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Natural Remedies to Cure Strep Throat

Last Modified on Mar 25, 2015

Cayenne   39  3   

Posted by Stacee (Rexburg, ID) on 01/17/2007

[YEA]  Wow! This works so well! I have spent the last 4 days in bed with strep that even antibiotics hadn't seemed to help. I was taking everything I could think of to make it go away. My throat remained swollen and painful. After not being able to crawl out of bed for 4 days I drug myself to the computer and found this site .I tried your cayenne pepper remedy and it was instant relief! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! I can actually swallow now with out feeling like my head will explode. After not getting any sleep because of the pain I am looking forward to getting a full night of sleep. Thanks again for the great cure! PS the cayenne also worked on the migraine that I have had along with the strep, so I had 2 cures for the price of one!

Posted by Dave (Whitewater, WI) on 01/01/2007

[YEA]  I tried the Cayenne Pepper for Strep Throat. This really works. At first I was a bit skeptical about the whole cayenne pepper, but it really does work!! Within two days my throat was feeling better already. The only thing I don't know is HOW it works, just thank god it works.

Posted by Gord (Toronto, Ontario) on 11/29/2006

[YEA]  It's 4:am and i just woke up gagging on my tonsils. it's 48 hours into a cycle of penicillin my doctor prescribed to me for strep throat and my sore throat's getting worse and my tonsils are so enflamed that they're triggering a gag reflex in the back of my mouth. i've never had a serious infection before and now with the anti-biotics not working i was starting to get worried that it was one of those super-bugs! i couldn't sleep so i jumped online and came across this site. reading the stories calmed me down alot (i'm not prone to anxiety but i think being a father of a toddler has something to do with it) and i immediately whipped up 1/2tsp of cayenne w/ 6 oz. of warm water for a gargle. i don't eat spicy foods because it upsets my stomach but i was pretty desperate. turns out for some reason it's not spicy at all, maybe because i didn't swallow it. just a little tingle and now even that's gone as i'm typing this. my tonsils not touching my tongue anymore so i feel better. i'm gonna gargle a few more times and head for bed. thx for this great site. i'm going to tell my friends about it and the peppers.

Posted by Lorelei (Utah) on 11/03/2006

[YEA]  My husband has been having repeated episodes of strep throat, and passing them on to me. I detest antibiotics because they play havoc with body, but I can't afford not to treat strep throat because I end up with a condition called guttate psoriasis (small, raised, white, scaly patches everywhere, and I mean everywhere, on my body; it took over a year to disapper the last time I had it). My husband has tried grapefruit seed extract to cure his strep throat, but that didn't work at all. So this Halloween, when I felt certain that I had strep throat, I turned to the internet in desperation, and found this site. I'm not a big fan of spicy food, so the strongest dilution I could handle was about 1/2 tsp of cayenne pepper in about 6 oz of water. I gargled with it every 15 minutes, as recommended, for 2 hours, and then gave up, feeling that it wasn't helping (and my mouth was on fire). I passed out for a nap, and woke up with my sore throat mostly gone! And I felt like I might even be able to go trick-or-treating with my kids that night! I continued gargling periodically for the rest of that day and the next. It's been a few (gargle-free) days now, and my throat and energy are fine. I'm impressed! I must add that I have also been taking high doses of Vit C and echinacea. While my throat was sore, I was also drinking a lot of warm water with raw honey and lemon. My only complaint is that by the end of the second day, the cayenne pepper gargle made me gag. That night, my husband served up steak that had been marinating in a mixture which included a small amount of cayenne pepper, unbeknownst to me, and I couldn't figure out why the taste of the steak was making me ill until I asked if there was cayenne pepper in it!! I have been perusing the rest of the site, and can't wait to try some more natural cures!

Posted by Mariah (Amherstburg, Ontario) on 09/02/2006

[YEA]  I used half a lemon, two regular spoonfuls of honey, 3 drops of tobasco, a pinch of cayenne pepper, and chopped up half a clove of garlic. i put this all in a huge mug and strained it and drank it taking small sips. It tasted better than i thought, kinda like a spicy lemon instantly my throat was better. Trust me. I get sore throat/strep throat ATLEAST 3 times a year and this really works...Made me sneeze a little the first time though ; ). Try it!

Posted by Kevin (Miami, FL) on 06/29/2006

[YEA]  Go spend the $1.29 right now and get some Cayenne pepper. I am BLOWN AWAY by this cure. I have suffered from sore throats all my life, and nothing has ever worked this quickly and efficiently. I just had strep throat a month and a half ago, lost a week of work, stayed in bed, then finally spent the money to get some antibiotics. I wish I had read this sooner. Yesterday morning I woke up with a feeling of dread as the right side of my throat began hurting just like it did a month ago, and by the end of the day I couldn't talk again and was weak. This is 4th of July weekend and I must party, and I had to find a cure asap. This was it. I could write forever about the hour by hour improvements, but just take everyone's word for it and do this, it's like... all I can TALK about!

Posted by Joe (Carlsbad, CA) on 06/16/2006

[YEA]  It's 1:23 in the morning and i haven't really slept in two days because of the pain of strep throat. I'm absolutely exhausted. Nothing seems to work, not ibuprofen, not niquil. Finally out of desperation i search online for sore throat remedies and find the idea of gargling water mixed with cayenne. Finally....I feel i might be able to go to sleep, and I think i just might, so good night, and thank you SO much.

Posted by Kathleen (LA, CA) on 06/08/2006

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  Seems going barefoot before summer always gives me throat probs. became allergic to penicillin age 14. tonsils died, not removed. after becoming a health nut adult, still got strep/laryngitis min once ev year, lasts 6wks. do acv 3x every single day. used to use echinacea, graduated to elderberry, then oregano. monday, no signs. felt great, got laryn again. it only took 3 hours to hit. no more swallowing, or talking. today's thurs. tried all these cures over the years. jic, i tried every single one this a.m.! 99% of you are lucky. guess i'll call the doc. not a single cure that works yet! cayenne feels a little better ev few seconds tho.

Replied by Force Recon Sam
Corona, Ca
I have strep throat. Got the penicillin shot in the rear, was feeling fine, well, better. But woke up no more aches or pains just not able to swallow or eat. How can I get up on my feet again for my recon training. I can't be on bed rest I can't afford it. Sleeps no help and anti inflamatories ain't working. Please help. Simple things such as drinking tea, eating vitamins, ect. please help a Marine out so he can go fight.

Cayenne Pepper, Hydrogen Peroxide   1  0   

Posted by Nathan (Mesa, Az) on 08/19/2011

[YEA]  i am definitely saying yea to the cayenne pepper and chicken broth idea. It didnt cure it right away as I just did less than 30 mins ago, but I did feel better, also gargling hydrogen peroxide though extremely disgusting help immediately as well though it seems the pain relief was temporary but it did dull it. anymore suggestions with everyday items/remedies are welcome as I have a job and cannot afford to miss any days much less multiple days.

Replied by Victor
San Diego, Ca, Usa
Regarding your strep throat remedies, you will not even need them if you use prevention: vitamin C. Not one 500mg tablet a day, but several grams a day, which equals to about ten of such tablets, or more. You can use vitamin C crystals to avoid tablet fillers. There is lots of information about different benefits of taking megadoses of vitamin C on the net. I've been doing it for about a year. No cold, no flu, no vaccines, either.
Replied by Mythroatfeelslikeanopenwound
Salt Lake, Utah
Preventative measures may help lessen the likelihood of getting something, but does not altogether prevent it. It is a good idea to practice preventative measures though. Congrats in not getting sick for a year, I'm prone to getting sick despite the best preventative measures which is why I'm on the site now; because the preventative measures that are so highly recommended didn't work. Now I'm off to try my newfound ideas of self-treatment before attempting to spend money that I don't have for the antibiotics that hurt my system. Enjoy your day.

Cayenne, Garlic   1  0   

Posted by Mama To Many (Middle, Tennessee, USA) on 07/16/2013

[YEA]  My 9 year old daughter had strep throat last week. We had had houseguests over the weekend when my daughter had a cold. Turns out that a couple of the children (particularly the ones she was playing with) had strep throat. Her cold was starting to get better and then suddenly she was really sick with strep throat symptoms. I came straight to earth clinic for advice. We tried garlic and cayenne and it worked! Here is what we did:

I gave my daughter 4 oz. of water with 1/4 t. cayenne pepper and 1/4 t. clove powder (for its numbing ability) in a mug. She gargled this 4x a day the first day or two and then once or twice a day for a day or two. (We cut back only because she was so much better. I would continue 4x a day for much longer if needed.) The 4 oz. mug lasted for a couple of garglings. She hated it by the way, but knew it beat going to a doctor and getting an antibiotic.

  • 4x a day I gave her 1 clove of crushed garlic in honey. I did that for several days then just one dose a day for a day or two.
  • She asked to take 1 t. of apple cider vinegar several times a day because she knows it helps a lot. (Hot vinegar tea - 1 T. Vinegar, 1 T. honey and hot water has helped my children with sickness so much and she knows it, but she doesn't like it.)
  • I gave her herbal tea to drink. No soda pop or anything. Sugar is not good for getting better. A couple of times she drank echinachea and peppermint tea with honey in it.
  • For her fever, I would rub peppermint essential oil and/or lemongrass essential oil on the bottoms of her feet. I also put a cool cloth on her head!
  • A wise friend recommended washing toothbrushes as strep can harbor there and reinfect!

Praise the Lord, she showed improvement in 24 hours with this treatment and was about normal after 3 days. I am sure it helped that we caught it early as we had a heads up to expect it.

So grateful for this site and all the good advice. The cure for strep throat cost us less that $2! That is amazing!

Have a great day!
~Mama to Many~

Replied by Bess
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Hi Mama to Many - Thanks for all the details you wrote on how you cured your child's strep throat. I'll have to add your tips to my home remedies file!

By the way, I always enjoy reading your posts - they are very informative and uplifting. Best of health to you and your family! Cheers, Bess

Colloidal Silver   2  0   

Posted by Marilyn (Poteau, ok) on 01/12/2008

[YEA]  I work in a health food store so I hear a lot of home remedies. We also have great products. When someone comes in asking for something for sore throat the first thing I show them is a product by Peaceful Mountain called "Throat Rescue". It is a spray that has ionic silver in it. They have proven that it works better than some antibiotics against strep. I have had people tell me that they gargle with straight apple cider vinegar for a sore throat. I have read that zinc kills viruses on contact and this is why the zinc lozenges are so popular. The cayenne pepper tea mentioned is easier for me to take if I use a liquid cayenne extract instead of the powder. Anything that is marketed to improve the immune system ought to be helpful if you have a sore throat. Some great herbs to have on hand are garlic, goldenseal, echinacea, and andrographis. Most people are not aware of how important the probiotics are for the immune system or how important it is to keep the bowel clean. Also, liver support is so important to our overall health.

Replied by Mommainternet
Wake Forest, Nc
[YEA]   This is what we use in our house, too. Peaceful Mountain Collidal Silver. I have a hard time with antibiotics and was very glad to find this the last time I had a case of strep that just wouldn't go away. iherb sells it and I'm never without it now. My daughter just got strep throat and I'm checking the boards to see if there is anything else I can give her to help it clear up any faster.

Echinacea   1  0   

Posted by K (Waukesha, WI) on 05/15/2007

[YEA]  The last time I had strep throat I went online looking for home remedies and came across using echinacea tincture. You squirt it on the affected area once an hour until you see results.

As full blown as my case was I was really surprised that it worked, and fast. A day later I was completely well. I used a child's brand (Well Child) that was echinacea/elderberry and haven't had the same results with any other brand. Also it knocks any cold right out.

I am suffering from strep throat again and was out of this stuff. The difference is a much more painful and longer healing time. So now the strep has been with me a week. I went and bought more tincture and am squirting away!

Garlic   5  0   

Posted by Bruce (Vancouver, Bc) on 03/03/2011

[YEA]  I get strep throat just about every time I get sick. So I mince 1-4 cloves of garlic and then swallow, no H2O or honey chaser. I do this at night before I go to bed. If the garlic goes across the sore, then by morning that sore is gone. The down side is you need the garlic applied directly to the sore to be effective, the only way to do this is to swallow one spoonfull at a time lying on your left side, right side, front and back. This can difficult, as it triggers the gag reflex. BUT IT WORKS. Cheers

Posted by Angie (San Diego, Ca) on 11/12/2010

[YEA]  I came down with an AWFUL sore throat and tried different natural cures such as an ACV, honey & lemon with hot water drink, a salt gargle, and also a gargle with ACV. None of this seemed to really work. I saw someone's comment about 'Garlic Tea' on this site and tried it. They suggested that you put some cloves in water and let it 'steep' all night. I woke up in the morning still feeling awful. I called into work so I could go to the doctor to get checked for Strep since I had no other symptons than my sore throat.

While waiting for my 11:00am appointment I drank my Garlic Tea. It was INSTANT relief. I almost went to work and dodged the doctor but decided that since my pain was so intense prior to the tea, I thought it'd be best to go get checked. Turns out, I did have Strep but the pain is completely, non-existant! I've been drinking garlic tea and it works WONDERS!!! AMAZING!!!!

Posted by Erin (New Brunswick, New Jersey) on 03/15/2008

[YEA]  Hello, Just wanted to say that about two years ago, I had a killer sore throat. I am pretty sure it was the beginning of strep throat ... I had those lovely white spots on the back of my throat. I didn't have health insurance and was desperate for something that worked. A friend of mine recommended eating raw garlic cloves. I did it ... it tasted terrible and made me smell like garlic for days, but it numbed my throat and I was completely better in 3 days. I ate about 3 cloves per day. I tell people about this remedy all the time ... most people are reluctant because of the taste and the smell but it really, really works!

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