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Natural Remedies to Cure Strep Throat

Last Modified on Apr 11, 2016

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Posted by Renate (Smalltown, Oklahoma) on 04/05/2008

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I just went through about with an extreme sore throat for 6 days. I am convinced I had strep throat, as I can't remember having a sore throat as painful as this. No puss or sign of infection otherwise. Thank God I don't have any tonsils! I tried gargling everything under the sun, cider vinegar & honey, salt, peroxide & soda, brandy, Listerine, camomile tea, and, your cayenne pepper, 1/8 tsp to a cup of warm water every half hour for two days. I love the taste, but the pain only got worse. NOTHING helped!!!

I finally got rid of the pain today, but rules do not permit me to tell you how - that is unfortunate.

Replied by Strep Sufferer
San Bernardino, CA
Renate, (if you ever read this email), how come you won't state what cured it. Antibiotics?

Posted by Jimmy (Falmouth, KY) on 03/22/2008

[YEA]  I have an extraordinary pain tolerance. I'm devistated by sore throats. Desperate to avoid strep throat and a trip to the doctor, I looked up home remedies. I found this site. I put 1/8th teaspoon of cayenne in 8 oz of water with a teaspoon of real lemon juice concentrate. I gargled the mixture and swallowed just a bit after each gargle. You should get about 6 or 7 gargles. I don't like spicey food, I didn't coat my lips with vaseline. I had a 50 percent reduction in the pain immediately.

Posted by Rich (Atlanta, GA) on 03/13/2008

[YEA]  Cayenne Pepper for sore throat (Remedy) - put me under "Yea" please. This works. I don't usually care a bit for most home remedy -type stuff, but I'm sitting over here developing strep. It got so bad that I couldn't even swallow like a normal person without restraining the reflex to vomit, and having to wipe my eyes from the pain. Me. A 30 year old guy as big as a football player. My mom actually called me with this cure. The pain was so bad that I figured why not, so I hit the store and came back to give it a shot. That was at about 1:15PM. It is now not quite 3:15, and I feel so much better, I can't even tell you. There's still some pain and soreness there, as anybody would expect, but it's just a shell of the agony it was this morning. I would not write this comment if I didn't mean what I say. If you're in pain, try this. It will burn your mouth like hellfire for a minute, but it's gloriously, beautifully worth it. When the fire dies down, you'll be shocked at the difference. Thanks Penny, and thanks Earth Clinic.

Posted by Chris (Columbus, Ohio) on 02/23/2008

[YEA]  I read the comments and the remedy itself about gargling cayenne pepper-filled water. I started having a sore throat 3 days ago, looked in the back of my throat and compared symptoms 2 days ago and realized it was strep, and this morning it was so bad it brought tears to my eyes with each swallow.

I have taken so much ibuprofen over the past 2 days, easily twice as much as I have ever taken for anything else. I stopped taking it about 4PM today, and started looking for a better solution at about 8. I went to the store to get Cayenne, and while I was there I was hungry (surprising over these past 3 days) so I got some kettle-cooked jalapeņo chips as well as the cayenne pepper. I gargled some water with quite a bit more cayenne than I figured was necessary, then ate some chips (I grew up with Mexicans, I love spicy food). After only 1 gargle and some chips, my throat is feeling drastically better. I'm about to go gargle another cup. Thanks for your guys' help!

Replied by Amber
I woke up at 1:30 this morning w a sore throat so bad, I couldn't sleep. It's been on and off for over a week now. I was doing the goldenseal, echinacea, licorice tincture spray religiously for a couple days w throat coat tea and lots of water, lozenges which I thought took care of it. The last few days it's come, back w a, vengence and I really didnt wanna go to the Dr. I thought it'd just take care of itself.

Ran out of the throat spray and lonzeges stopped helping so I gargled w tsp of paprika as well as half a line and a cup of hot water. Lots of clear mucous came up and Im still having discomfort when I swallow but after every gargle (and especially swallow) of the drink, I keep spitting up which obviously tells me its working to bring up all that infection. Anybody else experience this? I'll be doing this all day tomorrow when I wake up and hopefully have good news tomorrow that the pain is gone. Thanks for all your tips! Oh! Also did the qtip w the cayenne on the back of the throat. Great idea

Replied by Green Augustine
North Wales
You may already know this, but gargling with coconut oil- organic Virgin - also can clear a bad strep throat. Put a teaspoon of oil in your mouth and let it melt, then swish it around and gargle with it for about 10 minutes. Do this 2-3 times a day and you should see a big improvement and mine disappeared totally. Spit it out when you've finished, if you don't like wasting it, you could always massage your feet or legs with it as long as you've no broken skin???

Posted by Sarah (La Linea, Spain) on 02/03/2008

[YEA]  I just wanted to say that my 2 year old little girl just got over a bad case of what I think was strep throat. She was puking and everything. We took her to the ER cos she wasn't keeping anything down and they gave her some antibiotics. Then of course, that night I felt my throat going. I felt like crap last night and decided that tonight I would search for some home remedies. And I came across this website. I was playing with some ways to take the Cayenne Pepper and settled on actually drinking a tablespoon of lemon juice and cayenne pepper, equal parts. It seems to have cut out my sore throat by about 50% so I'll keep it up. Advice for anyone thinking about trying this? Just try it - you have nothing to lose! Thanks people.

Posted by Salem (Providence , Rhode Island) on 01/18/2008

[YEA]  I am a teen and my throat was annoyingly sore and since me being really sensitive I was ready to cry because it hurt so bad. So, I went online and looked up remedies and found cayenne pepper. I went straight to my dad's spice cupboard and found the pepper we used to make Buffalo chicken. I put a little bit of water and a few dashes of pepper and gargled it. It burned my lips a little but it was nothing to the strep I've had so hats off to this great website for curing my ailment.

Posted by Constanza (New York, US) on 01/16/2008

[YEA]  I saw the cayenne pepper cures posted on this site and I want to tell everyone that it absoloutely works!

I cured my son's' strep with the following remedy:

1/8 teaspoon of organic cayenne
distilled water
fresh lemon juice
organic maple syrup

I'ts the same recipe alot of users have posted. We were fortunate to have all of these ingredients on hand because we use them regularly, but I wasn't aware of their usefulness for strep or sore throats in general. My son had a 102.4 fever that came on suddenly one night. We gave him fever medicine and he went to sleep. He woke up in tears because he could not swallow and it was painful for him to even speak. I started him on the cayenne concoction that morning. I had him drink it and gargle it. Within minutes he was asking for scrambled eggs and toast! it was truly miraculous! I've had strep myself twice and i know how extremely painful and miserable it is. Unfortunately, I didn't know of this cure, or I would've taken it instead of the antibiotics! I was also exposed to the strep that my son caught, both from him and from the person he most likely caught it from (my friends daughter) and I'm convinced it didn't get a chance to take hold in me because i was drinking the cayenne mixture along with my son. His fever was gone by the second day, the sore throat was completely gone by the third day. And now, his immune system knows how to fight this bacteria and he is less likely to be afflicted by strep again. Not the case with antibiotics.

Posted by Erin (Dyer, Indiana) on 01/11/2008

[YEA]  Cayenne Pepper for Sore Throat.....Oh MY Gosh...I feel like WORKED..I AM SOLD! I have been sick since Xmas..first the Flu and it went away and then I got sick again! This time I waited for over a week thinking it would go away..nope! Had to go to the Dr who said I had a sinus infection and prescribed Z-Pack and Nazonex. She also did a Strep test that made my already horrible sore throat 100 times worse!! My throat was so painful everytime I swallowed I felt like some one was sticking a knife in my throat..I am NOT kidding. I called back to talk to the Dr and she was out..the nurse said to gargle with Salt water and suck on cough drops.."come On" I thought...I tried it..and of course it did not work. I was in the throat spray..didn't help. Googled Sore Throat and found this web sight. Thank GOD! I was hesitant (not a spicy food girl at all) but sooo desperate I sent my husband to the store last night for it. First I put it in Soup..just alittle..then I gargled with the 1/8 tsp & 1 cup water. I only did half of the was not bad like I feared. By the time I went to bed to my throat improved 75%. I put some in my coffee this morning..not to bad..then in my soup again for lunch. I am SOOOOOO HAPPY to say my throat is at 98% improvement!!!!! I hadn't slept 2 night prior without waking up 3 or 4 times in pain. Last night I slept straight through!!! I am telling EVERYONE!!THANK YOU! I would still be a miserable mess right now with out trying this. Believe a once skeptic..This Works!!

Posted by Vibs (New Delhi, India) on 12/21/2007

[YEA]  I am quite prone to sore/strep throat since childhood. Just few months back I had a bad throat and I was avoiding anti biotics. So I read about cayenne on the net. I tried gargling with cayenne twice but was not very sure about it, although it gave me some releif, and decided to stop it (which I should not have) and took anti-biotics and faced all its side effects. Yesterday again I had a sore / red / painfull throat with fever, and I decided to go for cayenne. I took 1/2 teaspoon of cayenne in lukewarm small cup of water and gargled every 2 hours during the day. Also I took homeopathic belladona medicine side by side. And today I am feeling much better and working. I want to say JUST TRY IT there are no side effects.

Replied by Bobby
Sicksburg, Tennessee
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]   My throat was sore last night. Woke up and its all inflamed with a sharp pain when I swallow. Looked in the mirror.... Its strep...... Went to the doctor, waited an hour..... Ended up getting two shots instead of amoxicillin (allergic)...... Had to pay $92.50, no insurance.

I just tried 1/2 tsp of cayenne pepper, tsp of lemon juice, tsp of honey, dash of cinnamon, in about 8oz of hot water...... pain was immediately cut in half! Pain returned to about 75% after around 15 minutes....

I won't be able to tell if this treatment can actually cure this bacterial infection since I am shot full of anti-biotics... However I can attest to the wonderful pain relief delivered by cayenne! Thank you so much earth clinic!

Posted by Dana (Los Angeles, California) on 12/03/2007

[YEA]  I started having a sore throat on Tuesday, that night I broke out in chills and ended up staying home for the rest of the week. I was in excruiciating pain. On Sat morning I couldn't take the pain in longer and went to Kaiser walk in. The doc gave me some Amoxicillan(sp?) and said to check back to see if it's a strep. He just told me to keep doing what I was doing, which was everything to stop the pain, two motrins, salt gargle, apple cider vinegar gargle, throat losengers and Chamomille tea, which only gave me slight comfort. Late saturday night my sis made corn and weiners and she put a dash of Cayenne pepper in it. She gave me a small bowel, because she wasn't sure if I would be able to finish it. I was so tired of soup and hungry so I ate it. I noticed from the first and second bite how it didn't hurt, but actully felt good and soothing. I remember thinking this hurts so good. After the third bowl (I was really hungry) I noticed the pain in my throat had immediately subsided, so I said to my sis what did you put in this. I have tried everything and I eat this and I can actually swallow with no pain. She told me she put Cayenne in it and that I should try her Lemonade. So I did and I was ABSOLUTELY AMAZED!!!!!! UNBELIEVABLE! Oh my goodness. I asked my sister if we could market this. Do people know about this. I mean why don't the companies that make throat losengers make Cayenne losengers. The Cayenne in the food had already stopped the pain, but the sipping on the tea just sealed the deal. I made more sunday night just to keep it going and now this morning I have no residue or nothing of a sore throat. I told any and everyone that would listen. Now I want to know about other naturopatic remedies. Here's the concoction: 1/2 real lemonade, 2 tablesp of maple syrup, she bought organic grade B, and a dash of Cayenne. Put hot water in it, stir and just sip on it.

Replied by Dave
Los Angeles, CA
Sounds like the Master Cleanse Lemonade, which also works wonders.
Replied by Stacy
Warsaw, In
It does sound like the master cleanse lemonade!
Replied by Mrsmully
Clemson, Sc
I found a recipe to make your own. I just typed cayenne lozenge in the search and saw this...

Posted by Tiana (Flower Mound, TX) on 09/03/2007

[YEA]  My son had 2 episodes of strep throat within a few months and then sure enough, I got it too (first time in my 41 yrs). I had it diagnosed by a doctor, and got a antibiotic prescription. I told him that I was going to try and cure it without drugs first and he STRONGLY suggested that I not. But, I really wanted to see if this would work. So...I gargled with cayenne pepper (every 1/2 hr or so), drank warm raw apple cider vinegar and cayenne pepper mixed with honey 3 times per day the first 2 days, and also sucked raw garlic cloves (remedies). YEP - I REAKED! But, I was feeling LOTS better by the 2nd day and almost myself again with 3 days. I continued the ACV/cay. pepper tea once per day and sucking the garlic for an entire week. Went back to the doctor and they did the strep test that has to be sent to the lab, just to make sure it was gone. YEP - completely. The doc couldn't believe it. I gave him this website and told him to pass it on to any patient who doesn't want (or need) antibiotics. Note - drinking the acv/cay pepper tea was at first difficult, but I quickly got use to it and actually enjoyed it because it made me feel so much better. It would be very difficult however, to get a child to drink it and my children will take ANYTHING.

Posted by Catheren (Salt Lake City, Utah) on 07/25/2007

ok, well i have had the horrible sore throat for days, i am thinking it might be strep but hesitant on going to doctor, found this websight and the remedy on cayenne pepper gargle. after ready many many people saying that their sore throat went away afterwards, i thought i would try. I just gargled my first cayenne gargle, it feels a little better, it burned but that was something i can handle but i am hoping that this is the cure...stay tuned..

Posted by Lindsey (Kissimmee, FL) on 05/16/2007

[YEA]  Go figure that I became ill on the day I'm graduating from high school. I had been feeling lousy for the past few days, but today it finally kicked in: sinus headache, sore throat, lots of chest congestion. Of course something would happen to me like this, today! (I'm not usually one to get sick. I have became ill with strep throat without fail every winter break through high school, but that's it for the entire year) In an act of desperation, (of course I didn't want to go to the doctor today) I googled "home remedies for sore throat and congestion," and this site popped up. As I began reading I wasn't too sure that it would work. But as I said, I was desperate. This morning I could barely tear myself away from my bed, so I forced myself to go to Publix and pick up some ground Cayenne Pepper and a bottle of Pure Clove Honey. I meant to pick up a few lemons as well, but it slipped my mind. As I arrived home I mixed the honey and pepper and 3 ounces of water together to take it as a shot. To be honest I was a bit nervous to taste the concoction, but after I got up the nerve to try it I was amazed! I immediately began having to run to the bathroom to cough up phlegm! I had a cup of ice cold water ready in the case of a burning sensation, but there wasn't any. I was impressed. Now about 25 minutes later I think I might just be able to have the energy to walk across the stage and graduate from high school tonight. :) Thank you so much for creating this site!!! It's been a life saver.

Posted by Joanne (East Sussex, United Kingdom) on 05/08/2007

[YEA]  Last Month i was treated twice for my strep throat from my doctors the first one i was prescribed on Amoxycillin 250 mg - Failed so he written another antibiotics called Erythromycin and it also didnt work as everytime i take it it does work.but i went back to my Gp.he told me that i have a viral sore throat and there is nothing more he can do & it will go eventually.since then i have been looking into your website,read it and tried Ceyanne Pepper,Tell you what it was the best remedy i have ever come sore throat vanished in two days of ceyanne pepper. i use a half a teaspoon ceyanne pepper in half warm water,gargled it and spit it out for two mins - three times a day..also sprinkeled a few on my pasta..delicious but hot !!!! hope you try it & it works wonders and most natural thing instead of taking doctors drugs !.

Posted by kathi (Mount Olive, Illinois) on 05/05/2007

[NAY]  I have had a severe case of strepp for 3 days. I cannot sleep and have tried everything from the cayenne to the acv to the hydrogen peroxide. I cannot get rid of this pain. It is now 3 am and i am tired but in too much pain to sleep.