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Questions for Ted Regarding Collembola

05/27/2013: Jean from Visalia, Ca: Parasitizing collembola question for Ted: I slept on my recliner the other night onto which I had sprinkled borax. After getting up in the morning I felt the collembola start biting in my private area and realized they must have been feeding on the borax and so I put some in my underwear and no more biting. I have seen the dead bugs come out in my urine and stools. Please, Ted and anyone is this bad for me to be doing? Also, I have been using G--- B--- foot cream all over and then rubbing a lot of white substance out of my skin. The other day I wore blue jeans and felt a lot of action on my legs. Then that evening I rubbed light blue substance from my calves. Are they bringing cotton into our bodies for some purpose? They were breeding in my toilet tanks and drains. I'm going to have my garbage disposal removed.

Are These Skin Spots the Result of Lice or Mites?

03/06/2013: Amy from Leeds, West Yorkshire, England: I wonder if anyone can help me? Over the last year I have been suffering with spots on my neck, chest, legs and buttocks, which despite suffering with acne as a teenager I have never experienced. I have had several consultations with numerous doctors who have fobbed me off with diagnoses ranging from infected hair follicles (which I doubt would be present on buttocks neck and chest! ) to stress. Over the winter period (october to present) I have been suffering off and on from a chest/sinus infection and a fever for which I am currently taking my third lot of antibiotics and is still showing no sign of shifting. This has also been acompanied by ulcerations on tongue, lips, and I've had very sore gums which have been turning a pale white colour despite merticulous dental hygene. More recently I have been getting very sore spots around the outside of the arm pit area and have also had a strange absess under my arm pit which was treated with antibiotics but, again, put down to an infected hair follicle (the spots around the outside are not where any hair grows).

This morning, whilst in the bath, I came to wash my hair and noticed a patch at the bottom of my hair line at the back of my neck of what felt like a kind of sediment such as sand. On closer inspection it looked more like sugar, white, but in round egg-like form which I found were also squashable. Obviously this has alarmed me so me and my mum have used a nit-comb on my whole scalp and have got rid of (we think) all of this strange white substance, however, we found nothing living. Over the last year I have been renovating my home which has uncovered mice living under the bottom floor cavity and I have also had no choice other than to stay with my boyfriend at his grandma's house while my home has been undergoing these renovations. My boyfriends grandma has two dogs and a cat all of which are not treated for fleas and depite my relentless attempts to appeal to her better nature, I'm afraid she is just too stuck in her ways to accept that a combination of untreated animals and 40 year old carpets are a terrible combination! My boyfriend has had spots but as he is a mixed martial artist he will only accept that his spots are actually a "rash" from working out and I fear that approaching the subject with his gran would only serve to offend and provoke discord!

I would really appreciate any advice on what this could be and if it is as I fear, how best to treat it.

With Thanks.

Human Fluke Parasite

08/04/2012: Dcky from Waterville, Maine, Usa: on 1-11-12 I passed a 2" long fluke, after visually identifying it, through books n internet. I then put it in a small glass bottle w/rubbing alchohol, all I had on hand at the time. I then went to n. d. With hopes of help w/ natural/holistic methods rather than hard drugs, as i'm also a vet, n know their methods all to well, meaning the v. a. N drugs. I have since done 2 stool tests thru the VA , they took my parasite specimen n it all came back neg. So then I did another stool test thru genova diagnostics in SC , this one also came back neg... As from all the info out there, they say they release eggs all the time n esp during full moon (as when I passed the first one). I'm now totally confused, i, m sick w/most symptoms, n doing a car load of supps as well, for liver, but info on this thing is far few n inbetween. I was in so. east asia in the mid 60, s (china, japan. Phillipines, hawaii, mexico, puerto rico) n these places are all tropic w/this parasite. We also took on board produce from japan where they use human waste as fertilizer, n still do I guess... I also ate street food everywhere also, as most did, without knowing the potential consquences of health to us... My n. d. said maybe the alcohol destroyed the parasite? I don, nt know what happened after it left my hands at all... I guess praziquantel is the drug of choice, from what i, ve been told n read... But assuming no natural methods work for this n where it, s located, liver n bile ducts... Any info would be greatly appreciated, n thanks in advance. (why can, t they find any eggs?! ?! As I visually identified what came out of me!

09/23/2012: Scaredycat from La, Ca replies: First of all forget about accuracy of parastic stool tests. Because they are not looking for stuff from exotic faraway lands just regular stuff... I suffered for almost a year suffering I mean home bound I was so sick. weight loss, nausea abdomen pressure chills low fever rash dizzy brain fog then my ear started hurting because the infestation had made lymph nodes swell up. Long story short, I was lucky I finally left all my medical doctors and went to cool smart chinese medicine ND he took one look at me and said you have parasites and put me on strong parasite kill formula I finally beginning to feel better and it takes a while to get well when you've been sick for so long your biochemstry is screwed up, and other systems have been infected My ND suggested high quality liquid minerals, and cell salts.
11/07/2012: Nik from Peterborough, Uk replies: To Scaredycat from La, Ca - Hi, what do they treat you with? Thnaks!
11/29/2012: Flora from Calgary, Alberta, Canada replies: Would DE work. There is a whole section on it here on EC.

What Can Be Done Herbally for Barbesia?

03/27/2012: Greatloverofmtns from Sevierville, Tn : I have been told I have Babesia. I am asplenic and everything I have read is not good. I have no health insurance so traditional medical treatment is not an option. Any advice what I can do herbally?

07/24/2013: Kricket from Stafford, Va replies: No insurance.... You need Byron White Formula called A-BAB. GO SLOW! I slammed one drop and felt like champagne bubbles bursting starting at my feet going up my legs and hands going up my arms. When it "hit me in the head", I spiked 103 F fever and dropped to my knees. I was bed ridden for three days. After 3 days of body detoxing naturally, I bravely took another drop (yes, just one still) and only got up to 101. I did that until I worked up to 30 drops 2x/day for 60 days. GO SLOOOOOOOW or you actually may kill yourself. Not kidding. It is powerful medicine. Also it is good for "incurable" malaria... So it claims. All I know is that by the grace of God I am still here. Preach the gospel of Jesus and He will sustain you. Hang in there!

How Do You Use Dried Coconut for Parasites?

02/07/2012: Neighbourly from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. : Hi. I found this on earthclinic:

"In one study it was reported that treatment with dried coconut, followed by magnesium sulfate (a laxative), caused ninety percent parasite expulsion after twelve hours."

It would be deeply appreciated if you could direct me to explicit instructions on the use of dried coconut as used by the people of India for parasite removal. For instance, must it be taken on an empty stomach? Many thanx!

Is Wormwood a Good Remedy for Parasites?

09/27/2011: Mindy from Bellefontaine, Ohio : Ted, I feel my husband and I can learn so much from you! My husband has had all of his fillings now replaced. Yesterday was the last appointment.! YAY! So now we are ready to go forward on a regaining health protocol.

He has been very sick for 4 years. Looking back, longer, but the last 4 have been a kicker.

He was tested and is high in many metals. With that, we know his parasite levels have to be off the chart! We are in the process of collecting info on what is the best and safest to use. So far we have made our own Black Walnut tinture. We want to add the traditional cloves and wormwood, cayenne pepper, pumpkin seed, MSM, Pau d' Arco... But I keep reading how wormwood is really not safe, especially in an oil form. Can you give me a definition on this?

We eat very well, always room for improvement, but do rather well. In short, we juice wheat grass we have grown ourselves. Drink green smoothies, try to eat a raw as possible for maximum nutrition. We do not take a lot of suppliments only because we dont we dont see where they benifit too much. We just try to consume what God has made for us. As unaltered and fresh as we can.

We need help, and there just seems to be so many different opinions on what is safe and helpful. What are your thoughts on wormwood?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: The mentioned "toxicity" was based on thujone at more then 35 mg/kg, and you are consuming at one bottle a day, which is 20 mg. That would be toxic, but proper dosing that is a couple of drops to several drops is often non toxic even if you were consuming up to 1/2 of the bottles (but I wouldn't try it) and at that level it isn't even toxic. So based on instructions given in a bottle, I don't think there is any manufacturer recommends the bottle dose per day. So if you were to follow instructions on bottle, it appears unlikely to be toxic, and also the use is mostly deworming, so you wouldn't be consuming the rest of your life. As to me, I favor artemisinin the active component and in a capsule form, is taken one or two capsules a day of 180 mg. should also be ok. The reason is obvious there's little or no thujone if its artemisinin form.
10/03/2011: Kelly from Catawissa, Mo, Usa replies: Take a tblsp or 2 or food grade (very important) diacmateacous earth from feed store. It will worm you safely for everything!!! Do you worm your pets???

Questions About Yeast/ Parasite Elimination Treatment

11/05/2010: Elusia from Boston, Massachusetts: Hi Ted,
I've been reading and reading to understand how to treat my chronic yeast and parasite infections. I have some questions:

1. You recommend magnesium - is there a particular kind you recommend? I. E. Magnesium glycinate or magnesium citrate? And what dosage do you recommend?

2. Do you recommend distilled water? It seems like that might be the best way to avoid all the contaminants of tap water.

3. What is the best way to do a chelation? I've read about green tea, but I don't do well with caffeine in any form. I've also read about eating a handful of cilantro every other day. Is there anything else I should be doing? I've tried zeolite, but it's making me constipated, and I'm not sure it's effective since I still have the infections. I see that you recommend 1 tbspoon of lecithin in accompaniment with detoxing from the heavy metals. Anything else?

Thanks so much!

01/04/2011: Earth Clinic replies: Ted answered Elusia's questions on the main page under "Remedies Needed":

Sister with Suspected Hydatid Infection for 13 Years

09/12/2010: S. from Cyprus: Dear Ted,

My sister has been bedridden for 13 years with suspected hydatid infection

Two months after returning from a 6 month tour of Australia including sheep rearing areas 13 years ago (please note this was her second tour as she had completed a similar tour of Australia 6 years previously, again visiting sheep rearing areas) my sister began developing watery ammonia discharge from genitourinary tract for a period of 3 weeks. Parasite infection has never been diagnosed but the genito-urine doctor concluded at the time that the blood results were not normal and unable to diagnose, gave my sister metronidazole as a precaution (5 tablets 400mg each, total 2000mg taken all in one go in August 96). She says that it is only after taking the metronidazole (approx 5 days later) that the abdominal pains began. Over the years pain has moved up to upper abdomen. For approx the last 10 years she has more or less been bedridden. She can now walk to bathroom and back. Abdomen is swollen and if she lifts anything or does anything physical then abdominal pain flares up and spasms transfer to legs. If she pushes or pulls peritoneum connecting tissue hurts consistent with membrane damage. Over time walking, sitting and standing have become increasingly difficult, uncomfortable and painful. 

In 2005 my sister had standard ELISA test with results negative (although she was not given the actual score) and the treating doctor there said that he would like to be informed if hydatid was subsequently found.  She has not undergone Rapid ELISA, IHA nor Casoni but has undergone MRI, CT and ultrasound over the years which showed multiple cysts on liver, one on pancreas, some on womb, one on ovaries, two on lower spine (cysts first appeared on scans four years after second tour) but doctors decided against biopsy saying best left alone, said there was calcification in the system but never mentioned whether all cysts were calcified, so still no diagnosis

My mum and sister are convinced that it is a parasitic infection and agreeing with the general view that patients know their own bodies I continue to pursue on their behalf the parasite infection theory. My sister is looking at taking established safe herbal remedies eg. apple cider vinegar, black walnet, iodine etc which I feel may be a good idea.

Based on the above information which remedies would you suggest Ted?

Once again so sorry to throw this on you – you must be so busy so please write if and when you can.

Please help if you can Ted 

Thank you

09/19/2010: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear S:

I would likely use something of cayenne peppers, tannic acid, borax and black hull walnut as the most likely herbal supplements to take to kill the parasites. The cayenne peppers are an irritant to these kinds of possible tapeworm, while tannic acid has an astringent effect, reducing the viability of the worms as well as denaturing their eggs. A bentonite clay would no doubt dehydrate them, but has a problem of constipation if taken in large amounts. The tannic acid has some constipation effect, but the sorbitol added will prevent the constipation as it is a laxative, while sorbitol is somewhat of an antinutritient for the worms. Borax acts as a birth control and prevent their egg laying, but is non toxic to mammals, but somewhat toxic to the worms.. The dose for tannic acid that I like is 1/2 teaspoon of tannic acid plus 1teaspoon powdered sorbitol in one full glass of water and drink this three times a day. It's possible to add borax on top of this at a low dose such as 1/8 teaspoon in that glass of water. When borax is added, it is still taken three times.

As for bentonite clay that has to be taken on other days, and see which ones work the best or try them on alternate days, is possible also. For example, A bentonite clay powder is dispersed at 1/4 teaspoon in a cup of water making sure all has been dissolved and is taken three times a day. You can premixed them so this would come to about 3/4 teaspoon or 1 teaspoon in a glass of water. It is taken at 1/3 glass of water three times a day.

As for the regular meals and food, I would likely add a lot of spices, especially cayenne pepper, black pepper, cinnamon, thyme, and oregano as the most obvious choice. Those are added to meals to make it very spicy that reaches your maximum pain threshold that you can take. This will undoubtedly irritate the tapewom, and with the tannic acid or bentonite clay it will cause them to dehydrate. It's possible to take larger doses of bentonite clay at which the risk is constipation, but it would no doubt dehydrate the parasites.

As for black hull walnut tincture, I haven't quite tested this, but should work, but the dose can be 10 drops three or four times a day.  Bloodroot tincture is also possible as it is also an irritant for the parasites.


P.S. Assuming you did have successes, on the last day, I will likely flush out the remains of parasites with 1 teaspoon of sea salt and 1 teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water. This will also relieve some of the constipation effect from bentonite clays and tannic acid. The procedure may be repeated since beginning to remove the tapeworm by taking the tannic acid/bentonite clays/borax with very spicy hot meals all over again.

07/24/2013: Kricket from Stafford, Va replies: I am battling hydatid and after 2 years of an outbreak, along with other infections (bab, lyme, candida, other parasites) the only thing that has been working for me is doing both herbal and pharma combo. I am taking albendazole 400 mg 2x/day and biltricide/praziq 50mg/kg of bodyweight once. I am on my 3rd 30day round of these meds. Take the 7-10 break in between each month. Got my dianosis via energy medicine and drugs from online. Ridiculed by reg docs about even having parasites because I live in America and everything we import miraculously dies at our borders.... I have an herbalist working with me on everything else. The one miracle herb combo that boosted my immune system are the medicinal mushrooms. Cordyceps, shitake etc. I was bedridden for almost 2 years but am now just getting around. I will keep you in my prayers and would like to know how you are doing. If the drugs/herbs don't work, I'm sure Jesus still heals! Bible diet is very helpful. NO SUGAR!!!!!! ***Start with the herbs first!!! You may be able to avoid the pharmaceuticals if your immune system is restored and the die off of starting them all together will make you wish you were not here anymore! Done that multiple times. GO SLOW!

Parasites Inside the Ears

04/30/2010: Michael from Fort Lauderdale, Florida: Hello Ted,

You seem to be very knowlegable about alot of things. I have been working on parasites for the past months which I think I have had since a child, and i have used the huma worm products which have been great.The first round many different types came out tapworms, liver flukes etc. They also believe i have had these as a child I am on my second dose which specifically addresses tape worms. It is obvious there are tapeworms. In addition alot of yeast(candida) which has been treated too but still there. Alot did come out when I took the humaworm candida product for a month however all the parsites were not gone so that is why i suppose the candida wasnt wiped out completely. I have had these conditions and suffered for many years. I believe there are pork tapeworms and i think some of the larvae have settled in my ear lobe area which is subcutaneous skin where they can be supported by. Of course the physicans who unfortunately are very "limited" in their thought patterns at best say they see nothing the ear. Of course they see nothing because they cannot see on the inside of the ear lobe. When i put hydrogen peroxide in ear i hear violent bubbling almost like they are swimming and sometimes i feel what i think is them clasping on. It feels like toothpicks embedding into my skin. When i put vineger /peroxide together in my ear it almost forms a cyst that is pressure underneath as if it has killed the worm and it just sitting there. This lump leaves in about an hour. I also have had an infection in the upper frontal sinuses. I sense an extreme spaciness at times where i am almost dizzy and cannot think clearly, no memory. i sometimes wonder of a tape worm cyst has not formed in there.? It seems difficult to get to those frontal sinuses so I have been using an eyedropper with peroxide lying down and putting a full dropper in each nostril then standing up and bending over so the peroxide hopefully gets into those upper sinuses. i do see achange and clearing when i do that. then when I drink the vineger the spaciness in the right frontal sinuses comes back, I also have been very stopped up in the right ear from what i believe is a drainage caused by the frontal sinus. I have to always blow out my eustachian tube because the white liquid (mucous) goes thru The mucous that comes out is white so i think fungus is the culprit and not bacteria or virus? I know this is alot but i hope you can help me because i have had these problems for so many years. The incompetent MD has given me kits to collect stool samples to see what show up. of course they are normally wrong on these tests. If they come back with a negative in tapeworm which i know is there becasue i see the pieces when i do BM from the Humaworm I will then get the first choice pharmaceutical for tapeworms. Unfortunately I will have to get from Bayer for dogs and just adjust the dose for humans. It is pathetic how the doctors here refuse to recognize parasites, if you talk to the humaworm people they have hundreds of people who come in and show them negative parasite test results and they are infested. I guess if you are infested and sick(ie fibromyalgia, gastro problems) then this will be an excuse for the doctors and pharmaceutcial companies to make many thousands of dollars on a cronic sickness that they refuse to diagnose and can be cured byone or two rounds of humaworm at 29.95 Quite pathetic Regards Mike

07/13/2010: Mary from Regina, Saskchewan replies: Hi: sounds horrible. Why don't you try ingesting 1/8 tsp of borax per liter of water like Ted suggested for Dogs. His mange recipe worked like a charm for my dogs. Look it up it is excellent. Borax is safe for humans and dogs to ingest.

Good luck with that,

07/13/2010: Merryanne from Orange City, Florida, Usa replies: I would like to suggest that you get Diatomaceous Earth, it really kills everthing. I have 3 cats and one of them loves to sleep with me. If I am at work he sleeps on my pillow so I have had experience with little critters. I have put it all around in my house, in my bed, on the cats and in their food and the bad boy will eat it straight. So, you can stuff it in all your orifices and eat it and it does kill critters. But you must keep it up for a few week to pass germination stage.

Cloves Kill Fungus, Parasites, and Bugs?

12/03/2006: Bea from Cleveland, OH: Hi Ted, I've been reading thru Earth Clinic for a few days now and I love it. I am glad I discovered it. I have a question. I am trying to do a parasite cleaning by taking clove and wormwood with black walnut in tincture form. I also have acid reflux symptoms and I used to have stomach pain until a few days ago. I know the clove kills the parasite eggs, but would it kill fungus and bugs also? If I have fungus or a bug, should I try licorice tincture instead of clove? Thanks.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Bea: Clove is well known to have fungicide capabilities too. Please review this patent and you will know:

Black walnut hulls are most well known for larger parasites and quite powerful, but a tincture form is best taken only in drops also. Wormwood (or artemisia) is also well known for parasites.

In my opinion the parasites for acid reflux is often the fungus and sometimes the helicobacter pylori.

Whatever the problems getting spices from local supermarket, of clove, thyme, oregano and cinnamon. The four musketeers would help kill them. To use this properly add them along with your food - you must use all four of the spices together.

Acid reflux occurs at fermentation whenever the food is in the stomach. To reduce fermentation the four musketeers should stop that.

To allow the food to be digested quickly enough without spending too much time fermenting in the stomach, taking at LEAST 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda to 1/2 glass of water twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening before bedtime would help. Howeve,r the optimum dose I estimate, whenever you are sick rather than the maintenance dose mentioned lies closer to 1 teaspoon - 2 teaspoon of baking twice a day on an empty stomach.

If your condition is a fungus issue causing the acid reflux a medium size pinch of borax added to drinking water should help kill it.

01/19/2011: Ray from Geneva, Fl replies: Ted, Can you recommend a good doctor that checks for parasites or Wrong diagnosis of lupus In Fla? Ray



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