Osteoarthritis Remedies: Q&A

Last Modified on May 24, 2012

How to Avoid Hip Replacement

05/24/2012: Mike from SA: Ted, I have tried about everything short of a THR for my right hip and knee osteo. Prolotherapy, stem cells (bone and fat three different times), boron, baking soda, chicken cartilage, colloidal silver, niacin, ACV, etc. Without success for about 4 months. I was thinking that dmso with chicken cartilage might be an idea. I am going to add lugols, arnica oil, liquid magnesium, clove oil, chanca piedra. Castor oil won't absorb. Then squirting it on using a spray bottle. What do you think? Any ideas of what you would add or subtract? Ted, I am getting desperate and do not want a total hip replacement. What would you do if you were in my predicament? Mike in SA

05/24/2012: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Lysine, magnesium, glycine, proline, vitamin D3, and vitamin C are needed for proper hip repair. Lysine is taken at least 1000 mg x 4, magnesium gluconate or magnesium citrate at 50 mg x 4. Take your vitamin K2, m4, this is the main element in resolving your bone condition, preferably start slow at 5 mg, for 3 or 4 days, then 15 mg, similar time period, and finally 45 mg. Vitamin D3 20,000 iu for 3 months. All I know is by the time you found out you need a hip replacement it is often too late, if not the supplement will help but it needs at least a month. Finally to help accelerate healing time (it takes about 1 month) for fractures to repair itself, you need aloe vera oil 10 drops and Rife frequency 1028 Hertz, for at least a week to a maximum of a month in 40 minute sessions. Lysine will enable calcium absorption and utilization, calcium may help in citrate from but they cause strokes, I much prefer strontium chloride at 1/16 to 1/8 teaspoon, as with all calcium and calcium like supplement they tend to cause headaches if taken long enough in which case the dose is lowered by 1/2.


05/24/2012: Mike from SA replies: Ted, Thank you for the response. What is proline used for and what dosage? It's the 1st I've heard of it. It is rather scary to realize that I might not have much choice about getting a THR. Crap! As far as a Rife machine, I don't know where to get one or find a practitioner, but I will look. There is an oriental medicine Dr. in Louisiana that besides acupuncture does electric work, I guess like a Rife unit. I am trying to work up going to him but it's going to be costly in time and money (minimum of 12 visits). I tried to download it but I couldn't. Here's a site with a description of what he does, Indiadevine-dr. snow. I really don't know if it is a scam, but I'll probably try his method. There are a lot of scams out there, as you know. It seemed as if you were discouraging me from the DMSO mixture. Is this true? I also neglected to mention HA as an additive, which I am taking now (300mg pd). How do you know if you have mycobacteria? What are the symptoms? I was/am thinking about getting a scrip for Doxycycline, if I have the symptoms but I don't know what they are. Other than what you told me, is there anything else you know of that might help, offer any hope? I'm sure you can understand my desperation and your feedback would be very much appreciated."

06/19/2012: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "The problem is most hip replacements may not be necessary if it is not broken. The rule of thumb in Denmark is they will not do a hip replacement until is broken. The other is bone mineral density if it is very low may justify it. But my experience is that a lot of them are unnecessary, if the cause of them is rheumatoid (the cause is myco) and hip degeneration due to vitamin K2 m4 deficiency and can only be found in real butter, and supplements, as well as vitamin D3, 10,000 iu, and magnesium.

DMSO mixture is 30 cc of DMSO with 0.25 grams of hyaluronic acid, this may be applied topically where there is pain, preferably with cotton balls. The Rife frequency to help pain and get rid of the corynebacterium is the acne vulgaris or general acne program. A proper Rife device should have a ray tube, foot plates, and hand electrodes. The proper placement is the ray tube must on the area of the pain on the side of the ray tube. It will kill the the bacterium if done long enough and the pain is gone and the regenerative cells take their place.

The reason why there are so many scams is they don't know the proper treatment, so they instead resort to that to fill in the gap the medical system cannot provide.


07/27/2012: Mike from SA replies: Ted, I have been trying to find vita. K-2 with m4, to no avail. What is m4? Nothing is coming up on any of the vita suppliers that I've put in. Do you or could you recommend a source? You also mentioned "10 drops of aloe vera" but I don't know if I take it internally or put it at the site before using a Rife machine? I hate to ask seemingly inane questions, but frankly I just don't know. I also haven't got a 5 month supply of Doxycycline for mycobacteria. I just can't shake the idea that I have them in my hip. Intuition is a strange thing. Ted I really appreciate the answers you have given me, I am trying everything I can, shotgun, to cure my hip and the arthritis before I submit to a hip replacement. Like you the surgery repulses me. URGENT I have found a Rife Machine and need to find out about Aloe Vera supplements, the correct proline dosage and the K2 with m-4 supplements? I plan to start the Rife today along with some exercises just need a little clarification. Mike"

07/31/2012: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Glakay Brand is the known vitamin K2 M4 sold in Thailand. You may find in other areas. If you get a bone mineral analysis, the common deficiency is lysine, vitamin C, glycine and proline, the four things necessary for collagen, Most surgeries are known to be not necessary. The rife function is a known convenience in getting less pain to the hip and may kill the corynebacteria mentioned. Suitable frequencies are 334, 444, 447, 465, 564, 633, 778, 780, 833, 660, 944, 2720 and may help the hip pain and regenerate some of the bone issue.


10/08/2012: Emma from New York, NY replies: In case Mike is still interested in a Vitamin K M-4 source, I found one after searching many brands. Life Extension has one called "Super K with Advanced K2 Complex. " This is a full spectrum vitamin K supplement with the following breakdown for 1 softgel:

K1: 1000 mcg
K2 M-4: 1000 mcg
K2 M-7: 100 mcg

I chose this brand with all three types because I found all three kinds in a brain repair supplement that retired neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock created. He stated that Vitamin K plays a critical role in energy production by cells, especially brain cells, which is information not well known about Vitamin K.

Also, anyone taking D3 supplements really need sufficient levels of D's cofactors: Vitamin K as well as magnesium, zinc and boron, if they would like to optimize their D3 metabolism.

Easing Neck Pain, Osteoarthritis

05/16/2011: Anonymous from Anonymous: Hi Ted, I am very interested in your column, but please help me with this problem, as to how much I have to take, I have kidney cyct on both side and also parotid tumor under the right ear, they do not bother me, but I would like to know if I can take your formula. Beside I also have many pain on my both shoulders and both arms and neck. my doctor said I have degenerative neck because of my old age 64. the pain sometimes is unbearable, the negging pain is 24/7 and is really terrible. I am under the care of chiropractic and also massage therapy. I have not been to the any rheumatologist yet. please help me. thank you very much. I also have a friend she has a growth on her adrenal gland and also in the liver. do you think methyln blue can help, Thank you very much for your help.

05/18/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: If you have a bone problem and there is pain. Take doxycycline it will take about 3 to 4 days to significantly helped with your bone condition. It is caused by mycobacterium eating up your bones and hence degenerative. The doxycycline is the only thing that will help both the tumor and the pain. It takes on average 9 months of doxycycline therapy that's 1 x 2 on the first day, and one a day thereafter. Let's take care of the pain first. DMSO and lugol's applied to the area of pain will help some of the problems, but less then doxycycline.


Remedies Sought for 69 Year Old with Osteoporosis

08/06/2008: B. : Thank you for taking my question, I am 69 year of age and have full blown osteoporosis. My doctor is complainign because I will not take the perscription medicine. My posture is changing and I am aching. Please tell me what to take and what to do to reverse this condition. Information very much appreciated.

08/06/2008: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Most aching will be relieved with magnesium supplements.

As to the changes in posture based on my own experience is muscles pulling on the spinal column which resulted in muscle aches and pains in the back region. The magnesium supplements will relax the pulling effect of muscles and usually correct the posture.

As to the bone density, a common overlooked issue is the blood sugar. High blood sugar lowers the bone density because sugar is very soluble in calcium and leeches calcium from the bones.

If blood sugar is held at 80, instead of the standard 100, the bones density will improve. The third issue is way back in the early 1960s, I remember a lot of doctors had great successes with vitamin D2 supplementation taking between 20,000 to 100,000 i.u. a day for two or three months. Then suddenly this policy was changed in the late 1970s or 1980s where the dose of vitamin D supplements was reduced to a mere 1000 i.u.

One reason why old people have bone problem is usually simple, a person who is 60 years of age produces vitamin D of only 1/8 or 1/10 the vitamin D level of a 6 year old. A normal person can easily produce 10,000 i.u. of vitamin D out in the sun for a reasonable period of time also. What is interesting about older people is the skin is no longer a perfect factory for vitamin D and is producing much less of that amount even in the sun. Hence vitamin D is needed. The preferred vitamin D is D3, 20,000 to 100,000 i.u. a day for about 2-3 months.

Improvement in postures are possible mostly from muscular pain can be observed within 2 or 3 weeks after taking magnesium citrate, or magnesium gluconate for example, at 500 mg a day. However vitamin D is still needed for any improvement in density.

Bone actually is actually made up of phosphate, silica, calcium and magnesium. Much of the problems is that the present medical practices is avoiding the magnesium and silica. While calcium is taken excessively that it causes calcification of the tissue, causing muscular pain and muscular pull worsening the posture issues. Most of the problem will be resolved with magnesium and vitamin D3 supplements. But silicon supplements is just as important but not available. The preferred form of silicon supplements that is used in the market today is sodium metasilicate, or a neutral pH silicic acid, or a weak solution sodium silicate. The preferred dose of silicon such as silicic acid can be anywhere from 5-100 mg of silicic acid, where average dose I found to be acceptable is closer to 10-50 mg. This will cause thickening of hair, skin, and bone density in a matter of a month or two.

One interesting take on Astronauts who stays in space station is the enormous bone loss caused by lack of pressure applied to the one bones in absence of earth's gravity and their bone loss is as extreme as a 60 year old people or more. The other reason why bone loss and bone density is reduced is lack of walking, exercise, and standing. This is obvious because older people do less activity because of low energy levels, but it also happens to children who leads a sedentary lifestyle. The bones heals or increase bone density whenever there is pressure applied to the bones has a lot to do with piezoelectric effect of the bones that are created whenever the bones has pressure such as gravity and increases in bone strength. This is the same reason why stubborn people who have bones that do not heal, go against the advice of the doctor by walking and often resulted in dramatic bone healing whenever they attempt to walk despite the pain after a car accident, which surprises doctor more often than their patients.

I remember a very old lottery ticket lady who was in her 80s rich enough to retire was trying to sell me lottery ticket and I asked why she walked all day to sell the lottery tickets. She told me if she didn't walk all day, bones and joints will be all over her body and she will get sicker and sicker, but if she continues to walk all day, she will be fine. Initially it is painful for the first couple of days, but the pain simply went completely away when she continues to walk all day for a couple of months. it is interesting that most retired people won't walk all day like this woman frequently have bone problem, in fact it is an age old remedy that if a person has a bone problem, whether they be astronauts after long stays in a space shuttle of weightlessness, or a retired lady, both had solve the problem by exercise. Not an extreme one, but simply walking all day or a small jog is what they do to reverse the bone density.

While osteoporosis and bone density problem is a complicated one, lowering blood sugar to 80, not to 100, doing exercise, taking magnesium, taking silicon supplements and taking vitamin D3 is the major remedy to the bone issue. However for the bones to clearly improve, I believe longer term magnesium supplements are needed, such as at 3-6 months to notice improvement, and maintenance dose is still needed. Mangesium is a component of the bones. There are other remedies that helped bone problem, such as eating daily tofu (fermented soy), avoiding all sugar, avoiding aspartame, taking borax remedies (most bone issue are a mycobacterium which eats up the bones) as well as alkalization using baking soda remedy (alkalizing reduces the leeching of the calcium of the bones if the blood is alkaline). So I would at least concentrate on the basic first. If that doesn't work, I may consider borax remedy. Alkalization remedy forms the basic foundation of many of my remedies including bone issues, where 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water at least twice a day helps. However apple cider vinegar 2 tablespoons plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 1 glass of water twice a day is better at least it gives more energy to the person who does take it. However, there will be some instances where some people don't like the apple cider vinegar and will opt for just baking soda.

If anyone heard of the electronic weight scales that monitor bone density, this is one way where people will discover that a majority of people, about 80% of everyone actually has below average bone density.

This is the result of sugar, in which sugar increases leeching effect of the calcium as well as calcium is many times more soluble in a sugar solution. Hence while the official blood sugar stands at 100, I have found in many cases of bone problems, a bone will usually improve if blood sugar is about 80. Hence to lower blood sugar chromium supplements, where my preferred does is closer to 1000 mcg is taken, usually in the form of either chromium chloride or chromium polynicotinate. I prefer chromium chloride, because of the price but because of less bioavailability such as 5%, for example, I therefore may take more than those that are bioavailability by twice more or three times more for example, than the usual dose such as 3000 mcg, which is merely 3 mg.

In event that walking is not possible due to restricted space, for example a whole body vibration machine might be possible to further stimulate increases in bone density. That's why a cat has such good bones and hardly break their bones after falling from high places. This cat purr has a frequency between 25, 50 Hz, in increment of 25 Hz, where these are the frequency which stimulate bone healing too. Sometimes there is a sound generator of cat's purr, but these sound, seems to help muscle pain for me more. Using of energy healing and other well publicized quantum touch is known to correct postures or bones displacement within a couple of treatment, it uses the old energy healing, where hands is laid on the area that causes the muscles or bones to align properly are some of the other issues they used to solve posture problems.


Calcium Deposits

07/25/2006: Bryan from Lansing, MI: Hello. I came on your site doing a search for removing calcium deposits from blood vessels. I've had chest pains and did a CT angiogram which showed extensive and dangerous calcium deposits in coronary arteries, aortic valve and aorta. However, I'm losing calcium from my bones and now have osteoporosis. (Male, 73, run 2 to 13 miles, only meds are eyedrops for glaucoma). I've tried magnesium but it gives me irregular pulse. Noted your EDTA. Have appt with nutritionist Thursday. Any ideas on why my calcium is leaving my bones (IF that is the cause of osteo) and going to my soft tissue? Thyroid is iffy but endo says basically normal. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Bryan: Calcium leaves the bones only when your pH of your body is slightly acid cause the calcium to leave the body and gets everywhere but the bones. It is the same story as you put bones in vinegar, the calcium will be completely removed from the bones.

Therefore, to solve this problem take a fair amount of citric acid + baking soda, at 1/4 teaspoon each mixed with water at least twice a day. With sufficient buffer the calcium won't leave the body and what is in the body the citrates will remove it. To return the body to normal quicker, taking B complex will help, especiall B6. Vitamin Bs work together with magnesium and this is why you have trouble with the use of it. You must take both.

Chickens don't get heart disease because for one thing their drinking water is dechlorinated, but our water is chlorinated. Get a dechlorinator from Pet shops that sells aquarium fishes and put a couple of drops it in your water. Removal of chlorine will prevent calcium carbonate from sticking on to the coronary walls as sodium thiosulfate causes greater solubility of calcium also. Chlorine have a tendency to cause the settling of calcium carbonate, this has been my observations as thiosulfates have a weak chelation capabilities too. Taking EDTA alone will not work as well as you take baking soda together. They work synergistically.

Sudden Debilitation, Not Arthritis?

03/08/2006: Henry : Dear Sir /Ms; My family is looking for another opinion about my mother's condition. What do you suggest? My mother is in her late 70s. Six months ago she was perfectly fine. Now she can barely move. Her current Primary care Physician and Osteopathic Physician both feel she has Osteoarthritis. We also have family friends in the medical profession. One family friend just graduated from medical school this year, the other has one year to go before graduation. Our family friends who live out of State were visiting recently and kind enough to do a physical examine of my mom and check her X-ray which we had on CD. They said no Arthritis (Osteoarthritis or Rheumatoid Arthritis) in their opinion. They felt it was some kind of tendonitis. Both sides are saying different things and can't both be right. With all do respect to the doctors and their good intentions we (our family) feel that it is neither Arthritis or Tendonitis. The reason is my moms rapid movement deterioration. In October 2005 she had full and complete movement with no pain. Then all of a sudden in November 2005 both shoulders at the same time became extremely painful to the point that she could no longer even put on her coat by herself without difficulty. It was in November and December that we saw the doctors, had the blood test done and got the shot of cortisone in both shoulders. We were then told to make an appointment in March. The appointment was made. The examination is next week. Before we go however we would like to do a little research on our own to help our doctors. These days patients are encouraged to give a helping hand and be active participants in their health care. We don't want to go empty handed to the upcoming examination asking, what now? We prefer to go in and say this is what we have learned, what do you think?; Its all too easy for doctors to think outside of the box feeling: Patient in late 70s, no previous Arthritis, now Arthritis, is the to be expected box. Why the family feels this is neither Arthritis or Tendonitis is the rapid movement deterioration. In the couple months since her last examination my mother now can barely walk. Both legs are so painful now she can barely move them. Six months ago she moved faster than I move and I am a healthy 51 years old. Also within the last couple months she can barely move her neck or her fingers. She additionally seems to have lost a lot of strength and stays tired all the time. All of this has happened since her last examination (when only her shoulders bothered her), (the cortisone shots worked for two days) in December. If I'm not mistaken there are over 100 different types of Arthritis, and none of them progresses in this manner. What do you think my mother might have if its not Arthritis? How best do you think it should be treated? My mothers primary care doctor is in his 70s and has retired two or three previous times. We don't know how interested he is in maintaining his practice much longer. Her Osteopathic Physician specializes in sports medicine. Our family friends are young (in their 20s) and live out of State (additionally, one has another year to go before graduation). We therefore are open to switching doctors if we get a good recommendation of a doctor in our area who is accepting new patients. At my mothers rapid rate of movement deterioration we (the family) feel an urgent need to correctly diagnose and hopefully reverse this process before it goes further. Bottom line, we need any information and or leads that you think might help. Thank you very much.

03/18/2006: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Your mother might be high on uric acid. It doesn't show in X-rays. My mom also in her 70s had this sudden pains resembling what you are mentioning as a result of my mother binging on drinking coffee and tea, which is very high on uric acid. As a result my mother cannot walk or move for a day or so. Since I know the cause I gave my mother only 2-3 mg./day of lithium carbonate mixed with water to help dissolve the uric acid and stopped with uric acid rich foods (e.g. coffee, oysters, cucumbers, etc.) and had her drink plenty of water. The other thing is to eat on an empty stomach 2-3 cups of oatmeal. Your mother should see some recovery with this within 3 days. You might check with a doctor about giving her approx 250 mg of magnesium chloride on an empty stomach to aid in the recovery process.
03/21/2006: Laurel from Utica, NY replies: Hi Henry...Just wanted to say that your mother's condition has the earmarks of POLYMYALGIA RHEUMATICA which I was treated for a number of years ago. I had varying degrees of pain which began in my shoulders (a common site for this illness) and it wasnt until I was in a situation akin to your mother's that I was finally diagnosed with P.R. Unfortunately the diagnosis is only made by symptoms and a high sedimentation rate is one of them. I do believe the treatment is Prednisone to which (in the higher doses) I had a dramatic positive response. My illness was on and off again for a few years and seems gone now. There is also, perhaps, the possibility of FIBROMYALGIA which can result in sudden bouts of crippling pain as well. I am sure you will find much information on the web re. either of these problems and I do hope your Mother gets properly diagnosed soon even if the treatments out there are not always that effective or safe. Good Luck. Laurel



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