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Perioral Dermatitis
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Natural Remedies for Perioral Dermatitis

Last Modified on Nov 29, 2015

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Posted by Nolan (Birmingham, Alabama, USA) on 10/28/2012

Hey guys, the only reason I joined Earth Clinic which I've found EXTREMELLY usefull is to tell you guys that through trial and Error I've found out not only what causes perioral dermatitis but what has eliminated mine 100%, with no remission.

To start out with back ground I'm a guy age 21, and I was one of the lucky 10% to get this crappy thing, and I've got to say I'm really sorry for everyone who gets it because if you don't know why it happens it is VERY hard to get rid of. I had this disease for 1 month which made me not go to classes, completely avoid my friends, and not go home on weekends for the humility of it. I felt terrible and because of that, I did research every day, for around 4 hours each day and here Is what I've discovered.

Perioral Dermatitis,


1.The causes are many times different but the symptoms are always the same with the redness around your mouth and tiny bumps filled with fluid is cause by an immune system reaction to something. If you'll notice it is somewhat similar to a poison ivy rash in the fact that some foreign body is cause your skin to inflame and create those bumps.

CAUSE: the reason why this is so hard to treat and there are so many different things that seem to work is because there are different causes to it, but there are 2 main ones and 1 suspected cause.
1. Yeast infection in the superficial parts of the skin but ALSO in the deeper tissues.
2. Allergic reaction to common substances, the main culprits: Lauryl sulfate, Flouride, and some waters (the trace minerals in some people's water). Just think of what comes in contact with the inside or outside of your mouth.
3. Demodex mites - Not as common as the first 2
4. a fungus, similar to foot fungus. But more often is yeast specifically which is #1 above.

1. Immuno compromised people- Many people who get this, get this just after chemo therapy because Chemotherapy kills your immune system allowing the yeast or fungus to thrive and infect the tissue around your mouth. I however am and extremelly healthy athletic college engineering student yet I got it, so why? Well the symptoms first began when I had 4 exams over 2 day and when I had 4 homework assignments and 1 project due on those days as well. For 2 days I did'nt sleep at all, did work constantly and ate a whole 3 lb bag of Skittles. So I was stressed out, no sleep, and ate a load of sugar.

STEROID CREME- Do not take these, If you use steroid creme on it, it should clear up for a little while because steroids supress your immune system which would take away redness, but if yours is an infection: yeast or fungus after a few days it will come back worse because the yeast had time to grow unempeded by your immune system for however long you used the creme. Steroids only treat symptoms and will make infections worse.

ANTIBIOTICS- Do not take these, If you do, it may clear up some, have no effect, or make it worse. But what will happen is, this will kill all the bacteria in your stomach and within your body. If yeast is cause-ing yours then you just eliminated all competition of the yeast and they will grow even faster within your GI track.

EATING SUGAR- Do not eat sugar, If you eat sugar you not only does sugar tend to make illness's worse, but if yeast is causing yours, this is the root of your problem. Yeast can only live by eating sugar. Their sugar comes from what sugar we eat. Eating soft drinks, and candies are the worst, Carbohydrates are also forms of sugar but they metabolize slower.

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR- By applying this to your face, yeast have been known to die through many studies in the presence of apple cider vinegar. By putting it on your face, it will kill bacteria, and fungus's that are present on the outer layers. This will kill off a large growth of whatever is there cause our skin to become inflammed but get better shortly afterwards because you killed off most of whatever was growing there.

WHY APPLE CIDER VINEGAR WORKS FOR A WHILE BUT THEN IT COMES BACK- The reason why it comes back is because when you kill off whatevers on the outside of your skin it not only kills the fungus/yeast but also your good bacteria floura which lives there. So it will kills off the bad stuff but also the good stuff. And both will grow back after a period of a few days. But for most, the reason is because the dermatitis also has yeast growing in the lower levels of your skin where apple cider vinegar does not reach. This is why when you first got it you had a weak immune system/ ate a lot of sugar, The immune system doesn't directly affect the outside of your skin meaning it must be deeper as well. Similar to a deep tissue infection around a cut. When you get a cut the skin around it turns red if theres an infection, which looks irrely similar to the red ring that stays around your mouth even though you get rid of the bumps.

WHY DO MAINLY GIRLS GET THIS- There are a few reason for this. One is that many times it caused by yeast, and the natural ph of a girls body is more inclined for groth of yeast. Another is because of makeup and steroid cremes typically applied to the face can either cause allergic reactions to the ingredients in them or interfere in general with the skin's functioning making it more inclined to become infected. But a very large overlooked one is that the one thing most guys do which girls to not is shave their faces. Many shaving creme's contain over 2 types of alcohol alone, and many other substances which kill off bacteria and yeast never allowing either of them to become overcrowded creating an infection. So in essence guys sterilize their faces around 3 times a week without ever knowing it.

WHY THIS ONLY OCCURS AROUND YOUR MOUTH- This is the first question I asked myself when I began to try to figure out why this disease happens. And the answer dawned on me one day after talking to my mom. As when I first got this disease it started out looking like one pimple and soon spread around my mouth, but why did'nt it keep traveling and go to the skin above my cheek bones and down my chin where I also get acne. This is because if yours is caused by an allergic reaction to something, you must mainly come in contact with it around your mouth. But if yours is caused by some kind of an infection (Yeast), it must need to be in an environment that has moisture. Which explains why this many times spreads and becomes periocullar dermatitis (around the eyes). Because that is another place which has constant moisture near the skin. And for girls who have this, most likely they are also having a larger number of yeast infections in the other area of the body (You know what I'm talking about)


If the cause of yours is from exposure to your tap water, Lauryl sulfate, sodium benzoate, some time of food, makeup, soap, detergent, etc. Then your treatment is very easy. If you can find out which substance you are using that causes is, simply discontinue its use. If not then I would recommend changing all you are using to all natural, free and Clear type of products. If this does not correct it, then began to try to notice anything you do unusual which causes it to flare up, or what you did over the span of a day before it flared up.

This is what I had.... And I'm a guy -_- By now when you are reading this you have most likely tried EVERYTHING under the sun and are thinking "Here we go again with something that worked for someone else but probably won't work for me" But I promise you this will work because the treatment is up to you identifying what makes it better, and adapting.

First thing is that yeast can only live by metabolizing sugars. So we are going to want to starve them out, which does not take too long. So for a week (I cheated and it only took 2-3 days but mine maybe wasn't as bad as many of yours) do not eat any simply sugar: soft drinks, gatorade, Milk (has lactose) etc. Look at the nutritious facts of what you are about to eat and look at the grams of sugar. You want 0 but you can get away with low amounts like 1-2 grams.
Second do not eat carbohydrates- they get converted straight to sugar by yeast (this will be hard to do as carbs are in almost everything). your diet will manly be fats, and vegetables, and some dairy like eggs but not milk, and cheese is alright in low ammounts.
third I ate about a half a spoonfull of ground cinammon with each meal. If you add cinnammon to bread with yeast, that bread does not rise when you cook it as I found out through research that cinnammon completely inhibits yeast growth. The cinnammon you will have to mix with something like yogurt to eat, which the beauty of it is that yogurt has sugar but it doesnt matter because the cinnammon is inhibiting the yeast from growing with it.
fourth drink a lot of water. This will lower your blood sugar. Look up articles on how to reduce blood sugar in general if you want help. cinnammon convieniently and coincidentally also is used by those with diabetes to lower blood sugar.

Ok this is to kill the yeast in your stomach/intestines and to lower you blood sugar. You also want to reintroduce good bacteria back or give them time to grow back before you start eating sugar again. While you are doing this you should raise your immune system

fifth- I accomplished this by eating about 4 cloves of garlic a day, and drinking a lot of water, along with vitamin C. You should have to pee a lot from doing this.

Now to get rid of the bulk of Yeast/fungus around your mouth.

sixth- I used an antifungal creme around my mouth about twice a day. As well one day I made a cinnammon paste and but it around my mouth and It burnt but not sure if it did anything.

seventh- now the only reason the fungus is around your mouth is because of the moisture inside your mouth, so that made me think the inside of your mouth must be a part of the problem as well. This is why it is so hard to get rid of completely. But to solve this when I chewed up the garlic I made sure I rubbed them around the inside of my mouth where the perorial dermatitis was. As well I took ACV and rubbed it around the inside of my mouth about twice a day

NOTES: If you have trouble getting the diet down just search the internet for Candida diet. Their diet is extremelly strict and I got rid of mine with hitting just the major points of the candida diet and for not near as long as they want you to do it. As well common substances which kill fungus's if antifugal creme's dont are: garlic, Tea tree oil, ACV, and VIOLET EXTRACT. I've never seen anything bad about violet extract but I ran across it in one forum and My mom is a nurse and after I mentioned it to her she told me that they use something similar with violet in the name. And I was like hmmmm and looked and found out that some compound in violet flowers just beats the s### out of yeasts. =)

Now after about 4 days your skin on the outside will start peeling, and then for those next few days you'll notice the red fade out completely. And then you can start eating sugary drinks again and living your life. Just never eat to much sugar again for long periods of time allowing yeast the time to overcrowd your good bacteria and you'll never get this again. Unless you get diabetes, AIDS, or something which causes your blood sugar to be high all the time. But good luck and if you have any questions feel free to contact me on here because I know how crappy this stuff it. And Thanks to every one of you who helped teach me through your experiences. I'm PD free and eating soft drinks again, love yall.

Replied by John
Philadelphia, Pa
Hi Nolan... Your post caught my eye and I want to try what you suggested. I just wanted to know what fungus cream you suggest using? Also, I have tried so many things to rid myself of this PD, and each and every time I try eating a clove of garlic I get really good results, the PD fades but eventually comes back, so I'm almost positive mine is also yeast related as I've eliminated all products containing SLS months ago and it made no difference. Thanks in advance.
Replied by Nolan
Birmingham, Al
Hey John, sorry it took so long to respond and I didn't see this right away.

I'm glad the garlic worked the same way for you as it did for me. And the kind I used started with a "L" and is the main brand stocked in all the big stores like Walmart and Target. (sorry can't say the exact name due to the rules on here.)

But to be honest after looking back, I would suggest that the Apple Cider vinegar worked just as well if not better than the antifungal creme.

I guess I'll give an update since it's been a little over 6 months now since my last post. After I posted last, the PD never came back but sorta tried to when I started eating a bunch of sugars about 2 weeks after the redness faded. A few bumps showed up with no underlying redness, but I saw this and stopped eating any sugars for a couple days and it dissapeared. I still ate carbs though. At this very moment I'm still free to eat whatever, whenever, with no signs of it at all. However I choose to eat healthy though, because It makes you feel awesome.

One key thing I learned though is that diet is the most important out of all of this. Especially eating vegetables. If you limit your sugar and eat bacteria friendly things, when you whipe out the yeast with whatever you use: garlic, antifungal cream, ACV, etc. Your bacteria will grow back in their place. Once your normal bacterial flora is restored completely, then it's hard for yeast to get started back.

Hope to hear good news, Nolan

Replied by Deborah
Malden, MA
Most of Nolan's points and advice are pretty sound here, except for one glaring exception. This form of dermatitis is NOT limited to only the mouth. For me, it started around my eyes and then it is clinically referred to as Periocular Dermatitis. If it spreads to multiple sections of the face, as mine eventually did, it is known as Periorificial Dermatitis, but it is all the same rash. I've even had this show up as a few occasional spots on my body.

Posted by Katie (Buffalo, Ny) on 05/12/2012

I have had PD for about two years now. Antibiotics dont seem to help. Tetracycline made it go away and it eventually came back 3 months later. Doxycycline barely helped only a little bit. I got PD after using a steroid cream for eczema. I didnt know that you arent supposed to put steroids on your face. I have pretty much stopped using everything on my face for awhile and it still wouldnt go away. Ive tried topical antibiotics like clindamycin and metrogel and they also made it worse. ACV made it worse and dried out my skin bad. My derm had me using dove soap for sensitive skin to wash my face with. I think that is what might be causing this. I have tried a ton of other face washes and they all made it worse. For a few days now Ive been using aveeno oatmeal moisturizing bar soap and my face is alot clearer. It dried up the PD. Its at walmart by the face washes. I wish I knew what causes this but I think its different for everybody. Since it is a type of dermatitis, something you are using is probably whats causing the rash. Also, I noticed that if I eat too much sugar it breaks out again. Ive been eating healthier and drinking lots of water and I see an improvement. Oh yea and I use mineral makeup when I do decide to wear makeup because it doesnt clog pores and its oil free. Ive also tried acidophilous and Im currently taking it now. I dont know if its helped much but I definitely feel healthier taking it. I guess it wont hurt to take it especially after being on antibiotics for a long time. I hope Ive helped someone!

Posted by Erin (San Luis Obispo, California) on 01/06/2012


Began using ACV (topically and internally) for my Perioral Dermatitis a few weeks ago, it has cleared up considerably. I also began using yogurt masks every other evening which I believe helped. I experimented with coconut oil on the blemishes and calendula oil on some of the scabs. I have zits that come up as these large round bumps that are painful, they never come to a head, except for a bit of a white spot in the center and they go away within a few days leaving a dry/red spot/scar behind.

First of all, I am wondering if anyone else has experienced these specific types of zits and if they could be considered part of the dermatitis family? I began getting the zits a few months before my POD began and had never had large bump like zits in that way before.

Just a few days ago, after putting coconut oil on my lips that had become chapped due to the weather, I woke up with a large group of clear bumps under my bottom lip. They are itchy and a bit red. I'm wondering if this is another POD outbreak? I've forgotten what the POD looks like since most of mine has cleared. Also, wondering if this is a common side effect of coconut oil or if it is apart of the cleansing process? Is there a defined cleansing process when using coconut oil?

I feel I've been using/trying so many various remedies that I am unsure of what is and is not working.

I have a patch of zits/pod on the right side of my chin that clears but errupts. It is very mild and I'm incredibly grateful for that fact but I would love answers that can aid towards a complete healing.

My last question involves the use of Hydrogen Peroxide which I've been using the past few nights. It seems to work on some of the zits and not the others. I'm having a hard time distinguishing the POD outbreaks and the actual zits.

Should I be using shea butter on the bumps under my lips? ACV? Hydrogen Peroxide, or more coconut oil? I am looking for an answer, some type of sign but have yet to find it!

Thank you for reading my post, I do appreciate this site greatly. Especially after being on antibiotics and seeing no improvement. So grateful for such a mindful, community driven site that promotes healthy, spiritual, complete, healing void of antibiotics and most modern medicine.

Please reply if you're able to answer any of the above questions!


Posted by Erin (San Luis Obispo, California) on 01/04/2012

Started a numerous amount of new products to aid to my POD. Wish I had more time to write but I, at this moment, do not. I have one question! I've been using ACV daily as well as a few yogurt masks here and there plus hydrogen peroxide on zit like trouble spots. I've also been using coconut oil in various ways. Just a few days ago I put coconut oil on my weather chapped lips before I went to sleep. I woke up with a large amount of tiny clear pus filled bumps under my bottom lip and a few on the actual lip.

I'm unsure if this is an allergic reaction to the coconut oil, or a burning reaction from the ACV, or more perioral dermatitis? Does anyone have any information? I would LOVE it if you did. ACV has helped clear my ACV and zits I had never experienced before 2 years ago, completely! Just working on a patch that I know will clear soon. I will post more of my story in a bit. Just wanting some clarification on the bumps because they're uncomfortable and a bit scaly now after a few days.

Replied by Kris
Boynton Beach, Fl
I've found that taking the supplement Biotin cleared up my perioirial dermatitis!!! Hope this simple thing helps someone else! :)

Posted by Elbatnus (Tampa, Fl) on 03/17/2011

Three years ago, I started working in a restaurant and developed perioral dermatitis. When I left the restaurant, I ended up taking antibiotics--which cleared it up... 95%. One week ago, I recently started working in a restaurant again, and guess what--same place, little blisters on my chin... what is the correlation between working in a restaurant and developing PD?

Replied by Lily
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Hi Elbatnus, I was just thinking it could be that you are maybe touching a particular food, maybe oil and then touching your face and that could be the reason for the outbreak whilst working in a restaurant. Cheers Lily.
Replied by Carly
Seattle , Wa Usa
I thought the same thing. If it is the type of restaurant that deep fries things, then you also have a lot of oil particulates in the air as well. I worked at a KFC as a teenager, and that was such a grease pit! It got into everything - clothing, skin and hair. (Even with those stupid big puffy hats. ;)

Maybe at noon break try using a mild astringent facial wipe and a very light moisturizer...Good luck.

Replied by Julie
I have this. It's relapsed for the third time. After searching for natural methods, I finally went to Urgent care and received an antibiotic injection and am now on antibiotics for two weeks, Doxcy. Vanity wins. I want this to be gone from my face and everyone's sight. It is ugly and destroys my well-being. Plus, I take care of my health.

I have a feeling my outbreaks are associated with heat, from the sun or maybe even from cooking. Could be the case for you too.

Ginger Shampoo
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Posted by Brandon (New York, New York) on 07/02/2008

[YEA]  I've had what I've seen referred to on this site as perioral dermatitis for about 5 years now. It all started from the scalp, where i've have itching, flaking and bleeding for 8 years. Some doctors called it dandruff and others called it sebhorreic dermatis but it would go through cycles and end up turning from flakes into big scabs that would ooze and bleed. I tried all the store bought shampoos and the prescription stuff from my doctors. These only worked temporarily and were not intended for long term use. They only address the symptoms, though, not the underlying problem. If I went only a few days without using the shampoos or creams, the issue would return. I am so thankful that I've found this Ginger scalp care shampoo from the Body Shop. I'm new to the site so I hope that I can recommend this even though its not home made. All I know is the flakes and itching and scabbing on my scalp is gone for the first time in 8 years. Its been a monthmand a half now. The scabbing and flaking around my nose and my moustache area is gone too! The only thing that lingers is the redness and flaking right by my eyebrows toward the center, but this has improved greatly too. I found this site and finally found people who suffered from this too, exchanging these great natural remedies so I felt that I should contribute what I've found. I've included my email adress as well if anyone has any questions. The funny thing is, I wasn't looking for a shampoo for my condition. I was just looking for something that smelled better than my medicated shampoo and i found this great product. I think I'll try that acidophilus now because I've read great things and I'd like to get rid of these things from the inside out.

EC: In case you are interested, here are the ingredients in that shampoo, found on Amazon's website:

Some of these ingredients are known to exacerbate dermatitis and eczema!

Water, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Cocamide DEA, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Polysorbate 20, Piroctone Olamine, Sodium Chloride, Phenoxyethanol, Panthenol, Propylene Glycol, Dimethicone Propyl PG Betaine, Honey, Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride, Citric Acid, Sodium Salicylate, Methylparaben, Glycerin, Fragrance, Disodium EDTA, Linalool, Zingiber Officinale (Ginger) Root Extract, Butylparaben, Ethylparaben, Limonene, Birch Bark, Salix Alba (Willow) Bark Extract, Propylparaben, Isobutylparaben, Citral, Citronellol, Oakmoss, Benzyl Alcohol, Eugenol, Geraniol, Isoeugenol.

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Posted by Leigh (San Diego, California, USA) on 04/06/2009

[YEA]  Hi, I have been suffering from outbreaks of terrible peri oral dermititis since I was 7 years old. The only thing that ever worked was the prescription the doctor gave me but I had to stay out of the sun, it was expensive to have to keep going back to the doctor and the side effects of the medicine were terrible. I tried the apple cider vinegar for awhile and it worked in keeping the dermititis from getting worse but it still was there and quite red and visible. The medicine the doctor gave me was an anti bacterial anti biotic so I thought since goldenseal was an anti bacterial I'd give it a try. I also heard someone else suggest a benzoyl peroxide cream at night on the dermitis so I found several products with that as the main ingredient. I've been taking 6 400 mg pills of goldenseal everyday, 2 with each meal. I also put the cream on heavily at night and leave it on when I sleep and I only wash my face with warm water and then wipe a cottonball of hydrogen peroxide over my whole face after washing. I do that once or twice a day. I'm also able to wear makeup with no irritation. The cream seems to crust the dermititis up really quick so it can fall off and the goldenseal works from the inside. I hope this works for everyone, I've been doing this for 5 days and it is almost entirely gone as if I had taken the prescription drugs. It is such an embarassing and annoying skin problem, I know it can affect one's self esteem so I hope for anyone that this works for them. Good luck!!

Grapefruit Seed Extract
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Posted by Jdolan (Wyoming, Mn) on 02/27/2015

[YEA]  SO thankful for Earth Clinic. I have had annual Perioral Dermatitis outbreaks for thirty years around my mouth. Have tried remedy after remedy always ending up at the dermatologist with it out of control and being told there is no cure. Grapefruit Seed Extract internally and topically cleared it up within 5 days. I have continued to take 15 drops daily and apply before bed. Completely clear for 6 months. Added benefit, GSE makes me feel less fatigued and better overall. Thank you all for sharing. I am overjoyed!

Replied by Alex
San Francisco
GSE is great, it helped me but only briefly. Its a great probiotic but it doesn't cure the underlying problem...your intestine! Thats where all skin conditions occur and thats where the treatment needs to be. Might I suggest Psyllium Husk taken with Blackstrap Molasses (helps smooth it down). Do the research and you'll understand its benefits. I guarantee you'll have no more PD. I had it for almost 10 years and finally found the solution, it made so much sense once I figured it out. Once your cured (and you will be), please be good enough to spread the word. Thank you
Replied by Stacy
Bowling Green, Kentucky
Can u digest Grapefruit Seed Extract oil (for perioral dermatitis.) If so how much did u take and can I get it at the food stores?? I'm desperate, I've had this stuff for 18 years (I'm 28 now)!!!

Posted by Erinrebecca (Fennville, Michigan, USA) on 01/27/2013

[YEA]  Hi. I have been using Earth Clinic for about a year now, but just became a member because I had to share my experience with curing my POD [perioral dermatitis]. I first had POD about 11 years ago, at that time I was treated by a derm with a course of antibiotics. It went away, but I have had occasional "chin spots" crop up throughout the years. They were never anything horrible, I just used cover up and eventually they would fade and go away.

About 3 months ago, I had a chin flare, plus my skin was just looking horrible, spotting, redish, a little acne, DRY, etc. I had some tazorac cream from a few years past that I had used for acne, and it worked beautifully then. So, I started the treatment, which is intense (it's basically topical Accutane. ) Over the last 3 months of using Tazorac, my POD gradually got worse and worse. By the day. It spread from my chin, to my nasal folds, up my cheeks, too the outer edges of my eyelids... Typical POD locations. It hurt, burned, was dry, was red and bumpy, WAS AWFUL.

I will add here, that I have been cleansing my face for about 15 years with Cetaphil, and washing my hair daily with Suave clarifying shampoo. Both have SLS as their 2nd ingredient...

4 days ago, it flared HORRIBLE. I immediately stopped the Tazorac treatment and started searching the internet for a (non-antibiotic) cure.

I researched... And went to my favorite health store and bought... Grapefruit Seed Extract (bought both liquid and pill form) Rosehip Seed Oil, Vitamin E oil, and a sulfate free shampoo. I already had coconut oil, tea tree oil, and a carrier oil BLEND of grapeseed, sweet almond, apricot kernal with aromatic essentail oils added...

So, on night 1, I stopped washing with Cetaphil. I cleansed my face with plain water and gently rubbed with a washcloth. I washed my hair with the new shampoo and shaved my legs with pure coconut oil instead of body wash or shaving cream.

On night one, the POD was worse than ever... Bright red spots, dry flaky areas, my eyes lids were affected, my face looked like hamburger. After my shower, I slathered straight GSE all over my face. Immediately, I felt nothing, but after about 2 minutes it began to burn. I wanted this to work, I left it on... Over the course of about 20 minutes, my face was burning, itchy and I felt like I wanted to scratch it off. It felt like fire. I finally rinsed off the GSE, gently rubbed in some coconut oil. My face was FIRE red at this point. I went to sleep.

When I woke the next morning, (day 2) the POD had IMPROVED by at LEAST 50%!!! I was thrilled. I could see, however, that I had actually burned my skin with the straight GSE. But, I didn't care, the POD was *maybe* going away!

Day 2. morning before shower. treated face with melted coconut oil with a few drops of GSE added. The coconut was soothing, and I could feel the GSE tingling a little, but nothing compared to the night before. In the shower, I exfoliated gently with plain water and a washcloth. Out of the shower, I moisturized with coconut oil. Day 2 night, I treated face with the same coconut oil/GSE mix. Rinsed off after about 20 mins, and went to sleep.

Next morning, skin was SOOO dry, flaky, but the POD spots were less red and less raised, overall another improvement from before, lets say I was 60% better.

Day 3. repeat all of day 2.

Morning of day 4. Face is 75% better! there is less flakiness, the red spots are still fading, and the bumps are less pronounced.

Day 4. Before shower, I used the diluted GSE and coconut oil. Then, I wanted to wash my face with something more soothing than plain water, so I made a oil and sugar scrub. (I know, apparently sugar is bad for POD, but I have used the scrub in the past and loved it. ) It has my carrier oil blend, white sugar, baking soda, and lemon juice. It felt good to wash with this, and when I got out of the shower, my face seemed glowy. Then, I treated my face with some drops of Rosehip seed oil and 3 drops of tea tree oil. This had an odd burning/cooling affect and my face got a *little* red in the moments after I used this. I was so afraid I had undone all the healing. But, after a few minutes (basically when the Tea Tree smell had faded) my face calmed down... And LOOKED GREAT. I put my normal makeup on, and I looked good. Now, if you look close at my skin, you will still see some small bumps and quite a few flakes, but the redness of the POD is 85% gone!

Oh, I have also started on ACV. 4tsp mixed in a 16oz glass of water, once a day... I know the benefits of ACV, and try to take it daily, but now I will be religious with it, if it helps keep the POD away.

I hope this post helps someone with POD. It's a horribly humiliating rash, painful, and stubborn...

Replied by Claire
Hattiesburg, Usa
Hi, I have been struggling with PD for about 4 months now- I've even noticed bumps on my eyelids as well! I ordered grapefruit seed extract, but haven't felt the burning or itching sensation when I applied it that many people have mentioned here. I was just curious: what brand of GSE did you use? Thank you so much for sharing your success story. -Claire
Replied by Rosanne
Toronto, On, Canada
Claire, I didn't experience the burning sensation at all with the GSE, only with the ACV.

Posted by Caroline (Wellington, Somerset, England) on 12/12/2011

My daughter developed perioral dermatitis around her nose and mouth, she is eleven, and desperately embarrassed. I tried ACV first, it worked a bit, but not nearly as well as the grapefruit seed extract. The first time I used the gse I put it on full strengh - it stung and itched terribly, so I washed it off after 10 minutes, the second time I used about ten drops in a tablespoon of lukewarm water. I would put this solution on her face 3 times a day, and then before bed I put a little raw coconut oil on the worst patches.

This routine has worked brilliantly!! I am sooooo pleased, it has 95% gone in a week. I am continuing with the treatment until ALL those little bumps have gone, and even then I think I will do it once a day to hopefully prevent it coming back. I reckon this would work for anyone with perioral dermatitis, and its so much better than anything a doctor will do for you. Thank goodness for this wonderful site where we can all share what we have tried and what works best - I have no faith in doctors from past experiences. thanks for reading.

Replied by Daffodil
Seattle, Wa
[YEA]   I have had this POD for several months now, and I believe that it resulted from use of hydrocortisone creme. For awhile my skin was just very red, I was busy and mostly ignored it or covered it up with makeup. Then I got very stressed out... And the POD flared big time.

I believe that it became infected, and I went to the doctor. She put me on antibiotics (trimethoprim). It cleared things up, but as soon as the course was over, it started to come back. She then put me on doxyclycline. Again, it started to clear it, but then I started getting the red rash again while I was still taking the antibiotics.

Then I started taking GSE and it is almost totally clear in just a few days. I am taking about 4 tablets (125 mg each) daily. People keep saying that GSE tastes terrible, but with the tablets you don't taste it at all. I got a bottle of the liquid stuff but never even got a chance to use it topically as the POD cleared up after taking GSE orally.

I also went to the store and got blueberries, rasperries, carrots, red peppers, radishes, etc. Apparently when the body is too acidic it causes all sorts of problems, and to make it more alkaline you need to eat mostly (80%) fresh, raw fruits and vegetables (preferably green leafy stuff). It is hard to eat this way, but I was desperate, and I figured I had nothing to lose by eating fresh fruits and vegetables. I also cut out alcohol and sugar, which apparently also cause the body to be very acidic. Stress also causes the body to be acidic, but is not as easy to eliminate.

I also got rid of my fluoride toothpaste and all the unnatural soaps and lotions in my bathroom. I use shea butter to moisturize. I've also used an antiseptic healing creme with zinc oxide- I took a couple days off of work to sit at home with this white stuff on the rash. It's very soothing and promotes healing.

Thanks to all the other posters on here... I can leave the house now.

Posted by Suzanne (Austin, Texas) on 12/07/2011

[YEA]  My five-year-old has had Perioral Dermatitis for four months now. We removed all products which contained flouride and SLS as the dermatologist suggested this could be the cause. We simultaneously tried three different topical prescriptions, (including an oral antibiotic) which only caused the PD to worsen. When the PD started spreading rapidly to her eyelids, I knew I had to ditch the dermatologist.

First, I purchased kefer and a strong probiotic which she happily consumed. I tried the Apple Cider Vinegar, but unfortunately it made her PD bright red and painful. Afterwards to calm the skin down I put California Baby calendula cream on it, which really helped her skin a great deal; her perioral bumps were barely visible. I then decided to try the Grapefruit Seed Extract diluted in a 2tbsp of water. The first time I applied GSE to her face I only used 5 drops. The affect this had on her face made me so happy! I did this three times the first day of starting GSE. Her skin improved so much this first day. Once the diluted GSE dried upon her face, I slathered on calendula cream. The next morning I could not believe how much my daughter's skin had improved. It has been four days now since I started using the GSE, and her skin is now completely bump-free! Her skin does have a few tiny areas with dry patches, which I have been treating with Lorasone Cream (homeopathic), as I think it does a better job healing her skin than the calendula cream. She is still consuming probiotics, and kefer on a daily basis.

I can't say the PD is cured though, as I can still see the white ring of skin around her mouth that is visible on people who are afflicted with Perioral Dermatitis. Other than the white ring, the only sign of perioral dematitis she has left is a little bit of dry, pink skin. Although I believe the probiotics are definitely beneficial I truly feel the GSE and Lorasone are what brought the dermatitis under under control for her. By the way, I gradually increased the amount GSE I put in the water to blot her face with. I hope this helps someone!

Posted by Alex (San Francisco, California) on 10/26/2011

[YEA]  Hear ye, hear ye... GSE is it!!! Plus a few essential changes to one's daily routine and I guarantee little pain and optimal results. This is my first post of any kind on any website. I looked at this website for answers and am most grateful to those who have previously contributed. I had Peri Dermatitis for what seemed like forever (over 2 years) - the worst itchy, flaky, embarrassing flared skin all around my mouth, too the point where I didn't want to be seen in public. Now I am cured - so, down to the basics!!

Rules to follow:-

Everyone here probably already knows this but never ever take any form of steroid cream. It will make your life even more miserable.

Never use soap to wash your face as it strips away your natural oils that protect the skin (GSE shall now be your cleanser) You can combine this with another astringent ie. witch hazel, though the alcohol might burn a little.

Never wash face using hot (or even warm) water - this is also the cause of flaky scalps (just FYI)

Follow the instructions on the GSE bottle, dilute moreso if it feels uncomfortable. It is highly concentrated so a little goes a long way.

Use GSE as both a facial cleanser and take internally (most bacterias first form in your intestines, so you need to kill it there first and foremost). Get over the taste, it's better than flaky itchy skin.

Use coconut oil as a moisturiser

Be patient and stick with the program (will take around 2 weeks)

Try to avoid caffeine, spicy foods, hot showers, alcohol ... at least during the recovery period.

Do strive to eat better and exercise more. It can't hurt.

There...that's it in a nutshell. Pretty simple really. I wish you all well, wish I'd had this info in the beginning.

Posted by Liz (Idyllwild, California) on 04/28/2011

[YEA]  I would like to start off by saying thank you to everyone who posted about the grapefruit seed extract. I suffered with perioral dermatitis for over a year. I thought that I would never get rid of it! However today I am completely free of POD and couldn't be more relieved.

I tried everything I started off by going to a dermatoligist who told me what I had. He put me on doxycycline, which after a week of being on it I ended up with a severe yeast infection. At this point I decided to to get off of it and find a natural remedy to get rid of it. I ended up on this sight and started trying all kinds of remedies that I was reading. I tried ACV which only made it worse. I also tried french green clay and manuka honey. Neither of these things were helping at all. I finally read about gse and started myself on this. At this point my pod was so bad and hurt so much I was devastated. I didn't want to leave the house or do anything I was so depressed and embarrased about it. My skin had bumps and was flaming red and severly dry and flaking. It was horrible!!

I started using grapfruitseed extract (gse) I did exactly what I had read in other posts. I drank it 4x a day. 20 drops in 4oz of water. Let me warn you though it is the most horrible thing you probably ever will drink. You just have to do it quickly and bare through it. I also put about 1tbsp of water with 10 drops of gse in a little medicane cup (like the ones you get when you buy a bottle of cold medicane) then I put my hand over it (clean hand) and shook it up. I then applied it to the infected area and left it on for as long as I could stand. Be warned it burns like crazy and itches like hell. After I could not stand it anymore which was like 5 mins I washed it off. Yes it still itched and burned for a while after I washed it off this is normal. Initially it is even more red after you wash it off but that goes down after a few hours especially while you are sleeping at night. After about 4 days of doing it it got less itchy and less burning. After about a week I could tolerate it on my face for about an hour. After two weeks it no longer felt like anything was on my face when I applied it. I then would leave it on my face for hours before bed.

After a week of using it I noticed huge improvement and after about two and a half weeks the bumps were gone it was just still red and EXTREMELY dry. I tried everything to help with the dryness and I mean everything. I finally found something that helped and it took all the dryness away. It is made by Eucerin and is called Aquaphor Healing ointment. It comes in a little tub and is like a vasoline consistency. You can get it at your local drugstore. This stuff is amazing and really helps the dryness. After using the gse for three and a half weeks I stopped applying it to my face because the bumps were gone it was just really dry and red. Dont stop using it if u still have bumps. So I just put the Eucerin on my face twice a day after stopping using the gse and after 5 days my face was back to normal. You can start the Eucerin right away I just found it recntly so I wasn't able to start it right away. I have not stopped drinking it though. I have taken it down to 3x a day and will keep reducing it until I only take it once a day.

GSE has so many benefits to it. I did tons of research on it. It is like taking a natural antibiotic. The reason why a dermatologist puts you on antibiotic for pod is to kill the overgrowth of bacteria in the body. Which then causes an overgrowth of bacteria on your face. So taking pod can only benefit you. I plan on drinking it once a day for the rest of my life to help rid my body of any bacteria that may cause the pod to come back. GSE also boosts your immune system and helps with acne. Along with many many other things. Too many to write about. I really hope this helps someone else suffering with pod. Just remember be patient its not gonna cure overnight. I am completely free of it and its been over a month of the treatment. Best of luck!!

Replied by Chelsea
Vancouver, British Columbia
Dear liz, I was curious to know if the bumps you got were on your cheeks too? because I think I have POD and I have these crusty red dry bumps starting from the top of my cheek and make their way to my jaw area/chin. I started getting this in august of 2010 and it is now july of 2011 and they keep getting worse and are spreading! How long will it take until I will see results by using gse?

Posted by Leki (Greenville, Sc, Usa) on 04/05/2010

[YEA]  I have had a moderate case of Perioral Dermatitis (PD) primarily around my nose and on my upper lips area for over 8 months. It began in early June of 2009 about half way through my third pregnancy. Not knowing what it was, I thought I just had dry irritated bumpy red skin around my nostrils and I began to keep it in check using lotion. This helped keep the redness down, but the bumps were still there - it also began to need increasing amounts of lotion to have an effect. I made the mistake of putting hydrocortisone on it about three months into the progression of the rash. As others have noted I saw immediate improvement, but it got worse ten fold as soon as I stopped the hydrocortisone.

I went in quest of a diagnosis and of course a cure. I immediately discovered that I had a textbook case of PD and that the hydrocortisone was the WORST thing I could have done. I read some of the posts on PD and began a treatment plan in early February. I quit ALL creams and lotions, cut out ALL Sodium Laurel Sulfates, Stopped using fluoride toothpaste and drinking fluoridated water (most city H2O is fluoridated). I read all about the Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) and began to try it topically and internally for three weeks. During this time my PD got progressively worse and I became depressed, feeling that I may never rid myself of this terrible skin condition. Around the beginning of March I decided to give up on the ACV and to try something else.

I continued to stay away from all SLS products and Fluoride, and I then tried the Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) remedy- which was a bit of a stretch as there are not many posts on GSE in the dermatitis section of this website, but I found extensive discussion on GSE in the Melasma threads. I started the treatment of 20 drops in a small glass of H2O (@ 4 oz.) 5 times daily 1 hour after eating and 1 hour before eating again - Yes, GSE tastes terrible, but I decided that I'd rather deal with a nasty taste for a few minutes a few times a day than to feel like I had to hide my face for the rest of my life. I just chug it down and drink a few glasses of water afterwards to wash my mouth out. I also started a topical application at the same time - 10 drops in 1 TBSP of H2O well shaken and then dabbed on with my fingertip. The 1 TBSP mix usually lasts about 4 -5 days. I would use a Q-tip to apply it to the inside of my nostrils as it seemed I had the same bumps up inside of my nose as well as around the base and on the skin between my nose and lips. I washed my face with only warm water and was very tender with touching the PD affected area. Within 2 days I saw enough improvement to feel comfortable going out in public again - I would say 50% back to normal. Within a week it was at a level that was really only noticeable to me - 80% to 90% gone.

I have kept up with this treatment for the last four weeks and I have seen continued improvement. I would say that within the last week I can finally claim that my PD is 100% GONE! I am so relieved and feel a heavy weight off of my shoulders. Part of the depressing aspect of this condition is the great mystery surrounding it - on all the Dermatology sites there is conflicting info on successful medical treatments and it seems that everyone deals with recurrence. I feel much more comfortable with natural remedies in general and especially as a nursing mother. I am confident that should I experience recurrence the GSE will again be able to put the PD into remission.

I have also abstained from alcohol during the last three weeks as well as spicy foods (Thai curries and mexican salsas etc.) as I felt that I had a bit of a relapse after the first week of treatment when I had a glass of wine and ate a Spicy curry dish. I will begin to add these back into my diet in a few weeks to see what type of effect they have on my PD once it has been cleared for an extended period. I'll write back to let everyone know my findings.

I have begun to taper off of the GSE and am now only doing the 20 drops in 4 oz. H20 four times a day and topical application twice daily. I plan to keep up the treatment over the next two months gradually decreasing to NO daily internal or external use of the GSE and see how that goes. As I have read more and more and fought with this condition over the past few months I have come to believe that for some cases such as mine there very well may be a nano-insect at fault as Ted from Bangkok suggests.

Right now I am pleased to say that my face looks completely NORMAL and the overall condition of my skin is better than it has been in ages. Thank you to Earth Clinic for having such a wonderful site with so much rich information being shared. And to everyone out there with PD - there is HOPE! Try Grapefruit Seed Extract! It has been my miracle cure!

Replied by Selena K
Manchester, England
hi I have a form of dermatitis particularly around my peri-oral area, and wish to try grape fruit seed extract. I am from england. is this the same as grape seed extract? thanks
Replied by Dennin
Temecula, Ca
I have had the peri-oral dermatitis on and off for 10 years or more. The dermatologist previously (twice, two different years) gave me an anti-fungal cream which usually ended it, for a moment! I have experienced it this past year once again. I use regular old baking soda to wash my body. Guess what, the darn stuff is GONE. I use only baking soda to cleanse my body and I have experienced lots of skin things disappear! I use baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and sodium chlorite (activated) for teeth cleansing & mouthwash too. I have also used the 3% hydrogen peroxide as an inhalant mist ( you want energy, do this stuff) and 35% mixture for lots of stuff. I try many, many alternative healing methods. I am about to tackle the TMJ again with Ted's protocol. I love this site. I follow healing methods for my cats also. This site is the bomb.

I'm looking for a glass bottle to store my Hydrogen peroxide in for my inhalant so it stays more stabilized and is purse size. Gonna start inhaling like crazy, want to clean out my lungs. I've even tried the intravenous hydrogen drip a few years ago. You guys write it up and if I find validity in the process I am going to try it. Natural healing is what the body understands.

God bless.

Posted by Laurel (Oakland, California, U.s.a) on 02/04/2010

[YEA]  I had a persistent case of perioral dermatitus ( health insurance). It was very painful and unsightly and I'm thrilled to report that Earth clinic saved the day! I washed my face with warm water and 5 drops of liquid grapefruit seed extract, morning and night for a week and my problem disappeared! It stings a bit but it was fast and effective. I've read that people have had negative experiences with the steroids and antibiotics that are often prescribed for this problem. GSE not only got the job done but at a bargain price!

Replied by Sherrinav
Wilmington, Nc, United States
[SIDE EFFECTS]   Did anyone experience stinging or itching from the gse even if you rinse it off? I've had PD for a few years. It started with a little noticeable redness around the crease of my nose. No one else really noticed. It also had the watery bumps occasionally. I didn't know it but I also have it around my chin area below the crease of my mouth, which the dermatologist pointed out with her magnification mirror. She prescribed tetracycline the first time, which really cleared it up nicely but made me gain weight and tired. So I stopped and it came back worse.

She then gave me doxycycline which also cleared it up nicely, but it had the same side effects. When I stopped taking it (because I'd rather have a little rash around my nose than be fat and lazy)it came back worse than ever. Now I can see it below my mouth and everwhere else, cheeks, forehead too.

So I began to search for the cure naturally. I started taking probiotics and yogurt - on the face and eating it. The yogurt mask really calming and soothing and made my skin look pretty good considering, but didn't cure it. ACV agrevated it. I tried it for two weeks and it did not make it any better. I will probably continue yogurt mask every now and then just for the pleasure of it. It's been two days since I first used GSE. The first day I used 10 drops in a tablespoon of water dabbed on with fingertip. The second day (today)was the same solution dabbed on with cottonball - it stung a little but felt really itchy/crawly and turned fire red. I could see red spots I'd never seen before! So I rinsed it off with water and applied coconut oil which helped a tiny bit. It still felt itchy and "crawly" the rest of the day which I was imagining the GSE to be annoying and killing the nano-insect if there are any, lol. Anyone else have that sensation? It looks worse now than it ever has. I'm hoping it is the gets worse before better thing.

Replied by Nikaya
Aurora, Or
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]   I have had subhorreic dermatitis for about a year on the back of my head and around the top of my left ear. I have used a couple different prescriptions that made the itching bareable and kept the oozing to a minimum (sorry that's gross, I know). A friend told me about GSE so I figured I'd give it a try on this as well as some atopic dermatitis on my legs. It did wonders for my head and helped my legs some too (though I didn't stick with it and it flared up again, time to get back to it I suppose). I also experienced the stinging/burning but I've found that dilluting a bit more can make a world of difference. I read that it's very powerful in small amounts so it doesn't need to be extremely concentrated to work. I just rinse my hands with water then put a few drops of GSE on my hands and rub them together. Then I just rub my damp hands over my legs or head. You can also put a dilluted solution in a spray bottle (worked nicely for my head). I'd recommend playing around with the concentration that feels good as you don't want to irritate the skin more than it is already. If it burns, water it down a bit (I've read you can diluted it in olive or coconut oil too but haven't tried that). If you don't feel anything, maybe add a couple more drops? I personally like to feel a little tingle but no burn. Good luck!
Replied by Leki
Greenville, Sc
You should both try taking the solution internally in combination with a topical application. And, YES - there is a "crawly" sensation on the skin when the diluted GSE is applied - it will abate within about 15 or so minutes. Just bear through it to get the full effect of the treatment - just like you have to bear through the bad taste when you drink it. I always tried to think of these minor issues in terms of a cost/benefit ratio. Well worth the end result in my mind. Best of luck to you in curing your PD!