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Last Modified on Sep 21, 2011

Natural Remedy for Rash Around Nose?

09/21/2011: Anonymous from Anonymous: Ted, I have had this rash/acne around the rings of my nose for a long time. The doctor gave me minocycline, which worked temporarily, but also made me anxious. Do you know of a natural alternative to minocycline? I also tried 1/8 tsp borax, for 2 days, then stopped because I was sensitive to it. Any suggestions?

09/21/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Borax has side effects due to accumulating nature of minocycline, which is fungal based. Hydrogen peroxide 3% in one capful to one liter of water as a drinking water every other day.


10/25/2011: Shaun from York, Uk replies: Could I suggest you try Ted's Milk of Magnesia? It might help. It worked for me. Just rub some on/in and leave it as best you can. See my posting eleswhere on this.

Need Advice on Itchy Bumpy Rash

08/23/2011: Alia from Birmingham, Uk: Dear Ted, I need your help with this. I have been getting bumps on my body that look & feel like an insect or mosquito bite. I feel the itch and the bump is immediate. They itch and last for days, then they leave a dark mark on my skin. I am not in the outdoors to be bitten, nor do I have my windows open to allow any insects in my home. The doctor said they were insect bites, but I doubt it because these bumps even happened when I went abroad for a week. This situation happened to me once last year also, then stopped. Could there be another cause of these itchy pimples to occur? I am most frustrated & cannot connect it to my diet.

I have been alkalizing my body for months now and I take Lysine, zinc, Vit C in powder form and lecithin. Please advise.

01/06/2012: Soleil from Sunrise, Florida replies: Alia, I have experienced this very thing. A couple of itchy red pimples show up on different areas of my body & after a few days leaves a black spot.. I am also seeking a solution, but I don't know where to start. Have you found an answer as to the cause? Does anyone have a solution or advice? Don't know if it's allergies, parasites, mites... Who knows? Help!!!
03/10/2012: Tera from Nashville, Tn replies: I too have been having problems with red spots that leave scars and are itchy or painful, almost like the beginning of a boil, mostly on my buttocks or pelvic area, I've been using the essential oil melaleuca on it (tea tree oil) as soon as I see one come up and it keeps it from fully developing, as long as I put it on it they go away but more do come.
03/21/2012: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: The best way is MSM topically, with a bit of water, and/or lavender applied to the area. If bacteria, it responds best to magnesium chloride, but that's not good for a fungal cause. I suspect it's fungal, if doesn't respond to MSM, then would try magnesium chloride solution.


Strange Rash Along Spine

04/11/2011: Anonymous : Hi Ted,

Thank you for your amazing contribution. I've learned so much by reading the information on Earthclinic.

Anyhow I'm writing about I have a strange rash on my back I've taken a picture to show you it is like long red marks along my spine. No bumps or real itching, but feels hot and uncomfortable a slight stinging feeling. I've been putting apple cider vinegar on it. I'm 45 year old female vegetarian. I've had two nose plastic surgery in my life 20's due to an injury I suffered from when I was child. I have no stress, I live in a calm environment.

For the last four years I've been I suffering from severe dry eyes,. My ophthalmologist put tear duct plugs in, but that has not helped, My dry eyes are worst at night when I'm sleeping which I used Vaseline in my eyes or refresh drops in my eyes. I also have dry itchy skin sometimes it feels like something is crawling or stinging me under my skin at times. I have to use sesame oil on my entire body in order to get some relief from the itching feeling . I've been alkalizing, but I'm not really sure If I'm seeing any results as of yet.

I was diagnosed with severe anemia, which I take black strap molasses for the anemia and it appears to be better, although during my period I feel beyond exhausted. I was told I'm blood deficient and with too much heat in my body so I just started taking chinese herbs to get my blood going and to release heat ouf of my body I started that about two weeks ago. That was about the same time I started have hot flashes in the night time when I sleep so I started to sleep with the window open, My periods are heavy and I have a period every 22-23 days. I will also have migraines during my period or when I'm getting closer to my period . I take Butterbur extract for it and it works. I would appreciate any insights you may have. Namaste

06/03/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: It appears you have a severe fungus infection that is in your blood. The fungus if it gets in the blood, you get severe anemia because fungus primary food source is iron, which comes from blood. It causes heat. Tannic acid will help which is 1/8 teaspoon dissolved in 500 cc of water taken twice a day. It will slowly elminate the fungus in the blood. Fulvic acid is another one that will get fungus out, it is taken 1/16 teaspoon twice a day. Bentonite clay is applied throughout the body to detox the toxic chemical buildup and lessen the severity of skin problem. To prepare you can make your own bentonite clay with water, and apply in the back area but throughout body. You can dry the entire body and then you rinse. Repeat that three times and do it twice daily. I think that should eliminate of the problem. There is another remedy, you can do also after bentonite is apply, magnesium chloride. You prepare a solution just enough for it to dissolve. You apply the entire body do that a couple of times. The above remedy I did on several of patients and it disappeared in a week.But as life goes, everybody is different so it might be successful for you. The magnesium allows the toxicity to be reduced the bentonite clay sucks the toxins out. If you need any oils, I used aloe vera oil applied only twice a week.

Again sorry but during that time I have concussions throughout that month and I improved later and I am catching up with some old emails.


04/05/2013: Anonymous from San Jose, Ca replies: I'd get checked for gluten intolerance too. Afterall, what caused you to get a blood infection/fungus? Get to the root cause. Get tested for gliadin IgA, IgE, IgM, T cells, and Immune Complexes.

Genital Rash

05/31/2008: Brendan from Australia: 4 months so far on a VERY strict no carbs no sugar etc diet / taking oral terbinafine garlic probiotics vitamin b and c , flax oil ,triphala spirulina fresh veg chicken herbal tea .......... my horrible yeast symptoms are 70% better but i still have irritation of the meatus glans and testicles , 3 years of misery is almost over ..... any idea abou this genital condition? this web site has given me enormous help , i am eternally grateful

05/31/2008: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: The rash grows whenever the body is acid. A genital rash sometimes occurs because of exposure to stool, urine, moisture, dusts and molds in that area as a cause of improper cleanliness and washing. Once they occur they are often difficult or slow to eliminate them. However, the key is to eliminate the redness first. Obviously dietary control will prevent the spread, but not necessarily completely stopping them since they are of external in nature. Therefore a topical solution may help, anything that is antibiotic in nature and in some cases antifungal in nature. If it's severe itching then a weak solution of ammonium chloride is one way, but once the fungus (or candida like) is gone, then it's the bacteria. Bacteria may be of any kind, depending on exposure, from e. coli to staphyloccocus. Personally I used a weak solution ammonium chloride to eliminate the severe itch, thereafter the remaining inflammation is likely to be bacterial, but in rare cases it's virus. If it's bacteria then a zinc powder such as zinc oxide is a more mild remedy, that maybe present in some talcum powders. My friend told me he has the same one, but he preferred to use my earlier remedies which as a weak solution of copper chloride. In his case he was happy with the 0.1% solution of copper chloride, mixed with some other things he liked, which i feel were just as important such as some zinc oxide (of any % concentration such as 10%) and applied to those areas, or related areas. I prefer the ammonium chloride myself and the concentration is about 2-5%, as it is simpler to mix and copper chloride is I think, while effective, are difficult to mix at 0.1% or even a higher 0.5%, at least for me. Besides, I don't like the smell of copper (smells like a used penny), but some are seemingly happy with it when the itches goes away.

However, in less sensitive area away from genital area, such as buttocks I may use a weak zinc chloride solution of 1% (or with zinc acetate), and sometimes add magnesium chloride of 5% in those areas. While the inflammation may stop, the scarring and other things may take longer to heal and perhaps, at least, what I tried to reduce the stinging pain after application, is to rinse, dry and apply the aloe vera oil thinly, but not often, at least not everyday, to help healing of the scars. The aloe vera oil actually is not necessary, it just helps the healing of the scar and hence, i prefer to kill them using the zinc and magnesium first. Quite often most people won't have the zinc chloride or magnesium chloride solution, in which case, a suitable substitute, somewhat less effective is for me to get zinc gluconate tablets, grind and dissolve in small amount of water and apply to the appropriate area.

Personally I feel the topical application is fast, but dietary confrol is important otherwise it spread pretty rapidly. The most important element to reduce this problem is proper sanitary measures (my home is full of fungus from the tour buses that pollutes the house - hard to eliminate, cleaning and bathing), but also keeping the area dry, such as zinc oxide added talcum powders. Sometimes titanium dioxide helps, but zinc oxide is more effective against bacteria. A key component in reducing rashes is taking internally 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda i n 1/2 glass of water twice a day. In severe cases of extreme itchiness and irritation a carbicarb remedy is what I used, such as 1/4 teaspoon of sodium carbonate with 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water taken as an alkalizing drink 2 times a day, once in the morning and once before bedtime. The alkalizing drinks helps with skin problems tremendously. One of my friend in Australia emailed me about the wonders of
microwater, kangen water, and other similar water remedy after seeing some video of eczema being cured on a children after 6 months, in which I told him that Kangen water is nothing more than a weak solution of lye found in water during the electrolytic process in which sodium chloride is reacted as follows:

NaCl + H2O -> NaOH + HCl

The electrodes will separate the NaOH on alkalizing side (sodium hydroxide) and HCl hydrochloric acid on the other side. These are called Kangen water and other terminology. Marketers don't want people to know this, so it sound like a miracle, but eczema or rashes after taking baking soda three times a day 1/2 x 3 reduced significantly the next 3 days instead of 6 months, and you won't waste throwing away half of the water. lol. For me the equipment is expensive and the recipe method is a lot cheaper and more effective.

It should be noted that mother nature has a plan of recycling decayed organic cells and dead cells. These decaying bacteria, will only start decaying whenever organic molecules become acid, which triggers decay. Unfortunately we eat acid forming foods and acid forming vegetable oils, which is fried food, that is high in free fatty acids. Of course vegetable oils unheated has little free fatty acids. These trigger degradation of our bodies, much like rotting our own bodies, as in these rashes. Therefore, avoiding these acid forming foods, in particular aspartame, diet products, low fat products, fruits juices, fruits, table salt, wheat products are some of the more problem one. The most dangerous of all are aspartame containing products, and chlorinated and fluoridated compounds and the table salt which contains acid forming aluminum silicate compound that is an anti-caking, but causes pH of salt to be 5, which is the main cause of high blood pressure, the acidity and the
excessive chlorides and chlorine. Chlorine and fluoridation of water causes inflammation, that worsens especially our tap water in most of the city now contain many pharmaceutical products that REFUSES to be biodegradable and people unknowingly drink this everyday. Imagine what happens if some vegetables we grow contains heavy metals and we water our plants with non-degradable, drugs on the plants. Therefore these environmental influences play a great deal of influences too, together with chlorine causes the body to react more severely despite low concentration of pharma drugs found in water that refuses to degrade.

Therefore, I would concentrate on baking soda remedy and topical application, such as zinc oxide, or other topical application mentioned, all of which I have tried, and work quite well. The scarring however, is not going to heal quickly but can be applied using some aloe oil mixed with some lavender oil. Weak lavender oil in grape oil solution or extra virgin olive oil can be applied to reduce the inflammation, although only thinly applied and not used everyday. Zinc oxide talcum powders are generally easy to use because it is drying. Oily solution is not helpful in the long run, but if applied once or twice a week usually won't hurt that much and used only when the skin is inflamed. Thinner, methanol use, and chemical use may not improve such rash conditions and I would avoid such use near them.

Side Effects From Home Remedies?

09/06/2007: Kari : Dear Ted, Thank you for all of your posts. Yesterday. I broke out in a rash (blister-like, red, itchy) all over my extremities(arms, legs, face, neck). You indicate to seek the source of the rash, but I just don't know what it could be. I started using the ACV cocktail about 2 weeks ago and this is the only thing that has changed. Could this be the cause? I bathed in an ACV bath last night and applied ACV to the spots this morning to stop the unbearable itch. I also feel lethargic and have a slight upset stomach. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Rash is often a toxemia where apple cider vinegar can control the problems, but it causes the body to go into excess acidity which can up set the stomach. An apple cider vinegar 2 tablespoon and 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda can have a better control on the problems,while a topical application of ordinary vinegar or apple cider vinegar can initially best handle the problem.

I have also found a rash can also be initiated whenever zinc deficiency is indicated, due to a certain bacterial response. In that event to cure myself I would take 50 mg of zinc acetate (or zinc gluconate) for 5 days out of a week and then stop. A topical application of 10% zinc oxide solution can help stop that too and it may indicate a zinc deficiency.

In certain more agressive kinds of allergies, a milk of magnesia (the kind they used to solve constipation, but WITHOUT the aluminum hydroxide) can resolve the skin allergies and intestinal tract allergies, which some might call ulcerative colitis just the same.However I would take magnesium citrate or magnesium chloride 250 mg x 2 times a day for 5 days out of a week to stop this problem and it never came back again.

It should be noted that Ted's antibiotic is to use only zinc and magnesium, but this is also used for treatment of rashes and allergies just the same. The liver detoxifies toxic substances by acetylation, buta dose of acetate, found in apple cider vinegar after neutralizing the acid would have worked better, and the alkalization would also kill the bacteria too. A more persistent fungus like condition that initiate an allergy, at least an easy one I would have used is the sea salt such as 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt in one glass of water.

As for the stomach upset mentioned, apple cider vinegar should be added with the baking soda and the resulting side effect such as a stomach upset and other problems should go away. But this alone doesn't resolve the possible underlying cause of a zinc or magnesium deficiency. There are other causes, but this should resolve a majority such as 80% of the common skin allergies that I have experienced.

Bleeding Rash Identification and Remedy?

02/01/2007: Tobey from Guelph, ON: I take ACV 6tbsp/day, 10gr l-glutamine/day, probiotic 2x/day, liver cleanse and have oil pulled for about 3 weeks. My issue is that I have had a skin rash (began 3 yrs ago) that covered my body and itched terribly and bled. Now is contained to the stomach channel on my lower legs and looks like little red dots/blisters that itch and can bleed (a little - not copiously) and it seems the skin is thickening around the dots. I also suffer from varicose veins, am 43 caucasian female with mild respitory issues (that the ACV seem to has helped immensely!) I have had western MD blood tests and skin tests, seen dermatologists, Eastern (TCM) tests, get acupuncture and see naturopath regularly (she cleared it up to where it is now). Does anyone know what this might be??

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Tobey: It must be understood that rashes are a very general condition and can have a whole range of causes. The reason why rashes are not successfully treated based on my experience is people simply aren't trying hard enough to find the causes. If the causes are known, then it becomes a process of elimination by treatment necessary to narrow down which remedies will work based on an unknown rash source. Obviously if you have a sickness or poisoning of some kind, such as measles, syphilis, AIDS, chemical spills and other obvious diseases, those are treated first rather than looking at what is the cause of rashes here. Therefore, I assume you already ruled out those obvious disease by seeing a practitioner already. We can therefore rule out these right off, in general. Certain obvious food allergies such as milk, bread, bacon, and others should also be eliminated or at least considered also. If those are not likely you can go to the next step.

For one thing, the rashes would have healed faster if you added baking soda to the ACV. The body can detoxify the rashes a lot easier. The fact that the skins thickens around the dots is a shell the bacteria or microbes create to protect themselves, or the body simply has inability to kill it so it blocks out. Often blocking out is a condition of acidity or lack of bicarbonates as the body's capillaries contract whenever the body is in acidic state.

The dots can become lose and removed if you take 2 tablespoons of ACV plus at least 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda three times a day, or 3 tablespoon and 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda two times a day. When the body is in alkaline state, the vitamin C and other biochemicals becomes an antioxidant instead of pro oxidant so that the rashes should reduced further. It takes about almost two months to see an improvement in skin condition and the dots beginning to fall off.

Rashes often depend on the cause, so that the treatment can deal with it, but the foundation of getting urinary pH within 6.5-7.35 remains paramount so that the biochemical inside your body won't work against you.

The other is to increase the body's defense system which is also one of the foundations of rashes, generally. Basically in this condition, I think 50 mg of zinc acetate (or suitable gluconate, citrate) taken every other day should further contain it.

Usually long term rashes require deeper biochemical changes than just topical treatment for cases of rashes. The other issue of rashes that causes bleeding or skin breakage could also one of deficiency also, such as evening primrose oil, flaxseed oil, vitamin D, cod liver oil, vitamin E and vitamin A. I am sure your naturopath is far more qualified to treat your conditions because of the information available from regular visits. So it is best to ask the naturopath for these questions.

The most helpful topical treat depending on the cause or what generally works the best, assuming of course this is not due to deficiency issues and the deficiency issues and corrected biochemical balance was already dealt with. It takes about at least 2 weeks to correct the biochemical imbalance. Eliminating the issues of disease or deficiencies. This appears to be a weakly flesh eating microbes as evidenced by the bleeding conditions.

1. Topical application of apple cider vinegar or vinegar. The itchiness should stop or reduced within minutes. It has a tendency to neutralize most chemical toxins and and biochemical ones.

2 If vinegar route does not work, then an alkaline solution is preferable. So a concentrated baking soda or a wet baking soda paste applied for about 30 minutes to 1 hour.

3. Pure ethanol or a strong vodka is another alternative applied to the skin as long as possible to rid of the other known organism that have hydrophobic abilities. For it to work best, mix one teaspoon of turmeric powder with the vodka about 1/3 or 1/4 cup to be applied to the skin, for at least 3 hours to notice improvements. 6 hours is the ideal time to kill most if you know it is working.

4. Lavender oil quite often works when they do not work. I often use either pure lavender oil or lavender oil mixed with ethanol or vodka often a 10% lavender oil solution.

5. A simple toothpaste applied to the skin which has peppermint oil will often do nicely in some cases of skin rashes, especially of viral nature. Herbal toothpastes with peppermint, generally worked the best.

6. In event none of the above works, a 5% zinc acetate or a 2% zinc chloride applied to the skin (in case it is viral cause such as herpes, etc.) for about at least 6-12 hours. It must be on the skin long enough to effect a killing.

7. In event it is of fungal or more aggressive organism is there a solution of 1% hydrogen peroxide applied to the skin long enough should reduce the itchiness. If the fungus were somewhat more aggressive, or it the issue is one of tiny insects, from being near a dog with mange for example, then a 1% percent hydrogen peroxide with a saturated amount of borax is treated to the skin all day.

8. If nothing STILL worked, then there may be some aggressive organism or metal or chemical that is resilient to neutralizing. In this case I found bentonite wet clay applied and dried, for about 30 minutes then reapplied for at least 5 times will do the job. Sometimes my remedy overshoot itself where 3 times would generally be sufficient, but I am playing safe.

It is difficult to write down every possible causes for rashes and its treatment, but as a warning, people often give up too easily trying to narrow down the cause. The cause takes more time than the cure itself. So it is necessary to go down the list and try one by one until you find the cause. Sugar during times of rash should be eliminated from the diet and this includes fruit juices. They are quite often food for the microbes.

Rash isn't going to get any better in the near future as antibiotic resistant strains, and the evolution of microbes get accelerated development through GMO or bioweapons where genes of various microbes exchanged becoming much deadlier with each step. If the authorities think they have the antidote to them or a way to kill bioweapons in case they do get to the civilian population, controlling them is quite difficult since genes are exchanged with the human host and viral host, and may make it quite difficult to actually dealing with the specific organism. Other safer common garden variety bacteria can become quite deadly if those genes are transferred naturally via horizontal gene transfers. Just imagine how deadly would it be if the common cold viruses suddenly acquires a bioweapon genes by accident through horizontal gene transfer.

This is how evolution happens, but now we are snipping DNA pieces to plants, cows, pigs, chickens and even if they don't touch humans, genes from the food also get exchanged in the bacterial gut and they can be come deadly or displace the human genes with the genes to acquire GMO genes or bioweapons genes.

If it is getting to this level, there is no way that rashes can be handled. This is just my humble opinion that bioweapons research should be stopped before things get out of hand. It already has for the past decade with flesh eating MRSA. I really have no way of controlling this kind of gene exchange issue and it is one issue that I have no way to cure or treat the conditions. It is going to be more difficult to treat and it isn't going to be any easier in the future.

Itchy and Burning Rash

S : Hi Ted, I have just come across your wonderful site Earth Clinic and hope you will be able to help me.

I have recently (one month now) developed a bad rash that flares up periodidcally throughout the day, more at night, attacking different parts of my body, including my eyes and burning the palms of my hands and lower areas. Also the armpits. The rash is unbearably itchy and then burns like needles with little blisters appearing. I have tried everything I can think of to get this out of my system but nothing has helped. I took antihistamine for one week and it went but returned immediately.

I finally had to go to my GP and he has know idea of what it is and wanted me to have another course of antihistamines but I refused. I have been referred to the Dermatology Dept at the hospital but there is a 6 week wait and I have no faith now and prefer alternative methods to get to whatever the problem is and cure it as I don't like drugs.

I can only think that I have had an allergic reaction to Chinese pills I was given by the Acupunturist who was treating me after having been in an accident. She told me they would strengthen my immune system. I only took them for about 3 days and then noticed my ears were itching and burning like crazy but I didn't take any notice at first. Within a few days it was spreading and becoming unbearable. I feel quite nervous now as I don't know what I have. My girlfriend told me to take Turmeric and water. I did a search & found Earth Clinic and saw how beneficial Turmeric is for many ailments. However, I can't see anything resembling what I have developed, whatever it is and would be so grateful if you could please advise me if you think this could help me.

I have listed the ingredients for you just in case you know of any of them having an adverse effect.

  • Shu Di Huang
  • Shan Zhu Yu
  • Shan Yao
  • Fu Ling
  • Ze Xie

I sincerely appreciate any help or recommendations that you are able to offer me. I have taken the Turmeric twice now and my skin feels much calmer. It hasn't gone but certainly feels easier today.

Thank you so much for your help. Kindest regards.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Usually rash and allergic reactions are often fungus and metabolic acidosis, and they can sometime come from certain Chinese herbals, although they work quite well if the body has proper alkalinity.

The best overall remedy to reduce the rash are a couple, the more complicated ones are more effective. But assuming it is a simple allergic reaction, assuming from chemicals and toxins, then a simple detoxification are in order:

1. 1% H2O2 solution and use the towel to apply on the skin all over the body to neutralize the toxins.

2. 10 drops of 3% H2O2 food grade in 1 glass of water taken three times a day. This is a liver detoxification of toxins causing the allergic reaction.

The peroxide remedy generally neutralizes about 90% of all toxins, be it from environment or certain contaminants from chinese herbs.

The second way to neutralize the toxins, after the peroxide remedy is already used, is to use just plain white distilled vinegar applied to the area of rashes in general, being that the hydrogen peroxide has been used already. So whatever is left the vinegar should neutralize what's left over.

In the event the above remedy did neutralized but the body needs to rid of the toxins still from the skin, then a bentonite clay, or mud pack mixed in water to the consistency of the pudding is applied to the skin thinly and allow it to dry. Once it is dry, it is rinsed, and it is then reapplied for three more times.

Finally, the fungus, might be causing the other condition that is left in which event, an ammonium carbonate, or ammonium bicarbonate (found in local bakery supply store - possibly) a solution is applied to the area of rash. If a baking soda is added or especially the sodium carbonate (Arm & Hammer's washing soda for example) 50/50 in a solution say 10% or 20% is applied to the area, this should help kill some of the fungus, that is left, but usually the white distilled vinegar should have neutralize some of the fungus, but I find the ammonium carbonate or a more user friendly ammonium bicarbonate, mixed with a sodium carbonate as a much better anti-fungal remedies.

For me to achieve reduction in rash in the long term, assuming it is fungal in nature, and it causes itching, or sometimes extreme itching, a more preferred remedies I like is the carbicarb remedies, which is rather strong, but does do the job, especially the extremities, such as

1/4 teaspoon of sodium carbonate (washing soda) plus 1/4 teaspoon sodium bicarbonate in 1/2 glass of water taken at least twice a day. At least this is what I do, and sometimes I may take more frequent dose.

If urinary tract is irritated also I might take one or two teaspoon of deep sea salt (available at an aquarium shops) or a simple sea salt only once a week, but NEVER a common table salt. A common table salt is too acid and makes the reaction of skin rashes much worse, while it is the alkaline sea salt that kills the rashes. The pH of any sea salt should ideally be pH of 8 or more, a dangerous salt is whenever it's pH is below 7, and is worthless. The common table salt by the way, it's pH is about 5, and might be coming from adding too much aluminum compound as a drying agent and is not safe.

Most of the skin's reaction is usually auto-toxification (chemical toxins overload by the liver usually neutralized by hydrogen peroxide) and fungus problems, which seems to get worse year by year (who knows? GMO?) and certain remedies that are effective against that is the alkalization and the boron remedy. Of course there ARE other antifungal remedies that I am looking into, but budget problems prevent my further experimenting, is the copper, chromium, and some others such as EDTA for example. However borax, I am generally happy with. If the problems still persist after 2 or 3 weeks then I might try some borax remedy,' and a woman's dose appears to be 1/8 teaspoon of borax per liter of drinking water. There is some side effect of borax I do see often, which has an viagra effect on both men and woman, as it seems to raise hormonal levels to more normal levels than anything else, especially the immunity. Further improvement is possible if I might add say 5 drops of lugol's solution in a glass of water once a day plus some tyrosine supplements, for a couple of more weeks further down the road.

Once recovery is possible on say 5th week or something like that, and if weakness is indicated I may take vitamin B complex (B50) and vitamin E 200 i.u.

Turmeric is generally too mild to help allergic reactions, but they are quite good for bacteria and other related problems.

I got allergic skin problems myself, but generally being the fungus counts where I live is unusually high and quite often I may make a sodium carbonate and ammonium bicarbonate (50/50) 10% solution spray around the house just to reduce some of those. Luckily I have never turned to steroids, which destroys the liver an anything else. But sugar (worse if glucose, corn syrup, maltodextrin), white flour, aspartame, fluoride, and chlorine are the major trigger for me and I have to try to avoid them, while aspartame, I find them to be deadly.



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