Tooth Loss Remedies

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Tooth Issues   1  0   

Posted by Big (Detroit, Michigan) on 05/19/2012

Wow!! I can't believe how well this remedy works. Had toothache pain for about 2 days on my wisdom tooth, I put some garlic powder on a Q-tip and saturated my tooth and gum area with the garlic powder, there was some burning but I couldn't believe the relief it gave me, NO MORE PAIN!!!!!

Posted by Cat
Bop, New Zealand
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[YEA]   Big from Detroit, Michigan: Wow, I can't believe the garlic either!! My tooth pain has been slowly increasing over 2 weeks and about 5 minutes ago I checked EC to remind myself of the fabulous cures as it was getting too sore. I got a clove of garlic, peeled and bit down on it and within a minute the pain had diminished to almost nothing. Had to spit out because of the stinging of the garlic though but swallowed the saliva and will eat the rest of the garlic. RELIEF all within a few minutes!!! Thank you everyone :)

White Oak Bark   0  0   

Posted by Karen (Alpharetta, Ga.) on 06/02/2010

White Oak Bark for loose teeth

if you have loose teeth, try about 960 mg before going to sleep. In the morning they won't be loose anymore.

Posted by Aurora
Mason City, Iowa
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I have a question about white oak bark helping with loose teeth, the person that wrote the comment didn't say how to take if you ingest or is it a oil? if you can give more info I'll appreciate it. Thanks

EC: Hi Aurora,

White Oak Bark is sold as a supplement in powder or extract form:

Wisdom Teeth Extraction   0  0   

Posted by Katken (Bloomfield, Mi, Usa) on 08/18/2011

Does anyone have a remedy to speed along the healing of wisdom teeth extraction? My daughter had 4 impacted removed and I've never seen a worse case of misery from that in my life, my sister's were really bad off... But this doesn't even compare. I'm getting a little scared. She literally looks like she has a huge rubber mask on, just horrible.

Posted by Braveheartlion
Rome, Ny
I would take call the dentist, this may be dry socket or some other complication. I had 3 widsom teeth removed 2 winters ago and did not have inflamation as you say you are seeing with her. Good luck, hope she's better soon.


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