Morgellons Remedies: Q&A

Last Modified on Aug 08, 2013

Treating Morgellons Disease with Borax

08/08/2013: DC from Anon: Dear Ted, Firstly, thank you for saving my life. In January of this year, I hosted an international student who arrived with prick marks on her arms and intense itching. We were both treated for 3 months for scabies, using, sulphur, clove, permethrin and ivermectin to no avail. I was getting new symmetrical rashes every 3 days in different parts with maddening itching. My cat also got it. They also penetrated my tongue. I lost more than half of my hair and lost 30 lbs, quit work, discarded all furnishings, saw multiple doctors who wanted to give me antipsychotic drugs!

Then I found earth clinic and your borax cure. Thank God for you and your generous healing heart. After two days, I bathed and the tub was lined with black specks. I felt cured within a month and so was my poor cat who was given selamectin every two weeks at the vet... they didn't believe me so I brought him home and gave him borax and shaved him and sprayed him with enzymes... he was covered in black specks.

So I have been taking borax for about two months now, but my hair is still falling out in handfuls every day. I wonder if they are on my scalp still and perhaps there isn't enough blood circulation to take the borax there? Also, most worrying, is that I go to places that are infested and I immediately feel the pin pricks, so I can never stop borax? I have been feeling a dull ache in my left side and I am worried about my kidney. I am a 44 yr. old female and both my mother and her mother died of kidney cancer. I am taking so many supplements plus hydrogen peroxide 35% 5 drops a day, plus borax and baking soda. I just don't know how they got on my tongue again... maybe they just went dormant? I was feeling so great for about a month but I am aware of the re-infestation when I go to the grocery store bank. I live on the outskirts of Toronto. Some people seem to be immune. Sometimes I feel them in my nose and notice others noses being bothered while some people have no reaction. I have lost all nose hair, but the hair on my head is most upsetting, however shallow that sounds.

I feel like you are the only one who can help me regain my life and have started thinking about coming to Thailand to see you but it is so far and so expensive and I have lost so much already and have no income or family. Do you have a clinic? Do you ever make trips to North America? There are no words to express my gratitude to you. How can it be that you are the only one on the planet to understand this plague? Is this morgellons? Why is the entire medical community in the dark?

I know you are so busy healing so many but I pray you can help me with this. Most important question is if I can stay on borax forever? I am also taking fish oil and vitamin B and biotin and magnesium chloride and C, and zinc, and iodine. I am just wondering if I am hurting my kidney. I can never find the same place on earth clinic so I wrote to you personally so I don't miss your reply.

God bless you dear Parhatsathid. Because of you I know there are angels among us.

08/09/2013: DC replies: Thank you Ted for your prompt and very informative reply. Please educate the world about this plague.

So, if they are internal, I must only continue borax and H202? And ETDA and ammonium chloride external only?

Very interesting about skin.....I have polycystic ovarian syndrome and have had oily skin all my life!

Also what is the connection with schizophrenia? Is it a coincidence that my father was schizophrenic? ( I am not).

I had my house treated with high heat (150 degrees for four hours), the same treatment used for bedbugs and the pinpricks inside my house and crawling sensation in front of the computer subsided, so high heat does also kill them, but is very costly.

I have asked so many doctors and veterinarians is there is a new mite that is not species specific and they all said "no". Nobody believed that my cat and I were both suffering from the same thing. I had a successful dog walking business for 12 years and I quit in order to protect the dogs from me. But my clients asked their vets and were told I am crazy. Even my own family doctor wanted to admit me to a psychiatric facility because I was almost suicidal and she thought I was crazy for taking borax. I begged her to admit me to an infectious disease hospital but she said no. I finally saw Dr Keystone at Toronto General Hospital (leading infectious disease specialist), but I was already much improved with Borax and told him everything... he said he didn't know what this is, maybe morgellons, but he was the only one to tell me to continue to borax since it was working and had heard others success with it. At least he validated my sanity, but I will never see a western dr again.

Many blessings to you, Ted."

08/26/2013: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "This Morgellon's is all over the world, That is all I know; however, it is not recognized until it is epidemic. The problem appears to be the disease cannot be recognized by conventional means. So they can escape detection if people are not trained to look for it, like the movie, Minority Report. However, you can detect them by collecting samples in plastic petri dishes (they tend to grow all over) from the head, or dead ones by killing them with EDTA and ammonium chloride in the bathroom. Insects spreads them, but they don't seem to be found in Morgellon's in every case, but insects like Morgellon's as they live symbiotically with a fungus by helping to lay eggs. For example a mosquito lays her eggs in water, but to ensure larvae grows, spores of fungus are needed to grow before larvae grows. By controlling the growth of fungus in the water, this will prevent the spread of mosquitoes and Morgellon's. I think this is common knowledge but we are not trained to recognize this.

So, if they are internal, I must only continue borax and H202? And ETDA and ammonium chloride external only?

Continue with borax and H2O2, it will also reduce polycystic ovarian syndrome. EDTA and ammonium chloride can be sprayed on the body and outside also. It can be taken internally, but the dose is much less, and concentration is different if taken internally.

Very interesting about skin... I have polycystic ovarian syndrome and have had oily skin all my life!

Borax, PABA, inositol and EDTA will help reduction, but not pressing issue.

Also what is the connection with schizophrenia? Is it a coincidence that my father was schizophrenic? ( I am not).

I actually cured three cases of schizophrenia last month alone by simply getting rid of the fungus. This is why the schizophrenic spends a long time in the bathroom taking bath as a result of this internal heat and have frequent skin issues. Not all Morgellon's cases have schizophrenic co-disorders, but if Morgellon's overgrowth to the point of fungus invading internally especially the brain you can create schizophrenia, especially if the immune system is also low, by eating lots of sugar and fried foods. This however doesn't apply to obsessive compulsive condition.

The best way to kill these Morgellons mites that doesn't cost a lot (such as for those in the third world country such as where I am living), I would prefer to use diatomaceous earth.


08/09/2013: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: I wonder if they are on my scalp still and perhaps there isn't enough blood circulation to take the borax there?

The breeding grounds for Morgellon's is the head, falling of hair indicates some infections in the head. The other breeding ground is in the bathroom ceiling and maybe some other ceilings, but they like the moist bathrooms and plastics. Everyone has different electrostatic attractions, which these Morgellon's are attracted to. If anyone with Morgellon's tries to tell anyone about the conditions, that person will be improperly treated using anti psychotics or assumed to be crazy. The prime organs that the Morgellon's love varies from person to person, but are usually the liver, kidneys, head, skin, and tongue.

People with morgellons can feel the electrostatic attraction and hence can detect a room that has high risks, like electrostatic attraction of your hair on a winter day. So at least you know how to avoid those rooms.

Since they are attracted by electrostatic attraction, unscented fabric softener will protect you. There is another remedy which humans, cats, and dogs like which is ammonium chloride and I mix it with tetra sodium EDTA, in equal portion with 90% water as a disinfectant spray against morgellon's such as bedrooms, carpets, and bathrooms, especially ceilings will be helpful. Both schizophrenia and Morgellon's have similar symptoms and thus can be cured without the use of antipsychotics, there are more advanced methods, but  I refrained for laypeople as it is hard to obtain. To prevent new reinfestations, always use this disinfectant spray on the body and the room. Yes borax and h2o2 works, but antiseptic spray also works but better as it lasts longer, and forms a dust to continue killing them as well, which can be used to protect the house. I think the level of hyaluronic acid varies greatly from one person to another, but dry skin indicates less hyaluronic acid is not helping, it makes it worse by attracting Morgellon's. Dead ones have black specks, active ones have red specks, and will be attracted to a person of dry skin or lack of hyaluronic acid.

Other things I found that helps besides, Borax, H2O2, ammonium chloride and tetrasodium EDTA, myristin which is used in treatment of arthritis, but also helps against morgellon's too. If you have the complete protocol you should get control of your life. For hair loss just mix maybe sodium molybdate a pinch, ammonium chloride, borax and EDTA. People with Morgellon's disease should use only tetrasodium EDTA solution (up to you how much concentration) as a soap and shampoo, always start with the head going down the body if you want to get rid of it, and always at least disinfect the bathroom and bedroom with the antiseptic spray before use. This should kill them and make them visible, especially on the bathroom ceiling, by turning them into black specks, the active mother is red specks, the active but not the mother one should not be visible and the head and ceiling are prime breeding sites. Hoteliers should be aware of this fact or they faced people never going into hotels ever again, as Morgellon's is slowly but surely infesting them, through airplanes, buses, especially the hotels and motels. It's possible to detect easily by sensing electrostatic attraction and the methods of eradication is known already.


08/27/2013: Going, Going, Gone! from NC, USA replies: Ted, You rock. Our family got Morgellons after a bad lice infestation last summer. Your protocol absolutely does work.

I started using the Borax "mite" protocol--as outlined on Earth Clinic--at the beginning of July, so I lost a little time. Luckily I found this Q and A area and added the hydrogen peroxide to the Borax. Now that we have the internal drink "correct, " it is all systems go.

Hair: EDTA.

Disinfecting Spray: Ammonium Chloride, on sheets, in cars, etc.

Alkaline: We keep our systems above 7. 4 by drinking baking soda and water (1/2 tsp. ) several times a day. We test with strips, purchased from Amazon.

Per your updated info, we will now just spray ourselves with the disinfecting solution (and add EDTA). This will eliminate the Borax/hydrogen peroxide baths and application on the body. That's a good thing, because I literally feel like an addict scooping up boxes of Borax at the local Ace hardware. The manager thinks I'm a nut. lol.

I will write more in a few more weeks when our family is cured, but I wanted to add this about pets.

3 of 4 of our cats are infected. Baths in hydrogen peroxide and Borax only get part of the job done, so started adminstering Borax in a little bit of butter daily. The cats didn't mind it, but still, invariably black specks in bath--reduced--but not eliminated.

So, following your protocol and common sense, now give each 10 lb. cat 2 cc's of a Borax/hydrogen peroxide solution.

The key: The hydrogen peroxide must be 35 percent food grade! Add one drop to your 4 cups of water. Then take 1 tsp. Of the diluted hydrogen peroxide and mix with 1/8 tsp. Of borax per pet! Stir and suck up 2 cc's in a syringe. Administer once a day.

Now we have massive shedding of black fibres and red ones from the pets. I cover our sofas and bed with a white sheet so I can monitor the progress. Way to go, cats! They, too, are healing.

Normally I would also stick with the baths for our pets, but now that you mention the disinfecting agent--is that ok for a cat's coat in lieu of the borax/hydrogen peroxide baths? I will not apply without your say so--you may have meant their bedding only. And it's possible licking EDTA and the Ammonium Chloride mix could make them sick.

Readers, everything Ted mentions can be purchased on Amazon. Do not delay. This can and will be cured, for both yourselves and your beloved pets, if you stick with the protocol.


08/28/2013: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: You can prepare a spray for the dog or animals, yes, and not just for the bedding. First, you have to get the dog wet, not too wet, basically rinsed, but not dry. Then you spray lightly on the dog throughout the body. The area of the mouth and the dog's eyes cannot be sprayed, but cup of water, with a light spray of EDTA and ammonium chloride, on the cup, and apply it lightly in this area. Should there by any stinging sensation, then wash over with water in those areas. I also like mysritin, which is a powdered form used for treatment of arthritis, to work fairly well for Morgellon's also but EDTA, ammonium chloride will be the disinfectant spray. The borax and hydrogen peroxide works more deeper and is used first, on the dog.

This would be in lieu of the hydrogen peroxide/Borax baths. Yes, you always start with that then do you the spray.

Actually people can sense these Morgellon's mites, the feeling of a spider web on the skin even though it's not there. These things get infested slowly in public places such as airplanes, buses, bathrooms, hotels, apartments and of course people's homes but it can be easily stopped by making tetrasodium EDTA spray and ammonium chloride, 10% solution as a cleaning agent. A person with Morgellon's can easily detect these things but I don't actually get appreciated for my work in Thailand, as they try to close it down and me as well, as I don't follow their usual protocols. As a result I have to posts these things to the public otherwise these people will be improperly and needlessly treated wrong before a gag rule is in place.

Similarly tetrasodium EDTA and ammonium chloride can be saturated with water and used as drops to be taken internally to get rid of these also. The usual drops dosage is 10 drops after meals twice a day. This is considered a safe dose for most people. Morgellon's is actually not a popular topic and people get ostracized for being crazy and it will continue to spread if this spray is not used as a disinfectant.


Fighting Scabies or Morgellon's Infestation

05/15/2013: Ray from Anon: Ted, my wife have been fighting what we believe to be scabies we had the feeling like something was running across nose & lower extremities. It has been 10 months and we never got scabs, just a little rash & itching. What we have tried: lindane stromectol help permithium before that. Next coconut oil & clove seem to help more. We are now using neem oil but we put on head to toe on 5th week. I added turmeric to enema a month or so ago and got alot of black pepper spots.

What I seem to get now is pin type sticking every once in awhile fingers toes occasionally I will see a few purple spots come to surface. I put clove oil on and next I will wipe them with clinic either wipe off or disappear slowly into hand. We also have been taking teaspoon of diatomaceous earth in orange juice & Milk. We have done borax and hydrogen peroxide baths. And with bleach we're seeing white & grey stuff coming out of us. Still feel occasional itch & pin pricks. Last bite was a few days ago. What is your cures should we stick with neem oil? What is correct way to use this? We haven't had sex in months. We didn't sleep n the same bed for six months we wash clothes daily sheets etc. My wife is bipolar so this alone has worn me down. I am almost 60 we need help please this is killing me.

Last few questions: did bleach bath only saw 1 grey larva float to top? Are they dead when they come out or can they go back in you? The black peppers when they come to top of body are they dead? I also see white dots are they dead?

Last why is the USA CDC not have a clue that lindane & permithium does not work or that they also tell people to go back to work & they are infecting others if they shake hands or hug or even get in there car? My friend called me said he is now itching all he did is shake hands quick hug and he rode in my car. Now he is treating himself with Tea tree oil peppermint & coconut oil Nut is not coconut oil like sugar don't the scabies thrive on sugar. Last what do you take to get them out of your blood for good? IS THERE ANY NEW CURE ANYONE IS WORKING ON IN YOUR COUNTRY INDIA AUSTRALIA BRAZIL MEXICO OR ANY OTHER COUNTRY I HEARD IN FRANCE THEY USE A SPRAY CALLED SPRECTAL BUT THEY CAN NOT SHIP IT TO THE STATES THEY SAY IT WORKS ?????


05/20/2013: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Your symptoms seem consistent with Morgellon's Disease. The tetra sodium edta I have tried (on myself) as shampoo and soap does work. Also myristin taken internally works against Morgellon's. A disinfectant of ammonium chloride 10% with 5% edta inactivates stray Morgellon's parasites found in bathroom ceilings and other places.



03/28/2013: T from Anon: Dear Ted, Thank you for all the advice and treatments you offer to everyone. In the last three months I have just figured out that morgellon's disease is what I have been suffering from for the last several years. Went through everything everyone else has gone through with doctors trying to identify the lesions I have on my face.

Since the middle of Dec I have been doing borax drinks withdrawn H202. Also adding baking soda daily. With little improvement. I have read over and over and over everything you have written on earth clinic and a bit confused to what to try next.

I would not be so fast to Beg for direction except my son is getting married in two months and I look like I am a drug addict. Far from it, I am a God fearing person.

Can you clarify some things for me?

With so many different things to treat this with, what is the fastest most effective way to treat this at least the lesions and fibers coming out? I don't feel the borax and H202 is working as well as it should. Since I have already been doing this treatment for 3 months. Also can you give me dose amounts and timing on taking the supplements. How long does it take to heal the lesions and to not feel the pin pricking or itching with this treatment?

Do you know if when a person has some period of relief from the pain of these fibers coming out it and if the fibers are some what less if this means they have suppressed or that we are actually getting a head on this disease?

Also do you know how these fibers get in the skin? Now my once beautiful skin is also scared with lesions. And I can not even kneel because my knees hurt so bad which 2 years ago I taught 5 spin classes a week and kick boxing. Last year I had my gallbladder out and female organs removed because the doctors thought this would improve my hie sight I wonder if this was morgellons in my organs effecting my health???

Clarification and protocol, any help would be very much appreciated!

04/03/2013: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: There are several Morgellon's remedies. One is to take a bath with tetrasodium EDTA used as a soap. Also, get your pH to 7 on both saliva and urine, urine pH has to be in the range of 6.5 to 7, saliva pH is 7 to 7.3. The morgellon's disease cannot exist in these pH levels. Supplementing with sodium molybdate, a pinch or two a day, also has helped. The lesions will hurt if the solution of tetrasodium EDTA is taken, so make them diluted to hurt less. In most cases of Morgellon's a nest center is in the head, so you need to shampoo from head to toe. People with Morgellon's seem to figure out that plastics are not helpful, they live in that, as well as acidic forms of supplements such as vitamin C ascorbic acid. So need to keep those iPhones, Notepads covered with cloth. The Morgellon's fibers are basically invisible and the nests also exist in the ceiling. The solution to see them to turn into black fibers is tetrasodium EDTA mixed with ammonium chloride solution on the ceiling of the bathroom which is prime breeding ground of Morgellon's. The infection is spread by way of dead birds, wild animals, or being outside. You can kill more Morgellon's or disinfect with Ammonium chloride and tetraSodium EDTA. Mix the solution in a sprayer at 5% of each, and spray through the room and clothes and body. The solution will work just as well if you cannot find tetrasodium EDTA, use Ammonium chloride solution but make them 10%, other suitable formulations include ammonium bicarbonate and ammonium carbonate.

Now the lesions can be healed and killed to some extent with lavender mixed with Aloe vera oil. The usual formula is 30 cc aloe vera oil with one drop of lavender oil, This will speed up the healing process. Most Morgellon's are susceptible to reinfection as the fibers, especially with red eyes are active and will tend to gravitate toward that person. The risk of infections by animals or dogs are susceptible to Morgellon's but not humans, but those that do, may have dry skin that makes them vulnerable to reinfections.

There are some compounds found over the years that have helped such as myristin used in the curing of rheumatism, and this can be applied or taken internally.

Morgellon's is now found throughout the "free world", but in Thailand is relatively low due to high humidity. A Morgellon's patient will find that certain homes have electrostatic quality that leads to high incidence rates of Morgellon's Disease. You either disinfect your home or you change residence. You need to keep away from any plastic and fungus, these are perfect breeding grounds, and keep dry by spraying with ammonium chloride, EDTA and keep your body's pH at 7. That is one of the reason why my alkalinity book is published. Any simple organism that is nanotechnology or living cannot exist at neutral pH, or have lowest survival rates that separate complex organism from simpler ones.


06/20/2013: Driven from Towin replies: Ted, Thank you so much for this feedback it is extremely useful. I have had this condition for about four years and just recognized what it was about a year ago. Did the H2O2 and borax treatment for about four months, then went to the essential oils, then tumeric. Now I'm following the candida diet, alkalizing 2-3 times daily. I'm in my forties about 105lbs now from 127lbs. I finally found the right tetrasodium EDTA on that auction bidding website that starts with an "E", not sure if I can mention that by name. But anyway, the question I have is what does a 5%, 10%, 30% solution of tetrasodium EDTA consist of? I'm going to use about a tablespoon in 32 oz of water to spray my bathroom and then my head for now, but it would be tremendously helpful if you could shed some light on the measurements for us. I'll then use about a 1/2 teaspoon on my washcloth with some deadsea salt soap I have and I'm thinking about opening up a capsule of zinc piccolinate I have and adding that to the solution for my hair. Does this make sense?

Also I would love to by your book. What is the name of it? And where is it being sold? Hope it's okay for you to answer that. Thanks are not enough but I offer them humbly to you for your kind lifesaving assistance. With much respect and gratitude.

Edta Proportions for Remedy

08/18/2012: CH from Anon: Hi Ted, I would like to try your EDTA formula for morgellons that uses 30% edta and 70% water. What are the exact measurements to make this. I have disodium edta powder. Thank you.

08/19/2012: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Disodium wouldn't work. You need tetrasodium EDTA, the solution is by weight. Try to obtain tetrasodium edta first.


Eye Infection and Hair Disorders

05/02/2012: E from Anonymous: Dear Ted, Firstly thank you for all your information and contributions. I know you must receive lots of emails and I am somewhat in dire straights. I am 25, used to vibrant/intelligent and in above average health. After living in some poor living environments with mold, rats, roaches, etc I began getting strange skin abscesses that would never come to a head, itchiness, follicular plugging, and then change in hair follicles (compound hairs, darker hair). The worst is my eyes and face... I wake every day with swollen eyelids and small white threads on the lid, along with broken capillaries around my eyes. The "brain fog" is the worst as my brain was my livelihood.

I have read your suggestions on Morgellons and borax. But I wondered will this work if I have some infectious agent inside the eyeball. This is disgusting; and I apologize in advance, but I got a Morgellons-victim body fluid in the eye that is worst. I feel I contracted these symptoms after that. I have experimented with some homeopathic belldonna/sulphur eye drops. I read somewhere that the the fibers react to aerolsized metals and that sulfur and nitrogen-hetercycles like pyridine (tobacco smoke, black tea, belladona) and quinoline will interfere. What do you think? I should continue borax? I think you mention in about three months I could be better.

Any information would be greatly appreciated. With much thanks, E

05/08/2012: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: The classic treatment (my remedy!) for Morgellons' has always been borax and hydrogen peroxide. One capful of 3% H2O2 in one liter of water and 1/8 teaspoons of borax. I have developed a whole range of remedies of treat Morgellon's but start with that first. The second classic remedy is Tetrasodium EDTA, used as a bath soap, this will cause some few pains in areas where there is an open wound, so keep away from that. Then also a chelation agent can be used internally such as 30% EDTA with 70% water and take 20 drops three times a day. The third classic remedy is urea taken as a bath and taken internally will help the most. Unfortunately the urea has to be added with some EDTA, to help chelate out metals found in urea, such as 3 drops per tablespoon of urea, and dissolved in any amount of water necessary to be used as a bath or taken internally. If internally maybe 5 times a day at 1 tablespoon of urea.

You have to understand that some people do not believe in Morgellon's because you can't see them, but you can it is very small. So some people think it is invasion of the fungus, but is not since the crawling sensations. And they refuse to accept it as Morgellon's, as a result I refused to answer these people because they don't accept it as Morgellon's. There is a fascinating treatment, but not as effective as the first one, but a scientific curiosity that Morgellon's are attracted to electrostatics, and using unscented fabric softening agent as bath or applying them on plastics will prevent them from growing, although ammonium bicarbonate 10% spray or ammonium carbonate spray will do the job needed to get rid of this environmental problem of the Morgellon's.

Once you accept it as Morgellon's the treatment is straightforward. I think these three remedies alone will cure your condition, except for weakness and liver problems, which can be relieved with mblue (methylene blue 0.1% 4 drops in morning and afternoon), and general loss of appetite due to liver problem with temporary supplement of B50 (only a week).

The reason I am somewhat certain is I have cured 3 clients already, for this year alone.


05/09/2012: E replies: Dear Ted, You are a life-saver! Thank you for helping people with Morgellons. I have just one small addition. I have shaved my head very close and notice the hairs have became short, brittle and black or with lots of black specks. But at the hair bulb the white or red fiber bundle emerges. Is there anything I can do to regain my normal red hair? Copper sulfate solution? I have been having some luck with sodium thiosulfate topically. I will try the remedies you gave me.

Also, do you think a soap with monosulfim would help at all? And, I bought some urea crystals for cosmetic use, do you mean urea crystals or urine? These internal treatments will be able to access the interiors of the body like the eyes and skin?

And one other question: I am worried about h202 because of research on oxidation and morgellons. People using ozone have said it makes the disease worse. I myself, had severe symptoms increase dramatically after being exposed to chlorine dioxide gas."

05/15/2012: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Yes some people go to extremes by shaving their heads with Morgellon's, you don't have to go to that extreme. EDTA (tetrasodium EDTA) will do fine! Just a solution of EDTA for your hair will inactivate most of the Morgellons!

You do not use copper sulfate or copper chloride, it makes it worse. You do not use MMS, chlorine dioxide, or ANYTHING chlorine, it makes it worse. Although hydrogen peroxide 1% with borax will do fine. MSM will do fine also, or anything made of sulfur is fine, such as N acetyl Cysteine, and others. As far as ozone, well ozone alone doesn't work but it didn't make it worse, is about the same. What I can tell you is no sugar, no artificial sugar, no wheat, and most of all no plastics! They reproduce themselves in plastic, but cotton is fine. The Morgellon's remain visible and you can feel the web on your skin, it becomes visible, after you spray EDTA, or ammonium bicarbonate or ammonium carbonate, or mixed together to sterilize the room as dark threads. They chiefly are in the ceiling of bathrooms, and when they fall down the orange or red ones will come to the body. There is an electrostatic attraction. Their chief nesting sites are the ceilings and your head because of electrostatics.

I hope this helps. The biggest problems with Morgellon's is they don't believe you, even the people who actually had it! There are a lot more infected than you think. If Morgellons are infected in initial stages, they can simply be controlled with Lavender oil, at least my Lavender oil, two applications will eliminate them, but fully infected needs more.

Morgellons in Thailand first spread with chemtrails use, and human to dog infection of Morgellon's is HIGH. Human to human is low. Dog to human is low, but bird to humans is high. The birds catch them by chemtrails. So there is a lot more in U.S.

Also, do you think a soap with monosulfim would help at all?

Any soap of sulfur is fine, such as MSM, mixed, People who have Morgellon's SHOULD NOT USE SOAP. as they will quickly learn that the hard way. They should not use fragrances, except pure lavender oil. The soap I commonly use is Tetrasodium EDTA, Urea, and Ammonium bicarbonate.

Now don't think I have a lot of Morgellons clients in Thailand, there aren't many, maybe 2 to 3 in 5 years, but I learn fast. The ones I will worry is U.S. with a lot of chemtrails. Most of Morgellon's I see is in U.S. and a lot will not admit they have it (more then 90%), that's the hard part even if they are suffering from them, because of that, they will continue to do so. The remedies in U.S. for Morgellon's are ineffective, and downright worse!


08/14/2012: Diane from Baltimore, Maryland replies: Dear Ted: Thank you for all of your counsel provided to us on this site. I believe I have been dealing with morgellons since 2001 when I came home from work one day after eating a box of chocolate covered cherries (I was probably exposed but then pushed my system to overload with the sugar). I felt crawling on my face then developed this one huge pimple on my cheek. I have since seen others with this and believe it to be a seeding sign or precursor of some sort. Anyway I just figured out what I had is probably morgellons because I noticed small black bugs in my drain and when I went away on a trip recently I noticed the bugs were there too so I knew they must have come with me. I did a search online for tiny black bugs in hair and eventually came across your posts for treatments. I have the symptoms of fibers coming out of my legs and small crystals from my eyes. I used to just brush this off as a piece of mulch somehow got into my pants or just the stuff you rub from your eyes when you wake up. But then it would come out of my legs and I knew I hadn't been around any mulch and the crystals would just appear randomly throughout the day.

As I mentioned I just discovered what the problem is and started with a parasite cleanse (paragone) My husband and daughter have been taking it too and I tried to give it to my 10lb poodle but I have been giving it to him with cheese otherwise he won't eat it. I have to sneak it to him because my husband doesn't think he needs it since he is on the frontline dog pest treatment. My problem now is that I first tried the vaseline in my hair to kill the insects which it did and I think the numbers have been greatly reduced but they have now run down my forehead and are fast approaching my eyes. Plus I still feel them on my scalp. Should I begin the borax hydrogen peroxide treatment while on the paragone? I also have some sulfur soap I use on the weekends on the body. Will the internal treatment eradicate them from my scalp and face? I saw someone mention about a treatment you recommended for rosacea a borax/hydrogen peroxide paste that I thought about using in conjunction with the drink.

I'm 5'5", 115lbs, age 42. I drink about 50 oz of filtered water per day. What do you recommend to treat my dog? I'm working on my ph balance and eating a low/no carb low/no sugar diet. I have been using the borax in my laundry and vacuum with it about once a week (rarely ever did before). Also wanted to know how is it going with E from Anonymous? I hope you're feeling better. Did the treatments help? After the first 10 days on the paragone I have noticed black specks in the toilet. But now not so much. I want to start your treatment ted but I'm worried about making it worse due to the aggressive nature of the creatures.

And lastly could you recommend a specific body soap? Since taking these measures I noticed more feeling of biting on my body Most searches for the tetra EDTA comes up with stuff they say should not be used. I plan to buy some pure lavender oil. Thank you for reading my long post. Greatly appreciate any response you can provide and immensely thankful for your geniune concern and universal assistance.

Morgellons Disease Panic

06/21/2011: Anonymous : Dear mr Ted,

I am in panic suffering with morgellons. please I need some help from you. Thanks

06/22/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: I have some regular patient with Morgellon's disease and one of the primary remedy is sodium bicarbonate, hydrogen peroxide and borax. That you can start right away, other long time Morgellon's sufferer has advanced well beyond this in terms of remedies but that requires more explanations, but with this remedy you can do at your own home.

Here's how, this will not get you to equilibrium but it's a start:

1/4 teaspoon sodium bicarbonate after meals about 30 minutes twice a day, after lunch and after dinner. Then you can add more depending your individual body's chemistry.

In a drinking water one liter add 1/8 teaspoon of borax. If I were in the States where everything is controlled I probably buy a 20 mule team borax.

Hydrogen peroxide 3% put one capful to the above.

It's a start!


06/23/2011: Anonymous replies: Dear Mr Ted

Thanks very much.

About peroxide, i dont found food grade one, maybe i need buy using internet. I can use the ones that is sell in stores like raid aid/cnv?

People tell me that this one have aluminium

I have also hypothyrod for years, treatnet with puran t4 (one hormon called tyroxin)

Then i discover the natural suplement called L-TYROZINE. I start one pill every day.

I ask you what knowledge you have about this desease and about what kind of IODINE product (if is the case)

you suggest for my problem

I have weak immune system for years many sore troat and infections treatned by amoxilin and cataflan.

that is why I think i got morgellons reactions and my partner not.

ask you what kind of products / natural suplements i need to improve my immune system

thanks and God bless you

06/24/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: For Morgellon's with weak immune system and low thyroid, this is actually a common problem. Weak immune system is helped with 1/2 teaspoon of lysine and 1/2 teaspoon of threonine twice a day, at least. The low thyroid function often have a cause for low thyroid, it can easily be infected with bacteria, viruses and these block the thyroid function. You can actually induce hypothyroid if the thyroid if infected with a virus. To help you may try magnesium chloride solution twice a day 10 drops, and some iodine, Lugol's solution one drop before sleep is a start, if it is too strong for you (Lugol's solution in Thailand is more half strength, but the ones in the states is 7%) I prefer the 4.5% and give people 1 drops. So an easy way is dilute the Lugol's 1/2 Lugol's and 1/2 water. Then give one drop is more ideal. Then you determine your optimum dose from there. If your immune system is compromised and your thyroid is infected, I believe you need a stronger schedule such as this:

1/2 teaspoon lysine x 4 every hour first round in the morning, and second round in the evening. You must do this until the infection is gone. Most cases it goes away in 3 days, for an average person, but for you it may require anywhere from a week to a month of this schedule.

The most important thing you can do with an Morgellon's in long term is alkalizing your body. The simplest one is 1/4 teaspoon twice a day that is done first. I have to repeat this because they are necessary also for natural immunity in your intestinal flora to get pH above 6.0, because most harmful bacteria exist at below 6, and they are pH sensitive and your largest immune system is the intestines, the other is the thymus.

It may require some tweaking to get down right the dosages, one that is required is vitamin C and B3. It requires a minimum of 3000 mg for both, but B3 is given during the evening hours say 500 mg each spread over during the evening. Vitamin C can say 500 mg x 6 during the day to the evening hours.

Hydrogen peroxide medical grade is another one or you can enquire hydrogen peroxide over the internet.

If you have a skin conditions with Morgellon's then you must consider at least tannic acid on the skin and in more severe cases needed 1/4 teaspoon twice a day, mixed with maybe 10-25 drops of magnesium chloride solution.


07/03/2011: Dear mr Ted

This is not working, the crawlings in become more intense...
Only colloidal silver sovereign 10 ppm works to stop the crawlings..
But i have to take at least 3 times every day to work..
If I stop one day the crawlings returns

Please give me the option number 2
What i can do outside borax baking soda and peroxide
give me more ideas.. i thing my hypotyrod and weak immune system,
require more things that i am not doing...

I drink vitamin d3 6.000 u.i (liquid ) every day
also potassium iodine 2 drops, and magnesium one capful.

I tryed mms (4 drops with 20 citric acid drops each 2 hours like the new treatment says) and not work too

I become desperate..
I trying a blood examination but i dont trust in any medical instituition here...
all corrupted by rockfellers/obama health care/bill gates vaccination scam

Only you can give me some solution.
Also I dont know where to find the peroxide you say...i dont find the food grade
on the rait aid... only the external use one that is dangerous

In old text you tell the magnesium citrate together with peroxite works..
but where i can find this? you know any online store that we can trust?

When you say borax and baking soda and peroxide you mean external use in baths,
or is also possible to drink ?

Another thing is, when I put 1/4 of baking soda in a liter of water, the borax must be in a diferent one with peroxide, or the 3 both can be mixed together in one container?

Actually I use baking soda in one container only for it, since the dosages is diferent from the borax
The borax i put in another container, since, based what you told me, I can drink more times than the baking soda

So i can put the peroxide togehter with borax in one liter of water?

When you say "If I were in the States where everything is controlled I probably buy a 20 mule team borax."

So, what borax you talk about then if is not 20 mule team borax? exist another kind of borax that I can buy here?
I need links of places on internet where i can buy the genuine borax you talk about, as well
the option number 2 thanks

I dont have another person to ask help
Please help me

07/03/2011: Anonymous replies: dear mr ted,

I dont have infection but i become crawlings and start be weak and soretroat pain and ears pain if i stop colloidal silver. i come to the conclusion that my body is not reacting against the bacterias, anymore.something is blocking my body to kill the patogens, that is why only with colloidal silver i have relief the only thing the baking soda borax is doing is making me feel less tired and more disposition - but i still cannot concentrate, i become tired easly always desire to sleep and circulatory problems (if i become stoped in a chair, sudently i cannot feel my butt and my legs i feel cainbras ( i cannot feel my legs) but what worry me is the constant cronic fatigue and impossibility to concentrate. maybe i have to increase the borax ad baking soda dosage? because my countainer have 3.785 liter (one gallon) and not ne liter (I discover this today).

I dont have any 1 liter container. another thing where i can find lysine, lugol iodine on internet? can you recommend one company? thanks

07/03/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: A chronic fatigue means a possible viral condition. Lysine hourly with threonine hourly for four hours usually resolved this, usually by the time you're on the third dose the energy comes back. But if you have some sort of sepsis, the 0.1% methylene blue drops usually does the job, a sepsis, if they are of crawly things are fungal in nature, and methylene blue is frequently employed. It's taken 8 drops hourly for 3 or 4 hours before the sepsis due to crawly things stop. But my favorite on skin is the DMSO/ castor oil mix, 70% DMSO 30% castor oil apply to the skin. For internal blood it is methylene blue 0.1%, and for digestive tract, it is again DMSO and castor oil not exceeding 1 teaspoon. I will probably try 1/2 teaspoon. Be aware that castor oil effects is to relieve constipation.

Finally, oat bran, not oat meal is taken once or twice a day. It normalizes gut issues, especially the butyrate for intestinal regeneration so the immune system can pick up.

another thing where i can find lysine, lugol iodine on internet?
can you recommend one company?

I make my own Lugol's. Lysine is available in most drug stores in your region. There may be a youtube on how to make it. First you dissolve potassium citrate 4.5% in water, then you put 2% iodine to the mix. It will take time to dissolve it probably 1 or 2 days, the crystals will slowly dissolve. It probably will dissolve faster if it is hot water, but always mix potassium iodide first. There should be something close to Lugol's in drug stores it's usually has higher content, then you will dilute it down.

There is 1.25 liter bottle of cola bottle and you just fill to 1.00 liter. To measure out there is measuring jars to 500 cc or 1000 cc.


07/04/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: It seems you got Morgellon's if there is less crawling with colloidal silver. The borax and peroxide will have more crawlings but die as a result during the application. There is another one that works too, 60% to 70% DMSO with 30% castor oil. It kills fungus too (just like borax) and is a stomach poison for insects since they rely on fungus for their nutrition. A castor oil taken in small quantities for some kill some of the crawling things too. Applying the castor oil and DMSO on the skin will stop crawly things. A tannic acid 5% with DMSO also works but castor oil with DMSO works the best.

MMS doesn't work because it's effect on the body is too brief to have a long term effects against the fungus. I don't know why it remains to be popular, since iodine works equally well with less side effects.

Other source of borax comes from chemical supply companies and plant shops which may have borax as fertilizers.



04/12/2011: Anonymous : Dear Mr Ted

I am a musician that lives in Los Angeles,

I discover that I have morgellons when i "saw" one thing floating in my EYES.

i BECOME PANIC, I started to use backing soda, borax and peroxide and drinked a small portion
but then started appear some black balls in my skin, then I stopped

I look for what kind of treatment to use, since is soo many diferent treatments available.
I had hepattes when i was young, so i cannot use certain chemicals that others can use

first of all , if peroxide is good what brand I must use, and where.
I drinked a peroxide selled in raid ait, and sooner I discover in yur texts
that this is NOT GOOD, since they use solvents.

I buyed Mule Borax too, 2 box.
I buyed Baking soda brand Karlins finets, and CVS

I dont know where find another brand that dont have aluminium, if you know where, or give me website, I will be grateful

The other products I buyed is

- Live leaf, turmeric and green tea (gaia brand)
- paraclean 1250msg
- cats claw 485mg (natures way brand)
- oregano oil (sun harvest brand) 510 mg (45mg oregano oil that delivers 32 % carvacrol)
- natures garlic (country life) 180 softgels
- traders joe`s balsamic vinagrette
- sadaf grapeseed oil
- bragg raw - unfiltered apple cider vinegar 3.79 liter
- fresh and day organic vermont maple syrup
- trader joe`s sea salt
- organic EFAGOOD coconut oil (natures way brand)
- CARSON DDROPS VITAM IN d - 1.000 iu (365 DROPS)
- CELERY SEED (1.500 MG) (33 PILLS)
- new chapter whole omega (3,5,6,7, and 9)
- eidon magnesium (liquid) - 563 ml
- liquid - kelp daily iodine (59 ml) - 150 MCG
- megafood adrenal strenght (votaminc C (400 mg) pantothenic acid (200 mg), magnesium (800 mg) and potassium (200 mg)




I saw some people talking about the treatment with vitamin c and saltz
I started this treatment and keep doing for 1 week.

Another question is about baths, what finnaly is the best products and quantidy to use in baths.





about the diet, i cannot eat FRUITS? ALSO BREAD?


Important to say that I had himune deficiency, since I had cronical sore troat problems for years that goes to infecctions.
also alergic rinite by durst

Also, important to say that I live with 2 persons, but they seems safe from the morgellons reactions (no reactions at all)
but only me got the skin "feel like some metal is hurting my skin".

I saw some white things over my skin creating small craters.
I cannot sleep night with some sensation on my skin

Anotyher help is if you know a doctor in california (los angeles) or in another city that I can go
and ask help. I am from brazil, so I dont know any doctor here.

I will be gratefull for your help.

06/10/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Start simple one thing at a time. Hydrogen peroxide 3% one capful per liter of water as a drinking water is a simple remedy. But remember, no acid forming food and no sugar, which includes bananas, wheat, and sweet things. You are making the remedy too complicated. Do one thing at a time, so you can know how much dose and what remedy works. The cause of black dots in the eye is too much sugar. Fine the food grade hydrogen peroxide. A borax, try a low dose such as 1/16 teaspoon first and go from there. As for the immune system and other things those can be dealt later once you get basic first. Good supplement for metal chelation, look for chlorella. Other things we can deal with later, you have to get improvement in the basic protocol first. Once you deal with that, you can consider alkalization mixed with your drinking water such as 1/4 teaspoon to 1/2 teaspoon. Then we go from there.


07/27/2011: Kelly Morgellon from Somewhere, Florida replies: Dear LA musician: Email me at Morgellons help @ (with no spaces) and I will send you some home remedies that have helped me alot. Also I will tell you what my doctor has given me. She is very knowledgable about Morgellons.


12/23/2008: B. : Please help me Ted , I have had Morgellons for 7 years now . I have read some of your threads, here & there , and you seem to know more what your talking about , than anyone else . . . I do use Borax in my baths , and this will rid them externally every time .

But it has moved to my liver , as I can feel the pain , and then 20 mins later I have a BREAK OUT , as I call it . So I know it is living in My liver. I did a Liver flush with Extra Virgin Olive oil , Lemon juice , and Epson salt , and this worked great for the stones in my liver . I did it 3 nites in a row . . . Stones every time ! . . . . But the pain in my liver comes & goes , and when it comes , I always have a BREAK OUT 20 mins later . So I know that it is still in there . . . . I have drink-en Borax before , and this Irritates the little Bugger , and will make him cause me to BREAK OUT 24/7 . . . . . He also doesn't like MAG-O ( Ozonated Magnesium Oxide ) , As I took this for a week , and that's when he jumped from my Intestines to my liver . . . Or at least this is my assumption, because the liver pain came on Abruptly after taking this, and has not let up since . It has been 2 months now , and I would listen to what you would advise . Please help me!

12/30/2008: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: I have received many reports of Morgellon's cure, although there are problems about other cures posted. One is to use sodium chlorite 28% (so called MMS), with some alfalfa. It's quite possible to kill that way, but it seems to weaken the immune system. The other is to use a weak mixture of weak copper nitrate plus silver nitrate, used in drops. But this seems to work only on the skin, and is not deep. Some people use certain brands of product which goes under various names, but doesn't even have those two nitrates. Again, not many were cured. That's because silver nitrate is poorly absorbed. A copper nitrate is also reactive and has limited absorption. The use of sodium chlorite MMS can go deep enough to have an effect, but this is unconfirmed.

What I can confirm is the use of baking soda, borax, and hydrogen peroxide. Hence, your mention of magnesium peroxide (so called ozonated magnesium oxide, to confuse people) does work, although a hydrogen peroxide works much better, when you also take together with another one, magnesium citrate. Certain mycoplasma, also present along with nanoinsects (they look like fleas, and have four legs) do eat up the body's organ, so a stronger alkaline and borax solution is needed as with hydrogen peroxide.

Therefore the basic remedy is 1/4 teaspoon of borax per liter of drinking water, when drinking, assuming 1 glass, about 6-10 drops of hydrogen peroxide 3% is used, this is then added 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda as the foundation remedy.

An additional remedy that may help is to add either d-mannose, or preferably erytrhitol, which is a more absorbable form of polyols which prevents attachment of mycoplasms to the body's organs.

It is worth to try one thing, that I have experimented quite sometime ago such as eating fresh orange rinds (orange oil are a powerful insecticides against insects, but is harmless in humans). Is worth the try if it begins to attack the body's organs.

It should be noted that regular borax and hydrogen peroxide, is mixed in a bathtub to further the kill.

The borax, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide form the major remedy. The remaining nanoinsects may be dealt with later on with orange rinds or orange peels maybe helpful. When borax is taken the insects will crawl out of the skin. The other primary basis to kill the remaining mycoplasma are usually dealt with erytrhitol, which is a much more absorbable form of polyol sugar. If this is not available then xylitol or mannose is used. The dose is usually 1/2 teaspoon every two or three hours, while erythritol a similar dose or a higher dose is possible, since it has less laxative effect. Magnesium supplements is also taken usually 500 mg of magnesium citrate.

The dose is applied constantly until none is in the body, although quite a bit of nanoinsect will crawl out of the skin as it dies. keeping inside the body these nanoinsect will eat the entire body's organ, as I found out from one case I knew. A constant application is needed and the nanoinsect must all surface before it eats up the liver. Therefore BREAKOUT is required to reduce their numbers. I don't believe in liver detox, because they don't get rid of nanoinsects and seems to support further proliferation of them. But that's depends on a person's own individual experience. Borax and hydrogen peroxide is a primary method and addition of sea salt taken in larger then average amounts such as 1-2 teaspoon after 1 hours of drinking borax remedy may cause dehydration of nanoinsects. It should be noted that the effects of hydrogen peroxide is reduced after 1 - 1 1/2 hours and 10 drops of hydrogen peroxide may further be needed to dehydrate them. Hence, sea salt is one addition that may help.

There are other tips but I can't confirm but, bloodroot tincture may have helped, usually 2 drops taken 3 or 4 times a day may have an effect of reducing these Morgellon's issue also. However, it is used only briefly for about a month so it won't cause stomach upsets. These tinctures are ethanol alcoholic mixture of 40% bloodroot and 60% ethanol alcohol may help a little, part of it I suspect may be from alcohol since nanoinsects may be sensitive to that, and possibly certain properties of the bloodroot.

Since it is eating away the body's organ, it required that a breakout is required to reduce these nanoinsects first, and a tissue or cotton balls are removed or wiped off on the skin as we apply anti-inflammator lavender oil with some aloe vera to help the healing. Interestingly chrysanthemum tea, lavender oil drops added in a cup of warm tea, also have insecticidal properties too, as well as the mentioned orange rinds and orange oil.

If no improvement or improvement are slow, it takes about 1 month at least to get rid of the nanoinsects, but most will be rid of within the first two weeks, so that the organs are not weaken. If the insects are resilent, then I might consider sodium chlorite 28% (or 25%) drops with vinegar or citric acid 10% drops and is taken to further the kill.

Basically the insects or nanoinsects has a symbiotic relationships with a mycoplasma. The hydrogen peroxide and borax kills two things, at the same time. The mannose, xylitol and erythritol has a uniqueness in killing mycoplasma, while orange rinds, orange oil, lavender oil specifically targets the nanoinsects. The extra dose of sea salt dehydrate the nanoinsect, but to some extent the mycoplasma. It should be noted that baking soda can be taken up to 1/2 teaspoon x 4 to 1/2 teaspoon x 6 a day, as this has a devastating effects on killing mycoplasma, and an addition of ammonium bicarbonate pinches also does the same in killing them off too.

In my own remedy it is the frequency of dose is what kills them, not so much as the dose. Each of the supplements have a specific time table. Hydrogen peroxide drops is usually taken every hour. While borax solution is taken 2 -5 times a day. Erythritol has a fast effect in killing off the mycoplasma, as the dose is 1/2 -1 teaspoon per day, taken every 3-6 hours,s hould prevent a colony from forming. The effects of bakng soda is often taken between 4 to 6 times a day during peak Morgellon's attacked, and the dose may be lowered later on. Alcohol (from vodka) may have some further effect too. The sea salt, assuming 1 teaspoon last longer too, such as about 3-6 hours so hence maybe taken mixed in 1 glass of water every 5-6 hours.

Its hard to be specifics, these are all approximate figures that is best used as a starting dose and tweaking is further needed. Whichever happens a vegetarian diet and much less meat not exceeding 5-10% of diet is necessary because these meats diet seems to support morgellon's. I am sure not all questions are answered, so these are the major elements.

If there's any question, feel free to ask me!


12/30/2008: Ted writes: "One more addition I forgot to mention is bloodroot tinctures have insecticidal properties (as is black walnut tinctures too) along with insecticidal properties found in alcohol itself (vodka). This is why it works in Morgellon's disease. However, borax and baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide still remains the basis along with sea salt and possibly orange oil flavored vodka, in small amounts, one tablespoon is one possibility too.

Some people told me they don't like orange oil. However, thyme and oregano oil drops mixed in vodka can be prepared as a tincture. Or if it's too hot eating a teaspoon of thyme or preferably oregano is other possibility if non alcoholic mixture is not desired. These are for those who are more pressured and if the nanoinsect are deadly aggressive, of course. Then these are for more emergency measures. Cinnamon powder also helps, but I believe oregano is more stronger especially in terms of 40% oregano powder/60% vodka mixtures, and using only a teaspoon diluted in 1/2 glass of water is one possibility also.


Alkalization and Nano Bugs

03/14/2008: D : Hi Ted, Re:'Carbicarb Just wanted to let you know that I've been using your carbicarb recipe for the past couple of weeks. It seems that there is some affect on my face - the intense redness on the left cheek seems to be breaking up and there are a few spots which have come and gone (like bites). The most obvious reaction though is on my lower back where I had all of those bugs surfacing last year; and a massive 3 day headache which seems to be bug-related. The whole lower back became crusty and itchy and I've been putting a goldenseal lotion; also aloe vera; and frequent wipings with lavender and tea tree oil. But this all seems to be subsiding and I'm wondering if there was some kind of a peak (hope so!). Anyway, I'll continue doing it with occasional day off, and supplementing immune system with lecithin, and various vitamins and minerals. Deb

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: The borax and hydrogen peroxide in the drinking water is what kills the insect. The alkalizing is to help reduce the redness further where there are pockets of acidity to further reduce the toxins created by the bugs. In case you are wondering, the borax remedy is always needed, which is 1/8 or 1/4 teaspoon. The addition of 30 drops of hydrogen peroxide 3% is needed to have a penetrating effects to further kill the insects. However, some borax in 0.5% to' 1% solution of hydrogen peroxide is used for bathing to kill them from the outside by soaking in them. That's still important I think in a 100% kill. However, a 0.5% concentration is often better as it is lower concentration but the solution won't kill as effectively although a 1% concentration may cause hair to become slightly orange. These bugs don't die completely all of it and takes some time so but what it does is keep it to a minimum and other remedies in conjunction with this might help such as black hull walnuts and other herbal remedies needed for the 100% kill.

Things Moving Under Skin

02/07/2008: john h from braintree, ma: this is not about dogs worms, i have things moving in my body big throbs and alot of warm feelings in my legs then i feel little things moving all in my body mostly in my legs, i get headacks, i feel things moving under my scalp, the doctors dont bealeave me they did 2 stool tests, nothing, iv tryed every herb, garlic,blackwalnutwildcrafted,wormwood, ginger, applcidar vin, cloves, redclover, nothing seems to work even tryed salt water bath it helps, some of these help but geting worse.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear John: Worms under the skin are common in tropical regions of the world. Removal of the larger ones are easier, but required surgery. Then there is the smaller one, which are impossible or the numbers are very large. The third kind may not be a worm at all but a ringworm, which is a kind of fungus.

The best remedy is to find a remedy that will prevent the eggs from being hatched. Therefore, a mild remedy of borax 1/4 or a stronger one 1/2 teaspoon per one liter of water in borax may be used. However, the dose are generally larger needed to kill them.

For many people I think a lower dose borax will do. The remedy therefore I think is best to start slow, and small dose before graduating to a larger dose once we get used to it. So the inital dose is seen as 1/8 teaspoon of borax per liter of water, then the dose after a week or so rises to 1/4 teaspoon. If the worms show no going away the dose I might up to 1/2 teaspoon of borax per liter of drinking water. This means if I finished the drinking water, I then make another batch of water with the borax again.

When borax is in high amount for a longer than average time, to exceed the lifecycle of the worm, all worms would die from old age and all the new eggs can't be hatched. But this I think needs to be kept up to about a month at least to two months.

As for the ringworm fungus, the remedy is a bit different with the addition of anywhere from 10-30 drops of 3% H2O2 food grade, into the one liter of drinking water with a starting 1/8 borax before building up to 1/4.

Under both a regular small worms, or a ringworm fungus, the eggs are most sensitive whenever borax AND hydrogen peroxide are added to the drinking water, but this remedy is not effective if hydrogen peroxide is used alone. The hydrogen peroxide is merely a penetrant to help borax enter into the eggs thus killing them.

If things are not working as planned, especially during the second week, a topical solution may be prepared such as a solution of borax in hydrogen peroxide of 0.5% to 1% concentration. Applied to the area that is causing the problem with enough frequency to penetrate through the skin to kill them.

In general insects are most sensitive to many aromatherapy oils if applied to the skin, such as tea tree oil. It works by killing off the eggs, not so much as the worms, allowing them to die of old age. Killing a fully matured worms are difficult, but most of the remedy I try to aim for is just to kill the eggs. Hence a tea tree oil may be applied thinly over a wide area on the skin that is LESS SENSITIVE area. A more sensitive area or general application, might ideally be lavender oil. The frequency of application in my opinion is about at least 3 times a day or more. Most worms and many insects are very sensitive to aromatherapy oil and are quite toxic to them, but the idea again is to kill the eggs from reproducing while trying to get the worms to be more intoxicated.

Other supporting remedies that are somewhat less effective, but might be added to increase the strenght includes neem oil be taken once or twice a day. A neem oil works by modifying the hormones of insect to prevent egg laying. Borax does the same job, although much more stronger and can be enhanced with addition of some hydrogen peroxide drops to increase penetration. It works best if taken internally and applied to the skin, but the concentration of borax is different. If I take internally, I may never take more than 1/2 teaspoon of borax per liter, with average dose I do use will always be 1/8 teaspoon borax with at least 10 drops but ideally 30 drops H2O2 3%. But for the topical skin application, I add a saturated borax to the 1% H2O2, or preferably a lower milder dose such as 0.5 to 0.75 as being a safer strenght as it won't cause orange hair, if the concentration is about 0.5%.

If there is any other remedy to help reduce worms, it might be black hull walnut tincture, or artemisia. But my experience has been that borax and hydrogen peroxide are the most effective remedies to prevent worms by killing off their eggs and egg laying, and Neem may be synergistic in this instance. However, I think it is best to begin with a mild remedy before going to a strong one, otherwise the person may not be able to handle the dose and some getting used to requires an initial low dose. If it is working fine, I think to just continue with the low dose, but only if the remedy isn't responding, may I increase from 1/8 teaspoon to 1/4 dose of borax. Certain woman seemed to be more sensitive to borax, and hence 1/8 teaspoon. But for men, I believe they are less sensitive and a higher starting dose at 1/4 teaspoon may be useful. Adding the H2O2 3% is important to find which concentration a person can withstand. However, most can easily handle 10 drops of 3% H2O2 food grade, but if they can handle 20 or 30 drops, then I think a larger dose maybe more effective. Taking it more frequently can add borax more to the system needing to kill the worms.

If there is any other question feel free to ask.

07/27/2011: Kelly Morgellon from Somewhere, Florida replies: Your doctor needs to send you to Labcorp for a BLOOD test for all types of worms. The stool tests always come back negative.
07/28/2011: Virginia from Henderson, N.c. replies: It could be restless leg syndrome. I have this but the crawling is only in my legs. Read some of the advice on here about RLS .


12/17/2007: Karen : Will you please post this handling for Morgellon's which makes sufferers so miserable?

My nutritionist/chiropractor did muscle testing on me. I touched the worst Morgellon sore on my ankle and I tested positive for Olive Leaf extract (6 daily) and for Pantothenic Acid (also 6 daily). These are a very good remedy, not expensive and did the job in 3 days. I also put vitamin E directly on the sores. Such a relief! Olive Leaf extract is anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungual. - a 2000 year-old natural remedy. Check it out!

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Karen:

Thank you. Yes you are right on the olive leaf extract and the vitamin B5 pantothenic acid, plus the vitamin E.

Also, my experience is that it is still most important that getting a baking soda 1/2 teaspoon twice a day. A 4 day a week of borax 1/8 teaspoon in one liter of drinking water plus 10 drops of 3% H2O2 were found to be quite effective and seems I can't ignore that at all. An olive leaf extract seems to work a lot better if the body were properly alkalized. A natural immunity requires that the body is in proper alkalinity pH and it is the pH effects every biochemical reaction that occurs in aa human body. The pH issue cannot be underestimated, while a specific natural antibiotics might have the specific response, the pH has an effect of every biochemical response which numbers over 100,000 biochemical enzyme reaction in the body. A pH alkalinity can never be underestimated as it supports the body's entire immunity response as well as other supportive response.

It should be noted that the B5 pantothenic acid is synergistic with the inositol B8 and B12 of 1000 mcg, under the tongue, at least weekly were quite important due to its antibiotic properties of B12 that a lot of people did not realized.

Other remedies that I found helpful especially skin flare ups is some unsweetened cooking chocolate made from 100% cocoa or cocoa. There is a lot of evidence that it reduces the skin inflammatory responses and protects against destruction of white blood cells too. I have cut and paste some research on cocoa and flavonoids below as a reference.

How to Contract Nanobugs

11/28/2007: Anna from Toronto, Canada: Hi Everyone! I actually have a question regarding the nanobugs. How do you contract them and is it possible that your family member can get them from you. One more question. Suppose you are cured and your face has cleared. Do you have to desinfect your pillows, etc.? Can anyone answer my questions? Thank you

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: You contract them from hunting animals, walking in beach, cleaning pigeon cages, or even being close to an infected animals such as a dog. You can also catch it from your family member. The bugs in one case I found to jump onto the leg, burrows in the skin, and somehow because of their size, they manage to move to their favorite place around the face, if they are further spread they go to the joints, then they go deeper and then start eating the body's organs, which is usually the heart, kidneys and a woman's reproductive organ is what I got through private emails.

Yes family members can get it and it is infectious.

A nanobug manifests several ways and usually shows up as a "lupus", but sometimes a "morgellon's disease", or even a rosacea. I have seen family members get infected from mother to children, or father to children. Certain hospitals are using chemotherapy to treat lupus and I have seen people dying from just chemotherapy instead of the lupus. The nanobugs, if gone deep enough hurts the joints, but I have seen cases of liquefying the entire reproductive system before dying, or a nanobug eating the body's organ until it no longer functions, such as eating kidney, heart, lungs, etc. before dying.

Do you have to desinfect your pillows, etc.?

If you are cured disinfecting is required. The usual reinfection that has worked for dogs I have found to have also worked quite well for humans. But in disinfection I would need a higher H2O2 which is 3% and borax is added, about 2-5%, where the beds and carpets are sprayed too.

For some reason or another, at least for the Morgellon's superbug, it seems this kind are man-made, and it is well accepted in scientific circles, such as:

But in a more popular internet, this issue can be seen here too:

The "other internet website" seem to promote vitamin C and salt therapy. While another use certain acids and minerals. In my own experience, the most effective remedy so far based a lot of trial and error were the baking soda, hyrdrogen peroxide and borax remedy, that is most effective.

06/19/2013: Sarah from Key West, Florida replies: I contracted this 10 years ago while evacuating Key West for a Hurricane. We were on the Turnpike up in South Florida and suddenly my face was itching horribly. Something was off and I asked at turnpike stop and found out a hurricane had passed through the area a few days before. I didn't connnect it at the time but later as I have read similar connections between hurricanes and this disease. Each hurricane brings new aspects to the disease. At that time once I looked in my magnifying mirror my face was covered with black specks. I have found when up in Hollywood Florida and Ft. Lauderdale that the very water supply seems to be infected. Showering makes me worse there. I also have this in my venal system. Years later when I got a dog my dog contracted it in from me the second year I had it. Ivermectin helps my little dog. I agree about the olive leaf extract which I discovered quite by accident. I did have a blood transfusion six months before the above incident during emergency surgery. Sulfur, while proving the disease as far as pulling up a black thing and drawing blood, makes that area permanently worse.

Help Needed on Salt/vitamin C Threapy for Morgellons

09/25/2007: G : Hi Ted, I still read your posts on Earth Clinic. Many times you mention it's hard to collect results because many people do not get back to you. Well I just wanted to get back to you with regard to the advise you gave me about taking Borax internally for Morgellons symptoms. I tried the treatment but I was only able to stay on it for 3 - 4 weeks. I was taking Baking soda (tablespoon twice a day) and the Borax mixed in a quart of water (1 teaspoon). I must have some type of secondary infection (or maybe it's the primary) but the head of my penis becomes very red and irratated while taking this protocol. So much so I had to stop. Not sure if it's the Baking Soda or the Borax that triggers this ... but it's very uncomfortable, so I stopped.

I notice the same side effect if I take prescription antibiotics as well (Minocycline 100mg). The irritated/red penis is the very first symptom that occured 25 mos. ago when this waterfall of health problems came into my life. I sincerely believe it was/is some type of fungal or bacterial infection that turned systemetic. I can't prove it and NO doctor will ever take the time to pursue this with me and try to get answers. As I stated in one of my older emails to you ... the worst being the crawling sensations on my face, nose, ears, scalp. Actually the crawling sensations have spread to most of my body now.

The sensations are always worse when in front of an electo-magnetic device such as a computer screen or whel relaxing in front of a TV. They are ALWAYS worse at night. Almost like on a time schedule. I moved from NJ, USA to Tennessee USA in July so it was difficult to follow any protocol or healthy eating plan in the process. I had to move for my job. Now that I am settle I am still trying to overcome this illness once again. (actually I never stopped) To be honest, I can't confirm that this is Morgellons because there is no clinical diagnosis yet ... but I call it Morgellons because of the crawling / stining sensations and the fiact that I see white lint like fibers flying through the air in front of me. It's very consistant and I see them all the time. I have found no other disease on the internet that would come close to describing these symptoms. I know it sounds crazy and I'd hardly believe it if it weren't happening to me but I see them. They look very much like a piece of lint you would see come off a wool sweater. But I see them so often it's beyond coincidental and they're are in heavy concentration in my car and any areas where I sit.

I've started a regiment of bathing in 2 cups of Epson Salts and 32 fl oz. of Hydrogen Peroxide for 30 mins. Submerging my head while breathing through a scuba snorkle. I think it helps keep my facial skin stay clear but it does nothing for the crawling and it dries out my skin pretty bad. Over the past two years I have experimented with alot of things but nothing has decreased the crawling. : ( If I could conquer that symptom I would feel somewhat human again. My diet is green vegatables, chicken or beef, eggs / bacon, walnuts, very low carbs (only brown rice as my carb.). No wheat products, very rarely. Bottled spring water, 1 cup of coffee a day. It' s pretty much an anti-Candida type diet.

Do you have any opinion of the Salt / Vitamin C therapy? I don't think I've ever seen you comment about it. Some woman from Alaska recently posted on Earth Clinic about the use of this protocol for successfully treating Morgellons symptoms. She went into quite a bit of detail and seemed logical in her explanation of what she is doing. So much so I thought I would give it a try. I've worked up to 12grams of Sodium Chloride (pharmaceutcal) and 12 grams of Ascorbic Acid per day. So far no results and I've been doing it for about 3 weeks now. I have a feeling doing this in such high doses could be harmful to my health but I am desperate and would try just about anything to get some releif to the crawling sensations. Any thoughts on Salt/C ? Good / bad ? I would have stayed on the Borax longer if it weren't for the side efftct with my sexual organ. That is a tough one and don't know what to do about that. I feel I am in really in deep trouble. If you can offer any advice I'de apprecitate it, or if you need more info. let me know. Thanks for you time,

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: The problem about the borax remedy is that the dose you mentioned is too much. This also includes the baking soda. The remedy is seen as 1/4 teaspoon of borax and not taken everyday either. Such as every other day, for example. A maximum continuous one is only 4 days out of a week. The typical baking soda dose is 1/2 tablespoon x 2 times a day. A more effective one adds some potassium (1/8) and some citric acid that will be mentioned later.

The fiber is an important clue, scientifically it indicates a non-biological entity if a fiber does exists, in case you haven't read up here:

As to the salt and C therapy, based on my own feedback, its successes is very limited compared to the borax and baking soda and some vitamin C and a small amount of potassium. Treatment, if fibers exist may be difficult if it is man-made, but if it is really an insect, and not man-made, then borax and baking soda (with some potassium) will usually work. I don't believe personally that these fibers are of natural insect origin but may be made out of HDPE, a more scientific website on proving their existences appears here:

One way to find out where the burning problem comes from is to try one by one, but measuring the pH, quite often the stinging could be caused from pH not being within normal region also. Also a tablespoon may be too much on a per dose basis too. The ideal dose is 1/2 tablespoon maximum, twice a day necessary to get a urine pH within normal of about 7. A more better means of getting normal pH urine is 1/2 teaspoon baking soda and 1/4 teaspoon of citric acid in 1/2 glass of water, if that may help.

It appears important (assuming if it's a silent superbug) to concentrate on chelation therapy, where the electrical element for its growth requires metal, so lowering the metals such as iron, so some good examples include, unsugared no milk green tea, cilantro (chinese parsley), and especially chlorella (with some spirulina) might be useful in at least discouraging their growth. Some have even surgically remove these fibers from joints that caused pain too.

It should be noted that some people do report insects being died from other unrelated conditions such as lupus and rosella and have reported insects coming out on the skin during the borax therapy during the first month and they do take it for several days. However your therapy appears to be way to agressive for it to work. The salt and C has never work that really well on my personal experience and people seem to suffer more so, but if they want to try it, they may. However since your condition is not a confirmed Morgellon, it is really hard to say with certainty which remedy will work. A Morgellon's should result in some joint pains and a powerful weakness should be experience, but your symptoms do not appear to have that so I would be suspicious of it. Most people who have confirmed crawly feeling have responded well with the borax remedy.

It should be noted that in a sea salt and vitamin C remedy, the vitamin C can either can be of ascorbic acid or sodium ascorbate and those can be effective or ineffective depending on its resultant pH.

Borax with Water Tastes Funny

07/25/2007: Jason : Ted, When drinking the 1/4 teaspoon of borax (100% household borax) with about 1 to 2 litres of water it tastes a bit funny. Is this normal? Also how long do you think i will need to follow the regime below before i feel better?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Borax usually tastes funny so that is generally normal. Several remedies are needed to control Morgellon's but my experience is it takes about 2 months and at least 1 month to get rid of the bugs. The other non-bug issue is the mycoplasma where getting the urine pH to 7, through taking baking soda of 1/2 teaspoon x 2 times a day at the very least is taken always. The average time should be two months, but over the course of a week an improvement of somekind should be noted.

Because people rarely provide me with feedback all information I get is from my own direct experience, so the numbers are too few to really say them with statistical certainty.

Morgellons Disease

07/13/2007: Jason : I am writing to you as i am pretty desperate to find a solution to Morgellons Disease. I have had this for about 6 months now and have tried a lot of stuff to try and get rid of it but to no avail. I get the crawling and stinging feeling on my skin as well as muscle twitching, sore eyes/ears and teeth/gums, sore muscles at times and tiredness. I have also got a few pimple/mosquito like lesions which come up on my skin. No real open lesions. Have you got some remedy that may be able to rid me of this. I know the Centre of Disease Control in the US are now trying to find out what is actually going on with this disease. Your help is greatly appreciated, i am not sure how much longer i can continue living like this, its by far the most horrific thing i have ever experienced in my life.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Jason:

I am no expert, but as far as I know, Centers for Disease Control is privately owned consortium of private pharmaceutical interests. So don't expect them to posts any home remedies or find any groundbreaking cures! I try to leave the "editorial" to a bare minimum here, everyone has a right to their opinion and mine is no better!

There are also plenty of website that does an excellent job than me in that area. Check out some statement by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. where CDC tries to deal with other disease:

Sorry to say this, but in my opinion, it's up to us to find our own cure.

The remedy that I have tested with best results is a 1/4 teaspoon borax in one liter of water (for men's dose) taken for a couple of days, such as 3-4 days out of a week for about 1-2 months period.

In my opinion, it is IMPORTANT AT LEAST that baking soda 1/2 teaspoon in 1/2 glass of water taken twice a day necessary to obtain a urinary pH NEAR 7.0. Therefore, if I had Morgellon's disease, the first thing I would do at least is to get a cheap electronic pocket pH meter, and take enough baking soda (and possibly sodium citrate/potassium citrate - which is a better alkalizer). The pH of 7 should be obtained at that level throughout the life.

I would also consider taking a bath in a borax solution or at least soaking myself in a borax solution plus epsom salt in the bathtub. To help penetration, a saturated borax solution in 1% hydrogen peroxide can be applied to the skin like a skin lotion throughout the body and applied as often as is necessary, which means anywhere from 5-10 times a day. It seems frequency is an important one to reduce the crawling sensation. A more suitable additive to this solution might be the milk of magnesia and added where the solution is a light fog should be sufficient too.

There are other remedies added to help with morgellon's such as drinking water using 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt plus some borax in a liter of water. But this can be considered as a supplement and supportive remedy. Black hull walnut tincture may help either internally (follow instructions whenever appropriate) and added as a skin lotion mixed with water or other appropriate solution. Magnesium supplements and vitamin B complex taken now and then were found to be helpful, but the basis of the entire home remedy is the baking soda and the borax. A more effective form of alkalizing is the sodium and potassium citrate (9:1 ratio), taken in the same amount as baking soda would be more effective, but I believe it is the borax that kills those nanoinsects or perhaps synthetic superbugs, which goes beyond this small email that I can explain.

There are other remedies, but I would check and read on lupus since the remedy for lupus, rosacea and Morgellon's is generally the same based on my own experience since the cause were also due to nanoinsects and mycoplasma.

Treating and Removing Bumps

07/07/2007: ER : Dear Ted, Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful knowledge of how to cure diseases the natural way! I have been using the citric acid and borax for reflux and what a difference it has made. I am now going to try the protocols given for morgellons/lyme disease. I have bugs under my skin. They have broken the veins in my legs and they crawl and bite. I also have some in my head that crawl and leave little open places that sting when I perm my hair. My questions are: 1. should I use food grade hydrogen peroxide to consume internally? 2. How do I get rid of the raised bumps on my skin with the thick covering that will not go away? 3. How can I treat these bumps when on the scalp? My Mom has one in her head and I think it may be contributing to her dementia. I have one on my leg and one on my arm.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: For acid reflux, you mean citric acid and baking soda. The baking soda reduces the body's autoimmunity, increasing the body's bicarbonates to reduce damage to small intestines (which causes leaky gut syndrome), and kills the possibly unknown microbes (causing damage and maybe hiatal hernia).

The baking soda and borax remedy is used for morgellon's/lyme disease. Usually it is the borax that weaken's the bugs. Usually an addition of eating a small amount of orange peel (d-limonene) detoxifies the liver, and kills the bugs that has been my experience, and can be added, however, borax and baking soda remains the key.

'1. should I use food grade hydrogen peroxide to  consume internally?

Usually hydrogen peroxide 3% food grade is added at between 3 drops - 12 drops to reduce the chronic fatigue associated with the lyme disease. I am not certain about Morgellon's since those are synthetic superbugs where the components of the bugs studied are HDPE:

 2. How do I get rid of the raised bumps on my skin  with the thick covering  that will not go away?

If the bugs are gone, the body is properly alkalized, and avoidance of especially cheese (from pizza, and hamburgers), and high sugar diets, for example, the bumps reduced. Those are caused by toxins, calcium, fungus, bugs, and other debris that the body when in excess of the blood serum, attempts to sweep it under the rug, which in this case happens to be your skin. If the toxins are biochemical in nature, usually those can easily be neutralized with plenty of white distilled vinegar when applied to the skin, which can help some.

 3. How can I treat these bumps when on the scalp? My  Mom has one in her head  and I think it may be contributing to her dementia.  I have one on my leg and  one on my arm.

It might also be similar Morgellon's (my guess) as it is infectious by nature. So the remedy would be used in the same way. Liver detoxification helps, usually it's clove spices added to food, quite often my favorite is the one tablespoon of granulated powdered lecithin that I have always used.

Bloating and Swelling

ER : Thanks for the response, Ted. You are correct. I have been using the baking soda and citric acid. It has reduced my reflux to 0. I will modify my diet to exclude the cheese and sugar altogether. Do you mean no hamburger or no cheese on the hamburger? Also, what can be done for bloating and swelling? My stomach really gets big and my right side is swollen which is the side where the raised bumps are located. What do you know about morgellons? How contagious is it?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: The problem is more the white bread (whole wheat bread is better but not perfect, brown rice is actually better than whole wheat and ordinary white rice is as good as whole wheat, but still the bromine is suspected in bread), oily (potato chips and french fries- a dangerous one because of the cancer causing acrylamide from high temperature cooking) and fatty foods, especially cheese, milk, and other dairy products. Increasing the portion of complex carbohydrates may reduce the bloating as oily foods block hormonal functions that controls the body's delicate balance of fluids and hence oily food and fatty foods such as cheese may lead to bloating. That has always been the feedback, but most antibiotics and doctors med seem to cause the same problem too.

> What do you know about morgellons? How contagious is > it?

It is fairly contagious and sometimes the entire family has it. More scientific info or Morgellon's is here:

So far I have had good results with just concentrating on the borax, baking soda, and sometimes the addition sea salt and chlorella. The problem about this is the baking soda should always be maintained for an optimum health, at the very least. A sodium citrate (baking soda and citric acid) is a much more effective form for the body to utilize, since a citrate with presence of carbon dioxide is converted to bicarbonate and hence citrate's effect on alkalinity is much more longer, while the magnesium, potassium, acetate and malate form are more effective on the saliva pH and intracellular fluids as opposed to extracellular.

Luckily citrates is effective for BOTH intracellular and extracellular fluids, but those citrates should ideally be a sodium citrate, potassium citrate and magnesium citrate, but the potassium form is needed in much less amounts than the sodium one.



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