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Sore Throat Cures

Last Modified on Sep 04, 2014

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Posted by Monica F (Vic, Australia) on 08/07/2012

Hello, I woke up yesterday (Tuesday) with a horrible sore throat and went straight to the doctor as I am due to fly on a 18-hr trip across the globe this Friday. The doctor prescribed me antibiotics which I started yesterday and am also doing as many of the natural remedies as I can including gargles, hot drinks, honey, lemon, ibuprofen and ginger and garlic.

My throat feels better but I still feel a little zapped of energy and although am sure I will get better am concerned what the long flight in two days will do. I have often suffered from ear infections after travel following a cold and although I'm hoping I caught this quick enough I was hoping to get some additional tips on how best to avoid getting worse after the flight and ruining a short overseas holiday that can't be refunded or changed.

I'd really appreciate any tips or suggestions, thank you!

Posted by Steve
Las Vegas, Nevada
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Pick up a dropper bottle of 10ppm colloidal silver, swish, gargle, swallow, drop in ears and nose. You have it under control in a few days or less. Take it a few days even after you are feeling better. Travel is stressful.

Peace, Steve

Posted by Amy
Mumbai, Maharashtra
Just gargle with listerine mouthwash orignal flavour n feel the instant relief from sore throat.

Posted by Wendy (Raleigh, Nc, Usa) on 12/12/2011

Hi! What can be done to help a throat heal? This needs to happen quickly so that foods may be consumed and weight and health returned. Thank you

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Posted by Courtney (SLC, UT) on 02/17/2008

[YEA]  When my sister and I were little and getting a sore throat, my mom would tie a rubbing alcohol soaked rag around our throat (as we slept because we hated it soo much). When we woke up, the sore throat was completely gone! Has anyone else heard of this?

Posted by Marina
San Diego, CA USA
[YEA]   "Yes. My mom used to do that to us too and we were cured the next day in most cases except strep throat. Always needed antibiotics for that.

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Posted by Tina (Park Forest, Illinois) on 05/17/2008

[YEA]  Sore Throat Remedies: Rum worked great for me -- i gargled with it for about 30 seconds and then spit it out and took a small swallow of the mouthwash and within a minute my sore throat was gone it is so nice to be able to talk without wanting to cry!!!

Posted by Minyen
Los Angeles, CA
[YEA]   "Haha. well it really && my friend tried it . BUT the thing that killed it was the mouthwash....that made me throw up ! Ew.. But the RUM worked good.. && THINK TWICE ABOUT THE MOUTH WASH !
Posted by Robin
Rural, VA
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Do I understand that you are supposed to "swallow" the mouthwash?
Posted by Nadine
Brooklyn, New York
[YEA]   "I tried the Rum and/or Listerine Mouthwash and it works ! I took a shot of Mexican Tequila and tried to gargle as long as I possibly could. As soon as I spat out the Tequila, my tonsils felt instantly better. The irration went right away and it almost feels like they aren't there. I will probably take another one here soon since I took a very little one the first time. Also with the Mouthwash, it works as well. I used it every morning with brushing my teeth, however, do not swallow this one. Simply just gargle and spit. I personally think Rum or Tequila works alot better because it has a stronger alcohol content then mouthwash. Goodluck!
Posted by Sam
Dayton, Oregon
why do you spit out the rum, but drink the mouthwash? since your not sapose to swallow mouthwash but drink rum.

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Posted by Renee (Melbourne Beach, FL) on 04/11/2008

[YEA]  A few month ago, I came down with a sore throat. That afternoon I grabbed some salsa and tortilla chips as a snack - my sore throat was gone almost instantly! After coming across your website, now everything makes sense. Since most salsas have vinegar, garlic & spices in them, this is a great snack for anyone to grab with a sore throat - only have mild salsa on hand: spinkle cayenne pepper in it and voila!

Posted by Mara
Somewherreee., Florida
I have not tried using Salsa but after reading this I sent my dad to the store to buy it for me, I did try gargling salt water but it did not cure it just took some of the pain away.

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Posted by Chris Herring (Beaverton, Oregon, Usa) on 03/13/2011

A small handful of salt is easier than cayyene pepper, salt on a wet finger placed under ones tongue won't make you sneeze as much.

Posted by Tasha
Bancroft, Ontario
[YEA]   "HOORAY FOR SALT! It's been my best friend today. I was sick yesterday (bad cold), I went out to help walk the dogs in the kennel and had to break up a dog fight. I was bit on my hand, punctured my palm deeply, inflamed the back of my hand. It's still inflamed and it's been about 12h. I soaked my hand in warm salt water and so far no infection, less pain in the wound :)

My throat is still sore from the cold, so I found this site. I just tried the salt water gargle and already is feels much better. Before I was cringing with each swallow, but now it's a little more bearable. I'm definitely going to continue with it until I feel better! Thanks, everyone.

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Posted by Turtle6685 (Dallas, Tx) on 01/28/2013

[YEA]  Since I was a child we would gargle warm water with salt to get rid of sore throats. It works wonders. Use 1 tsp of salt for 8 oz of water. Do this every 4 to 6 hours and sore throat should be gone within 24 hours.

Posted by Vikki
Solihull, Uk
[YEA]   "When we are kids we gargle with anything, but as u get older u get boring & forget!

Had severe sore throat for couple days now from blocked/runny sinuses. Decided to do the salt water gargle, started with small mouthfuls first then built my way up!! Plus kitchen towel on hand. After first cup I coughed up (sorry) lots of phlegm, did a second cup & feel much better.

Also had lemon juice (from bottle in fridge), honey & hot water as a "chaser". Have filled up my gardening flask & going to sip it tucked up in bed. Will repeat later & see how it goes. Anything's worth a try & cheaper than meds, plus the old ones are the best ;-)

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Posted by Unknown User (Land Of The Free!, Idaho United States) on 11/23/2012

[NAY]  It did not work at all! It worked for like 10 minutes and afterwards I felt like crap.... It makes your throat dry and miserable. I highly don't recommend it.

Posted by Littleleto (Tampa, Florida) on 08/05/2011

[YEA]  Oh my GOD!!!! I had a sore throat last night. ( just a small one! ) I looked at this site and saw things that help. I used listerine and gargled it. Then I got warm saltwater and swallowed it instead. It works better when you swallow it! It worked amaizingly its almost gone. Later in the morning im gonna take a warm shower. And thank you soooo much for the tips!!!!

Posted by Kenji
Kofu, Yamanashi, Japan
It is deeply unpleasant and not a total cure but it certainly works.
Posted by Ly
Norwich, England
I am in so much pain with my throat that I've been awake all night, I really could cry, I've just tried this remedie but I can't even seem to hold a gargle for more than a second, is there any other way I could get this to work. Thank you Ly x
Posted by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia
You could get a spray bottle and spray into the back of your throat. Add some cayenne pepper into warm liquid and spray that down the throat.
Posted by Paloomi
Odek, Uganda
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]   "It helped, but not 100%.

Posted by Adam (Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada) on 06/24/2011

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I just recovered from an overnight flu and I am only 13 and got a really sore throat. I read some of the remedies on this site and I saw a bunce of combinations of salt and vinegar, since I had no vinegar, I took half a cup of warm water put a good amount of salt in it and gargled about 3 times.

Before I tried this remidee whenever I swalowed I felt an enormous amount of pain in the back of my throat, and after gargling my throat still hurts a bit, but still hurts way less than before, I will keep doing this about once an hr and maybe get some vinegar, just one question, do I swallow the substances or spit them out after gargling?

Thank You

Posted by Lily
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
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Hi Adam, you spit out the salt water. Whenever you gargle anything you are supposed to spit it out. Doctors often advise salt water gargling for tonsilitus. Good luck Lily.
Posted by Thuto
Katlehong, Southafrica
Should I really gargle with salt. There is no electricity where I am which means no warm water what must I really do?

Posted by Maverick (Lafarge, Wisconson Usa) on 08/03/2010

[YEA]  Hey thanx Chuck going to the Wisconsin dells tomorrow and I think you might have saved me.

Posted by Chuck (Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada) on 03/10/2010

[YEA]  Simple: im going to Europe for 10 days tomorrow and i came home today with a sore throat, major bummer. Anyways, i typed in "sore throat remedies" and was brought to the attention of this site. I scrolled down to the salt and water one, and am now on the road to recovery. All it took was 2 cups of water and 3 tspns. of salt. PRAISE SALT!

Posted by Christian (Toledo, Ohio) on 07/06/2009

[YEA]  Its 10:25 here in Ohio, and im home alone. having a sore throut kills but the salt water remedy works!!!

Posted by Gianna (Discovery Bay, California) on 03/13/2009

[YEA]  I have been feeling sick for the past few days, buy as usual mom made me go to school for finals. I hadnt been getting much rest and the pain was getting worse, i needed help. i had to go to school, so i knew i needed an easy way to get relief. I tried gargling salt water, but didnt last too long as i had hoped. so the next morning i put salt in a warm water bottle and every time my throat would hurt i would go to the bathroom and gargle.suprisingly it worked!i made it through finals and eventually started feeling better and better:)

Posted by Rosa (Chicago, Il) on 02/18/2009

[YEA]  warm salt water for relief of sore throat; I was looking for a desparate cure for a severe sore throat late at nignt w/o having to use meds and this remedy helped immediatly. I used 2cups warm water with 3tspns salt and gargaled with it, the results helped the swelling go down immediatly and helped me sleep asap. when I woke up I repeated the treatment and the results improved drasticly. It will take a few times to completely get rid of the sore throat.

Posted by Hisham
Isa Town, Bahrai
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]   "Woooh! The salt gurgle treatment is great. It has taken away most of the pain but i am goin to keep repeating the treatment until it has tottally gone.THANK U SALT!!!
Posted by Ladywisdom
Miami, Fl
[YEA]   "I almost can swear by this old remedy: when a sore throat appears, gargle with warm water, salt and lemon/lime juice (acv will do too). It should be gone by the end of your gargle. For variety, add a tsp. of honey

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