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Perioral Dermatitis
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Natural Remedies for Perioral Dermatitis

Last Modified on May 23, 2016

Multiple Remedies  

Posted by Naomi (Bath, Uk) on 04/10/2010

[YEA]  Perioral Dermatitis

Hi everyone. PD has been frustrating me for over a year but I think I've finally cracked it. It started as a dry red patch on one cheek but spread to my chin and other cheek after a while. Now it's pretty much all gone. Here are my do's and don'ts

Use antibacterial glycerin based handwash morning and evening on the affected area.
Apply zinc and castor oil (nappy rash cream) cream to the area at night.
Get fresh air and exercise.
Use cotton wool to apply handwash.
Do use a fine plain facial scrub once every four days or so to get rid of flakey skin

Wear make up if you can help it. If you feel you have to remove it at the earliest opportunity using the handwash and cotton wool.
Use soap or moisturiser.
Constantly put your hands to your face.
Use a facecloth or make up sponges

Things I have tried that didn't work: ACV, natural yoghurt, E45 anti eczema cream, anti-bacterial soap.

Good luck everyone.

Posted by Jennelle (San Jose, California) on 11/28/2009

I have self diagnosed myself with perioral dermatits because I cant afford a dermatologist. When I had been plagued by a nasty pimply, red, sore, flaky rash on both sides of my chin I began researching, almost obsesivly trying to find out what was wrong with me. At one point it was alost gone but after a few days of being very stressed it came back full force forming a solid red mess of a rash resembling a pimply four o clock shadow spreading up my cheeks and temples. Narrowing it down by matching up my symptoms, I've desided that it could be nothing else. After reading hundreds of home rememdies and testemonials by others suffering from similar symptoms (after 6 months) I've finally created a regimen that is working for me. I've been doing the following for less then a week with amazing results. Keep in mind I've spent a tone of time indoors trying different things while nursing my condition so this is what I've come up with thats finally working:

First of all I've cut out meat, dairy and processed foods eliminating as many preservatives and chemicals from my diet as possible, and significantly reduced my sugar intake. When I cheat I go for organic free range chickens and organic milk so as to not to take in extra hormones.

Next I found out that sodium lauryl sulfate is a probable cause of this horrible rash. So I cut it out completely. Be careful because its in almost everything from shampoos, moisturizers, face washes and toothpaste (even products for sensitive skin and babies too). I've looked for all organic natural solutions which are available online or at your local healthfood stores.

I take supplements: Freeze dried garlic capsuls (5 a day). A womans supplement which includes probiotics and an also a multi vitamin immunity booster as well. I take all of these in the beginning of the day. I also swallow two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with a glass of water morning and night.

I wash my face with traditional african black soap. Once in the morning and once at night. In the morning after washing I use organic apple cider vinegar as an astringent applying it with a cotton ball to the affected area (it burns and reddens right after but fades the red and quits burning after a short time). After my face has dried I apply msm cream (which contains a natural occuring sulfur) as a moisturizer. If I must I use a hypoalergenic coverup for makeup but usually I do not apply make up (and it looks all cakey and dry when I do anyway).

If I have a chance in the middle of the day I rinse my face with warm water mixed with epsom salts and follow up with a mask of organic plain yogurt and leave it on for 10 minutes. Then I rinse it off with the epsom salt water again letting it air dry if its convienent. If I can stand it I leave it with out applying more msm cream but if it is itchy and too dry feeling then I do.

Then at night I wash with the black soap. After I wet a cotton ball or pad with hydrogen peroxide and hold it on a section of the affected area for several minutes then move on to another area of the affected skin so that when Im finished every part of the effected area has had the peroxide soaked cotton pad on it for several minutes (up to 5). Then I rinse off the hydrogen peroxide with warm water. After I apply a yougurt mask for 10 or more minutes and rinse it off with either regular water or epsom salt water. I also drink the apple cider vinegar water again. Then I apply the msm cream and go to bed making sure to get a full nights rest.

I usually enjoy a nice cup of detoxifying tea before bed as well.

When I need to exfoliate I use a baking soda and honey paste scrubbing very gently. Before I found a sodium lauryl sulfate (sls) free toothpaste I brushed with baking soda.

I also want to mention wearing a mask of garlic and honney nightly helped for sometime but only took me so far.

I swear to you as soon as I did these things I saw immediate results and my condition is still improving. Id say one more week of this routine and I'll have my soft skin and pretty face back. I believe after my skin is back to normal I still will need to use organic natural products and stay away from sls as well meat, dairy, and processed foods for maintenence. I DO NOT WANT TO GO THROUGH THIS EVER AGAIN! I hope this was helpful.

Replied by Soccer1
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Here's what worked for me (a high end skin care addict for years- all that had to go):

1. AKN Skin Therapy: Natural skin supplement found at natural health food stores- 4-6 capsules per day
2. Neem Soap only on face and body
3. All SLS and Flouride free shampoos, lotions, toothpaste, etc. (I use some makeup around eyes and cheeks daily that is not chemical free)
4. Organic yogurt mask daily or as needed- sometimes I leave it on for hours
5. Pure coconut oil as a moisturizer on the sensitive areas- even when it has cleared up. I use chemical free moisturizers on non-sensitive areas. Check out Tata Harper skincare online.
6. Oil of Oregano 3x daily when needed
7. Zinc supplement daily
8. Acidophilus and Biotin supplements
9. I try to eat and drink fermented foods and stay away from processed, gluten filled, sugar filled foods.
10. I have Borax for cleanser as a back up if I need it.

Seems like a lot, but my skin looks amazing (AMAZING!), my hair has never been softer, and the PD is gone. It does creep back in one spot if I am bad with my diet (lots of gluten and sugar). And all this costs less than my old moisturizer alone.

Posted by Colleen (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) on 11/15/2009

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I wanted to write in to give my long story to all of the people who are suffering with Perioral Dermatitis (POD) - I know I pored over these entries and was willing to try anything to get rid of / improve this rash. This board was a beacon of hope for me, and I'd like to pass on what I've learned, and what has worked for me with POD.

I'm 35 and live in Calgary, where the water is fluorinated (BOO!).

I suddenly became afflicted with perioral dermatitis in June of this year, a couple of days after receiving a tetanus shot.

Yes, I believe that is the cause; no, I can't prove it and have found no corroboration online. Anyone else get an immunization or vaccine just prior to this?

I had a very sore stomach for a couple of days after the shot, and then started getting an "acne-like" rash around the sides of my mouth and chin. I didn't think too much of it - I get the odd pimple in that area once in awhile.

I didn't notice any particular food related ebb and flow of symptoms, aside from some alcohols. No problem with spicy food or exercise either.

But this didn't go away, and it got worse and spread. These were blisters, not pimples (filled with clear fluid). I tried all my usual skin "cures" - primarily coconut oil, which is generally what I use on my skin and it's *usually* brilliant. But that only seemed to make the bumps worse! And a bit tender.
I tried castor oil - same thing. Bio-Oil - same.
I finally tried some of the cortisone cream my doc had prescribed for a different rash (on my shoulder - TOTALLY different beast), and that worked great... for a while. Then, like everyone else, I had the rebound, and the decreasing efficacy, and the spreading. Finally, I read that the cortisone can make it much worse (if I'd only known!).

I searched the 'Net, and self-diagnosed based on several write-ups of POD - I was not willing to go to the doc and end up on several months of antibiotics! There had to be something natural... And then I found Earth Clinic!

Now, the POD was on my eyelids, under my eyes, forehead, sides of the nose and around my mouth. When I stopped the cortisone, it was raw and painful and really unsightly and I was completely beside myself.

I tried whatever I could get my hands on that people were recommending here, with varying levels of success. My bathroom counter is covered with the many items I've bought trying to solve this!

My findings for the things I tried here:

Zinc Oxide cream - found that it relieved the rawness a bit, but the blisters proliferated and the redness did not subside. Might be partially due to other ingredients. I could not find one that didn't have either castor oil, petrolatum or other oils. ANY oil (except Tea Tree Oil) = FAIL. At least for me.

Vitamin E Oil - this was nice and soothing after using Tea Tree Oil or Apple Cider Vinegar, but - ANY OIL (except Tea Tree Oil)= FAIL. It would soothe the redness and rawness, but then I'd start over again with more blisters. Overall, I gave up on it for this condition.

Aloe vera gel (topical) - also stings. Helps the spots to feel better once the burning stops, but makes everything feel very tight and dry - need an emollient afterward, but at the time couldn't find anything. Helpful, but didn't cure anything.

Acidophillus - I've been taking acidophillus on a regular basis for years. I upped the dosage, but I didn't feel that this had any effect on my face.

Tea Tree Oil (TTO) - stings like crazy, but I could cope with that. It really helped by drying out the blisters. Definitely helped, but still never made it go away. Overall drying effect, so it didn't seem to contribute to new blisters, but it may since I couldn't seem to stop the blisters/dry & flaky cycle.

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) -helped the most - stings, and very drying, but reduced the redness down to small spots.

I found TTO and ACV in tandem to be the most helpful in toning down the overall redness (after the initial burn, that is). I would alternate days using ACV and TTO as a "toner", using a small amount of a 20% Urea cream afterward (to combat the flaking and tightness - this was the ONLY thing that helped in that area without creating more blisters).

That got me into a more manageable cycle, BUT still the redness and flaking skin persisted. If I knocked off the ACV & TTO, the blisters would come back.

I decided to revisit some earlier advice from my acupuncturist. He said (back when this all started) that the area around the mouth (where it first showed up) is related to the intestines in Chinese Medicine. I'd tried elimination diets (dairy, meat, grains) throughout the summer and fall to no avail, and no appreciable effect.

So - my new strategy. I did 3 things simultaneously:

2 days ago:
I bought a huge jug of organic Aloe Vera juice (for drinking).
I took 4-5 oz twice a day (mixed with orange juice because it tastes better) to start with, along with some acidophillus (at the same time - the aloe helps with absorption as well as healing intestinal troubles).
I stopped the topical treatments of ACV and TTO, and now I just use a tiny amount of straight calendula cream (from a tube; not mixed in a lotion, but be careful - it's a bit oily!) mixed with 20% Urea cream to help with the dry/tight feeling.

I also finally found a really good, natural and fluoride and SLS free toothpaste at my health food store with Neem, TTO, activated oxygen and other good stuff.

It has been 2 days, and I've had the most dramatic change in the POD!

Literally, the redness is about 95% gone (in 2 days!), and the blisters are flaking off with clear, new skin underneath. A couple of the more severe areas are still a bit tender, but less red, and they're very like healing blemishes now. I can't even see it around my eyes anymore!

So - after all that, I'm recommending that all of you treat your tummy! Even if you don't think you have a problem, Aloe Vera Juice certainly can't hurt!
The acidophillus alone didn't do anything for me, which really isn't all that surprising if (as I surmise) I have a malabsorption problem (do you?), which prevents many things taken internally from working; prevents nutrient absorption, etc.

I'm not certain if it is one part of this latest regimen, or the whole thing together, but FINALLY I am getting some "love", and finally seeing some very promising results.

I'm going to keep going with 4-5 oz x 2/day of aloe juice (I bought a gallon of it for about $30; in Canada, that is), and I'll let you know how things go!

As an aside, I'm starting to think now that there are maybe 2 (or more) different kinds of POD - seems one can be "mite"/ topical parasite/ bacteria related, and one seems to be more connected with the stomach and intestines, based on the fact that there seem to be such wide ranging results for different people.
Any other thoughts or hypotheses on this?
Best of luck to everyone!

Replied by Colleen
Calgary, Ab, Canada

Hello again!
Well, it's about 4 weeks since I started to take aloe vera juice (internally) and I am VERY happy to report that my perioral dermatitis is completely, 100% gone!

My skin has never been better! YAY! I'm absolutely thrilled, and I've had the best "side effects" from this addition to my regimen...

I've kept up with my protocol of ~4 oz organic aloe vera juice twice daily (mixed with juice and water) - but seem to do best if it is taken away from meals (one hour before or after seems to be fine).

I have also maintained using a fluoride-free toothpaste, and I've recently started mixing a bit of my regular organic skin cream (with oils in it!) with the 20% urea cream and had super-wicked results - no recurrence of blisters at all!

In addition to the restoration of radiant skin, I am having a lot less issues with my digestion, and have been feeling better overall. I've struggled in the past few years with chronic fatigue /fibromyalgia-type issues, sensitivity and irritability (er... grumpiness) and these issues are all improving steadily - colour me surprised!

I'm re-investigating the possibility of celiac disease causing a lot of these problems, but that's going to take some time to determine.

In any case, it appears that my POD stemmed from intestinal problems (malabsorption most likely), and the aloe vera juice is treating it very nicely! And it doesn't burn or scar your skin in the process!

It's worth a shot if you suffer from POD, folks! Unless you're allergic, I don't think it can hurt...

Replied by Mielle
New York, Ny
Hi Colleen,
What a brilliant association you made! Yes, I also received a tetanus shot back in the mid-80's because of a motorbike accident. A few weeks later I noticed the PD on my chin. It was relatively mild and it came and went annually (nothing serious) and eventually it went away. A year ago, I received another tetanus shot and this year BAM! I have a big, red, blob that seems to be spreading around my chin and below nose. I too understand (from an Eastern perspective) that this is associated with the intestines. Regarding different causes of PD, I was thinking same, since different therapies work for different people. Thank you, from my heart :) for sharing your experience and thoughts! I will try the aloe-vera treatment. Currently, I'm only drinking a little of it with coconut water but will go for the gallon tomorrow.

Namaste! :)
Replied by Sophie's Mom
Brighton, Michigan, Usa
[YEA]   So here's my story. I got a pimple in the corner of my mouth so I used my topical clindamycin solution on it. A week or so later I developed a dry patch of skin, it didn't itch or hurt, just was very flaky. That lasted for a couple of months despite using aquaphor on it several times a day. 6 months later I was developing little fluid filled bumps that would break open and then leave a yellow/orange crust on my skin. The area expanded and then a little further out I got a very dry patch of skin, this time no flaking. I started using hydrocortisone on the area with the bumps and it would keep it under control but it never completely went away. After dealing with this for a year and a half, I finally got in to see a dermatologist who diagnosed perioral dermatitis. He put me on clindamycin solution, oral erythromycin (3 week course). I was pregnant at the time so I could not use the Protopic (tacrolimus) ointment he wanted to prescribe. After 4 months of using the clindamycin twice a day the symptoms were gone and I just needed to put a little aquaphor on the corner near my mouth and was able to stop the clindamycin. About 3 months after delivering my baby, the bumps started coming back in the same spot. I started using the clindamycin again but it seemed to get worse and even started spreading around the bottom of my lip to the other corner. I went back in to see the dermatologist who thought it was contact dermatitis this time. He recommended topical steroids, oral antibiotics, and topical tacrolimus. I was still breastfeeding so these medications were scary to me and I didn't .

So here's what I did. I switched toothpastes to a non-fluoridated one. I bought the organic Apple Cider vinegar (my local grocery chain had it - Meijer - for like $4). I tried drinking 1 oz (shot glass) straight but it was so acidic it hurt my teeth (I have severe tooth sensitivity). Even watered down I couldn't take it. So then I put it directly on the affected skin and all around my mouth. It burned like crazy but did seem to take away the bumps, however I still had very noticeable redness and dry flakiness. I put yogurt on the skin after the acv. I started taking acidophilus supplements as well. After a week of doing this, I stopped the yogurt. I then started putting a diaper rash cream on the area (MotherLove diaper rash and nipple cream - $9.00 online but costs $9. 00 for shipping. I got it for $12.00 from my local lactation consultant). It started to get significantly better, almost looking normal. However, after a few weeks it was still red and my lips started to become very flaky. I almost resorted to giving up breastfeeding to take the recommended medications because I have to work and it was so embarassing. Then I started putting the Apple Cider Vinegar on my face again but this time also dabbing it on my lips and the mucosa just inside my lips (pull the bottom lip down to expose the inside and swab Apple Cider Vinegar there and on the inside of the top lip). I use Vannicream moisturizer on my skin and vaseline (dermatologist said not to use aquaphor because it has lanolin and it can be irritating) on my lips and MY SYMPTOMS ARE COMPLETELY RESOLVED. No bumps, no redness, no dry flakiness.

My heart goes out to you, this is an extremely irritating and embarassing condition. Hope this helps.

Posted by Sally (Portland, Oregon) on 05/03/2009

[YEA]  i have recently been struck with perioral dermatitis. i have no idea why, and have not been to a dermatologist to get diagnosed, but i am sure this is what it is. anyhow, 1st i would like to thank EC and ALL the people who post here, you are all so great! thanks for sharing! my treatment for this is: ACV on a cotton ball over the affected area, coconut oil, calendula and yogurt. the ACV burns a bit and causes some redness, but this subsides after a bit. the coconut oil is very moisturizing and soothing. calendula is also calming, moisturizing and sooting-california baby makes a superb calendula cream. putting regular plain organic yogurt on the area is also very cooling and soothing. i also drink ACV 3+ times daily diluted with water and eat a cup or so of yogurt and eat 3+ tbsp of coconut oil daily. this regimen works for me every time. and all of these things are really good for you and your skin. hope this helps! good luck!

Replied by Erica
Ncentral, Ma
[YEA]   CALENDULA CREAM!!! I used the same brand as listed above, twice a day, and it has cleared it up amazingly!! I was also eating and applying (all organic) apple cider vinegar and yogurt and using coconut oil as a moisturizer for a while and i think it was keeping it at bay, keeping it from getting worse, but not clearing it up much. This is after having the condition since january, having gone on antibiotics two seperate times and it still coming back. CALENDULA IS AMAZING!
Replied by Erica
Ncentral, Ma
I also switched to non SLS hair care and body wash as well as non flouride toothpaste!!

Posted by Christine (Lynd, MN) on 04/19/2009

[YEA]  I have had my first (and very bad) case of perioral dermatitis for the past 12 weeks. After being treated with various antibiotics and antivirals, and two forms of steroid creams I continue to go through period of extreme inflammation around my mouth mainly---very itchy, uncomfortable and spreading to cheeks. After reading various suggestions on this web page, I found that this remedy seems to have nearly cleared up my rash/itchiness in 3 days times. Here is what I've done:

- Roll of soft paper towels so that I wouldn't have to risk infection from washcloths/towels---I dab my face dry wit the paper towels, while avoiding scratching, rubbing,scrubbing, etc.

- Three times/day I go through the following steps:
1) Rinse my face with cool water and dab dry with paper towel.
2) Use cotton ball to dab face with Apple Cider Viniger (ACV) (stings, turn red for about 10-15 minutes)
3) Combine organic yogurt (2 TBLS) with three opened Grape Seed Extract capsules. Spread over face and neck. Feels cool, refreshing, soothing skin after ACV use. I wear face mask until it dries completely. Rinse luke warm, then cool water. Dab dry with paper towel.
4) Smooth expellor pressed Organic Coconut Oil over face. (I continue to use the coconut oil periodically throughout the day.)

1) Drink plenty of water.
2) Drink 5 glasses of combination of vegetable/fruit juices (without sugar added).
3) Take two capsules of Grape Seed Extract.
4) Other supplements: B-vitamin complex; vitamin D; Lysine.
5) Cut way back on refined sugar.
6) Limit coffee to 1 cup/day.
7) Drink tea ---green tea and Yerba Matte---throughout day.
8) Cut out nuts--almonds, peanuts, etc.-- till face clears up.
9) Eat LOTS of organic yogurt (without sugar added).
10) Get plenty of sleep.

*I also make sure to keep my hands off of my face and wash my hands very often!

Hope this helps!


Replied by HannaQueen
Portland, OR
[YEA]   Ive had skin issues my whole life, and now all 4 of my daughters have excema as well. I moved to a small town with really hard water. It made all of us 10 times worst. We did everything you can think about. Here are a few things we have used and helped.
1. Use all natural lotions. no perfume/plant based.
2. Oatmeal bath. Take cheese cloth and put some oatmeal in it. Tie it close. Throw in your bath and use it to wash yourself. Very soothing.
3. All natural/plant based laundry soap, dish washing soap, laundry softener, soap bars, shampoo, etc. This will help out a lot.

We did this for 2 years and it kept the excema at bay. My 4 yr old started getting red spots under her arms, legs, and hair line. That was it, we had it. We moved into a larger ciy and the water was a lot softer. All red spots and itchy patches were gone within 1 week. If you have hard water, look into getting a filter on your faucets.

We believe in using all natural products instead of using steroid creams or harsh ointments. It really is a life style change but its better for you and your skin. So eat healthy, and use healthy items. Good luck.

Posted by Bee (Portland, OR) on 03/30/2009

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I have had dermatitis for years now. I have not been formally diagnosed due to a lack of insurance as a student - but my older sister had/has the same issue and she has been formally diagnosed.

It began around my 29th year. My sister thought she was being helpful when she gave be a steroid that cleared up her PD. It worked! But... it also made the PD worse. My PD was clear if I used the steroid every day and when I stopped, the PD expanded. She told me to stop as soon as she learned that these steroids make things worse.

I tried the ACV and didn't have much luck. Although I didn't probably give it enough time. drinking the stuff was impossible and during outbreaks, it stings.

Months ago my school doctor prescribed a topical antibiotic called Ethromycen, which worked, but left my hands with an orange tint and an odor. After stopping use, the PD came back.

I am now learning about Witch Hazel, Emu Oil and Neem Oil and leaves. It seems to be working a bit, but I think I will add the daily probiotics and reintroduce the ACV.

I have a feeling the PD is related to inflammation. Neem is an anti-flammatory. Emu Oil is transdermal, which means it can pass through the layers of skin, offering more healing. And Witch Hazel is a gentle, natural toner.

I hope my experience offers some help to the conversation.

Posted by Rashy (Wayzata, MN) on 02/01/2009

[WORKED TEMPORARILY]  I've had recurring perioral dermatitis, as well as hormonal acne, for years. After taking antibiotics off and on for the last 20 years to clear up my skin, I went to a natural health practitioner for help. This was two years ago--I took an antifungal tincture, apple cider vinegar, and spanish black radish, as well as a multivitamin. These things really helped, and I was antibiotic-free for 2 years.

The perioral dermatitis reappeared three months ago (could have been a variety of triggers--dietary changes, season, cosmetics, hormonal) and I've been using natural methods to treat it--and nothing has worked. I stopped eating dairy, eggs, soy and wheat. I switched back to a natural toothpaste, and I switched to a dermatologist-recommended mineral makeup (and only use it to cover the rash on occasion!). I took ACV and applied it topically. I used tea tree oil, too. Nothing worked and the rash has gotten much worse.

I finally gave up and went back to the derm for topical and oral antibiotics--that was four days ago and I'm hoping it will clear up!

Multiple Supplements  
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Posted by Andrea (Westminster, CO) on 03/18/2008

[YEA]  I am a 30 F I have had perioral dermatitis as long as I can remember. I have been searching for a cure, I almost gave up by getting a prescription for Tetracycline but I have read the side effects of taking it are so bad. I also found people with perioral dermatitis have had success with a prescription vitamin called Nicomide which is 750 mcg of Niacinamide (amide of Niacin or B3), 500 mcg of Folic Acid, 1.5 mg Copper and 50 mg Zinc. SO, after I tried apple cider vinegar topically and it made my rash raw like chapped lips and very itchy, I went to the vitamin store and bought what I could find of the vitamins in Nicomide. I have been on 500mcg of Niacinamide, B complex w/ 400 mcg of Folic Acid and 50 mg Zinc for 3 days and my perioral dermatitis is under control I can still see a little redness but, it doesn't itch and there are no bumps or blisters. I have also been using Cetaphil to wash my face and Eucerin to moisturize and Aquaphor at night. I am very pleased that this worked for me.

Myroxylon Perieire  
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Posted by Ruby (Brisbane, Australia ) on 01/28/2015

[WARNING!]  I just came across information on a medical website from recent experiments. Stop using all creams/oil/makeup. Apparently Myroxylon perieire triggers perioral dermatitis. This ingredient is not always listed, such as on the popular Lucas Pawpaw Ointment. If you have been using this, stop, and let me know if it works.

Neem Oil  
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Posted by Aubergine (Washington, Dc, Usa) on 05/16/2013

[YEA]  Yes to Neem oil! Neem oil cured my 12-year-old daughter's Perioral Dermatitis (PD) after we tried a number of other remedies on this site without much success.

A little history: I was diagnosed with Perioral Dermatitis several years ago (after first being misdiagnosed with Rosacea, and changing dermatologists as a result). I had been treating it for a long time with topical corticosteroids prescribed by the original dermatologist, but every time I stopped using the corticosteroids, the PD came back (which, I later learned, is typical - the corticosteroids actually make the PD worse). The new dermatologist prescribed a non-steroidal ointment called Protopic, as well as the antibiotic Doxycycline. After two 14-day courses of Doxycycline and twice-daily applications of Protopic, my PD was gone. (Note, I'm not vouching for the safety or advisability of either of these medications... only stating that they resolved my condition at the time.)

Fast forward a couple of years, and my daughter developed what looked like PD under her nose and around her mouth. The dermatologist prescribed Protopic, and it worked like a charm. She and I would both have occasional recurrences, but we would apply a bit of Protopic and the PD would disappear quickly. At that rate our tube of Protopic lasted a really long time. But...

A few months ago, our Protopic finally ran out We went to the dermatologist and got a scrip for more. But this year, my insurance did not want to cover it. The dcctor got it authorized for me, but my particular benefit plan still required that the cost go against my deductible... over $300 for a 30-gram tube! I had recently become a fan of Earthclinic, so I came here to look for less-expensive remedies.

A lot of people here had success with Apple Cider Vinegar, but my daughter complained too much about the stinging and the smell. Yogurt felt soothing but didn't diminish the PD. Grapefruit Seed Extract didn't seem to make a difference either. I then tried calendula cream, and that seemed to help at first, but then the PD got worse again. I also tried a homeopathic eczema product called Florasone, but the improvement was minimal and temporary. After weeks of this trial-and-error (and my now-desperate daughter pleading with me to break down and buy the Protopic), I finally tried Neem oil. My daughter had trouble with the intense nutty smell, so I applied it while she was sleeping. In the morning the improvement was dramatic. After 3 or 4 nights, her PD was completely gone. That was a little over a week ago. I have continued to use it on her at night to make sure the PD stays away.

I purchased my Neem oil at a big natural foods chain store (the one some of my friends affectionately call "Whole Paycheck"). The version I got is a raw one that comes in a very small jar (I would say it's a little larger than a container of lip balm). It has a melting point right around room temperature, so during the winter it was semi-solid in the jar, like an ointment or balm. Now that the weather has warmed up a bit, it's a liquid oil. The effectiveness seems the same whether it's melted or not.

Replied by Aubergine
Washington, Dc, Usa
I'm just reporting with an update on my earlier post. It has now been about 10 days since I last used the Neem oil on my daughter's face, and there is no sign of the perioral dermatitis returning.

Olive Oil and Powdered Sugar  
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Posted by Diane (California) on 06/26/2014

[YEA]  Perioral Dermatitis: Olive oil and powdered sugar worked for me as well and more quickly than I could have hoped for. I recently had the worst bout of perioral dermatitis to date. It quickly spread from around my mouth to all around my eyes. The worse it got the more I tried to hide it with mineral powder makeup when I had to go out of the house. I'm sure it made it worse especially considering how long I've had this little tub of powder. Though I do clean my brush I'm sure it's been a constant exposure to bacteria. It's now in the garbage and I won't make that mistake again.

After trying a whole lot of home remedies and exacerbating the rash I went for the most soothing choice, olive oil and sugar. I covered my face at night before bed and by morning the difference was incredible. I went from having swollen, weeping eyes that had been stinging incessantly from other remedies (diluted oregano oil, sulfur powder, tea tree, etc.) to major healing overnight. All of the thickened, flaking skin came off and no new pustules formed. I stayed home for a couple days, keeping my face lubed up with paste. It only took three days to completely get rid of all inflammation around my eyes and almost all of the redness to disappear.

There is a long history of using sugar to heal wounds that's quite interesting that I was unaware of. It seemed fairly unlikely that it would work, but it did and now my rash is gone completely. On top of that, the rest of my skin looks amazing, so I think I'll continue to use this as a mask often.

Best wishes!

Posted by Jasmine54 (La, Ca) on 03/24/2013

[YEA]  PERIORAL DERMATITIS CURE!! I have suffered with PD for 2 years and have tried EVERYTHING you can imagine for it. The ONLY thing that works is extra virgin olive oil and powdered sugar. You make a lotion paste with these two ingredients, put it on your face and leave it on all day and night until it's gone. Typically will take 5-9 days to dissapear. THIS WORKS AND IS A MIRACLE!!! This is the lady's website that I found it on. I promised if I found a cure I would post it and here you go!! Http://

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Longview, Wa
[YEA]   This approach is amazing. I was desperate after trying Metrogel, ACV, and other remedies. On Wednesday my face looked like hamburger on both sides of my mouth and on my chin. I started the olive oil and powdered sugar paste Wednesday night, and it felt so soothing to the raised red pimples all around my mouth. I quit wearing any makeup (it has been brutal, but I'm determined). It is now Monday - only five days since my first OO/PS application, and the only redness left is on the right side of my lips which has always been the worst area for my POD. The thing is, the redness is barely noticeable and there are no raised bumps or pimples anywhere. My only changes have been:

1 - No make up (I will try it again with natural make up once it completely clears up)

2 - Swab with food grade hydrogen peroxide 3%

3 - Apply past (lightly when I have to be at work) and heavily at night and on days I am off

4 - Take and oral probiotic.

5 - Calendula cream for the rest of my face where I haven't applied the paste because I have dry skin.

That's it. :-) And it is working

Omega 3  
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Posted by Dick (Willamsburg, Va) on 08/19/2012

[YEA]  I have tried nearly all the remedies that have been posted on this site, and yet the only thing that has worked for me is an Omega 3 treatment. Applying anything topical to the POD isn't treating the real problem, and for me that was an imbalance of the omega fatty acids in the body. I was consuming way too much omega 6 and no omega 3, which caused the rash around the mouth. What I did and continue to do, is take a tablespoon of flaxseed oil in the morning along with a tablespoon of cod liver oil at night. Nothing topical worked for me, and if it's not working for you either please consider this treatment.

Omega 3, 6 and 9 Oils  
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Posted by Kristen (Mount Shasta, California) on 04/25/2013

[YEA]  Finally Some Relief!!!

I am 29 and have been struggling with Perioral Dermatitis (PD) for sometime and I think I finally found some relief. This disorder has been such a blow to my self esteem in my late 20's, that I really want to share my experience to hopefully help someone else.

Because everyone and their skin is so different, I will try to briefly put myself into context here. I spend alot of time outside on the river and in the mountains all year long for work and recreation so I think my skin has been damaged by sun, water and cold air. I would always have flare ups surrounding these activities. Being healthy is very important to me as well, so I use all organic chemical free soaps, toothpaste, lotions ect and rarely wear makeup. I moisturize my face with pure, unscented shea butter always.

I tried every natural remedy I could find. I thought maybe its stress, hormoones, alcohol, gluten, dairy, sun-on and on... Nothing worked!!! Finally, after much research, time and trial, I started taking Omega 3-6-9 and Evening Primose Oil supplements, mainly for GLA. Finally, my skin is looking much better. It's not perfect, as I don't expect because of my outdoor activities, but my skin tone is much more even around my chin area with out the horrible flaky, blotchy, irriated mess it was. I havn't had any major flare ups and have been quite pleased. This supplement is the only thing I have been doing differently and it seems to be working!

I hope this helps someone!


Oregano Oil  
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Posted by Catherine (Southampton, New York) on 02/19/2013

[YEA]  I have posted on this site before. Been battling Perioral dermatitis for years. I saw imporvement with low sugar diet and calendula cream but could never knock it out totally. I am thrilled to announce I am cured. I had read an article about how scientists were experimenting with Oil of Oregano to kill MRSA and that it worked. I figured if it worked on MRSA why not try it on whatever is lurking in my skin. I bought a little bottle and put a few drops into a tablespoon of olive oil and then rubbed it on my chin. I saw results by the next day and it is now it as been 2 months and has not come back regardless of what sugar & junk I eat. I only used the Oil for about 3 days. All those years of doxy and minocycline and experimenting with creams and diets and it's now gone! I can't believe it. It's important to get Oil of Oregano that was grown in the Mediterreanean. It should have Cavacrol in it, look for one with the biggest percentage of Cavacrol you can find. Do not apply directly to skin, it will burn. Less is more in this case. Add to olive oil and it will not burn.