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Shingles and Postherpetic Neuralgia Along with Scolioisis

08/29/2007: G : Dear Ted, My PHN pain is so severe, and there seems to be no help at all from the olive leaf Phyto Caps which I have taken now for about two weeks. What kind of relief comes first? I have not had any relief from pain all these two years, and realise that maybe it is because of the length of time I have had shingles/PHN, and the fact that in the beginning I had to decrease the dosage of acyclovir due to dizzyness.

There is not one cream, oil, ointment or salve that does not cause extreme pain when applied, and no relief after application.

I will continue with the oilive leaf extract Phyto Caps, but like the other information I have researched, they all clam to help or money back, but none help relieve pain, and none seem to fight the virus other than tea tree oil- this is painful when applied to eyebrow area. (When not ill, tea tree oil never caused me pain, but does now..)

My Ph has been 7.4 except for several days when I did not drink the green drink (barley sprout juice powder) twice a day; also I used sour cream with fish, which may have contributed to acidity.

If you had shingles for two years, what would you take for it? Systems are differant, but few ads mention this, and I do not see how I can endure this for more and more years! I still take the boron (in water and supplement three times a day, plus other supplements), and will have to take my strong pain reliever soon, which drug I would rather not take at all- a form of vicodin- morphine.)

Thank you for being there not only for myself, but for the many you help! Earth Clinic and you deserve an Award!

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: My approach to dealing with postherpetic neuralgia is rather straightforward. I don't really directly kill them, but I used supplements that deals with deficiency which also kills the herpes zoster virus, which in turn kills them, such as the use of zinc gluconate 50 mg x 3 times a day for a couple of days. Tea tree oil after long term use will be painful. Lavender oil makes more sense.

The use of sour cream with fish will no doubt cause the body to extreme acidity which will support the shingles growth and increase the pain. I would much prefer to use magnesium citrate 250 mg for 5 days out of a week and zinc gluconate (at least more frequently), plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda twice a day in 1/2 glass of water twice a day, as a more effective way in dealing with the shingles problem. The lime juice 2 tablespoon plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water taken twice a day can also have the same alkalizing effect which I believe may be more effective.

Killing the viruses outright will cause them to come back again and again if the body is already deficient in zinc, magnesium and the body is lacking in sufficient acidity. The cause of why the viruses grow in the first place is that our body's fluids is currently is providing a fertile grounds for such shingles to grow in the first place. Antioxidants such as vitamin E and vitamin C sodium ascorbate 1000 mg x 3 per day (or rosehips are most helpful). If for a topical solution I would consider lavender oil, and alternate with 5% or 10% magnesium chloride plus 1-2% zinc chloride solution, if at all possible. One other possibility on the topical application that I found useful and easy to find is the use of Milk of Magnesia plus some zinc oxide (if you can find it) applied ot the skin area where shingles are to be found can also be one other alternative to using tea tree oil. All I can say is I think a 5% magnesium chloride and perhaps a milk of magnesia is rather soothing whenever I have that problem, although I don't use them exclusively, zinc oxide is also synergist if you can manage to get them. Ted

Shingles and Postherpetic Neuralgia Along with Scolioisis

08/20/2007: G : Ted, I finally acheived my 7.4 Ph balance, and hope to retain it. There has been norelief of pain from shingles/PHN, but I am now taking olive leaf Phyto-Caps, after recently reading that a man who had shingles for nine years was healed after taking olive leaf extract. Do you know if the extract is better than the liquid olive leaf in capsule form? Thank you for your recent advice; I had to stop the acv with soda because my healed 2003 pelvic fracture again became painful. Our parayers are with those suffering from the Peruvian earthquake and recent Jamaican hurricane, Dean, and hoping it will not cause more devastation in Texas or Mexico.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Thanks for the feedback. Shingles is a virus condition, where a temporary relief with olive leaf extract is strongly anti-viral, but if the body's pH is off being acidic, the immunity is problematic where the body lacks zinc, magnesium, vitamin D3, and vitamin K2, the shingles might still come back. Shingles is a virus but my own experience with olive leaf extract varies on its effectiveness, however it does result in quick relief, but other things that prevent them from coming back such as baking soda (alone), zinc, magnesium, vitamin D3, and vitamin K2.

The increased in pain from pelvic fractures sounds like osteporosis like the body needs vitamin D3, magnesium, boron, and K2. My experience is that much of the relief may be obtained with magnesium since it is also antiviral against the shingles as well as the vitamin D3, and vitamin K2. While boron (borax) is anti fungal which causes bones to loose its strenght since mycobacterium is strongly attached to the larger bone area and I suspect boron may provide the needed boost in removing the source of the problem. Mycobacterium and fungus grows slowly and eats through calcium, much like fungus that grows in bathroom. Given enough time they can just digest the calcium ceramics and cement just the same. Because of both conditions, I suspect the body's immune system to be a problem for both conditions. Raising pH to 7.4 should help, although the pain cause by taking baking soda and apple cider vinegar appears more that the body's lack ability to maintain calcium metabolism where vitamin D3, boron, and magnesium should be taken also. Ted

Shingles and Postherpetic Neuralgia Along with Scolioisis

07/31/2007: G : Ted, Thank you for your explicit description of how scoliosis occurs; this scoliosis was so sudden together with the shingles almost two years ago, that I had no idea that it was caused by a mycobacterium! (The spinal injury occurred many years ago in school where someone pulled my chair out from under me.) The biggest surprise was that mycobacterium causes tuberculosis; my lungs are both crowded and hurt at times, but I thought it was due to having had pleuresy several times. (Mainly from air-conditioning or cold weather where in the south one is not prepared for it. Re your July 26 explanation, for which I am very grateful, I am now drinking the borax in water, and sometimes also take boron. My capsule is of boron citrate glycinate aspartate at 3 mg. (As you said, they add potato starch magnesium stearate and MCT.) How many should I take per day or week? Is one liter a day enough of the water with borax? Would more help or hinder? I have also started eating fish more often for the ammonium chloride (both "fresh" and canned), but have read that some people do not dissolve the urea well and this creates a problem. The only sugar I ever eat is from natural fruits such as mango, oranges, strawberries, or peaches. I aternate the acv with baking soda with lemon every other day. I greatly appreiate all of your recommendations, and you opened my eyes about the mycobacterium! About three years ago someone delivered distilled water to me which was contaminated with a white powder, and I did not see the residue powder until AFTER using the water with H2O2; it gave me a rash around my mouth as well as herpes lesions on my forehead. (A friend said maybe it was a recycled plastic bottle with cleaning product residue; whatever, 911 Emergency never told me their analysis. Thank you again.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Obviously the mycobacterium entered your system via the lungs and the boron should give plenty of relief, at least it did with me countless number of times if its joint pain (usually magnesium and boron) that helped me the most as well as people here who suffers from arthritis and spinal problems, quite close to scoliosis. In fact a tuberculosis can also lead to scoliosis and can cause either unusual curvature of the bones as well as the bacterium eats the spinal column. In a severe one some people have no spinal column and only the rib cages support their postures. I suspect boron or borax would have helped those conditions.

As to your questions:

Is one liter a day enough of the water with borax? Would more help or hinder?

For me that is always the bare minimum. Some people do take as much as 4 days out of a week in an effort to reduce weight along with 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda twice a day. Some people are more sensitive, where loss of appetite is seen, and wishes to GAIN weight, so once a week in some cases is desired. I can only tell you of the ranges of dose, starting with minimum to a maximum. In practice, I usually observe that borax is helpful in killing of the mycobacterium as dose becomes more frequent.

I have also started eating fish more often for the ammonium chloride (both "fresh" and canned), but have read that some people do not

The proteins actually breaks down into amines or trace free ammonium which in turn kills off the mycobacterium. But what is so interesting is the amino acids and proteins from these foods in turn detoxifies the liver at the same time since most amino acid does that. So if liver functions better detoxification is improved, and hence some immune system will improve by lowering the overhead of a congested system from the liver.

If I get something as small as 3 mg of boron glycinate mentioned I would very likely take them 3 times a day and 5 days out of a week. It seems for me 3 mg is a bit less and I would need more. Of course I would increase or decrease the dose depending on my back pain monitoring thing. It is often noticed improvement the next day as well as watch for signs of loss of appetite and other conditions to determine my own optimum dose. A good observation I think is an important one.


Shingles and Postherpetic Neuralgia Along with Scolioisis

07/27/2007: G : Ted, I hope that you can help in my case. I have had shingles/postherpetic neuralgia for almost two years; this is complicated by scoliosis which occurred about the same time, though an injury to the spine while in school started the problem of a gradual tilting, but became dreadfully painful with the shingles attack. Could the scoliosis be from calcification? If so, could acv with baking soda help restore me to health? I have tried many oils, ointments, creams, and take vitamins and nineral supplements, also eat a healthful diet, but nothing has stopped the pain. I am also electricity sensitive, (ES), and turn off the circuit breakers in rooms to be out of electromagnetic fields. My nerve injury from shingles may have been caused by following the very limted diet of Dr. Max Gerson's, but that was long ago; also I did not have chicken pox when a child, but may have had it a few years ago when contaminated distilled water was brought to me which had a white powdery residue in the container after drinking it. Nothing has relieved the great pain- neither healthful diet, vitamin E applied, or other balms. Your recommendation to take 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda with acv brought to mind that I read that one should never use baking soda on vegetables (to retain their color in cooking) because it depletes vitamins. From your comments baking soda is necessary with the acv, and contributes to alkalinity and fighting viruses; as this is an auto-immune disease (with additional rashes), what can you recommend for restoring health? Thank you, and i hope to read your reply soon!

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: A scoliosis in my own observations are due to microbial problems (which resulted in fusion such as certain bacteria that digest ligaments as in staph or degenerate the bone such as mycobacterium), a deficiency of vitamin D, and the issue of magnesium which kills of the staph, while boron supplements (often borax) kills off the mycobacterium.

It is often initiated whenever a person is sick depleting the immune systems allowing the bacteria and virus to set in into the body. But this only occurs after a long term illness, greatly depleting the body quite often of alkalization, magnesium, iodine and zinc.

In general terms, the cause are often multiple causes, it is bone deformities (often its fungus mycobacterium) or ligaments which attaches the bones (often a bacteria such as a staph) and the vitamin D deficiency which in practice requires a large dose only used by doctors which may cause all kinds of bone related diseases due to unavailability in supplements, it would make life much simpler.

The one observations I have that seems to be consistent is whenever a mycobacterium exists either in the skin, bones or blood vessels, the healing and repairs of the bones or skins can never be commences. If they manifests itself in the skin, the skin don't heal and form vertical cracks. If it exists in the blood vessels if forms an invisible crack weakness and manifests itself as "aneurysms".

If it exists in the bones, the bones cannot grow at the same speed, where the side of the bones that mycobacterium exists slows down the growh and hence the curvature towards the area where they reside (which a good identification of their location and topical applications thereof) and hence the "rickets" of the legs or the rickets of the spinal column as in the condition of scoliosis. The vitamin D3 or a better D4 would lend itself nicely if they were available at that dose! Vitamin D in general are antifungal and is related to helping the body's immune system.

The common dose of vitamin D3 doctors use are typically between 20,000 i.u. to 50,000 i.u. per day for 1-2 months, then followed paring of the dose, while those available as a "supplement form" are often below 1000 i.u. (usually 100 i.u.) which translates to something less than a milligram of vitamin D. Therefore, such low dose can actually be engineered to cause all kinds of bone related disease just from this deficiency alone.

There are also good antifungals or antimycobacterium that I frequently used, such as borax (boron), and certain diets rich in certain amino acids (most cafeteria and fast food diets have terribly low amino acids across the board by 1/3 of the required also resulting in obesity and immunity suppressed related conditions as in scoliosis) which implies eating more baked and boiled fish diet, not more steaks!

The borax remedy varies depending on how I can take them, which I do like to take them weekly of 1/4 teaspoon in 1 liter of drinking water, but if I have a conditions of the bones it is often anywhere from 2-3 days a week of 1/4 teaspoon of borax mixed in a drinking water. Magnesium citrate is greatly helped as it has anti-bacterial properties that can help the ligaments.

Certain anti fungal topical applications are quite possible by mixing my own watery application of ammonium carbonate or ammonium chloride solutions (5-10%) on the area where bones are a problem or causing pains. It helps for me at least by eating high fish diets which causes the body to increase in urea, and those breaks down into ammonium compounds in the body when baking soda is taken to reach urinary pH of 7.0 often twice a day ON AN EMPTY STOMACH. This is why baking soda should not be used in washing vegetables or taken along with other vitamins and why it is taken on an empty stomach as well. The alkalization initiates free ammonia which kills the fungus from the high urea (which is diuretic and lowers blood pressure and have antifungal properties in itself) from the high fish diets, namely boiled or baked. I prefer sushi myself, but that's only my own taste buds! The ammonium and urea are antifungals which should at least reduce some mycobacterium caused scoliosis.

Lavender and especially tea tree oil applied topically with sufficient frequency could also help the condition on the back too.

I have had shingles/postherpetic neuralgia for almost two years; this is complicated by scoliosis

A shingles can be helped with zinc and magnesium as it is antiviral, which by the way a lack of amino acid rich diets can initiate scoliosis being due to bacterium and fungus. A vitamin D deficiency and suppressed immunity from lack of iodine might be helped with a once or twice a week iodine foot painting.

A case of shingles would be greatly helped with zinc gluconate supplements such as 50 mg for 2-3 times a week. I prefer zinc acetate myself. A 250 mg of magnesium citrate can be taken at 4 or 5 days a week also.

Could the scoliosis be from calcification?

Scoliosis more like staph like bacterium eating up ligaments which causes the fusing of bones or the body's lack of dealing with all these microbes can destroy a bone. In fact just taking plenty of magnesium alone, for a couple of weeks can cause the bones to correct itself, since magnesium is needed by the bones also where the ratio of magnesium to calcium is often 2:1. Unfortunately most diets are too high in calcium and too low in magnesium. Excess serum calcium clogs up the system since the body cannot effectively deal with calcium without sufficient magnesium or boron. Most of the problem is actually excess calcium and magnesium and boron deficiencies.

Also scoliosis is more in line with the body's weak immunity which I think will be greatly helped with vitamin D, more sun exposure (if sun is NOT a problem. I have noticed scoliosis are more serious during winter when vitamin D is lacking and gets better during summer. Vitamin D here is linked but the body can easily produced 10,000 i.u. in the sun per day, but the dose they sell today is well below 1000 i.u. and this can create all kinds of bone related problem. A person of higher age such as in 50s or 60s produces only 1/5 the vitamin D levels of a small child.

could acv with baking soda help restore me to health? I have tried many.

Many people tried many things, but it doesn't work, quite often because the mineral supplements or vitamin supplements simply don't dissolve in a glass of water within 15 minutes. Supplements company simply added too much calcium phosphate (preventing mineral absorption) or some waxy substances (magnesium stearate) preventing them to be dissolved. That's why a powdered form in gelatin capsules or taking directly in powdered form are preferred. When those are not possible, I will quite often chew those tablets or grind them to powder and mixed with water.

As to the question of baking soda has anti-microbial properties certainly since must fungals and bacterium grows in an acidic environment or and 90% of all the foods we eat are acid forming. However baking soda alone will not help that much if vitamin d, more fish diets, boron(borax), zinc and magnesium supplements are considered also.

My nerve injury from shingles may have been caused by following the very limted diet of Dr. Max Gerson's, but that was long ago; also I did not have chicken pox when a child,

A nerve injury should be helped with vitamin B complex, zinc and magnesium for shingles. Therefore a Max Gerson's were way off in directly dealing with the matter. People can actually die from too much potassium from Gerson Therapy. People on death row are injected with potassium to stop a heart by potassium overdose. It is only when sodium and potassium is presented in a proper ratio that is safe. Magnesium is also part of the electrolytes and is often ignored in many sports drink.

Your recommendation to take 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda with acv brought to mind that I read that one should never use baking soda on vegetables

Yes, that's why it is taken on an empty stomach, and the best times for that are in the morning and evening.

your comments baking soda is necessary with the acv, and contributes to alkalinity and fighting viruses; as this is an auto-immune disease (with additional rashes), what can you recommend for restoring health?

The remedy for ACV or lemon are equally used alternatively. It is the basic foundation for me anyway to achieve a urinary pH of 7 (which is neutra) by taking enough of those.

The dose as always that I get the least complaints is 2 tablespoon of ACV plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water taken at least two times a day. Although I think three times a day is more ideal, most people find that inconvenient.

This is done by taking alternate days with 8 teaspoon of lemon juice plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water taken twice a day.

Of course for conditions of scoliosis/shingles zinc gluconate (or zinc acetate), magnesium and vitamin D4 or D3 is in the topic most important things I would do also.

As to the neural damage caused by sickness I think twice a week vitamin B complex and 1 tablespoon a day of granulated lecithin would help.

Sensitivity to electromagnetic might remotely mean excess free heavy metals in the body and some EDTA or cod liver or a small amount of chinese parsley (a couple of leaves once or twice a week) is taken to slowly get rid of it. An unusual sensitivity to chinese parsley is an indication of heavy metal overload.


Eye Affected

07/07/2007: M from Ortonville, Mich: I have shingles on my forehead and nose and eye. my eye runs like a river. took antiviral for 7 day and was completely better. 3 days later it all came back twice as hard was put back on antiviral for 20 more days and it hasn't helped. been to the eye dr 6 times its now gone into neuralgia and painful. will try the vinegar tried dsmo without any help. does anyone out there have anything that will help my eye from running. I am sure its caused from the nerve from the shingles I went on 40 mg of predison a day and it helped for a few days only the eye but am going off it gradually now please help me.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: What worked for me was the lavender oil, which is applied with fair amount of frequency every 15 minutes for half a day, at least. But must be applied thinly enough so that the smell doesn't irritate the eyes. ACV and DMSO wouldn't work.

The other one that has worked with me was a 3% solution of zinc chloride and 5% solution magnesium chloride applied with the same frequency intervals.

Question About Neurontin

11/30/2006: Sarah from Kingman, AZ: I've used Calendula Ointment, Aveeno for chicken pox Rash, aloe Jell, acv, made me burn more. The Aveeno cream seems to work the best for a while. I have had the blisters left side of my back, around the the waist and under the left breast and between the breasts-very painfull, a burning pain. I took Zovirax,800mg, five pills a day for ten days, supposed to kill the virus. Has anyone tried Neurontin? This medicine is used to treat seizures associated with epilepsy, but also used in adults to treat nerve pain following herpes zoster infection and other conditions.I am thinking of asking for a prescription. Would like to know if anyone has tried this. The burning pain I have right now radiates through my back, and across my chest. I am a 79 year old woman, just lost my husband four months ago, I cannot deal with this pain much longer.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Sarah: The treatment that I am using for topical application of herpes have been unusually successful. In one case she followed instructions only halfway as the condition was so serious... I told her to do it for 12 hours, but she did 6 hours. A complete remission of the condition ocurred and it never came back. If you want the cure, here are the procedures, after a lot of trial and error. As usual, the biggest problem about this treatment is NOT finding a cure, it was getting the supplies.

1. 5% zinc chloride 5% magnesium chloride solution. Apply every 15 minutes for about 6 hours.

2. Tea tree oil lavender oil geranium oil (1:1:1) Apply every 15 minutes for about 6 hours. You can add rosemary oil if you want and replace with any other oils if you can't find it.

3. 2% copper chloride solution. Apply every 30 minutes for about 6 hours.

The herpes zoster should go away in 24 hours and there will be a dry scab. It should not come back. Make sure you launder the clothes in bleach to prevent reinfection.

As an added kill against further reinfection, 25 mg of zinc acetate/citrate/gluconate every day for about a week. Then do it only weekly for a couple of more week then no more.

Be sure to avoid all sweets and white flour made food during this treatment the body will heal quicker and you will get other added bonus on health also. Absolutely no sweet drinks, coffee or tea. However, drinking water with 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt certainly did help reduce the said fungus condition also. Ted

03/25/2007: Levoy from Sanger, CA replies: In answer to Sarah from Kingman, AZ. My doctor prescribed Neurontin for my shingles. I take 100mg started 1 tablet 3 times a day for a week, then 2 tablets 3 times a day for a week, then 3 tablets 3 times a day. I had relief from the pain & itching in a week. I have taken this for 2 weeks & 2 days and the itching has almost disappeared. I still have some itching on my arms and face around my eyes. I am going to try the apple cider vinegar on my face and arms.



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