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Perioral Dermatitis
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Natural Remedies for Perioral Dermatitis

Last Modified on Jul 25, 2015

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Posted by Bechansen (Brighton, Co) on 07/10/2013

[NAY]  I started ACV 50/50 topically 2x/day, 1 tbsp 2x/day orally 1 week ago. I cleanse 2x/day with mild baby soap and follow with a calendula cream after the ACV. I initially went to the derm doc and he said rosacea. Gave me metro gel and a sulfur cleanser. Got worse. Went back to a different derm doc, she said perioral dermatitis. Gave me brand name metro gel, told me to stop sulfur cleanse, and gave me an rx for 1 month of antibiotics. REALLY did not want to take antibiotics so found this site and started the above regimen. BUT it's still getting worse. I'd say I have a mild case, but don't want it to get worse, which it is! How long do I give things a try before I decide it's making it worse and try something else? This whole thing started when we moved to another state and I was blowing my nose constantly! I got a sore under my nose and the rest is history. It really was not that bad, just not going away, when I went to the derm. Ever since then everything seems to make it worse. Since it started as a sore, what do you suspect could be the culprit? Bacteria, fungus, yeast? Also, I'm around horses, hay, dust, and sun all day long.

Posted by Lou (Barcelona, Spain) on 06/30/2013

[YEA]  Dear all suffering with PD,

My story regarding PD is quite lengthy (sorry I don't want to bore you, but I think the history of how it all began is important for all to understand the cause, the desperation and eventually miraculous treatment, )and after much confusion, upset, cost and frustration I want to share it with you, with the hope that any fellow sufferers will be alleviated from this painful and psychological debilitating affliction quickly.

My PD started roughly 5 years ago after shingles, so obviously my immunity system was already surpressed.

I live in Spain and for many years used expensive as natural as possible 25-50 sun creams on my face, in winter as well as summer as I enjoy many outdoor sports including sailing.

As typical with PD, I noticed a small patch of irrated skin appearing just below my left nostril. I have extremely sensitive skin with a history of allergic reactions to many lotions and potions... E45 was always my anchor, however it was not helping me here.

As I work in an alternative health clinic, I am surrounded by well informed collegeues on the alternative treatments for dermatological problems, however, after using homeopathy and accupuncture and the typical suggestions of natural topical treatments my problem, although controlled, was in no way cured, and some of the natural 'potions' irritated my sensitive skin even more. Also after calm periods the PD would suddenly flare up again, and it seemed each new episode brought a greater degree of intensity and growth of this affliction.

Eventually I visited my GP who in turn referred me to a dermatologist, who confirmed a PD diagnosis, and yes you have all guessed what was prescribed ...... Steroid cream!!!! SURPRISE!!!! I was told to use it for 10 days and to apply it with a cotton bud. I followed the instructions and was pleased with the outcome... PD vanished... Well for a short while...

Then it came back, so I would then dab on a little more steroid cream... and thus I entered the downward spiral of steroid cream 'quick fix' addiction. Obviously I used it sparingly, and I don't think that in the five years I have exceeded more than 50g of steroid cream, but I knew that the problem was getting worse.

However, it remained my crutch. One day whilst in the waiting room of a clinic waiting for an gynaecological ultrasound, I came across an article about the relationship between facial suncreams and PD... BINGO!!! All I needed to do was stop using suncreams on my face.

It seemed (at least for a while) that my miracle cure had arrived. I stopped the suncream and started using Aveeno (not advertising here it was recommended by my sister who's son suffers for eczema.) However, after about 18months my PD came back, stronger and more resistant than ever and once again the battle was on.

I must also add, that other than chocolate and coffee I eat a very healthy vegetarian and organic produce diet, with very little alcohol, I drink lots of mineral or filtered water don't smoke, exercise on a regular basis, cycle everywhere in the city and do not take any other medication. Also all my cleaning products are natural. My beauty products other than the E45 and Aveeno are completely paraben and fragrance free, and for the last year I use a flouride free toothpaste from the herbal shop.

Eventually I arrived to the point where I didn't want to have to rely upon my steroid cream 'crutch' and wanted a healthier natural remedy that was going to be effective, and rather than procrastinating any longer 'no time like the present' became my mantra.

11 days ago was the last time I applied the steroid cream, and 'oh my goodness, ' its been quite a journey. I went 'cold turkey' and in 5 days my face was literally on 'fire' it was extremely distressing and painful. My skin was red raw, raised, itchy, blistered and with an intense burning sensation around the nose mouth and left eye areas. But, this was it there was no going back and I was now focused on finding the healthy solution.

I trawled the internet forums and thank goodness I came across 'Earth Clinic'..... you have all been a huge help and after initial trial and errors here is what I used and when I got the mixture right I had a lightening time recovery.

I tried Aloe Vera cream and gel.. MADE IT WORSE

Rose Hip oil... MADE IT WORSE

Apple Cider Vinegar... MADE IT WORSE

Tap Water... Made IT WORSE

Aveeno cream... SLIGHT relief from itching (but contains chemicals )

###FOLLOW the below recipe for relief and 80% improvement in 2 days..... IT DID FOR ME

***ORGANIC OAT MILK milk stored in fridge (used for cleansing)..... TOTAL RELIEF from itching and stinging

***ORGANIC LIVE YOGHURT, 2tablespoons, with 2 capsules of 'natures plus' Ultra Probiotic emptied into the mixture(not advertising had the ultra probiotic already stored in the fridge to regenerate intestinal flora after taking antibiotics for tooth implant) any good acidophilus will work, I then added 1 teaspoon of organic honey to this mixture.... Popped the mixture in the freezer for 10 mins, then with a sterile makeup brush I painted it all over my face, around the eyes and double thickness in the areas that were mostly suffering... SUCCESS and HEAVENLY... The coolness of this mixture is soothing. Leave it on for between 20 to 30 mins then rinse off with an organic cotton pad and mineral water, the fine powder from the probiotic/acidophilus capsule will also serve as a delicate exfoliant to remove the gradual drying out of the PD..... Apply morning and evening

***COCONUT OIL (cheap and from any health food store) apply with organic cotton pad twice Daily after the yoghurt treatment. This takes down the swelling and starts to dry up the inflammation.

***ACUPUNCTURE to balance the meridians and remove the excess 'fire' energy from the body, and helps to stimulate the suprarenal glands to produce 'Cortisol' which is our very own organic form of steroid which has anti inflammatory properties on our organism... RELAXING and nice to have a therapist to talk to you about your symptoms

***HOMEOPATHY, Initially I took Rhus toxicodendron 30ch and felt a lot WORSE for it, so I changed to Histaminium 30ch 2 granules under my tongue 3 times a day.... RELIEF instantly my swelling started to subside

***AND LASTLY.... I wanted a 'pure as one can get' vitamin E cream to reduce the possibility of scarring, however after searching numerous pharmacies, health food and herbal stores here in Barcelona I couldn't find any, but my intuition told me to look at La ROCHE-POSAY products who have an amazing programme in their Spa's in France for treating scars and build up of scar tissue after mastectomies. I came across 'Cicablast Baume B5' 'CICA' is derived from the french word for scar... 'Cicatrice' and although, not totally free of chemicals it is fragrance and paraben free and contains shea butter and zinc gluconate. This was very soothing and the difference the next morning was ASTOUNDING!!!!! I would only recommend this at the end of the treatment list and for a few days only.

I am now sitting writing this with my face nearly looking normal and reflecting on it all it has been a HUGE learning curve, and I know this will be of use to others that is why I decided to share it with you all. I realise that PD is not 100% curable, however I think with the above tools it will now be 100% treatable.

Cost wise, most of these products are not at all expensive.... in fact other than the Acupuncture most are well under 10euros, or are products that we already have in the house.

I think it also important to point out that its necessary to allow your PD to 'Come Out' after stopping the steroid cream. Its a distressing time but then you will no to some extent what you are 'really' treating

I am now just going to put on the cooling yoghurt face pack... BLISS

Good luck and thank you for your help and support, I will keep you updated as it is still early days for me as yet.

Lou xxx

Posted by Girl In The Cold (Anchorage, Alaska) on 04/17/2013

[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]  Perioral Dermatitis: I have been reading through this website, specifically this section, for over a week now, and finally broke down and started trying some of the things listed here. I have some questions though, but first I guess I should share my sojourn and what I am doing so far.

I am in my early 30's, and have had basal cell carcinoma on my face (on my temple and my forhead both along the hairline). Both times the dermatologist said "oh it doesn't look like anything to be concerned about but we can biopsy it if you want", both times it was something that needed removal. The third time I went in for a suspicious spot, she froze it and then said, oh and let's treat your dermatitis. My what?!!!

I knew I was having some crazy redness that seemed to be worse in the cold and was spreading with some flaky/dry skin and my pores had become insanely HUGE on my nose and it was spreading to my cheeks and forhead. She said that was just age, but then pointed out these flat slightly raised bumps sprinkled in the redness that was along the laugh lines lip and side of my nose and cheeks right next to the nose. I hadn't really noticed them, they didn't hurt or itch or burn. At this point if I could get the redness to go away, and the bumps that were now glaring at me in the mirror as I sat there I was all for it.

She prescribed antibiotics and a cream, I filled them and almost cried when it was $134. 00 after insurance for just a 30 day supply of both, since she said it would take possibly 3-4 months to clear! I started them that night and the cream was burning as in my face just felt incredibly hot. I used it again the next morning with the same result and decided to really read the side effects sheet as opposed to just scanning it. I was shocked to see it say that it has the possibility to cause skin cancer and lymphoma!! No way was I going to continue using this, on my face where I have had skin cancer and right next to a spot I had frozen because of being possible skin cancer!!! I knew there had to be a better, healthier way to combate this, and that is how I found this site.

I have to say that over the last year I have been under incredible stress and my body is telling me that through the skin cancer, this PD, and a myriad of other health issues that have sprung up in the last few months. Apparently my body cannot handle the stress any longer. I have lost about 20 pounds and a bajillion hours of slept due to horrific anxiety, and when I do eat it isn't always the healthiest and I can't function even slightly without a cup of coffee in the morning.

I decided if I can spend ridiculous amounts on meds from a doctor who couldn't even diagnose my skin cancer correctly and I had to point it out to her and insist it was serious, that why should I follow her on this PD aspect. Which also had me researching other things such as rosecea and discoid lupus (my mother has been told she may have lupus, but refuses to follow up with that) as well as other types of dermatitis and even frost bite ( I say this because after a night out in negative temps two years ago I woke up with a crazy deep red/purple triangle on my nose, the skin peeled multiple layers and ever since the redness has been there when exposed to the cold for any length of time and has spread from that little triagle section to the rest of my face). At this point I am not confident this is the right diagnosis, but many of the remedies cross translate, so I will stick with it for now and figure out what works.

I started out with straight hydrogen peroxide. I put it on a cotton pad and swooped it along my face and then used a cotten tip and put it directly on the round raised bumps. Within seconds while I watched the bumbs were gone, it was insane! I continued to coat my face and let it dry which is why my face became angry red on my nose and it stung incredibly badly bringing tears to my eyes. I stuck it out thinking it must be cleaning something and went to bed. Woke up the next morning and the redness was practically gone, all the bumps were still gone, and my pores had shrunk back to almost normal! (I should add I have never had more than a pimple here or there and never a visable pore on my body prior to the last few months). I decided to use it again, but it didn't seem to have the same effect; however, I figure if this was working I would go to my local organic store and pick up a few things.

I currently have zinc oxide tabs 5mg, as I noticed that pretty much everything with zinc I'm not eating lately. I don't plan to be on this for long as I have read it could have some negative affects and in the past zinc used for colds has made me very ill. I also am using a 40% zinc diaper cream as a topical as I speak to hopefully tone down some of the angry red that seems to be spreading even more since I started with the peroxide and is even darker since I started with the apple cider vinegar! I also added a probiotic, am taking APV orally, and coconut oil orally (it's a nice replacement for sugar in my coffee).

My questions are these:

1. How long before the redness goes away?

2. Is it normal for the redness to spread when using these topical treatments? (it has followed my cheek bones on both sides and moving up my temples and has also moved up my nose to between my eyebrows and right above one eye brow where I put some peroxide hoping to shrink some pores)

3. I feel like yeast may be a culprit here and am curious if things such as, change in breath or foamy mucus are a reaction of the yeast being eliminated from the body (ie the internal things like probiotic and ACV doing their job)

4. When does the stinging and burning stop from the ACV topical treatment, and what is the best kind of soap to use to rinse after? I have stopped using all my "harsher" scrubs and face washes and am using a gentle cleanser and very little lotion, my face is actually less flakey and dry and feels pretty good except for right after the ACV so I follow it with the gentle cleanser and the hydrogen peroxide, and tonight with the zinc diaper cream (in hopes of lessening the redness since I Know as soon as I go outside in the morning my nose is going to shine like rudolf anyways it would be nice to see how much the cold effects it, by having a nice clear non-red or simply pink nose to start with)

Any thoughts, opinions, answers on any aspect of this whole thing are greatly appreciated! Thank you!!

Replied by Girl In The Cold

Since taking the ACV I have begun to be unbelievably exhausted. My body feels heavy and all I want to do is sleep. It was an extreme effort to even get up to use the computer to post this. I haven't felt this tired since pregnancy and honestly this is even worse (and no I am not pregnant currently). Is this something others have experienced? Is there a solution to resolve this? I am still seeing some improvement on my skin with the redness (although I have not put ACV topically other than one time), and don't want to stop, but goodness I'm exhausted, and almost feel as if my blood pressure is incredibly low (I naturally have blood pressure that is on the low side of normal).

Replied by Rosanne
Toronto, On, Canada
I just read your update about being very fatigued, and it sounded so familiar! I just finished battling POD myself, and I didn't realize until just now that I also was suffering from fatigue, but now I am not. I find this really interesting, although I'm afraid I can't offer any help. I just wanted to sleep and sleep and sleep, but now I'm fine.

You asked in your original post if it was normal for the redness to spread, and yes, for me, that was very normal. (my story is posted in a thread entitled Apple Cider Vingear, Yogurt, Grapefruit Seed Extract)

If you do use the ACV topically, the stinging goes away when the POD is healed. I now use diluted ACV as a toner every morning, and it is not painful at all.

Hang in there- you can beat this!

Posted by L (Barrington, RI) on 04/10/2013

I developed a terrible outbreak of perorial dermatitis. Bright red painful, itchy, thick rash around my mouth and under my nose. It looked horrible and felt just as bad! As I learned about it, I had contributing factors.... Topical steroid use, using moisturizer under foundation, used tartar control mouthwash, toothpaste with fluoride. Looking back, I had it for some time, it just didn't explode until a few weeks ago. I tried home remedying with ACV (made it much worse! ), california baby calendula lotion ( irritated but then temporarily calmed), yogurt masks (calmed it down so it didn't hurt), lotrimin (no effect), aloe (no effect), tea tree oil (made it worse), olive oil (calmed and moisturized, Sarnia (this non steroidal lotion calmed and made it more bearable). After a couple weeks I realized that these home remedies were not working. So I went to the dermatolgist, and started taking doxycycline. I am not happy about having to ingest antobiotics (got a script for Diflucan also to counter things) but I felt and saw a change for the better after the first day. After one week, its almost totally healed with just a little pink left. I reset my skin by only washing with water and using olive oil and Sarnia on it. I started taking vitamins calcium, e, zinc, acidophilus, d, c. The dermatologist told me I'd need to stay on the antibiotics for at least two months. And I will. She said dermatitis can present similiarly but respond differently one kind to antifungals and one kind to antibiotics. I suppose that's why there is such a range of cures that were successful.

Posted by Found Cause Of Pd (Los Angeles, California) on 02/21/2013

[YEA]  I have been doing TONS of research. While Perioral Dermatitus might be caused by Steroids, chemicals, etc. a good portion why it comes is Parasites inside the small intestine. We all carry, 99.9% of people (according to research) at least 1 parasite. Well guess what, some of them are in our bodies for the rest of lives, or until we get rid of them. Why women are more likely to get Perioral Dermatitus. Well first Pregnant women might get PD because of their estregen level is much higher when pregnant, I think it might cause to produce a lot more stomach acid, that in turn causes PD. So for pregnant women the best control for it is ALOE VERA JUICE, A LOT OF IT. Do you own research, but it has some amazing benefits. For the rest of women, PD is an Yeast Overgrowth, but guess what causes the east to go crazy in the intestine, its acid level, and guess what causes more acid production: Parasites. Parasites also deplete the body of B Vitamins, thats why some mention that they have Vitamin Deficiencies.

Before spending tons of money, this is what you need to do. First RESEARCH. Then you need to kill the parasite in the stomach: Black Walnut Hull, Woodworm, and Clove (all three combined will do anti-ceptic/anti-fungul/kill the bad bacteria, kill parasites and anything that is very bad in your stomach. Research before you use Black Walnut for longer than 1. 5 months, since it might overload the liver, so you have to be careful, but this remedy has been used since the ancient times. Then you NEED STRONG PRE-BIOTICS, while people mention Yogurt is good, its not enough, you might get about 1 million good bacteria in a big yogurt jug, but you really need more like 50-100 billion good bacteria, usually those PRE-BIOTIC pills run at a healthfood store $20-$40 for like a 30 day supply, but you this. Then as dealing with the face, while your body is being healed and cured of this crap. You need APPLE CIDER VINEGAR, you can also take it internally, make sure its an hour apart from other things you are ingesting to kill parasites. Dont mix them, and put them in your stomach at the same time, each needs space to work. Apple Cider Vinegar, while deluted in water and taken orally, helps control yeast (which is given free reign because of the parasite that is causing the whole entire thing). Apple Cider Vinegar should also be deluted and applied to the dermatitus. It will help a lot After about 1-2 hours after applying Apple Cider Vinegar, you need to apply a yogurt mast to your face, to introduce good bacteria, since Apple Cider Vinegar just killed the bad fungus bacteria, you need to introduce good bacteria. A lot of things on this forum are right on track. But none of them mentioned that ITS A PARASITE IN THE STOMACH THAT IS CAUSING THE YEAST TO GO CRAZY (NOT IN ALL CASES, BUT FROM A GUESS, IN ABOUT 50% OR MORE). So if you tried remedies and you think that something is not right, please do a parasite cleanse, it might do the trick. A person should be able to eat varieties, and not eating fructose such as fruit is rediculous, at least after you killed the parasites. I surely hope this info is usefull. I think dermatologists are useless in this. People do your research, much love!.

Replied by Claudette
Brooklyn, New York
Thank you. I am at wits end. I just want to curl up in a corner in my room until my days end. At least now I can try something else. Thank you for your post.
Replied by Anonymous
Thanks for your comments. I made a mask after suffering with pd (self diagnosed) for over a month, emergency room visit, and doctor's visit with doxycycline 100mg and oral steroid from both doctors with no results. I mixed Aztec Indian healing clay, hydro peroxide, acvwith mother, lemon juice, and tea tree oil into a paste; applied, let dry, rinsed, repeated throughout the day. 60% better...feeling hopeful.

Posted by Firecrack (Denver, Co) on 01/28/2013

[YEA]  I didn't have a bad case of Perioral Dermitis--just a minor breakout around my nose. Went to the derm to get the diagnosis and was prescibed Oracea and Clindamycin (topical). I didn't want to take the oral antibiotics for 6 weeks, so I just started with the Clindamycin 2x a day. After one week it just seemed to be more irritated, so after reading several posts on this site, I added ACV with mother. This is the routine that's working for me after one week:

Wash face with Dr. Bonners mild baby soap.

50/50 ACV applied with a cotton swab-- let dry for 10 min. or so.

Apply the topical Clindamycin.

Do this every morning and evening.

Posted by Maxine (Walsall, England) on 11/17/2012

Just thought I would let everyone know that I have been suffering with perioral dermatitis for about 6 months now. Thinking it was just eczema I was applying Elocon cream (steroid) which cleared it up great! But as soon as I stopped using it it flared up again. I was searching the Internet for similar symptoms to what I was experiencing and found this forum a few weeks ago. I took on board what everyone was suggesting to use as natural remedies as I don't like using antibiotics unless its really necessary. My face flared up so bad a couple of weeks ago that the whole of my mouth area and parts of my chin were covered in small fluid filled spots and was a real blood red in colour and sooooooo sore.

I bought some apple cider vinegar and some natural organic yoghurt and tried this approach. The first few days the area became more red and sore and looked awful but I carried on with the ACV. After a week it was still red and sore. I read somewhere that perioral dermatitis has also been linked to a candida infection of the bowel - I had been suffering with stomach problems for as long as this rash was at its worst.

I went and bought some Canestan (Clitrimazole) cream that is generally used for the treatment of thrush and hey presto two weeks later all of the small fluid filled blisters have gone and I am now just left with a very light pink patch where the rash was so bad. I noticed with the ACV that it made the sore skin go dry and once it started peeling and with the application of clotrimazole it started getting less sore, less itchy and started to show healthy patches of skin within the area that was affected. I am convinced that at its peak the ACV started to work on the bad skin and then the clotrimazole helped get rid of what was causing it.

I am also taking probiotics now as I am sure that this skin condition started inside the body. I hope this helps sufferers of perioral dermatitis - I became really down about it and was prepared to try anything as it looked awful. I have also bought some Zinc tablets to promote healthy skin..... Anything is worth a try.

Posted by Jennifer (NYC, NY, USA) on 10/25/2012

I never post on chat sites but promised myself I would share if I found something that actually worked. I got PD about 4 months ago. I have been struggling with intestinal problems for 2 years from parasites we caught in Costa Rica. It lead to a bunch of problems including leaky gut. Once I got diagnosed with PD I knew I could not put my body through more antibiotics. I found out PD is yeast related then, I knew my gut was still leaking. I went back on a gut protocol of drinking G___ Aloe morning and night. High dose probiotic to soothe the intestine to start working from the inside. I tried various methods directly on my skin also (yogurt, ACV, Zinc, coconut oil) with no real results. Last weekend I found a natural fungal cream at my health food store. It is dark brown and smells horrible (oregano oil) and burns but it cleared me up in 3 days!!! The first weekend I used it 4 times a day. I kept putting more on. Now I am washing my face with sensitve skin wash, putting the fungal cream on only before bed. When I wake up I wash my face again and then use natural diaper rash cream with zinc and leave that on all day until I wash at night and reapply the fungal cream. I hope this helps someone else. I was getting really depressed about what I looked like. I have never had acne and at 43 this was not in the plan! My skin is 95% better and back to being skin color and soft. I only have one small bump and even the scars are almost gone!

Posted by April (Thomasville, Nc) on 09/04/2012

[YEA]  I have never left any comments on a site before, but I felt like I should share my experience it may help someone else. I was diagnosed in may with PD, I got it from using steriod cream on my forehead. I went to my medical doctor in feburary for a rash between my eyebrows and he put me on a strong steriod cream for the rash. My rash was gone in a week, WOW I was happy, so I stopped using the cream the next week it was back. So I started it again this went on for a month off using the cream then stopping. Well I noticed a spot on my chin so I used the cream needless to say I broke out with a severe rash all around my mouth and nose.

Went to a dermatologist and was told I had a severe case of PD. Derma told me to quit using the steriods and that my face would get worse before it got better. Was put on minocycline 100 mg daily. I do not like taking meds but was desperate so I took them. Ithe next day I was so dizzy and shot of breath I could not get out of bed. Called the derma and she put me on metro cream. This helped some but burn like fire every time I used it.

That's when I started researching it and found this amazing site. So this is what I do, I take acidophilus daily, also eat at least one yogurt daily, I drink 1/4 cup of ACV daily. At night I apply organic yogurt all over my face and let it stay on for 20 to 30 min then wash it off. I then apply diluted ACV to my whole face let it dry and then smother my face in calendula cream and go to bed. The next morning I wash my face with water only and apply a small amount of calendula cream. I am so pleased with the results I still have slight redness but makeup covers it up. I hope this helps someone else because, I am very happy with the results. I am so happy I found this site.

Replied by Kellieann
Shawnee, Oklahoma Usa
Hey everyone, I have had PD on and off for several years. Recently it flared up again and I went to the local health food store. I was told to try Rhus Toxicodendron as directed on the label. Very inexpensive at $6 for a bottle of 100 tablets!! I am a little over half way done with the bottle now and I'm very pleased to report that the PD is almost completely gone!!!! I'm using vitamin e oil at night topically. Thought this may help someone. God bless!

Posted by Sv (New York City) on 08/28/2012

[YEA]  Hi there... It's my first time posting on a forum like this but I wanted to share my experience so far. I've had Rosacea my entire life, so skin "stuff" has been on the back of my mind pretty much every waking moment of every day of my teen and adult life. About four weeks ago I started getting the mild symptoms of Perioral Dermatitis (PD): the severe burning, itching, sensitivity, and the redness around the lips and chin. I attribute it to sports-related activity as I wear a helmet with a chin-strap and a mouth-guard with my uniform a few times per week. Nothing over the counter helped, and actually it made it worse. It got so bad last week that scheduled a visit with the Dermatologist last Tuesday and she confirmed that PD is indeed what I had. After reading up on PD incessantly, I made a personal decision NOT to take the Cortizone topical cream and the harsh oral antibiotics she prescribed. Instead I decided to take the all-natural way first before diving into the scary world of harsh pharmaceuticals prescribed to me, since my body and skin are both very sensitive to medicine and antibiotics.

Well, it's been ONE week and I can assure you that the following combination so far is helping me A TON:

-- Do NOT use any make-up, moisturizers, face creams, ANYTHING that is synthetic. Leave your skin free of any soaps, washes, solutions, topical creams, etc. Trust me!!!

-- Start out by gently cleaning your face with ORGANIC honey... I know, it sounds weird, but just start by washing it with warm water and the honey (trust me, it cleans your makeup off too! )... it leaves your skin super-soft and moisturized.

-- When you are ready, start adding a plain yogurt mask to your cleaning regimen, preferably after gently washing your face with the honey. Try mixing the yogurt with the honey--it makes for a great, soothing, deliciously-smelling mask. Do that once in the morning and once at night.

-- After a day or so of the honey and yogurt, add some ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) to your regimen. For the last 4 days, I have used it as a toner, as well as taking it internally. As a toner, use a dab of it on cotton or soft tissue over the affected area for about a minute, and let it dry, It WILL burn as all hell, but just let it be. The burning wears off as the effect of the naturally-acidic properties dry off. Then...

-- Take a swig!!! The properties in the ACV are VERY helpful with balancing the properties of your skin. I don't claim to know much about that part or the ACV regimen, but I can tell you, my skin has NEVER felt this happy. Nor my tummy's digestion. It's done something to my body that I can't explain... just read up on it.

-- Finally, I have been taking vitamin E and calcium supplements since last week. I have also been using the oil of the vitamin E to dab upon the affected area overnight. It feels funny because it's an oil, but eventually it dissolves into the skin and it makes it feel supple and happy :)

Don't forget to drink tons of water and to also stay away from spicy foods and sulfites... these are killer for PD.

So far like I said it's been 6.5 days since the worst of my symptoms and I feel 95% back to the normal way I felt before. I will stress to try the natural way before you try the prescription creams/medicine. Best of luck :) I know it's frustrating as hell.

Posted by Lsaggers (Waterloo, Ontario) on 07/13/2012

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  My PD started developing in September 2011. I originally had antibiotics prescribed from my MD, which seemed to solve the problem, but they made me feel TERRIBLE.

The PD resurfaced ten fold after a trip we took to Thailand in the winter, where I was applying sunscreen and using facial wipes every day.

Shortly after, I discovered I was expecting and couldn't take any of the antiobiotics prescribed for PD. I tried so many of the natural remedies listed on this site (including ACV & probiotics) plus all- natural creams, pure aloe (from the plant), but nothing seemed to work for me.

I started using a mild tea tree oil bar soap to wash my face in the am and pm. At the same time I started using yogurt masks at night, and this seemed to help start clearing up the problem (I have since stopped applying the yogurt).

I now follow with an aloe gel (99% pure from a health food store, like Fiddleheads) on the affected areas, allowed it to dry, and then apply a very mild moisturizer, like Spectro. I also had to resist the urge to pick at the flakes and to gently wash the affected areas, making sure not to scrub. I also try to avoid applying makeup on any affected areas.

It hasn't completely disappeared, but it has been a significant improvement, to where it is just slightly visible around my nostrils, and not nearly as itchy and uncomfortable.

I don't know if this will work for other people, but knowing what it's like to walk around with the PD on your face, I just wanted to add my two cents and hopefully help someone else out!

Posted by Kvogue (Atlanta, Ga) on 06/11/2012

Otherwise known as the tiny red bumps accompanied by flaky skin that pop up around your mouth or nose. They burn, itch and are usually bright red, forming a rash of sorts. If you scratch in an attempt to make the flakiness go away (my first mistake), it spreads and becomes worse. Here are my suggestions.

1. Gently Exfoliate. I used ProActive at first, for the small exfoliating grains. Gently massage the affected area in a circular motion and wash away. Repeat until the flakiness is gone.

2. Use Neosporin or Hydrochloric Acid (not recommended because this burns) on the affected area, with a sterile Q-Tip. Work in until the product is no longer visible.

3. Apply a hot compress. Place clean washcloth under hot running water, wring and place over the exfoliated/neosporin/affected area. Apply pressure for 15-25 seconds. Repeat if you'd like.

4. (Optional) But this reeeally helped me. Use an essential oil (I like Kukui Nut Oil), apply a thin layer and let sit.

5. Take Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen Pills on the regular. This may be the most important step.

6. Drink tons of water and anti-oxidant juices.

Posted by J (DC) on 05/24/2012

Topical Friday, 17 May- began using products.

For the first couple of days (after stopping all cortisone/elidel use), this rash got much worse; blistered and scabbed, with raised bumps and whiteheads. It itched and burned. Skin got dried out, flaky, but rash started to disappear. Letting the yogurt mask dry on face, q.d. , then rinsing and rubbing gently, helped remove the dead skin, as did using the dandruff shampoo.

Yogurt was the most soothing and immediately stopped the itching. Ate what was left in the little container, since I only used a Tablespoon or so for the facemask.

I did not put makeup on my face for the first 4 days. When I did, I dabbed "Almay Skin-clearing Makeup" on the red spots with a clean sponge.

Thursday, 24 May - Skin nearly clear; redness and scabs almost disappeared.

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar- Apply w/ cotton pads - q.i.d., Dried rash (it burns; might want to dilute with 50% H20)

Aloe Gel 98% - Apply to face after vinegar, Stopped burn, soothed skin without spreading rash

Organic Plain Yogurt- Apply to face like a mask, Stopped itching and also burn; softened skin

Dandruff Shampoo- Face wash-leave on 1 min, Helped to remove dried skin, q.d.

Acidophilus, q.d. Probiotic

Posted by Amanda (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) on 05/18/2012

This site is great! My heart truly goes out to all those suffering with POD. I had POD in junior high school and it was devedtating! Now after years of 'only' random acne issues, the POD came back. So I have tried "everything" and through a combination of frustration and impatience for results I have finally found what helps me.

Nixoderm - ordered online

Organic active culture plain yogurt - applied and consumed in shakes

Aloe Vera Juice - also put in shakes, got at health food store

Hydrogen Peroxide - used as a toner on my skin, full strength

Using non-flouride toothpaste and mouthwash

Tea Tree oil - applied during the day after the peroxide toner.

Eliminating SLS products. Bought 'Crystal Clear' face and body wash made by AromaCrystal vibrational therapy - purchased at organic/health food store (or also online)

So I wash my face with the Crystal Clear, use hydrogen peroxide as a toner then apply the Nixoderm at night (it stays white) I make a shake in the morning with the aloe vera juice, yogurt, a banana, and some blueberries, and drink it.

I also stopped eating tomatoes (I read somewhere they have flouride?) fish and eggs. But other than that my diet is kinda bad - I eat junk food ;-)

So all in all everyone is different and will have different results... I honestly have a TON of different ointments, creams, washes, that I tried with no real results. The worst is when a product helps a little at first, but after a few days there was no significant change. I hate that! It felt like I would get excited for clear skin then just get let down and feel like it was a waste of time.

I wish you all the best in your fight against this terrible condition. Just remember it always looks (and feels) worse to you than to anyone else. And if you simply keep smiling... Your inner beauty will shine through!

Posted by Mary Gold (Montreal, Quebec, Canada) on 05/06/2012

[YEA]  Just wanted to post my experience with Perioral Dermatitis and the following remedies: calendula cream, acidophilus pills, ridding fluoride and SLS, natural estrogen balancing pills, prescribed steroid cream.

At first I thought my Perioral Dermatitis was a small patch of acne around my mouth, while at the doctor I asked about the patch and she prescribed a steroid cream (one of the worst things to do). Unknowingly I applied as directed and long story short the PD SPREAD! What was once a small patch by my mouth soon enircled my entire mouth, went up around my nose, started patches on my forehead and at the outsides of my eyes. My doctor had said to apply the cream and see results in about 3 weeks, after 5 weeks I had full blown PD for the first time in my life. Didnt want to leave the house. Got very depressed. Started researching.

While waiting for my dermatologist referral I got to work on a solution. First thing I heard and did was try to rid fluoride and sodium laurel sulfate from my toothpaste, soap and shampoo. Second, I started taking acidophilus pills at least once a day. Third I started taking a pill which helps to balance womens hormones (since plastics and a horrrible environment are making our hormones go out of whack). Fourth, I searched for and eventually found a decent Calendula cream and started applying to my face.

Since I did a lot of these things at the same time, it was initially a bit hard to tell what was working. But its been about 6 months since my PD exploded, and I think the biggest help came from the Calendula cream. When I went to the dermatologist I had very little PD left to show, and I asked the doctor about Calendula cream. In a nutshell, this doc was an idiot. I was told that there was no medical evidence that calendula did anything, then I was prescribed yet another steroid cream which I was informed that I would probably have to apply FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE! This dermatologist was WRONG. I did not fill the prescription, and have since cleared my PD within a few months with my own research and trials.

CALENDULA CREAM: may also be called Marigold, or calendula officianalis.

ESTROGEN BALANCING PILLS: the brand I took is called _______, it is very natural, mostly natural extracts inside the pill. It is also supposed to help with mood swings and other side effects of wacky hormones.

In addition I read a lot of other threads about this subject since the whole ordeal was really upsetting, so thanks to everyone who has posted, there are so many people who suffer from this for years, so keep posting remedies and hopefully they can find something that works for them. I hope mine can help someone too. Just remember that its your body, your doctor may not know best, (for me, I didnt want to have to apply a cream for the rest of my life, or take a pill that was made up of chemicals) make your own decision and pick and choose from other people's remedies to find a formula that will work for you. Keep thinking that it will get better, just find the root of your problem. :]

Replied by Had
White River Jct, Vermont
Calendula is awesome, you may want to make an infusion (the flower only in Olive oil) or buy as essencial oil and mix w/ Ex Virgin coconut oil, coconut oil is anti- bact/vir/ etc.... And great for the skin as well. And I agree your Dr. is an idiot. Good health to you.

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