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Natural Remedies for Perioral Dermatitis

Last Modified on Nov 19, 2014

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Posted by Mary Gold (Montreal, Quebec, Canada) on 05/06/2012

[YEA]  Just wanted to post my experience with Perioral Dermatitis and the following remedies: calendula cream, acidophilus pills, ridding fluoride and SLS, natural estrogen balancing pills, prescribed steroid cream.

At first I thought my Perioral Dermatitis was a small patch of acne around my mouth, while at the doctor I asked about the patch and she prescribed a steroid cream (one of the worst things to do). Unknowingly I applied as directed and long story short the PD SPREAD! What was once a small patch by my mouth soon enircled my entire mouth, went up around my nose, started patches on my forehead and at the outsides of my eyes. My doctor had said to apply the cream and see results in about 3 weeks, after 5 weeks I had full blown PD for the first time in my life. Didnt want to leave the house. Got very depressed. Started researching.

While waiting for my dermatologist referral I got to work on a solution. First thing I heard and did was try to rid fluoride and sodium laurel sulfate from my toothpaste, soap and shampoo. Second, I started taking acidophilus pills at least once a day. Third I started taking a pill which helps to balance womens hormones (since plastics and a horrrible environment are making our hormones go out of whack). Fourth, I searched for and eventually found a decent Calendula cream and started applying to my face.

Since I did a lot of these things at the same time, it was initially a bit hard to tell what was working. But its been about 6 months since my PD exploded, and I think the biggest help came from the Calendula cream. When I went to the dermatologist I had very little PD left to show, and I asked the doctor about Calendula cream. In a nutshell, this doc was an idiot. I was told that there was no medical evidence that calendula did anything, then I was prescribed yet another steroid cream which I was informed that I would probably have to apply FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE! This dermatologist was WRONG. I did not fill the prescription, and have since cleared my PD within a few months with my own research and trials.

CALENDULA CREAM: may also be called Marigold, or calendula officianalis.

ESTROGEN BALANCING PILLS: the brand I took is called _______, it is very natural, mostly natural extracts inside the pill. It is also supposed to help with mood swings and other side effects of wacky hormones.

In addition I read a lot of other threads about this subject since the whole ordeal was really upsetting, so thanks to everyone who has posted, there are so many people who suffer from this for years, so keep posting remedies and hopefully they can find something that works for them. I hope mine can help someone too. Just remember that its your body, your doctor may not know best, (for me, I didnt want to have to apply a cream for the rest of my life, or take a pill that was made up of chemicals) make your own decision and pick and choose from other people's remedies to find a formula that will work for you. Keep thinking that it will get better, just find the root of your problem. :]

Posted by Had
White River Jct, Vermont
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Calendula is awesome, you may want to make an infusion (the flower only in Olive oil) or buy as essencial oil and mix w/ Ex Virgin coconut oil, coconut oil is anti- bact/vir/ etc.... And great for the skin as well. And I agree your Dr. is an idiot. Good health to you.

Posted by Tl2012 (Burlington, Ontario) on 04/27/2012

Hi There, I found this site when I self diagnosed perioral dermatitis. I have listed some of the creams I tried as well as what I did based on what I read on this site as well as others.


1. Stop using steroid creams on the face

2. Remove SLS from cleansing process (includes shampoo and toothpaste

3. Stop using makeup (although I used bare escentuals when I felt really embarassed and it didn't seem to irritate)


1. Put tea tree oil on a cotton ball and dabbed on affected areas.

Note: I think tea tree gets rid of the pustules so if it does work the areas will be red and probably sting. You can mix with an essential oil as well.

2. Follow up creams:

I used Calendula cream which seemed to work relatively well. (Not available for sale in Canada)

I also mixed the tea tree with it as well.

Calendula Baby Face Cream (Easily available in Canada)

Calendula Salve

Any of these around the affected areas seemed to have helped with the condition

An intense dryness occurs around the affected areas and I found Weleda to help with the moisturization.

I recently discovered Cera Ve and I wonder if it would have helped as well as it seems to be effective for eczema.


Since February (now April) there are no pustules and only faint redness that probably only I see.

My skin is still a little dry but I have been using Advanced Moisture Night Cream (important because ingredients are different from day cream) and slowly but surely my skin is improving.

My perioral was not as severe as some cases but my eczema flared at the same time so I was extremely uncomfortable. Since you may be using more natural products, you need to be patient as the improvement won't happen overnight.

Posted by Nancy (New York, Ny) on 04/04/2012

[YEA]  I have suffered for years off and on with PD and have been to countless dermatologists that prescribed drugs that never worked. Finally by the luck of having great homeopathic influences surrounding me I realized Gluten was a big factor that contributed to my recurring nose rash. As long as I stayed away from gluten most of the time, my rash would go away.

I spent my first pregnancy unaware that I had a gluten intolerance so my PD was horrific and had spread around my entire mouth. It was so painful! My second pregnancy I steered clear of gluten and had that happy glowing skin! :) NOW im pregnant for the third time and its back ( probably from a trip pre pregnancy to italy where I couldnt resist some real pasta - haha - and the PD returned. )

Determined not to have this painful rash anymore I sought this website (thank you!! ) and took the advice I read here. One week later of eliminating a bunch of products and seeking the advice of a functional nutritionist I trust, I am now almost completely RASH FREE!! I am thrilled!!

Here is what I did:1) switched to floride free toothpaste. 2) switched to SLS free shampoo 3) switched to calendula cream for my skin 4)bought Dr Burts herbal blemish stick( burts bees brand )and.. Am doing a 2 week regimine of oral supplements of Standard Process brand "organically bound minerals" 9 pills in the am and pm with meals. My functional nutrtionist swore this would do the trick and I have to say im 4 days into the minerals and ive seen the greatest change in just the last two days!! Sooo happy! I believe there is something to the minerals that are helping immensely.

I hope this helps someone- particularly if youre pregnant and your immune system is temporarily out of whack! Good luck!!

Posted by Nice1nik (Vancouver, Canada) on 04/02/2012

[YEA]  My poor son found out the hard way that now has the misfortune of living with perioral dermatitis, a common sign is when one start treatment on a steroid cream and the flare up become 10 worse. After many hours of reasearching I discovered fluoride, sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate can sometime become a huge contributor to this type of dermititis I removed everyday products containing them, I also removed all food allergins from his diet. And put him on a 50mg of Vitamin B complex, primerose oil tablets 2x daily, and grapeseed oil tablets 2x daily - I also picked up a antifungal/antibactiral lotion from the healthfood store just to lubricate his face.

We have been waiting 5 months just to see the dermatologist and today we finally got into see him, and his face was so clear he didn't want to prescribe him anything, just told me to keep up the go work. I only wish I had taken pictures of his face in december, the poor little fellow wouldn't leave the house he was so embarassed, and today he just has a very small patch around his nose. I seriously hope this helps someone else!

Posted by Hina (Phoenix, Az) on 03/22/2012

I have been suffering from PD off and on for years, but I've now had it really bad for the past three months, I've recently tried Ted's suggestions but I also combined it with a remedy of my own (not sure how I thought of it). I mixed SeaSalt with Aloette facial oil that I've had for years and never used (I think you could probably use olive oil as well), rubbed it on the affected area (gently), let it set for a few minutes and used a warm wash cloth to take it off and let it dry off for about an hour and then apply an SLS free moisurizer. I do this in the morning, after work and before bed - I started it on Sunday afternoon and its Thursday now and it's almost completely gone - and the skin is really smooth and soft. I don't know if it's helped cure it - but it definitely accelerated the disappearance the bumps and redness - now I don't feel like a clown hiding under make-up. Just a thought to throw out there to help anyone who needs it. Hope this helps and Ted, please let me know how you feel about this.

Posted by Patricia (Colchester, Connecticut) on 02/22/2012

I have struggled with POD for about a year now and I chose not to treat it with antibiotics or over the counter creams. I have been most successful with increasing my vitamin A with raw spinach, I use FAB (First Aid Beauty) facial cleanser and moisturizing cream, it is meant for sensitive skin. My doctor also put me on a zinc vitamin from their office, called Vital Nutrients. It is a vitamin line that has a better quality product. I take 4 zinc vitamins a day, 2 in the morn and 2 at night. My POD is almost all gone. The zinc really helped. I hope this all helps.

Posted by Sharon (Abingdon, Va) on 02/16/2012

Hello everyone. I have suffered with perioral dermatitis for several years. I think it started many years ago after rounds of antibiotics. I also did not eat a proper diet - too much bread, sweets, etc. I tried everything - I mean everything to cure it. Apple cider vinegar, lye soap, neem oil, special toothpaste, special creams, baking soda, yogurt masks, honey masks, dermatologists, allergists, everything. Tried all kinds of supplements - biotin, turmeric, msm (worked for a while, sort of), etc. The list is endless. I finally decided to cure it from the inside, since nothing was working on the outside. Read a ton of info on candida... Folks, I'm telling you, if you are suffering from pd... It starts internally. Here is what has CURED it for me.

Morning with breakfast:

two capsules caprylic acid, one capsule grapefruit seed extract, one good probiotic plus some msm or turmeric for anti inflammation - I switch between the two

At dinner - two capsules caprylic acid, one capsule probiotic

The first week, I also took the capyrlic acid and grapefruit seed extract at lunch. one capsule each.

Now, I did change my diet drastically. But even with changing my diet, my pd did not go away - it didn't start to change until I added the caprylic acid and gf seed extract. You have to eliminate the white sugars completely. you need to eliminate all breads that have yeast in them, white or not.

Sample of my day:

breakfast - quinoa with pecans, flax meal, unsweetened coconut with almond milk and fresh blueberries

lunch - salad with grilled chicken

dinner - homemade soup with gluten free, brown rice muffins

snack - greek yogurt

I drink either water or coconut water all day. One cup of coffee in the morning. That's it. After YEARS of struggling with this... the above has cleared my face in one week.

Such a frustrating thing to go through. I feel, physically, so much better. I really hope this helps someone out there. Earth clinic is a great site. I can't tell you how relieved I am to have this cleared up for now. I will remain on a maintenance dose of the caprylic acid and the probiotic. peace to all.

Posted by Keri
Winston Sale, Nc
Just wanting to know how your pod was and if your healthy eating helped. Was wanting to try u were doing? I have been struggling with this since I was 13 now I'm 24 this time around I have had it for over a year!! Before I would have for a few months and would go with antibiotics! I just need help tired if going to dermatologist.

Posted by Brooklynbeliever (New York, Ny) on 02/03/2012

Hi there, Thank you so much for this website. It literally changed my life!

Let me just say I have suffered from acne and eczema since I was a teenager and now at 31 years old, I finally have both under control. About six months ago I had perioral dermatitis (from now on: PD), which I got from stupidly applying Clobetasol to a red, dry and pimply patch of skin near my mouth. My dermatologist had advised me not to use it, but only said that it was "too strong" and did not mention the reprecussions of using it my face. I have been using Clobetasol for years, sparingly, to treat eczema spots on my legs and hands. But for the past 4-5 years I have gotten this pesky dry/pimply spot near my mouth, always in the same place, usually in winter. This past fall I got it really bad. Every time I thought it had healed, it would come back again with avengence. I tried so many expensive creams, derm-recomended over-the-counter moisterizers, expensive creams from Sephora, etc. I spent hundreds of dollars on this problem.

Then I got a rash--ALL OVER MY FACE--as a result of using Clobetasol. I self-diagnosed the problem after several days of research (during which I did not leave the house once! ). I also discovered the Earth Clinic website. After reading dozens and dozens of people's testimonies, I decided to STOP doing a variety of things: 1) using any kind of moisturizer, 2) using any kind of cleanser on my face, 3) washing my face with more than water, 4) wearing makeup.

Then I tried three natural remedies. The first was apple cider vinegar. Initially I used too much, which did not help my skin's redness, although the ACV did noticably help dry out the bacterial infection. Then I diluted just a couple drops in water with an organic cotton ball and dabbed it across my face, about once a day. The second remedy was organic raw honey. This I slapped on my face once a day for its good bacteria benefits, finding that it also reduced the redness and softened my flaky skin. Third, I made a yogurt mask twice a day (full fat and probiotic are best. ) My doctor eventually put me on antibiotics, so I cannot claim that these remedies alone got rid of the PD. However, in reaching this 'rock bottom' I completely changed my skin cleaning and moisterizing routine--and THAT has kept my skin looking better than it ever has in my life now that I'm off the antibiotics.

What is that routine? Well, not much of one to be honest! I now wake up in the morning and splash my face with room temperature water, then pat it dry. When my skin's fully dry I apply a minimal amount of Smashbox Healthy FX foundation, usually with an unused cosmetic sponge (rather than my fingers. ) I only wear foundation 4-5 days of the week, as to avoid clogging pours.

Then at night, I use a couple drops of California baby shampoo and room temp water to gently rise my face. I pat dry with a towel. I NEVER use moisterizer.

Once a week I do a yogurt mask for an hour before bed. Coach Farm probiotic yogurt, full fat. The good bacteria helps fight bad bacteria on my face. The next day my skin is noticeably softer. If I had more time, I'd do this every other night!

And that's it. I also try to eat yogurt often, to keep good bacteria in my system. And during the winter months, I spray my face with rose water from the health food store just to keep it from over-drying. The cost of this routine is negligable!

I still get to wear makeup but need a whole lot less than I used to. It's so nice to wake up to healthy skin! And no more dry patches near my mouth (even though it's January and I don't have a humidifier.)

Thanks, Earth Clinic, and everyone who has written about their experiences. Without all of these helpful accounts of trial and error, I might still be stuck in my room hiding with a rash!

Posted by Bo' (Portland, Or ) on 11/28/2011

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I too popped out with Perioral Dermatitis (PD) one year ago just after deciding to make a 'healthier' choice from coffee, to Oolong (black) & Green Teas...

I've likewise made the connection between the Fluoride in the tea and my new skin condition, which has proven much harder to get rid of than to come by... I've learned also to beware of sky high fluoride levels in all conventionally grown grape products and rooibos/redbush teas, as well as most conventionally produced poultry products including broths (its in the chicken feed) and off gassing from teflon cookware, especially if it is scratched. And of course toothpastes, and fluoride is added to tapwater in most parts of the country (tho thankfully not here in Portland)

My bones are feeling much better since getting rid of all my known fluoride sources including changing out all my cookware. And my mouth & tongue have stopped breaking out in painful canker sores since switching to baking soda for a dentrifice. I've been using Ted's borax protocol, alternating with an iodine protocol I learned about on curezone, all this past year and am certain that has made a big difference in my energy levels... not so horribly fatigued & dark circles less evident most of the time

But the PD is certainly proving to be much tougher to get rid of! Hoping to learn some more new strategies here :)

Posted by Caitlin (Stanfordville, Ny) on 11/21/2011

Wow, I am so relieved to have found this site. I just got back from the dermatoligist with a prescription for antibiotics for my perioral dermatitis. I read a bunch of testimonials about ACV and am going to start the regimen suggested topicly and orally before trying the antibiotics. I have read a lot about how yeast is thought to be the culprit and I hadn't heard anyone mention the product Candex, it's an enzyme complex by Pure Essence labs which I've used before to kill systemic yeast infections and it is amazing, plus it doesn't cause a die-off reaction. I'm going to start taking it again, do the ACV thing, the coconut oil, and have already been taking biotin, but maybe up my dosage, and get some probiotics. I'm interested in the manuka honey cleanser someone mentioned, could you post your proportions? I know the diet is key too, though super tough. I'll try to start that too. Candex is the only thing I've tried for yeast that worked, and it's not expensive, $25 a bottle. Thank you all so much! Finally some natural answers!

Posted by Taylorkay25 (Lincoln, Ne) on 02/03/2011

[YEA]  First of all, I need to say that along with the Tea Tree Oil I also used Shea Butter and Grapefruit Seed Extract. The combination of the three really, really helped me. I had the dermatitis around my nostrils and under my nose, and on both sides of my chin below my mouth. It also spread up to my eyebrow somehow. But now it is 98% gone, and here is what did the trick: I first mixed a few drops of the Tea Tree Oil in with a few drops of water in a little bowl to dilute it some. I just got a little bottle of TTO from my local CVS Pharmacy by the way. Then I just used my finger and applied it to the skin. It feels kinda menthol-like on the skin, kinda burny but not bad. I thought it felt refreshing. For the first day I just used the TTO to really dry it out. I didn't want to use any moisturizer yet so that the TTO could really do its work. And it REALLY dried it out. The bumps immediately started to go down, and the redness decreased dramatically. I noticed that it started to flake a LOT, so I just sloughed off the dry skin and let it be dry. By the way, do this like at night when you don't have to be anywhere so you don't feel like you need to put on make up or moisturizer.

After a couple days of letting it really dry out with the TTO I started applying Shea Butter. I got the Badger and Nutmeg Shea Butter from my local health store. I would still apply the TTO, but I would let it dry a few minutes then put on the Shea Butter. Again, do this when you don't need to go anywhere because the Shea Butter doesn't absorb into the skin completely and its VERY moisturizing so it gives a greasy look to the areas you apply it to. I started off just applying it before bed. Then if I had time and didn't need to be anywhere I applied the TTO then Shea Butter and just let it set.

Now this is where the Grapefruit Seed Extract comes in... You need to take it orally. I had read that you should try applying the GSE right on the skin, but it wasn't really helping me. I think it just irritated it. I had read somewhere that GSE is a natural antibiotic, and that sometimes perioral dermatitis is caused by yeast on the skin and other possible bacterias. So since it wasn't working topically, I just started taking it orally. I would put about 15 drops into a glass of grapefruit juice and stir it and drink. The GSE is really bitter, so the grapefruit juice blends it well so you don't notice it. I drank it twice a day. Within a few days of doing this, it is almost gone.

Also try not to put make up on it. Just keep it moisturized with a light moisturizer if you need to go anywhere. Now please know, I don't think my case was severe, but it was pretty moderate and if I left it alone it would have gotten a lot worse. It would not go away when I tried anything else. I also tried yogurt on the skin, and it helped a little bit, but not really.

Another VERY IMPORTANT thing is DO NOT GO TANNING. I think that canceling my tanning membership also helped a LOT. I read somewhere that UV light actually makes dermatitis flare up, and I would rather be pale with nice skin than tan with dermatitis on my face. So anyway, don't wear make up, don't tan, and do the routine at night if you work during the day. You should see results within a couple of days. The Grapefruit Seed Extract, Tea Tree Oil, and Shea Butter aren't very expensive, and sure beat going to the doctor! So I hope this helps some people! Good luck with it!

Posted by Honeybee
Fresno, Ca, United States
I agree with others who have posted about the benefits of using Tea Tree Oil. For the past 6 months or so my skin has been breaking out. My skin is normally very clear so I thought it would go away on its own, but after several months it became apparent I needed to do something. At first I tried all my normal OTC products but nothing seemed to work. In fact, everything I tried seemed to make my skin worse and more irritated. I finally tried Zinc cream in addition to taking milk thistle capsules and drinking dandelion, pau d'arco and burdock tea. I also payed careful attention to my diet, eating vegetables with vitamin A. After several weeks my skin cleared, and I thought I was ok but then it still flared up occasionally.

That is when I finally turned to Tea Tree Oil. I had read about it before but put off using it because I thought it would be too harsh for my skin. I finally decided to give it a shot and bought some Tea Tree Soap. I've been using it for two days and my skin is 90% clear! I'm also taking a multivitamin, eating tons of fruits and veggies, and drinking echinacea tea (I ran out of all my other herbal teas).

My skin is much too sensitive to try the ACV, but the TTO soap is mild enough for my skin. I've been using it about 4 times a day and my skin feels baby soft. For those with really sensitive skin I recommend trying it. It's working so well, I've even stopped using the zinc. I just wash, and pat dry.

Posted by Lucy
Perth, Australia
[YEA]   I have had PD for almost 1 month brought on I am guessing by stress from changes at work. At first concerned about what I thought was a cluster of pimples above my mouth (and my skin is usually always clear). I soon realized it was not normal "spots" and grew very worried as this bumpy red rash began to spread to the other side of my mouth, down to my chin and then the side of my nose! Ahhh! I researched alot and decided that antibiotics would be my absolute last resort. I began my "treatment" about 6days ago and now the rash and bumps are virtually gone! So happy. I can go out without any makeup and all that is left now is a very slight pink tone as it fades.

The treatment I chose was to take multi vitamins, fish oil, zinc tablets, and probiotic tablets every day. I also continued to use my normal cleanser (neutrogena deep clean) morning and night. After cleansing I applied Tea Tree Oil to the rash with a damp cotton tip. I let it sit for a few minutes (tingled slightly but didn't burn)and then splashed my face with water and applied Organic Argan Oil (my normal moisturizer) as my face is super dry without it and I also read that Argan Oil has benefits for dermatitis etc. The first day of treatment the rash looked redder and angrier than ever but I preserved and am so glad I did! As after that the bumps just disappeared and the red faded and now the skin is healing. I am going to continue with this for some time to hopefully stop a repeat. I really hope this can help someone else!

Posted by Brook (Heidelberg, Bw, Germany) on 02/01/2011

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  After living for 44 years with a beautiful and clear complexion, I woke one morning in November and had a perioral dermatitis rash consisting of raised pustules and papules from the corner of my nose, down to my chin and on the other side of my chin. The side of my face where the rash is heaviest is swollen and puffy so I look lopsided.

I committed the ultimate skin sin, and applied a prescription strength corticosteroid to the rash, and was very impressed when it was completely cleared the next morning. It reappeared a week later, and I applied the same fix. This went on for about 6 weeks when I realized that something was wrong. I did research and determined that I had perioral dermatitis and the cause was unclear. My skincare routine consisted of medical grade skincare products, but my diet for the past 6 months was embarrassingly poor, and I was eating huge amounts of refined sugar.

Realizing my mistake with the topical steroid cream, I went to my primary physician (military healthcare, can't see a dermatologist at this point), and left with an Rx for oral Erythromycin and Metrogel. Three days after starting the prescription meds, my face was worse and the rash had spread up and across one cheek.

I was discouraged by what I had read about the duration of treatment for the Rx meds and the results most people had, so I decided to take things into my own hands and look for alternatives. From this website, and based on user feedback I decided to try Apple Cider Vinegar and yogurt masks, vitamins, and probiotics, and better nutrition generally. I'm still using the Rx too.

I started applying ACV (straight from the bottle) to the rash 3 times a day, Yogurt masks 2x/day, and I sip green tea mixed with a teaspoon of ACV about 4 times a day. In a week the perioral dermatitis was completely gone. Each day I saw improvement, and I give credit to the ACV and Yogurt masks. I had one stubborn papule that I put some Tea Tree Oil on a few times, and that took care of it.

I have a few scars that are visible only to me and a little redness on my chin, but no raised papules or pustules. I also have tiny cracks on the corners of my lips that came with the dermatitis, but aren't improving.

I plan to continue with this regimen for a while and then maybe wean down to just a few times a week, but if I need to use the ACV daily to keep the rash gone, I'll gladly do it.

Posted by Brook
Heidelberg, Bw, Germany
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I wanted to add that in addition to the above remedies, I quit using my previous skin care regime, and anything with sodium lauryl sulfate. And to moisturize, I'll use some calendula cream or cocunut oil.
Posted by Anna Maria
Heidelberg, Germany
Hi, Funny that I am also from Heideberg - :) I have to say, when I was living in Poland I had the most beautiful skin ever- the water in my city is very soft. Here in Heidelberg the water is hard which is bad enough. I have stoped using the water on my face, I did get some filter ( even 2! ) for the shower.

I got PD one year ago, but I thought that the skin is just dry and I try to apply some face masks- it didnt help so I went to dr and he said it is from the all cosmetics that I use and I should stop it. I did but it didnt work. So I refuse to go there for second time and found this site. I apply yoghurt, today I did ACV.. (let's see). I take Vitamin C, Omega 3 E, Zinc, and B complex. Today I will get some probiotic as well. I think ( I hope) in my case is the fluorid toothpaste - I used Elmex - the orange one (night one) that Fluorid content is 1400 ppm but the blue ( for the day) has only 1000 ppm! I did use only the orange one since I didnt like the taste of the blue one! Plus, I did use the Elmex INTENSE more often that I should. I just didn't care that they wrote: " use every other day" - but the Fluorid content is the same as the orange = 1400 ppm!

I went to organic shop " Alnatura" and got some baby toothpaste, so lets see. Since it's only one week.

The other thing is that I have read in some dr forum that Fluorid is probably the cause since one dr claming that 60 % of his female patients didnt got any PD symptoms since using olny non-fluoride toothpaste. And people right-handed have a bigger rush on the left side ( like me! My rush is actually on the left side of my mouth! ) - maybe we tend to brush more intesne or longer on the left side- but of course I never thought about it.

I am also not using any SLS products. Hope for the best. I think this is just a rush and there is cure for this out there!

ps I just read here today that nail polish could be reason as well ( strange! ) but I did remove it immediately! :P

Posted by Amy (Augusta, Ga) on 01/27/2011

[YEA]  I wanted to post a comment detailing my ordeal with Perioral Dermatitis and what worked for me. First, I am in my late 20's and am currently a little over 6 months pregnant and mine showed its ugly face for the first time when I was almost 2 months pregnant. I had never struggled with acne as a teenager and so when I started to get little bumps around my chin area I assumed it was "pregnancy acne". I was well aware that hormones are crazy during a pregnancy as this was not my first and everybody around me, including my doctor and nurses, said "don't worry, it's acne and it will go away". I did just that, until it started spreading all around my mouth with a vengeance. Before I knew it I had an ugly rash around my mouth that I could not get rid of. I went to a dermatologist out of desperation and of course he recommended topical creams (containing steroids) to make it look better but not cure it. Tetracycline, which is usually prescribed was not available for me since I was pregnant. I cannot comment on my experience with the oral pill or the creams as I did not take them.

Upon researching the meds he prescribed me I stumbled upon this website and read about how apple cider vinegar was a miracle drug. I decided that I would try it. It worked!!!!!!!! Here was my regimen for about 2-3 weeks (I was faithful and never missed a day because I was determined to give it a fair try and I wanted the mouth rash gone! ) 2-3 times daily I would put ORGANIC BR*GGS apple cider vinegar on my face (undiluted) on a cotton ball only on the rash. It burns like crazy at first, but stick with it.

2-3 Times daily I would drink 2Tbsp of the same stuff in a juice/water mixture.

I was amazed! But I stopped getting bumps and the redness was starting to fade. Now I had an issue with clearing up the redness that persisted. I again researched and came across calendula cream. It even says on the website that it helps with mystery rashes like perioral dermatitis. I ordered calendula cream. My regimen was for this started 2 weeks into using the Apple Cider Vinegar so the time overlaps with the above.

In addition to putting the Apple Cider Vinegar on my face and drinking it, I started putting calendula cream liberally on my whole face morning and evening. After there were no new bumps consistently for 1 week, I cut out putting it on my face as the Apple Cider Vinegar had done its job, I. E. Drying out the rash. I did and still drink it 1-2 times daily as well as still use the cream. Officially, it took me 5 weeks from when I began but my husband and I can barely and I mean barely see scars from it. If I wear makeup (which I can now!!!!! ) you can't see it at all. I am so pleased that it worked for me and I pray it does for others too.

If you have this you know what a blow to the ego it is. You don't want to leave the house ever because you feel ugly but it is impossible to continue living. I found myself explaining my appearance to friends, family, and complete strangers because I was so self conscious of the way I looked. I ordered everything from AMOZON. I hope this can help even one person! Please post comments if you also have good/bad results.

On a side note, I have also switched to products that contain no SLS and are paraben free (i. E. More natural and organic). In addition to this, I do not eat any sweets anymore and upped eating fresh veggies and fruit. I still obviously ingest sugar from fruit, juice, bread, etc. But no cakes, cookies, snack stuff anymore. It has made me feel great from the inside out!

Posted by Emily
Charleston, Sc
Thank you so much for taking the time to write about your experience with pd while pregnant. I am 31 years old 17 weeks pregnant and SUFFERING from perioral dermatitis. My first outbreak was in the spring before I got pregnant. The oral antibiotics and topical metrogel worked eventually after months and months, but I always had "the itch" and was scared to death it would rear its ugly head again. of course im not surprised that my pregnancy hormones have triggered it.I went to the dermatologist this morning because my entire face swelled and it was excrutiating. Sadly I had gotten a staph infection from the rash spreading to the corners of my mouth. it kept cracking open and wouldnt heal, and now im plagued with pd and staph.

I am a wreck. I feel like a leper in public, stopped going to work, and basically feel trapped in my house and my own body. I can only assume these terrible feelings associated with pd are not so good for my growing baby. I'm scared shitless.
I was prescribed mupirocin, a topical antibiotic and its only day one. So far major numbing and oozing still. not sure how this topical with affect the pd but I have to get rid of the staph since its so deadly.

Since I'm pregnant I can't take oral antibiotics I just have to deal. I am forever grateful for everyones posts about alternative remedies, such as acv, yogurt, etc. I'm just not sure how it will affect staph.If anyone has some answers please help!

Posted by Shaun
York, Uk
20 Posts
Just use Milk of Magnesia on your face.

Posted by Anna (Arlington, Tx) on 01/14/2011

[YEA]  I have been struggling to get of this perioral dermatitis for about a year now. It was really frustrating epscially during my second pregnancy. I had tried apple cider vinegar for it awhile ago but was unsucessful, in fact it only made it worse(I think my mistake was not diluting it enough)... So I tried other natural remedies .. For anyone who has PD knows that it gets very dry.. I tried EVERYTHING to relieve the dryness, and the only thing that worked was raw orgainc Shea butter. Once the dryness part of the PD was gone I had a much better outcome with Apple Cider Vinegar.

It's been about a month since I started the ACV and continued use of the shea butter as a moisterizer and the results are astounding! My skin is less inflamed , there's no more dryness, In fact my PD is 95% gone. So now everyday I wash my face with a cleanser from a website called ( That doesn't have SLS in it. Then after cleansing I use ACV as a toner diluted to 25 ¬V to 75% water in a small plastic bottle which I then Squirt on a cotton round , Apply it to my face And let it dry, DON'T RINSE OFF, Then apply Raw coconut oil (for added antibacterial/antifungal effects) then a small amount of shea butter. (a little bit of shea butter goes a long way) I don't take ACV internally although I plan to do so now, the results would probably be even better! So if you have PD this might work for you like it worked for me. Don't give up hope , it will get better, I know how frustrating this rash can be. Whatever you do though DON'T put hydrocortisone on it, I never did but I've read it makes absolutley WORSE! Good luck to everyone.

Posted by Jax (Minneapolis, Mn) on 12/11/2010

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  So after 6 months of thinking I was getting random acne on my chin, after having beautiful skin my whole life, I went and had a dermatologist look at my face.... And surprise... Perioral Dermatitis. Barf. He was going to prescribe me antibiotics and a mild steroid cream... Shocker... I declined, and set out to figure this out myself. I went and bought a bottle of organic, raw, Apple Cider Vinegar with MOTHER(MUST HAVE MOTHER), RAW honey, organic coconut oil, decaf green tea, California Baby Aloe Vera Cream(has calendula in it), and plain unsweetened Kefir. I also switched my toothpaste to the flouride free paste from The Natural Dentist... And also purchased their 'healthy gums' mouthwash. I am also using a facewash from Eclos that is SLS free, as well as a basic sensitive skin basis bar. I wash my face twice a day. I dilute a cotton ball w/ water and then dip in the ACV, let it sit for a couple mins... Yes it stings at first. Then I put the Kefir on my face. If I'm not going anywhere, I'll leave that on for 10 mins, and then put a paste of the honey on my face and leave that as long as I can stand having a sticky face. I rinse it off with luke warm water, and then put a layer of coconut oil, then a layer of the cali baby aloe cream.

I've been doing this general routine everyday for the last 3 days. I also used green tea bags pressed against the affected area a couple times. I have seen a 50% improvement in my skin in the last couple days, and I'm assuming it will just continue to heal more and more... The bumps and blisters have diminished and the redness and flakiness is improving. THANK GOD. It is so embarrassing and makes me so self conscious since the rest of my skin is clear and soft.... Considering taking aloe juice internally.... I have not really changed my diet and I still put on makeup for work (bare minerals powder) I really think the toothpaste was a major issue. Hopefully this helps someone else... This site helped me find my own remedy and I just pray this continues to work and becomes manageable and my skin looks normal again! Good luck!!!

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