Natural Eczema Treatment: Q&A

Last Modified on Apr 02, 2012

Will White Vinegar Help for My Scalp Issues?

04/02/2012: Chris from London, UK: I've just tried white vinegar on my hair. I appear to have similar symptoms, intense itching behind my ears and at the back of my head. I am also experiencing either psoriasis or eczema around my skin in general. Will let you know if the scalp treatment of vinegar works. So far in the last hour it appears to have relieved symptons certainly in the short term.

04/04/2012: Shaun from Olde York, North Yorkshire replies: Try rubbig Milk of Magnesia into your hair. Then rinse it off/out with ACV. It worked for me! Also check out MoM with Earthclinic.

Taking Apple Cider Vinegar for 3 Days Is Producing Small Goosebump-like Effect Over Body

01/24/2012: Therese from Marikina, Philippines: Hello I've been taking ACV without the mother for 3 days now for my itchy skin which was diagnosed by my allergist as mild eczema. I have tried different steroid creams but it's doing no good. I have had this for months now. And I really hate it. It really is so itchy and so unbearable sometimes. After taking ACV, I noticed small dot-like, goosebump-like effect scattered in my body. Is this a side effect of the ACV? please enlighten me. Thank you.

08/12/2012: Dan Wants To Help Her from Manchester Uk replies: Hi, my girlfriend is getting the same after 4 days taking Apple Cider Vinegar orally (2 tbsps in warm water and honey) and topically 50/50 with distilled water sprayed on twice a day. She also bathes in it for 5 minutes a day.

Her skin now has small goosebumps like you describe. I think and hope its just toxins leaving her body. Did yours go? Did you continue taking acv?

Any help from any would be great as I haven't seen another posting from anyone with similar symptoms.


05/10/2010: Jj from Panhandle Of Florida, Florida: I'm writing this message to Ted. May be he can help figure out my 18 month's old allergies:

Eight months ago my daughter (shortly after moving to a new area of the country) began to react to foods almost on a daily basis. She had just turned 1. At first her face would get a rash and as soon as you took away the offending food it would stop. Then it progessed and became worse and her eyes would swell, her body would be covered in hives or eczema. Doctors were puzzled as nothing would show up on her scratch test except for very low environmental allergens, eggs and peanuts, and pecans. We moved back to our home in Florida after beginning concerned our new environment was inducing her reactions. We moved back and then figured out our family dogs were causing her much distress, another scratch test---highly allergic to dogs. The new allergist concludes she was hyper-reactive - her body was responding to foods because she was so allergic to the dogs.

Well now the dogs have been adopted out. She has gotten much better and off medication on a daily basis. Now we still contend with eggs (hives), dairy (water eyes), corn (hives) and a handful of other foods. She can eat much much more than she did several months ago. However, she gets very inflamed ezcema on arms and legs most of the time she eats her meals.

My question is 1. What is the best treatment orally and topically for an 18 month old for ezcema ?

2. Is there any supplement/method that can help eliminate these food allergies? (We've tried many different supplements, to include vit d, mult-vit, fish oil, bovine colostrum. Only thing she can tolerate right now is a probiotic)

05/17/2010: Merryanne from Orange City, Florida, Usa replies: Hello, this is Merryanne from Central FL,,,I am not a doctor or any specialist in the field of allergies...but I think the simplest think considering the environment and food production on this planet is to put your child on only simple foods that you cook yourself,,,no prepared foods at all,,make your own bread, get fresh frozen vegtables and cook yourself,, use dry beans, brown rice, whole wheat flour, do not fry anything..give her very little butter or oils,,do not use vegtables oils that are man made, only oilve oil or peanut oil,,,stay away from any processed foods, they all have preservatives and chemicals, no diet drinks as they are poison,,do not give her any white sugar, use local honey or cane syrup. Cook everything yourself,,I do not know if this will help, but it will elimanate a lot of chemicals out of her diet..keep us posted,,,God bless,,Merryanne

Eczema Out of Control

11/23/2009: Harold from Gainesville, Florida: I've been oil pulling with seseme seed oil (cold pressed) for about 2 to 3 months, and I have'nt seen any real added benefits except maybe some softer skin. Anyway, I have real bad eczema, and the last year or so its gotton out of control. I know alot of its from dishwashing at work and having contact with the sanitizer even though I wear gloves. They eventously leak, so it gets onto my hands. I recently tried apple cider vinegar (2TBSP) with 1/2 tsp of baking soda and my eczema has gotton worse. I was wondering if what Ted suggested, which was to use some other stuff with this mixture. Also, I've heard there's a Tea you can use that's been known to be affective on this terrible disorder. Are there any other remedies, Ted? I'm working on an occupation change, but until then is there any other cure to fight this horrible situation.

11/23/2009: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Harold:

Certain sanitizers are chlorine based chemicals, hence iodine drops before sleep 1-2 drop (lugol's solution) with vitamin C 100 mg. The iodine will flush out the excessive chlorine, fluorine and bromine, which is a common exposure now. Another easier remedy is to take plenty of tumeric or perhaps curcumin, about 1 tablespoon at least initially twice a day, with food or empty stomach depending on how people prefer it. In dishwashing, at least in Thailand the eczema is caused by a fungus because of all the water. A simple solution might be to soak in a vinegar for 10 minutes where there is eczema in case it is caused by a fungus. The vinegar is applied externally.


11/28/2009: Merryanne from Orange City, Florida, USA replies: Hello Harold,,,This is Meryanne in Orange City, Fl,,,for your skin condition I can only tell you what is helping me at this time,,I have had my ear canal itching and draining, and itching and waking me up,,then on my right hand I had the skin breaking open, it would itch for a day then fine cuts would open, sting and water would burn the raw skin,,well for the last 6 months I have tied many of the treatments listed here on EC, and ever cream I had at home,,this is what made the broken skin and the itchy ears, clear up,,Lugols Iodine,,,2 or 3 drops in 2 cups of distilled water (water free of additives) Now I started with 3 drops, then went to 2 drops, but I take it 2 time or three times aday,,and to comfort my ears I used oregno oil, 10 drops in 2 teaspoon light oil, apply with cotton tips, but after 3 days of Iodine they do not itch any more. Ok,,I did that last week and was amazed that in 48 hours my skin was heald!! so I stoped taken it,,,in 2 days my finger broke open again,,,,Now I am telling you this not because the remedy did not work,,,but because the cause of the problem is still in my lief!!

I believe it is mold in my house!!!! I have seen some,,but I did not realise it could mess up your body and system so bad. Well, I am making some plans in the future to change this problem. But get some iodine online and take it,,in 2 days you will know if it is helping,,,,Merryanne

02/22/2012: Peg from Houston, Tx, Usa replies: I searched endlessly for what was causing my out of control eczema (rash growing all over my skin). It turned out to be overuse of topical steroids that caused Red Skin Syndrome.

This Web site ( helped me tremendously because doctors had no clue what I had but my symptoms fit Red Skin Syndrome perfectly.

This may not be applicable to you but if anyone else has out of control eczema; crazy rash; hot, burning, itchy skin and you've been using/used topical steroids - you might want to check out the site. I saw 15 doctors before I found that site and no MD had answers for me.

Eleven Year Old Twins with Eczema for 9 Years

01/10/2009: Gail from Citrus Heights , CA, USA: My twin eleven year-old girls have had eczema since they were two years. But there were alwasy two types, small red rash and quater-sized lumps. Last summer they each received a scratch from a blackberry bush on the leg, from which tiny water blisters appeared. Within days, the blisters were climbing their bodies. Their pediatricians gave them prednisone for 1 week. The following week their bodies became covered with larger blisters, and their already difficult eczema became uncontrollable! They looked like they had leprosy! A dematologist confirmed they had staff. He seemed unconcerned about the cause. Rounds of Bacterim and Erythrocin didn't help much. I found this site, and have tried ACV and baking soda for over a week now. There is no consistent progress. I am giving them tumeric (to kill staph) and probiotics, fish oil, B-vitamins, calcium and magnesium and vitamin C, 100 mgs daily. Baths with a mix of magnesium salts, baking soda, and Borax seems to sooth. I've also started keeping a food journal. Red meat and dairy and eggs seem to irritate, but it's hard to be sure. PLEASE, anyone with knowledge of ANYTHING like this, PLEASE help!

01/31/2009: S haron from Wilmington, NC replies: I have a 4 yr old and he only itches at night what has helped him is crisco shortening and daytime we use vitamin E oils. He takes a shower for only 2 mintues or less only 3 times a week in the winter months. We also have elimated some of his food tomatoes, pizza, oranges, when we go out to eat we ask them not to season his food we also use sea salt. My grandson is not cured but he has improved from all night itching and the redness. Also do not wash their clothes with the rest of the family use a mild detergent Drift is good. At night sleep in less clothes underweaar and a t-shirt we uses the a-shirts at night. When buying new clothes wash before they put on this will help. Believe me all this is a process but it has work for us. We oil him down at least 4 times a day winter months.
07/03/2009: Greg from Washington, DC replies: I've had eczema all my life in one form or another. Avoiding certain foods is the first step, but I have some years ago found probably the most effective inhibitor: Chlorophyll - the stuff that makes plants green. You can get it through green vegetables, the most effective ones I've found to be broccoli & green beans, but I'm sure there are many others also effective. But what works best for me is chlorophyll. You can buy these at many health food stores (or they should be able to order them for you). Any time I start to experience an outbreak, I take a chlorophyll tablet, generally just one per day (50-100mg) with a meal. But if it's getting really bad I might take one in the morning (with a meal) and one in the evening. I'll do this every day until it starts getting under control. I'm not a doctor, but I've been taking these off and on for at least 5 years and am not aware of any side effects (but if taken without a meal, you can experience some sharp stomach pains, not bad for an adult but be careful with children; and your stool will be very green ;/). It's a natural product though, so I wouldn't expect it could be any worse than eating your vegetables. But it has been a lifesaver for me. I still have to use prescription ointments where outbreaks get bad, but that's just a band-aid, the chlorophyll tablets are what effectively fight the source of the eczema. Highly recommended. Good luck!
09/21/2011: Julie from Northern, New Jersey replies: Hi,

My 3 year old daughter has been battling eczema since she was around 1, and it has started to scar her on areas where it has subsided, (like one of her elbows) to moisturize we use a certified grade A Shea butter, but of course that only helps alleviate the itching, and I want to stop it from happening all together. I know she has a sensitivity to dairy, even though the allergy tests all came back negative, so we try to limit it as much as we can, but it is hard when her younger sister gets to eat cheese, yogurt, ice cream, etc. I am very inerested in putting her on a chlorophyll supplement. Do you know of any brands that make this for children? Thank you so much in advance, Julie in NJ.

09/25/2011: Alex from Miami, Florida replies: Hi j. Brands for this product now- World organics and there's more of course, Liquid is best but listen, a candida cleanse from the right company is going to be best after a whole body cleanse for top co. This condition is a sign that the inside of the body is toxic very and out of balance in gut flora etc.

5 Year Old with Tiny Rough Bumps

11/21/2008: Candice from Venus, Texas: Grandson One. 5 year old Tyler has these tiny rough bumps all over his back. Daughter says it's eczema. Neighbor child has/had same thing - but eczema is not contagious is it?!

11/22/2008: Joyce from Joelton, Tn replies: Tiny rough bumps do not sound typical for eczema, so I looked up a reference for you. Tiny rough bumps can be anything from flea bites to other causes. Eczema is not supposed to be contagious, but cause is unknown. I wonder if the neighbor child still has the tiny rough bumps or has he gotten over them?

Remedies Needed for Eczema Around Mouth and Nose

08/26/2008: K. : Hi Ted!

I have eczema mostly around my mouth and nose area for 5 months. It just won't seem to go away! I've always had to deal with eczema my whole life, but I've never experienced an eczema breakout like this before. the eczema is in the form of raised bumps and redness in the areas on my face. I went to my general doctor, and she said it was some sort of bacterial infection, and gave me series of pills to take (Minocin). she said it was a very strong antibiotic. I took it, and felt as though there were tiny bugs crawling underneath my skin, it was unbearably itchy. However, the bottle said there is to be itchiness expected, so i continued taking the medication. My eczema worsened and I was now so unbelievably itchy. Not long after i finished the medication, I went to see a dermatologist in February, and he said it was an eczema outbreak due to the severe cold (not a bacterial infection and then questioned why my general doctor gave me an oral medication to take that was for acne!) My dermatologist said to start wrapping my face with a scarf when i go out. He also gave me a cortizone cream to apply topically to the area. It certainly helped, and had gotten a lot better in March/April. The redness was still there, but no more bumps. It's now July, and since early May, the bumps have returned, and are still there even though i've been applying the cortizone. My skin feels tender in the area I've been applying the cream, most likely because I've been using it for so long.
This outbreak looks very similar to the eczema outbreak I experienced when I became pregnant. It lasted for the whole pregnancy and afterword for a few months.
I notice when I am very stressed out, I get eczema outbreaks on my face in the same area. I've never had these bumps before though. They're not itch or puss filled. I have been very stressed out since the new year due to a number of personal issues.
I went back to the dermatologist last week, he says he's not sure why I am still experiencing the eczema problem. He said perhaps it's fungal and gave me nizoral shampoo to apply to my face once a week along with the cortizone.
It was at this time, I came across your remedy for eczema. I've been taking 2 tbsp of Apple Cider Vinegar with 1/2 tsp of sodium Bi-Carbonate (baking soda) twice a day, for 3 days now. the tenderness in my face has stopped, and I think the eczema is drying up, although i feel it's too early to tell.
I read also, about the CarbiCarb remedy, where Sodium Carbonate (washing soda) is added to the ACV and baking soda mixture. From reading on the internet, it seems that ingesting Sodium Carbonate is dangerous/toxic for humans. Is this truly the case? Is there a specific type of washing soda I should be buying or more importantly, certain percentage of it?
I would really like to try the carbicarb remedy as I've been dealing with this outbreak for 5 months now and I really hate it. It's so uncomfortable and (I feel) unsightly.
Can you please advise on what I should do? If this is stress induced eczema, what do you suggest? How long is it safe to ingest baking soda? Alternatively, how long is it safe to ingest Sodium Carbonate?
I realize my email is lengthy, and I really do appreciate your feedback. Thanks very much Ted! You really are amazing!

10/07/2008: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear K:

As to your eczema problem most washing soda compound if clearly labeled as sodium carbonate is quite safe, quite often in smaller dose. Sodium carbonate is nothing more than a precursor of sodium bicarbonate or baking soda. To make a sodium bicarbonate, all you do is add sodium carbonate to a carbonated water to get sodium carbonate. Hence sodium carbonate is a more alkaline form of baking soda. Therefore a small amount of sodium carbonate is helpful. To help eczema dry up and I have a record of eczema before. One involves the sticky gooey eczema skin condition. In this one a biofilm is created and is a bacterial form. A simple remedy is the application of magnesium hydroxide 5%, or in common market language is called Milk of Magnesia applied to the irritated skin area. This kills the virus or bacteria by alkalization, but it is also very soothing but drying, killing off the biofilms that took me months to find and it turns out to be a simple magnesium hydroxide solution.

The other cause of eczema is the virus condition, and simple remedy is the application of a colorless iodine, usually can be either a potassium iodide tablets dissolve in a small amount of water, or a sodium iodide, dissolved in a small amount of water. This we can apply or wipe clean using this solution in the area named.

However the most common cause is the irritants from microorganisms where alkalizing generally helps. Therefore the best carbicarb remedy there is is the carbicarb plus potassium bicarbonate, which seems to be my gold standard that is better than the original carbicarb as it won't upset the sensitive sodium: potassium balance. The remedy is rather simple: 1/8 teaspoon of sodium carbonate + 1/8 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate + 1/4 teaqspoon of potassium bicarbonate in 1 glass of water taken twice a day. This usually clears up the skin.

However in addition to that, a couple of more remedies seems to be helpful for a viral eczema, which is 600 mg of lysine taken 3 times a day, plus once or twice a week zinc. Most pregnant mothers that I have noticed are generally deficient in the two M's which is magnesium and manganese, so those can have a tendency to remove blocked calcium circulation which allowed the eczema to flourished from blocked circulation as magnesium is antagonistic to calcium. However to reduce excessive calcium the preferred magnesium form I like is either magnesium chloride or magnesium citrate.  Sodium ascorbate vitamin C 1000 mg also helps in the circulation as well as normalizing the body's required Oxidation Reduction Potential to normal, further discouraging microorganism growth.

It should come as no surprise that I do check heavy metals and the ones that we do are the ones we think is ok, which is processed food, high in estrogen compounds in the form of bisphenol found in nearly all canned products and may worsen the skin condition too. Most washing soda compound sold in the market are generally has less heavy metals then processed foods because processed foods such as the use of pots and pans are also high in iron and nickel.

As a tip the addition of dechlorinator that is sold in aquarium shops clearly labeled as containing sodium thiosulfate. They tend to cause the skin to be clearer removing heavy metals. Drinking green tea once a day unsugared, no artificial sweetners will also remove free radicals of heavy metals as this chelates out heavy metals too.

The use of sodium carbonate can be applied to the face when washing the skin can also kill acid loving bacteria and virus too. Or you can also use a weaker form of sodium carbonate such as baking soda.


Questions About Using ACV for Eczema

06/30/2008: Karin from Singapore: My 13 years old daughter has severe eczema for 10 years. I am giving her 1 teaspoon ACV with homemade juice (apple, beetroot, carrot, celery and pear) every morning for more then a week, not much improvement yet. Does drinking ACV with juices help? Possible to add 1/4 tsp baking soda in it? Can I apply ACV on the eczema area, should I dilute it with filter water / distilled water or tap water?

07/01/2008: Joyce from Joelton, Tn replies: To Karen from Singapore, Hi Karen, Have you tried leaving off soap altogether when bathing? May I suggest that your l3 year old daughter use only a good terry washcloth and water in bathing. You will probably find that soap is the cause of this eczema. Do not use medicated creams, etc. to replace soap.
07/14/2008: Bret from Phoenix, Arizona replies: Sometimes a fungal infection is misdiagnosed as atypical eczyma. The way to tell of fungal versus true eczyma is that the fungal form starts with tiny little water filled blisters that itch terribly, once these watery blisters break they dry, crack, flake, and peel. The cracking can be painful and very uncomfortable, usually starts in between fingers, toes, top of foot, groin, etc. True eczyma draws us to that old familiar name, autoimmune. By now you will see many people professing that autoimmune is an infection. I would place my vote on viral. Nonetheless, I would follow TED's anti viral or anti autoimmune remedies. I would certainly lobby for 5,ooo mg buffered vitamin c per day,devided into three to four doses, added to any protocol or plan. (which wont help fungal infection much) but will help autoimmune and viral generally. If you suspect fungal see if you can get an order for selenium sulphide shampoo and use it over the entire body. Also, if you use topical antifungal creams make sure you alternate this with zinc oxide or pure aloe gel to prevent extreme cracking.

Inherited Condition/genetics

03/13/2008: abc : she has had a life-long problem with eczema on her face and forehead, just as her mother and grandmother had, and she wonders whether this is a genetic issue.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear abc

My eczema has always to do with acidity (metabolic acidosis), sugar and fungus issue. However to alkalize effectively I need 1/4 teaspoon of sodium carbonate plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water taken three time s a day. And 1/4 teaspoon of borax in one liter of drinking water for a couple of days.

Some other people I found were hormonal in nature (imbalances), or hormonal imbalances and the ones that work the best were pregnenolone and vitamin B complex, usually B50 taken for about two weeks, but it's usually 5 or 6 days out of a week. I suspect it's adrenal problem and taking addition vitamin B5 and B8 is most important. It should be noted that niacinamide is used in the B3 formulation of the B complex, not the niacinamide. Fried food frequently caused the issue of hormonal imbalances as well as free metals.

Certain amino acids can also help, buy balancing them, although fairly slowly avoiding lactose milk, and instead using whey protein milk only in the morning hours can help restore some imbalances.

There are certain triggers to eczema, however, such as diet coke, not fat milk, chocolates, ice cream, tomatoes, diet coke, and monosodium glutamate, for example. Taurine interestingly will neutralize the negative effects of the monosodium glutamate.

Hydrocortisone like natural remedies such as taking drops of peppermint oil, or a small amount of peppermint mixed with some water applied to the area of itchiness can help, but so can a lavender oil applied lightly too. Both of those reduced eczema which occurs almost regulary with me, but I was again most helped with the alkalization and borax remedy.

Certain natural products can include emu oil, interestingly GABA, shea butter (which contains essential fatty acids), quite possibly evening primrose oil, fish oils but never use any vegetable oils for cooking or frying foods. Some people think it is the lack of sulfur and lack of HDL and they are right as my eczema has reduced significantly after taking yellow liquid egg yolk, with no egg whites in a partially boiled eggs. The egg yolks are high in HDL, while nearly all trans-fatty acid and oxidized cooking oils and trans fatty acid from the use of heated vegetable oils inevitably resulted in LDL. One of the highest trans fatty acid has always been the white bread, cakes, cookies, french fries, and other similarly cooked foods in vegetable oils. Hence I had to avoid taking white bread, but interestingly this side effect is somewhat muted if I just ate a tuna sandwich so the negative effects of white bread were somewhat reduced, although not completely. Interestingly the scientist who discovered that niacin reduced cholesterol used his wife's cakes to raise the LDL cholesterol in laboratory rats.

I don't generally like the use of over the counter medicines or various name products because of the excipients, additives and other things that prevent their effectiveness. What I do know is white bread, vegetable oils used in cooking, while taking essential fatty acids, and normalizing cholesterol, normalizing adrenal hormons and its precursors, such as pregnenolone, DHEA, hydrocortisone is important. The best way to do that is either directly or indirectly which can be peppermint to take the place of hydrocortisone in drops of 4 at 3 times a day.

Interestingly I have found eczema to occur when I drink certain water, which can contain chlorine, heavy metals, and other pharma drugs that can be neutralized mostly by often adding drops of H2O2 3%, in a glass of water such as 5 drops at least for a couple of minutes. It should be noted that if I do take supplements, my favorite supplements to reduce eczema, without the use of steroids, will always be the vitamin C sodium ascorbate, vitamin complex in form of B50, and some vitamin A. The natural supplements will include fish oils, evening primrose oils, and perhaps shea butter. A simple topical application of eczema can be 100% ethanol alcohol (ethyl alcohol - the kind found in alcoholic drinks), castor oil, sulfurated castor oil, sodium thiosulfate 10% solution, even 1% hydrogen peroxide applied over the skin and my favorite easy to reach vinegar applied to the skin a couple of times a day. IThe vinegar is the single most common topical applications I used, although it will come back again and again, if the body is not properly alkalized and borax is also taken. For that I suspect most of my eczema I have is either a weak form of autoimmunity often initated by a fungus issue that is causing most of the problem. Although admitedely eczema can have other cause such as free radical heavy metals, such as mercury vaccines which also have mycoplasma and this is why frequently autistic childre has eczema and it is why they are best helped with some coriander (chinese parsley) and spirulina and chlorella to remove some heavy metals but not taken every day, perhaps one every other day or even once every two days. However, the most stealth cause of eczema I believe is the "artificial flavorings" that is mentioned in all gum products, such as xylitol gum, sugar free gum, ordinary gums, where there is detectable methanol, formaldehyde (when the body processes aspartame in these product) quite often initiate a skin inflammation too. Artificial flavorings can include any chemicals the companies can put in to make it smell nice and by law they need not tell you what chemicals they put in, although I can tell you that many of these are chemical irritants, such as cinnamic aldehyde, d-limonene, and others all of which are non-natural in origin, and hence the name "artificial flavorings"

As to whether "eczema" is caused by the genes, most of the problems is that it is not, but that it is the dietary bad habits that run in the family. Take for instance an identical twins, being raised by a fat family and a skinny one, will acquired the traits based on their eating habits. So the identical twins may never look the same or have the same disease if the family adopting the child has certain dietary habits that runs in the family rather than the gene pool. Also epigenetics, a new field of biology shows that you can make an ordinary skin cells become fat cells, muscle cells or neural cells just by altering the nutrients supplying the cells. So in a given cells you can coax the cells to produce at least 100,000 different biochemical just by giving it different nutrients. Therefore a much more useful routes at least for us to treat a variety of disease makes more sense alter the nutrients in order for a person to lead a normal life.

I give you three examples where three different individuals had normal life just by taking abnormally high nutrients due to a long term sickness. One had bipolar disorder and was able to lead a normal life by taking extra doses of vitamin Bs. Another one had fibromyalgia and another had a morgellons and had normal life energy levels) by taking large doses of vitamin B complex almost everyday. While on the other hand a lupus sufferer can keep his condition at bay and lead a normal life by just taking borax and baking soda. All these people may not lead a normal life however, if they were simply to stop taking them, and the cause may not be genetic, but may have been of viral, mycoplasma (from vaccines), and other problems that permanetly affectived normal cellular functions, but we can still coax these cells to operate normally by changing the nutrients as well as avoiding certain foods.

Nothing Is Working!

09/17/2007: Steven from Boston, MA: I have had very bad outbreaks of Ezema & Dermatitus for about a month now, I have tried the ACV & evening primose oil capsules to no avail:? I also take garlic capsules, & other vitamins. Ive been under mcuh stress lately & that brings it out with flare ups:? at night is very ichy back, arms, throat & chest! & my scalp is bad to? I have been using the jojoba oil & vit. E oil on my skin & scalp but does not stop the itching! I have been to the pathetic dermatogists all my life, they dont due much but prescribe steroids! doctors favorite drugs!! I know there are all natural cures out there for all diseases & ailments in this primitive world!!As we are so controlled by big businees, & the pharmacetical industy with the nasty, corrupt politicians in there pockets!! have not tried the turmeric pills or coconut oil yet:? Wish it would go away forever!!!!! Need a cure very quickly!!!!!!

05/18/2010: Mary from Beverly, Ma replies: My son has severe excema and it seems to be worse when chemtrails are being layed. You live in Boston, do you ever look up? They are laying trails daily in the air, an arsenal of chemicals. Rense did an article on rain water that was tested and discovered high levels of Aluminum, Barium, mold, blood cells and a number of other toxins. This is not good for someone with a skin condition possibly caused by immune deficiency. Most people are not aware of chemtrails but if you look up daily, you can't miss them. google chemtrails or go to youtube to get info on the chemicals that we are being sprayed with and are affecting our health.
05/26/2010: Suze214 from Henderson, Nv replies: I tried everything, my hands looked like hamburger. I spent a fortune on alternative therapies, wheat grass juice, homeopathic creams, vitamins, liquid monerals, etc! I finally went to a regular doc, she told me my immune system was in overdrive, and the only thing that would stop it was oral steriods. They cleared it up in 4 days. I learned that sometimes it is good to just go to a doctor.
12/10/2011: Tara from Ny replies: Clearing up is not the same as curing! Please try to get to the root of the problem. It is nutrition. Everything wrong with us has to do with nutrition.

How Long Do I Apply Honey and Cinnamon?

12/22/2006: Sumaiya from Sidney, NSW Australia: I am applying a manuka honey blend and cinnamon to eczema on my face every night. How long should this be done for? It has been 2 nights. Also, due to the eczema I have a lighter patch of skin on my face. Are there any remedies I can use to speed up the process of repigmentation? Will the honey help with this?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: A cinnamon spice preparation with honey if it works, some improvement should be noticed in a week or two. However for a skin color to return normal may take more, such as a month, given if remedy responds well. For me i just used just lavender oil for eczema. But if the skin is discolored, the cause of eczema appears to be a fungus. In this case of fungus issue, several application a day of 1% H2O2 plus borax should kill it and it takes about 1 week for skin color to start improvement. Then after application, a lavender and tea tree oil (50/50) should work. It takes a month for a skin to become normal, given sometime is also spend outdoor. The fungus is eating the skin pigmentation which is why it is lightening. Once they are completely killed skin pigmentation is restored fairly quickly.

Cream of Tartar Good for Alkalizing?

06/15/2006: Becky from Comfort, TX: I have been trying Ted's recommended 1/4 tsp baking soda plus 1/4 tsp citric acid in a glass of water for eczema but have not seen results yet. I have been drinking several glasses of the baking soda/citric acid combination per day. I have been hoping it would help take away eczema. Also, I am one of those people that wake up at 3 AM and have a hard time falling asleep afterwards. Now I just drink some of the baking soda/citric acid combo and fall asleep soon after lying down again. I have a question, though. Does bitrartrate (cream of tartar) have any beneficial action in alkalizing the body? Do you recommend using it for anything? Thanks!

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Becky: You should try MSM (methyl sulfonyl methane), and licorice extract and might be better for eczema conditions. There are many causes of eczema. Perhaps applying simple vinegar to the area in question. Vinegar has certain detoxifying properties where in my home we use it almost regularly after doing gardening work and those caused eczema. Sometimes certain toxic chemicals just brought his about, so I used vinegar just the same. 100% pure alcohol, ethanol really helps, but obtaining them in certain countries can be a hassle. Boric acid solution is another that you can test on skin to see if it is helpful as it has some antifungal properties.

Don't use cream of tartar, it doesn't provide much benefit as it was found people who are sick have high bitartrate in there bodies. Only potassium citrate and potassium bicarbonate will work, and only in small amounts relative to sodium levels.

09/20/2006: Becky replies: The baking soda and citric acid and ACV did not cure the eczema like I hoped it would, but it does take headaches away immediately. 'My friend suggested that I dice up a clove of garlic and drink it down with water once a day for the eczema. Another friend told me about myrrh oil from the local health food store. She told me to apply that to the eczema several times a day. Now I have seen dramatic results. The eczema is almost all gone and my hair is growing back where the eczema used to be itchy and scaly. I am planning to continue drinking the baking soda, citric acid and ACV in addition to applying the myrrh oil and drinking the diced clove of garlic daily. My friend says that possibly the garlic is killing a fungal infection in my intestine and that is why the eczema is going away. God bless Ted from Thailand for all his good advice on these ailments. Thanks!



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