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Perioral Dermatitis
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Natural Remedies for Perioral Dermatitis

Last Modified on Nov 15, 2015

Apple Cider Vinegar
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Posted by Maleehah (Quetta, Balochistan, Pakistan) on 08/24/2009

[NAY]  Perioral Dermatitis -- I feel so fortunate to have found this site, its wonderful to see people so selflessly helping each other. I self diagnosed myself with PD after surfing the net for pictures, going to a derm wasn't an option because they're so unreliable in this part of the world. Little, unsightly bumps appeared about 7-8 months ago around my mouth and I made the fatal mistake of using cortisone steroid ointment, which as I now understand could actually cause PD.The bumps cleared up for a while and came back with a vengeance a few weeks ago around exam time. Under loads of pressure, the little bumps just flared up, spread to my cheeks and forehead. Reading through the symptoms of the rash I find that mine are nither red, flaky or itchy, quite the contrary their moist and applying ACV doesn't burn at all, which I'm concerned about. I'm assuming its organic coz the ingredients are apples and water only, but there's definitely no trace of the 'mother', in it. (Its really difficult to find anything organic in my city) I've been using it for about ten days, and the PD doesn't seem to be drying up :(, I was really looking forward to having it disappear as miraculously as all the testimonials claim. I also drink 1 tbsp in a glass of water twice a day. I'm using nothing on my face not even soap, just washing with plain water as many times as possible. I used a yogurt mask once, but it seemed to worsen the situation. I live in an extremely hot, dry climate and this summer was particularly harsh. Today my baby brother said it looked like chicken skin which just killed me coz he's right.. I'm hideous! I haven't left my home in ages (I'm on a 2 month vacation, Thank God!) I'm desperate for it to clear up before the next semester of college in about a month.

I'd be so grateful if anyone could suggest additional remedial measures I could take or changes in my diet, we do consume alot of spices and I've never had a flawless skin, but never a condition of this severity, otherwise I'm quite a healthy 24 yr old.

Replied by Llh
Ventura, Ca
I spent from '92 to '00 trying to figure out what was causing my pd. I went to the dermatologist and they could not tell me. They simply prescribed stuff that didn't work. Definitely STAY AWAY from the cortizone creams they will appear to clear it up but they simply "hold in" the problem in addition to thinning the skin. After you stop using this cream it will flare up like you have never seen before.

I have seen it mentioned on this site an association with tea and coffee. This was the case for me. I cut out all the tea coffee and sodas with caffeine and it healed up! Eventually I tried some teas and coffee that were "caffeine free" however I did have problems with small break outs of pd. After doing some research I found that even decaffeinated coffees and teas still have traces of caffeine. Eliminating all of these was the answer for me. I've been pd free since 2000 . . . well until April of this year. The only thing that has changed in my life is my roommate has a small dog. I am careful to wash my hands after I have pet her but alas the pd is still present. Will try the apple cider vinegar as well as the probiotics and see how things go. If it is mite related I'm going to attack it from every side. Will post again in a week and let everyone know how it went.

Replied by Ladybrown
Philadelphia, Pa
Just wanted to say how thankful I am for the internet. Struggled with the disease for about 3 months now and never went to the Doctor's but this article in addition to others has blessed my situation tremendously. All that were suggested worked in just a day. Not completely healed but a dramatic difference than yesterday. Trader Joes had all the items many had suggested in addition to their all natural facial cleanser and lotion. I'm back!!!
Replied by Tam
Corpus Christi, Texas
[YEA]   I suffered with POD after using topical steroids on my face for several months to keep outbreaks at bay, unfortunately it became ineffective and once I discontinued the topical steroids on my face it went into a full angry rage of POD in a couple of days. I came across this website which saved me, I was so depressed as it contiuned to get worse each day, so severe that it had me in tears, I was even to embarrassed to allow my loved ones to see my face. Eating and talking was difficult, as the corners of my mouth were split which prevented me from opening my mouth very wide.

I began with the ACV diluted on a cotton ball twice a day, it initially burned and I had a tremendous amount of redness , but the burning subsided after a few days, I also followed up with tea tree oil at night, it didn't heal overnight or in a few days for me, it was several weeks before it cleared, which seemed like a lifetime, but don't give up and be consistent. I also gave up fluoride toothpaste which helped. I haven't had an outbreak in 6 months. I hope this works for someone else. Good luck because I know how devastating it is.

Replied by Wini
Mississauga, Canada
Hello All, If any one wants a dramatic result. Go buy an over the counter yeast infection kit (3 day monistate) the one with the 3 "egg" type pill things. Cut it open and apply to the affected area. In about 2-4 days the redness and flaky skin will look almost 100% better. While this is only a "bandaid" solution it will clear up the skin if you have an event to go to. Other than that this needs to be treated from inside the body. I myself have suffered from this for years!!! It is so annoying to say the least. While the yeast infection kit is a new thing that I just thought of and tried (with great results) I would say diet and stress level is 100% responsible for this pesky face problem. Also while it is frowned upon, I find that tanning indoors helps out my face a lot. Other than that pretty much what every one else on here is saying is the best solution. Just want to say that this worked for me and I hope it works for everyone, again the monistate thing is a "bandaid" solution ONLY.
Replied by Jason
Sydney, Australia
Hi, I also have discoid dermatitis and recently I have found that manuka honey worked for me.

I had the red marks all over my forehead and after applying the honey overnight and moisturising cream for the day time this has cured it fairly quickly as opposed to when I was using a cortisone ointment.

I hope this helps others! I used Active Manuka honey 5 .

Replied by Libby6
Sheffield, England
Hi everyone I'm 22 and called Libby,

I have had perioral dermatitis for about 2 months now and have just come of dermovate (potent steriod cream I now know should have never been used on the face)2 weeks ago.

The rash has been awful these past 2 weeks I feel like Im an emotional wreck everyone glances at my chin before they even look at my eyes and I have cried about 50 times in the past 2 weeks! I don't want to leave the house.

The rash has been bad but bearable and coverable (to an extent) with make up for the last month. I feel so so sorry for those who have it badly for a long time you poor poor people I dont know if I could cope!

Anyway I went to the doc yesterday and was put on oxytetracycline for 2 months (nightmare).

Then I read about apple cider vinegar. I have convinced my friends to buy me some this eve (i didn't want to go out) but the have got me non organic not from the mother stuff. Has anyone used this? Is it still ok to use? I was gonna take it back and get the organic one but IvI decided to give it a go anyway. It stung but wasn't too bad. Hopefully it will work for me too :( ive been putting natural yogurt on it this eve also and that seems to have calmed it a bit.

I will make a post whether it works or doesn't because this website has made me feel so much better we need to share our experiences because no-one around us understands :(

This is a horrible horrible condition and I would never wish it upon anyone Im just glad Im not the only one with it seen as the docs make you feel like they really don't have a clue either.

Oh also I think I got it when the temperature outside dropped suddenly.

Good luck to everyone struggling with it.

Replied by Jc
East Coast, New England, United States
[YEA]   Just thought I would post this link here as this information literally saved my life as well as cured me of my skin problems, including Perioral Dermatitis and Eczema. You are all on the right track with Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemons and Yogurt.... Now you need to get more of those, and other Alkaline Foods, INSIDE your body and your skin will Thank You on the Outside.

My problems were cycles of severe Acidosis and when they say that letting it get too severe can cause coma, they aren't kidding... I was there 5 years ago with no explanation as to why. Please go to this link to start with and then do a search on Acidosis. It causes many problems in the body that cannot be explained. It costs nothing but a little time to keep your diet more balanced (unless you buy the inexpensive PH test strips to monitor your PH). I'm just sharing it in hopes that it will help someone. You can fix and avoid many health problems right at home with food!! :0)

Oh, I should also add that my tap water was very soft (acidic) so it was part of the problem... Now I just add a slice of lemon or lime to every glass of water to get it balanced. Even though citrus foods are acidic, they have an alkaline effect on the body.

Posted by Emma (Wakefield, West Yorkshire, UK) on 08/09/2009

Hi all, thank god i found this website!!! I have perioral dermatitis i have suffered with this for about 10 years, i started with this after taking accutane for acne, i never had it before - this was about 10 years ago. Oxytetracycline has cleared up the dermatitis in the past but i have got an especially bad bout of it this time after taking accutane from the Derm for a second time, so i have been in search of other solutions. I have come accross the ACV, i have been using it for 3 days - an organic unpateurised version from the health shop, i have applied it topically 3x a day and it has worked almost immediately - reduced redness and bumpiness etc., it works better neat for me rather than diluted. I am also using calendula cream to moisturise. I am taking two tablespoons of the vinegar in a 500ml bottle of water 3x a day, i have seen a good improvement and will continue further to see what improvements i get. I have also found that a white clay powder mixed with lavender water in a paste as a face mask put on the affected areas in the evening before the topical application of the ACV really helps as well.

1. Should i not use moisturiser as i have heard that it can make the perioral dermatitis worse? - is the ___ calendula Cream OKAY to use?

2. What should i wash my face with - i am avoiding all SLS SLES etc... products and i'm using a natural glycerine soap from the homeopathic shop - any body recommend anything else?

3. From using accutane my lips are dry as hell can anybody recommend a lipsalve without petrolatum/ paraffin or any of the other nasties - i have been using calendula oil at present

4. What brand of ACV is best

5. Can anyone recommend a foundation or cosmetic line to use that wont aggrevate the dermatitis

6. Any other suggestions??

Replied by Justbelieve
Los Angeles, Ca
I got PD from accutane as well a few years ago and everything the dermatologist has given me never worked. Apple Cider Vinegar is the ONLY thing that works! I hope we can all find more cures in the future:)
Replied by Angelica
Aylesbury, Bucks, Uk
I also had this bumpy type of eczema when I was younger - after I had been on the contraceptive pill for 10 years and came off it. At the time, I used the homeopathic remedy Rhus tox, but that was for about a year before the eczema went. Now, looking back and having learned much more about nutrition, I realise that the remedy at the time did noting but the eczema can sometimes be caused by an estrogen imbalance. I would suggest some of you explore that idea a little further ... Much later, I discovered that I had low stomach acid which meant that for years (30), I had not been digesting my food properly (specifically fats - hormones are made of fats) and so my body struggled to balance. Many other problems arose too but that's another area. Hope this helps with your research.
Replied by Kat
Seattle, Wa
[YEA]   I've never had PD and was recently diagnosed with it. My naturopath recommended the apple cider vinegar along with honey, vitamin C and probiotics. She thought yeast might be the culprit based on what my lips looked like. The directions were as follows: splash a little bit of apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball and lightly touch the skin around your lips - once a day. The vinegar will dry out the lips and take away moisture yeast needs to thrive. 10 days should be enough, but everyone is different. Meanwhile, apply honey on the lips for moisture and to prevent cracking once or twice a day. Use a double doze of probiotics during the 10 days, adhere to a well balanced diet and take vitamin C. My naturopath suggested 2000mg a day for me. Overall, my PD took around 3 weeks to clear. The important thing is to watch out for infections from the dried lips and consult a doctor/naturopath if you feel the rash has changed.
Replied by Sienna
San Diego, Ca
[SIDE EFFECTS]   I am at my wits end.

This started 1 year ago when 2 little red bumps showed up in my face. I went to the dermatologist and I was prescribed Desonide for 3 weeks, and I was told to change my moisturizer. To repeat if it did come back. I did that, it went away but kept coming back. NOT knowing I was putting steroids on my face I kept reapplying the Desonide as instructed.... Maybe for about 3 or 4 times total. Well, I finally googled what I had and realized it is Perioral Dermatitis and the desonide IS THE CULPRIT and not the help. So I stop it 1 week ago, and.... It is been down hill since then.. OMG I am miserable. I was able to hide it with natural makeup or nothing the first few days, now my face is a big giant red mess. One side under my mouth and a bit around my nostrils. The ACV seems like it is irratiting it more. I did buy the one Organic with the Mother. I do put the yogurt mask. I do drink a cup with 1 little lid of vinegar with water. And I have been taking oral antibiotics now for 4 days with no improvement....

This morning I woke up with tons of white little bumps, so the pustules have pus now... Beautiful sight in my face... PLEASE HELP! What am I missing? Why is it soooo red? It looks like a wound not just red little bumps. Did I make it worse by putting the vinegar? Looks like it. Please help!

Replied by Sienna
San Diego, Ca
I would like to add that I am also taking:

- Probiotics with an empty stomach and plenty of water

- Biotin and Vit C, Vit D

- No wine, no spicy food, lots of veggies and fruits, I just don't like greassy food.

The white pustules went away with the last wash with 50/50 vinegar but it really looks like one giant wound, all red, terrible... Omg HELP! I pray people don't look at my face and hide as much as I can but I really can't!! Gosh! What to do? I have an appointment with a new dermatologist tomorrow. I can't stomach seeing the one that caused me all this misery ever again :(

THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HELP AND SORRY YOU HAD TO ENDURE THIS AS WELL. But like hubby says, no worries, you will be OK, it might take some time but at least is not dangerous.... Right, I should keep things into perspective, but it is in the middle of my face! People are going to think I have crazy acne and I went on a scratching spree or something, I never touch my face, barely dry it with a clean towel each time. Ack.... Help help help

Replied by Sienna
San Diego, Ca
[NAY]   A word of caution.

When you apply the vinegar, you may want to do a test patch, and start only with diluted.

It turns out, because I didn't diluted initially I did have some skin breakage and that triggered an infection. It inflames the skin more. So probably seeing how many people have good results it helps as long as you don't make it bleed or, in sensitive skins, like mine, you have to be very, very careful and dilute it or may not even work. I don't know anymore.

My new dermatologist is a clinical dermatologist (not cosmetic one, gosh how much I hate my old one now.... ) and he says I have Perioral Dermatitis but in one spot it got infected with staph so I really have to be very careful with hygiene and I am on oral and topical antibiotics. If I thought that PoD was bad enough ....

So just as a word of caution, what might work for many might not work for all, be careful, do a patch test, and start maybe diluted.

I will keep you posted. Pretty depressed right now, but have to keep my "chin up" for my family. I wish I could hide for 3 weeks. That's how long this nasty thing can take to clear up.... Omgosh.... I am ready to get a facial mask and go around with it, seriously... Has anybody tried that? it would avoid the stares , maybe not... AAAAAHHH HELP! I need a miracle!

Replied by Sienna
San Diego, Ca
[YEA]   Well my MIRACLE arrived! I really don't even want to celebrate too early. But I washed my face following my new DErmatologist instructions with Betadine diluted and Peroxide and then metrogel on top. I slept all night and woke up with my skin ALL DRY and peeling, all the yucky gunk washed of this morning. I have NEW clear skin, very red and tender but looks so much better.

Now in retrospect I think the Vinegar DID WORK. Maybe for my very sensitive skin I went to aggressive and should have started with very diluted but anyway, now that it is all peeled I think it did work. The metrogel will keep it clean I hope but I will keep the washes with ACV too, just diluted. And I am also drinking very diluted ACV twice a day. PRetty much eating only fruits and yogurts and yesterday I had a bite of grilled chicken. Drinking loooots of water too.

OMG yesterday I was near a nervous breakdown and today I couldn't believe it.

The one thing I also did was listen to my relaxing tapes 2-3 times telling myself that my skin would clear soon, and trying to relax a lot. Maybe all together worked.

So hey if you feel like POD is hell, and you are miserable, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Just be VERY patient for me the ACV process took 2 weeks to the big peel today. I do have lots of redness but looks soooo much better.

THANK YOU ALL!!!! HEALTHY VIBES YOUR WAY EVERYBODY! I think I learned a lot from here, really, thank you!

Replied by Neels
Charlotte, Nc
Sienna from San Diego, Ca - can you tell me the amount you used of the ingredients, with Betadine diluted and Peroxide and then metrogel on top.


Posted by Jj123 (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) on 08/09/2009

[SIDE EFFECTS]  I have been using ACV on my face for perioral dermitis for a week (morning and night on a swab). It stings like crazy on the open skin but I am determined to stick with it. I then open a vitamin E capsule and apply the oil. Just the last couple days ago the ACV made my skin very hot and bright red all over. My reaction to it is getting stronger - now it stays hot and red for a while before it calms down. Is this normal? Has anyone else experienced this? I am just wondering if I should stick it out and hope it's just what happens to some people or if I should try something else...

Replied by Deanna
Calgary, Alberta Canada
Hi there Jj123, I as well am from calgary. I just wrote a feed regarding avoiding fluoridated toothpaste. It made all the difference until I moved to calgary then it reappeared. I realized the city fluoridates the water. This has made it problematic again as the skin absorbs large amounts of fluoride. If you are interested in hearing more about the many major problems with fluoride and how it can be avoided please email me

EC: Jason Uttley has two of the best articles on fluoride poisoning on our site:

Replied by Tussy
Clinton , Iowa
Hi there I have and question and it might seem silly. But I was wondering can you mix the borax with tap water? I know it would be kind of defeating the purpose but I cant really afford a filter right now
Replied by Jj123
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Thank you everyone for your comments. I have now had to stop using ACV. I am not sure it is related but I broke out in a rash on my neck, chest, eye lids and inside of arms. It is extremly itchy and bright red. I stopped using ACV to see if it will go away. So far it hasn't though and it has been 1 1/2 weeks. Also I have switched to a non-fluoride toothpaste and we have a reverse osmosis water filtration system.
Replied by Sp
Nashville, Tn
If ACV is too strong for you, you may want to dilute it with water (50/50).

Borax/Water -I make a mixture of borax and tap water in the palm of my hand to wash my face with every morning. My face feels clean and no drying.

Replied by Alaskalady
Anchorage, Alaska
It might have been Vitamin E oil that caused the redness. I had a contact allergic reaction from Vitamin E oil, so be careful about using this... or better yet, don't use it at all.

Posted by Bella (Sydney, NSW) on 05/30/2009

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  Apple Cider Vinegar reduced the appearance of my perioral dermatitis.

Hey my names bella. After reading this site desperately 2 days ago, i decided to try using the apple cider vinegar on my face to reduce a breakout of dermatitis. I have recently been put of doxycycline for my dermatitis but found that i had a massive outbreak as soon as i started using the antibiotics and stopped using the steroid cream. I have also just moved in with my gorgeous boyfriend and was horrified and embarrassed when this happened. So i began desperately searching the net for home remedies and came across the 'apple cider viniger'.
I have been using this for roughly 2 days now and can already see a difference. I have used a face wipe that has been dampened with warm water and a splash of ACV. I have done this a couple of times a day and can already notice the bumps, and blisters/pimples reducing. I highly recommend you just GIVE IT A GO.

Replied by Sebastian
Montreal, Quebec
I use 1/2 green tea and 1/2 White vinegar. This has done miracles for my scalp and wonders for my face. Apple cider vinegar alone did not do much, but Green tea plus White vinegar are amazing.

Posted by Sally (Portland, Oregon) on 04/20/2009

[YEA]  ACV is liquid gold! POD came on unexpectedly a few weeks ago and i began taking ACV internally, 1tbsp/3x/day and wetting a cotton ball with water first then dipping it in ACV and applying it to the affected areas-around my mouth on both sides. At first i didn't think it was working, it burned like HELL! and made the area very red, but also relieved the itching. at night i would apply the diluted ACV topically and also rub a salve made of organic olive oil, calendula and tea tree on the area. i would alter the olive oil salve with coconut oil. I also ate 1-3 tbsp of coconut oil as well for several days. doing all of these steps the affected area has greatly improved in less than 7 days! i was considering making an apt w/a dermatologist, but thought to try natural remedies instead. Earth Clinic is THE BEST! i have used so many remedies on this site and they have ALL worked incredibly! my advice is to try the recommended treatments for 3-7 days diligently and be optimistic! thank you everyone for posting your experiences! thank you EC for putting up this amazing site! it's so great and encouraging to see people helping people! best wishes to all!

Replied by Nancy
Toronto, ON
Sally, when you took the ACV did you take it straight or with something? I have had POD in the past and it was cleared up, so I thought, and have recently had a bought of it and it's been more concentrated on my forehead, but that is new for me. I have been using the ACV straight on my face with a damp pad, and I have noticed a reduction in the redness....thank heavens. The itching has reduced as well. So happy I found this site. I was ready to make an appt at the Dermatologist, but was dreading having to go on any medication. Thanks everyone!

Posted by Taryn (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) on 03/01/2009

[SIDE EFFECTS]  I have been dealing with an outbreak of PD for about 3 months now. I was prescribed metro gel for what my Dr. originally thought was rosacea. All it did was make my rash worse and cause many red bumps. I now have some red bumps on my upper lip, and in a ring around my mouth with my entire chin is covered in it. :( It is not super red, but still noticable and flaky at times. Not itchy or painful though. I stopped using the metro gel and went back to my Dr. She then prescribed clyndamicin. I used it for awhile and didn't really see any results. If anything it was getting worse. Now, after reading this website, I am trying apple cider vinegar. I started using it 2 days ago and so far don't feel like it's helping. I have new red bumps and overall the whole area is just redder than before. I am hoping this means it will just be worse and then get better. Has anyone else experienced a worsening of symptoms and how long did it take in general for you to see positive results. I have not taken it orally yet, but I am considering it. I am not using the organic kind, although I can see from the site it is recommended. I will likely buy some in hopes that it will help more than the regular stuff. The amount of time I spend looking at my face and feeling horrible about it is just getting to be too much. Ugh!! I hope to hear back from you and also really hope these remedies are working for you. Hang in there!

Replied by Andrea
Ontario, Canada
Hi Tayrn,

I broke out with Perioral dermatitis after handling contact cement, (apparently adhesive products can trigger it among other things). The rash went from one corner of my mouth straight down then across the chin and straight up to the other corner. I applied ACV to the rash and when the acv dried I then applied Calendula cream over the rash. You can find Calendula cream in health food stores, it's used for skin problems. After a few applications of both I started healing within a couple of days, applying both 3 x's per day. Within a week it was healed and gone. You sound like you have a tougher case of it, so not sure this will help. Good luck I hope it does, I know how badly you must feel.

Posted by Flo (White Plains, NY) on 02/03/2009

[YEA]  Perioral Dermatitis and Apple Cider Vinegar: About a year ago I went to the dermatologist with a bumpy, itchy rash on my chin and mouth. The Derm determined that I had Perioral Dermititis and prescribed an oral anti-biotic and 2 different high-dose steroid creams to be used for 2 weeks. I spent $500 on the visit and the treatments and the POD disappeared. BUT, I was told at the time that if I ever got pregnant the POD would come back, likely worse than before and that I couldn't take anything to treat it then due to possible side effects to the growing baby. Well, here I am, 4 months pregnant and the POD flared up big time. Itchy, red, bumpy, flakey, cracked skin and spreading. So, I found the suggestion of Apple Cider Vinegar and for $2.00 I bought a bottle of organic, raw, unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar. I put in on a cotton ball, twice a day and dabbed it on the area. The first 2-3 days it stung really bad (nevermind the terrible smell) and the rash seemed to get a bit worse, with extra drying and flaking and more pain...but then day 4 the bumps went away, as did the flaking skin and the bright red color is fading. Now, when I put the vinegar on it barely stings at all. I promised myself I would do this treatment for at least a week and it's been 4 days and I already see a huge improvement and I will continue using this. Because I am pregnant and I have organic, unpasturized Apple Cider Vinegar I am not ingesting it, I am simply dabbing it on the affected area twice a day, morning and night. Also, since it is currently winter I need to protect the rash and my skin from the cold so after the vinegar dries I put Aquaphor ointment over it (I've used this before with no change in the condition of the rash). Lastly, I am not using my old face wash/SPF face lotion on the affected area-- though I do still use that on the rest of my face, as I have for the past 10 the rash is not a result of change of product or use of too much product as I don't put make-up on this area either. The only thing I use to wash the POD is an organic baby-body wash, with no chemicals or perfumes. Thus far, I am thrilled with the result-- thanks to everyone who recommended it. This is one happy pregnant-mommma-to-be!

Replied by Ger
Sante Fe, NM
I am estatic that I just found this site. I, too, had oral dermatitus recently and my doc prescribed a steroid cream which did not work and then he prescribed minocyclene, an antibiotic pill. Several days later I ended up in the hospital for a week with an allergic reaction to minocyclene only then to develop BOOP disease, an organizing pneumonia requiring 6 weeks of recovery. I was very weak and sick requiring fulltime care. In the healing process with yet other drugs, my dermatitus disappeared. But, alas, this week it is starting again near and under the nose.The breakout is itchy, red and bumpy. I am on my way to get the apple cider and start today. I thank everyone for their blog and will give an update in 7 days. I am so hoping this natural way is the cure for me.
Replied by Ger
Santa Fe, NM
[YEA]   AMAZING CURE! This is a followup to my email on Feb. 22nd, saying I found this site and would try the cider for two weeks for oral dermatitus. The cider actually worked! Here are my recommendations. Dilute the cider and try it twice a day, then cut down to once a day due to the itching and dryness. I used chapstick or a serum every third day for the dry itching under the nose, as well. I am especially careful to keep my hands off my face due to germs. My rash is almost clear and I appreciate knowing that if it comes back, I can get my cider out! Thanks to who ever set up this site. Ger
Replied by Maria
Durham, NC
I read here that a lot of people were prescribed topical steroids for POD. Do not use it! I read and am a living prove that it worsens it. When my POD break out happened last winter I tried everything and failed. I had a steroid cream orescribed to me long time ago for contact dermatitis on my body and decided to try it. The rash was gone withhin a couple days, but now when I don't use it for a day it comes back. I read on a few websites that it is the case. While helping with the rash it causes a sort of addiction. I do not want to rely on the steroid cream for the rest of my life and will try ACV and yogurt. I belive that many skin problems are related to digestive system. Any problem can be fixed from the inside.
Replied by Clairebear
Castro Valley, Ca, Usa
Hello all. At 28, I have recently been diagnosed with perioral dermititis. I believe I had my original flare up about 1 months ago. Foolishly, I borrowed some steroid cream from my sister and applied it to the area around my mouth/chin. Like many others, the POD went into overdrive as soon as I stopped using the topical steroid. After a little research on the net, I was confident I had POD. I went to see my derm, and sadly he confirmed my suspicion. He prescribed me an oral steroid (doxy) and to my horror gave me some more steroid cream! I have been taking the antibiotic for 4 days now but I will not use the cream. I'm committed to weathering the storm and not falling into the steroid trap! I do not consider myself to be particularly vain, but the POD has really knocked down my confidence and self esteem. What made matters worse was that there is so little definitive information about treating POD. I really started to panic reading that many traditional med. sites offer months of antibiotic courses with no promise of success. I have to admit, I started to feel a little depressed. I feel embarrassed explaining my desire to "lay low" until the rash has improved, because as my boyfriend said "it's not like you lost a limb or something. "

I am seeing a tiny bit of improvement after 4 days, but I'm not sure how to explain this. I have already switched over to a natural tea tree "soap-less" cleanser (no sulfates). My sulfate free natural shampoo/cond. is on its way. I have switched to a natural fluoride free toothpaste. I'm so grateful to have found this thread! I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with taking the supplement MSM? It was recommended to me at my local health food store. After some research on MSM, it seems to be a relevant thing to try as far as helping to create better conditions for healthy skin. Any thoughts or experience with MSM would be greatly appreciated.

Today I started the Apple Cider vinegar regimen. I mixed 2 tablespoons in a glass of water and chugged it down. Then I dabbed a cotton ball with ACV on the effected area. Call me crazy.... But within an hour I have noticed that the tightness and itching have become less intense. I am going to stick to it and continue to take my course of antibiotics. I am keeping my fingers crossed! I will post updates as to my progress. One other question... Can any of the ladies out there make a recommendation to me for makeup (once the flare up dies down a bit). I was already using the very popular brand mineral powder, but I have read that bismuth oxychloride, talc, phthalates, nano-particles, and perfumes can really irritate folks like us. I have found an alternative powder, but any recommendations for a concealer/foundation etc. Many thanks and lots of positive vibes for all the POD sufferers out there.

Replied by Lynn
Los Angeles, Ca
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]   Your story is so similar to mine that I had to write to you. In November, I dabbed some tone corrector/dark spot remover while I was at a friends house and went out for the night. Big mistake! The next day I woke up with little red dots on the spots where I applied the cream. I thought I was breaking out b/c my skin is so sensitive and so I made a note to myself never to use that cream again. The dots stay on my face for 2 weeks. I go in to get my eyebrows waxed and my esthetician asks me what's going on with my skin. I told her I'm breaking out and she tells me that it doesn't look like a normal breakout but rather an allergic reaction to something. She tells me to use some cortizone cream and take some benadryl. I do that for 2 nights and by the third day my skin is 100% improved. My skin stays normal/great for one week. Then all of a sudden out of the blue on a Monday my face swells up with red, itchy pimple-like bumps all over. It was 10x worse than it was after the initial application of the tone corrector.

I made an appt with a dermatologist and he said I have Rosacea. He tried to prescribe an antiobiotic and steroid cream but I refused to take it. I went home and cried. I was devastated by the diagnosis. I know that sounds like an exaggeration but I was full fledged depressed by the news. I felt hideous. After feeling sorry for myself for a good 2 days, I turned to earthclinic to see if ACV could help me. For 2 weeks I've been dabbing ACV on my face followed up by coconut oil (I'm also ingesting it 2x a day). Gradually, my face started to look better. The redness lightened and the bumps began to go away. I still have some bumps but it's nothing compared to how bad it was.

I saw a different dermatologist today for a second opinion. She diagnosed me with Perioral Dermatitis, prescribed me one month of antibiotics and a prescription cream. I don't want to get the prescription filled. I'm going to continue with the ACV and get one more opinion before I resort to any kind of rx. Good luck to you and give an update on your status when you get a chance.

Replied by Aginto
Toronto, On
Hi Lynn, Try adding lots of Vitamin C to your diet. Vitamin C encourages Collagen production which is great for your skin/face. Also, try taking Lysine as well. There is a theory that the increased redness in your skin is due to a different underlying condition; in this case your vein walls aren't very strong. I've heard of some women who have minimized the redness in their skin, and reduced symptoms of rosacea by adding about 5000-8000 mg of Vitamin C and 1500 or 2000 mg of Lysine (spread out throughout the day). It will take a few weeks to see results, but well worth it. Good luck!
Replied by Asand
Louisville, Ky
My dermatologist had prescribed me topical steroids (vanos) about 4 months ago for small red bumps. It seemed like a miracle drug, my bumps quickly cleared but when I stopped using the cream, they would reappear. Eventually, the steroid cream couldn't stop it... The rash worsened. I went back to the doctor and she diagnosed me with POD. I stopped using the steroids... Which made me look like I had terrible burns around my mouth and nose. It was awful. My skin was bumpy with pustules and very red. Make up couldn't cover it.

(I was also recently diagnosed with celiac disease which means I have a gluten allergy. My digestive tract has been damaged and is in repair. I believe the POD is related.)

So, my dermatologist gave me sumaxin face wash and an anti-bacterial gel to use 2x/day. It itched and burned the first week, but I stuck with it. I cut out cinnamon and floride in my toothpaste. I try to drink bottled water. I don't wash my face with hot water, only lukewarm.

The rash is SLOWLY going away. I've been on treatment for 4 weeks. It is still a little dry and I use Cera ve moisturizer AM and PM to help.

Also-A great MAKE-UP that won't irritate the POD is Jane Iredale. She has a website.

Hope this helps! It is difficult to live with these diseases, but stay hopeful and try not to stress about it. YOU are not alone!!!

Posted by Amanda (Hurst, Texas) on 01/25/2009

[YEA]  I came across this site one day searching for cures for perioral dermatitis. I saw how many good results people were having with apple cider vinegar so I figured I would give it a shot. My grocery store didn't carry the organic so I just bought the regular kind. I also purchased some balmex after reading some good comments about that as well. After 3 days of cleansing the face with ACV and sleeping with balmex on at night my face is almost completely cleared up. Thanks so much to everyone who posted you definitely helped me.

Replied by Heidi
Minneapolis, Mn - Usa
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]   After reading all of the suggestions for using apple cider vinegar on your dermatitis I decided to give it a try. I did not drink the ACV, but rather just used the solution of half ACV and half water and with a cotton ball swabbed it on the area affected (the skin on either side of my nose) two times a day - morning and night. After letting it air dry, I put a moisturizer protectant over it - Cetaphil - which has no dyes perfumes to irritate further. Within two days I saw a huge improvement and I am sure in a couple more days it wil be completely gone. I am so glad I found this website!

Posted by Meadow (Port Mcneill, British Columbia, Canada) on 01/23/2009

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I have had a very red, blotchy rash on my face for weeks, mainly in the cheek area. I recently found out that I have Perioral Dermatitis, and when I researched more, I found out that everything I could have been doing to create this skin condition, I was doing. Firstly, I worked at Lush Cosmetics- so I was always using creams, face masks, and face wash... Mind you, most of it is organic, but it was overkill. I am also on birth control, which has been known to create imbalance. I ate many sugary, starchy, and wheat-filled foods. I was on antibiotics for a UTI before my chin broke out. When I self-diagnosed my self three days ago, I was red, embarrased because I didn't want my boyfriend to see my face looking a mess, and nothing I put on it seemed to help. I found this site, and was overjoyed by the good reviews ACV had gotten. I had some in my cupboard, and have been using 2 Tablespoons in a little bit of water twice daily. So far, it has really dried out my chin, but the bumps are fading and the dryness tells me that it is beginning to heal. In combination with topical ACV, I have been taking 2 tbsp's in tea or water 2x daily. My rash is slowly healing, and the quality of my skin is improving. I have faith that this will cure my Perioral Dermatitis, but I think my body needs more time and change to heal completely. Wonderful site!!!

Posted by Erin (Washington, District of Colombia) on 12/16/2008

[NAY]  I unknowingly had perioral dermatitis in sporadic bouts for the last 5 years. The first time it was just a dry red patch on my chin in the winter during college - it went away on its own. The second time was 4 years later and it was awful, a full red 'goatee' of peeling redness that coincided with pneumonia and my doctor gave me topical ketaconazole 2% to treat it but never told me what it was. It went away within a week, I was so pleased!

It came back this year, (3 years later) and I recognized the redness before it got really bad. The ACV remedy I found was a spray mixed with a few drops of lavendar essential oil for additional calming. the vinegar burned my face a lot and even after 10 days of using it the redness hadn't gone away, or changed at all. A pharmacist told me that if prescription ketaconazole worked once, I could try OTC miconazole 2%. You will recognize the brand name Monistat. It didn't have the same effect as the Keta, but it kept the skin moist and not icthy or peeling.

Finally I went to a dermatologist who diagnosed the PD and said to throw out every cosmetic product I had, including my toothpaste, and to wash only with Dove Sensitive Skin (no fragrance or dyes), and find a toothpaste that does not have Tartar Control additives. I am on 3 months of Doxycycline which I am not thrilled about but he basically told me that if I don't get rid of the bacteria that is causing this, for good, the PD will come back again and again in closer and closer cycles until it is permanent.

I'm also moisturizing with Neutrogena Sensitive Skin because besides having no fragrances and dyes, it's the only moisturizer i've found that doesn't have SPF which causes really bad breakouts on my face. I recently tried Dermalogica thinking it would be better but i got a dry patch on my chin almost the next day!

I wish ACV had worked for me...

Posted by Emma (Lund, Sweden) on 11/13/2008

[YEA]  I am so happy I found this site! Like many of the other people who have left notes here, I am cured! I starting noticing a rash on my face the first week I moved to Sweden (no idea why, but I do fit the: 20's female, chances). After a few weeks, I starting researching what it could be and came to the conclusion that it was perioral dermatitis. I continued researching and realized that if I went to the doctors, they would likely give me antibiotics which I refuse to use unless there is no other option. So I continued on with this ugly rash on my rash on my face for a few more weeks, until I found this site!

I bought organic apple cider vinegar the same day, and starting using it immediately. I applied it with a cotton ball to the rash twice a day (morning and before bed). I saw results immediately but it took until now, about 1 month later, for it to be about 95% gone (I think only I notice it now). For a few days in the middle I starting putting it on 4 times a day, but that was too much and irritated my skin. twice a day is good. Be aware that sometimes it does sting (and it does kind of stink), but not so much.

Replied by Marion
Riverside, Ca
I agree Apple Cider Vinegar does stink. Ugh, I don't like the smell at all but if it helps to clear my acne and "shrink" my pores then it's worth it. I'll give it a shot and see what it does for me.

Posted by Amy (Chicagoland area, Illinois) on 11/10/2008

[YEA]  I think the acv is working! I have been using it for 3 days and it is clearing up! The bumps are gone, and the redness area is getting smaller. I also used a yougurt mask last night, it felt so good! I am also on Doxycycline, but I truly believe it is the acv. I am drinking it also 2 tbs in 8 oz of water 2 x's a day. Good idea about the straw and the teeth. My husband bought me the regular acv, not the organic. I am going to the store today to buy the organic. Now I have to battle the dryness. I am afraid to put a moisturizer on it, in case it gets bad again. They say to aviod the moisturizers. I might try the candula cream. Anyone have a treatment I can buy at a big box store? I don't want it to clog my pores. Has anyone heard anything about olive oil and perioral derm? I am so glad I found this site!

Replied by Amy
Chicago, IL
Ugg! I am so confused. I have perioral dermititis. If I understand this right, it may be because of a fungus, so that is why the acv works. But, it encourages yeast? Am I understanding this correctly? Doesn't the doxycycline I am taking encourage yeast growth also? Am I going to be compleatly yeast invaded? So should I continue to eat and apply plain yougurt to my face. will this combat the yeast? Should I do anything else? I am drinking and applying the acv. Should I stop drinking it? I don't want a yeast infection.
Replied by Kelly
Nashville, TN
I have been an Esthetician for the last 15 years. One of the first things we learned when I was in Esthetics school was that many times perioral dermatitis is be caused by using a toothpaste that contains flouride. I have seen this numerous times during my career. It's worth a try to change to a natural/no flouride toothpaste. Of couse, if you are super sensitive to flouride and your local water is flouridated that must be changed too.

Posted by Princess78 (Crystal River, Florida) on 10/30/2008

I believe I have either Perioral Dermatitis or Contact Dermatitis it comes and goes for over a year now I want to try the Apple Cider Vinegar but no where does it say how much to put on my face do I mix it with anything? I don't wear make-up & wash my face with soap only I really want this to go away and can't afford a dermatologist right now. Can anyone tell me how much to put on my face do I mix the ACV with anything? I did put some on my face which made my face redder and burning not sure if that's a good sign or what lol. I don't have it bad kind of looks as if I have sunburn on my face I don't have pus bumps like many others talk about last year it started on my chin but now this time I have it on my chin my cheeks forehead and around my eyes. Please someone help me out with this thanks

Replied by Jessica
Duluth, MN
To Princess78 re: perioral dermatitis...dip a cotton ball in ACV and swab it straight on your face twice per day. It will get red for several minutes after and may burn a bit, but that will go away. In addition you should drink two tablespoons of ACV in water or other beverage twice per day. You should see results in 1 to 6 weeks.
Replied by Jenna
Philadelphia, PA
I use the cotton ball to apply straight ACV on the affected areas. The first time it did sting for 10-20 seconds. But 50x less painful than having a bikini wax LOL I kept my blow dryer handy on cool to dry off my face after i applied the ACV. It was red for a few minutes then toned down dramatically. That night it did not sting as bad and the next day it did not sting at all. I am still uneasy about drinking it yet. I will have to read more about it.
Replied by Jen
San Diego, Ca/USA
I suffered from POD for about 2 years and this is what I did to get rid of it: Stopped using Cetaphil cleanser and anything with sodium laurel sulfate in it, I used the apple cider vinegar and saw immediate results, did it for a month before I stopped. I also started using ____'s "Nourish All in One Facial Cleanser, and the Oil Free Moisturizer". Works great and keeps my skin clear and soft! The antibiotic treatment never worked for me. Good luck, dont give up!

Posted by Nan (Atlanta, GA) on 10/24/2008

[YEA]  ACV cured my dermatitis and is also healing my rosacea!

I'm amazed at how amazing this $6 bottle of organic acv is. I would have never believed it if I hadn't experienced it for myself. I've had rosacea now since May which was a result of a major stress factor in my life. I've been to the dermatalogist and have spent over a hundred dollars in topical creams and pills that just did not work. I then learned that the creams I was given for the rosacea was causing dermatitis so I was again given another cream to try and combat the dermatitis to no avail.

When the dermatologist failed to help me, I went to an esthetician. She put me on supplements stating that it was more likely an internal digestive problem. This actually made it worse. Whereas before the supplements I had the rosacea & dermatitis only on my cheeks, after taking the supplements it immediately spread to my whole face which freaked me out.

I then did a google and somehow found th Earth Clinic website with remedies and saw a few testimonials concerning dermatitis. I thought to myself, I'm desperate and what harm can it do in trying (as I've done about everything else short of doing laser treatments) to try and take care of this. I was even going out without makeup as the dermatitis caused my make up to look cakey and blothcy. On my way home from work on October 17th I stopped at a nutrition store and bought my $6 bottle of ACV. I washed my face and applied the ACV directly to my face with a cotton ball. Saturday it started looking better. I've applied it in the morning and at night after washing my face and follow with my moisturizer and a week later the dermatitis is completely gone and so is most of the rosacea. I also put 2 TBS in a 16 oz bottle of water each day.

I am now a firm believer in ACV!!

Replied by Susan
I'm a first timer here but this question is to Nan hopefully I'm doing this right....

I have Perioral Dermatitis which first started about 7-years ago. My chin broke out in these huge lumps and they hurt and itched like crazy. They lasted about three months and then just disappeared. Two years later I started my first job in a very dirty factory and the bumps came back smaller and in a very exact rash pattern. After about a month it felt like someone had punched me in the face it hurt so bad. I couldn't sleep at night from the throbbing. So instead of sleeping, I spent hours online trying to figure out what it could be and finally I found pictures of PD and I instantly knew. I immediately switched to all natural products, everything. It went away for about a month. I just recently moved and it is back and worse. This time it's on my chin, up to my nose and spreading to my cheeks. I have been on lockdown since I look like a mutant.

I found this page last night and thought I have to get some ACV, however that requires leaving the house! Well I have it now! I just applied it for the first time a few moments ago, so far no itching which is a relief. I will update in a few weeks as to whether it worked for me.

Hmmmm...ok I see that you can't ask about product recommendations. So I'll ask do you think it's too much to use face wash, toner and moisturizer? I'm concerned about using too many products at once. I was also curious as to whether anyone here uses fluoride? I don't use any SLS, but I have been reading mixed reactions to fluoride. Another thing that I have noticed is that (I have been reading a lot of different boards online) PD sufferers seem to have sinus problems. Which I find coincidental because I have serious sinus problems, which started around the same time as the PD. Does anyone else here have sinus issues? If anyone else wants to answer these questions that would be lovely, I appreciate anyone's input.

Replied by Marian
New York, NY
Hey Nan & Susan, I have had perioral dermatitis for a month now - it started right after I had the first of a 6 series gycolic acid peel at my dermatologist's. The line of the rash is the nasolabial fold from nose to mouth. The doctor said that there is no connection to the peel but I think there is. I have had other peels previously but never had a reaction like this! I bought the ACV yesterday -it burns, but I will keep trying it for at least a week. After the ACV I use either Psoriflora Homeopathic ointment or Aloe Vera gel. Any more suggestions? Should I try plain yogurt on my face too? Regular or Nonfat?
Replied by Nan
Atlanta, GA
Susan- I am not using my normal moisturizer or toner. The esthetician recommended and sold me a cleanser and a moisturizer which seems to be helping as well as the ACV. She did recommend a sunblock moisturizer which actually seemed to make it worse so I'm not using the sunblock. The moisturizer is a Neova product. I am also using a perfect finish toner from Neova that you spray on your face before the moisturizer to give added hydration. I spray this on throughout the day if I feel my face is getting dry.
Replied by Susan
From New York, to Virginia
Marian: Sorry for the delay in response. I just now came back to this site. I honestly believe that PD is a result of using harsh face products over the years. I had always been a product whore, you name it I've tried it. I had spent so much money buying and trying products not because I needed them at the time but because I loved trying new things that were on the market. At one time I actually got paid to try products and give my opinion. Now that's not me, my face can't handle it.

Keep in mind that everyone's skin is different even the one's with PD. My skin can't handle any SLS whether it's a shampoo or hand wash, it doesn't matter I can't use it. I'll tell you what I use but that doesn't mean it will work best for you. It took me 7-years to figure out what works for me. I use Dr. Bronner's Baby Mild Liquid Soap to wash my face with. I can't use toners because I have an adverse reaction. I use California Baby Calendula Cream on my face; you can use it all over it will not irritate the skin. On occasion if my PD is a little dry I use Karite Gold Shea Butter for PD, a little goes a long way, one tub will last two years (keep that in mind- good for dry skin). Balmex Diaper Cream is also nice on PD.

Apple Cider Vinegar organic undistilled works best for me because I have a lot of natural oils in my face, and ACV is more drying then the other options. I never put it on in excess or rub the skin vigorously. ACV is natural however it does have side effects. If it burns on your skin you should water it down. Anytime the skin is burning it's telling you it's too much. I only put it on in the morning and at night just a dab with a q-tip. If you plan on ingesting it remember there are side effects. ACV is known to wear enamel off of teeth and if ingested on a regular basis it is known to cause esophagus problems. I only ingest it if I'm having a serious outbreak of PD, one tabl. with apple juice and honey. Don't chug it, drink slowly, and use a straw to keep it off the teeth. Never sacrifice your overall health for your skin, be smart and don't let PD run your life!

If you have any questions let me know I will try and come back here regularly. In regards to yogurt and the other things you mentioned I have never used them so I can't give you an opinion. I can say that I know some people who use grapefruit seed extract (5-drops in water as well as on the face morning and night) and it has worked for them.

I just moved from NY if I was still there we could talk about this over tea :) Anyways Best of luck!

Replied by Jonna
Stuart, FL
While reading comments, I came across a potential irritant. A few people have written that they can't use SLS, and I'm wondering what they are referring to.

EC: SLS = Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (an ingredient found in most shampoos, soaps, and toothpastes).

Replied by Shaz
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
To Susan from NY- I suffer from POD and from sinus problems so I was very interested to hear that their may be a link between the two problems. I am going to try the ACV on my face first and then see if I can bear to drink it and see if it helps with the sinus problems too.
Replied by Kitty
Melbourne, Australia
My first post here - hope this goes ok. It would seem that I've had PD for quite some time, like years and no doctor was able to tell me what it was! I've had several severe breakouts of it and went to my doctor each time but he wasn't able to help. I've seen dermatologists and skin specialists too - and finally I started researching and realised it was dermatitis! And yes I've had sinus problems all along too! I even once asked my doctor if I needed to have surgery on my sinuses! I take Iodine but if I run out or forget to take it I seem to get bad flare-ups of dermatitis and my sinuses get worse.

I've used ACV in the past internally and externally and I will just remind people that find that it burns or gives them a rash or the like that you do need to dilute it!

One of the biggest problems I've had for years is washing my face! It would leave my face a red, painful, irritated, peeling and burning mess! The water here in Melbourne is heavily chlorinated and fluoridated (thank-you water company that must be in cahoots with the dermatologists! ) and it drives my skin insane! I've had some success putting a water filter on my bathroom basin and only washing my face with that. But my body is driven crazy with itching from showering in the stuff!

Posted by J (New York) on 10/14/2008

[YEA]  I am so grateful for this site. I was experiencing perioral dermatitis after taking antibiotics for a UTI two months ago. I tried what feels like everything to get rid of it-reducing sugars and alcohol, washing linens in hot water, sunlight, etc.

For the past five days I have been taking ACV, coconut oil and balmex topically and internally (ACV and Coconut 1 TBSP daily). I was ready to give up on ACV as my dermatitis got WORSE before it got better (Herx reaction?), but after 3-4 days of taking ACV my face looked much better. My theory is that the antibiotics created an acidic environment thus causing dermatitis/yeast to grow on my face. (Plus, I'm a sugar addict.) Other ailments have cleared up already too, such as a sinus infection and bladder irregularities.

I am so relieved and grateful...thank you to all who have written as your advice and testimonials have ultimately brought my smile back :)

Replied by Christine
Clearwater, Florida
Thank you so much for your post! I am experiencing the same thing - I am on my second day of taking ACV and wasn't sure if I was getting worse or not (my face is kind of red, but at least it's scabbing and not oozing - so I figured that this was an "improvement").

This is reassuring and I'll keep on it! I found that the coconut oil made the symptoms a bit worse (more red and irritated), but I never thought about ingesting it. I can give that a shot too :)

Thanks again!

Replied by Missmer
Bloomington, Indiana, Usa
I tried everything, from coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, antibiotics to candex to try and get rid of my perioral dermatitis. I spent hundreds of dollars trying to figure out a natural way to get rid of this awful stuff! I rarely tried one thing at a time because you start getting desperate and begin using several different treatments at once, thereby not really knowing what is working and what isn't. So I stopped doing anything. I bought Nutragena T-Gel with zinc, California Baby calendula body wash/cream and washed my hair with the Nutragena, and used the california baby products on my face. Within two days my perioral dermatitis was lightening and going away. I thought it was crazy that I had spent all this money on stuff only to find out that it's a kind of dandruff on your face. I don't have dandruff in my hair so I never used dandruff shampoo. I did use a little shampoo on my face the first couple days to really wash it good with zinc.

Get some head and shoulders or Nutragena t-gel and use it, I have never had it disappear so quickly! I'm sure it will reappear if I stop using it!! Simple relief!!

Replied by Nicole
Cincinnati, Ohio
I have dealt with PD since I was in the 6th grade. I am now 33 years old. It has come and gone numerous times over these years. I can go years without it breaking out eventhough my skin around my nose is always a slight pinky color. In 2011, I had it 2x and I finally had enough. I refused to take the steriods, antibiotics and topicals this time. It got worse than ever. I tried a natural doctor who did a Natural Reflex Test on me which is basically a muscle reflex test. He said I was allergic to soy and oats. Cutting out soy from my diet was nearly impossible but I did see a vast improvement. But I came to a stand still where it wasnt cleared completely, just managable and not as embarrassing.

Finally, I went to an allergist and had a blood test. The natural doctor was right, I was allergic to soy but also many many other foods. The test says I am allergic to 28 of the 96 foods that I was tested for. It makes me wonder how many other things not listed that I am allergic to. I am mostly allergic to dairy, gluten, eggs, safflower and brewers/bakers yeast. Oats came back as negative as an allergin. The allergist said he is 100% sure the food allergy is causing the outbreak of PD. He also said different allergies cause different people to have PD. So each of us probably have PD for different reasons. I researched foods that promote liver function because I would think that my liver needs to be cleaned out after having a backup of these allergins. I have a juicer and I make beet juice mixed with oranges and other fruit. I notice a big difference when I drink it daily and when I slack off. The bright red and flakes disappear within a few days. I havent gotten rid of it completely but I feel like I finally found the root of the problem which is hopefully the end to this battle!