White Tongue Cure: Q&A

Last Modified on Mar 22, 2012

What Can Be Used to Reduce Swelling of a Tongue?

03/22/2012: Gowilla from Lancaster, Ca: My mother had a stroke a year ago and her tongue appeared to swell 2 days later and it still looks swollen a year later, the problem is she has a trach and her tongue is protruding out of her mouth, I have been researching trying to find something that I can use on her tongue to reduce the swelling, she is unable to take anything by mouth, is there anything I can use to put on her tongue to reduce the swelling?


05/30/2011: Anonymous : Dear Ted, I have a huge problem which I just don't know the answer for. The problem is I have a very white hairy tongue and also very bad breath (maybe because of the hairy tongue). I have tried so much to no avail. Do you maybe have an answer to my problem? I would be so happy if you do.

06/02/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Hydrogen peroxide 1% to 1.5% as a mouthwash will eliminate some problems. The bad breath is likely to be sulfide producing bacteria. Use iodine mouthwash or mix it with hydrogen peroxide, Lugol's solution 1-2 drops. If she has constipation is tied to bad breadth, so I would try potassium citrate 1/4 teaspoon after meal once a day or if more needed twice a day.




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