending up not and walking away."

  Re: Is This the Right Treatment for Parvo?
Tue, 22 Jul 14 15:38:05 -0500

07/22/2014: Theresa from Mpls., Mn: "Hey Mia!

Keep up with what you are doing. Make sure you give her the charcoal and pedialyte liquid every 2-3 hours all day long during the day. Some puppies bounce back right away, some just take longer. So keep her warm and comfy, and offer her the charcoal and pedialyte frequently. You don't say what kind of breed your puppy is, but it is important to give enough liquid to keep her well hydrated. So a pitbull puppy might get 40 or 50 cc's of the liquid while a 1 pound chihuahua might get 10cc's at a time."

  Re: Dog Incontinence
Tue, 22 Jul 14 15:30:51 -0500

07/22/2014: Sue Tay from Oregon, US: "Garlic also cured my dog of worms in 1 dose (plus I had given ground pumpkin seeds a day or two earlier) but you have to mince the garlic, then let it sit for 15 mins. I forget what compound activates or de-activates by letting it sit, but it did work. I only gave a medium size clove. Saw no more worms after that, though the recommendation was to give it several days in a row.

For incontinence issues, I plan to try the ACV today. If it doesn't resolve I'll go to homeopathic remedies. I was told she had spay incontinence but someone else said she was too young for that. I don't want her on the meds, they make her agitated. Tried corn silk but it didn't work. Wondering if corn or possibly chicken is an issue for her. (She's a 2 yr old Rottie-Dobie cross) If she only eats Iams lamb and rice food she has no issues, but if she gets into food for the feral cats outside my door or eats other seemingly random things she wets the bed. I switched off of a supposedly "better" food because both dogs stopped liking it when the formula changed, and she had no accidents for a long time. Lately has had some again. She did have shots a few months ago but it didn't happen immediately after that."

  Re: Homeopathic Drops for Dogs With Cushing's Disease
Tue, 22 Jul 14 15:29:16 -0500

07/22/2014: Sue Tay from Oregon, US: "I also used Cushex drops for my American Eskimo who was diagnosed with Cushings at age 12. At the time his liver enzymes were so elevated the vet didn't know why he was still alive. He was panting heavily, barking at phantom food he thought was on the table, pacing a lot at night (which may have been the start of canine dementia) and very thirsty. The treatment the vet mentioned was super expensive with all the testing that was involved. I put him on Cushex, 3 times a day at first, then 2, then after a while just once. The bottle cost $30 and lasted a year. I went through 3 bottles and then his symptoms did not reappear. ( A year earlier when I ran out and couldn't get another for a couple of weeks they did reappear, but less.) My little guy passed away a month before he turned 16. So glad I had that extra time with him!"

  Re: Treating a Puppy With Ted's Dog Mange Cure (2)
Tue, 22 Jul 14 15:26:37 -0500

07/22/2014: Rachel from Austin, Tx: "Hello Pam! I feed my dog raw bones. I have given lamb and beef bones and plan to incorporate chicken as well. A holistic vet in my area has suggested starting dogs on chicken necks first, especially the smaller breeds. Feed them raw; there is no risk of salmonella to the dog (only to humans). I found the bones at my local farmer's market. Check with your local farmer's market."

  Re: Demodex and Blackheads
Tue, 22 Jul 14 15:19:56 -0500

07/22/2014: Debbie from London: "Thanks, Theresa, for your help. I'm sure you're right about the yeast - have started using the vinegar as you suggested, will try the bicarb too.

She's actually about 7 1/2 y/o - was about 4 when we got her (riddled with demodex, with a strong kind of salami smell which she no longer has). I have had thyroid test, but only the basic one, not the one recommended by Jean Dodds (UK vet unaware of it) - test was pretty normal. But she does show quite a few of the signs e.g sensitive to temperature, dry coat shedding all the time (and the dry eye...)."

  Re: Hypothyroidism in Dogs
Tue, 22 Jul 14 15:15:22 -0500

07/22/2014: Nayibe from Raleigh, Nc: "Hey Theresa. Thank you for replying. I forgot to mention that she has been on Soloxyne 6mg twice a day since 2012. At the beginning she was fine and lost some weight. But after a year she has been gaining weight. She had a test done last year and the dose is the same. I would like to change to iodine but I don't know the dosage. She weighs 30 pounds. And the other thing is what type of food can I give her. I know she s allergic to grains and maybe potatoes. Have you or anyone heard about dinovite?. I woul like to read some opinions about it. Thank you very much."

Re: Is This the Right Treatment for Parvo?
Tue, 22 Jul 14 15:05:03 -0500

07/22/2014: Mia from Houston, TX: "i don't know if I am in the right path..i been giving my 11 week old puppy charcoal with pedilyte and Gatoradel. She has not thrown up or has had diarrhea since she was diagnosed with parvo; she tries to drink but she does want to eat. This is her 3rd day with parvo; am I doing good? what can I do to get it over with? It really hurts to see my puppy like this when she really is playful."

  Re: Remedy Needed for Puppy
Tue, 22 Jul 14 14:31:37 -0500

07/22/2014: Theresa from Mpls., Mn: "Hey Ambiii!

I am trying to understand. What kind of infection? Skin infection?"

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